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Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler » How About A Fisking Of A Moonbat Lefty?

I knew you would, so here we go.

LC Scott sends us this inexcusable heap of howling drivel from the Fayetteville Online, yet another mainstream rag unburdened by facts and filled well beyond capacity with a tendency to uncritically pay for and publish every bit of moonbat muck to come their way. Courtesy of the useful idiots daft enough to subscribe to their dead tree version, the Fayetteville Observer, of course.

COL Buckner of Ft. Bragg has already replied to the baseless bunk, being entirely too kind and far too polite in his choice of words. I, on the other hand, suffer from no such inhibitions:

Peace is seen as a threat

By Patrick O’Neill Garner

Unlike the underworld abode of the devil, however, war is a hell of our own making. And unlike the hell of eternal damnation, which is to be avoided at all costs, our human-created hell (war) is promoted as a noble place to go.

Damn. I must’ve missed that bit in the recruitment folder. War is, sadly, sometimes a necessary thing and while you’re engaged in it, it behooves you to behave in as noble a fashion as circumstances allow, but that hardly means that war itself is noble. War is hell. But why am I wasting my time trying to explain simple concepts like this to the intellectual equivalent of an overboiled egg? Because I enjoy it, that’s why.

Mothers and fathers proudly send their children there every day. When you encourage military service for your children, you may be telling them: “Go to hell.”

No. Hell would be a place where nothing matters enough to fight and, possibly but hopefully not, die for. Hell would be a place where nobody gives a shit about their fellow man if it means putting your own ass on the line. Hell would, in other words, be the disgustingly cowardly and egotistical world of morons such as Patrick O’Neill Garner where nothing and nobody other than Patrick O’Neill Garner matter.

But don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting that the likes of Patrick O’Neill Garner go join the military. Heaven forbid! I wouldn’t want him to go fight and die for me and mine, for the very simple reason that an even worse version of Hell would be a place in which I had anything, anything whatsoever, to be grateful to Patrick O’Neill Garner for.

That may sound like harsh criticism of the military, but the facts bear me out.

And, as we shall learn, this little mewling moonbat hasn’t been within three light years of a fact. Just like every other moonbat who ever got on his soapbox and started talking about “facts”, a concept with which they have absolutely no familiarity. But it’s always fun to watch them dig, which is why we’d never dream of taking away the shovel.

For generations, families have been sending their sons and daughters off to join an institution that indoctrinates them to essentially reject most of the core moral values we hold as sacred.

I can’t imagine what those values would be, but I do know that I’m quite happy with the set that replaces them. Values such as honor, integrity, sacrifice, duty and bravery, none of which belong in Patrick’s set of “core values” that he “holds sacred.” Not that I’m surprised. I would be surprised to learn that he even knew what the dictionary definition of those words were.

War turns our sweet children into animals; killers forced to behave in ways that would be deemed criminally insane under any other circumstances. Soldiers are caught on camera celebrating death.

Been watching al-Jazeera again, Patrick? Here’s a hint so’s to help you avoid messing them up again: Our side doesn’t wear kaffiyehs. Their side aren’t “soldiers”, they’re called “terrorists.”

If they return alive, war veterans often suffer debilitating physical and mental illness.

Oh, I do so love it every time the tired old hippy myth about the hordes of drooling, batshit crazy veterans of foreign wars. I love it because it illustrates so perfectly how little those aging flowerchildren know about soldiers, war and veterans, “little” being a polite euphemism for “absolutely nothing.”

Former Fort Bragg army specialist Jeremy Hinzman,

…and present puling coward begging the Canadians to dub his deserter ass “refugee”, so far with precious little luck. Just to keep the following in perspective.

…said the Army mindset encourages misogyny and violence. During basic training exercises, new recruits drill using macabre chants: “Train to kill. Kill we will,” and “What makes the grass grow? Blood, blood, bright red blood.”

Now far be it from me to suggest that somebody currently wanted for desertion, somebody trying to gain “refugee” status in a foreign nation in order to escape the legal consequences of his voluntary actions, might try to, shall we say, “color” the narrative slightly in his favor so as to bolster his own case, but…

Cut the crap. He’s so full of it, his eyes are brown.

