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Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler » Where Do We Find Such Men?

The Ultimate Sacrifice

A Navy SEAL sacrificed his life to save his comrades by throwing himself on top of a grenade Iraqi insurgents tossed into their sniper hideout, fellow members of the elite force said.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael A. Monsoor had been near the only door to the rooftop structure Sept. 29 when the grenade hit him in the chest and bounced to the floor, said four SEALs who spoke to The Associated Press this week on condition of anonymity because their work requires their identities to remain secret.

“He never took his eye off the grenade, his only movement was down toward it,” said a 28-year-old lieutenant who sustained shrapnel wounds to both legs that day. “He undoubtedly saved mine and the other SEALs’ lives, and we owe him.”

He saw the threat and acted, without hesitation or concern for himself to protect his friends. No time to consider the alternatives, organize a protest or conduct a poll.

That brave young man seized the moment sacrificing himself to save his brothers.

Monsoor, a 25-year-old gunner, was killed in the explosion in Ramadi, west of Baghdad. He was only the second SEAL to die in Iraq since the war began.

Two SEALs next to Monsoor were injured; another who was 10 to 15 feet from the blast was unhurt. The four had been working with Iraqi soldiers providing sniper security while U.S. and Iraqi forces conducted missions in the area.

In an interview at the SEALs’ West Coast headquarters in Coronado, four members of the special force remembered “Mikey” as a loyal friend and a quiet, dedicated professional.

Of course, he had duties to carry out, to his G_d, Country and Family. He volunteered for military service and competed to receive an appointment to stand with the most elite fighting unit of the United States armed forces.

“He was just a fun-loving guy,” said a 26-year-old petty officer 2nd class who went through the grueling 29-week SEAL training with Monsoor. “Always got something funny to say, always got a little mischievous look on his face.”

Other SEALS described e Garden Grove, Calif., native as a modest and humble man who drew strength from his family and his faith. His father and brother are former Marines, said a 31-year-old petty officer 2nd class.

Petty Officer Monsoor had his priorities in order as did his forebears.

Prior to his death, Monsoor had already demonstrated courage under fire. He has been posthumously awarded the Silver Star for his actions May 9 in Ramadi, when he and another SEAL pulled a team member shot in the leg to safety while bullets pinged off the ground around them.

Monsoor’s funeral was held Thursday at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery in San Diego. He has also been submitted for an award for his actions the day he died.

Need a definition of hero?, read that again. I pray the military and congress see fit to award this man, this American Hero, the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Not that he would care. If we could speak with him now, his concern would be for his teammates safety. “Are my buddies, OK ?”

The first Navy SEAL to die in Iraq was Petty Officer 2nd Class Marc A. Lee, 28, who was killed Aug. 2 in a firefight while on patrol against insurgents in Ramadi. Navy spokesman Lt. Taylor Clark said the low number of deaths among SEALs in Iraq is a testament to their training.

Sixteen SEALs have been killed in Afghanistan. Eleven of them died in June 2005 when a helicopter was shot down near the Pakistan border while ferrying reinforcements for troops pursuing al-Qaida militants.

A testament to their efficiency at visiting sudden, violent death on their enemies as well. You can be certain our enemies know who these fierce, deadly warriors are.

They also know the rampant cowardice of many of their civilian leaders, media and the traitorous left.

There are about 2,300 of the elite fighters, based in Coronado and Little Creek, Va.

The Navy is trying to boost that number by 500 — a challenge considering more than 75 percent of candidates drop out of training, notorious for “Hell Week,” a five-day stint of continual drills by the ocean broken by only four hours sleep total. Monsoor made it through training on his second attempt.

Undaunted by his first attempt, Monsoor worked with more determination and guts to finish his call to duty. That’s commitment and honor.

Imagine for a moment, if Mike decided to give up after his first failure. Would another SEAL be with that unit, that day and that time have acted in the same way. The answer is yes, because that’s what our heroic soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines do.

