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Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler » L’Affaire Schlussel…

OK, I’ve just about had it now.

For all of the years that I’ve been wasting everybody’s time with this blog, it has been my specific policy (as stated in my Imperial Mail FAQ) to never, ever publish stuff sent to me unless it met one of two criteria:

  • It contained a threat of clear and indisputably illegal action.
  • It was specifically noted that it was for attribution and dissemination.

Of course, beneath all of this, there is the clearly stated notion that anything sent to me can be published anyway and that any submitters should consider this before hitting “send”, but I dare say that I’ve done a rather splendid job of following my own rule that I won’t do so unless told that I can. Many’s the time where I’ve received something that I wanted to post and could, according to the FAQ, yet have refused to do so until I’d written back and gotten permission.

But this is getting ridiculous.

When I get accused of lying about the contents of the emails that I’m reporting on, I have to make an exception and invoke Rule Number One which is “anything you send to me may be published unless you tell me specifically NOT to” and I’ve received enough communications to that effect by now to make it clear to me that there are some doubts as to the correspondence between Ms. Schlussel and my noble self.

So here they are, in the interest of fairness to all parties involved, all of the emails, unedited with the occasional comment between the quotes. Make your own judgments based on that rather than speculation and consider the air cleared once and for all because, as far as I’m concerned, this whole issue is over. Yesteryear’s news. Done. Stick a fork in it:

As I’m sure you already know, Ms. Schlussel originally wrote this post in which she took a huge, smelly dump upon the nation of my birth, claiming that “the Danes have hardly been staunch supporters of the U.S. War on Terror, either”, notwithstanding the fact that they’d been among the first to join the Coalition and that their soldiers, some of whom I’m sure I’ve had the honor of serving with myself, have been fighting and dying alongside of ours since the very first day. She also went on to blame the current government of Denmark (in place since November of 2001) for the disgraces committed by their socialist predecessors, which is the same as blaming Clinton’s mistakes on George W. Bush.

I, being an American of Danish birth, naturally took offense to this slander upon my native country’s honor and responded in kind. Responded in kind and, I hate to admit, below what’s becoming for a gentleman. In other words, I was inexcusably and unnecessarily rude, which is what led to this whole mess. I accept full responsibility for that.

On Monday the 12th of February, I was alerted to the fact that Ms. Schlussel had tried to get in touch with me and, lacking the ability to recognize my prominently displayed email address on the right sidebar, had accosted my hosting service threatening them with legal action and then, upon having been politely informed that my contact address was easy to find on the site, sent me the following:

Misha (or whatever your name is–we will find out with a subpoena):

You recently posted a defamatory containing libelous, false sexual information about me. That constitutes defamation per se, pursuant to Michigan law.

The purpose of this e-mail is to demand the immediate deletion of the defamatory statements, as well as the posting of an immediate, written retraction at the top of your website. You have one business day to do so.

Please note that because the defamation you engaged in was sexual in nature–making it defamation per se–your prominent, written retraction and deletion of the items does not relieve you of liability for money damages, which we will be pursuing in Michigan court.

The defamatory items are below:

“G-d, you really are one syphilitic little ignorant slut, aren’t you?”

“(But I’m sure you give good head. There has to be some reason why you still get paid to do what you do).”

I look forward to your immediate response and cooperation, as will my attorneys.
Debbie Schlussel

Well gee whiz…

Obviously, there was nothing “defamatory” in the two sentences mentioned. Both are examples of hyperbolic invective, exemplified by the question mark in the first and the clearly hypothetical nature of the second. Neither come close to showing intent to spread false information, for the very simple reason that they weren’t. You start calling “slut” defamatory and you can wave goodbye to “cunt”, “dickhead”, “bastard”, “asshole” and G-d only knows what else. Not to say that any of those terms are something you’d want to say around your mother unless you like the taste of soap, but to even suggest that either sentences were an attempt to “defame” is ridiculous on its face. Rude? Yes. If I were to say any of those things to Debbie’s face and she were to land a stinging slap on my face in return would I blame her? No. But “defamatory?” Give me a break.

Nevertheless, I was being a rude bastard and I do listen to feedback, so I decided to at least try to be a gentleman and delete the offending phrases (I actually deleted a couple more in the same vein to be consistent) and posted a retraction, so’s to make abundantly sure that even the most dim-witted occasional reader might understand that none of my hyperbole was based on actual, you know, fact.

This was my reply:


Actually, I have precious few objections to complying, although I’m quite sure that the “defamatory” nature of common invective is very much in doubt.

However, since changing the statements mentioned below seems to make you happy, I see little point in wasting both of our time on quibbling.



Were we satisfied? Oh no, we weren’t:

The item you posted is NOT a retraction. You must fully and specifically RETRACT (now you, too, can take your own advice and learn to use google–or even a dictionary to learn the definitions of these words) the statements specified and state that you were incorrect in making them, that you retract them. You have one business day to do so.
Debbie Schlussel

Ouch. That stings. My research sucks. Not that I was aware that I’d made any research into the actual nature of Ms. Schlussel’s career or even any claims to having done so, but still.

Of course, it’s sort of hard to retract specific claims that you never made in the first place, but never let it be said that I won’t try to make everybody happy, so I clarified a few bits, making it even more abundantly clear that any statements (now deleted) as to Ms. Debbie’s character weren’t based in fact and sent the following back:


Not entirely sure what it is you’re asking for then but, after careful consultation with Webster’s, I’ve edited the post a bit to make it abundantly clear what it actually is.


Not good enough:

Boy, you really need help–which makes your attack on me especially hypocritical. Yet again, what you posted is not a full and specific retraction.

You claim you never made these statements. A retraction is admitting your made the statements (which you did not do–saying “I never did” is NOT a retraction), specifying what the statements were (which you did not do entirely) which were incorrect, stating that those statements were false/incorrect, and that you are retracting them. Since you are not paying me by the hour to give you legal advice, you should really get an attorney. You haven’t a clue.
Debbie Schlussel

Of course, I never claimed that I didn’t make the statements, I merely pointed out that they were hyperbole, invective and an opinion, as opposed to facts.

At this point, I was beginning to despair of ever being able to explain the difference between facts, actual claims, and mere insults.

The only upside was that I wasn’t paying Debbie by the hour, or I would’ve considered myself ripped off.

At this point I got a P.S., but since I was asleep at the time I didn’t notice it until later:

You are responsible for the comments left on your site. One of the people posting on your site repeats the claim that I am a “slut.” You are legally obliged to removethat defamatory claim.
Debbie Schlussel

So now I was not merely responsible for anything that I myself might say, but for anything that anybody else might say, including trackback spams and the occasional comment by a lefty troll or a Nazi ditto passing by? Interesting. I can only hope that Debbie has a fully paid staff on duty to police everything anybody might say on her blog, or she might end up in serious trouble by her own standards.

