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Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler » Lurch Shoots Foot, Pauses to Reload

OK, I have to take a break in my schedule to comment on this crap (and thanks to all of you who sent me a link to it!).

If you’ve ever been in doubt as to what John Fuckface Kerry thinks about our troops, and there’s precious little chance that you have, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 4 decades or so, here’s the answer:

“You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.”

Yep, that’s what the author of “Adventures in Cambodia on the Island of Misfit Toys”, one of the most successful gigolos and man-whores in American history, the craven, slithering coward who was so busy inflicting wounds on himself to get out of Viet Nam that it’s a wonder he wasn’t sent for a psychological evaluation (if he’d been anorexic as well, he’d have been your average neurotic teenage girl, with apologies to actual, neurotic, teenage girls everywhere), and former, possibly future as well, Democrat Presidential candidate, John “Lurch” Kerry thinks about our troops:

Dumb oafs who couldn’t or wouldn’t study hard in school and ended up in Iraq because they were too dumb to do anything else.

At least they didn’t spend their lives whoring themselves out to rich widows to get by.

Of course, true to form, he’s busy compounding the injury by refusing to even have the decency to apologize. Of course, why somebody who used to liken our soldiers to Mongol Hordes would ever apologize for merely calling them retarded is anybody’s guess:

Senator John Kerry issued the following statement in response to White House Press Secretary Tony Snow, assorted right wing nut-jobs,

Nut-jobs who at least have the decency to not call our soldiers retards who didn’t study hard enough in school. Beats being a less-than-bright man-whore with a proven history of cowardice in the face of the enemy, at least in our opinion.

…and right wing talk show hosts desperately distorting Kerry’s comments about President Bush…

Let’s run Fuckface’s comment again, shall we?

“You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.”

See any mention of President Bush in there?

*Crickets chirping*

Nope, nor do we.

…to divert attention from their disastrous record:

“If anyone thinks a veteran would criticize the more than 140,000 heroes serving in Iraq and not the president who got us stuck there, they’re crazy.

Maybe a veteran (of the dressing station, crying for band-aids to patch his self-inflicted boo-boos) previously known for calling several hundred thousands of veterans savage barbarians along the lines of Genghis Khan? We don’t find that all that hard to believe.

This is the classic G.O.P. playbook.

Quoting your verbatim?

We know, we’re such BASTARDS, aren’t we? You pitiful excuse for a human being, you whinging, cowardly pissant, you male prostitute piece of crap.

I’m sick and tired of these despicable Republican attacks that always seem to come from those who never can be found to serve in war, but love to attack those who did.

You mean, such as that well-known chickenhawk John McCain?

Now, it’s well-known that His Imperial Majesty has about as much use for John “Screw the First Amendment” McCain as a bull has for teats, but there is one thing that you won’t ever find us suggesting, and that’s that his military record wasn’t outstanding.

Not to mention that he stayed quite a bit longer, probably because the butchers at the Hanoi Hilton weren’t signatories to the “cut yourself shaving thrice and you get a ticket home” deal that you made such good use of, even though it, given your incompetence in everything that you do, meant that you had to shave at least 47 times a day for a few weeks in order to succeed.

I’m not going to be lectured by a stuffed suit White House mouthpiece standing behind a podium, or doughy Rush Limbaugh,

Let’s see: The troops are dummies, the press secretary is a stuffed suit and Rush is a fattie…

Did you even graduate from third grade, Fuckface? You must have, since you’re not “stuck in Iraq.” Or maybe you just lucked out and got the rare and coveted Man-Whore Deferment™.

…who no doubt today will take a break from belittling Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s disease to start lying about me just as they have lied about Iraq.

You really ought to be careful about calling anybody a “liar”, you serially prevaricating pricknozzle.

It disgusts me that these Republican hacks, who have never worn the uniform of our country lie and distort so blatantly and carelessly about those who have…

That’s twice in one paragraph. We have McCain on line 2, wanting to know if Sissy-Boy McRazorcut would like to back up that statement behind the Senate tomorrow.