But let’s imagine the unit had a open position. How many lives would change if he wasn’t there that day?

When you pray tonight and go to church tomorrow, remember these images of Petty Officer Monsoor:

We sit here at home, safe and comfortable, debating the “rights” of our sworn enemies, embroil ourselves in whose party deserves reelection and TiVo “Dancing with the Stars”.

These men jump on grenades to save their comrades and expose themselves to 1001 different ways of dying brutally, far from home and family.

The answer to the question is here in America. They can be found in our homes, workplace, churches and thousands of other places. They are our sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, uncles and parents…in short, our countrymen.

Ask G_d from your knees, if you are worthy of his sacrifice and the others that have gone before and will go later?

Michael, rest your mortal coil in peace amongst your brothers in that garden of stone.

Another brave young man goes to his reward in the Father’s Mansions, guarding the Gates of Heaven. An AMERICAN SOLDIER.

Requiescat In Pacem, SEAL. Well Done, Well Done.

(More here as well as here).

[Ed. Note: Added additional photo above-JB]

54 Responses to “Where Do We Find Such Men?”
  1. LC Joe Dromedary Comment by LC Joe Dromedary CANADA

    We in Canada are, indeed, the most fortunate country in the world to have as our neighbour another country that raises such men as this.

    I am humbled beyond words at the sacrifice, love of country and comrades exhibited by the likes of this Navy SEAL. We may well ask where do we find such men?
    Yet the answer is there also. They are our countrymen, yours and mine, and they come from the towns, villages, farms and cities that make up this wonder called America. G-d bless her and G-d Bless all who serve her with such honour.

    Their deaths are a debt we will forever owe.

  2. LC Moriarty Comment by LC Moriarty UNITED STATES

    Where Do We Find Such Men?

    Who can say? But another question must be asked.

    Long ago, I read an account of the battle of Tarawa. It closed with a dialogue between Maj. Gen. Holland W. Smith and Maj. Gen. Julian Smith:

    “By God!” Howlin’ Mad exclaimed. “No wonder the bastards were sitting back here laughing at us. They never dreamed the marines could take this island and they were laughing at what would happen to us when we tried it. How did they do it, Julian?” he started to ask, and then, below and above the seawall, he found his answer.

    Below it as many as 300 American bodies floated on that abundant tide. Above it, leaning against it in death, was the body of a young marine. His right arm was still flung across the wall. A few inches from his fingers stood a little blue-and-white flag. It was a beach marker. It told the men following him where they should land. The marine had planted it there with his life, and now it spoke such an eloquent reply to that question of a moment ago that both Generals turned away from it in tears.

    “Julian,” Howlin’ Mad Smith went on in soft amendment, “how can such men be defeated?

  3. Unregistered Comment by LadderLogic UNITED STATES

    I don’t know if it matters a bit - probably not at all, or maybe a lot. But the name Monsoor suggests some kind of Islamic background: Arabic, Turkish, Iranian, Pakistani etc.

    Rest in peace, sailor.

  4. Beth* A. Comment by Beth* A. UNITED STATES

    Men, true men, like Michael Monsoor are rare. His actions make me at once awed, humbled, and extremely sorrowful for our loss on this plain of such a stellar human being. Yet by his character and through his deeds he lives on as a fierce, resiliant example of what we all should strive for.
    I hope he wrested every last bit of love, laughter, and living from his time on this Earth. I KNOW he is providing inspiration to his Buddies and to people whom his story touches, far and wide.

    Thank you for your service, Michael Monsoor. May we prove worthy of your selfless sacrifice.

    God bless him and his family.

  5. Unregistered Comment by murph UNITED KINGDOM

    Monsoor is an Arab name. Common in Lebanon. He’s likely Lebanese Christian blood.

  6. LC Draco Comment by LC Draco

    Requiescat In Pacem, SEAL. Well Done, Well Done.

