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Archive for the “Hypocrites” Category

With all of Teh Outrage!™ and hyperventilating exhibited by the Drooling Ungulates™ over the alleged misconduct of Blackwater security personnel, as well as the outright slander & libel directed at any and all US contractors working to help stabilize Turd World Shitholes™ around the world, the Imperial Dungeon Game Room™ staff finally had enough and decided to throw together a little side-by-side comparison post. This post is specifically geared towards our Dimwitted Dhimmis™ who, without fail, automatically & reflexively condemn any and all US contractors and/or service members of any and all “crimes“, often based upon the flimsiest of “evidence” (Fatima, anyone?), as revealed in their blanket condemnations over Abu Grabass, Gitmo and, most recently, the Blackwater security personnel’s “massacre” of “innocents” while engaged in a firefight with ambushing Jihadis. (Naaaah, we know that the Michael Moore-on’s Minutemen™ NEVER hide behind women & children while firing at their enemy.)

One asshole Blackwater employee gets drunk and takes out an Iraqi security guard and that means the entire organization is nothing but a bunch of “blood-thirsty, child-killing mercenaries” under the employ of the Eeeeevil Chimpy McBusHitlerCheneyBurtoNeoKKKonZionist Cabal™. (Never mind that the employee was fined, fired and sent packing.)

Now, given that we have ONE documented case of a Blackwater employee going off the deep end and offing someone while drunk, what organization do the Demented Underachievers™ and their Whores on the Potomac™ always wish to call upon as The End All & Be All For Conflict Resolution™ and the magic carpet to take us all to that mystical Marxist EUtopia? Why, the UN, that’s who!

This is the organization that has been proven to have been involved in MULTIPLE episodes in the child sex slavery trade, child prostitution, child rape, adult female sex slavery/prostitution and, let’s not forget, the multi-billion dollar Dead Iraqi Children For Oil Scandal™. There’s more that we could pile onto the UN’s record, but we don’t want kick that steaming pile of shit too hard. (The Imperial Jackboots are a BITCH to keep spit-shined and the little brown oppressed people we keep chained up down in the Imperial Dungeon Game Room™ get really whiny when they have to lick ‘em clean. And you KNOW how much we hate whining.)

No! That CAN’T be! The UN is the savior of the oppressed!“, we hear you say. Well, just Google it yourself, then.

For those too lazy to click the link and browse through the THOUSANDS of hits, we’ll give you the Readers’ Indigestion™ abbreviated version of the remarkable record of rape & debauchery perpetrated by those Servants of Humanity™ from the Useless Nincompoops™

Congo, Sudan, Haiti, Sierra Leone, Bosnia, Cambodia , East Timor, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Liberia, West Africa, Cambodia, Somalia, Kosovo, Rwanda, Guinea… (We could go on, but you get the idea by now.)

We’ll play our hand with one canned Blackwater asshole and raise you thousands of UN Blue Helmets™. Your bluff has been called, assholes.


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If this was the vaudeville days of yore, this assclown would’ve already gotten the hook. In spite of his nearly continuous demonstration of any leadership acumen, he still manages to swindle dollars to keep his leaky raft campaign afloat.

Obama stops wearing flag pin

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama says he no longer wears an American flag lapel pin because it has become a substitute for “true patriotism” since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

The only true patriotism as defined by MurthaMutt, Reid, Lugosi, Commodore Oldsmobile and the Breck Girl, being surrender, cut, run and hide under your momma’s (or wife’s for John-Boy) skirts.

He commented on the pin in a television interview Wednesday and then again on Thursday at a campaign appearance in Independence, Iowa.

Not being bright enough to realize he shoved his head so far up his ass only his tonsils stopped it, he REPEATS himself.

Noting the TV interview, he told the campaign crowd, “I said, you know what, I probably haven’t worn a flag pin in a very long time. After a while I noticed people wearing a lapel pin and not acting very patriotic.”

Pins don’t make for patriotic, nor can unpatriotic hide behind a pin. But in your case, screaming at every turn that you were against the war, before and currently during the war rules you out of the “patriotic” category permanently. I hold all you gutless, treasonous bastards accountable for putting political gain ahead of the national security in time of war. Blood is on your hands and it grows everyday as you merrily undermine the nation at war.

“My attitude is that I’m less concerned about what you’re wearing on your lapel than what’s in your heart. You show your patriotism by how you treat your fellow Americans, especially those who serve. You show your patriotism by being true to our values and ideals. That’s what we have to lead with is our values and our ideals.”

Pardon me while I heave up my Dunkin’ Donuts Xtra-Large Coffee. Urrrrrpppppp. Patriotism is proudly displaying and serving beneath that flag, citizen and soldier alike. That flag flew over countless foreign lands and here at home, under enemy fire, liberating the oppressed and restoring freedom to others at the cost of American blood and treasure. The flag, you scrotum-licking hack, epitomizes values and ideals that are obviously beyond your comprehension and that of the socialist succubi that are turning your organ-grinder’s wheels.

