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LC Serena, the perpetual lurker manages to find the time to post a righteous screed on her latest experiences in the moldy halls of academia.

I must say, she seems determined to torment the pointy-headed denizens thereabouts endlessly, while performing at 100%+ academically.

It’s rather lengthy, so I’ll save the Emperor’s bandwidth and send you over to the Cigar Intelligence Agency, to read the whole thing:

Great Moments In Coledge Edukayshun

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If this was the vaudeville days of yore, this assclown would’ve already gotten the hook. In spite of his nearly continuous demonstration of any leadership acumen, he still manages to swindle dollars to keep his leaky raft campaign afloat.

Obama stops wearing flag pin

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama says he no longer wears an American flag lapel pin because it has become a substitute for “true patriotism” since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

The only true patriotism as defined by MurthaMutt, Reid, Lugosi, Commodore Oldsmobile and the Breck Girl, being surrender, cut, run and hide under your momma’s (or wife’s for John-Boy) skirts.

He commented on the pin in a television interview Wednesday and then again on Thursday at a campaign appearance in Independence, Iowa.

Not being bright enough to realize he shoved his head so far up his ass only his tonsils stopped it, he REPEATS himself.

Noting the TV interview, he told the campaign crowd, “I said, you know what, I probably haven’t worn a flag pin in a very long time. After a while I noticed people wearing a lapel pin and not acting very patriotic.”

Pins don’t make for patriotic, nor can unpatriotic hide behind a pin. But in your case, screaming at every turn that you were against the war, before and currently during the war rules you out of the “patriotic” category permanently. I hold all you gutless, treasonous bastards accountable for putting political gain ahead of the national security in time of war. Blood is on your hands and it grows everyday as you merrily undermine the nation at war.

“My attitude is that I’m less concerned about what you’re wearing on your lapel than what’s in your heart. You show your patriotism by how you treat your fellow Americans, especially those who serve. You show your patriotism by being true to our values and ideals. That’s what we have to lead with is our values and our ideals.”

Pardon me while I heave up my Dunkin’ Donuts Xtra-Large Coffee. Urrrrrpppppp. Patriotism is proudly displaying and serving beneath that flag, citizen and soldier alike. That flag flew over countless foreign lands and here at home, under enemy fire, liberating the oppressed and restoring freedom to others at the cost of American blood and treasure. The flag, you scrotum-licking hack, epitomizes values and ideals that are obviously beyond your comprehension and that of the socialist succubi that are turning your organ-grinder’s wheels.

He had been asked about the pin Wednesday in an interview with KCRG-TV in Cedar Rapids.

“The truth is that right after 9/11 I had a pin,” Obama said. “Shortly after 9/11, particularly because as we’re talking about the Iraq war, that became a substitute for I think true patriotism, which is speaking out on issues that are of importance to our national security.”

Obama was campaigning Thursday on the third day of a four-day trip to the early voting state.

What don’t you understand here Dumbo? 9/11 woke up our nation to the biggest threat to our security since WW2. For awhile we had clarity, resolve and determination to engage an enemy on multiple fronts, using unconventional means necessary for an asymmetric war. A war that by it’s very definition would likely carry onto the next generation. The enemy has been waging it for SEVEN Centuries, only a fool believes that it would end with the capture of a few leaders. America saw during that cusp event, the true face of evil. The utterly inhuman evil of islamo-fascism without the dismissive attitude of the appeasement/peacenik crowd poo-pooing the existence of such evil. Decades of liberal-speak denying evil or apologizing and equivocating it was ripped away in a few hours that morning.

At one stop, he called for new restrictions on deployment of National Guard and Reserve troops along with an expansion of benefits for them and their families.

“I will not be a president who extends tours for our Guard units overseas while Americans are stranded on rooftops right here at home,” Obama said.

He said he would require “a period of rest and standard of readiness” before troops could be redeployed. He called for the head of the National Guard to be elevated to four-star rank and given a seat among the Joint Chiefs of Staff to reflect the heavy reliance on Guard soldiers and reservists during the Iraq war.

Continuing rapidly towards his maximum entropy, B. Hussein trots out Katrina as justification for his stance. Those people were stranded on the rooftops by the incompetent, corrupt local and state government, that the victims kept voting into office. I am fucking fed-up to the top of my cranium with any equation involving the WoT and the post-Katrina fiasco.