“I could never really get into that stuff,” said Hinzman, who fled to Canada rather than fight in Iraq.

Just as he never really could get into that stuff called duty and honoring a contract, both values that don’t belong to O’Neill Garner’s precious cache of “core moral values that we hold sacred.” The moment somebody told him that volunteering for a military organization might entail actual, you know, fighting, he high-tailed it out of Dodge and made a bee-line for the Canadian border, wetting his pants all the way.

“Some people ate it up because I think there is an opportunity in groups to kind of let go of your inhibitions and do wanton things. We’d sing cadences as we ran about going through villages and killing babies. It’s all presented, at least on the surface, as, ‘Oh, it’s just in humor, and no one’s around listening to it,’ but I think that really does put that mindset in a soldier that they’re killers.”

And Heaven forfend that soldiers should ever get the notion that they’re killers! I’ll be the first to admit that we sang some pretty gruesome things back during the Pleistocene when I was a soldier, but “Kumbaya” and “We Shall Overcome” just didn’t quite have the same buzz to them. Oh, and for the record: No, we didn’t really stick napalm to the kids while they sucked their mothers’ you-know-what. Just in case anybody were wondering. It seems to be necessary for some obscure reason to point that out all the time nowadays, since the collective IQ of society has gone down after it became illegal to smother would-be socialists with pillows. Kidding. Really, I am.

Of course, he’s right. Recruitment ads conveniently omit a basic truth about military life: soldiers often go to war.

And how DARE they? How on Earth are young people supposed to know that signing up with an institution with a long and well-documented history of fighting in wars, an institution equipped with fascinating and quite lethal weapons might possibly mean having to fight in a war one day if nobody TELLS them that such is the case?

Ah, the benefits of Publik Skooling.

While warmakers claim war is always a last resort, we know better.

Who is this “we” you’re talking about, Kemosabe? Oh, and if you really do know so much better, then why on Earth is it so horrible that nobody tells you? It’s a good thing that I long since learned to stop expecting consistency from moonbats or I’d be busy rebooting my brain every five minutes when one starts to bleat.

While virtually every nation on Earth asked President Bush not to attack Iraq, those pleas were arrogantly rejected with the admonition: “You are either with us or you’re with the terrorists.”

“Virtually every nation on Earth?”

Well, “virtually” except for the 40-some nations in the Coalition that said no such thing and instead joined up with us. Not to mention that “virtually every nation on Earth” later turned out to be involved in a lot of business with Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. Not that we’re suggesting anything but the purest of motives for their obstructionism, of course.

We’re still waiting for those “facts” you mentioned earlier to “bear you out.”

Judging by your efforts up until now, it’s more likely that you’ll be carried out on a proverbial stretcher after having been made an even bigger fool of than even you could possibly imagine.

Last week marked the third anniversary of the Iraq war’s beginning with no end in sight. I joined others on March 18 in Fayetteville to show my support for the troops by calling for an end to the war.

Jumpin’ Jehosaphat on a Pogo Stick, now I have to explain the meaning of the word “support” to this pretzel of illiberal illogic as well.

Here in the real world, as opposed to your “reality based-but-not-quite-the-same community”, to support somebody means to render aid to them in order to achieve a desirable (to them) result. So unless you can conclusively prove to me and everybody else that cutting and running is something that our soldiers overseas desire, you’re just going to have to admit that you’re once again speaking out your craven, ignorant, civilian ass when you claim to “support” them.

And whereas I probably ought to advise you against wasting your time and money going over there and asking them in person, there is something intensely satisfying about imagining some of the likely responses you’re going to get as opposed to the responses that you’d like, so I’ll abstain. Go, you seditionist shitbird, GO!

Still waiting for “the facts to bear you out”, Garner, and I suspect that I’ll be waiting for quite a little bit longer.

Here, we note the rising body count of U.S. soldiers, while de-emphasizing what can only be called the wholesale slaughter of Iraqi civilians.

