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Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler » Paleoswinians Sign Their Own Death Warrants

The paleswinian terror group PRC just announced that they’d murdered the 18-year-old settler, Eliyahu Asheri, whom they’d kidnapped earlier and threatened to kill unless the IDF immediately cease and desist in their counterattack.

An unconfirmed report from the Popular Resistance Committees said early Thursday that it executed 18-year-old Eliyahu Asheri, an Israeli settler kidnapped earlier in the week in the West Bank.

Once again, the kaffiyeh’ed klusterfucks demonstrate what their idea of “bravery” is: Kidnapping an unarmed kid and murdering him.

Of course, there’s always the faint hope that the unconfirmed report turns out to be false, and we’ll certainly be praying for that, but given the track record of the subhuman slime of the terrortories, well… You know what we mean. (Sadly, it looks like our pessimism was well-founded. The IDF is reported to have found the body of Eliyahu).

Wipe them out. Wipe them ALL out.


GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Israeli forces rounded up dozens of Palestinian Cabinet ministers and lawmakers from Hamas, increasing pressure on the Islamic militants to release a captured Israeli soldier, and witnesses said tanks moved into northern Gaza, widening Israel’s largest military operation in the year since Israel pulled out of the seaside territory.

Looks like the paleswinian’s little murder gambit isn’t quite working, now that the Merkavas are rolling into northern Gaza as well. Now, obviously, since the palestinians have murdered one of their hostages, the only logical response would be to execute 10 of the Hamas bastards that the IDF just arrested. Go for it, say I.

UPDATE 2: The palestinians now claim to have fired chemical weapons at Israel. Israel, so far, cannot confirm. If it turns out to be true, then it would be a good time to unleash Hell. Give them a touch of their own medicine.

25 Responses to “Paleoswinians Sign Their Own Death Warrants”
  1. LC HJ Caveman82952 Comment by LC HJ Caveman82952 UNITED STATES

    So our Islamic heros are at it again…..I gotta’ wonder….how about a shotgun blast loaded with bacon rind. It has been done, and lend a whole new meaning to porking sombody……thes suck fucks need to be put out of their, and my misery.

  2. Blackiswhite, Imperial Agent Provocateur Comment by Blackiswhite, Imperial Agent Provocateur UNITED STATES

    I guess the gates of Hell are going to be busy for awhile with the new admissions. Meanwhile, the mullahs can wander around and continue saying “Tickets! Get your tickets here!”

  3. Unregistered Comment by Master Chef UNITED STATES

    Say…didn’t Ham-Ass recently rant about their ability to use chemical/bio weapons if attacked. Well, duh??? Wait ’till they pop one of these babies on the IDF…there’s gonna be hell to pay. Can anyone say, “what collateral damage…I don’t see no freek’n collateral damage”…sure you can. It’s gonna be a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Will you be my friend? Sure you will.

  4. Unregistered Comment by energyforcapital UNITED STATES

    God! I hope those savages really don’t have the sh*t that they are boasting of. If our own state department doesn’t un-pucker if the poison sh*t hits the fan and Hurts one Israeli citizen, there is no justice.
    I’m sick as hell at listening to our own government constantly counseling “restraint” to the only democracy in that festering pool of incivility.
    GO for it Israel. Finish the job! Our ‘government’ is only looking at their next re-election attempt. The civilized populace is behind you in your struggle for survival.

  5. Sir Christopher Comment by Sir Christopher UNITED STATES


    Gaza militants say fired chemical-tipped warhead

  6. hOOt Gibson Comment by hOOt Gibson UNITED STATES

    Extermination is the answer……however, Israelis who want to make nice with the PAL scum, acting like American Liberals with Muzzie terrorists are their own worst enemies….you can’t make peace with terrorist….you wipe them out, and forget the PC bullshit…..ISLAM IS THE ENEMY.


  7. bigdicksplace Comment by bigdicksplace UNITED STATES

    Wow, just when ya think it’s safe to go back in the water.
    They really did just sign off on their own death warrants. That’s almost funny, not quite, but almost.
    I wish the IDF all the luck in the world.
    Kick the shit out of them boys.

  8. MuscleDaddy Comment by MuscleDaddy UNITED STATES


    I’d hoped to have my back-up bolt-hole in the hills finished BEFORE the whole thing came apart.

    Whole thing’s gonna hinge on if the Chem story turns out to be true.

    - MuscleDaddy

  9. Unregistered Comment by LC Wes, Imperial Mohel

    …And as usual, the MSM is whitewashing the Pallies’ brutality and condemning Israel, with the Associated Press, as usual, leading the charge. The first thing I saw when I fired up my computer and logged on to Netscape’s home page was yet another outstanding example of the AP’s moral subversion: the headline “Hamas officials arrested; Israeli executed by militants.” (AP provides most of Netscape’s breaking news headlines.)

