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Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler » Goodbye, and Good Riddance

LC Jonathan would like to know what His Majesty thinks about Kaffir Anus’ parting shots, and we’re more than happy to oblige:

What I’ve Learned

By Kofi A. Annan
Monday, December 11, 2006; Page A19

Nearly 50 years ago, when I arrived in Minnesota as a student fresh from Africa, I had much to learn — starting with the fact that there is nothing wimpish about wearing earmuffs when it is 15 degrees below zero.

…hot and cold running water, electricity, internal combustion… It was all so confusing!

All my life since has been a learning experience.

But once you’d figured out how to skim funds from starving children, running child prostitution rings and blaming everything on the Jooos, you had it made.

Now I want to pass on five lessons I have learned during 10 years as secretary general of the United Nations that I believe the community of nations needs to learn as it confronts the challenges of the 21st century.

1). Blow up the U.N. building.
2). Shove the rubble and remains into Turtle Bay.
3). Make a list of anybody who has ever had anything nice to say about Kofi and his partners in crime, then execute them in random order.
4). Tell the Arabs that if they want to have circle-jerk orgies of anti-Semitism, they can go have them somewhere else. Then, once they’ve picked a place, unload eight dozen Daisy Cutters on the location.
5). Tell the world at large that if they don’t want to be nuked, all they have to do is to shut the fuck up and behave themselves.

There, that was easy. And it didn’t even take His Majesty 10 years as a U.N. Capo di tutti Capi to learn it.

First, in today’s world we are all responsible for each other’s security.

It’s a good thing that’s a load of camel’s droppings, because otherwise we’d be severely screwed. We mean, imagine living in a world where you had to depend on the likes of the U.N. for security. Ask the Rwandans how well that worked for them. Or anybody else on the planet who has ever been royally screwed, beaten, raped, beheaded, blown up and hacked to tiny bits with machetes as a result of the Useless Nitwits’ particular brand of “protection.”

Against such threats as nuclear proliferation,

Oh yes. Let’s leave it to the IAEA-ooooohhh. The way they’ve stopped Ahmadinnerjacket’s nuclear aspirations cold is inspiring, we tell you.

climate change,

Somebody really needs to do something to stop the climate from changing. Where oh where was Kofi and the U.N. when the woolly mammoths needed them?

global pandemics

If only somebody would do something about the global pandemic of Idiotarianism that keeps us from dropping a JDAM on the U.N.

or terrorists operating from safe havens in failed states,

And we all know the U.N.’s track record on that subject, now don’t we?

no nation can make itself secure by seeking supremacy over all others.

That has to be the most mind numbingly stupid thing we’ve ever heard, not to mention that it is a contradiction in terms. What could possibly make a nation more secure than complete supremacy over all others? Nothing says “leave us the fuck alone” better than ending it with “or else we can and will wipe you and your entire fucking tribe out in minutes.”

Only by working to make each other secure can we hope to achieve lasting security for ourselves.

What a load of fucking hooey. The simplest way of fucking up any venture, big or small, is to start doing it by committee. Granted, sometimes working with others can get you there quicker, but you have to make sure first that your prospective partners share your views, values and goals to the letter. Nations, groups of people and individuals act out of self-interest, that’s the way we’re designed since it isn’t much good to us that people halfway across the Earth are happy if we’re starving to death at home, so the moment goals diverge, you end up with compromise, which makes everybody unhappy. And resentful. And plotting immediately to change it.

This responsibility includes our shared responsibility to protect people from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity.

We repeat: Go tell that to the Rwandans. Or the Somalis. Or every single other soul, living or dead, who has ever endured the cataclysmic consequences of “shared responsibility, U.N. style.”

It’s more than a little bit rich to listen to a caveman in a suit who is known for 10 years of sitting on his criminal ass while innocents were getting murdered, lecturing anybody at all on “shared responsibility.”

That was accepted by all nations at last year’s U.N. summit.

And, as per usual, followed up by absolutely, positively NOTHING by way of action.

But when we look at the murder, rape and starvation still being inflicted on the people of Darfur, we realize that such doctrines remain pure rhetoric unless those with the power to intervene effectively — by exerting political, economic or, in the last resort, military muscle — are prepared to take the lead.

Oh. Does that mean that, the next time we decide to use force to remove a genocidal dictator, the Useless Nitwits won’t be obstructing our every move?

We didn’t think so either, Jungle Jim.

It also includes a responsibility to future generations to preserve resources that belong to them as well as to us. Every day that we do nothing, or too little, to prevent climate change imposes higher costs on our children.

