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Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler » No, al-Qaeda Times, Playing Stupid Isn’t Going To Save Your Asses

…although we have to admit that you’re doing a marvelous job pretending to be less intelligent than paper bags full of moldy nail clippings. It’s almost as if it comes natural to you (link thanks to the Imperial Torturer, B.C.)

NEW YORK (AP) — The New York Times is defending itself from criticism about a report on secret financial monitoring of terrorists, saying it found arguments by Bush administration officials against publishing it “puzzling” and “half-hearted.”

Al-Qaeda’s official spying ring in the United States, the New York Slimes, finds suggesting that publishing our methods of tracking down terrorists isn’t in the best interest of our nation “puzzling?” Hang on to that puzzled look as the trapdoor opens beneath your feet and the noose tightens around your pencilnecks, traitors, it’ll look positively hilarious when you’re dangling in the breeze.

In a note on the paper’s Web site Sunday, Executive Editor Bill Keller said the Times spent weeks discussing with Bush administration officials whether to publish the report.

Which makes it alright, of course. Just as His Majesty spending weeks discussing with Abu Musab al-Keller whether to shoot him in the kneecaps or not before opting for a gut shot instead would make that alright. Right? Hey, I listened to your arguments before deciding that you were being “half-hearted” and that I was “puzzled” as to why you insisted that me shooting you was a bad thing. At least I gave you a fair hearing prior to deciding that I knew best, right?


He said part of the government’s argument was that the anti-terror program would no longer be effective if it became known, because international bankers would be unwilling to cooperate and terrorists would find other ways to move money.

“We don’t know what the banking consortium will do, but we found this argument puzzling,” Keller said, pointing out that the banks were under subpoena to provide the information.

Then allow us to spell it out for you, you braindead little shitbird long overdue for a public hanging: Bankers might not be all that keen on letting terrorists know that they’re cooperating with the Great Satan, seeing as how those terrorists that the al-Qaeda Times work for aren’t exactly known for their leniency and understanding when dealing with people they see as their enemies. They don’t give much of a shit about you only doing it because you got a subpoena either, in case you haven’t noticed. Bankers have families and like living too, you know. Tell us again why it was that you wouldn’t print the Mohammed Cartoons (and forget the smokescreen about “being sensitive to other people’s beliefs”. Nobody outside of your newsrooms and the DNC are terminally stupid enough to believe it). Are you getting the picture, you immaculately coiffed metrosexual fuckhead? ARE YOU?

And yes, we know that you’re permanently mentally disadvantaged, otherwise you’d have gotten a real education as opposed to going to J-school, but it really isn’t all that fucking hard to logically conclude that when you let somebody know that his bank transactions are being closely monitored and that said monitoring has led to the capture of a number of his friends, then that somebody might, just MIGHT start wondering if maybe he should look for alternate ways of moving funds.

“The Bush Administration and America itself may be unpopular in Europe these days, but policing the byways of international terror seems to have pretty strong support everywhere.”

Except for in the MSM in general and the al-Qaeda Times in particular, yes. However, such support for covert measures is very much dependent upon those who offer it believing that it’ll stay covert. Example: One of the first reactions when you MSM Morons started bleating from the rooftops about “secret CIA prisons in Eastern Europe” was from Poland, wondering if they dared work with our intel community anymore if everything they did was likely to show up on the front page of the al-Qaeda Times the next day.

Keller said the administration also argued “in a half-hearted way” that disclosure of the program “would lead terrorists to change tactics.”

But Keller wrote that the Treasury Department has “trumpeted … that the U.S. makes every effort to track international financing of terror. Terror financiers know this, which is why they have already moved as much as they can to cruder methods. But they also continue to use the international banking system, because it is immeasurably more efficient than toting suitcases of cash.”

And Bill Abu Musab al-Keller, noted counter-terrorism expert, knows that this is the case so much better than those rank amateurs in the intelligence community who’ve been spending their entire professional lives doing nothing but researching the behavioral patterns of terrorists, which is why the Administration’s arguments are “half-hearted” and “puzzling” to him. How DARE anybody presume to know more about anything in the world than Oracle of Our Time, Bill Abu Musab al-Keller?

Is it at all possible that those terrorist masterminds weren’t aware of the real reason that the Bali Bombing mastermind Hambali got caught? Is it at all possible that they thought they’d successfully gamed the system to the point where the Great Satan’s tracking and monitoring wasn’t yielding much by way of results and thus continued doing what they were doing, blissfully unaware that we were looking over their shoulders as they were doing so?

In the real world, yes. Until Bill Abu Musab al-Keller decided that it was in the “public interest” to inform al-Qaeda that they’d been fooled, that we were having great success in monitoring them and that, in fact, we’d caught a number of their koranimal brethren using that very method.

This is all “puzzling” to Keller, Risen and Lichtblau, the Terrorist-aiding and abetting Triumvirate at the al-Qaeda Times, but it isn’t puzzling to the rest of us, and if they think that we’re going to forgive and forget, then they’ve got a second think coming. A very, very unpleasant think.