Bottom line, these Republicans want to debate straw men because they’re afraid to debate real men…”

Let us know when you assholes locate a real man willing to represent you, and we’ll be ever so happy to debate him.

Until then, we have to live with the fact that you debate the opponents you have, not the ones you’d wish that you had.

And would you get OUT from behind Ta-ray-za’s skirt?


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63 Responses to “Lurch Shoots Foot, Pauses to Reload”
  1. Unregistered Comment by dawnsblood UNITED STATES

    Lurch couldn’t just admit at best he screwed a joke up and at worst he was just a retarded pro Jihadi idiot. He hurt a lot of greaving families and career service people… What an ASS

  2. Unregistered Comment by Lord Spatula I, King & Tyrant UNITED STATES

    And would you get OUT from behind Ta-ray-za’s skirt?

    Hmf.  First “Kaiser Wilhelm von Slickmeister”, now this?

    Do I hafta start copyrighting my stuff?

  3. Unregistered Comment by Nastimann UNITED STATES

    Lurch was lying even as he accused the Republicans of lying:

    I’m not going to be lectured by a stuffed suit White House mouthpiece standing behind a podium, or doughy Rush Limbaugh, who no doubt today will take a break from belittling Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s disease to start lying about me just as they have lied about Iraq.

    Senator Al-Qerry you idiot! Rush Limbaugh specifically did not belittle Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s disease. Rather, he criticized Fox’s insinuations: criticisms from which his disease does not make him exempt.

    However, today, another big difference between Dhimmicrats and Republicans struck me right between the eyes: Every time a Republican makes a gaffe, or even a completely defensible remark that someone can, by some tortured logic, construe as racist, homophobic, islamophobic or otherwise non-PC, said Republican falls all over himself, bowing and scraping, apologizing and resigning. But when a Dhimmicrat makes a direct, head-on, impossible-to-mistake-for-anything-else slur against our men in uniform from all accross the nation, said Dhimmicrat defiantly and steadfastly refuses to apologize, and uses the most tortured logic to try to explain it away. Botched joke my good right… left. Really, senator Al-Qerry, I’m not as frickin’ stupid as you look.

  4. Unregistered Comment by LC Wes, Imperial Mohel

    Karl Rove, you magnificent bastard! How did you manage to pull this one off?

    :lol_wp: :clap_tb: :drunk_tb: :lol_tb: :thumbup_tb: :lol_wp:

  5. Unregistered Trackback by Stop The ACLU

    Bush and American Legion Demand Apology From Kerry For Insluting Military…

    It looks like he has outraged more than just the President. The American Legion is demanding an apology as well.
    The National Commander of The American Legion called on Sen. John Kerry to apologize for suggesting that American troops in Iraq ar…

  6. Rachel Corrie's Flatmate Comment by Rachel Corrie's Flatmate

    What a disgusting piece of trash that man is.
    You Yanks sure dodged a bullet in 2004. I can’t belive anyone would vote for that pindick.

  7. Unregistered Comment by LC Wes, Imperial Mohel

    On a more serious note, some unnamed Congressional Democrat was quoted earlier tonight by ABC News saying something to the effect that “It wasn’t enough for Kerry to blow ‘04 for us; now he has to blow ‘06 too…

    And the best thing about it is that Kerry, rather than taking back the comments, just seems determined to dig himself in deeper.

  8. maxxdog Comment by maxxdog UNITED STATES

    I hope this gets people to pull their heads out and realize what happens if Kerry and his party get control. I do believe no one can piss off the conservative base like John Fucking Kerry so I have hope. Keep talking you self serving man-whore!

  9. LC 0311 crunchie Comment by LC 0311 crunchie UNITED STATES

    This is no surprise. the Fwench looking ones disgust for the military has been self-evident since ‘68.

    I’m laughing my ass at the fact that his melt down has probably just guaranteed that we keep control of the legislature.

    I just wish this idiot (who’s GPA was lower than Bush’s, now that’s freakin irony) would have the common decency to just crawl under a rock and die, hopefully only after he fell to his knees and begged forgiveness for his self-centered, disgusting, life. And when he does die, I would love to see the look on his face when St.Peter and the Marines at the pearly gate point him in the proper direction to meet the real “Jenjis” Khan.