Because, unlike all of the rest of human history, THIS time we’ll be completely and utterly unable to do anything to adapt to a changing climate. THIS time we’ll simply be sitting around in our houses, drowning slowly as the water rises by half an inch every five years.

Which is really bad news for us, seeing as how nobody has yet shown that there is anything we can do to make the global climate stop changing.

Second, we are also responsible for each other’s welfare.

No, you socialist fuckhead. YOU are responsible for your own welfare and, might we add, in your particular case you’ve done rather a marvelous job of securing it too. Granted, most of your personal welfare has been stolen through actions that, in a just world, would give you at least 50 times life in a maximum security facility, but one cannot argue with success, can one?

Without a measure of solidarity, no society can be truly stable. It is not realistic to think that some people can go on deriving great benefits from globalization while billions of others are left in, or thrown into, abject poverty.

Oh, we don’t know about that, Kofi. You and your degenerate spawn Cujo or whatever the fuck its name is seem to have done quite nicely, sticking your filthy paws into the Bribes for Oil Scam and G-d knows what other despicable schemes you’ve been involved in.

And we can assure you that, if you want to see instability, just try to enforce your socialist doctrine of everybody having to be equally miserable on me and mine. It’ll make WWII look like a minor disagreement.

We have to give all our fellow human beings at least a chance to share in our prosperity.

They have. They can start by getting their hands out of their pockets. Using their abundant resources for something other than funding terrorism might work too. Abolishing socialism, that blight upon humanity and guaranteed way of sending an economy to the cleaners, would be yet another nice suggestion.

Third, both security and prosperity depend on respect for human rights and the rule of law.

Which is why China and Saudi Arabia, among others, are on the U.N.’s Human Rights Council. Because you just can’t say human rights without saying Tienanmen and Shariah, can you?

Throughout history human life has been enriched by diversity, and different communities have learned from each other.

When they weren’t busy wiping each other off the face of the planet, that is, which took up most of their time. We don’t know which Mary Poppins version of human history you’ve been reading, but in this reality the sky isn’t green and pigs don’t fly.

But if our communities are to live in peace we must stress also what unites us: our common humanity and the need for our human dignity and rights to be protected by law.

How about the right to go to work in the morning without finding a 767 on short final outside your office window?

That is vital for development, too. Both foreigners and a country’s own citizens are more likely to invest when their basic rights are protected and they know they will be fairly treated under the law.

You don’t say? That certainly explains why most of the United Nations is made up of tin pot dictatorships and tyrannies.

Policies that genuinely favor development are more likely to be adopted if the people most in need of development can make their voice heard.

Could you repeat that? In a way that makes actual sense, preferably?

States need to play by the rules toward each other, as well.

And when they don’t, they need to be beaten severely until they either repent or cease to exist.

No community suffers from too much rule of law; many suffer from too little — and the international community is among them.

Funny. The Soviet Union had more than its fair share of laws, yet we’ve yet to hear anybody (with a brain, liberal apologists need not apply) suggest that her citizens weren’t suffering.

My fourth lesson, therefore, is that governments must be accountable for their actions, in the international as well as the domestic arena.

If you feel that there’s anything that we, the United States, need to be held accountable for, you’re more than welcome to try and enforce it. Other than that, just shut up already, because you’re beginning to get on our nerves with your empty bromides.

Every state owes some account to other states on which its actions have a decisive impact. As things stand, poor and weak states are easily held to account, because they need foreign aid. But large and powerful states, whose actions have the greatest impact on others, can be constrained only by their own people.

That gives the people and institutions of powerful states a special responsibility to take account of global views and interests.

No. That gives whiny little pissants of turd world shitholes a powerful incentive to be very, very careful about not pissing the powerful states off. It may not be fair but, then again, life isn’t. The best you can hope for is that the most powerful states only care about what you do if it hurts them, which is pretty much the arrangement that we, here in the United States, would prefer. Do whatever the Hell you want in your favorite cesspool, just leave US the fuck alone. If you do that, we’ll get along fine.

And today they need to take into account also what we call “non-state actors.” States can no longer — if they ever could — confront global challenges alone. Increasingly, they need help from the myriad types of association in which people come together voluntarily, to profit or to think about, and change, the world.

You can take your “non-state actors”, accountable and loyal only to themselves, and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine. Not only are you not wanted, you’re also completely and utterly useless, as even a cursory glance at the history of the Useless Nitwits proves.

How can states hold each other to account? Only through multilateral institutions.

Massive military might works really well too, actually. And it has the added benefit of not involving the fwench.

So my final lesson is that those institutions must be organized in a fair and democratic way, giving the poor and the weak some influence over the actions of the rich and the strong.

So you’re suggesting that we abolish the single most undemocratic, unfair, unaccountable organization in the history of the world?