    Yeah, right. Members of the terrorist Hamas are described as “officials” and “militants,” while the murder of poor Eliyahu Asheri is described as an “execution,” as if there was a shred of legal due process involved in Eliyahu’s abduction and murder. Motherfuckers. And LGF is currently posting a whole slew of photos taken by AP “journalists” - or fifth columnists, take your pick - in Gaza, depicting murderous Pallie death cultists planting explosives and preparing fighting positions, surrounded by local kids who are being used by the jihadis as human shields.

    Sorry for the rant, but it doesn’t take much to activate my “Rope, Tree, Journalist” gag reflex these days. And it doesn’t really come as a suprise, seeing as how it’s the AP we’re talking about. Still, while the IDF is kicking ass and taking names in Gaza this weekend…I’ll be hoping for a few “friendly fire” casualties among the newsies to go along with the Old Testament vengance for Eliyahu and the other abducted Israelis.

  10. Unregistered Comment by mark CANADA

    Does Israel have B-52’s ?

  11. Unregistered Trackback by Assorted Babble by Suzie UNITED STATES

    Israel Flies over Syrian President’s Home…

    *UPDATES* Israel Arrests Palestinian Deputy Prime Minister
    Very Sad to report Breaking News Via Breitbart Palestinian Group Says Israeli Executed
    A Palestinian militant group said early Thursday it executed an 18- year-old Israeli settler kidnapped…..

  12. Unregistered Comment by suboptimal UNITED STATES

    Good to see Israel is finally getting serious about their pest control efforts.

  13. LC Scott Comment by LC Scott UNITED STATES

    Sir it been confermed, Eliyahu Asheri was shot on sunday.

  14. Unregistered Comment by Useless UNITED STATES

    So, the towel wearing neaderthals have launched chemical weapons into Isrel.

    Time to push “Palistine” into the sea. In the famous words of Emperor Palpatine “Wipe them out. All of them.”

  15. juandos Comment by juandos UNITED STATES

    Sir Chris (#5) noted: “Gaza militants say fired chemical-tipped warhead“…

    Maybe its time the Israelis field test this puppie to stir fry a few thousand paleo-swine…

  16. kwongdzu Comment by kwongdzu UNITED STATES

    Handing over Gaza was a large concession on Israel’s part: They gave Palestine the olive branch knowing full well they would be smacked with it. That’s what happens when you treat barbarians like civilized human beings. I’m sure Israel knew this is how it would play out all along.

    It is no surprise that the Palestinians (who can’t even get along with themselves) have sunk as low as anything “human” can go. How anyone can believe that these people deserve to be treated as a sovereign state is beyond me. Give the Islamists a chance? Why? They don’t fucking comprehend nationalism any more than shit-flinging apes do. They’re just a bunch of damned criminals who have discovered that they can play much of the western world for fools. Bleeding heart idiots buy into their propaganda. However, the assholes are going to have a harder time now that they’ve kidnapped and murdered this innocent boy. Sadistic shit like that is hard to justify, even with the AP euphemizing the hell out of it. Keep it up, dipshits! Dig yourselves a deeper hole. It will make it easier to bury the mess you have created.

  17. Michael Comment by Michael UNITED STATES

    I been saving this but now is the time!

  18. Unregistered Comment by LC & IB Hujonwi UNITED STATES

    That pic should also say.
    Pay no attention to shit coming out of the back of my pants…

  19. Unregistered Trackback by All Things Beautiful

    Pallywood Does Not Recognize Israel (UPDATED)…

    There are so many aspects to this, which ought to drive even the most dispassionate observer stalk raving mad with fury and frustration. How much further can our pitiful decent to this entirely self-induced mass folly go? …

  20. Deathknyte Comment by Deathknyte UNITED STATES

    Any word on the use of chem warfare?

    If the swine are stupid enough to try it, there are going to be alot of newly leveled areas in gaza.

    Does Israel have B-52’s ?

    I don’t think so. All I know for sure is that they have F-15’s and F-16’s.

  21. Sir Christopher Comment by Sir Christopher UNITED STATES

    It’s a game pali kids play. See who can throw the rock in the tank barrel. No rim, extra points.

  22. TPCrasher78 Comment by TPCrasher78

    I sure hope the Israelis use some of this soon….

    Israeli Eagles


    Israeli artillery

    Runnin Raggies


    Israeli troops

    Boy, it’s gonna suck when these guys and 30,000 others tear that shit up.

    Well, to quote an actor- “they’ve fucked with the wrong Jews….”

    Been kickin ass since 1948.