  10. Unregistered Comment by LC Wes, Imperial Mohel

    …And in more good news for Republicans, Hillary Clinton apparently just joined Kerry, Murtha, Pelosi and the rest of the Cut-And-Run Democrats by calling for a “redeployment” of our troops from Iraq.

    Gateway Pundit has the details, which seem to have been lost in the furor over Lurch shooting himself in the foot while his foot was in his mouth.

    Talk about your “October Suprises”…

  11. cmblake6 Comment by cmblake6 UNITED STATES

    Fuck this piece of shit completely to death. No, wait. If you do that you stand a chance of catching on of those far eastern claps you get from such as this. Just make him die in some fashion, that it be obvious he not be “martyred” to the DNC. And pc? Oh no. PC is n/a. That shit’s gotta go. How did we ever survive before it? Actually, much better thank you. In those days, American males had testicles they weren’t afraid of showing/using. Crap!

  12. LC HJ Caveman82952 Comment by LC HJ Caveman82952 UNITED STATES

    Comeing from some gigolo that married into billions is ludicrous at best. As for IQ’s Mr. Traitor, backstabber Kerry…I enlisted, at seventeen, with my tested IQ of close to 140. What’s yours John? And I guess I’m just too fucking stupid to marry billions or betray my fellow former soldiers. Mr Kerry, you are a rotten piece of shit!

  13. MCPO Airdale Comment by MCPO Airdale UNITED STATES

    Kerry is the kind of leader that Sailors follow just to see the next fucking trainwreck. In my career, I crossed the street twice to avoid saluting an officer for whom I had no respect. With Kerry, I would cross the street to spit on his shoes.

    He displayed his disdain for our military in 1971, 2005 and yesterday. He is undeserving of citizenship, let alone a seat in the U.S. Senate.

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  15. Unregistered Trackback by Wake up America UNITED STATES

    Kerry’s Cowardly Contempt for our Troops…

    Very much the same nonsense he spouted after returning from Vietnam when he became spokesperson for Vietnam Veterans Against the War. Stabbing his own fellow soldiers in the back. Our military should be used to this from john Kerry by now. He votes a…..

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  17. Blackiswhite, Imperial Agent Provocateur Comment by Blackiswhite, Imperial Agent Provocateur UNITED STATES

    The saddest part of this is that there are several people who think he scored points by unzipping himself and taking a leak on our servicemen. C’est incroyable!

  18. LC Ranger 6 Comment by LC Ranger 6 UNITED STATES

    pelosi: “You stupid bitch!!! How could you let him out this week!!!????”

    tereeeza: “Don’t you speak to me that way you whore!!! Besides, I have to take narcotics to allow lurch to touch me!! I didn’t notice he was gone for three days!!”

    pelosi: “Put the stupid SOB back in his crate and don’t let him out until after the elections!!!!”

    tereeeza: “um, well, he’s gone rouge. I just heard he was spotted at NBC, but the orange trail has fizzeled.”

    pelosi: “DEAN!!!!! KILL!!!!!!”


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  20. Grits Comment by Grits UNITED STATES

    Jeeze, Kerry really pisses me off. That fucking feather merchant never used anything more complicated than his lips to lie and his dick to plug into the Heinz fortune. He trips over his winkie weekly and has the raisins to say the military is dumb. I think somebody needs to bitch slap him so hard his tan flakes off.


  21. LC Jackboot IC/A-OBR Comment by LC Jackboot IC/A-OBR UNITED STATES

    Ummm… the text post was sickening enough- Sire could we get the customary Spew Warning with the pics? I mean even BC wouldn’t be that rude.

  22. Unregistered Comment by nerbygirl UNITED STATES

    Why would anyone listen to, or vote for, this idiototic, soldier-hating idiot?
    He hates himself, because he knows that deep down, he is a coward.
    He STILL has to prove that he was “better” than anyone else in the armed forces. “I’m more educated, therefore, I’m superior to you stupid people….”
    What a moron.

