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Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler ยป Richard Belzer, Diagnosed

We’re sure that you’re all familiar with junior college dropout and “comedian” Richard Belzer, the towering giant of intellect who has a GPA of 7.5 and reads at least 75 newspapers every day and therefore is the ultimate source of wisdom in all of the known universe, at least in his own mind.

So much so that he believes that all of our soldiers who are actually in Iraq ought to shut up and listen to how the Great Belcher evaluates the situation over there. After all, according to Dick, they’re all dropouts who couldn’t get a job anyway, so what the fuck do they know about anything?

The immediate diagnosis would seem to be easy to make: Delusions of Adequacy combined with its usual companion, Pathological Inferiority Complex Disorder, but LC Don Miguel has come up with an even better and more descriptive one.

We concur with Dr. Miguel’s diagnosis.

19 Responses to “Richard Belzer, Diagnosed”
  1. Opus Comment by Opus UNITED STATES

    What an asshole.

  2. Unregistered Comment by monitor of moonbats UNITED STATES

    Belzers comments were so out of line that my head almost exploded. His arrogance was unbelievable! (ok, not really)

    I work for the gov’t, actually DHS, and I know A LOT of people that have served, probably 1 in four where I work, and they are not idiots as Belzer said. They are as intelligent as anyone else, and more qualified to speak about war than any pundit or talking head, left of right, that I know.

    After Belzer’s appearance on “that show,” he only further enforced my belief that people in hollywood are arrogant and look down on the so-called “average” person as nothing more than pond scum.

    And they wonder why all of us “pond scum” consider them to be a bunch of fucking arrogant assholes!

    Belzer can kiss my ass….and then he ought to go kiss the ass of all the “retards” with no college degrees that experience war and put their asses on the line so he can wear his expensive suit and sunglasses and go on a tv show and crap out his mouth.

    Belzer is the Niagara Falls of verbal diarrhea!

  3. Unregistered Comment by LC Wes, Imperial Mohel

    Well, after three years of liberals calling those of us who support the war in Iraq who aren’t currently in the military “chickenhawks”…they’ve taken to calling war supporters who actually have boots on the ground over there a bunch of ignoramuses who don’t know what they’re talking about.

    Even serving Marine line officers with college degrees, like the son of the woman Belzer was “debating.”

    Of course, having gone out of his way to insult the intelligence of our troops, you noticed Belzer hastened to express his “support” for them. Ha. Personally, I’ll take the word of somebody who’s been there and done that over the word of some hack actor who’s “acting career” is going so swimmingly he - by his own admission - has time to read 20 (liberal) newspapers per day to find out “what’s going on in the world.”

    Just another example of the joys of arguing with a liberal…you have no right whatsoever to disagree with them.

  4. LC Ranger 6 Comment by LC Ranger 6 UNITED STATES

    C’mon. Just look at belzer. That acne he had in high school probably made Hawaii look flat. His first date was his mother at his senior prom, and he most probably got lucky.

    The guy’s a textbook Narcissist with delusions of self worth.

    Head, bullet, Glock.

    Some assembly required

  5. jaybear Comment by jaybear UNITED STATES

    Better yet Ranger 6,

    Embed that jackass with a combat team over there.

    belzer/asshole…”uneducated” military combat types…re-assembly not possible

    Oh yeah….I’ll supply the videotape

    one more thing, what the heck has this idiot ever starred in? I can’t recall EVER seeing him before.

    still missing my poor little logo

  6. Mike M Comment by Mike M UNITED STATES

    It’s kind of odd that Belzer doesn’t regale us knuckle draggin’, mouth breathing hoi polloi with his own academic achievements. In fact, all I could find was that he’d been kicked out of many schools throughout his youth. Well, that and the fact he once sued Hulk Hogan for dropping him on his head, which might explain something.

  7. Unregistered Comment by MurdockTheCrazy UNITED STATES

    Off Topic:
    Sorry I couldn’t email this to you Misha, but my email isn’t working at the moment.