But I tried to be helpful, in spite of the fact that she didn’t bother to point out the thread or the poster of the “offending” comments. I did searches on “slut” and came up with nothing and then, as a show of good faith, killed a couple that seemed to me to be nothing but adding gasoline to the fire.


I am not, as I clearly state on the site, responsible for the views of commenters. I couldn’t possibly hope to police every single comment ever made, nor am I responsible for what other people say. Who knows, Cindy Sheehan might leave a stealth comment one day and I sure wouldn’t consider myself responsible for anything *she* has to say (shudder), not to mention the huge amount of trackback spam that everybody with a blog is bombarded with these days.

However, it has always been my policy that I’m happy to help out and delete offending comments whenever they’re pointed out to me.

I’ve hunted through the comments trying to find references to the word “slut” and deleted a couple of comments that seemed needlessly insulting, but if you find others, or if I missed the one you were referring to, please don’t hesitate to point them out to me so that I may help.

Yes, I really am trying to help here.

The reason I posted the original post, by way of explanation, was that I was deeply angered and hurt over your comments that Denmark hadn’t exactly been a staunch supporters. They’ve had soldiers fighting and dying alongside with ours since day one, Debbie, and yes, I found that very insulting and hurtful. I might have friends among them, after all.

However, I realize that I probably could’ve gotten that point across with less venom. The perils of posting while angry, I suppose. Nevertheless, I wasn’t exactly gentlemanly about my choice of hyperbole. For what it’s worth, I apologize for my bad manners and for acting like a boor.



But it wasn’t good enough:

In fact, whether you post a disclaimer or not, you are still legally responsible for ANY comments made on your site. Any attorney worth his/her salt will tell you that.

Oh goodie. Thanks for nothing. I’d love to hear the precedent for that, however.

What do you do?

I answered like this, although I was beginning to give up hope that any sense could be made of this:


I took down whatever items you claimed were “defamatory.”

If there are any others, let me know or I am helpless to assist.


Can’t bloody well delete anything unless I’m told what needs to be deleted, can I?

So we changed tacks, apparently, and she wrote:

If you have any honor (and I doubt that highly), you will 1) tell the truth on your site, to wit: that I never whined about your post, had my feelings hurt, or demanded that you remove it all or I would sue; hardly the case, as you well know, and you are lying to your readers and 2) have the guts to post on your site, prominently what you wrote me, to wit:

“I realize that I probably could’ve gotten that point across with less venom. The perils of posting while angry, I suppose.
Nevertheless, I wasn’t exactly gentlemanly about my choice of hyperbole. For what it’s worth, I apologize for my bad manners and for acting like a boor.



So I replied:

Debbie, I’ll happily post that apology, since I stand by it. Not a problem at all. I meant it, and I mean it still.

I never once claimed, however, that you demanded that I pull *everything* down or you’d sue. I said that you threatened to sue unless I pulled the two items you mentioned in your initial email. That, I believe, is a fair and accurate interpretation of your email, but if you think otherwise I’ll let you have your say as well. I’ll even post the entire email in its original form, if you so desire.

Not a problem at all.


And I never heard from her again.

After 24 hours of no reply, I decided to post the apology anyway, minus the copy of her initial email, since I meant it when I wrote it and mean it still. The only reason for the delay in posting was that I was waiting for her say in the matter so that I could post it and/or her approval of posting the initial correspondence.

I’d have let it lie with that if it wasn’t for the claims that I was somehow trying to hide something by not posting our correspondence that I later heard of from third parties.

So here it is.

Make of it what you will, but at least I’m not “hiding” anything.

94 Responses to “L’Affaire Schlussel…”
  1. LC Scott Comment by LC Scott UNITED STATES

    First .
    just looking at Debbie’s blog It seems that you doubled her traffic that day. Maybe she is upset over having to yell at every body.

  2. demonicgerbil Comment by demonicgerbil UNITED STATES

    That next to last text block could stand to have her name at the bottom, because it threw me for a loop when I read it.

    Or I’m just tired.

    Either way.

  3. Unregistered Comment by Maj.BertramPudgeman UNITED STATES

    This is a strange parallel universe copy of the Muslim cartoon rage with Ms. Schlussel playing the role of the Muslims and Denmark playing itself.

    IMO it’s time for Ms. Schussel to exit the kitchen.

  4. juandos Comment by juandos UNITED STATES

    Damn! I just noticed that Schlussel doesn’t have the his majesty’s blog on her blog roll…

    Maybe the conservatism and the driving desire to face reality on this blog site is a bit to rich for the lovely Ms. Schlussel… ;-)

  5. Darth Bacon Comment by Darth Bacon UNITED STATES

    Poor Ms. Scheissel…er, Shlussel…or whatever.

    What a pissy, moaning, overbearing person- in my, and not anyone’s else’s opinion- which parties I hereby absolve in perpetuity of all future liability that may be incurred in full or in part by my having posted this (me, being referred to henceforth as the party of the first part) on Misha’s (or any entity operating under that name) blog (or any other media, printed or otherwise).

    Further, it is also my opinion (subject to the terms outlined in section 1 above) that Ms. Scheissel…er, Shlussel, or whatever it is, is an incredibly petty and quarrelsome old harridan. Pursuant to the aforementioned, I invite her to kiss my ass.

    Serve that with some papers, bitch.

  6. LC-IB-NeilV Comment by LC-IB-NeilV UNITED STATES

    For Ms PmS Goddess Schullessl,I say sod off swampy,Several LC’s have said it best you need to get out of the kitchen….If you cant read a post without getting your Victroias secret in a knot.I usully have enjoyed MS Scluessels Web Blog but doubt I will stop by .As far as my own blog I will call her a petty whining bint.I can be sued at
    As I put it before there are better targets for Ms Sclussels wrath then people who usually agree with her. Imagine all the trouble we went thru to get a decent Fartwa and all we got, was this stupid t shirt.

  7. Unregistered Comment by fred UNITED STATES

    Hey Boss,
    Just tell her to kiss your ass and let’s move the caravan on. We’re tired of this.

  8. Unregistered Comment by LC-Lady-Vandea UNITED STATES

    This is why lawyers make money my friends its called frivoleous lawsuits(sp). Anyhow I think
    it is quite hysterical that Ms. Schnizzel has taken the time to read all the comments..Muaww wahhhh. I think here ears have burned off. She’s definatly created a very bad name for herself with QUITE alot of people who with be more than happy to tell everyone they know what a puss she is.I still can’t believe she holds a law degree and choses to use it when people don’t agree with her…very sad.
    You know Ms. Schlussel maybe if you would post an apology on over-reaction we can all kiss and make up.You need to do some image-mending as far as i’m concerned,and by the way thats not from anything Misha said..It’s all in YOUR OWN WORDS. GEESH can’t everyone just get along!!!

