One of my favorite books is Andrew Carroll’s “War Letters: Extraordinary Correspondence from American Wars”, and it has now been joined by another, more recent title, MAJ (Ret.) Matthew C Burden’s “The Blog of War”.

If you’re wondering who Burden is, and most of you probably are, he’s also known as Blackfive, founder and host of the warblog of the same name.

I just got done reading the complimentary copy that he was kind enough to send me, and it is no exaggeration to say that it’s compelling reading. I ate it all up, from cover to cover, and my only regret is that it isn’t five times as long as its 304 pages.

It is a journey through the many and varied aspects of the War on Terror; the order to deploy, the farewells, the deployment, the combat, the longing for home, the fear and uncertainty both there and at home, the sorrow when a hero doesn’t come home and the joy and relief when he does.

All of it there, and all of it in the raw, unedited words of the ones on the front seat: The milbloggers and their loved ones.

All of it tied together by the thoughtful, personal commentary of Matthew himself.

I cannot recommend it highly enough. The war and the people whose lives it touches upon will come alive in ways that no amount of filtered, edited and spun reportage can ever hope to.

More details here.

10 Responses to “The Blog of War”
  1. Beth* A. Comment by Beth* A. UNITED STATES

    I’ve been waiting for this book by Matt et al since he first mentioned he was going to be doing one.

    Bravo, Blackfive! And Bravo! to all the fine milbloggers who contributed their thoughts on what they’ve gone through. My copy should be here shortly and I’m anxious to read it!

  2. HD Wanderer Comment by HD Wanderer UNITED STATES

    I’m looking forward to reading it.

  3. LC RobertHuntingdon Comment by LC RobertHuntingdon UNITED STATES

    Wait I thought we were all NASCAR watching, wife-beating, capitalist-money-grubbing, racist bastards with an IQ so low only a rat would consider us intellectual equals… how are we going to have time to read a book 300+ pages long?? It would take, like, forever, dude!?

    OK enough sarcasm for me for now. Don’t want to run out or anything. ;)


  4. Unregistered Comment by SMASH UNITED STATES

    It’s the best book I’ve read in a long time. And I’m not just saying that because I’m one of the many authors.

    I’m also saying that because I get a cut of the profits.


  5. Emperor Darth Misha I Comment by Emperor Darth Misha I UNITED STATES

    Now THAT’S what I call Truth in Advertising, Smash! :)

    (And let me know next time you’re coming through, please. Give my best to the missus as well).

    Oh, and I DON’T get a cut, yet I agree completely. ORDER A COPY NOW, OR THE KITTY GETS IT!

  6. MoMinuteMan Comment by MoMinuteMan UNITED STATES

    I’m gonna have to get a copy of that, and from the sound of it, I’ll turn the last page and go, “That’s all!?!? Dammit!!! Guess I’ll have to read it again.” and start it over.

  7. Unregistered Comment by dawnsblood UNITED STATES

    Wanna hear something really messed up? After work today I went to Barnes and Noble to buy a copy.I looked and looked but couldn’t find it. So I asked someone to look it up, thinking that maybe I was a day or 2 early. He told me it was out but they didn’t stock it. I ended up having to order it. 3 to 8 business days to wait. This B&N is less than 10 miles from the front gate of Ft Bragg. I am not happy.

  8. bdfaith Comment by bdfaith UNITED STATES

    Minor quibble: Matt didn’t stick around long enough to retire. Still a great book. I haven’t finished it yet but I’ve enjoyed every minute I’ve been able to spend with it.

  9. Unregistered Trackback by Old War Dogs UNITED STATES

    The Blog Of War…

    xxxx xxx Just a note that Matthew Currier Blackfive Burden has finally gotten around to announcing that his book is out. Can you handle the truth?…The Blog of War (Simon Schuster) is loaded with firsthand reports from the Internet diaries…

  10. crusader coyote Comment by crusader coyote UNITED STATES

    Can’t wait for the next paycheck! Looks like some fine writing by some fine folk.