    Kerry has proven that he was a soldier who would never have taken a bullet for ANY man….unless it would get him a medal, and/or a political post.

    And this is the party that some Republicans are considering to put in charge of running our country?
    VOTE REPUBLICAN ON TUESDAY, or listen to more of this soldier hating rhetoric.

    By the way, if you want to support our soldiers, become a penpal at
    Misha mentioned it a year ago on one of his posts, and I’ve been a supporter ever since.
    Support REAL soldiers, who are in combat NOW. Not ones who whine about the 9 months that they served 30 years ago….

  23. jaybear Comment by jaybear UNITED STATES

    what exquisite timing, this just might turn the trick in the election, Thank you john kerry…you rat faced traitorous son of a bitch.

    I heard this comment this morning and I have to admit that I half thought that he meant it as a reference to The Prez. But the more I listened to the rat faced bastard, the more I became convinced that he meant exactly what he said….the contemptible rat faced bastard….I hate him and his defenders in the democrat party, and wish them total defeat next week. I’d love to see what party gets the lions share of the half million or more military votes..not to mention their families votes, provided that the demorats don’t pull a gore trick and try to invalidate their votes again.

    Trivia quiz for you: what do the following people have in common:
    Benedict Arnold
    Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
    Alger Hiss
    Aldrich Ames
    Mildred Sisk aka Axis Sally
    Robert Hanson
    John Rat Face Kerry

    Go here for the lurid details

  24. Unregistered Comment by Canine Pundit UNITED STATES

    With any luck, someone whose a whole lot more inebriated and has much less sense than I will give this prick the beating he’s done so much to deserve.

    Why is it that our neighbors, colleagues, acquaintances, etc., who may hold opinions different from our own are fundamentally more decent than those who purport to lead us?

  25. jaybear Comment by jaybear UNITED STATES

    Ya’ See? I told you he was a rat faced bastard

  26. Emperor Misha I Comment by Emperor Misha I UNITED STATES

    Ummm… the text post was sickening enough- Sire could we get the customary Spew Warning with the pics? I mean even BC wouldn’t be that rude.

    The face of the Democrat party. Literally, since he was their chosen candidate for President in ‘04.

    Look at it until that face is seared, SEARED into your mind, then go vote on November 7th.

    That retarded, inbred face is the true face of the Democrats.

    Keep that in mind.

  27. jaybear Comment by jaybear UNITED STATES

    woops…image tag didn’t work.

    here’s the ratfaced bastard:

  28. jaybear Comment by jaybear UNITED STATES

    I’m making a mess of things, sorry LC’s.
    Go here if you want to see the rat faced bastard

    must be past my bedtime

  29. p51driver Comment by p51driver UNITED STATES

    In 2003 and 04 I contributed two checks for $100 each over a period of 6 months to the Swift Boat Vets. I have come to the conclusion that it was the best 200 dollars I have ever invested in my life!
    I should give Warren Buffett investment advice!!

  30. p51driver Comment by p51driver UNITED STATES

    Oh by the way Mr. Kerry, I wore the uniform for over 20 years! So I will call you a worthless scum bag liar. Next I am sure you will be on your way to Tehran or Damascus to make anti-American propaganda to be used against our troops like you did in Paris in 71′, then used against our POW’s.

  31. cmblake6 Comment by cmblake6 UNITED STATES

    How many out there hear this? And you’ve also heard Chavez owns the voting machines, haven’t you? Do we need another 1776?

  32. Unregistered Comment by Tish UNITED STATES

    My beloved Emperor, how I have missed your personal brand of vitriol these last few days!

    I must thank Senator John “I’m too superior for the likes of you” Kerry for providing you with an opportunity to wield the Imperial Cluebat ™ and the Dreaded Dane-born Texan Scathing Speech (or DDTss) as never before!

    (Then again, do I have to thank him? I’d rather kick him!)

    My Emperor, I salute you!

