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Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler » Phred Phelcher Phelps AAR

If you really need a reason to get outrageously mad before bed, His Imperial Majesty has a link that’ll do the trick.

It’s a link to one of Phred’s After Action Reports, in their own disgusting words, praising themselves for the vile, disgusting things they’d done at the funeral of a soldier.

And the link is right here.

Just make sure that you don’t have any loaded firearms nearby (that means in the same county as yourself), and don’t read it if you’re prone to hypertension.

Oh, and if you’re a Marine, you probably shouldn’t read it at all.

You might not be responsible for your own actions once you’ve read Phred Phuckhead’s version of the Battle Hymn.

His Majesty just read it out of morbid curiosity and is right now busy wishing that he’d followed his better judgment and not done so in the first place. His Majesty isn’t sure that cradling his .45 in his hands while crooning “soooooon, my precious, sooooon…” is healthy, but he just can’t help it at this moment.

Just sayin’, ’s all.

UPDATE: LC & IB Jay of the ACLU has an update on the Phelching Phuckwit as well. Guess who’s protecting Phuckhead Phelp’s “right” to piss on the funerals of soldiers and cause untold amounts of emotional distress? That’s right, the Usual Suspects are. Go read.

40 Responses to “Phred Phelcher Phelps AAR”
  1. Unregistered Comment by djl4570 UNITED STATES

    Phred must have been toilet trained with a cattle prod.

  2. Sir Christopher Comment by Sir Christopher UNITED STATES

    jeebus, his conspiracy chart must resemble a Mobius strip

    i vote him off the island

  3. Len-KC Comment by Len-KC UNITED STATES

    When will I learn? You warned me not to read it. These fucking people are crazier than caged racoons.

  4. Trooper THX1138 Comment by Trooper THX1138 UNITED STATES

    Fucking shitheel bastards. I wonder how much courage it takes to spit on a dead soldier.

  5. Unregistered Comment by MurdockTheCrazy UNITED STATES

    It would be a shame if, while protesting, a van drove by and Mr Phelps was snatched into it.

    Yup, a real shame, especially if he was never heard from again.

    I hear lots of people go missing that way, some say they end up in South America as slave labor.

    I bet the police would spend a whole five minutes investigating the case.

  6. Blackiswhite Comment by Blackiswhite UNITED STATES

    Flushing. To the west of Flint. Lots of pissed off autoworkers. With guns. Blue collar rough and tumble people. My kind of people. Flushing police? Not many. State Police? A lot of ex-military. God works in mysterious ways. Will it be lonely ignominiuos death or spectacular nevr to be forgotten death? Hmmm….

  7. Unregistered Comment by seagoon

    I believe in freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and freedom of conscience. I hate what they say but defend their right to say it.

    However, in this case, I think I also must defend the right of everyone else to hit them in the teeth until they stop talking. Or breathing.

  8. SoCalOilMan Comment by SoCalOilMan UNITED STATES

    What struck me is that it was like reading a thirteen year old girls diary.

  9. SoCalOilMan Comment by SoCalOilMan UNITED STATES

    An incredibly vile thirteen year old girl.

  10. Xystus Comment by Xystus

    His Majesty just read it out of morbid curiosity and is right now busy wishing that he’d followed his better judgment and not done so in the first place.

    I will gladly take this Imperial advice!

    Down with the phuq-phaced phart Phred “Phag Phobia” Phelps & his philthy phollowers! (Let’s see him try his phreaky phoolishness someplace like, say, San Phrancisco.)

  11. Unregistered Comment by jmon UNITED STATES

    Sometime in the not to distant future, someone

    gonna put a hurtin’ on a few of those folks. Maybe even kill a few of them. It’s bound to happen.
    Unfortunately, the perp will end up in prison for doing the right thing.

  12. Unregistered Comment by aries37 UNITED STATES

    Phred can’t take the heat hangs up on interviewer.

    Mandy Connell attempt at an interview with Phred on local daybreak show last week.

  13. maxxdog Comment by maxxdog UNITED STATES

    The problem is I don’t think the head dick goes out much. He sends his “girls” out. I agree there will be an incident involving these scumsuckers, they may disappear one day on thier way back to Kansas or wherever the rocks are they live under. Maybe their churches will burn? Who knows? I don’t believe you can keep pissing on people like this without someone taking it personal, however!

  14. Agent Orange Comment by Agent Orange MALAYSIA

    Phred Phelps needs to Die, and he needs to Die painfully.

  15. MuscleDaddy Comment by MuscleDaddy UNITED STATES

    I don’t get it.