    On the subject of ‘Support Denmark! Buy Legos’, I think this has honestly yanked me back to my childhood:

  8. Unregistered Comment by Don Miguel UNITED STATES

    Misha, many thanks for the link. I think my son would really get a kick out of hearing what Belzer has to say, except he is busying training for his next deployment to the badlands to hunt the ass-wipes who really don’t like Jooos like Belzer. And in addition to his time training or actually being deployed in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, he is studying for his college degree and reading books by people who know what they’re talking about — not newspapers written by journalists who write about the same thing every day and still don’t know anything about anything.

  9. LCkschlenker Comment by LCkschlenker UNITED STATES

    Belzer was in The Puppet Masters a few years back with Bauer’s daddy. He does himself in with an air embolism by pouring all the saline out of his IV bag, blowing it full of air and then squishing the air into his vein and blowing his brain cells out (not that he had too many in the first place)…too bad life doesn’t follow art. (At least, in this case.)
    Otherwise, he has played mostly on Law & Order SVU. Of course, anyone seeing his scarface probably qualifies as a special victim, so that isn’t a real hard job.

  10. Unregistered Comment by Hujonwi UNITED STATES

    During my time on the USS Coral Sea CV-43 (79-84) in the Operational Electronics division we had some 40 or so guys. Two were Mensa members and a handfull more easily could have been.
    Frellin Wanker.

  11. Unregistered Comment by Sir Burstall UNITED STATES

    LOL, I talked about him in my blog. I had to laugh.
    Hollywood - Home of the Intellectual Elite.

  12. lc ima mommy, Imperial Handmaid Comment by lc ima mommy, Imperial Handmaid UNITED STATES

    I heard a caller on Laura Ingraham the other night say ‘Ya know, if he’s so smart, how long will it take him to realize that those 20 newspapers all say the same thing??’ I cracked up.

  13. Unregistered Comment by Emperor Palpatine

    Belzer has delusions of adequacy.

    What a moron.

  14. LC-IB-NeilV Comment by LC-IB-NeilV UNITED STATES

    I could give him such a slap.One of the smartest people I have met was the chief engineer for the Kitty Hawk,Punematics ,Hydrolics,Electronics ETC.
    I worked under him for five years at The FL Aquarium and helped with the Denver Aquarium .These left tards do not even have clue.
    What do we expect from these tools?

  15. TPCrasher78 Comment by TPCrasher78

    I would pay to see Dickhead Belcher go serve in Iraq, and then say that shit. I bet he’d be fragged by some of his own men. Be a record time for the fastest fragging, EVER. Belzer and his buddy Bill Mahrer were more or less circle jerking eachother and yelling, “yes, yes, oh you’re soooo right, the troops suck so bad! They suck! Suck!” Well, let’s hope some of the troops come home and pay these two arrogant sacks of warm gorilla semen a visit or crash REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHRER.

  16. Unregistered Comment by LC Wes, Imperial Mohel

    Serve in Iraq,” TP? I’d settle for watching him try to do a USO show over there after making those remarks. Not that he’d have the guts - or the decency - to do such a thing, but I’d love to see the troops’ reaction to him…

  17. MCPO Airdale Comment by MCPO Airdale UNITED STATES

    I wonder if Belzer is even aware that, in the USAF and USN, you have to have a degree to be considered for E-8 and E-9? Do those 20 newspapers cover the curriculum in the Senior Enlisted Academies? How about the requirements for completing the leadership courses required from E-4 and above and the yearly reading lists? No?! I didn’t think so!

    He’s, typically, talking out of his ass!

  18. Unregistered Comment by Mark6591 UNITED STATES

    Airdale, all Belzer knows is that ragging on the US military is his meal ticket today. The guy is a pathetic loser. I’d love to see him do his schtick for al Qaeda captors. He’d become Mullah Omar’s bitch if that paid better.

  19. Unregistered Comment by Elephant Man UNITED STATES

    Belzer is just another Hollywood hack playing to his showbiz pals and the liberal moonbat crowd….