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I’m working today (after all, aren’t all vets supposed to?), but on the way home, I’ll stop by a cemetery and spend a few moments looking at the plain marker in the ground and planting a small flag. It isn’t particularly different than any other marker, it includes a name, Wallace Coleman, birth date and date of passing to his Eternal Reward. Also inscribed on that small piece of granite is World War 2.

I came to know Wally, as I finished my State Police Auxiliary Trooper training and was assigned as a probationary officer. Wally was my platoon leader during this initial 6-months evaluation period, before receiving my permanent appointment.

At the time each platoon, in addition to their assigned evening shift, was also assigned to a Sunday day shift during the “beach” season, to assist with the extensive traffic along the I-95 corridor. Wally being of one of those nearly indeterminate ages, was having some vision problems, and barely able to complete the firearms re-qualifications required of all sworn troopers. As such, Wally chose not to drive during his day and evenings shifts and I found myself being his driver/partner during those Sunday day-shift patrols.

Wally was a stern, yet gentle leader, that commanded respect in a quiet manner. His sheer size, with no neck, 5-lb ham–sized fists and shiny dark teak-colored skin also gave him a tough look in spite of the close-cropped gray haircut. His uniform was alway immaculate and it was immediately understood that anyone not appearing as sharp as he did, would be written up and the item corrected before leaving the troop.

As we got to know each other better, he learned that I had been in the Navy Submarine Service and he opened up a little. I learned that he had grown up in the deep south and saw the Navy as an opportunity to better himself, learn a useful trade and serve his country in spite of it’s blemishes of the ongoing racism, still prevalent in society. The memory is a bit faded but I recall, Wally joined sometime in 1940 and decided that the Submarine Service was the way to go. Our military at the time, continued to be segregated in that blacks were severely limited to the ratings they could serve in and Wally was assigned to Steward (Cook/Waiter) school in a class of 50 others.

He graduated and was assigned to the fleet and completed his submariner’s qualifications in record time, and was advanced in rank accordingly. During this pre-war period, the Navy also found another talent Wally had, boxing. The Navy’s policy encouraged physical fitness and boxing was highly enjoyed by all, with unofficial wagering on the outcome of various tournaments that were held in-port. Wally quickly advanced to and became the All-Pacific Champion and also prevailed over the Australian All-Navy Champion as his boat was home-ported in San Diego but forward deployed to Darwin Naval Base.

Wally loved the land down under, as his color had no impact on what and where he was permitted. Also he met and fell in love with a girl that would later become his wife while there. December 7, 1941 broke up the idyllic life of a sailor in the south Pacific theater and he found himself on war patrol, often engaged in special missions, moving about and retrieving the courageous Aussie Coast Watchers. Moving into littoral waters on these missions put the boats at risk without sufficient depth to submerge and avoid the enemy. During the war years, Wally was a crewman on three subs, the first two being sunk by enemy action and he was lucky enough to survive along with a few shipmates each time and received decorations for each. (I suspect one was the Navy Cross, indirectly learned by a few old mates at the funeral, but typical of his personality, he refused to admit it). His comment was “I just did what I had to, helping my shipmates.”

With the end of the war, Wally now advanced to the rank of Chief Petty Officer decided to continue his Naval Service and was assigned to Submarine Base New London. As an aside, he was one of only 4 of his original Steward training classmates that survived. He completed numerous tours of both the Atlantic and Mediterranean seas. He became extremely fond of the UK, and Scotland in particular, as visiting there he received a King’s Welcome among his fellow Freemasons.

Wally and his wife quietly lived and raised two children, became a deacon in a local church, joined the State Police and following his Navy retirement took a part-time job “to keep busy” in his words, at the newly built casino nearby. He was first and foremost a man of quiet dignity, that respected each man as he deserved. In spite of his increasing years he never lost the immense strength of that young man the boxer. I personally witnessed him stiff-arming a 200 lb miscreant onto the hood of a cruiser, sliding him hard enough to knock the goblin out against the windshield.

Wally developed further medical complications and reluctantly he was de-certified for patrol duties and spent the rest of his service to the state in administrative capacities.

In 1992, the L_rd called Wallace Coleman home. Another veteran of the ‘Greatest Generation’ was called home to his Creator and shipmates. He was afforded a full-military funeral from the State Police with Honor Guard, Pipers and a Firing Squad along with the Masonic Funeral rituals. I was honored to be a pall-bearer, taking my old friend to his final rest. The crack of the rifles brought a finality to our mortal friendship.

So to my friends here, today when you think of the millions of Vets that have gone before, put in a word for Wallace A. Coleman, Chief Steward, USN. I’m sure he’s rather busy, keeping St. Peter’s sailors in good chow and hot coffee.