    His loyalty, honor and dedication to duty are an example of a REAL hero.


  7. LC Jackboot IC/A-OBR Comment by LC Jackboot IC/A-OBR UNITED STATES

    LadderLogic #3-

    I don’t know if it matters a bit

    It damn well doesn’t…he was an AMERICAN !!!!
    He devoted himself to duty as it was understood by him, sacrificing himself in a selfless act.

    What does matter is that he believed in something larger than himself. He fought wearing the uniform and under the colors of the United States of America.

    His background was, is and remains that idea and principle, something bigger than just an individual, land and political party affiliation.

    We all came from somewhere else, but Petty Officer Monsoor was during that moment in time, a citizen and soldier of the United States. He took a stand and fell with honor, for the ideal of this great country, that a righteous and just people can govern themselves as free men with equality, worshipping G_d in their own manner.

  8. LC HJ Caveman82952 Comment by LC HJ Caveman82952 UNITED STATES

    Where do we find such men? We find them in an environment where the free spirit reigns supreme, where duty is a choice, an honor and a obligation. This freedom of the spirit the left loathes so much, so amply demonstrated by this one SEAL. We find them as believers is a good greater than themselves, this good they call The United States of America….her peoples, traditions, culture and beliefs. We find them in places like this, a group of people finding the sum of the parts are indeed greater than the whole, knowing the whole shall endure. The left decry such men as fools, other than that they simply cry. I call them heroes, instilling an inspiration in many of us sharing similar beliefs. And so, as it has in past times, the tradition to honor, duty and country endures……one life at a time. I close now, finding tears in my eyes, thinking of men I have known……….

  9. jaybear Comment by jaybear UNITED STATES

    I make my morning coffee, scramble up some eggs and bacon, fire up the computer and check out the Rott for daily happenings and this is what I see first. The eggs and bacon now have a bitter taste as does the coffee, and I feel very humble and undeserving of the title American. Petty officer Monsoor is an American, he has earned it in spades…as have all of those heroes who put themselves between the bullets and us at home. They are the ones who earn the title American for all of us, they are the ones who protect that namesake and who bring honor and pride to it….and all I can do is thank them, that’s it, it just isn’t enough…not for what they do. I remember our troops every morning in my prayers, and ask God to watch over them and give them strength and clarity in their mission, I will ask God to welcome Petty Officer Monsoor, and comfort his family and friends…comfort them with the knowledge that he did his mission well and did the noblest of deeds…giving his life to save his brothers in arms.

    I will also thank God for men and women like him, they are truly noble…and that goes for all of you here as well, those of you who are now serving and those of you whose uniforms are mothballed. I will remember you in my prayers as well, I am grateful to you for your sacrifice and am honored to consider you my friends. God Bless you all.

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  12. Unregistered Comment by fporretto UNITED STATES

    “Greater love hath no man than this: that he lay down his life for his friends.” (The Gospel according to John, 15:13)

  13. Unregistered Comment by nerbygirl UNITED STATES

    And some people don’t believe that there are Angels right here on earth.
    I intend to pray for Mr. Monsoor and his poor bereaving family…after I stop bawling.

  14. maxxdog Comment by maxxdog UNITED STATES

    I’ll le the General say it:
    Let us not ask God why young men such as these should die in war. Let us rather thank God that such men lived.~Gen. George S. Patton

  15. Unregistered Trackback by Blue Star Chronicles UNITED STATES

    Navy Seal Mike Monsoor Falls On Grenade To Save Co…

    Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael A. Monsoor never took his eyes off the grenade that bounced off his chest onto the floor. He threw himself onto the grenade, sacrificing himself for the lives of his comrades in the room….

  16. Unregistered Comment by LC The Humble Devildog, Imperial Scholar UNITED STATES

    In my readings on US military history, stories like this are rare enough to engender awe and reverence in their occurence, and yet, frequent enough to engender shock and disbelief that any nation, country, movement or ideology would dare attack a country that routinely creates that type of man.