Great. We’re in agreement for once. Now, if y’all would start packing your cardboard boxes, we’ll have the cattle cars ready outside your HQ on Turtle Bay, waiting right next to the demolition crews.

Developing countries should have a stronger voice in international financial institutions, whose decisions can mean life or death for their people.

If they want a say in financial institutions, it would help if they’d amass some actual finances first. You don’t ask the mumbling madman panhandling outside your local convenience store for advice on cardiology before having a triple bypass either. But hey, why not? Using your model, I immediately demand to have a say in my credit union whenever they have to decide on approving me for a mortgage. I suggest that I get everything I ask for, at 0.15% interest, with an option to refuse to pay it back at all.

Anything less would be “unfair.”

New permanent or long-term members should be added to the U.N. Security Council, whose current membership reflects the reality of 1945, not of today.

Brilliant. Let’s start off by kicking the useless fwench off. Why they were put there in the first place is anybody’s guess, seeing as how their only contribution to WWII was to slow the German Panzers down, and they sucked powerfully at that too. Then we can continue by kicking off non-democracies, since dictatorships have a tendency to upset this whole “security” thing on a regular basis. Just ask Poland. There, China and the Butchers of Beijing gone.

No less important, all the Security Council’s members must accept the responsibility that comes with their privilege. The council is not a stage for acting out national interests. It is the management committee of our fledgling global security system.

Ask us again what we care more about: Our national security and interests or your pathetic “management committee?”

More than ever, Americans, like the rest of humanity, need a functioning global system. Experience has shown, time and again, that the system works poorly when the United States remains aloof but it functions much better when there is farsighted U.S. leadership.

It would help immensely if you’d give us a few actual examples of where “experience has shown you that.” It shouldn’t be too hard either, since it has allegedly happened “time and again.”

Not that we really give a fuck. Our duties and obligations are to our nation and our Constitution, not to your “global system”, whatever the Hades that might be. We suspect it’s your “global system” of wealth redistribution, corruption and lack of accountability, and we have, frankly, had more than enough of that.

That gives American leaders of today and tomorrow a great responsibility. The American people must see that they live up to it.

They have, first and foremost, a great responsibility to our Founding Fathers, a responsibility to keep our nation sovereign, free and prosperous, and you and your global crime syndicate are in the way.

Fortunately, that can be fixed, and His Imperial Majesty would be more than happy to assist our leaders in doing so.

Now piss off back to your village, you Ghanaian Gimp. They miss their idiot.

23 Responses to “Goodbye, and Good Riddance”
  1. Cheapshot911 Comment by Cheapshot911 UNITED STATES

    Not gone enough..yet.

  2. hOOt Gibson Comment by hOOt Gibson UNITED STATES

    So many negative things I could say about this useless crooked slimeball…..but I’m tired, have a Drambuie in front of me and a Indian Tabac Torpedo in the “let’s fire it up stage”….so why bother?

    Just suffice to say…”KA, don’t let the door hit you in your useless ass on the way out, don’t pass go, don’t collect anymore US taxpayer monies, and get the fuck out”


  3. Unregistered Comment by Argive UNITED STATES

    In 1994, Canadian Lieutenant-General Romeo Daillaire was in charge of UNAMIR, the UN peacekeeping mission in Rwanda. Daillaire was a smart man, and was able to see the genocide coming. This was not hard, as the Hutu Power extremists had begun a radio campaign to demonize the Tutsis several months before the killing started, and there were a variety of illegal weapons shipments (that the UN couldn’t seize due to a limited mandate) coming into the country. Daillaire was actually competent, and in January 1994 requested an expanded mandate, plus 4,000 extra peacekeepers to stop the massacre. Guess who was head of UN peacekeeping at the time?

    Kofi Annan.

    Annan continually rejected Daillaire’s plea for reinforcements and an expanded mandate. The end result of all this was that when the genocide started, Daillaire was left with a few hundred men. He set up safe areas in Kigali, and was able to save close to 20,000 people. But 800,000 perished.

    Stopping that massacre would have been easy with enough men. The fucksticks doing it were untrained militiamen with machetes; when the Tutsi rebels showed up, they ran like little bitches.

  4. Blackiswhite, Imperial Agent Provocateur Comment by Blackiswhite, Imperial Agent Provocateur UNITED STATES

    Wow. The Dhimicrats must be inspired. Anus went beyond sticking his fingers in his ears and screaming “lalalalalalalalalalal I can’t hear you! lalalalala”…beyond denial to simply ignoring the truth than undermines every iota of his furshingurler statement. That doesn’t take balls. That takes a throat as big around as a truck to spew that much irony and not even gag on a word of it. More proof that this type of stupid simply can’t be cured.