Fair Winds and Following Seas my friend, save me a good rack will ya?

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I’m still getting some disturbances with the site, but thanks to DJ for all the hard work, it’s definitely getting faster.

Hat Tip to Da’ Bac for this little gem !!! Thanks Buddy !!!!

Regardless, I’ll post this up as it’s a good read and I owed M a way overdue post over at Cigar Intelligence Agency:

Demonstrating classic Clintoonian politics, Hillary gets nailed twice in ONE week. First she pulls a classic Kerry Two-Step on a softball question, now she’s planting questions in the crowd and her succubi handlers aren’t above planting them with kids.

Break out the popcorn and a beverage, once the primaries are over, this campaign is gonna’ get right sporty if not outright hilarious.

Clinton Campaign Confirms Planting Town Hall Question, Says It Won’t Happen Again

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John Coleman-Founder of the Weather Channel Network, cuts loose on the Glowball Wormening Crowd.

‘Weather Channel Founder: Global Warming ‘Greatest Scam in History’

Here’s a teaser:

It is the greatest scam in history. I am amazed, appalled and highly offended by it. Global Warming; It is a SCAM. Some dastardly scientists with environmental and political motives manipulated long term scientific data to create an illusion of rapid global warming. Other scientists of the same environmental whacko type jumped into the circle to support and broaden the “research” to further enhance the totally slanted, bogus global warming claims. Their friends in government steered huge research grants their way to keep the movement going. Soon they claimed to be a consensus.

I don’t think I have a thing to add, do go read the entire piece.

Caution: If you’re an acolyte of the Goreacle, please close all windows and remove sharp objects from your immediate vicinity, if you dare to face the truth.

Carry On.

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It is that time of the week again.

And we sure wouldn’t want anyone to miss out, as the Imperial Torturer™ tell us the Dungeon Gameroom is at capacity from last week’s no-shows.

Of course, the standard lineup is on tap:

LC Jackboot, Imperial Correspondent and Ambassador to the Outer Blue Rim and Ranter Extraordinaire™ slicing, dicing and stomping the left on Tuesday Truth 7-9:30 CT and yes I might consider taking music requests. That doesn’t mean I’ll play them however.

Immediately followed by his Imperial Vileness, Misha I with Keep The Home Fires Burning 9:30-12:00 am CT. He’ll take requests too, but be careful what you wish for.

Reach us on the RadioCIA request line ciarequest AT gmail DOT com or via Yahoo Instant Messenger (tuesdaytruth) / (emperor_misha)

We do get rather busy on the console, so your patience is appreciated and please, no IM “Buzz” that’s reserved for technical emergencies.

Be there early, as we’ve been running at near capacity on seating.

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Baseball is over, so you have no excuse as it’s: ROTTIE RADIO NIGHT !

You betcha! 5 solid hours of the ass-kickingest radio that the Intertubes have to offer. Please exercise caution, if there are any loony, librul, leftards about, ensure all windows are closed and sharp objects are under lock and key. Otherwise our official Imperial Trash Technician™ will have quite the mess to deal with.

Standard Lineup O’ Doom:

LC Jackboot, Imperial Correspondent and Ambassador to the Outer Blue Rim and Ranter Extraordinaire™ slicing, dicing and stomping the left on Tuesday Truth 7-9:30 CT and yes I might consider taking music requests. That doesn’t mean I’ll play them however.

Immediately followed by his Imperial Vileness, Misha I with Keep The Home Fires Burning 9:30-12:00 am CT. He’ll take requests too, but be careful what you wish for.

Reach us on the RadioCIA request line ciarequest AT gmail DOT com or via Yahoo Instant Messenger (tuesdaytruth) / (emperor_misha)

We do get rather busy on the console, so your patience is appreciated.

We’ve been nearly sold out the last few weeks so grab your chair and a libation early.

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The androgynous half of the Klintoon Krime Kartel, is dominating the news, but it’s largely due to the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy™ running negative segments on conservative talk radio. Riigggghhhhhtttttt.

Clinton Dominates Campaign News

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton has dominated news coverage of the 2008 White House race, partly due to negative segments about her on conservative talk radio, according to a new study released on Monday.

Absolutely, and with all the hit pieces from those evil Rethuglican journalists like this one: Hillary’s Big Bash, I’m not surprised.

Clinton was the main subject of 17 percent of stories during the first five months of this year, almost twice as much coverage as the leading Republican candidate, Rudy Giuliani, who had 9 percent, the study found.

So the question really is, exactly who decides what stories go into the media maelstrom? What with all her appearances and puff-piece articles from the fawning journaljizmers, I would be surprised if she didn’t dominate election coverage.

