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Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler ยป Is There Hope Yet?

While the Senate whores are busy throwing away our birthrights and ending the concept of the United States as a sovereign entity ruled by laws, LC & IB John Hawkins got together with Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) for a quick interview.

We have long thought that our only chance of kicking the Senate RINOs and their cheerleader in the White House back in line is the House, and Rep. Kingston seems to confirm that that’s exactly what they intend to do.

15 Responses to “Is There Hope Yet?”
  1. L.C. Rowane Comment by L.C. Rowane UNITED STATES

    I hope they really kick ass and take names. That Senate garbage isn’t worth half the hot air that has been expended on it.

  2. Unregistered Comment by fortune79 UNITED STATES

    1st comment ever after a long time reading, we HAVE to win on this one, keep F’N preaching

  3. LC#2112 Comment by LC#2112 UNITED STATES

    As usual our government is doing what it takes to get re-elected…damn the people ! I don’t think they realize that for the average Joe the shit is ready to hit the fan….They walk on eggshells and don’t know it. They don’t understand squat…What education/information does the average congresscritter have that we don’t? They seem to forget that part of the Constitution that says that thing about when the government doesn’t serve the people, or is incompetent, it is our DUTY to replace them……….(’nuff said?)
    Immigrants, welcome ! Illegal immigrants…what part of illegal don’t you get? Si quieres esos palabras en espanol, estudie ingles !
    Fuggin’ A………….

  4. maxxdog Comment by maxxdog UNITED STATES

    I like what he says but we need to keep their feet to the fire! Call, write, e-mail, whatever you can do to let them know there will be hell to pay if they move that line they’ve supposedly drawn in the sand!

  5. juandos Comment by juandos UNITED STATES

    Well now what do we make of the House?

    Remember their idiotic desire to save the coasts of Florida and California from offshore drilling?

    Now we have from the same House substantive a real action regarding the wetback invasion

    The House also did a bit of budget pruning: A bitter fight broke out among House Republicans yesterday as conservatives demanded Congress stick to the budget approved Thursday, and managed to strip $507 million out of a $136 billion military spending bill before the House approved it.
    The raucous floor fight yesterday afternoon marks the start of a rough road ahead for the many remaining spending bills this election year, as Republican leaders try to dole out popular funding and conservatives demand fiscal discipline.

    Its obvious that if conservatives want their agenda to be pushed forward support of House conservatives is the only apparent way to go today…

  6. MCPO Airdale Comment by MCPO Airdale UNITED STATES

    I have a conservative Representative. I’ve written several times thanking him for his tough stance on illegal immigration and urging him to hold the line when the Senate’s “No Illegal Left Behind” bill goes to conference.

  7. Wild Thing Comment by Wild Thing UNITED STATES

    I want them to have a take no prisoners attitude and action with the RHINO’s. They need to learn asap that the Republican party is NOT something they OWN but are voted in to represent us….we the people. The Republican party deserves better then a bunch of ass kissing, dem loving, leftest huggers that don’t give a rats ass what WE want and what is best for America.

    I am sick and tired of seeing OUR side say things like ” My friend Sen. so and so and I disagree about this. yadda yadda” on political talk shows. You will never hear the words ” my friend” from the left when discussing disagreements. Only our kiss ass RHINO’s do this kind of crap and it weakens the argument and our side when they do this. My enemy knows it is my enemy and the only good thing they can relax on is they are left to take another breath to disagree with me. But to be my friend No way in hell.

  8. LC HJ Caveman82952 Comment by LC HJ Caveman82952 UNITED STATES

    I truly wonder of the RINOS understand the depth of feeling and conviction behind this effort. I tend to doubt it. I do know I will not vote for one not supporting border controls…and none of this band aid bullshit tactics. And not just the republicans….some democrats I know share the same feelings expressed by rotties here, knowing full it well it’s the birthright of their children on the line. Others, not so wise or driven by political hatred seek to regain power at all costs….
    I doubt I have ever seen emotion of this magnitude expressed on both sides. And what I wouldn’t give to see more than a handful of congress people stand up at do the will of the people, rather than the will of corporations, the Mexican government or the domestic American haters. Those fomenting division among us, hoping to pick up the pieces after the fight. As for me? I am seeking conservative republicans to vote for. I write a lot of letters, e-mails and will soon be phoning people. But i think the demos and repubs both may be in for a bit of a shock….long overdue in my book. We hired you, we can fire you.