Oh goodie. I thought that even the dimmest of moonbat dhimmis had learned by now to run in terror from that old canard, but it would appear that I’m mistaken. Go ahead, o sweet Idiotarian misfortune of procreation, do go ahead…

An international team of epidemiologists, headed by Les Roberts of Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, released a 2004 survey estimating that at least 98,000, and perhaps as many as 285,000, Iraqi civilians had died in the first 18 months of the war, and the vast majority (79 percent) of those deaths were caused by coalition forces’ air attacks.

You wouldn’t be referring to this utterly debunked “study”, now would you?

Why, I do believe that you are. Yet more of those “facts” that shall “bear you out”, eh?

Yes, the “study” in question reached the conclusion that they were 95% certain that anywhere between 8,000 and 194,000 civilians had died in Iraq as a result of the war. Another highly scientific and respectable study that I just finished while going for a leak says, with 95% certainty that anywhere between 2 and 60,000,000 people died as a result of the Clinton Administration and, using your principle of just picking the number in the middle and rounding off a bit, I thus reach the conclusion that “at least” 30,000,000 people were brutally killed by the Clintons and “perhaps as many as” 90,000,000.

Damn, the fabled and infallible umpty-dumpteen layers of rigorously fact-checking editors at the Fayetteville Observer must be really proud of themselves. I mean, it’s not like I can’t see how that whopper of a clusterfuck might have slipped past their Aegis’ eyes. After all it took me, a lowly basement-dwelling blogger, all of 10 seconds to find the information on

Imbedded U.S. journalists simply don’t report the enormous human toll from this war. Is it any wonder the ranks of the Iraqi opposition grow daily?

So the fact that nobody knows about this fictitiuos horrible human toll is the very reason that the anti-war movement is growing which it, coincidentally, isn’t?

Pardon me while I try to find the recovery disk for my brain, because I do believe that the above throbbing idiocy wiped out a few sectors in there.

The Pentagon also claims the U.S. wages war according to a code of conduct that shuns torture. Lower-ranking soldiers caught torturing on camera are called “a few bad apples,” when in truth evidence has emerged indicating top-down approval for torture.

Depending entirely upon your definition of “torture”, of course, which we’re 95% certain can be anything from a stern look to ripping your fingernails out through your rectum, according to a scientific study we just read.

Even as our children die, a brainwashed public believes our leaders’ lies that war is heroic and necessary.

There he goes, yet another example of an ever so enlightened Idiotarian regaling the rest of us unwashed dupes with how brainwashed and utterly STUPID we are for not believing every word that issues forth from his piehole or, in this case, his keyboard. It’s a complete mystery why morons such as you can’t seem to gain any traction with the general public, isn’t it?

Yet, few of those same leaders cajole their own children to join the war effort. When the war began, just one member of Congress, Sen. Tim Johnson (a South Dakota Democrat), had a child deployed to Iraq.

And yet another example of an Idiotarian completely failing to understand what the word “volunteer” means. Mind you, if we abolished our all-volunteer army and instituted a draft instead, he’d be howling like the deranged dipstick that he is about Washington “forcing our children to war at gunpoint.”

War is also self-perpetuating. Bush says there’s only one way to honor the dead — keep fighting, keep killing, keep dying.

Well, until one side runs out of people to die or decides that it just ain’t worth it. There’s a historic precedent for that kind of thing, as you’ll discover if you ever open an actual book and read about it. One word of warning, though: Those books might contain facts and you might not survive the encounter as the fact particles bump into the anti-fact particles making up what you’re trying to pass off as a “brain.”

“This war will require more sacrifice, more time and more resolve,” Bush said after the 2,000th U.S. soldier died. By its nature, the war on terrorism can have no end.

Just like the war on Naziism or Japanese Imperialism had no end, as we all know. Can anybody give me an update from the Pacific Theater of Operations, by the way? I can’t seem to find any mention of it in Stars and Stripes.

Hence, the U.S. is engaged in perpetual war.

Mankind as a whole has been engaged in perpetual war ever since we got kicked out of the Garden of Eden, interrupted only by ceasefires of varying duration. Sure, we can “end” the War on Terror by simply refusing to fight it, at which point it’ll become a one-sided War on the U.S., because our enemies aren’t about to go home simply because we don’t want to play anymore. That’s not how it works, which is something that is well-known to anybody with more than three synapses to rub together.