  33. purple raider Comment by purple raider UNITED STATES

    He trips over his winkie weekly

    Can’t happen, he needs a pair of tweezers and a magnifying glass.

    That retarded, inbred face is the true face of the Democrats.

    Truer words were never spoken, Sire.

  34. MoMinuteMan Comment by MoMinuteMan UNITED STATES

    I just woke up Spec. JMFL, U.S. Army Reserve (my most honored housemate with one tour in Iraq under his belt, and going back in May) and showed him the sKerry video, and before I could ask him his opinion of it, he stated, “That motherfucker!!! Fuck that fucker if he thinks I’m uneducated!!”

    Spec. JMFL is one of the guys responsible for the development of the armor package currently being used on Humvees in Iraq, and has several commendations for spotting IEDs that has saved the lives of numerous Troops, and is personally responsible for saving the lives of three of our heroes by pulling them from a Humvee that they was riding in that was blown up by an IED. And I have Spec. JMFL’s permission to post pix he took in Iraq, including pix of the above mentioned vehicle, if Your Majesty would be willing to host them on your server, just email me with the info you need.

    Yeah, Spec. JMFL is an uneducated hick dumbfuck who has put in more time “IN COUNTRY” defending this country and fuckwits like Kerry’s rights to call the Troops stupid than Kerry has spent in the service in total, PEROID!!!


  35. NCLivingBrit Comment by NCLivingBrit UNITED STATES

    In those days, American males had testicles they weren’t afraid of showing/using.

    Well if you think it’s bad now, imagine what it will be like in 20 years, if this article is true:

    Why do I get the feeling the average drop is mostly bunched up around the left-wing of this here badass bird?

  36. MoMinuteMan Comment by MoMinuteMan UNITED STATES

    When you conduct a study of testosterone levels in one of the most emasculated cities in one of the most emasculated states in the nation, (Massachusetts) how can you expect anything but “a substantial drop in U.S. men’s testosterone levels since the 1980s”…

    from the article…

    Travison and his team analyzed data from the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, a long-term investigation of aging in about 1,700 Boston-area men. Data from the men were collected for three time intervals: 1987-1989, 1995-1997, and 2002-2004.

    Did you expect anything less from the nutless wonders in Massivetwoshits?? Come and do a nut check in REAL America, i.e. “Flyover Country”, and you’ll get testosterone levels that will grow a beard on your 6 year old daughter.

    My testosterone level is so high that my monitor screen has more hair on it than my head does…

  37. MasterGuns Comment by MasterGuns UNITED STATES

    Isn’t it interesting that he has still not released his military records. I’d bet a pile he received an OTH that was upgraded under Jimmy “the peanut” Carter’s amnesty program.

    Kennedy and Kerry….the People’s Republic of Massachusets deserves what they elect.

    Semper Fi

  38. Darth Bacon Comment by Darth Bacon

    savage barbarians along the lines of Genghis Khan

    Um, that’s Jingus Khan, Your Dark Opressiveness.


  39. Unregistered Comment by James Hooker

    The party of Tetophiles™ makes their presence shown and known AGAIN! They’ll never learn or come close to realizing that the party of aged (pron.”ageyd”) hippies is the turd that just can’t be polished…’cause no matter how much you polish it, it’s still a turd.

  40. juandos Comment by juandos UNITED STATES

    I wonder what sort denigrating remarks Lurch would have for these folks?

  41. NCLivingBrit Comment by NCLivingBrit UNITED STATES

    I wonder what sort denigrating remarks Lurch would have for these folks?

    I’m glad I don’t know. I’m pretty sure I would get deported for beating a Dhimmie Demmie to death with a hammer…..

    On a tangential but partially related note, I demo wargames/roleplaying games for Mongoose Publishing (link excluded out of respect for DM’s place)… As they have the Starship Troopers licence, they called their demo team program the M.I., although the M is for Mongoose rather than Mobile.

    Every state is assigned a ’ship’, each named for a recipient of the Medal of Honour (mine is TFCT Henry F. Warner, for North Carolina).