    Semper Fi, Petty Officer Monsoor. May we deserve your sacrifice.

  17. Unregistered Comment by Crapburner UNITED STATES

    We need a whole bloc of American humanity with the charactor of Petty Officer Monsoor….with them we could march and rout the IslamoNazi menace around the world and then have them clean up the traitors in the Donks and Repubs. here at home.

    Rest in Peace Young Knight.

  18. CiSSnarl5.7 Comment by CiSSnarl5.7 KUWAIT

    Im at a loss for words, other then …

    Fair winds and following seas shipmate…

  19. franksalterego Comment by franksalterego

    Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael A. Monsoor

    Because of you, and those who have gone before, all Americans stand a little Taller, a little Straighter, and a lot Prouder.

    Wherever you are, we hope it is everything you hoped and dreamed it would be…You deserve no less.

    We will be eternally grateful.

  20. Wild Thing Comment by Wild Thing UNITED STATES

    I love our troops so much, I am so proud of them. America owes our men and women in the military more then we can ever even begin to thank them for and our Veterans too.

    Thank you for sharing about this wonderful Hero. He will never ever be forgotten. Never!

  21. Cheapshot911 Comment by Cheapshot911 UNITED STATES

    It damn well doesn’t…he was an AMERICAN !!!!


    In Europe I was asked “what kind of American are you?”

    From Danmark to Switzerland, the notion of a hyphen-less American was perplexing.

    ‘Can’t tell ‘em, gotta show ‘em.

    There is only one kind of American, and this one will be missed.

    The hyphen means neither.

    Anything else is something else.

    The Tree of Liberty will continue to flourish, thanks to you, Petty Officer Monsoor

  22. LC HJ Caveman82952 Comment by LC HJ Caveman82952 UNITED STATES

    I have been thinking about this all day, sharing my sadness with my wife and daughter, tending to domestic needs, sending this thread to friends. I wish I wasn’t fifty-four, maybe I could do something……as I sat cleaning my gun, looking at this Ruger .45 P97DC, my old friend…just thinking of this selfless soldier “I wish I could have fired this in your defense.”

  23. LC Guido Cabrone Comment by LC Guido Cabrone

    if you are worthy of his sacrifice and the others that have gone before and will go later?

    I am not. But the ideals that these soldiers serve and protect, are, and always will be.

    May God in his mercy guard their souls, for they are truly his children.

  24. Unregistered Comment by 777denny UNITED STATES

    This man is truly a hero. I believe that he died not only for his buddies, but for America and the whole world. He took my place to defend against a Muslim Caliphate kingdom that al-Qaeda has stated they want to set up in the Middle-East, starting with Iraq. Thank you Michael A. Monssor for your bravery and sacrifice. I am sure sad you are gone.

  25. LC 0311 crunchie Comment by LC 0311 crunchie UNITED STATES

    Heaven shines a little brighter today. Gods Speed Petty Officer, St. Peter is holding the gate for you.

  26. LC Jackboot IC/A-OBR Comment by LC Jackboot IC/A-OBR UNITED STATES

    #23 Guido my friend,

    I am not. But the ideals that these soldiers serve and protect, are, and always will be.

    Nor I, by any measure, but we can keep the spirit of those ideals burning as best we can. No choice but to try….

  27. LC Guido Cabrone Comment by LC Guido Cabrone

    No choice but to try….

    You have said it all, my brother.

    “No choice but to try.”

  28. Unregistered Trackback by Blue Crab Boulevard UNITED STATES

    Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael A. Monsoor…

    Where do we get men such as these? How do we deserve such men. On September 29th, 2006, Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael A. Monsoor, a US Navy SEAL, saved the lives of four of his fellow team members by throwing himself on a hand grenade that …

  29. purple raider Comment by purple raider UNITED STATES

    God Speed, Michael Monsoor.