    And, No Boss. I simply refuse to believe that ANY villiage would be so hard up that it misses this idiot.

  5. LC Gunsniper Comment by LC Gunsniper UNITED STATES

    More proof that this type of stupid simply can’t be cured.

    In Kofi’s case I don’t see stupidity, I see the kind of diabolical evil usually reserved for the worst movie villains.

  6. LC Moriarty Comment by LC Moriarty UNITED STATES

    How charming:

    A final glop of inflammatory, tranzi pus weeping from a leperous ulcer of a career suppurating with corruption.

    Thanks for leaving, you rotten, nauseous shitbag.

  7. thepresenceusmc Comment by thepresenceusmc UNITED STATES

    Hang him and his son in Baghdad, live on pay-per-view!

  8. LC Mrs. M Comment by LC Mrs. M

    I’m so flipping sick of this boil on the ass of humanity spouting his self-righteous crap. The U*seless N*umbnuts has become the most corrupt criminal organization in existence. Hell it makes the Mafia look positively pure and innocent by comparison. This dickhead is on the way out with a damn fine retirement account set up from all his bribes and skim money, and won’t be called to account in any way shape or form.

    I’m also sick of the rest of the world screaming and banging their stinking sippy cups around everytime we do anything militarily on our own, but let their asses get caught in the door and they demand we come a runnin. I say pull every damn cent of aid we send out, bring every last soldier home and let the assnuggets fight it out amongst themselves. They’ll be begging us to kiss and make up.
    Then I’d tell them..

    Kiss This! (_|_)

  9. Lc Scott Comment by Lc Scott UNITED STATES

    Hay Koffing anus
    Don’t let the Hookers a the un kick you in the ass on the way out. Make sure you ture around and face them and their boots!

  10. Lc Scott Comment by Lc Scott UNITED STATES


  11. Unregistered Comment by Timdog

    Love your blog. Got the link from looking at Meatbrain’s blog. (or as I refer to him, Limpmeat)I was just checking in because I recently got a cute little troll that was referred to me by limpmeat. If its okay with you, I linked you to my own site.

  12. Unregistered Comment by Timdog

    And the U.N is the most useless organization in the world. When anyone from the U.N. contributes anything more than oil for food scandals and gang rape in third world countries, then I’ll consider them useful.

  13. Xystus Comment by Xystus

    Nearly 50 years ago, when I arrived in Minnesota as a student fresh from Africa

    What a coincidence: So did I–not from Africa, but fresh from my mother’s womb.

    I had much to learn — starting with the fact that there is nothing wimpish about wearing earmuffs when it is 15 degrees below zero.

    I, on the other hand, grew up thinking our winter was normal. But enough with that jerkhole Coffee Enema. OT, but I must object to an item in the new decor. Recently someone complained about a photo of two famous ditzy broads & their partially-displayed boobs. Well, I’d rather have them for wallpaper than glimpse Mau Mau “Kill Whitey” Hambone’s ugly simpering mug! He needs a pie in face, for starters…

    Islamic Rage Boy, on the other hand, is ƒµ¢≤|π§ funny!

  14. juandos Comment by juandos UNITED STATES

    So now that the ass-klown is leaving town how will he be able to get his spawn Kojo a new Mercedes?

  15. Unregistered Comment by Beartrapper UNITED STATES

    The rest of the world has a functioning global system?…, who knew.
    My personal favorite is rule 5)”Tell the world at large that if they don’t want to be nuked,all they have to do is shut the fuck up and behave themselves”
    When all else fails…or when in doubt…or just as a default setting, refer to rule #5.

  16. Syndic Nuruodo Comment by Syndic Nuruodo ISRAEL

    This annanism isn’t over yet.

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  19. Unregistered Comment by Cheryl

    :nono_tb: Spew alert, dear Emperor!
    Loved the “Five Lessons.” I am afraid, however, that the Stench of K. Anus will remain on Turd-le Bay long after he has packed his valice and departed.

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  21. Len-KC Comment by Len-KC UNITED STATES

    Ok, OK the shitbag said all of it….but why the hell did he have to come to my town to do it?

  22. Unregistered Comment by nerbygirl UNITED STATES

    That scumbag went to school in MY state???? I was wondering what that lingering stench was…
    I’m sure he got his “schoolin’” from one of our far-left, America-hating Universites. They pour out leftist nutbag graduates by the thousands.
    Don’t forget, we’re the state that voted a former member of the Nation of Islam to congress!

  23. Unregistered Comment by Korgmeister

    Mischa, you totally win an internet for this post!