    The first thing in my introduction letter wasn’t how to market product or make the company look good, it was the circumstances under which Corporal Warner received his medal. Reading that led me to the archives to read about more people with unreasonable amounts of courage…

    I’m not afraid to say I was close to tears, not for the souls who gave their all, they did their duty and are assured their reward, but because living now, with the media we have I had almost forgotten that these people still walk among us as our brothers, fathers, mothers, sisters, husbands and wives.

    Will we be the last to remember these people and honour them? It seems to me, if we let this diet of biased hateful crap keep spewing into the hearts and minds of our youngest generation, we might be.

    I know this post is long, but I’d like to remind us all of one what the bravery and refusal to cut and run of just one man can achieve. I have found there is no finer palliative to the despair that the cowardice and treachery of people like John Kerry may bring than to open the annals of those who serve with all that they have.

    Rank and organization: Corporal, U.S. Army, Antitank Company, 2d Battalion, 26th Infantry, 1st Infantry Division.

    Place and date: Near Dom Butgenbach, Belgium, 20-21 December 1944.

    Entered service at: Troy, N.C.

    Born: 23 August 1923, Troy, N.C. G.O. No.: 48, 23 June 1945.

    Citation: Serving as 57-mm. antitank gunner with the 2d Battalion, he was a major factor in stopping enemy tanks during heavy attacks against the battalion position near Dom Butgenbach, Belgium, on 20-21 December 1944. In the first attack, launched in the early morning of the 20th, enemy tanks succeeded in penetrating parts of the line. Corporal. Warner, disregarding the concentrated cannon and machinegun fire from 2 tanks bearing down on him, and ignoring the imminent danger of being overrun by the infantry moving under tank cover, destroyed the first tank and scored a direct and deadly hit upon the second. A third tank approached to within 5 yards of his position while he was attempting to clear a jammed breach lock. Jumping from his gun pit, he engaged in a pistol duel with the tank commander standing in the turret, killing him and forcing the tank to withdraw. Following a day and night during which our forces were subjected to constant shelling, mortar barrages, and numerous unsuccessful infantry attacks, the enemy struck in great force on the early morning of the 21st. Seeing a Mark IV tank looming out of the mist and heading toward his position, Corporal. Warner scored a direct hit. Disregarding his injuries, he endeavored to finish the loading and again fire at the tank whose motor was now aflame, when a second machinegun burst killed him. Corporal. Warner’s gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of life above and beyond the call of duty contributed materially to the successful defense against the enemy attacks.

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    Kerry Supporting The Troops…

    This is how Democrats support the troops: And to think that he was almost Commander In Chief! You guys are smart, the soldiers are stupid. Riiiight… I think Kerry just made it pretty obvious who the stupid one is don’t…

  44. lc ima mommy, Imperial Handmaid Comment by lc ima mommy, Imperial Handmaid UNITED STATES

    I actually heard O’Reilly last night say something along the lines of…’I know Sen.Kerry didn’t mean to offend anyone…I know he wasn’t saying the troops are stupid…he just wouldn’t do that.’ Can I get a WTF??? from the choir??

  45. Unregistered Comment by SicSemperTyrannus

    John Kerry just picked up the 2006 campaign, turned it upside down, and put its penis in his mouth.

  46. Beeblebrox Comment by Beeblebrox UNITED STATES

    I think he meant “standing behind a lectern” not a “podium”. A podium is a small stage you stand on. Common mistake made by the uneducated.

  47. rat patrol Comment by rat patrol UNITED STATES

    The people of Massachusetts (at least those who aren’t complete leftard Massholes) are also looking for REAL MEN to represent them. Not Ratfacedbastardpigdung kerry or red ted “chappaquiddick” kennedy, neither of which are real men. Or human, for that matter.

    This complete imbecile, this schmendrick, should resign in shame, and go hid in some remote mountain cave for the rest of his miserable rotten meaningless excuse for a life. G-d Damn him…

  48. Unregistered Comment by Jalapeno

    Memo to Jaques Fucktard Al-Kerry, D-ASS,..

