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I don’t usually get involved in blogwars, but this time I’m going to make an exception. A very loud, profane one, so hide the children because this is about to get ugly.

Some of you may remember the name of “Chuck Adkins.” I say “some of you” because he really is the very epitome of “insignificant”, a whiny little unemployable turd living with his momma while blaming everybody else, particularly George Bush, for his own shortcomings, shortcomings too numerous to even begin listing here. In other words, he’s a Nutroot.

All of this doesn’t really matter, however. After all, who really, truly gives a flying fuck at a rolling donut about yet another fat fuck with zero talents and even less value to humanity, maintaining a web site being read mainly by himself and his mother? Sure, he managed to get some attention when he started posting Michelle Malkin’s personal info on his shitty little site because he disagreed with her, and he got a bit more when he started throwing out threats about “taking out a hit” on other bloggers who dared question him, but he was still an insignificant little prick. What? Think I’m exaggerating? This is what the fat bag of pus had to say in email:

if you get your god damned head out your fucking ass or out of George W. Bush’s ASS you’d see that.
damned idiot, now go run your lame ass blog and leave me fuck alone, before I call a damn hit out on your ass. I know people in Georgia, ya know.

When informed that this was, as a matter of fact, an actual death threat and that the police would be informed, Chuck’s mother, G-d bless her for having to deal with a sorry ass excuse for a son like that, intervened and somehow managed to get it through the moron’s skull that he’d better lay off that kind of crap if he wanted to stay outside of jail. So he “decided” to “take a break from politics” and lay low. Which he should’ve stuck with, considering what comes next.

But of course the loudmouthed, morbidly obese little prick couldn’t stick with it, which led to one of LC & IB (and long time friend of mine) Mike Hendrix’s co-bloggers taking a humorous shot at his lack of willpower. Quite a mild one, if you ask me, and to make sure that everybody’s on the same page here, I’ll repost Randy’s exact words:

I’m also not even a tiny bit startled to find someone who not so very long ago was claiming to be cutting back on political commentary back at it full bore.

Ye gads. If principles were gasoline, some folks wouldn’t have enough to run an ant’s motorcycle halfway around a BB.

Nothing much here but a mild chuckle at Chuckle’s expense.

But Chuckleberry didn’t quite take it that way. Oh no he didn’t. He flew into a spittle-drenched rage, at which point he crossed every line known to mankind by posting this (since taken down without apology):

This might explain why this Christina Hendrix bitch is dead, If I had to hang around idiots like that, I’d fucking die too.

Yeah, I said that, I meant ever fucking word of it.

As you may recall, Christiana, Mike’s wife, was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident about half a year ago. Christiana who, by the way, had absolutely fucking NOTHING to do with whatever it is that got fat fart Chucky’s adult diaper all tied up in knots. Unless you call being married to somebody who runs a blog on which somebody else posts a snarky comment about the Detroit Dickhead known as Chuck Adkins “having something to do with it.”

Which is the point where I saw the RCOB descend before my eyes, and it’s never very fucking funny, nor an omen of good things to come when that happens. I really, truly hate it when The Machine pops up in my mind as if to say “you rang, master?” For the rest of the story, including Mike’s take on it and his correspondence with momma’s boy, go here.

All I have to say at this point is that Chucky, you really, truly done gone and did it now, you oozing, fat tub of rotten lard. You should’ve taken your momma’s advice and kept your fat pie hole shut, really you should, because at this point I wouldn’t sign you up for life insurance if you were the last fucking potential customer on Earth. I don’t know if you believe in Karma, as a matter of fact I highly doubt that your puny, double-digit mind has even heard of it since it doesn’t feature in your average Kindergarten readers, but she’s a bitch and she’s about to park a fucking semi on your doorstep and start unloading, you disgusting, pathetic excuse for a bipedal life form.

And yes, you can fucking take that any way you want too. I am a firm believer in “what goes around, comes around”, and if you have ever even heard of the concept, you cocksucking shitbird maggot pile of pus, you’d do yourself a huge favor by hiding deep inside a cave located in some turd world banana republic, because when yours does come around, in whatever shape that might take, it’s going to be so massively ugly that it’ll be used by toothless grandparents to scare their children into eating their veggies for generations to come.

