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Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler » A Gracious ClueClubbing™

LC & IB Beth, The Imperial Serving Wench, takes a reasoned and reasonable look at the latest idiocy put forth over the airwaves by the ever-predictable LefTardian Jackasses™ of the DNC.

The Imperial Dungeon™ Game Room™ staff happens to like Michael J. Fox a lot and wish that he’d never have become afflicted with the horrors of Parkinson’s. That being said, Mike, you politicize something as tragic as this and slap together a bullshit, lie-filled ad like you did, you deserve to have your ass handed to you on a platter.

As the old saying goes: “You stick your dick in the fire, don’t expect sympathy when it gets burned.”

Go read Beth’s take on this and give her some love in the comments section.

(Note: Keep it clean, though. It’s not The Rott™ over there. You soil the carpets at her place, you’ll pay for it here. ‘Nuff sed.)


20 Responses to “A Gracious ClueClubbing™”
  1. Unregistered Comment by eric90230

    Rush Limbaugh said it well, when he said the Dems are once again trying to put up an unassailable spokesman. Nobody can criticize the sick guy! Rush also pointed out how full of untruths the Michael J. Fox stem cell commercials are.

    No wonder the dinosaur media like the Dems so much - neither of them give a damn about the truth.

    God bless the Rotty empire.

  2. Deathknyte Comment by Deathknyte

    They care about the truth, the “Greater” truth that they will use ANY and ALL means to get to the ends they want, does anyone really think they give a flip about mjf’s disease? I don’t, I think this is just another way for them to manipulate the public into buying thier scheme of universal healthcare.

  3. maxxdog Comment by maxxdog UNITED STATES

    I don’t think you needed to put that last line out there. If you have a problem with some people deal with them. How many of us would go over there and treat her to dirt? If someone did we would all get in their face and you know that! I don’t think it needed to be put like that. But that’s me.

  4. Cheapshot911 Comment by Cheapshot911 UNITED STATES

    Here’s the classic “how-dare-you-pick-on-a-sick-man” defense to otherwise indefensible statements.

    ‘Believe MJF’s gyrations were meant to be dramatic.
    There’s set-furniture a-plenty that would support him more comfortably and minimize the effect of the tremors, had the message been more important than the pathos generated by a more pronounced display of his unfortunate condition.

  5. sig94 Comment by sig94 UNITED STATES

    I dunno. I didn’t mind the last line. Sometimes I forget where I’m posting. Sometimes I ignore the warnings. Sometimes I forget if I’m supposed to pee or brush my teeth. But that’s me.

    As for Michael J. “Twitchy” Fox, :jittery_tb: he’s just another lib who makes his own rules.

  6. LC Jackboot IC/A-OBR Comment by LC Jackboot IC/A-OBR UNITED STATES

    Of course, MJF is playing the “Moral High Ground” game. Another variant of St. ShitCan of the Ditch.

    I wuz nice and peed before I commented at Beth’s, but Sig must’ve farted before he left. Something Smells over there, and it sure isn’t Beth.

  7. sig94 Comment by sig94 UNITED STATES

    Six Meat Buffet has an answer to MJF’s commercial. :lol_wp: I love it!

    V-V-V-Vote D-D-D-Democra-cra-cra-tic-ck-ck-ck

    Say it ya twi-twi-twitchy ba-ba-bastard!

  8. LC 0311 crunchie Comment by LC 0311 crunchie UNITED STATES

    You put a dog in the fight don’t complain if it gets mauled. His sole claim to authority on the subject is his Parkinson’s. If he doesn’t want to be criticized for using his disease as a cause celebre then he should stay out of the debate.

    I used to like Fox for his acting. I never harbored any allusions about his politics, he was a success in Hollywierd after all so that kinda tells ya what side of the pants his junk fell on, but at least he wasn’t an “activist”. Now he’s on the same level of fecal matter as the rest of the crumbums.

  9. LC Beaker Comment by LC Beaker UNITED STATES

    Who else were the Democrats going to turn to to shake things up in Maryland and Missouri?

  10. B.C. Comment by B.C. UNITED STATES

    Maxx, that last line was meant more for any trolls or newbies who might go over and start throwing feces around the place.

    I’ll deal with YOU in the Bark later on, brother.

    :drunk_tb: :smoke_tb:

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    […] Finally, a cold hard take on the Michael J. Fox fiasco. Posted by Ian S. in […]

  12. jaybear Comment by jaybear UNITED STATES

    Michael J. Fox (Parkinsons sufferer)…Max Cleland (war hero and multiple amputee)…Cindy Sheehan (Gold Star Mom)….Sarah Brady (Husband crippled for life due to gunshot wounds)……

    sheeesh, the lefties sure do love their victims don’t they? At least as long as their message is relevant. But God forbid that you should criticize their insane statements and claims….you intolerant bully!! Picking on a poor sick actor, and slandering an amputee, and bullying a Gold Star mom…..