The tone of coverage for the two during that period was about equal — roughly 37 percent of stories were negative while 27 percent were positive, according to the study by the Project for Excellence in Journalism and Harvard University’s Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy.

Now we’re getting somewhere. Hillary’s negative ratings, in other words, voters clearly committed against her is at about 46% putting her at the top of heap on both sides of the aisle. Here we have only slightly over a third of the articles about her that were characterized as ‘negative’, but from my own informal research the negative material is primarily from her Democratic rivals playing to the Loony Left. The Dead Stream Media studiously ignores talk-radio except when they can pile on and attack the host, not the story itself. See: Rush Phony Soldier Brouhaha.

The study was based on the election coverage of 48 different media outlets, covering online, radio, television, and newspapers. A story was categorized as having a positive or negative tone if two-thirds of its assertions were explicitly in one direction.

You know we can in fact, read out here in the blogospheric community. I’ve read literally hundreds of campaign coverage articles and I can say without reservation that very few stories are balanced anywhere near what you’re alleging here. Using “tone” is rather a subjective measure of an article and entirely based on the perception and ideology of the individual reader or listener.

Conservative radio show hosts such as Rush Limbaugh have criticized Clinton for years, from her days as the first lady in the 1990s to New York senator and now candidate for the November 2008 presidential election. The review found that 86 percent of their segments on her were negative.

No Shit Sherlock? And exactly how much did you spend on that study? Rush, Hannity, Beck and Levin have been hammering on her with solid, fact-based material. The Cankled One herself is responsible for the negative image as the Klan can’t help themselves from associating with criminals, hoodlums, foreign “donors” and generally ne’er do wells. The Clinton’s have never met a scam or Hsu they didn’t like.

Both Clinton and Giuliani consistently top national polls in the race for their party nomination. However, Clinton’s lead is narrower in the early primary voting states of New Hampshire and Iowa and Giuliani trails former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in those two states.

The candidate with the most negative coverage during the first five months of 2007 — almost 48 percent of stories — was Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain. His campaign was in turmoil then because of rapid spending and staff shake-ups.

Traitor McSwine, well and truly deserves each and every one of the negatives. It’s called talking out of your mouth and ass simultaneously, something even the unwashed masses can see.

Democratic hopeful Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois received the most positive coverage, 47 percent, during that period. He raised more campaign dollars than Clinton during the first half of the year but has not been able to close the gap in polls.

Yes, we were beginning to wonder when the media wonder-boy’s fresh-face would wear a bit thin. I suppose Madame LaFarge finally loosed her hounds on the MSM to bring down Dumbo, even though he was managing quite well on his own.

The study found that Democrats received more coverage than Republicans but said that was in part because Republicans with big money war chests announced their bids later than Democrats. It was also due to media attention on the possibility of the United States’ first female president, Clinton, and first black president, Obama.

Oh the poor destitute dems, Hillary raised $26 million in the first quarter of the year, with Romney at $23 million (a significant portion his own) and Rudy’s war chest for the quarter was only at $15 million. Yep it’s the big war-chest of the Republicans ensuring the Dems are getting the lion’s share of coverage.

Overall, the 2008 presidential election was second only in news coverage to the war in Iraq, according to the Project for Excellence in Journalism’s News Coverage Index.

We can think of a special Project for Excellence in Journalism, but it’s illegal in all 50 states.

“What political scientists used to call the ‘Invisible Primary’ of endorsements, fund-raising and organizational work, in other words, is invisible no more,” the study said.

Huh? The only thing that isn’t invisible anymore is the blatant, seething bias of academia and the LameStream Midiots™ We can always count of phony pollsters and ’studies’ to do their prevaricating best in proof of their agenda.

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Amidst all the celebration and merry-making for our new digs, AND furthermore being Friday for some of us. Why not turn off the idiot box and tune in some Radio? I can’t dance (it’s rattles the monitor off the desk) but you sure can.

Freaky Friday on RadioCIA. I’ll be on from 7 pm CT until I give it up. It is MIX night and I’ll take all requests. ciarequest AT or on the tuesdaytruth Yahoo IM.


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Most of us here in the Reagan-Conservative wing of the party, just haven’t seen the fire in our early favorite Fred Thompson. Fred has the creds as a true conservative, but the generals are going to require running a positive campaign on principles and value. We can’t afford to run from a defensive posture or make the central theme attacking Hillary in spite of the target rich environment that comes with her ‘resume’. The real danger lies in the values voters segment of the wobbly GOP. The RINO/Limo-Cons in the RNC will be pushing for a more moderate candidate, and as expected Rudy appears at this juncture to be their boy.