You’re an accident waiting to happen, asshole, and I have a feeling that it won’t have to wait for much longer.

Sleep tight, fuckhead, sleep tight with one eye opened.


UPDATE: Jabba the Chuck has “accidentally” deleted his entire website, apparently, but not before some helpful souls mirrored the whole thing. Too bad, dumbass, but The Internet Is Forever™. Enjoy the rest of your miserable, pathetic waste of a life, especially if you somehow manage to get off your lardy, lazy, obscenely oversized arse and go in search of a job. It’d be fookin’ hilarious to see you get kicked out the door approximately 23 nanoseconds after you prospective employer Googles “Chuck Adkins.” If you don’t croak from a massive cardiac arrest before that, you grotesquely misshapen land whale.

But before the shitbird decided that trying to hide was the best option, he put up post after self-excusing post about how it wasn’t his fault and how Mike “started it.” The best part, however, was the bit about how everybody were being mean. To him. Call the Waaaaaah-mbulance Chucklehead, why don’t you. This bit was particularly rich in irony (thanks to LC Moriarty for providing us with it):

The point is folks, you can be angry with me, I’d expect this, I said something offensive. But leave my family out of it.

Yeah, he really said that. Embrace the irony, slapped on in multiple layers so thick that even Chuckles the Chimp wouldn’t be able to gnaw his way through it in less than a week. The slime that thought it appropriate to insult and denigrate the dead wife of somebody who had nothing to do with any of whatever the fuck it was that got twinkle-toes all tied up in knots actually whined about somebody dragging his family into it. Not to mention that, to the best of our knowledge, nobody ever DID drag his family into anything. G-d knows that his poor mother already have enough shit to deal with, being the unlucky soul having to provide the Creature that Ate Sheboygan with a shelter, not to mention *shudder* FOOD. Poor lady. Her grocery bill must read like the GDP of an industrialized nation.

It’d be a major financial windfall to her, were her offspring (if her offspring it is, seeing as how we doubt that anything human could give birth to that. Maybe aliens snatched her real son and replaced him with a giant amorphous glob of barely sentient snot) to have a tragic accident which, given its behavioral pattern, it’s bound to have sooner rather than later.

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Gee, we’re beginning to see why Huckabee is doing so well in the polls as of late. It’s because the average voter is a flippin’, card-carrying doofus. Or at least the ones responding to polls.

Not only did the Anointed Clown claim that his cozy relationship with noted mass murderer and dictator Castro was due to his not knowing anything about the Cuban Missile Crisis and related issues (and we must quote Hot Air’s Bryan here):

Surely he does remember hearing about Elian Gonzalez, sent back to Castro’s Cuba by Huckabee’s fellow Arkansan, Bill Clinton? The Mareil boatlift? The Cuban Missile Crisis? The Spanish-American War?

They do have schools in Arkansas, right? These schools do teach history? Mike Huckabee attended school and learned history at some point in his life?

…he’s also now admitting that he has changed positions on Cuba (that he claims to know nothing about) because, well, because he’s running for President.

Wow. What’s not to love?

He’s not merely a functional illiterate with less knowledge of U.S. history than your average EUroweenie fucking 2nd grader, he’s also a self-admitted opportunistic liar! Combine that with his hatred of his fellow citizens, calling them “racist and nativist” when they don’t agree with him that every single illegal immigrant in the country should receive for free, on the spot, what millions are waiting in line for decades and paying through the nose for, his tender heart when it comes to pardoning rapists and murderers, his love of raising taxes and his philosophy that we should deal with mentally unstable psychopaths like Ahmadinnerjacket according to the Golden Rule and it’s a wonder that he’s not ahead in the polls by 60 percent.

If he were running as a Democrat, that is.

At this point, all I can say is that the polls showing him way ahead as the potential GOP nominee in ‘08 had better be doctored by the MSM.

