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Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler » “I, John al-Conyers, For One Welcome Our New Islamic Overlords”

Which, of course, should come as no surprise from the Democrat Congresswart from Michiganistan (link thanks to too many LCs to mention):

I received a large number of comments, and quite a spirited debate, concerning my resolution opposing religious intolerance, including desecration of the Quran. I appreciate all of the comments, both those supporting and opposing my actions.

You’re not going to appreciate ours, you Dhimmi Lickspittle, of that we can assure you.

I continue to believe that given recent events, it is worthwhile for the Congress to actually express its support for the freedom of religion. The resolution was drafted to oppose all religious intolerance.

Except that it isn’t, as we shall soon see.

To the extent it mentions the Quran and Islam specifically, that is obviously to respond to those who believe our nation would tolerate disrespect of that religion or its holy book.

What is obvious to anybody with more brains than a mildewed toothbrush is that you’re massaging your constituency and then, as an afterthought, throw in a bit of insincere pablum about “all religions” in a laughably inept attempt at appearing fair minded. Laughably inept, that is, if you were depending upon the votes of sentient beings for your incumbency which you, being a Democrat, clearly aren’t.

Clearly we should not, at least in my opinion.

And damn the First Amendment.

Anyway, below in the extended entry is the full text of H. Res. 288. I hope you agree that read in its totality, it is a fair and appropriate resolution.

You haven’t hardly started yet, and already you have us in stitches. Let it ne’er be said that you’re not funny.

Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives condemning bigotry and religious intolerance, and recognizing that holy books of every religion should be treated with dignity and respect.

Except when we’re dipping crucifixes in urine or covering painting of the Holy Virgin with elephant dung, of course. In those cases, we’re talking about “art”, and that should be funded extensively by the taxpayers, whether they like it or not.

Whereas believers of all religions, including the Abrahamic faiths of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, should be treated with respect and dignity;

Careful there. You just placed almost your entire Mooselimb constituency in contempt of your own resolution. Unless “filthy infidels” and “sons of apes and pigs” are terms of endearment in Arabic, of course, which we’re sure that we’ll be told shortly.

Whereas the word Islam comes from the Arabic root word meaning “peace” and “submission”;

It’s not the kind of “submission” that you think that it is, Poindexter. Just ask Daniel Perl or Nick Berg. Oh, wait, you can’t. Besides, it matters fucking little, if anything at all, what the one word on the cover of the filthy tome means when you consider that every other word inside of it is one long, orgiastic, masturbatory Ode to Atrocity.

But thanks for highlighting Pisslam in your “all-encompassing” and “fair” resolution condemning disrespect of “all” religions.

Whereas there are an estimated 7,000,000 Muslims in America, from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds, forming an integral part of the social fabric of America;

There he goes again. We expect a full census of every single other faith in America next, extolling their virtues and contributions. Otherwise, one might get the “unfair” impression that your nutlicking of the adherents of the Religion of Piss is anything but a pandering, deliberate attempt to see how far you can stick your tongue up the flea-infested, cankered ass of MoHamHead.

Whereas the Quran is the holy book for Muslims who recite passages from it in prayer and learn valuable lessons about peace, humanity and spirituality;

…that they then, going by what one can read in the news every single day, forget that they ever heard about…

Whereas it should never be official policy of the United States Government to disparage the Quran, Islam, or any religion in any way, shape, or form;

Finally you managed to hastily throw in an “or any religion”, right after you got done with your Hymn to the Pedophile HamHead and his followers. Too little, too late. But it sure is fun and educational to see how it isn’t done.

Whereas mistreatment of prisoners and disrespect toward the holy book of any religion is unacceptable and against civilized humanity;

He’s referring here to the allegations of mistreatment at Gitmo and the “flushed Korans”, neither of which actually ever happened.

Whereas the infringement of an individual’s right to freedom of religion violates the Constitution and laws of the United States:

We weren’t aware that your freedom of religion was being infringed upon by being made fun of.

So that’s what those Romans and the unpleasantnesses during their reign was all about. They were mocking Christians and Jews, making it nothing short of a miracle that both faiths managed to survive in the face of such vicious, vile and mortally wounding ridicule.

Now, therefore, be it Resolved, That the House of Representatives–

(1) condemns bigotry, acts of violence, and intolerance against any religious group, including our friends, neighbors, and citizens of the Islamic faith;

What’s the point of the last bit? Clearly “any religious group” automatically includes Mooselimbs, leaving you with no need to single them out at the end, no? Unless, of course, the “any religious group” was just thrown in there to cover your ass and, also, to keep people from wondering whether you thought, in your senile, doddering old brain, that you’d been elected to represent Mecca and Medina.

Oh, and much as we find it hard to find fault with anybody condemning acts of violence, we were somehow of the impression here that we already had actual laws covering that sort of antisocial behavior, but perchance we were mistaken?

In other words: Empty, useless blather, and we do so detest empty, useless blather.

(2) declares that the civil rights and civil liberties of all individuals, including those of the Islamic faith, should be protected;

More of the “including those of the Islamic faith” nonsense already. Either you’re exceedingly stupid, and we have to admit that there’s more than a fair chance of that being the case, or you’re somehow suggesting that it’s necessary to specify that Mooselimbs have civil rights and liberties too. Either way, you come off as a complete dunce, which unfortunately says less about you than it does about the knuckledragging nutfondlers persist in voting for you.