    With just a tiny bit of skill, even a crappy, disposable flea-market .22 can be staightened and sighted in for a fairly reliable couple-hundred yards.

    It’s not as though NO ONE knows where these people are going to be ahead of time.

    They’re “brave” because they’re confident in the civilized nature of the people they’re trying to provoke.

    I’d imagine that if one or two of them dropped suddenly, all that conviction would dry up in pretty short order.

    And hey, wouldn’t it be amusing to watch them scurry the 2 blocks back to the van - only to find it disabled?

    Just sayin’.

    - MuscleDaddy

  16. Unregistered Comment by mindwyrm

    It’s even worse than just ’sending out his girls’ in Topeka. It’s sickening to sit there and drive by their lines and see 7 and 8 yr old kids holding this signs out there. They have no idea what they’re doing but their parents are already twisting them. As for taking Phelps out, my opinion is that the last thing we want to do is make him a martyr. If he dies a natural death his cult will die with him. If he’s taken out then they’ll just get louder and more abusive. He’s got his Crew of Crazy Cultists believing that he’s a target. Something happens to him and all of a sudden Phelps isn’t just a martyr he’s also a prophet. This is one of those situations where you have to ignore the noise. No matter how satisfying it might be to ship him off to a gay BDSM club in San Francisco dressed as the gimp from Pulp Fiction.

  17. hOOt Gibson Comment by hOOt Gibson UNITED STATES

    Freddy is one crazy mother focker…but you folks are veering off course, the real enemies include those cock suckers I’m look at as I type this….KENNEDY, KLINTON, KERRY, more vile than any KKK members……add that to the shitheaded Islamic camel fockers……steer it back on course guys, I won’t read the article, because Fried Fred and his family aren’t worth my time…..I save my works for the DNC and Muslim trash.


  18. Mike M Comment by Mike M UNITED STATES

    If fist felchin’ freddie feverishly felches forth for a fortnight;

    Just how many fanatical followers’ feculent fantails can freddie felch with that filthy fist?

    And why does he like it so much?

  19. Unregistered Trackback by Stop The ACLU

    ACLU Protects Funeral Protesters…

    Hat tip: Conservative Thinking
    If you haven’t heard about the Westboro Baptist Church Hate Cult, Dread Pundit Pluto puts some can fill you in. In short, they believe that God is punishing America for our arrogance and our tolerance of gays. …

  20. Unregistered Comment by spazzmomma UNITED STATES

    One has to wonder what kind of Jim Jones,cool aid drinking,child delinquincy contributing freaks they are.I shall refer to this hate cult as Westboro Bastards Church.Mr.Phelps is a bastard for putting military families in the line of fire of his hateful diatribes.I hope their institution is investigated.Shudder to think what the kids are being taught.

  21. Unregistered Pingback by Life~Florida~Whatever - » Evil Cult UNITED STATES

    […] The Dread Pundit Bluto has put together a few photo’s for your enjoyment, Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler has a few things to add, as does Jay at StopTheaclu […]

  22. 3FgBurner Comment by 3FgBurner UNITED STATES

    Ya know, I’m gonna have to keep an eye out for when those assholes picket a Northern Virginia location. Now, being as how I’m a straight-but-not-narrow type, I just happen to be the Northern VA coordinator for the Pink Pistols. It’s an outreach group that encourages GLBTs to ditch the “victim” mentality. Now, VA is an open-carry state. I’m thinking that it might be interesting to see their reaction to a heavily-armed (1911, knives, etc…) fat middle-aged white guy with this T-shirt…

    PP logo on Tshirt

  23. Unregistered Comment by Mrzopa UNITED STATES

    Fed up with Phelps?
    Look into the PATRIOT GUARD RIDERS -

    From the website’s front page:

    Patriot Guard Riders Mission Statement

    The Patriot Guard Riders is a diverse amalgamation of riders from across the nation. We have one thing in common besides motorcycles. We have an unwavering respect for those who risk their very lives for America’s freedom and security. If you share this respect, please join us.

    We don’t care what you ride, what your political views are, or whether you’re a “hawk” or a “dove”. It is not a requirement that you be a veteran. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what your income is. You don’t even have to ride. The only prerequisite is Respect.

    Our main mission is to attend the funeral services of fallen American heroes as invited guests of the family. Each mission we undertake has two basic objectives.

    1. Show our sincere respect for our fallen heroes, their families, and their communities.

    2. Shield the mourning family and friends from interruptions created by any protestor or group of protestors.

    We accomplish the latter through strictly legal and non-violent means.

    Directly above is the Patriot Guard Riders’ Mission Statement.