Because if that is really, truly what the GOP voters want next year, then I will not merely be staying at home in November, I’ll be feeling fucking GOOD about it. Heck, I would hold my nose and vote for McCain before I’d vote for this imbecilic, to-the-left-of-the-Hildebeest freak of nature, and you all know how I feel about McVain, so that oughta tell you something.

Somebody needs to get the Fred Machine kicked into high gear, because if Huckleberry here is our candidate next year, then the Dhimmicrats can run Josef Stalin’s fucking ghost against him and win.

In a landslide.

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Well, well, well, that didn’t take long.

The news had hardly broken that lives were saved in Colorado thanks to a brave, private citizen armed with a legal weapon before the impeccably credentialed and unbiased “journalists” of the MSM threw away their planned 14-installment eulogy for the poor misunderstood goblin and started devoting time to sliming the heroine instead:

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) - The security guard being credited with shooting the gunman responsible for the killings at a church and missionary training center in Colorado had been fired as a police officer in Minneapolis.

Minneapolis police say Jeanne Assam worked for that city’s department from 1993 to 1997, but was fired for lying during an internal investigation.

At least we know that the MSMidiots are capable of doing research. When it comes to digging out information in order to vilify and question a bona fide hero, that is. When that is what is at stake, they can dig 10 years back in order to find out that the Evil Private Citizen had lied. About what? Oh, but that’s the kicker:

The president of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis says police were investigating a complaint that Assam swore at a bus driver while she was handling an incident on a city bus. He says Assam denied that she swore at the driver, but her actions were caught on tape.

Oh. My. G-D!!!!!1!!!one!!!11!

She cussed! At a BUS DRIVER! What a psycho! What a mentally unstable MANIAC! What a, a, MONSTER! BURN HER!

Yep. The Associated (with terrorists) Press can dedicate all manner of resources to finding out that an upstanding citizen credited with saving an untold number of lies fibbed about cussing at a bus driver 10 fucking years ago, but when it comes to doing even the most basic of fact checking on their latest terrorist stringer provided fable out of the Middle East… Not so much.

Rope. Tree. Journalist.
Some assembly required.

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…because it tends to make you forget stuff that can be ever so embarrassing when you’re reminded of it later.

And apparently it’s an affliction that haunts Congressional Dhimmicrats in particular. Remember how the objectively pro-Haji party has been howling, screeching and moaning about the horrible “torture” methods being used by the CIA to protect American lives and how the implication has always been “if only we’d known sooner”, coupled with the usual pissing and panting from the Peanut Gallery at the Dreary Kos (among others) about “lack of oversight.”

Well, how’s this for oversight:

In September 2002, four members of Congress met in secret for a first look at a unique CIA program designed to wring vital information from reticent terrorism suspects in U.S. custody. For more than an hour, the bipartisan group, which included current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), was given a virtual tour of the CIA’s overseas detention sites and the harsh techniques interrogators had devised to try to make their prisoners talk.

“If only she’d known…” Oh, wait, scratch that… Oops.

They weren’t all that much outraged, OUTRAGED back then either, apparently:

Among the techniques described, said two officials present, was waterboarding, a practice that years later would be condemned as torture by Democrats and some Republicans on Capitol Hill. But on that day, no objections were raised. Instead, at least two lawmakers in the room asked the CIA to push harder, two U.S. officials said.

As a matter of fact, the Latter Day Torture Saints of the Dhimmicrat Party were anything but outraged:

“The briefer was specifically asked if the methods were tough enough,” said a U.S. official who witnessed the exchange.

Isn’t it amazing how actual facts like to come back and bite those hypocritical hucksters in the arse time and time again, and how their outrage, OUTRAGE seems to be coinciding strangely with, we don’t know, elections, maybe?

His Imperial Majesty may be a sadistic bastard on select issues, but at least we can credibly claim that we’re being a consistently sadistic bastard.


Note: Since the article isn’t awfully specific, we suppose that it could be possible that the ones asking for tougher methods were one or both of the Republican members of the group, but even so we’re quite amazed at the utter lack of objections from the “oh so concerned” Dhimmicrats present. Not.

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LC Lorraine was the first to alert us to the double church shooting that occurred right after the massacre in Omaha, but we got a bit tied up in business and never had a chance to post on it until now.

