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Remember the “isolated incident” at Port of Miami yesterday, when a truck driven by an Iraqi was stopped, revealing two illegal aliens, a Lebanese and another Iraqi, in the back of the truck?

Well as the day wore on, the usual FBI bromides about “no links to terrorism” (which is usually proof that there is evidence all over the place), and the MSM were quick to laugh about it all and mock the security personnel and their “comedy of errors.” (Full run-down by LC & IB LindaSoG here).

Guess what was found at Port of Miami today?

C4, that’s what.

Isn’t that funny? We’re sure that the MSM will be full of jokes later today about C4 being loaded on a cruise liner full of passengers. My sides, they are splitting with laughter.

Rope. Tree. Journalist.
Some assembly required.

Will that serve to make journaljizzmers a tad more reluctant to ridicule the notion that terrorists are trying to kill us, not to mention mocking all of us “paranoid, racist rednecks?”

In your dreams.

That would require shame, and to date there is not a single graduate (if avoiding death from cirrhosis and showing up to pick up your diploma can be called “graduating”) from J-”school” who has even the flimsiest notion of what that word even means.

Of course, this whole thing could just be a silly coincidence.

One day a truck full of illegal Middle Easterners is stopped and, the very next day in that very same facility, a load of C4 is found on its way into a passenger ship’s cargo hold.

It happens all the time, we’re sure. Nothing to see here, move along.

Oh, and do you know who runs Port of Miami?

A Good Ol’ Boy True Blue American by the name of Khalid Salahuddin. IMAM Khalid Salahuddin, that is, also a former member of the Nation of Islam. And that’s just a few of his extremist affiliations.

But no reason to be alarmed. Oh no, none at all.

Islam is a religion of peace, don’t you know?

***UPDATE:*** SPRINKLER PARTS? Sure. Sprinkler parts that checked positive, 6 times, for C4. We’re told they’re on sale at Home Depot. They’re in the aisle right next to the weather balloons and the reflected Venusian swamp gas containers.

Could you guys at least try?

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