I propose an addendum to Godwin’s Rule of conversation: Any person or persons equating any aspect of the war on terror, having or contributing to the events surrounding Hurricane Katrina is forever rendered irrelevant, and bestowed the title of Lifetime Idiotarian. We’ll even buy you the pin and brand it on your forehead.

Since 2001, Obama said, more than 580,000 reservists have been activated, a level not seen since World War II.

In making his case, Obama pointed to an Iowa unit in which members learned from family and friends back home that their deployment had been extended. That unit — the 1st Battalion of the 133rd Infantry — recently returned after a 22-month deployment in Iraq.

“When we’ve got service members who have to find out that their tour has been extended in a phone call home, we’re not keeping that trust and we’re not keeping this country safe,” Obama said.

Is is remotely possible, Dumbo, that specific unit movements and deployments are of a classified nature and outside of general public announcements on purpose? Do tell specifically how keeping our troops in the field (because they’re needed you ass-wipe) makes us less safe?

He also called for increased mental health services, including screening and treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. He said nearly half of the National Guard troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan suffer from psychological problems, yet little emphasis is put on treating those disorders.

“We’re not providing adequate treatment, screening and benefits,” said Obama. “We need more mental health professionals and more training to recognize the signs.”

Bullshit on that play too. PTSD was a disease specifically identified symptomatically by military medical professionals. Shell-Shock, Battle Fatigue were all terms used to describe what we now call PTSD. Likewise, much of the treatment regimens were developed by the military medical community. The DoD is aware of this need and providing it. I can personally attest to this, as I have a family member that was required to undergo counseling in-country and stateside immediately when he unit transferred back home. Continuing services are available to anyone requesting them or as medically determined necessary.

What would you propose Obama? The Oprah Show-Miracle PTSD Cure™?

Fucking socialist, America-hating maggots, using poor military medical services as campaign fodder, simultaneously trying to defund the war is hypocrisy of the most egregious sort. Treasonous in it’s intent and effect.

You are now free to do the honorable thing B. Hussein, eat a large-caliber bullet. Let us know we’ll provide the round and a suitable weapon to fire it from.

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Clinton assails Bush’s ‘war on science’

Why yes, we did notice that RoveBushMcHitler are indeed carrying out a war on science, just last week my Imperial Correspondent’s spy network reported that the administration is working on a draft proposal to rescind gravity and lock-up those pesky Globull Worming Twoofers.

Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton cited frustrated scientists and a comedian Thursday as she assailed President Bush’s record on scientific study and pledged to rescind his restrictions on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.

Didn’t we already settle this issue? If embryonic stem cell research had any possibility whatsoever of a significant medical breakthrough the private sector would have hundreds of millions invested in it. It doesn’t. Conclusion….it’s a dead-end for now.

The presidential candidate also said she would bar political appointees from altering or removing scientific conclusions from government research without a legitimate reason for doing so.

No indeedy, we can’t have people actually attempting to revise and/or correct poorly conducted, biased research. It’s much better to spend another umpteen million (or so) to do another study. Notably absent is what exactly constitutes government research? Papers published directly by a federal agency or funded by the government?

“The Bush administration has declared war on science,” the New York senator said. “When I am president, scientific integrity will not be the exception it will be the rule.”

Her address to the Carnegie Institution for Science was a preview of what she said would be more detailed proposals in coming weeks on energy and environmental issues.

Gee whiz and here I thought the Air Force has made some incredible breakthroughs in missile defense systems, the human genome project is making huge advances in medicine. Whoda thunk Noodlespine was making war on those scientific advances?

Give us more, O Emperor! »

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And where did it lead us?

Foggy Bottom, ever the students of history, try one-more-time to reign in the Pyong-Yang putzes with a Killah Rabbit Redux.

US backs N. Korea nuclear facilities plan

President Bush on Wednesday hailed an agreement for North Korea to detail its nuclear programs and disable its main reactor complex, a key step toward what the United States hopes will be a denuclearized Korean Peninsula.

Bush said the announcement reflected the “common commitment” of the six-party talks to shut down North Korea’s nuclear program. The countries are North Korea, the United States, Russia, China, South Korea and Japan.