  23. TPCrasher78 Comment by TPCrasher78

    Storm hits

    And in other news today, Ramallah was hit by a serious heat storm, sending temperatures to a scorching 1000 degrees. Wew, hope you had your sunscreen today!

  24. Unregistered Comment by 15T40 SERBIA AND MONTENEGRO

    “The al-Aqsa Brigades have fired one rocket with a chemical warhead” at southern Israel, Abu Qusai, a spokesman for the group, said in Gaza.

    …ahem. cough. well. Say, there, Abu…you just, really really REALLY, don’t have a fucking clue, then, do you? Holy shit. I mean, he’s fucking kidding, right?


    If they really did “fire one rocket with a chemical warhead”, we may be witness to the last breaths of a large, very large, number of paliswinians.

    One can only hope.

  25. Unregistered Comment by 15T40 SERBIA AND MONTENEGRO

    From the Sydney Morning Herald:

    THE destruction of the only power plant in the Gaza Strip threatens to create a humanitarian disaster because the plant supplied electricity to two-thirds of Gaza’s 1.3 million residents and operated pumps that provided water.

    — Humanitarian disaster implies humans…

    Across Gaza yesterday, people hurried to stock up on emergency supplies of bottled water, candles and food that will not spoil.

    With nearly three-quarters of a million people without electricity, Gazans sat on the footpath to try to catch a breeze, glancing skyward when Israeli aircraft circled overhead.

    —Glancing skywards…and probably tossing rocks at ‘em

    Twelve hours later, workers at the power station were still hosing down six wrecked transformers billowing smoke after each one was picked off by a single missile, leaving heaps of buckled metal.

    The plant’s operations manager, Derar Abu Sisi, predicted it would not be generating again before the end of the year. He said: “What I know about war is that economics and infrastructure is usually the last target … We’re very sorry that it’s the first stage of war here. They know very well the electricity sector doesn’t have weapons.”

    —Aw, c’mon Sisi, when did a lack of weapons ever stop you guys?

    Britain has challenged Israel’s justification for the bombing of the plant. A Foreign Office spokesman said the destruction of the power station represented a collective punishment of a civilian population that posed no military threat. Collective punishments are a war crime outlawed by the fourth Geneva Convention.

    —Foreign Office spokesman based in Londinastan?

    Its closure will be felt acutely during the summer, when demand for air-conditioning peaks.

    Mark Regev, a spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry, insisted the destruction of the plant was done for purely military reasons. Israel has not adopted the Geneva Conventions into law but it says it abides by them.

    Mr Regev denied destroying the power station was illegal, saying his country was involved in a genuine military conflict. The plant cost about $US150 million ($205 million) and took more than five years to build. The plant is insured by a US government agency, and US officials say they expect American funds to be used to pay for the damage.

    —Can’t say we didn’t see that one comin’, did we?

    But paying a claim on the plant, which was insured for $US48 million, could prove problematic for the US, which cut off funding for all infrastructure projects in the Palestinian territories after the militant group Hamas won legislative elections in January.

    —If we cut off the funding, where’s the problem?

    Bush Administration officials said the restrictions on working with a Hamas-led government could further complicate the repair of the electric facility.

    The bombing of the plant could become a lasting problem for the Administration, which is appealing for an end to the showdown between Israelis and Palestinians in Gaza.

    Plans for the plant began in 1999, when two private investors laid down the blueprint for making the Palestinian territories less reliant on buying electricity from Israel.

    The project faltered when violence broke out in Gaza in 2000 and when one of the shareholders, Enron Corporation, collapsed into bankruptcy.

    —WTF??? Ken Lay??? HAHAHAHAHAHA

    But the other shareholder, the Palestinian construction mogul Said Khoury, continued to push forward. His construction company’s American subsidiary, the Morganti Group, bought out Enron’s stake in the plant.

    In 2002 the plant began operating and became the first such facility regulated by the Palestinian Energy Authority.

    In 2004, it reached full commercial capacity and its owners were able to buy $US48 million in “political risk” insurance from the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, an arm of the US government that provides American businesses with financing abroad.

    The corporation raises its reserve funds through insurance premiums but its funds are kept in the US Treasury and are controlled by Congress.

    Advocates for the Palestinians say the plant must be repaired, even if the US Government is forced to pay for it.

    —Who precisely are these advocates?

    “If you take out two-thirds of the power in a place like Gaza, and if this is the source of electricity that powers pumps for water, you may have a major crisis on your hands in short order,” said Ed Abington, a former consultant to the Palestinian Authority.

    —Yes you may. A thirsty rock thrower is an inaccurate rock thrower.

    Telegraph, London; Boston Globe; The Guardian