  9. friendlygrizzly Comment by friendlygrizzly UNITED STATES

    She probably was having one of those days where with a 15 minute lay-down on the couch in the ladies room, after tending to other matters, she’d have felt better.

    Perhaps His Rottieness could start a collection to send her a 55 gallon drum of Midol?

  10. Unregistered Comment by Extremus DENMARK

    Well, “Slut” in Danish means “The End” - Exactly the spot one the rope where Ms Schnitzel is hanging now.

    I asked a doctor what could have caused Ms Scmutzel to throw such a fit, and he sent me this link

    My theory is that a particularly nasty yeast infection has caused her vulva and clitoris to dry up and become intolerably itchy - thus causing severe migraines with aura and visual distortions. Not somthing to kid about!

    I am sure there are drugs out there that can ease her way through perimenopause. Meanwhile we shall just have to put up with her mood swings. After all, “noblesse oblige”, right Misha?

  11. sig94 Comment by sig94 UNITED STATES

    Sounds like dong quai is right up her…

    *wait for it*


  12. maxxdog Comment by maxxdog UNITED STATES

    Misha, I apologize to you if my comments on the original post added fuel to the fire.
    You, not her! You have my ok to send her my e-mail should she wish to take me to task for my words and hyperbole, invective etc.
    She really needs to be careful what she asks for!

  13. LCBrendan Comment by LCBrendan AUSTRALIA

    Why in Gods name she could not have just sent you a personal email over the issue, and left out this “legal action and I’ll sue crap”

    FFS lady, wake up and smell the coffee…if you have a beef with someone, fine, take it up with them and just handle it.

    QUIETLY.One on one.

    Try this approach next time and see what happens….you’ll get a better response and a faster resolution.

    And some good will at the end of it.

    Ms Schlussel…it’s a fact that you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.

    Res ipsa loquitur.

  14. Unregistered Comment by Lady Heather GLOR UNITED STATES


    I’ll say this for the last time, Debbie, get a thicker skin or get out of the kitchen.

  15. Deathknyte Comment by Deathknyte

    She whines a great deal, dosn’t she?

    Dragging things into the open like that just pisses alot of people off. If she was offended she should have just said so. Then offered you an apology for insulting Denmark in the first place.

    But then she comes from the same state as micheal moore. Class and decency are probably concepts she has a hard time implementing.

  16. LC Draco Comment by LC Draco UNITED STATES

    Debbie is off my link list and has been since this whole issue started. I can honestly say she can kiss my testicular region multiple times. Debbie does not understand what we in the ‘business’ refer to as ’second and third orders of effect’.



  17. Unregistered Comment by striker6879 UNITED STATES

    What a whiny bitch. She sounds like a liberal in those emails. Glad I never read her shit in the first place because I would stop now.

    Try decaf, Debbie.

  18. Unregistered Comment by rightwingprof UNITED STATES

    You know exactly where I stand on this.

  19. Unregistered Comment by LC Defense Guy UNITED STATES

    Wow, you learn something new everyday. Today I learned that I don’t like Debbie very much. What a shame, but she seems to have a streak of the humorless tyrant in her. I suppose it’s a good thing that expressing my opinion of her in this way is not yet an actionable offense.

    She should move on, she is looking to offend what amounts to her pool of potential ‘fans’.

  20. Unregistered Comment by LC Defense Guy UNITED STATES

    Strike the last, It appears that she has moved on. Apologies for my sloppy reading.

  21. Unregistered Comment by TheDailyCarrierG23 UNITED STATES

    Hello Misha and everyone.
    I have been “lurking” around here for a while. This is one of my favorite blogs to read. You guys ROCK!! :thumbup:

    When I was reading Ms. Scheissel’s….oops, must have read that somewhere before, comments, she was extremely adamant about you being responsible for EVERY word on this site.
    Does that not make HER responsible for EVERY word on her blog?
    I’m going to keep a close eye on her site and the minute I see ONE ‘defamatory’ word about you from ANY commenter on her blog I’ll let you know, and then you may countersue at your leisure. :satansmoking:

    You may notice in my comments that I will not refer to you as sire, majesty or otherwise. Not out of disrespect, but due to the fact that I have NO human king. I bow to no man, but I would like to call you friend.

    Meanwhile I think frauline Scheis.. damn Schlushy… awww the hell with it, you know who,needs a nice steamin’ cup o’ :stfu: !!!

  22. LC Moriarty Comment by LC Moriarty UNITED STATES


    Yeah, Misha, you probably went too far in your use of invective. (So what. I’ve been called worse than that before breakfast.)

    But threatening you with legal action… Jeebus, lady, grow up. Assuming she could find a lawyer stupid enough to try to make a case, I suspect it would run aground quickly once the definition of “defamation” was made clear. (Hint: Just because someone calls you a name you don’t like, you don’t necessarily have grounds for further clogging the courts with a lawsuit.)

    Gawd, these people bore me. Emperor, my hat is off once again to you for putting up with this idiotic bullshit.

  23. Unregistered Comment by the_moll UNITED STATES

    Misha was so kind to Debbie when he wrote the apology that, well… a little part of me died that day. I hope this is finally over.

    Deb darling, get a life. Please.

  24. Unregistered Comment by TheDailyCarrierG23 UNITED STATES

    If you have any honor (and I doubt that highly),

    That one single statement is more defamatory than anything you posted about :whatever: .
    She DID defame your character there did she not?
    SUE HER :moon: OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Unregistered Comment by TheDailyCarrierG23 UNITED STATES

    OOOHHH!!! Something else just hit me.
    If one is responsible for every word on their blog, does that include the content of all the other blogs on one’s blogroll? After all, the information on all of those blogs is easlily accessible by clicking on the links which by proxy makes all those blogs part of your blog.

    That just raised the number of comments slushy is personally responsible for exponentially.

    Therefore;following the above logic, if one defamatory comment about you, Misha, is found on ANY blog on :whatever: ’s blogroll, she is by proxy responsible for it since by clicking on the link on HER blog directed whomever clicked to any such defamatory statement about you.

  26. Zucca Fett Comment by Zucca Fett UNITED STATES

    Actually Misha, you should take a page out of They get away with ‘defamatory’ comments all the time.

    The truth is, you have freedom of speech and can call Debbie (Does Dallas) whatever you want, because it’s your Gd given right. Seriously, this woman keeps waving the legal flag around, but what ground does she actually have to stand on?

    ‘My poor pwecious widdle feewings got huwrt…’

    Gimme a break. :cuckoo: Even if she does try to sue, no lawyer ‘worth his salt’ (Which by the way, you can label as being a sexist statement since there are probably plenty of decent female lawyers) would go near this ‘case’ because of it’s volumous stupidity.