Yes, it is entirely possible that the Administration and the Attorney General will continue to sit on their hands as domestic enemies of the Constitution continue to spy for our enemies in times of war, it’s not like it would be anything new. That’s what they did when you published our war plans prior to the invasion of Iraq, that’s what they did when you published our NSA datamining efforts, that’s what they did when you published the NSA listening in on phonecalls to or from known terrorists and/or terrorist organizations, so yes, it’s quite possible that they’ll once again decide that it’s better to avoid controversy and let you continue endangering the lives of the citizens that they’re sworn to protect. They’re craven cowards, and that’s the only reason that you assholes aren’t already dangling from the gallows.

But We the People won’t forget, and there is a limit to how far you can push us before we decide that WE aren’t going to ignore the bit of the Oath that says “…against enemies, foreign AND domestic…”

Some of us out here care more about winning the war than we care about your freely invented Constitutional “right” to commit treason.

Some of us care more about seeing our children grow up in a country that isn’t an irradiated wasteland than we care about your need for Pulitzers.

Some of us are very, very close to being fed up with you as well as our feckless, limpwristed government’s refusal to do something about your endless acts of spying for the enemy, and we’re getting a little bit closer to that ugly point where we decide that “if you want something done, you’ve got to do it yourself” with every single act of treason by you worthless, useless, narcissistic, journalist hacks.

If you keep pushing, you will succeed in enabling our enemies to the point where they pull off another murderous attack on us and, if that happens, all of your pleas for mercy will fall on ears as deaf as yours were when the Administration pleaded with you to not publish the details of one of our more successful counter-terrorist programs.

When, not if, that happens, all your protestations about “public interest” and being “puzzled” won’t help you in the slightest.

Lynch mobs aren’t known for their compassion and mercy, and you will have only yourselves to thank for it as your bodies are hoisted high from utility poles and tall trees all over the country.

And no-one and nobody will miss you in the slightest.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Rope. Tree. Journalist.
Some assembly required.

UPDATE: More coverage…
LC & IB Wizbang has the condensed version of Bill Abu Musab al-Keller’s apologia.
Hugh Hewitt Fisks it thoroughly. We’d have liked a bit more invective, but it’s a great Fisking nonetheless.

20 Responses to “No, al-Qaeda Times, Playing Stupid Isn’t Going To Save Your Asses”
  1. Sir Christopher Comment by Sir Christopher UNITED STATES

    Viva La Revolucion!!!!!!!!!!!

    NYT Theme Song

  2. Unregistered Comment by 15T40 SERBIA AND MONTENEGRO

    From the link above:

    Lucy Dalglish, executive director of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, said the paper acted responsibly, both in last week’s report and in reporting last year about the wiretapping program.

    “It’s pretty clear to me that in this story and in the story last December that the New York Times did not act recklessly. They try to do whatever they can to take into account whatever security concerns the government has and they try to behave responsibly,” Dalglish said. “I think in years to come that this is a story American citizens are going to be glad they had, however this plays out.”

    I was starting to get concerned there for a moment. Thanks, Lucy, for putting it back into perspective. The Times “has our back”.

    Well, then…

  3. cmblake6 Comment by cmblake6 UNITED STATES

    Can I be on the firing squad? Please? Can I, huh? It would cost too much to hang them all. You priced rope lately? I have lots of mil-surp ammo stored away. It could be more fun with a slow lift technique on the rope though. And we CAN re-use the rope. Pieces of human offal such as these would make their only reasonable contribution to humanity by becoming fertilizer.

  4. RobertHuntingdon Comment by RobertHuntingdon

    These bastards in the NY Times and LA Times and their associates across the nation are the axis of treason, and we should be treating them just like their dear friend Zarqawi.


  5. CiSSnarl5.7 Comment by CiSSnarl5.7 KUWAIT

    Lucy Dalglish ….let me see…in Latin that would be..Cupidis Stuntis..?

  6. Sir Christopher Comment by Sir Christopher UNITED STATES

    they have much experience defending the indefensible

  7. MCPO Airdale Comment by MCPO Airdale UNITED STATES

    These “people” in the media have a set of blinders on that would make a harness racing horse happy. Their judgement trumps that of the government and counter-terrorism experts? What unmitigated gall!

    It is high time to close down that traitorous rag. Yet Arlen Specter (RINO-PA) refuses to bring them before the Senate. And just where is the vaunted Alberto Gonzales?

  8. CiSSnarl5.7 Comment by CiSSnarl5.7 KUWAIT

    You know what I find “puzzling”?

    The tell-tale thing I caught is the bit about it being WEEKS that they had this information before going public…

    How many times is this administration going to take it up the ass from these cockhummers?