    Please read it. If you don’t agree with it, please don’t join. If you’re looking for a group that protests, counter-protests or confronts any organization, you’re in the WRONG PLACE.

    The PGR is not a protest group.

    Cal ManningUSAF AFK (Ammo) troop 1981-1984 394th ICBMTMS, Vandenburg AFB, Ca.400th MMS, Kadena AFB, Okinawa, Japan

  24. hOOt Gibson Comment by hOOt Gibson UNITED STATES

    Pink Pistols?

    You fuckheads sound as nutty as Fried Freddy…..just keep those faggots out of the Everglades.


  25. hOOt Gibson Comment by hOOt Gibson UNITED STATES

    OH WAIT, you mean they are babes, to fudge packers? Damn, I feel better now!



  26. Unregistered Comment by RickJames CANADA

    Why doesn’t someone do something? There must be some way to delete this man without getting in trouble. In prisons, someone gets stabbed, the shiv is handed around in cooperation and never seen again - no one is caught. Don’t tell me these bikers don’t have someone among them who can AT LEAST break phelps’ jaw. I’ve knocked 2 people out, outside of the ring that is, and the reasons where far less grievous than this.

  27. Zucca Fett Comment by Zucca Fett UNITED STATES

    Actually the best way to do it is to just make him go missing. No martyrdom if he’s just missing. Plop him on a nice desert island somewhere distant. I’m sure the Phungus Phelps won’t mind the malaria…

  28. LC HJ Caveman82952 Comment by LC HJ Caveman82952 UNITED STATES

    Yes, missing sounds the best…good old psy ops…has he been captured, turned or made dead? God must has His own plans for this cheapshit megalomaniac…for that is what he remains. If I were him…having done what he did, I would be afraid to die….just knowing what, or who might be waiting. Now he may be afraid to live, hopefully with good reason…..I will cheer his passing…Capital punishment never sounded so good or appropriate…and certainly justified. So for Mr. Phelps and your sick fuck followers…you’re gonna’ need a lot of rear view mirrors……for yes, objects are often closer than they appear. Judas is well known too……………….

  29. Princess Natasha Comment by Princess Natasha UNITED STATES

    Would be fun to kidnap Phuckhead Phreddy, pump him full of LSD, ecstasy, any other “happy pills” at hand, dress him up like a flaming drag queen and drop him off at some gay bar, then take pictures and make them public by any means available. Then give him a sleeping pill and drop him off at the door of the filthy shithouse he calls his “church”, with something large wedged up his keister.

  30. Mike M Comment by Mike M UNITED STATES

    This might be interesting.

    Evidently, Fred and his faithful following of fanatical fuckwits are going to protest at the funeral of PFC Amy Duerksen to be held on Friday, March 17th in Temple, Texas. That’s only a few miles from Ft. Hood. His merry little band of miserable sphinctoids may very well get the confrontation they seem to be so anxiously seeking. I hope so, because there won’t be enough cops in Central Texas to hold back those soldiers if they’re properly motivated. And if Filthy Fred is nothing else, he’s a motivator.

  31. SoCalOilMan Comment by SoCalOilMan UNITED STATES

    Gee, Princess Natasha, anyone tell you you’ve got a tad of a mean streak…..I like it. :lol:

  32. Unregistered Comment by AngryWhitey UNITED STATES

    Would be fun to kidnap Phuckhead Phreddy, pump him full of LSD, ecstasy, any other “happy pills” at hand, dress him up like a flaming drag queen and drop him off at some gay bar, then take pictures and make them public by any means available.

    The only problems Princess is that Fred is such a long-time pill and boozehead that he’s got more tolerance to drugs than The Rolling Stones put together.

  33. Unregistered Comment by seagoon

    “to phelps” needs to become a verb. Suggestions as to its meaning?

    My vote is:

    To phelps: (v) the act of concealing one’s own homosexual anal fixation by means of delivering vitriolic public homophobic diatribes with a small ferret concealed in one’s rectum.

  34. Mike M Comment by Mike M UNITED STATES

    Phelpsophrenia: (n) - A severe mental disorder occurring predominately in closely knit, self propagating tribes characterized by markedly reduced mental acuity, extreme homophobia and a corrupted interpretation of civilized tenets and mores, manifested by group displays of anti-societal, self destructive behavior. The causative defective genetic material was originally believed to be passed from member to member via penile/rectal intercourse, however contemporary findings strongly support the thesis that the defective material is present in high concentration beneath the fingernail and toenail cuticles of the patriarchal male and is passed when the foot or enclosed hand is inserted anally and achieves complete envelopment within the recipient’s chutis poopulus.