    Go ask any old judge and they’ll tell you that it’s a lost cause on her part.

    Anyway, there’s my two-cents worth. And ungentlemanly or not, it was pretty freakin’ hilarious. :lol:

  27. JannyMae Comment by JannyMae UNITED STATES


    That’s what bothered me about this from the first. That is..rather than take her grievance up with you, personally, she immediately threatened legal action.

    I also think she’s playing with fire with her contention that you are responsible for all the comments made on your blog. That one could come back and bite her in the ass.

    As far as I’m concerned, you’ve made every effort to comply with her, “wishes,” such as they.

    Time to move on from this….

  28. Unregistered Comment by jasonglh UNITED STATES

    Damn yankee and a lawyer on top of that.

    After posting about money wasting lawsuits and then pulling this stunt net thing you know she will bitch about google censoring itself in China.

    :pill: Paxil Debbie check into it.

  29. Unregistered Comment by John of Argghhh! UNITED STATES

    Hee! And of course, Debbie is conducting a multi-front attack - she went after me, too. And yesterday, she went after SWWBO, who will be posting her side of that story soon.

    Snerk. Debbie claims the FBI calls and gives her information. Mebbe. That certainly doesn’t square with my relationship with the FBI when I worked on a task force with them in a different life - but who knows, their Blog Outreach Proram might be in place.

    Regardless, Debbie has some issues. It must suck when you feel the need to hunt down people who don’t agree with you in all things - even when they are *mostly* on your side.

    Leaving aside the kettle/pot nature of her complaints.

  30. Unregistered Comment by Tuning Spork UNITED STATES

    By piecing together undiscovered evidence I’ve come to the conclusion that Debbie’s blog funnels laundered funds to Air America, that she secretly still listens to Milli Vanilli and that her cat’s breath smells like cat food. No, really, it’s all true! :shiftyeyes:

  31. Unregistered Comment by SWWBO UNITED STATES

    :noshake: Debbie is not a very nice woman. This afternoon, I’ll post all the emails she has sent me. I think she is more than a little confused, poor deluded woman.

  32. Unregistered Comment by Lady Heather GLOR UNITED STATES

    Debbie is not a very nice woman. This afternoon, I’ll post all the emails she has sent me. I think she is more than a little confused, poor deluded woman.

    Damn shame.

    This woman writes like she’s a conservative, but seems to act like a liberal…

  33. Unregistered Comment by Azygos UNITED STATES

    “It’s all about Debbie.” Where have I heard that before? Oh, ya, the Aadams Family Movie. It’s my opinion only and Misha may choose to delete this comment as I have not in any way consulted with him about the content of this comment. In my opinion Ms scheis… I will not call you a cunt, bint, whiney asshole, bitch, whore, slut, publicity whore, spineless monera, or a whole host of invectives that come to mind. I will call you the one thing that is more vile and foul and disparaging than anything else I can think of. Ms Scheis… you are a LAWYER :moon:

  34. Unregistered Comment by resro CANADA

    I wonder how many people have threatened to sue her for the countless times she’s called other people “skank” and “anti-semite.”

  35. Beth* A. Comment by Beth* A.

    What bothers me about all this is every time you took a step toward resolving this with her, she moved the bar on you. Time and again. Not good for resolution and not classy. At all.

  36. LC Ranger 6 Comment by LC Ranger 6 UNITED STATES

    Well that’s fucking it. I was willing to move on but apparently this bitch isn’t.

    Fine. I have my own blog. Come and get me shitheel. I’m not in Michigan, don’t intend to visit that lefty state and fuck you very much on trying to serve me.

    Bring it on bitch. You just made me start posting again. I’m going to ride you like the cheap whore you are.

    :mad: :finger:

  37. Unregistered Comment by aelfheld

    She’s lying - she most definitely threatened to sue:

    Please note that because the defamation you engaged in was sexual in nature–making it defamation per se–your prominent, written retraction and deletion of the items does not relieve you of liability for money damages, which we will be pursuing in Michigan court.

    With her aversion to truth and ignorance of the law, it doesn’t surprise me that she’s accustomed to being paid by the hour or, more likely, the half-hour.

  38. LC Ranger 6 Comment by LC Ranger 6 UNITED STATES

    Oh and bitch, I’m not as accomodating as Misha. You have to show your ass publicly to contact me. I don’t leave my email on my site. You’ll have to post bitch.

  39. Mike M Comment by Mike M UNITED STATES

    From attorney Debbie’s email:

    The item you posted is NOT a retraction. You must fully and specifically RETRACT

    However, according to this source:

    Be open to printing corrections and/or retractions–but be careful about what you print. A retraction may mollify the aggrieved party and, in some states, limit your financial liability–but a retraction can be also used as an admission of guilt in a lawsuit. It is worth consulting a media or libel law attorney before proceeding with a retraction.

    Be careful with this one. She’s never said she intended to drop her intention to sue. You completely refuted the points she tried to make in her poorly written, disingenuous piece where she defamed Denmark, its troops and the contribution they’re making in our war on terror. Clearly, she didn’t care for your criticism.

    I notice she didn’t attempt to counter your arguments about her substantive misrepresentations, but instead chose a spiteful course as a means to wreak revenge. Just remember, she and others of her ilk will use any tactic and trick at their disposal to achieve their ends. And who lacks honor….?

  40. Unregistered Comment by sdkar UNITED STATES

    What a fucking bitch…there, I said it,,,Don’t sue Misha…sue me for calling you a bitch. You want your freedom of speech but you want to suppress others cause its not YOUR speech. Fuck off you slut. I am sure you fucked your boyfriend or husband in exchange for something of value at some time in your life. Whether it wasw so he buys you dinner or gives you shopping money, or a return favor or act in return by you. (DENY YOU DIDN’T). Sex for something of value is what a slut does. That would make you a slut. Truth is the number one defense to defamation or slander. SO, no lawsuit there. Second…are you going to admit you give lousy head? Cause Misha complimented you on stating you must give good head. Again…the whole truth as a defense thing. In order for you to win…you will have to prove that MISHA lied and that you instead do NOT give good head. Go to court and say “Your honor…I would like to blow you in your chambers and prove to you I suck at sucking” He can then make a decision. What if you win on this count? You will have a public record showing that MISHA is wrong and you in fact…give lousy head. Thats a win for sure.

    Either way Debbie…I used to enjoy what you do as well as your stints on Howards Stern once in a while. But you haveproven to be a cunt. You owe MISHA an apology and not the other way around. STFU and allow freedom of speech…even if not your opinion. If you don’t like it, then do what all of the peace loving muslims that you seem to love so much do…go burn a fucking embassy.