This, of course, automatically excludes protozoa such as O’Neill Garner, but that’s their problem.

The possibility of the use of nuclear weapons is real.


Sadly, due largely to Illiberal Idiotopians such as yourself, the likelihood that they’ll be used by our enemies first is pretty damn close to certainty. Not to mention that by far the largest part of the responsibility for encouraging the Islamofascists to even pursue that course by giving them the idea that they can win such a war against “the Paper Tiger” belongs to you and your fellow Idiotarians as well.

Which is why, coincidentally, that you’d damn well better hope and pray that I’m among the casualties in such an attack, because I swear that if I’m one of the “lucky” ones to make it out of the radioactive rubble alive, I’ll be spending what remains of my life until radiation sickness kills me hunting Moonbats, filling my last miserable moments on Earth with the joy of killing as many of you as I can in the most gruesomely painful ways imaginable, and I’ve got quite an imagination.

You can take that to the bank.

Every weapon developed by humankind has eventually been used.

So why do parents continue offering up their precious children as cannon fodder for war? Because that’s the way it’s always been done. Humanity’s lack of creativity keeps us locked into this primitive behavior.

Well, it’s more along the lines of “if we don’t kill them first, they will kill us.” There are those among us hopelessly naïve enough to think that maybe 9/11 would have managed to bring that point home even to the most wilfully obtuse. Even I thought that for a moment. Needless to say, we were wrong.

You can keep pretending that this war is something that is only going on because we want it to, you can keep licking the sweaty feet of al-Qa’eda by clinging to the absurd notion that this war wasn’t forced upon us, but it’s not going to change facts.

The facts that you initially noted would “bear you out.” The facts that, as predictable as a sunset, continue to elude you utterly.

There is nothing we can do to stop you from being a complete and utter ignorant tool.

And there is nothing you can do to make us take you seriously, short of opening our skulls and ripping 99% of our brains out, which would bring us down to your level of cluelessness.

So much is invested in the military industrial complex that peace is seen as a threat to its existence.

We were beginning to wonder if you were going to forget that one. Yes, of course. Every single war in the history of mankind has been fought because weapons manufacturers needed to sell their weapons. Ever since Ugh the clubmaker, for no good reason, made a strange-looking stick and realized that it could be mass-produced and sold if only people would start fighting. Up until that point, everybody were singing and dancing in the lush meadows in perfect harmony, petting the unicorns and admiring the rainbows.

It’s time to stop buying the lies. It’s time to abolish war. Parents, withdraw your consent. Save your children from hell.

Newspapers, withdraw your paychecks. Save our nation from a further drop in IQ by abolishing public idiocy.

Oh, and Patrick, you fantastically fuckheaded boil on the bum of humanity, if you ever DO come across those facts of yours that would bear you out, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

I can’t hardly wait.

But I’ll have to. For a long, long time.


24 Responses to “How About A Fisking Of A Moonbat Lefty?”
  1. Unregistered Comment by devilskitchen UNITED KINGDOM

    Quite, quite beautiful; so much so that it near enough brought a tear to my eye. Such fisking is such sweet joy…


  2. SoCalOilMan Comment by SoCalOilMan UNITED STATES

    Soldiers are caught on camera celebrating death.

    I believe they are celebrating life. As in thank G-d the other bastard died for his cause.

    Former Fort Bragg army specialist Jeremy Hinzman,

    Who, if he ever sets foot in the U.S. again will be reassigned to Ft. Levenworth.

    while de-emphasizing what can only be called the wholesale slaughter of Iraqi civilians.

    While also de-emphaizing the fact that the wholesale slaughter of Iraqi citizens is being carried out by the “insurgents”.

    The possibility of the use of nuclear weapons is real.

    An interesting article on this at WorldNetDaily.

    It’s time to abolish war.

    I’m all for that. Now if we could just get the guys trying to kill us to agree. I just don’t understand why Mr. Garner doesn’t just go over to Iraq and speak to Al-Zarqawi or to Iran and give President Ahmadinejad a big hug. I’m sure they would solve this whole thing and peace would reign.