    I don’t know who to be more pissed off… the Times or the god damn administration for being so utterly naive to think that asking “Preety please dont divulge state secrets” is going to work with these sorry ass fucks…

    No you dim bulbs…First you arrest the leakers..all of em…then you tell Bill and his merry band of media mental midgits… in no uncertain terms “publish this material and the bird cage liner you call a news paper is going to be shut down, we might not be able to chain the doors under the constitution but it’s damn hard to get anything done when the whole stinking mess of your news room editiorial staff and every journalist hack in it is sitting in a god damn prison awaiting trial for non authorized disclousre of U.S. Government classifed Leavenworth Kansas…!!

  9. CiSSnarl5.7 Comment by CiSSnarl5.7 KUWAIT

    MCPO Airdale…One does not make MCPO in the Airdale ranks with out being on a few “bird farms” which ones may I ask…?

    Me? Black shoe ..U.S.S. America CV-66 1986-1990…:-)

  10. Blackiswhite, Imperial Agent Provocateur Comment by Blackiswhite, Imperial Agent Provocateur UNITED STATES

    *In my best ivory-tower pseudo-intellectual community college poli-sci perfesser voice*
    “But, but, but…they are liberals and therefore they KNOW what is good for society. OF COURSE their judgment trumps that of the government and counter-terrorism experts.”

    I ask again. When are we going to organize that “slap a traitorous press weasel silly” day?

  11. jmaimarc Comment by jmaimarc

    I’m only upset that I don’t have a subscription to the NYT… just so I could cancel it.

    The truth is (I have to note that explicitly just in case someone from the MSM is reading this…), I haven’t read the paper since May 2003, and somehow I still manage to be an informed, educated member of society.

  12. Grits Comment by Grits UNITED STATES

    We should rethink doing violence to these traitors, however, I think it would be nice if they went to sleep and woke up bareassed in the middle of the Sunni Triangle with allah sucks tattooed on their foreheads and allah is a faggot on their backs.

    After all, we shouldn’t judge our fellow man harshly. Each of us are combinations of good traits and some, perhaps, not so good traits. That is what makes us human. We should refrain from harshly criticizing the staff of the New York Times simply because they happen to be turd-eating, treasonous, traitorous sons of bitches.


  13. Cheapshot911 Comment by Cheapshot911 UNITED STATES

    I’m thinking there should be some innocent instances of nyt editor’s personal information/sex-habits/medication/political contributions/office scandals/bank accounts and stock-trading histories being posted worldwide.
    Just so we know, it’s our right.

  14. Unregistered Comment by Lord Spatula I, King & Tyrant UNITED STATES

    We should rethink doing violence to these traitors,

    Oh, I do.

    Every time I need a pick-me-up…

  15. MCPO Airdale Comment by MCPO Airdale UNITED STATES

    CiSSnarl5.7 - Forrestall, Saratoga, George Washington, I did make America’s last deployment as part of the Airwing.

  16. Cheapshot911 Comment by Cheapshot911 UNITED STATES

    Hey BlackisWhite

    When are we going to organize that “slap a traitorous press weasel silly” day?

    If the slappin’ is done thouroughly to all qualifiers, there wouldn’t be enough days left in the rest of the work year for a proper vacation.

  17. MasterGuns Comment by MasterGuns UNITED STATES

    CiSSnarl and MCPO……I was a Marine, but I spent some time with the “wing” as well as the ground side. In order, I served in Enterprise and Coral Sea(with F4 outfits), and Nassau, Beleau Wood, Guam, Guadacanal, and Nassau(a second time) in the “Gator Navy”. I had about 41 months total at sea. I never served in a “new” ship.

    Semper Fi

  18. CiSSnarl5.7 Comment by CiSSnarl5.7 KUWAIT

    MCPO and MasterGuns,
    I am deeply proud to have served on the same ship as you!!

    As a sad note I only just learned the mighty America was part of a SinkEx off the VACAPES several years back, I had no clue but I guess that being retired at sea is better then sitting in the yards waiting for the welders torch….

    As an aside…there is a movement on to name the next CVN after her, however the Congress Critters and Senate are actually considering nameing it the “U.S.S. Gerald Ford”…yack.
    Don’t get me wrong Ford was a decent guy and all but not hardly (IMHO) worthy having his name on a CVN, nor was Carter worthy of having an attack sub named after him..but such is the ways of politicians…

  19. Unregistered Trackback by ThinkingMeat UNITED STATES

    Misha is full of shit…

    Yes, that Misha. The potty-mouthed, reality-challenged blowhard who goes by the name of "Emperor Darth Misha I" (no megalomania there, eh?) is completely full of shit.

    So is most of the rest of the rightwing blogosphere. The hysteria du jo…

  20. Romeocat Comment by Romeocat

    Oh… Someone’s gonna regret that trackback…

    I left a warning on the masochist’s post, but I don’t know if he’s smart enough to learn anything from it…

    – Kat, LC & IB, GLOR
    (formerly known as “Romeocat”)