  41. Emperor Darth Misha I Comment by Emperor Darth Misha I UNITED STATES

    Er… This was supposed to clear up the air and end the speculation once and for all, not foul it any further. Just sayin’, ’s all. :-)

  42. Unregistered Comment by sdkar UNITED STATES

    Furthermore Debbie…I am sure you read the Hustler/Falwell case as a 2L in law school in Con Law. It clearly states that in order for there to be defamation it has to done in a manner that would lead the ordinary prudent person to believe the statement as true. It is clear that MISHA’S statements were rants and that is all. Your lawsuit would only make you look like an ass just like it made Falwell look like an ass. You would lose so much credibility if you initiated such a suit. Your career would go in the toilet and you know it. I am not the only one that believes this. So, quit puffing your chest and posturing yourself for a make believe lawsuit you have no chance at winning. I know it is common for lawyers to try and scare non lawyers with such tactics…but leave it alone here…it’s not going to work. So, let it go and move on with your life. If you do sue…you will become very hated. If you think someone calling you a slut is bad for your career…then go ahead…because you will do more harm to yourself with your own actions then anyone else could do with mere words. Your actions will prove that you are indeed a cunt and worse…not MISHA’A statement.

  43. Unregistered Comment by Tuning Spork UNITED STATES

    Well, yeah, but, um… we’re not done yet. :-)

  44. Michael Comment by Michael UNITED STATES

    Debbie I have a Call from a Mr. Kitchen, about how hot it is.

  45. Unregistered Comment by LC Joseph Dromedary

    Deb Bee you igorrant zlot. I have just received the following from one Joseph Mendiola:

    “Ican’tPHUCKINGstandall this NONSENSICAL rambblingcomingfrom SoMEONEwho calls HERSELF aLAWYER! THE full FORCE ofyourinane and franklyQUITEINSULTING diatribe against THE FORCESofGOOD is making me gobackto MY MEDICATIONS! IT’SALL YOURFAULT!
    YOUHAVE oneWORKING DAY torespond to MY LAWYER.

    Good grief woman, give it a fucking rest before you alienate anyone who hasn’t already been alienated by your childish tantrums.

  46. Unregistered Comment by Elephant Man UNITED STATES

    This woman writes like she’s a conservative, but seems to act like a liberal…

    I suspect that she’s a victim of a horrific “test of wills” between the Bush administration and the DNC!

    Before her (alleged) “boob-job”, each saline bag was planted with a “micro-receiver”.

    One by a GOP operative and the other by a DNC operative, each unaware of what the other was doing.

    The mind-control receivers are now working against each other with the receiver/mind controller in the right boob being operated by Karl Rove and the receiver/mind controller in the left boob being operated by Howard Dean.

    She cannot be blamed!

    She’s merely the unwitting victim of a titanic partisan struggle between the insane Howard Dean and the consumately evil Karl Rove!

    She needs to start wearing a tinfoil bra immediately to block any incoming signals!

    Until then, she cannot be held responsible for her actions! :borg:

  47. Unregistered Comment by Elephant Man UNITED STATES

    “Ican’tPHUCKINGstandall this NONSENSICAL rambblingcomingfrom SoMEONEwho calls HERSELF aLAWYER! THE full FORCE ofyourinane and franklyQUITEINSULTING diatribe against THE FORCESofGOOD is making me gobackto MY MEDICATIONS! IT’SALL YOURFAULT!
    YOUHAVE oneWORKING DAY torespond to MY LAWYER.

    I’ll say.

    Joe D.!

    I see Mr. Mendiola still has his “unique” grammatical and punctuation skills! :lol:

  48. Unregistered Comment by Tuning Spork UNITED STATES

    Hey, I think she may be backing down.

    [Photo removed in accordance with the wishes of the copyright holder. — Emp.M.]

  49. B.C., Imperial Torturer™ Comment by B.C., Imperial Torturer™ UNITED STATES

    Imagine, if you will, Debbie and Helen Thomas…..

    Naaaaah, we’ll leave that for a later date. :satansmoking:

  50. Apollyon Comment by Apollyon UNITED STATES

    What a dumb fucking POS this Schnitzel is. She doesn’t have a leg to stand on here. First of all, Misha is no more responsible for comments on his website than any radio station is for the comments a caller might make on theirs. Considering Schnitzel is a public figure she can be mocked, ridiculed, insulted, lampooned and whatever else may seem offending to her. None of the invective was presented as “fact” but rather a verbal thrashing meant to insult. Today on KROQ [a local radio station in Los Angeles] they play clips occasionally between songs mocking all sorts of people and since President’s day is coming up they liberal lobotomized baboons are having fun altering sound clips from Republican Presidents. One in particular was very offensive. They had a clip of Reagan saying “Nancy and I are hooked on heroin”. These pieces of shit that made this sound clip are protected by the first amendment to voice their filth. By Schnitzel’s standards Airhead America, NPR and other liberal rags could be sued on a daily basis. One thing Dumbfuck Debbie™ needs to realize is that you do NOT have a right NOT to be offended or insulted.

    Debbie, go fuck yourself you dimwitted cross-eyed idiot savant…..SUE ME BITCH!! My attorney will hand you your ass on a platter and squeeze you for everything you have including the trailer you call home.

    [my comment got flagged so I removed the word that I think caused it. Sorry for resubmitting it Misha]

  51. caveman82952 Comment by caveman82952 UNITED STATES

    Yes indeed, these sociopathic fools seeking dominance over all they encounter…….she will fail this time…..the line in the sand has been drawn, it’s time to fight. Sire, any help you need that I can pvovide is yours for the asking. The folks here don’t take crap from anybody. Let it remain so. I have one telling question for this flaky, ego driven nutcase…..WHY THE FUCK HAVEN’T YOU HAD THE FUCKING GUTS TO COME HERE YOURSLEF, IF YOU ARE SOOOOOOOOO OFFENDED? And as for you trolls and spies….as we say in the military, guide and drive assholes! :finger:

  52. Unregistered Comment by Elephant Man UNITED STATES


    I think Deb’s still feeling the “after effects” of eating a legal “shit sandwich”.

  53. Unregistered Comment by LC + IB Gutshot

    If I were ever to become a popular conservative commentator, my #1 goal would be to publicize this event and bring her down. Look up the word “inane,” and a picture of Debbie holding court papers appears next to it. She’s a bully.

    She should watch out. Someone might be watching her blog for any invective she might use. Who knows, anything can be construed into defamatory language when taken out of context. Just like she did with your hyperbole.

  54. Emperor Darth Misha I Comment by Emperor Darth Misha I UNITED STATES


    But, again, as far as I’m concerned this issue is over with. It’s done. Won’t ever talk about it again unless I have to. The ONLY reason I even touched it again was that there seemed to be some misunderstandings regarding the underlying facts, and that’s not fair to ANYBODY.

    So there.

    The End.