But let’s recap:

Mall directors violate citizens’ rights to self-defense, paint big bull’s-eyes on their chests and backs and this is what happens.

Another crazy goes nuts and tries to commit mass murder, only in this case an armed, law-abiding citizen is present at the scene of the second shooting. This is what happens.

Any questions?

I’m with the Imperial Firearms Advisor. I will either flat out refuse to set foot in a facility that demands the right to tie my hands behind my back and let a psychotic murderer have his merry way with me and my loved ones, OR I will violate the law and carry anyway.

The owners of the Westroads Mall are accomplices to eight counts of murder. The blood of the innocent are as much on their hands as it is on the murdering swine who at least had the good sense to kill himself, thus saving us from having to waste a red cent on his upkeep while the bleeding hearts tried to get him off the hook with sad tales of woe on a cold potty.

The owners of that mall are murderers. They’re criminally negligent and I hope and pray that they’re sued into oblivion, driven to suicide and made to rot in Hell for all of eternity.

Right next to the goblin whose actions they aided and abetted by helpfully rendering his victims unarmed and defenseless.

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We seriously don’t understand what all the excitement is about.

He loves taxes, ANY sort of taxes, and will happily sign on to any kind that the legislature might send to him. We don’t know, but conservatism must have taken a strange turn since we converted to it if that’s considered a viable position for a GOP candidate.

He’s all in favor of sending AIDS victims to the camps, or at least he used to be until somebody noticed. Now he’s claiming that nobody knew back in ‘92 that AIDS wasn’t transmitted by, we don’t know, handshakes or dirty looks. We’re willing to entertain the notion that Huckabee didn’t know, he doesn’t strike us as somebody weighed down by an overabundance of book learning, but everybody else above the age of four knew. Next, he’ll advocate gassing cancer patients, we’re sure. And the mentally retarded. No, he won’t do that. That would put himself in danger.

He has a rather impressive (if you’re a rapist or murderer or both) record of pardoning violent criminals, at least one of which went on to murder a mother of three. A strategy that worked really well for Dukakis, if we remember correctly.

He’s also on the record for calling opponents to amnesty for illegals “racist and nativist”, in the finest tradition of Michael Jerkoff, President Bush and Teddy Kennedy, and you all know how well that thing plays with people simply concerned about upholding the nation’s laws. But we guess that the law of the land means nothing to Huckabee which, again, is a rather curious position for a so-called “conservative” to take.

He’s a Gorebecile of the worst sort, fully devoted to worshiping at the altar of Global Wormening, even though he likes to pretend that he’s not all that sure that mankind has anything to do with it but, as he says:

“We have done more to abuse than use the planet.” He added that it’s better for Americans “to act as if global warming” is a scientific fact because there is “no downside in conserving our resources.”

Nope. No downside at all to mandatory caps on glowbull wormening “pollution.” It’s not like it’s going to create price increases as more expensive substitutes become needed to run the economy. Nor is heavily subsidizing worthless and expensive corn growing for ethanol going to cost a penny, much less shift food production away from, well, food production and cause scarcity and increased prices at the grocery store.

We throw away nail clippings more knowledgeable about economic basics than the sum total of whatever it is that keeps Huckabee’s ears from collapsing on the vacuum between them.

And he’s a GOP “front runner?’

Gee, they may have finally gone and done it: Create a “Republican” candidate that makes the Hildebeest look only mildly insane by comparison.

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Some sort of fartwah from the religion of piss, that is. Except for poor lil’ ol’ me. It’s just not fair. Now it’s Mark Steyn, curse his brilliant bones, who has attracted the attention of a bunch of hysterical, censor wannabe mooselimb students in Canada. OK, as fartwahs go, that’s not much of one but still. It’s a damn sight more than I’ve ever got.

Four students at Toronto’s Osgoode Hall Law School are accusing Maclean’s magazine of violating their human rights over an article titled The Future Belongs to Islam.

Living in a future that belonged to pisslam would most certainly violate my human rights, as amply documented by the atrocities, perversions of justice etc. etc. committed on a daily basis in every single country run by that sick death cult.