    You should empathise with them, and thank God every night for the blessings that you have. Why hell…but for a simple twist of fate, you TOO could be severely handicapped with liberalitis, sprouting left wings where your arms used to be…..becoming a victim yourself, condemned to a life of wringing your hands and blaming everyone else for your troubles. You’d better count your blessings you sinner!!!

  13. Unregistered Comment by Don UNITED STATES

    Let me ask on honest question. What did he say that was FACTUALLY wrong in the Missouri ad as that is the only one I have seen? In order for it to be FACTUALLY wrong wouldn’t one need facts to support that supposition? How is it that it is only mere conjecture that MJF is using to lay the claim…but yet mere conjecture is all Rush had to say he was lying. There is no FACTUAL scientific evidence that Stem Cells WILL or WILL NOT work. So, in all honesty, both sides are right.

    But, if you could…InRe Missouri ad only…how was he lying other than what I stated above?

  14. Unregistered Comment by suboptimal UNITED STATES


    A transcript of the advertisement in question:

    “As you might know, I care deeply about stem cell research. In Missouri, you can elect Claire McCaskill who shares my hope for cures. Unfortunately, Senator Jim Talent opposes expanding stem cell research. Senator Talent even wants to criminalize the science that gives us a chance for hope. They say all politics is local, but it’s not always the case. What you do in Missouri matters to millions of Americans. Americans like me.”

    The lie is that Senator Talent opposes only embryonic stem cell research, which has produced no treatments as of yet, but has caused brain tumors in lab animals.

    Senator Talent has no problem with the use of adult stem cells, which have been successfully used in treating several diseases, including Parkinson’s.

    Not a cure, mind you, but a viable treatment for the very ailment that Mr. Fox suffers.

    Please bear in mind also that Mr. Fox has set up his own foundation to conduct research, and that foundation would stand to benefit greatly if embryonic stem cell research were to be expanded via federal funding.

    I’m sure others closer to the issue will provide additional information as they wake up and check this thread in the morning.

  15. B.C. Comment by B.C. UNITED STATES

    Don, it’s apparent that you didn’t bother to follow the links to read Beth’s post. Go read it, as well as this , before asking your question again.

    This is your first and last warning. Don’t ask stupid questions without following the posted links.


    Don’t make me have to pull out the Troll Sign™.


  16. juandos Comment by juandos UNITED STATES

    Poor, poor Don, exhibiting such a tenuous grip on reality shows you need a serious clue batting…

    Did you actually see this inane ad (hat tip to Gateway Pundit) by twitchy? (thank you! Sig)

    Did it not sound like that asinine promise John Edwards made that electing Kerry the Seditious Fairy and quadriplegics would walk again?

  17. Deathknyte Comment by Deathknyte UNITED STATES

    Keep it polite people. There is no need to jump on someone because they have a differing point of view, where do you think you are democratic undergound? The daily kos?

  18. B.C. Comment by B.C. UNITED STATES

    *Asking nicely* DK, is this your blog?

  19. LC Wil Comment by LC Wil UNITED STATES

    I feel sorry for Michael. He has an incurable desease that will eventually kill him, very painfully, over a long period. I would not wish his fate on anyone (..well, ok, anyone not named Osama or Kennedy).

    That said, he voluntarily jumped into a pool full of sharks.

    He has previously admitted (in his own book) to undermedicating prior to his congressional testimony. Just to make a better picture for the cameras. For a better impact. I believe that Rush’s first guess would be a reasonable one for a layman.

    Later, HJF admitted to the perky one that he had OVERMEDICATED before the ads were taped, which causes the side-to-side motion so evident in the campaign commercials.

    He knew that these were not PSAs. He knew that the Senatorial Committees (McCaskill, Menendez, Cardin and now Webb in Virginia) were paying for the making of the ads. He knew that the ads were to be released right before the election. The ads were taped months ago.

    Now, he is outraged that the bullshit flag was thrown? That his motivations were questioned?

    Like all libruls, he has proven that he can dish it out, but cannot take it. Again, he jumped into the pool full of sharks. The big boys play in that pool. If MJF wants to play with the big boys, well, that’s fine. But don’t expect my pity when one of the sharks takes a bite out of you minnow ass.

  20. batchrusher Comment by batchrusher UNITED STATES

    I think MJF should have the benefit of ESC research. Please start him on it Now!!!