While some of us here at home, remember Carter leaving the plantation, and brokering a renegade “deal” with Kim Il Sung, describing the murderous dictator as “vigorous and intelligent” adding that “I don’t see (North Korea) as an outlaw nation”. That was immediately followed by the Goreacle convincing Billy-Bob to jump on the bandwagon. Nevermind the deal abandoned all previous demands for an immediate stop to their nuclear weapons program.

Under an agreement reached in February, Pyongyang was required to shut down and seal its Yongbyon reactor facility, which it did in July. The second phase required it to disable its sole functioning reactor at Yongbyon and provide a full description of all its nuclear programs.

Wednesday’s agreement calls for that to happen by the end of the year. China proposed the joint statement at last weekend’s end of a new round of the six-party talks, and it was accepted by all the parties.

Bush said the deal “will help secure the future peace and prosperity of the Northeast Asian region.”

Flashback to 1994, we got a “cross our heart and hope to die” deal exactly in this fashion. But our part of the bargain was $4 billion in light water reactor technology and $100 million in crude, payable up-front (your taxpayer dollars for “Peace in our Time”), while the NorKs immediately announced the deal was pay us first and we’ll stop at some point of our choosing. Curiously missing in this “latest and greatest” deal is they will provide a description of their program. Not even Inspector Cluseau and the IAEA to have a look-see, not that they could find their ass-cheeks with both hands? Now I hear there might be some inspector or technical assistance closing down the facilities in question.

The United States has agreed to lead disablement activities and provide the initial funding for them. Washington also reiterated its willingness to remove North Korea from a list of countries that sponsor terrorism, a key demand of Pyongyang.

No timetable was set for this action, but the joint statement said it will happen “in parallel with” the North Korean government following through on its commitment.

SSDD, no?

“The two sides will increase bilateral exchanges and enhance mutual trust,” the statement says.

Diplospeak translation: We’ll pay as agreed and take their word for everything else, even though this failed twice before. While were at it, let’s not forget the Forehead stating unequivocally in 1998 that the NorKs didn’t have an active ballistic missile program, one week later Pyongyang lets one rip over Japan and lands in the North Pacific.

On Friday, in anticipation of the new agreement, the United States also announced it would spend up to $25 million to pay for 50,000 tons of heavy fuel oil for North Korea. The February agreement calls for the parties to provide North Korea with 1 million tons of heavy fuel oil, or the monetary equivalent in other aid and assistance, in return for the first two phases of action by Pyongyang.

Neither phases Pyonyang has any intention of actually fulfilling. Foggy Bottom Rope-A-Dope, Asian Style. Here I’ll do the math for you, assuming the same market price, that February bunker-crude we will be paying $500 million for. Feel better now, you appeasing Chamberlain-Cattah wannabes?

Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill, the top U.S. nuclear negotiator with North Korea, said Tuesday in New York that the U.S. expects the process of disabling the reactor to get under way “in a matter of weeks.” The U.S. wants the dismantling process to be so thorough that a nuclear facility could not be made operational for at least 12 months.

Diplospeak Translation, again: The disabling and dismantling process will occur when Elvis locates Jimmy Hoffa and the man on the Grassy Knoll, sometime around next Jovember the 43rd.

Next year, he said, the parties will address “the actual abandonment of the fissile material.”

That would be the fissile material that 1) Hel HaAvir didn’t already scatter about in Syria already and 2) The rest of their stockpile they manage to find someone to conveniently “hold” for them. Yes I did hear it too, so before somebody starts yammering they also agreed not to transfer any materials or technology outside North Korea. If you believe that one, I’ve got some nice sunny ocean-front property in Arizona for you, cheap-cheap.

The North has about 110 pounds of fissile material harvested from the nuclear reactor at Yongbyon through a plutonium enrichment program and will have to declare exactly how much, Hill said. The U.S. also wants to resolve concerns about the North’s separate uranium enrichment program, he said. Giving up all material and weapons — experts say the North may have produced more than a dozen nuclear bombs — is the only acceptable final result, Hill said.

“In short, we have a long way to go,” he said. “Partial success is not success.”