They’ve filed complaints with the federal, Ontario and British Columbia human rights commissions over the October 2006 article.

Sticks and stones and all that. Which part of “freedom of speech” do you NOT understand, you pointy-headed poop-packers?

The article discusses the high birth rate among Muslims and speculates that Islamic people could become the majority population in Europe. It also says some Muslims are violent radicals.

And which part of that is a “violation against somebody’s human rights”, pray tell? Unless being insulated from facts is a “human right”, of course. Is there anything about the above that isn’t an objective statement of fact?

Give us more, O Emperor! »

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Missed this one initially because I was busy, but I just learned of it from LC & IB Mike.

Looks like the CIA destroyed tapes of interrogations of terrorists and, for what it’s worth, I’m with Bryan of Hot Air on this one.

The noodle-spined weasel parasites in DC just decided that the well-being and comfort of terrorists is more important to them than the lives of their voters, and then they passed the buck downwards to the interrogators. Shit rolls downhill, and the career bureaucrats in DC produce a lot of it.

So what’s the CIA to do? All of a sudden the clowns in DC have decided that interrogating terrorists is illegal if it goes beyond withholding the sugar from their tea, so obviously the interrogators are worried that they might end up in a lot of retroactive trouble. And don’t forget that those “illegal” interrogation methods led to a lot of actionable intel that saved a LOT of lives, something worth remembering before you start weeping over the plights of terrorists in custody.

Oh, and as LC & IB Mike mentions, it gets worse. Even His Imperial Omniscience didn’t know about that one, and it tells us all we need to know about our “Eternal Friends” the Saudis and the Pakistanis as well.

Read the post, but here’s a summary: We trick a terrorist into thinking that he’s being held by the Saudis. As a result, he demands that he speak to some of his friends in the Saudi government, three of them to be exact. He also fingered the chief of the Pakistani air force.

We then pass the info along to our “friends” the Saudis and Pakis and, coincidence of coincidence, all four of them suddenly have tragic and fatal “accidents.”

Yep, the Saudis and Pakis sure are “reliable and loyal friends” and a “valuable asset” in the Long War.

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The Puppy Blender, who by the way is a law professor, has the following suggestion regarding the Omaha mass murder (link thanks to LC Shamalama):

It seems to me that we’ve reached the point at which a facility that bans firearms, making its patrons unable to defend themselves, should be subject to lawsuit for its failure to protect them. The pattern of mass shootings in “gun free” zones is well-established at this point, and I don’t see why places that take the affirmative step of forcing their law-abiding patrons to go unarmed should get off scot-free.

He’s absolutely right, you know, for all of the reasons that he states.

There is, at this point, no reasonable argument, much less a compelling one, against a correlation between “gun free zones” and the likelihood that they’ll be the target of mass shootings, so nobody making their property a “gun free zone” can convincingly argue that they had no way of knowing or that they were acting in good faith.

At this point, it is abundantly clear to any reasonable person that banning legal carry of weapons poses an increased risk to the individual, so the logical conclusion is that if you ban firearms on the premises, you take it upon yourself to provide adequate security for visitors. And if you fail in doing so (remember that even the mall security guards were unarmed), you become liable.

Sue the shit out of them.

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Sometimes we hate being right, and this is one of those times.

When the terrible news broke about the horror at the Westroads Mall in Omaha, Nebraska, our second thought (our first thought was a combination of sheer horror and prayers to G-d for comfort and strength to the loved ones of the victims) was “we’re willing to bet that this is yet another one of those ’subhuman beast somehow, mysteriously ignores ‘gun free zones’ signs and goes to town on innocent victims in what amounts to a ‘free fire zone’ cases.”

We also had a pretty solid feeling that the MSMidiots would somehow, mysteriously, fail to report on that “tiny” fact. Well guess what? We were right. Again:

The horrible tragedy at the Westroads Mall in Omaha, Neb. received a lot of attention Wednesday and Thursday. It should have. Eight people were killed, and five were wounded.