    Dude, Halloween’s over. Off with your head…


    Kerryism (Victor Davis Hanson comments brilliantly on Kerry flap)
    Corner ^ | 11/1/2006 | Victor Davis Hanson

    Kerryism [Victor Davis Hanson]

    Kerry surely must be one of the saddest Democratic liabilities around. Some afterthoughts about his latest gaffe, which is one of those rare glimpses into an entire troubled ideology:

    (1) How could John Kerry, born into privilege, and then marrying and divorcing and marrying out of and back into greater inherited wealth, lecture anyone at a city college about the ingredients for success in America? If he were to give personal advice about making it, it would have to be to marry rich women. Nothing he has accomplished as a senator or candidate reveals either much natural intelligence or singular education. Today, Democrats must be wondering why they have embraced an overrated empty suit, and ostracized a real talent like Joe Lieberman.

    (2) How could Kerry possibly claim that he was thinking of the uneducated in the context of George Bush, who, after all, went to Harvard and Yale?

    (3) Some of the brightest and most educated Americans are not only in the military, but veterans of Iraq. Two of the best educated minds I have met-Col. Bill Hix and Lt. Col. Chris Gibson, both Hoover Security Fellows-were both Iraqi veterans. What is striking about visiting Iraq is the wealth of talent there, from privates to generals. Without being gratuitously cruel, the problem of mediocrity is not in the ranks of the military, but on our university campuses, where half-educated professors and non-serious students killing time are ubiquitous. Personally, I’d wager the intelligence of a Marine Corps private any day over the average D.C. journalist. Every naval officer I met at the USNA, without exception, seemed brighter than John Kerry, whose “brilliance”, after all, has managed to offend millions of voters on the eve of a pivotal election. If the Democrats lose, it will be almost painful to watch the recriminations against Kerry fly.

    (4) This is not the first, but third, time he has denigrated soldiers in the middle of a war-and there is a systematic theme: John Kerry’s assumed superior morality allows him to pass judgment from on high about supposedly lesser folk who become tools of a suspect military: thus we go from limb-loppers and Genghis’ hordes to terrorists to dead-beats. The only constant is that the haughtiness is always delivered in the same sanctimonious, self-righteous, and patronizing tone.

    (5) The mea culpa that Democrats are blaming the war and not the warriors is laughable after Sens. Durbin, Kennedy, and Kerry have collectively compared American soldiers to Nazis, Pol Pot’s killers, Stalinists, terrorists, and Baathists.

    (6) The problem is that Kerry is not just a senator, but the most recent presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, and thus in some sense, especially given the diminution of Howard Dean, the megaphone of the entire party.

    (7) His pathetic clarification, as he blamed everyone from Tony Snow to Rush Limbaugh, displayed the same Al Gore derangement syndrome, and thus raises a larger question: what is it about George Bush that seems to reduce once sober and experienced liberal pros to infantile ranting?

    (8) And why is the supposedly lame Bush so careful in speech, and the self-acclaimed geniuses like a Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, or Howard Dean serially spouting ever more stupidities? For all the Democrats’ criticism of George Bush, I can’t think of a modern President who has so infrequently put his foot in his public mouth, and, by the same token, can’t think of any opposition that on the eve of elections seems to have an almost pathological death wish.

    The Democrats should use this occasion to have an autopsy of Kerryism, or this strange new tony liberalism, that has turned noblisse oblige on its head. It used to be that millionaire FDRs and JFKs felt sympathy for those of the lower classes and wished to ensure that the hoi polloi had some shot at the American dream. But today’s elite liberals-a Howard Dean, Al Gore, Ted Kennedy, George Soros, Ted Turner-love the high life and playact at being leftists simply because they are already insulated from the effects of their own nostrums that always come at someone poorer’s expense while providing them some sort of psychological relief from guilt. Poor Harry Truman must be turning over in his grave-from bourbon, cigars, and poker to wind-surfing and L.L. Bean costume of the day says it all.

  50. Kristopher Comment by Kristopher UNITED STATES

    ( rove )

    Hmmmm … all we need now is for a wounded Iraq campaign veteran to publicly spit on him, and the 2006 election cycle victory will be complete.