  55. Unregistered Comment by Elephant Man UNITED STATES

    So endth the “Schlussel Incident”.

    and there was much rejoicing! :calvin:

    and :beer: :beer: :beer: drinking!

    and celebratory gunfire into the air! :guns:


  56. Blackiswhite Comment by Blackiswhite UNITED STATES

    I know it is common for lawyers to try and scare non lawyers with such tactics…

    Only if there are too busy being bullies to recognize that they are members of a PROFESSION.

    Law, Medicine, and the Clergy have a common characteristic that make it so. A commitment to serve the public and improve the condition of humanity. Once you start the work, you never stop being a member of the tribe, simply because you are not in the office. Using your membership in that tribe to buffalo others who do not have the benefit of your training for gain or gratification is about as out of bounds as a member of the tribe in question can go. If you feel that it is necessary to invoke your membership or that of unnamed others in a personal conflict or potential conflict without first attempting polite discourse and the persuasive techniques that are a hallmark of the profession that she and I share, then you are either socially inept, or a bully. Neither serves the long term image of the profession with the public at large. We all know the attorney who comes out of the gate with both guns blazing for a client. That is not an approach I favor, unless the behavior my client has been beset with is so outrageous that I believe I’ll have to shout before the offender can hear my whisper. This is neither here nor there; we all have different approaches. That’s what make the job fun. However, regarding personal matters, playing the “I’m a lawyer/ You broke the law and will answer to my lawyers” right at the outset of the personal matter is not honorable. That should be the LAST arrow in your quiver, not the first.

    I’ve read the Michigan Compiled Laws section in question, as I’m sure she has. She knows she is a public figure. She knows the context in which the comments were made. She plays with the big boys in a rough and tumble area of discourse. If she is ‘worth her salt’ as an attorney, she understands that she has a monumental bar to any meaningful recovery.

    Woody’s site informs us that she emailed to him that there were no communications from lawyers. However, she herself is an attorney.
    The communication threatened legal action. I don’t see how an attorney, writing an email on her own behalf threatening legal action isn’t a communication from an attorney.

    Her threat did not come until after a recent post to her site, kvetching about the prevailance of junk lawsuits in the country, cluttering up the court system. Let’s do the math: Attorney and public figure, pens an email threatening to sue a blogger who said unkind things about her, in a manner in which no average reader could reasonably interpret to be truthful, or presented as truthful, and knowing that if she were to prevail in a suit, her actual damages would likely be zilch (unless you factor in the wrath of the Judge, who you just kept from ruling on important matters, or the damage to your own credibility, having shown that you can dish, but not receive.)

    Sounds to me like hypocrite and liar.

    Under the circumstances any remarks about honor eminaing from her were better left untyped. I would expect better from a fellow Wolverine.

  57. Unregistered Comment by SWWBO UNITED STATES

    I finally got my correspondence with Ms. Schlussel posted.

    I wonder if she will respond and if so, how.

    Perhaps this will be the end of it. :calvin:

  58. Unregistered Comment by Tuning Spork UNITED STATES

    No, it can’t be over yet! I just posted!

  59. Blackiswhite Comment by Blackiswhite UNITED STATES


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    […] My money is on the 190 pound trained to rip throats out killer over the scrawny, heavily made up, Ann Coulter wannabe. […]

  61. DJ Allyn,  ITW Comment by DJ Allyn, ITW UNITED STATES

    Just a little observation here…

    Anytime someone says “If you don’t [fill in blank], then I am going to [fill in blank]…” then that is a threat — and probably actionable.

    Secondly, this is a site made up mostly of opinions. Now, had you stated something as a “fact”, then maybe she might have something to bitch about. But you were stating your opinion, and I can’t imagine any attorney thinking that there is a case here.

  62. B.C., Imperial Torturer™ Comment by B.C., Imperial Torturer™ UNITED STATES

    Wut U Sed, Dave. :satansmoking:

  63. Unregistered Comment by RhiGirl UNITED STATES

    You are responsible for the comments left on your site. One of the people posting on your site repeats the claim that I am a “slut.” You are legally obliged to removethat defamatory claim.
    Debbie Schlussel

    The only way this would be defamatory is if Ms. Schlussel can prove that this was true and NOT an opinion - which I very much doubt she can. If anything, she only makes the opinion stand since she’s a “slut for punishment.” But that’s just my opinion, of course…

  64. LC Beth of MVRWC, Imperial Slacker™ Comment by LC Beth of MVRWC, Imperial Slacker™ UNITED STATES

    She’s really annoying.


  65. Unregistered Comment by Sir George UNITED STATES

    As her case doesn’t have a leg to stand on, and given the content of her e-mails, the only thing her lawsuit might get her is a sanction under rule 11.

    “Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 11 provides that a district court may sanction attorneys or parties who submit pleadings for an improper purpose or that contain frivolous arguments or arguments that have no evidentiary support. [snip]

    (1) it is not being presented for any improper purpose, such as to harass or to cause unnecessary delay or needless increase in the cost of litigation;”

  66. Unregistered Comment by RhiGirl UNITED STATES

    Oh, yeah - and since she went out of her way to insult a couple other bloggers - notably, John AND Beth Donovan - then she’s also a first-class bitch.

    Learn to play with the big dogs, sweetie. ‘Cause otherwise, they’ll take a bite out of your bitchy little ass.

  67. Unregistered Comment by Tuning Spork UNITED STATES

    And don’t mess with Texas, Bitch.

  68. Unregistered Comment by Tuning Spork UNITED STATES

    Eeep! Most of comment disappeared.

    Oh well.

  69. Unregistered Comment by seagoon

    What a petty-minded, malignant, self-obsessed, vitriolic little twat. Responsible for comments? maybe, but really, come off it.

    DEFAMATION - An act of communication that causes someone to be shamed, ridiculed, held in contempt, lowered in the estimation of the community, or to lose employment status or earnings or otherwise suffer a damaged reputation. Such defamation is couched in ‘defamatory language’. Libel and slander are defamation.

    I’m not an attorney, so I’m not going to argue the line between defamation and acceptable hyperbolic invective criticizing a public figure, but I think if anyone has uttered defamatory statements about ms. pantybunch, it’s been her.

    Her treatment of this entire affair has caused many people to hold her professional reputation in contempt, because, and she can sue me if she can find me (good luck coming and trying that here), she has acted in a manner both petty and contemptible. Misha, on the other hand, though initially boorish and rude, has done much to remove the tarnish his hasty words might have caused to his reputation.

    Now I’ve looked over her blog, and other than being egocentric by even blogospheric standards, one thing jumped out at me- she doesn’t use invective often, but she’s awfully free with the word “incompetent” in regards to professionals of all stripes.

    So, I’ll adopt the word. Ms. Debbie Schlussel, you’re an incompetent, spiteful, vengeful, uncompassionate, self-aggrandizing, monomaniacal shyster. When you joined the bar, the snake-oil profession lost a great talent.