That’s enough Pu-239 bangie-stuff to build 6 or 7 low kT yield bombs. It’s takes bit more Uranium-235 mass to produce an effective bomb and longer to enrich it but we have not the slightest clue how long they’ve merrily been playing at alchemy. It’s a safe bet that if they had enough to play the shell game to hide with Baby Face Asswad, they’ve got a larger stash elsewhere. Not putting all your eggs in one basket as they say. The fact alone that they’re negotiating tells my skeptical neuro-center, they’ve got all they want and need for the moment.

I’m sure the Foggy-Bottom fuckwits are expensing their post-orgasmic dry-cleaning bills, with the absolute gurandamnteed final deal with the NorK.

Can’t we just find one JDAM to spare?


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Yes, of course it wouldn’t be Tuesday without wall-to-wall Rottweiler Radio would it?

You KNOW the drill:

Little Old me, you’re humble Correspondent and Ambassador to the Outer Blue Rim on Tuesday Truth 7-9:30 CT

Immediately followed by his Imperial Rotteness Misha I with Keep The Home Fire Burning 9:30-12:00 am CT (or longer if he so desires)

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Here’s more proof that the 2008 Silly Season is a train-wreck already in progress for the GOP. Congress and Weeniedick W, have approval ratings in the toilet, notably the congressional approvals are the lowest in decades. The conservative base is ready to abandon the GOP ship in droves, and the best the minority party in congress can do is this?

GOP senators offer new timeline for Iraq

A small group of Republicans facing election fights next year have rallied around war legislation they think could unite the GOP: Call for an end to U.S. combat in Iraq, but wait until President Bush is almost out of office.
[Emph Mine]

This sounds eerily like Voinobitch is already preparing a position of surrender to a Hillary Whitehouse.

The Democrats on Friday deemed the legislation a nonstarter, and underscored the difficulty Congress has in striking a bipartisan compromise on the war. What attracts Democrats has repelled Republicans and vice versa, making it impossible so far to find a middle ground.

It’s pretty simple you dim-witted DCites. Call Their Bluff. Propose an immediate cessation of US hostilities and an immediate drawn-down of troops and equipment and let the bastards stand on their votes. But like a dog returning to it’s own vomit, they stay in character with fingers in the wind, believing the Dead Stream Media, BowelMovementOn, etc. that Americans are losing interest in winning the WoT.

“I don’t support it at all,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. “It doesn’t do anything.”

Harry I’m A Good Treatment For Insomnia™ Reid couldn’t support anything even if equipped with a titanium jock strap. You gotta’ have a pair to support.

The proposal, by Sen. George Voinovich, R-Ohio, would require that Bush change the mission of U.S. troops from combat to primarily support roles, such as training Iraqi security forces and protecting U.S. infrastructure in Iraq. His legislation would set a goal of completing such a mission transition within 15 months.

Fucking Brilliant !!! We’ll stay there and take casualties, but we just won’t shoot back. Only a mouth-breathing RINO like BoyBitch could come up with a surrender plan that INCREASES our casualties.

Give us more, O Emperor! »

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Responding to comments from us poor slobs condemned to live in the Eastern Time Zones and the need for some sleep, before heading off to the slave ships job on Wednesday a.m., the Emperor and I have decided do a 50-50 time split on Rottie Radio Tuesday, yes some Cubanos Dominican ceegars were involved in the deal, along with appropriate libation to accompany them.

Nevertheless, I’ll kick off with Tuesday Truth at 7 pm CT and His Rottiness will take over with Keep the Home Fires Burning at 9:30 pm CT giving some of our early-birds an additional half-hour of fine programming from the Republic of Texas studio.

While you’re surfing about the intertubewebnet, we do have an extremely urgent request posted over at the RadioCIA homepage, for a listener in dire straits and any help would be greatly appreciated by us all.

Thanks for the support- We’re don’t have radio without our wonderfully loyal listeners. Trust us, seeing a full-house tuning in, just makes us try that much harder to provide you the finest in entertainment !!!!!!

Emperor Misha I and LC JackBoot IC/A, your humble hosts—–

(Minor update from his Imperial Highness: In order to further demonstrate the openness and popular appeal of the Empire, we’ve decided to keep the Imperial Yahoo IM open for the duration for requests, shoutouts, links to great stories etc. Keep in mind that we’re on the air, however, so we may not be as quick in answering as we’d like. Also, there’s an email request line for the station. Just email ciarequest AT gmail DOT com)

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We’re going to break away from our standard Sunday evening lineup tonight at RadioCIA with a guest DJ, my alleged progeny LC Serena. She’s got a great lineup set and some amazing music history lessons to accompany the tuneage. It won’t be what you might expect.