    ( /rove )

  51. philmon Comment by philmon

    Well, the Dems have made this Congressional election cycle about Bush.

    I suppose turnabout’s fair play. Thanks, Mr. Kerry!

  52. thepresenceusmc Comment by thepresenceusmc UNITED STATES

    I’m one of Kerry’s uneducated failure service members. Thanks, Senator, you had to bring it up, didn’t you?! :lol_wp:

  53. LC Woody Comment by LC Woody UNITED STATES

    John Kerry just picked up the 2006 campaign, turned it upside down, and put its penis in his mouth.

    Sic Sempur, I’ve been snickering about that all morning. That’s just hilarious… I’m not really sure why, but it is.

  54. lc ima mommy, Imperial Handmaid Comment by lc ima mommy, Imperial Handmaid UNITED STATES

    Too toooo funny…does anyone else feel the change of tides round hea’?? Wow. This week will be interesting :lol:
    My husband, who has had his feet firmly planted on the ‘not voting’ side of the fence has had a serious change of heart. Although we’re being forced to vote for Tom Kean Jr., we’ll do it holding our noses this election…thank you Senator Kerry!!

  55. Unregistered Trackback by Radioactive Liberty

    John Kerry Supports the War But Not the Troops…

    Ever since I admitted that I support the war but not the troops, the hate mail has been rolling in, and people have said things like, “FIAR is a selfish prick,” and “go die.”


  56. Unregistered Trackback by James Hooker

    The face of the democratic party…

    If you vote for these people, Tetophiles™, get the hell off my blog. You iggernat sumbitches! Now, here is a picture of the party I SUPPORT! Hanging Out with The Boys mp3Hanging Out With The Boys mp4 Thanks Misha and…

  57. TPCrasher78 Comment by TPCrasher78


  58. TPCrasher78 Comment by TPCrasher78

  59. cmblake6 Comment by cmblake6 UNITED STATES

    Isn’t it coming time for a revolution? We’ll try the ballot box, and it better f&#*ing work. If it doesn’t, I’m praying for sufficient pissed off persons to fix this shit. Not that we need an internal war along with the external, but BY GOD it’s coming time. We should win it and get in control fast enough to turn this shit around. For you military folks, did you not swear an oath to protect against ALL enemies foreign and DOMESTIC? I’ll be counting on you folks to asist in this matter. YOU SWORE!

  60. Unregistered Trackback by Davids Medienkritik

    Kerry’s Iraq Gaffe: Disappointment for German Anti-Bush Journalists…

    John Kerry’s Iraq gaffe If you make the most of it and you study hard and you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don’t you get stuck in Iraq….

  61. ACLPoo Comment by ACLPoo CANADA

    BTW - fuck Michael Fox. He can take that “J” he wants us all to add to his name and stick it up his vibrating ass. He’s a goddamned actor for shit sakes - he was not placed on this earth to think. I don’t care if he’s got Bin Laden at gunpoint - I don’t want to hear a goddamned word he has to say. He’s a wee, pampered, former child actor with millions of dollars. His disease didn’t interfere with his self-righteous rantings in support of research for … you guessed it … HIS disease. To hell with his meds, his opinions and his sob story. Don’t confuse “loveable child actor” with someone who would eat his own young just to get a leave of absence from parkinsons.

  62. kwongdzu Comment by kwongdzu UNITED STATES

    Well, ok, is an undereducated person better off serving his/her country in Iraq and earning some benefits and worldly experience or flipping burgers at McDonalds, living in his parents basement, watching tv and smoking pot? I’ve seen plenty of uneducated people who are not in the military!

    On the other hand, my brother served in Iraq and he has psychology and criminology degrees. My brother in law served in Afghanistan, and he is a civil engineer. I don’t really see a connection between education and military service, except to note that the military provides one possible means to achieve an education. Incidentally, I can’t see where an Ivy league education has done Kerry much good in the common sense department.

  63. Unregistered Comment by GNAA UNITED STATES

    fuck John Kerry