  3. Mike M Comment by Mike M UNITED STATES

    This guy is actually Patrick O’Neill of Garner, North Carolina. He’s the co-founder of something called the Fr. Charlie Mulholland Catholic Worker House. He’s a professional anti-war, anti-Bush, anti-USA protester much in the same vein as those CPT tools our guys risked their lives for the other day in Iraq. He pretty much hates everybody who doesn’t think like him. In fact, he even hates other Catholics that happen to disagree with his perverted world view.

    When he’s not locked up in a county jail somewhere or serving Federal time, you can expect to read his blatherings whenever somebody is foolish enough to give him a forum or to hear him screeching where ever other moonbats of his ilk tend to congregate.

  4. maxxdog Comment by maxxdog UNITED STATES

    Nice fisking, Misha! It does my heart good to read something like this first thing in the morning. Thank you!

  5. Unregistered Comment by docjim505 UNITED STATES

    An e-mail to Charles Broadwell, publisher, Fayetteville Observer


    I have read the column entitled “Peace Is A Threat” by Patrick O’Neill Gardner published in your paper on March 24. It is something that I would expect to see published in the New York Times or a southern California paper, not the hometown newspaper of the 82nd Airborne, the XVIII Airborne Corps, and the Special Forces. Is it the position of the Fayetteville Observer that our troops, many of whom have lost their lives or been grievously wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan, are “animals; killers forced to behave in ways that would be deemed criminally insane under any other circumstances”? How could you publish such an odious slander?


    Jim XXXX
    Formerly sergeant, 113th FA, North Carolina National Guard
    High Point, NC

  6. Unregistered Comment by Emperor Palpatine

    Well done, Sir.

  7. Unregistered Comment by Greywolf

    I take comfort in knowing that this moonbat will not be likely to procreate. He displays an insufficient testosterone level to accomplish the task, and it’s very likely that he lacks the glands to produce any.

    He could probably get a job as a wet-nurse in a moonbat commune.

    I’m surprised he even wrote the article, since that behavior is so “confrontational”.

  8. Unregistered Pingback by Inoperable Terran » Arkansas? Really?

    […] Misha will take on anyone from anywhere. Posted by Ian S. in […]

  9. Rowane Comment by Rowane UNITED STATES

    It’s time to abolish war

    Fine idea, but, who bells the cat?

  10. Unregistered Comment by SGT Ted UNITED STATES

    Fisking that guy is like stepping on kittens; too easy.

  11. Unregistered Comment by armybryan

    anyone got an address for this nitwit. I live at Ft. Bragg, and would love to have a “conversation” with him.

  12. MCPO Airdale Comment by MCPO Airdale UNITED STATES

    This guy is the epitome of a douchebag leftist!

    What’s wrong with the core values of, “Honor, Courage, Commitment”? This idiot couldn’t even define them, let alone, live by them.

    Non sibi, sed patriae!

  13. Princess Natasha Comment by Princess Natasha UNITED STATES

    Another whining sissy leftist brat, ripped to shreds by Misha. Leftists are so pathetic. They are hell-bent on having their eternal childhood, and never mind who pays for it and how.

  14. Unregistered Comment by docjim505

    I wrote an e-mail to the publisher of the Fayetteville Times (see above), and they were kind enough to reply. While I don’t agree with the arguments presented by Mr. White, it speaks well of the Observer that they are willing to respond to criticism:

    Good morning, Mr. XXXX.

    Charles Broadwell forwarded your email to me and I’d like to respond.

    Given your background, I understand that you’d find Patrick O’Neill’s Friday op-ed piece offensive. But like it or not, O’Neill expresses a viewpoint that’s held by many people in our society, and it’s my job to let our readers see the entirety of the debate over the war. Especially in a military town, I believe that’s important and necessary. The last thing our community needs is a fantasy view of reality.

    That said, I hope you also read Col. Jay Gothard’s op-ed on Sunday, written from Iraq, where he’s serving with the Special Forces. Or the piece that ran yesterday, responding to O’Neill, by Col. Billy Buckner of the 18th Airborne Corps.