    God Speed.

  30. L.C. Rowane Comment by L.C. Rowane UNITED STATES

    Anchors Aweigh in your journey to your new posting PO2C Monsoor. May your new commander always have your back as well as that of the country you loved and fought for. I know you’ll be watching over your brother Seals.

    Hope you don’t mind being saluted by an old army dogface.

  31. bigdicksplace Comment by bigdicksplace UNITED STATES

    Heaven is kicking a little more ass today.

  32. Unregistered Trackback by The Moderate Voice UNITED STATES

    An American Hero…

    A magnificent tribute to a real, modern American hero. From the …

  33. Wishbone Comment by Wishbone UNITED KINGDOM

    A soldier jumping on a grenade to save his mates lives. It’s almost cliche. Then you read a story like this and you have to wonder what sort of man it takes to actually do it. I can’t say anything that hasn’t been already said, other than that when I don the poppy, it’s in remembrance of heroes like Michael Monsoor.

    Rest in Peace, warrior. We’ll remember you.

  34. Unregistered Trackback by James Hooker

    God makes them…….

    …mothers and fathers raise them, then give them to us to protect and defend our homes, kids and country. By their honor and sacrifice, I , and you, walk this earth. We all walk this earth and sleep in our…

  35. RobH Comment by RobH

    The LEFT should read this thread, absorb it, contemplate it, and then look at themselves in the mirror and be utterly ASHAMED of themselves.

    The MSM should post this thread, and do and feel the same way.

    RIP Petty Officer Mansoor - during my 20 years active duty service, I saw many like you and there but for the Grace of God go all of us.

    Defintely MOH material.

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  37. Sir Christopher Comment by Sir Christopher UNITED STATES

    well, here in San Francisco yesterday, we got stories about “brave” people like THIS

    AIDS activist succumbs
    Getty pushed for experimental treatment protocols

    “He was the bravest of the brave. He was committed to getting results, even where it was clear that it wouldn’t help him,” said Migden.

    He got AIDS from dangerous, hedonistic behaviour, then desperately scrambled to SAVE HIS OWN ASS, and for that he’s “brave”? sheeesh.

    Not a word about the truly Brave Seal, Monsoor (the fact that his name sounds persian will confuse the america hating miltary despising left here, so it goes unmentioned)

  38. Sir Christopher Comment by Sir Christopher UNITED STATES

    oh, and anyone who thought that the new UN Chief would be better than Coffee Cup, forget it. He’s already urged Rice to “talk” to North Korea

  39. Brian the sailor Comment by Brian the sailor UNITED STATES

    Misha, you may be the meanest, most offensive man on the internet, but you give credit where it’s due.

    You know why I don’t leave many comments? Because by the time I’ve read the preceding ones, I know I can’t say it more eloquently.

    I’m going to watch the MSM news tonight, to see a story about Petty Officer Monsoor. I’m not holding my breath.

  40. Unregistered Comment by energyforcapital UNITED STATES

    You may somewhat plaesed to know that Brian Williams on FOX NEWS just ran a very respectful memorial to Monsoor’s treasured bravery.

  41. Sir Christopher Comment by Sir Christopher UNITED STATES

    And it’s for that very reason, energyforcapital, that the left wants to ban FOX

  42. Unregistered Comment by Steve UNITED STATES

    Rest in peace, brave warrior, rest in peace. I hope you don’t mind if someone who never served says a prayer for you and your family today.

    I read about men and women who do things like this, and I wonder if I would have the courage to perform a selfless act like this. God forbid I ever find myself in such a situation and find myself lacking. Thank God for such men as Monsoor.

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  44. Warmonger Comment by Warmonger

    And that’s not all! Here’s another example of his awesome courage posted on:

    “On May 9, 2006 a teammate was shot in the legs, immobile, and exposed. Suppressing enemy fire with his M60, Mike fought his way to his wounded comrade’s position and dragged him out of the line of fire while maintaining constant pressure on enemy insurgents with his weapon. That action earned him a Silver Star… in the first month of his first deployment.”