  70. Unregistered Comment by LC Wes, Imperial Mohel

    Well, since Misha is the “Jack Bauer of the blogosphere,” it only stands to reason that somewhere out there in cyberspace is the equivalent of the whiny, thin-skinned, frigidly neurotic “Teri Bauer,” too.

    Right now, I’d say Debbie Schlussel is the leading candidate for the role…


  71. Unregistered Comment by Elephant Man UNITED STATES

    She’s really annoying.

    Beth, that was a good link but one thing struck me as wrong.

    Under the heading, “Why she might not be annoying” there’s this: She is a member of MENSA.

    I have found some members of MENSA to be very annoying but not because they are smart.

    It’s their habit of stridently honking, “I’m a member of MENSA” rather than admitting they’re wrong when they lose an argument. :lol:

  72. LC & IB Bluto Comment by LC & IB Bluto UNITED STATES

    A couple of weeks ago Ms. Schlussel posted a “Schlussel EXCLUSIVE!!!!!” about a supposed bomb found on a plane in Detroit. She went on and on about how the incompetent TSA screeners had missed the purported IED, which turned out to be a kid’s science project.

    Misha, as you know, I trained TSA screeners at airports across the country (we went around and around on this at one time, as you may recall).

    Rather than embarrass her with a comment to her blog pointing out the mistaken assumptions she had made from simple ignorance, I wrote Ms. Schlussel a polite email, explaining where she was wrong, and how I knew that she was wrong; in other words, a nice, private “you’re barking oup the wrong tree” warning.

    No reply, ergo, no class.

  73. Unregistered Comment by sdkar UNITED STATES


    I’ve been really thinking about this Debbie BS and it is really pissing me off. The best thing that could happen is she DOES sue you. This is a civil trial and not criminal, so you get to depose her and put her on the stand. Because her allegations include her sex life and her blowjob techniques, you get to ask her all kinds of questions about this…and she HAS to answer them all. You then get to force her to give you a list of all the people she has had sex with and given head to. then you get to depose them and ask them about her ability to suck cock and what, if anything she has received in return for the sexual interludes. This all becomes evidence in a court of law. I am sure there are some scorned lovers that would be all too happy to volunteer some juicy stuff. THIS ALL BECOMES PUBLIC RECORD. She initiated the lawsuit, so she has to abide by these questions…all under oath. If she lies and is caught, her career is over, since her credibility is her livelihood. If she initiates a lawsuit agianst you …you get to run her through the ringer and she better come out squeaky clean, or she is screwed. This is why these lawsuits are not filed too often. Is she files a lawsuit…she is in for one hell of a ride and she knows it. Again, she is just showing you how tough she is cause she’s a big time lawyer and your just a peon to her. It’s all a bunch of garbage and she is only trying to bully you. Don’t give in to this bitch. You were more then magnanimous with your apology (which surpised me to begin with), and she was NOT satisfied with that. You must not have cowared enough to make her feel superior. You were supposed to snivel and beg for forgiveness…and you didn’t so this pissed her off even more. Tell her to pound it. Even if she does sue you and wins, she falls under the class of celebrity and will not get punitive damages. At best, she will get nominal damages, which would be about $1. That’s IF she wins and only after she is dragged through the mud about all those nice juicy questions that you get to ask her. Win or lose, you get to take the deposition and trial transcripts and post them, and she can’t say a frickin word, they are public record. So, you tried to be nice…she’s still a bitch…invite her to bring it on. She has the burden of proof and you get all the fun.

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    […] This one aint funny, but it is interesting. It is never funny when two blog celebrities, both of whom one considers friends start fighting. Emperor Misha vs. Debbie Schlussel. Vinnie at MVRWC has his money on the Rottweiller. I’m staying out of this one, but I’ll put this tid bit in…the Rottweiller has admitted that he was in the wrong. Hopefully, Debbie will back down, and accept the apology. Its a nasty fight, and its getting even more folks dragged into it. I hope its resolved without legal action. [Comments_(0)] [Printable_Version] [Permalink] [Trackback_URI] [Trackback URI] right click+copy shortcut [RSS feed for comments on this post.] […]

  75. LC Ranger 6 Comment by LC Ranger 6 UNITED STATES

    It’s their habit of stridently honking, “I’m a member of MENSA” rather than admitting they’re wrong when they lose an argument.

    E-man, I put mensa members in the same class as nobel peace prize recipients.

    losers, criminals, dictators, peanut farmers and overall failures in life so they form a little club to honk each others horns.

    In the words of Will Rogers:

    “I’ve never met a mensa member that I didn’t want to rope and hang.”

  76. caveman82952 Comment by caveman82952 UNITED STATES

    “I’ve never met a mensa member that I didn’t want to rope and hang.”

    Now I do feel I made the correct decision. At one time long ago, when I was young and naive, I once qualified for membership. It’s not a big deal, you just gotta’ do well on some tests. And I never finished college.
    Fortunately I turned it down, never responding……besides, I’ve been getting dumber ever since…about twenty years worth so far…….just a simple God, guns and country boy now.

  77. SoCalOilMan Comment by SoCalOilMan UNITED STATES

    Being a member of Mensa means you have the IQ to figure out how to dig the hole your in deeper, quicker. I had a friend who belonged to Mensa and locked herself out of the house, called me and had me drive 20 miles to her house to see if I could get in. I reached through the dog door that we were standing next to and threw the deadbolt.

  78. Unregistered Comment by Doug

    This humorless, frothing floozy is just plain unhinged. She was afraid of having her reputation damaged by Misha’s “attacks”? She’s damaged it more than he could have if he wanted to just by being herself. She’s done everything but burn down an embassy. Want to damage her reputation? Send her some AAR flags to burn and let her do the heavy lifting for you. She’s a liar and half as clever as moss, she won’t be able to stop herself.

    When I read the post that kicked this little fracas off, I thought it wasn’t Misha’s typical fare. It didn’t read like the standard comic invective, and instead was raw and personal. Since then, she’s the only party who can’t seem to conduct herself like an adult. I wish I’d blogrolled her; I drive slightly less web traffic than a blunt stick, but I’d like the satisfaction of de-linking her anyway. I may still blogroll her expressly to de-link her.

  79. Unregistered Comment by SWWBO UNITED STATES

    Damn, she’s emailing me again. I could almost use the “C” word to describe her.

  80. Unregistered Comment by Sir George UNITED STATES

    Well, if it went to court the legal fees would be a problem, as Misha would have to find that rare lawyer who’d be interested in taking down an outspoken right-wing talk-radio personality. I don’t think Misha would find a leftist lawyer willing to pay him more than a couple thousand for the opportunity.

