His Rottieness isn’t normally big on blogrings, but as the newly elected Jack Bauer of the Blogosphere (not to be confused with the real one. We don’t want Jack coming around to kick our ass), there is one particular one that we couldn’t, in good conscience, keep ourself from joining.

Besides, the home site of it is just about the kewlest Jack-related site we’ve ever seen.

So, without further ranting and dissembling on the subject, we’re happy and proud to declare that we’ve joined the Blogs4Bauer Blogring.

Do make sure to visit blogs4bauer.blogspot.com on a regular basis. The handy dandy new button on the right side bar should make that easy to remember. Between them and LC & IB Rightwing Nuthouse, you have all the Jack Bauery Goodness that you’ll ever need.


6 Responses to “OK, Time to Make an Exception”
  1. Deathknyte Comment by Deathknyte UNITED STATES

    Getting a bit overcommited here….

    I can’t keep up with everyone now.

  2. Unregistered Comment by rightwingprof UNITED STATES

    Is Your Highness running for president?

  3. Emperor Darth Misha I Comment by Emperor Darth Misha I UNITED STATES

    Be careful what you wish for, Rightwingprof ;-)

    Besides, that pesky Constitution won’t let me.

    I still need me one of those bumper stickers, however.

  4. LC-IB-NeilV Comment by LC-IB-NeilV UNITED STATES

    Congrats Emperor,may you live long ad well….
    Cheers from Tampa Bay…

  5. DJ Allyn,  ITW Comment by DJ Allyn, ITW UNITED STATES

    I love 24, but I would rather wait until it comes out in DVD so I can watch it back-to-back without commercials.

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