A Google news search using the phrase “Omaha Mall Shooting” finds an incredible 2,794 news stories worldwide for the last day. From India and Taiwan to Britain and Austria, there are probably few people in the world who haven’t heard about this tragedy.

But despite the massive news coverage, none of the media coverage, at least by 10 a.m. Thursday, mentioned this central fact: Yet another attack occurred in a gun-free zone.

Gee, we wonder why? They certainly had everything else covered, didn’t they? Within hours they breathlessly reported everything about the psycho bastard: His history as a “troubled youth”, the make and model of his weapon, the contents of his suicide note, everything except for his shoe size. But somehow, inexplicably, they failed to notice that yet another mass murder committed with a gun was committed in a “gun free zone.”

Which is, by the way, about as “professional” as writing 15 articles about a “mysterious plane crash” and not once mentioning that the engines had fallen off or that the plane hadn’t been refueled prior to take-off.

If the MSM journaljizzmers with their impeccable credentials and googly-umpteen layers of rigorously fact-checking editors fail to notice the signs plastered all over the mall, is it any wonder that a psychopath criminal misses them too? The poor guy probably wasn’t aware that he was breaking the law. If only he’d seen the signs, he would surely have had second thoughts and decided not to go murder eight innocent people. After all, bringing a gun to a “gun free zone” is a CRIME, right? And we all know that if there’s ONE thing that cold-blooded, heartless, psychopathic murderers respect, it’s the law.

Back here in the real world, if you do some basic Google research (we wouldn’t expect anybody to match the flawless in-depth research done by the Einsteins of the MSM. They’re so much better than we are, after all), you’ll find that every single massacre like this one that has been committed since some gummint imbecile dreamed up “gun free zones” has been committed in one. Every. Single. One.

If we were the scientifically minded type, we might almost think that there’s some sort of correlation here. But that would be ridiculous, because surely The Deciders™ in the MSM would have noticed and reported on that, if that were the case. Must be nothing but a coinky-dink.

Now, of course, the thing that you’re bound to get thrown in your face if you suggest that maybe Open Season on Innocents, er Victims Guaranteed to be Defenseless, er Gun Free Zone signs aren’t all that safe and therefore not much of a good idea (except from the criminal’s point of view, of course), is that “nobody would’ve been able to do anything anyways, even if they had been carrying, because those things just happen too fast.”

Which isn’t a completely astoundingly asinine and imbecilic argument. Because yes, Virginia, they can happen even in areas where everybody and their cousins thrice removed are carrying. Yet, somehow, they don’t seem to happen there, do they?

The civic value of law-abiding citizens bearing arms isn’t in “we need somebody there to return fire”, although that certainly is a bonus if the situation drags out for a while. It’s in deterrence. Because somebody in such a place just might be carrying, and they just might be right next to you when you pull your rifle out of your duffel bag, or whichever method you’ve decided to use in your sick, deranged, criminal mind. And then your “blaze of glory” will suddenly turn into a hollowpoint unceremoniously planted between your beady, piggy eyes before you even get a chance to take aim.

Remember: Most of those notorious nutcases want to be noticed, they long for their deaths to “mean something.” If there’s one thing they don’t want, it’s to be executed on the spot by a law-abiding, gun-toting civilian like the common criminals that they are. The slime that committed the Omaha atrocity ended his suicide note with “now I’ll be famous.” (See what good that’s going to do you in Hell, you swine). And if you don’t believe us, we invite you to look past incidents up, because even if you don’t believe that murderers prefer “Gun Free” zones, the criminals certainly seem to.

And, of course, in addition to pure deterrence, allowing law-abiding gun owners to carry adds greatly to the probability that one is in the immediate vicinity of the goblin when he decides to carry out the atrocity.

It’s not a guarantee, nothing but death, taxes and corruption in politicians is guaranteed, but neither is locking all the doors and windows in your house a guarantee against burglary. That doesn’t mean that you’re going to leave them all open in the future, does it? Think about it.

We pray that Almighty G-d may embrace the ones left behind and grant them peace, strength and comfort, and we pray that the imbecilic “gun free zone” laws are repealed as soon as possible.

Before they and the politicians who embrace them claim any more innocent victims.

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