  9. Princess Natasha Comment by Princess Natasha UNITED STATES

    As for me, I will not vote for anyone who does not support cutting the socialist programs that are the main attraction for parasites coming into this country, or for our locally-bred parasites. It’s not about the jobs–it’s about the fucking handouts, people!!!

  10. Unregistered Comment by GUYK UNITED STATES

    Both the house and the senate keep dodging the simple solutions. Go to the source of the problem and make it illegal to abet the invaders by educating their children, providing them with any type of social welfare including free medical care. Then find the employers who are hiring the illegals. Most are already known, ie, the huge meat packing and poultry processing plants and big construction companies. make the penaltiy for hiring illegals so stiff that it is not worth taking the chance on getting caught. No welfare and no jobs equal no reason to be here and there will be a mass exodus south. There is no reason to have to round them up and deport them–they will either leave or starve. Moreover, once this process is started give them 90 days to leave the country with their belongings. All so let them know that anyone caught after that-even if they are attempting to cross the border out of country- will forfeit all their possessions except for the clothes on their backs because such possessions were gained illegally–illegally by virtue of being employed in the country illegally.

  11. Yochanon Comment by Yochanon

    Bush with *another* butt-buddy.

  12. LC HJ Caveman82952 Comment by LC HJ Caveman82952 UNITED STATES

    I sent the following letter to congress. Both parties. It relates to imported diseases and such. An excerpt.

    To Whom it may concern;
    And just think…your kids will be going to school with them…their diseased kids. But that’s Ok, ’cause Daddy’s company is making lots of money employing these people. And Daddy is generous, sharing it with Congress. And since these illegals are sick, society will have to take care of them. The companies don’t. Won’t cost them a dime. And they get to pay them less too. Now isn’t that wonderful?
    The left loves illegals too, but they hate people anyway. At least people they can’t control. So some dying of diseases long eradicated here is ok. They just make them victims, you see, these people like victims. Just like the Muslims, but they call them martyrs instead. Using them to justify their continued existence. Just part and parcel of multi-culturalism and diversity. The same diversity including syphilis, cholera, typhoid, polio, malaria, TB and others. So don’t be left out…..Be the first one on your block to have your kid take his leprosy to school for show and tell. In five years he can play first base, literally. Sure makes you feel nice and secure inside. I do believe in a hell of ones making……and that thought makes me smile….a lot. Kent

  13. LC HJ Caveman82952 Comment by LC HJ Caveman82952 UNITED STATES

    A day of sadness and gratitude, decision and emotion. Today I voted absentee. I took to heart what has been said here, how I have felt, what I have heard and seen. Only one man was voted for with joy, Tom McClintock of California for Lt. Governor. But essentially staying to the party line…GOP all the way. Given my democratic choices here a no brainer. And many of them appear concerned with issues of interest to me. I really had no RINOS to vote against with write ins. I was spared that decision and difficulty. I tend to torpedo bond issues, transportation a unusual exception. The rest of them a thumbs down. Pay as you go , thank you, by and large.
    But on another note….
    Requiem for a noble steed………..
    I wish to pay my respects to an old warrior…..
    She was born two years before I.
    And was sent to a final repose today.
    She served in ‘Nam and Korea….for years.
    Yet went to her rest in thirty-nine minutes.
    With quiet dignity and little aplomb…..
    I served on the “E.” A later arrival.
    Every vessel has it’s own life, folkways and traditions.
    It is not hard to believe they come alive….I do.
    I thought of her flight deck, the hanger deck, Phantoms no longer seen but remembered by those such as I.
    It it disturbed me watching her sink…
    So to the Oriskany I say thank you, a proud old warrior to now become a treasure trove and home for scuba divers and sea life.
    Your time is done, your service concluded.
    Damn…this is getting to me.
    I say good bye…and thank you.
    You helped preserve my right to vote today……

  14. batchrusher Comment by batchrusher UNITED STATES

    Caveman… One great vessel!! I served during her good days. Not on her but, in the Navy. I thank her and her crews and echo your thoughts.

  15. RobH Comment by RobH

    Just read that our Senate is NOW considering “amnesty for employers of illegals” - oh man, I am just beyond livid.

    These people MUST be stopped!