  81. Emperor Darth Misha I Comment by Emperor Darth Misha I UNITED STATES

    Never thought of that angle, Sir George, but of course you’re right.

    Where on Earth would I find legal representation like that? The ACLU, perhaps?

  82. DJ Allyn,  ITW Comment by DJ Allyn, ITW UNITED STATES

    Are you increasing her Google “page rank” here? Until now, she was a nobody. Now she is a rank nobody.

    Perhaps she should read the little disclaimer below each page:

    …All views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the site owner or the rest of its participants. If you have a beef with what they say, contact them, because nobody else is likely to give two flips.

  83. Son Of The Godfather Comment by Son Of The Godfather UNITED STATES

    I have to say that I used to be a fan of Ms Schlussel.

    I’m a regular Howard Stern listener (though he’s politically ignorant), and loved when Debbie would go on or call up to attempt to put some things straight (when they were done mocking her and let her get a word in).

    The appearances prompted me to check out her website, where I found what seemed like very informed articles that were mostly under-reported.

    Then, prior to the whole Misha thing, something must have happened to irk Ms Schlussel… I’m not sure what. The tone of some of her articles became strange and even misplaced. I think it was her unwarranted critique of Bruce Willis offering a bounty for Bin Laden or something similar that made me ponder her sensibilities.

    Was Misha over the top in his defense of the Danes?
    He’s admirably admitted as much and apologized.
    A quick perusal of Debbie’s articles shows that she is guilty of the same type of thing she claims to be offended by. While she doesn’t claim specific knowledge of anyone’s sexually transmitted disease or call anyone a “slut”, she has, for instance, called Gary Busey an “anti-semite” merely for his roll in a movie (which, for the record, I believe is probably the worst manager decision ever). He may well be an anti-semite, but Debbie cites no other proof except for his roll in a horrible movie… It is similar to stating publicly that the two actors from Brokeback Mountain are, in actuality, homosexuals.

    Regardless of the degree of invective, it shows Debbie has no problems with dishing it out, but is over-reactive on the “taking it” part.

    Debbie still writes interesting articles and provides information that I think is both relevant and important.

    Debbie, if you happen to be scanning these messages for updates on the situation, please accept an honest opinion from one who used to visit our site regularly: No one believes from the comments of others that you have contracted an STD or have performed oral favors to gain employment. The little commotion and feigned character damage may have generated some web visits, but sincerely, it has turned me off. Seriously, we’re all on the same side. Let’s put this thing to rest.


  84. Unregistered Trackback by J Rob's House of Opinions UNITED STATES

    I Used to Like Her…

    …you need to be in another line of work, take a break or maybe just take a few deep breaths and count to ten. For gosh sakes, stop biting hands that are on the same side!…

  85. Unregistered Comment by saintknowitall

    Miss Sloshheel’s link has been removed from my blogroll. No place for hypersensitive ninnies on my list.

  86. Unregistered Comment by LC Carnifex

    I gather that Schlussel has led a sheltered existence and didn’t do her homework before starting a blog. If she looked beyond the establishment blogs, both conservative and liberal, she would have been adequately prepared for the rough-and-tumble part of the blogosphere. She skated the line with threatening a lawsuit over two statements, but she’s gone right off the edge of the cliff demanding that you take responsibility for comments on the site (court precedent?).

    Has she also threatened Markos Mitsoulas? I guarantee the invective from his posters against her (and everybody else to the right of Marx) is far worse in intensity and volume. Oh, wait. I remember reading in National Review Online (an establishment conservative media outlet by definition) that Daily Kos rakes in an average of $20,000/month in ad revenue and direct donations from radical leftist groups, so he has the resources to fight a frivolous lawsuit. Hmmm..I wonder if that’s a factor.

    Methinks Lil’ Debbie is simply taking out her frustrations on our beloved Emperor because she can.

    (Oops! Hope you don’t get sued over the Lil’ Debbie crack.)

  87. Unregistered Comment by LC Carnifex

    Damn, she’s emailing me again. I could almost use the “C” word to describe her.

    Comment by SWWBO — February 19, 2006 @ 3:52 pm

    Woah! I just read this and if this sorry mess is the latest since Bruce Willis put up a bounty on bin Laden, Schlussel needs an intervention. I’m serious. That isn’t how a rational adult (explains the modern Left) communicates when threatening legal action. Something must be going on with her privately that’s driving her around the bend. While I’m not in the mental health field, I have many years of experience living around manic-depressives.

    Was Misha’s invective was over the top? Sure, and he corrected it like a gentleman. But by her logic, she brought it on herself. Regardless, I don’t think she’s going to sue anyone because she’s put out so many ill-considered emails that wide publication would be very embarrassing for her personally and detrimental to her professionally.

  88. Unregistered Comment by J Rob UNITED STATES

    I used to work as a board-op at a talk radio station. this meant that I would have to be producer on some of the local origination shows. I hate to break this to you but, unless the rules have changed, the station can be held liable for comments made by callers whether obscene or defamatory. That is why the shows are broadcast on a delay. It gives the producer seven seconds to dump out of the delay thus excising the potentialy actionable language.

  89. DJ Allyn,  ITW Comment by DJ Allyn, ITW UNITED STATES

    I hate to break this to you but, unless the rules have changed, the station can be held liable for comments made by callers whether obscene or defamatory.

    The dump is there to prevent violations of law, not block opinion that may or may not be defamatory.

    Obscene language over the public radio waves is illegal. Inciting riots, sedition, is too. But couching statements in the form of an opinion is protected speech, and while it might border on defamatory, it is not illegal.

    Most stations that run talk/opinion shows usually run a disclaimer spot at least once per day stating that the opinion or views expressed on that station are not necessarily the views of the station, the owners or its employees.

    This site has a similar disclaimer at the bottom of every page it displays. Obviously, if someone posts an article or comment that could be deemed illegal or inappropriate, an administrator or moderator will quickly edit/remove it and might take action to prevent that person from posting again.

    Until now, I had never heard of this woman. But after scanning a few of her writings, it appears that she is the one who set the tone for what has been said here.

    If a person is going to dish it out, they have to learn how to take it.

  90. Blackiswhite Comment by Blackiswhite UNITED STATES

    Inciting riots, sedition, is [illegal]too.

    Unless you’re a former Dhimicrat President or Vice-President, then it barely even gets reported (wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more, say no more.)

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  92. LC Beth of MVRWC, Imperial Slacker™ Comment by LC Beth of MVRWC, Imperial Slacker™ UNITED STATES

    Stupid pings take up all that space. Grrrr.

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    In The Line Of Fire…

    Yes shame on the New York Times. As Jeff Jacoby @ The Boston Globe said “We are all Danes now” (well most of us other than Debbie Schlussel, who has been challenged by Misha @ Anti Idiotarian Rottweiller (language warning, Misha is a Dane, and Schlus…

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