    I’m not holding my breath to see if the so-called “mainstream media” will give this story the recognition it deserves.

    LC Bloodthirsty Warmonger

  45. Cheapshot911 Comment by Cheapshot911 UNITED STATES

    I can imagine the scene at The Gate:

    St.Peter: Ah, we welcome another hero!

    Petty Officer Monsoor: All my Buddy’s are heros, I just saw the grenade first.

  46. Brian the sailor Comment by Brian the sailor UNITED STATES

    Thanks for the tip. I can’t believe I missed that.

    Who would’ve believed that Fox would’ve covered Petty Officer Mansoor? I mean, you’d expect the real news channels to be all over it.

    I’ll tune in and hope they re-run it.

  47. Brian the sailor Comment by Brian the sailor UNITED STATES

    I meant, Petty Officer Monsoor. Way to go, Brian. Pay respect to a hero by misspelling his name. (sigh)

  48. Unregistered Comment by Gunny UNITED STATES

    Semper Fi, Mike. Good job, brother.

  49. p51driver Comment by p51driver UNITED STATES

    The left is currently mourning the death of former congressman Gerry Studds who just kicked the bucket. Shows their prioritys.
    The acts of bravery and heroisim that goes on in both Iraq and Afghanistan all the time go unreported by the hasbeen media.But let one instance of a GI screwing up and its splashed all over the news.
    I hope this SEAL gets the Medal of Honor

  50. jaybear Comment by jaybear UNITED STATES

    p51driver sez:

    The left is currently mourning the death of former congressman Gerry Studds who just kicked the bucket. Shows their prioritys.

    The left is also mourning the death of some AIDS activist/sufferer who was the first to get a bone marrow transplant from a baboon in an attempt to save his miserable life. I’ve heard THAT lousy story about 5 times today on the cable news channels….and it gave me a sour belly every time I heard it.

    They sure do “honor” the right people don’t they?

    Only Fox has said anything about Michael Monsoor, and not often enough to suit me.

  51. LC HJ Caveman82952 Comment by LC HJ Caveman82952 UNITED STATES

    Only Fox has said anything about Michael Monsoor, and not often enough to suit me.

    My friend Jaybear is right. Even the big papers listed it in the local sections. The Fresno Bee, to their credit, did run a lenghty human relations story on this. Other than that, very little save talk radio. Makes me glad the Other Half ties up the tube watching the playoffs, as she is now. I turn the damn thing off rather than listen to prattle. Me? Knowing what I will not see or hear I busied myself cleaning gutters and downspouts, going to the evil capitalist Wal-Mart and painting part of our bathroom. But what a sorry indictment of our press, a man contracting a disease through his own actions and carelessness taking precedence over a man knowingly giving his life for his mates and country.

  52. Unregistered Comment by cave_bear UNITED STATES

    I do not have the words, so Stevenson will have to do…

    UNDER the wide and starry sky
    Dig the grave and let me lie:
    Glad did I live and gladly die,
    And I laid me down with a will.

    This be the verse you ‘grave for me:
    Here he lies where he long’d to be;
    Home is the sailor, home from the sea,
    And the hunter home from the hill.

  53. Sir Christopher Comment by Sir Christopher UNITED STATES

    Caveman, it’s always great to remember that sanity still reigns east of Interstate 5! But we still have better chinese restaurants here behind enemy lines.

  54. MegaTroopX Comment by MegaTroopX UNITED STATES

    Given the surname, one could be forgiven for surprise. After Hasan Ackbar, I was in favor of a total ban on RoP in the service for the duration, if not forever.

    It’s nice to be proven wrong.

    Bravo Zulu, Petty Officer.

    After reading murph’s comment, I really started to feel ashamed of myself for allowing it to matter.