  35. 3FgBurner Comment by 3FgBurner UNITED STATES


    Pink Pistols?
    You fuckheads sound as nutty as Fried Freddy…..just keep those faggots out of the Everglades.

    Just WTF is “nutty” about teaching people to defend themselves? I mean, I’ll freely admit that I joined primarily to go shooting with this young lady:
    PP-VA Founder

    But that doesn’t invalidate the mission. The less that people think of themselves as victims, and the more they learn to take care of themselves, the less likely they are to vote Dhimmicrapper. They’re also less likely to vote for policritters who have their noses up Sarah Brady’s ass.

  36. SoCalOilMan Comment by SoCalOilMan UNITED STATES

    Wow, I figured out Pink Pistols about three seconds after I saw it. Plus I wouldn’t care if they were gay’s who shoot firearms. Although I would be much more inclined to donate may time to shoot with 3FgBurner’s example.

    Tis best to be sure of your target before you shoot.

  37. 3FgBurner Comment by 3FgBurner UNITED STATES

    Heh. Behold my most recent 3 students.

    Wow, I figured out Pink Pistols about three seconds after I saw it. Plus I wouldn’t care if they were gay’s who shoot firearms. Although I would be much more inclined to donate may time to shoot with 3FgBurner’s example.

  38. SoCalOilMan Comment by SoCalOilMan UNITED STATES

    It’s amazing how many women want to hold that big hunka steel in their hand and make it hit the spot.

    We shoot Black Powder and my wife shoots straighter that I can, with half the practice. I just tell her, let me know when it gets to heavy and I’ll reload for you.

  39. Unregistered Comment by andyman UNITED STATES

    I know I’m a bit late to this party, but check out the Wikipedia article on Fred Phelps. What a sicko. His ilk was in Ann Arbor a couple of months ago protesting a performance of the Laramie Project. I wanted to take a few days off to soundly KICK THEIR ASSES.

  40. Unregistered Comment by servo UNITED STATES

    I’m posting this so lots of people will get to read it. I didn’t write it.
    This was posted on a Fred Phelps thread on Fark a few weeks ago. It really explains why Fred Phelps does what he does. Apologies to the submitter, but I don’t remember his/her name.
    Fred Phelps does not believe what he is doing. This is a scam.

    It’s a business. They travel the country, set up websites telling you exactly when they’ll be there, and using the most inflammatory statements all over the place, just to get someone to violate their rights for profit. Then they sue the military, the police force that was to protect them, and everyone that is around them for money. This is a sham, and it is a trap to get people sued. Every member of his family is an attorney. Phelps does not break the law. What he does is try to make you break the law by trying to punch your sensibilities about everything you hold dear, and then sue you and everyone municipality around him to the max.

    This is a scam.

    Whether he believes his posters or not is irrelevant.
    He’s using this as a moneymaking scheme.
    Lay one finger on him, do one thing that violates him, and he will sue you, and more importantly, the city, the police department, the US Military, and any private property owner he happens to be standing on to make money off of it.

    Let’s look at the ways he’s trying to get you up in a tizzy to violate his civil rights for profit:
    -He says G-d Hates F-gs, G-d hates the US Govt., that G-d hates the US Military, G-d Hates you, and G-d justifies the killing of others.
    Phelps knows that saying ‘G-d’ and ‘Hate’ in the same sentence gets people worked up. He knows that. He knows that people have a knee jerk reaction to that.
    -He says that the US Govt. and the United States are evil.
    This is another hot button with people who love their country. It is intentional. It is designed to make you take a swing at him. He wants $50,000 from you. He wants a Powerball winner to swing at him so he gets 100 million dollars. It’s that simple.
    -He goes after homosexuals, he goes after people who are making sacrifices. Phelps intentionally targets people that are being victimized, or good people doing their jobs to create more outrage. He kicks people when they’re down. He does that so someone will come up and defend them. Then he will sue you.
    -His boards are laminated on hardwood, because he pulls them out of trucks at least five times a week. He also puts them in bright colors for attention, and makes absolutely sure that you can read them at all time. He’s phishing you. Everyone must know that.

    The most telling tale about all of Phelp’s behavior is the schedule he keeps, and the company he keeps as well. The parties sometimes split up and go to two separate state funerals to maximize the profitability of them. There are, at maximum, twelve members to the party. They never stay more than thirty minutes (I assume they realize that someone will do something to them the MOMENT they come out of the vans, and really, after that, they get their camera shots to cause the outrage for the next stop, and then they move on) to maximize their profits, because time is money, and really, they’re not interested in the message, because they’re just interested in the lawsuit.