    The latter pieces come a lot closer to expressing the Observer’s own editorial viewpoint. The pieces we run on the op-ed page, like the letters to the editor, do not necessarily reflect the views of the Observer’s editorial board. They reflect the views of the people who write them. We don’t suppress views that might be contrary to our own views or those of our readers. Understanding the debates in our society requires our being aware of all the viewpoints out there. That’s why we published O’Neill’s column, and why we published some articulate responses to it.

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    Tim White
    Editorial Page Editor
    The Fayetteville Observer

  15. Unregistered Comment by docjim505

    My apologies; the Fayetteville Observer.

  16. Emperor Darth Misha I Comment by Emperor Darth Misha I UNITED STATES

    I agree, docjim505.

    Not only is it polite and reasonable (and not a %$##@ FORM LETTER!), it also points you in the direction of opposing points of view that have ALSO been posted.

    If all of the MSM would take to behaving that way rather than being a bunch of one-sided, illiterate, arrogant apebrains, their subscription numbers might not be on a crash course with Earth.

  17. Unregistered Comment by Steve UNITED STATES

    This guy is actually Patrick O’Neill of Garner, North Carolina. He’s the co-founder of something called the Fr. Charlie Mulholland Catholic Worker House. He’s a professional anti-war, anti-Bush, anti-USA protester much in the same vein as those CPT tools our guys risked their lives for the other day in Iraq. He pretty much hates everybody who doesn’t think like him. In fact, he even hates other Catholics that happen to disagree with his perverted world view.

    Mike M., thanks for the information. I don’t know Mr. O’Neill, but I knew Father Mulholland very well. He was the priest who officiated at my wedding almost 20 years ago. Father Charlie (as everyone who knew him called him) was one of the most gentle and caring men that I ever had the honor of knowing. He was a big believer in social justice, often leading protests in downtown Raleigh. Unfortunately, Father Charlie came down with Alzheimer’s a year or so before he died, so the last year of his life was spent not knowing much of anything. I can say with conviction, however, that if Father Charlie knew that Mr. O’Neill was associating his name with his vile viewpoint, he would be appalled.

    Then again, that’s just like some of these liberal asswipes to besmirch the names of people who, while living, would have had nothing to do with them.

  18. Unregistered Comment by LC Joseph Dromedary

    I, for one, was a citizen of The Great White North who wanted to welcome Specialist Hinzman to my country. So much so, that I wanted to present him with a nice long white fur coat and send him on an all expenses paid trip to the beautiful ice floe area off Newfoundland to watch whales.

    Needless to say he turned it down. Chickenshit bastard.

  19. Deathknyte Comment by Deathknyte

    Whale bait, eh?

  20. Mike M Comment by Mike M UNITED STATES

    Re Comment #17: Steve, It sounds like Fr. Mulholland wouldn’t be at all pleased to see the filth and bile that Patrick O’Neill is spreading in his good name. I’m sure he had much more in common with these Catholics rather than with that leftist whackjob.

    By the way, here’s a great quote from the site that truly sums things up. It’s something that O’Neill will never be able to grasp:

    “The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.”

    - Gilbert K. Chesterton

  21. jaybear Comment by jaybear UNITED STATES

    Steve sez:

    Then again, that’s just like some of these liberal asswipes to besmirch the names of people who, while living, would have had nothing to do with them.

    just like Casey Sheehan…..

  22. Unregistered Comment by Catch22

    For generations, families have been sending their sons and daughters off to join an institution that indoctrinates them to essentially reject most of the core moral values we hold as sacred.

    But I thought he wasn’t talking about Yale…

  23. hOOt Gibson Comment by hOOt Gibson UNITED STATES

    To bad this ass clown wasn’t around back in the 1775 era…….wonder if our Founding Fathers(the liberal founding fathers so say the moom bats) would have hung this sonofabitch from the highest tree?


  24. JannyMae Comment by JannyMae UNITED STATES

    Well, it’s little wonder that there is such a large faction of utterly uninformed people who believe every word of this drivel, when you see it repeated, ad nauseum, every day.

    Great fisking, as always. Should be required reading.