We’ll be kicking off at 6 pm CT and stay on as long as we can keep our eyes open. Requests will taken via IM (y’all know that one) or to the RadioCIA request line:

Thanks to the Empire as always, for our loyal listeners. Without your support we wouldn’t have a station.

JB and Serena

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Seems like the NYPD, NY Port Authority Police and the boys and girls at the USSS have decided that allowing, the lying anit-semitic, fuckwit a photo-op at Ground Zero isn’t such a good idea after all.

New York Police Deny Ahmadinejad Request to Visit Ground Zero

The New York Police Department rejected a request by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to visit the lower Manhattan site where al Qaeda terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.

Ahmadinejad, who plans to be in New York City next week to address the United Nations General Assembly, made the request to visit Ground Zero earlier this month, Deputy Police Commissioner Paul Browne said in an e-mailed statement.

At least some of our law-enforcement brethren have the good common sense to deny this festering specimen of swine smegma, a splodeyating jihadi recruiting opportunity. Besides, it would be just tragic if an accident would befall the bastard during the visit, ya’ know?

Browne said police department officials decided to deny the visit after a meeting with representatives of the U.S. Secret Service and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which owns the site.

“The site is closed to visitors because of construction there,” Browne said in the statement. “Requests for the Iranian president to visit the immediate area would also be opposed by the NYPD on security grounds.”

Muslim outrage to follow in 3, 2, 1…….

Mohammad Mohammadi, spokesman for the U.N. Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran, said he needed more time to review the issue before commenting.

No doubt after consultation with CAIR and filing an official protest with the festering fuckwitted bureaucraps at foggy-bottom. This is obviously a case of islamo-phobia right?

Ahmadinejad, 50, has been an outspoken critic of the U.S., and has attacked President George W. Bush over efforts to prevent that nation’s development of nuclear weapons. Last year, he sponsored a meeting that featured speakers who denied the Nazis’ mass extermination of Jews leading up to and during World War II. Some Jewish groups have said they intend to demonstrate during his visit next week.

Well, following numerous rumors and leaks from various sources here and abroad, let’s hope that he doesn’t see his 51st B-Day along with some of his holocaust denying cohorts. Not that I would wish him any harm personally, just sayin’ dontcha know?

With a bit of luck and a dose of testosterone at 1600 Pennsy, he’ll have a few hundred holes in the ground back home for some photo ops.

Personally, I think if we really wanted to be good neighbors, allowing him a few days of unescorted sight seeing in the Big Apple could be a good thing.

UPDATE by E.M., because I can: LC Maxxpig informs us that the Holocaust-denying terrorist sponsor intends to go anyway:

(New York - WABC, September 19, 2007) - Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad requested to visit Ground Zero during an upcoming trip to New York. That request was rejected Wednesday. But a source tells Eyewitness News that the decision may not stop him.

A law enforcement source says the Iranian mission to the United Nations has informed the Secret Service that the Iranian president intends to visit Ground Zero Monday at 10 a.m.

Monday at 10:00 AM, eh?

Light should be good at that time of day, with plenty of good vantage points nearby. How’s the wind forecast for Monday, pray tell? Just trying to make sure that Ahmadingdong gets the most out of his little tour. Wouldn’t want him to miss out on anything, would we?

[Thanks Boss, I’m sure some good folks would jump at the chance to greet him on his visit. Nice of them to let us know the time as well, you know how hard it is to find a parking space in Manhattan.-JB]

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It is Tuesday and that means the latest installment of Rottweiler Radio programming tonight.

1st Up- JackBoot brings you Tuesday Truth from 7-10 pm CT.

Immediately followed by his Despotic, Benevolent Rottiness with Keep The Home Fires Burning, 10-12 pm CT.

If you missed last week’s debut of the Emperor’s new bully-pulpit (and awesome tunes) it’s your loss. DO NOT repeat your mistake, we will be taking names for free trips to the Imperial Dungeon Gameroom. BC has been running a bit short on guests lately.

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