    See? They don’t believe this stuff. If they did, they wouldn’t have come to Coretta Scott King’s funeral. Because in their doctrine, they don’t believe that G-d hates black people who tried to promote Christianity. So why were they there? They were there to make a buck when someone slipped up. They were there to petition the police department for a right to protest, and if they didn’t get it, take them to court over it.

    Basically, Phelps is playing the Ken Lay, Karl Rove, “Smartest Man in the Room” game where he is willing to do anything (if it be lying or stealing, or telling you God hates you) to make himself rich and powerful. This is his scheme, and admittedly, it’s clever, but just downright evil to promote so much hatred in the world.

    Tell all your friends about this.
    This man is a con artist, and he’s not a man of religion whatsoever.

    After all, he makes everyone around him a lawyer.
    That should tell you right now he is not anything.
    How do I know that Fred Phelps is suing people? I can tell you I just have too much experience around him. I am a journalist in Nashville, TN, and work at a television station that works the Ft. Campbell area. As a television photographer and journalist, I have been trained in all of the rules of private property, verbal conversation, what is legal and what is not legal, etc. (what you can and cannot say, what you can get away with). Honestly, in the last few months, I have seen waaay too much of Mr. Phelps and his crew. Since the war began, I believe they think this is the moneymaking source of a lifetime.

    So how am I sure? After the third run in, and not one slip, not one piece of paperwork out of line, I knew something was fishy. My newsman skepticism left me with the idea later that something was more phishy than fishy.
    I will tell you where I got this truth about Phelps. I looked him in the eye. I saw that he was way too calm and collected for what he looked like in the media. I noticed that he never made personal statements against a person, which is verbal assault, and an out against a lawsuit. Also, for a religious fanatic, a group of people who pride themselves on personal attacks, he was running a protest so terribly by the books that I was impressed by it. He will not bait a person, ever. He will not make personal attacks. He will make blanket statements. He will look at a person in the crowd that he thinks is gay, walk over to his stack of signs, pull out the appropriate, well designed, easily read, laminated bright board, and hold it up and loudly proclaim that “gays are going to hell” or some such nonsense, and make eye contact, but he will never cross the line of telling that person that they’re going to hell. That would be the part that would screw up the lawsuit. He just wants to get them after him, but wants to appear utterly blameless for damages.

    They run too tight of a ship to slip up, and at that point, I realized that the objective of the group was not anything religious at all. Someone told me along the way that they were all turned into lawyers after he got disbarred. After that, the stench was just too intense for me. He makes money off of this. He does this so much he has everyone around him do the legal legwork so he doesn’t have to pay anyone else.

    The last time confirmed everything I suspected about them.
    A few weeks later, I saw them again (they LOVE to come to big name funerals) and after I saw the laminated signs change for the audience, I knew EXACTLY what they were doing.

    His ‘crew’ isn’t a ‘church’ as you and I would know. The ‘church’ are more of a motley crew of family members. Some of them are six year old children that are doing what they’re told. I have spoken to them, and they have a lawyers sensibility on them on how they speak to the public. They never make personal attacks. They never verbally assault anyone. For a group of people that are accusing damn near every group of people around them for going to hell, wouldn’t that seem odd to you? Do you know any religious fanatics that don’t make personal attacks? I don’t.

    They also don’t stick around after the cameras roll. They have an itinerary like a semi truck driver. For them to get cleared for all of these press event protests they’re doing, then they have to have someone at home doing all of the setup. For you to get the press clearances by the prescribed times? That’s a lot of professional legwork. I should know, I’ve coordinated a newsrooms credentials when the President comes to town, and that’s a lot of phone calls and faxes.

    They probably file a load of civil rights violation lawsuits. If a police department looks them up and says, “we’re denying your protest right,” BOOYah. They just got to sue a police department for the very thing that Americans can’t stand, rights violation. I am assuming that this is where they get almost all of their money.

    See my previous post. Their beliefs are so riddled with inconsistency. The ‘real inconsistency’ is that every position that contradicts every other of their beliefs is designed to maximize the number of people that they offend. You cannot be saved to them. You are evil in their beliefs, no matter who you are, and God will punish you like the evil gays/soldiers/innocent people/people who love America/people who are black/everyone else we can think of.

    Here’s the proof. Who in the world makes a poster that says, “Thank God for IEDs” (Improvised Explosive Devices, aka Roadside Bombs). They are saying God is with the terrorists. Then they say God hates you. And homosexuals. Then when they see you looking patriotic with your American flag shirt, they point the sign at you and say, “Americans are going to hell for supporting this country!” and look you in the eye. NOTICE THOUGH, they never say, “You’re going to hell.” (That would give a judge an out to deny them their claim.)