(3) recognizes that the Quran, the holy book of Islam, as any other holy book of any religion, should be treated with dignity and respect; and

We’re glad that you remembered including “any other holy book of any religion” again, because otherwise me might get the notion that you were attempting to repeal the First Amendment with regards to the Koran. As it turns out, you want to repeal it with regards to ANY religion. This changes your status from being a mere garden-variety bigot to being a full-fledged fascist.

(4) calls upon local, State, and Federal authorities to work to prevent bias-motivated crimes and acts against all individuals, including those of the Islamic faith.

And more of the “hate crime” nonsense so popular with empty suits in political office everywhere. If only they’d move on to phase II and finally, FINALLY define to us what a “love crime” is.

What’s that? You’re not saying “hate crime?” You’re saying “bias-motivated crime” instead? Well that makes it all better, now doesn’t it? In other words, all crime, since pretty much every single crime known to mankind is based on some sort of bias. Purse-snatching, for instance, in based on a bias in the snatcher against you, the snatchee, keeping your purse.

Again: We already have laws against that. Which, again, leaves us with the conclusion that you’re either full of ferret fecal matter, or you’re aiming to legislate against people being nasty to other people, “including those of the Islamic faith.”

It’s funny how it sounds more and more as if you really wanted to say “especially those of the Islamic faith.”

Funny, that is, if it weren’t true.

You Asstastically Asinine Assclown.

13 Responses to ““I, John al-Conyers, For One Welcome Our New Islamic Overlords””
  1. LC Stargazer Comment by LC Stargazer

    Yeesh. Considering what we’re at war with, can we string this bozo up on treason charges?

  2. SoCalOilMan Comment by SoCalOilMan UNITED STATES

    Once again, a law to define the fact that we are all equal…just some are more equal than others.

  3. Blackiswhite, Imperial Agent Provocateur Comment by Blackiswhite, Imperial Agent Provocateur UNITED STATES

    I linked the full text on my site.

    This was the first thing all week that moved me enough to type about.

    Stargazer, calling him a bozo is an insult to clowns everywhere. He is a wingnut. The only reason he has a constituency that elects him is because his corrupt buddy, Coleman Young (D) (Racebaiting Mayorus Corruptus) drove anyone with the inancial means to leave out of Detroit and into the suburbs in the 1970’s.

  4. batchrusher Comment by batchrusher UNITED STATES

    It’s not Michiginistan It’s Deabornistan There is a difference. This asshat should be shot!!

  5. Krondax Comment by Krondax UNITED STATES

    or we could put a couple of hooks into his nose, and drag him behind an ATV for a while on a dirt road…

  6. juandos Comment by juandos UNITED STATES

    It’s not Michiginistan It’s Deabornistan There is a difference

    Couldn’t it also be Hamtramckistan?

    Not to worry though, the new power in D.C. have it all well in hand:


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  8. Unregistered Comment by Clarion

    Now THAT was what I was hoping I’d see when I sent you that. *wipes eyes* That was a thing of beauty, Sire. Thank you.

    As for John al-Conyers, looks like this Congress is off to a rip-roaring start in reversing the “culture of corruption” and restoring civil liberties. Yup.

    I think I’d better start stocking popcorn for the 2008 race.

  9. Redeard Comment by Redeard UNITED STATES

    This is what drives me nuts. The liberals are all about separation of Church and state, where you can not have any religious symbols displayed on public property,for example,because tax dollars would support a religion. Yet they have no problem with supplying a new quran, religiously prepared foods, prayer mats and white gloves to handle those things. If we are not supposed to support any religion above another, this should be stopped immediately. This should be applied equally, to all religions.
    Now, if the Red Cross or Crescent, wants to supply holy books to whatever religion, I would have no problem with that.
    I realize that this is just the tip of the iceberg.
    Oh. If I am a practicing cannibal, would my “religion” be respected with such vigor?

  10. Yochanon Comment by Yochanon

    Fuck the ragheads, and fuck-up-the-ass-with-a-12 inch-oak tree-with the bark still on it, anyone like al-Conyers who kisses the asses of the pedophile ragheads!

    Because al-Conyers says I ‘can’t’ or ’shouldn’t', I made this site.

  11. Unregistered Comment by suboptimal UNITED STATES

    Now, I could easily be wrong about this, but that bill reads to me like it’s establishing Islam as the official national religion.

    The way I read it, since Islam and the Koran are the only religion and holy book specifically mentioned, it stands to reason that any other group could face being designated a “cult”, and therefore not protected under this act, while the Cult of Death gets a pass.

    Think the jihadi’s won’t turn this against us? I want some of what you’ve been smoking.

  12. Imperial Consigelere Comment by Imperial Consigelere UNITED STATES

    yocha……..GREAT SITE !!!!

  13. AyUaxe Comment by AyUaxe UNITED STATES

    Al Conyers needs to pay a visit to his pals over in Afghanistan/Pakhistan/Iraq/Iran and let them give him the ruby necklace as a little lesson on the subject of pisslam and respect. F— him and his asshat bill.