I have every confidence in Rudy Giulani’s ability to serve competently in the Oval Office, but I fear he’s carefully masked his own RINO side, I like to call it “Bloomberg-Lite”. This is how I see it. Rudy takes the nomination, the RNC plays up his moderate side, the solid conservative base walks and Hillary wins by default.

The Bottom Line: The only hope of electing a true Conservative into the White House is to run a solid, value-based campaign with a candidate beyond reproach on the touchstones of Reagan Conservatism. Smaller government, lower taxes, strong national defense (including border issues), openly pro-Second Amendment, and commitment to appointing strict constructionists to the federal bench.

Said candidate, needs to be ready to stand-up and throw enough punches to resist the surefire, full-throttle attacks that the Hillary crowd is guaranteed to use and more importantly, stay on-message.

So far, we just haven’t seen that from Fred, we expected his late entry to be immediately followed by an all-out sprint and it just hasn’t happened.

Enter the previous long-shot, Mike Huckabee. I’ve been following him, catching bits and pieces of interviews, sound-bites and the odd info-bit. The more I hear the more I like, he has an in-your-face style, 100% Reagan Conservative principles and no fear of expressing them sans nuance. He’s the Real Deal. Period.

Huckabee is showing all the signs of making a strong showing in Iowa, likely a strong second place and more importantly I came across this piece:

Huckabee, Romney Chalk Up Wins

His general characterization as a long-shot was based on his previous fund-raising ability, but the value voters are key to correcting that. In spite of a relatively small poll, it shows great potential for him. Other sources are beginning to chatter about Huckabee as an undercard for Rudy, but that won’t satisfy the wing of the party that’s had it with RINOs. We’re smart enough to see that as a “tossing us a bone” from the RNC, and it won’t work in the general elections.

I think we all need to give Mike Huckabee another look, a real HARD look.

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We all bear witness to the decay of our traditional sense of community geographically. Some of us are fortunate to live in areas where good neighbors and communities exist, while many of us do not. Many of us are fortunate to have family close at hand (biological or extended), others not.

While Red and I don’t have the good fortune to reside in a geographic good-neighbor community and don’t have family nearby, the spiritual part of the concept we’ve found right here. It is possible for them to exist in the virtual world as we can communicate freely our thoughts, joys and sorrows with others that we freely chose. There are endless stories of folks making friends via the Intertubewebnet™ only to meet and find it doesn’t work in the real world. I was fortunate enough, along with the rest of y’all attending the Tampa Rott-Fest 2007, to find something different here, something special. The majority of us meeting in the real-world for the first time were astounded that it was merely a physical extension of our little virtual community here. Something very, very special and wonderful. Friends already, the weekend (entirely too short) made even closer friends out of our little gang. We all went home the better for it too. My own sense of belonging to something both rare and unusual in our aloof society was immensely reinforced and grown. I indeed had found a group of people that I’d gladly share a home, community, hot-tub and a meal with anytime, anywhere, anyplace and anywhen. True friends.

Last week found me at the absolute bottom of what’s been a rough year, to say the least. Everyone has a personal breaking point and us male types are conditioned to plod on, without asking for help, call it stubborn, pride, stupid or all three, it just is. The lovely wife, knowing I was snapping and unable to provide the “guy perspective” made a late night call to the Boss. He answered on the second ring and instantly knew something was seriously amiss. We spoke at length and he once again yanked me out of the funk. G-d Bless you for that Brother. I repeatedly insisted that he not take the situation to the pack for help, but being who he is, and y’all know the rest.

The response from the Empire’s LCs was astounding is rather an understatement. We both had a good cry when the help came rolling in, just in time. I don’t feel worthy of the support (that pride thing again) that y’all came up with, but G_d in His infinite wisdom, moved the hearts and minds of our friends here on the Rott to pitch in, when one of our own hollered “Hey Rube”.

We can’t possibly pay it back, but we all can pay it forward, and we will. We reap what we sow, and you our friends, have sown seeds that really helped pull us through a tight spot. As my late grandmother would’ve said “You just got another star in your Heavenly Crown”. All of you.

Thank you all for the prayers and well-wishes too, we sure did say our prayers in thanks to Him for our friends here at the Rott.

G_d Bless You All, our friends.

JB and Country-Red

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[My B.A.D. Hat-Tip to Kender and LC Mrs. M-ITT™ for the linky love]

In an interview that would should have been conducted in the original german, Vincente Fox apparently missing his cabana-boy, takes a swipe at the American Master Race™ and their oppression of brown people. Nonetheless that doesn’t stop him from pitching for moving towards a North American Union.

The usual, removal all breakable and unload any nearby firearms apply. The Imperial Budget doesn’t have an allowance for replacing household items.

Give us more, O Emperor! »

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