He had been asked about the pin Wednesday in an interview with KCRG-TV in Cedar Rapids.

“The truth is that right after 9/11 I had a pin,” Obama said. “Shortly after 9/11, particularly because as we’re talking about the Iraq war, that became a substitute for I think true patriotism, which is speaking out on issues that are of importance to our national security.”

Obama was campaigning Thursday on the third day of a four-day trip to the early voting state.

What don’t you understand here Dumbo? 9/11 woke up our nation to the biggest threat to our security since WW2. For awhile we had clarity, resolve and determination to engage an enemy on multiple fronts, using unconventional means necessary for an asymmetric war. A war that by it’s very definition would likely carry onto the next generation. The enemy has been waging it for SEVEN Centuries, only a fool believes that it would end with the capture of a few leaders. America saw during that cusp event, the true face of evil. The utterly inhuman evil of islamo-fascism without the dismissive attitude of the appeasement/peacenik crowd poo-pooing the existence of such evil. Decades of liberal-speak denying evil or apologizing and equivocating it was ripped away in a few hours that morning.

At one stop, he called for new restrictions on deployment of National Guard and Reserve troops along with an expansion of benefits for them and their families.

“I will not be a president who extends tours for our Guard units overseas while Americans are stranded on rooftops right here at home,” Obama said.

He said he would require “a period of rest and standard of readiness” before troops could be redeployed. He called for the head of the National Guard to be elevated to four-star rank and given a seat among the Joint Chiefs of Staff to reflect the heavy reliance on Guard soldiers and reservists during the Iraq war.

Continuing rapidly towards his maximum entropy, B. Hussein trots out Katrina as justification for his stance. Those people were stranded on the rooftops by the incompetent, corrupt local and state government, that the victims kept voting into office. I am fucking fed-up to the top of my cranium with any equation involving the WoT and the post-Katrina fiasco.

I propose an addendum to Godwin’s Rule of conversation: Any person or persons equating any aspect of the war on terror, having or contributing to the events surrounding Hurricane Katrina is forever rendered irrelevant, and bestowed the title of Lifetime Idiotarian. We’ll even buy you the pin and brand it on your forehead.

Since 2001, Obama said, more than 580,000 reservists have been activated, a level not seen since World War II.

In making his case, Obama pointed to an Iowa unit in which members learned from family and friends back home that their deployment had been extended. That unit — the 1st Battalion of the 133rd Infantry — recently returned after a 22-month deployment in Iraq.

“When we’ve got service members who have to find out that their tour has been extended in a phone call home, we’re not keeping that trust and we’re not keeping this country safe,” Obama said.

Is is remotely possible, Dumbo, that specific unit movements and deployments are of a classified nature and outside of general public announcements on purpose? Do tell specifically how keeping our troops in the field (because they’re needed you ass-wipe) makes us less safe?

He also called for increased mental health services, including screening and treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. He said nearly half of the National Guard troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan suffer from psychological problems, yet little emphasis is put on treating those disorders.

“We’re not providing adequate treatment, screening and benefits,” said Obama. “We need more mental health professionals and more training to recognize the signs.”

Bullshit on that play too. PTSD was a disease specifically identified symptomatically by military medical professionals. Shell-Shock, Battle Fatigue were all terms used to describe what we now call PTSD. Likewise, much of the treatment regimens were developed by the military medical community. The DoD is aware of this need and providing it. I can personally attest to this, as I have a family member that was required to undergo counseling in-country and stateside immediately when he unit transferred back home. Continuing services are available to anyone requesting them or as medically determined necessary.

What would you propose Obama? The Oprah Show-Miracle PTSD Cure™?

Fucking socialist, America-hating maggots, using poor military medical services as campaign fodder, simultaneously trying to defund the war is hypocrisy of the most egregious sort. Treasonous in it’s intent and effect.

You are now free to do the honorable thing B. Hussein, eat a large-caliber bullet. Let us know we’ll provide the round and a suitable weapon to fire it from.

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So somebody decides to bitch slap for their disgusting “Betrayus” ad by mocking them mercilessly, and guess what?, that bastion of Free Speech, sends a cease & desist letter to CafePress, insisting that they remove the offending items and hand over personal contact info for the merchant.

Gee, that sounds like something Tits on a Chair™ would do.

So tell us again, weren’t huffing and puffing about their “First Amendment Rights” when defending their vile slander ad from the slings and arrows of outrage and disdain, claiming that they were being persecuted and having their rights threatened because people got mad at them and criticized them in public?

Obviously, to liberals, Free Speech Rights only apply when they happen to agree with the speech being expressed.

But we already knew that, didn’t we?

And no,, your precious copyright isn’t being “infringed” by somebody making fun of you. Tell your dumbass shyster lawyers to go back to school, will you? If the vendor were selling stuff as your stuff, now THAT would be copyright infringement.

But you’d have to be as dumb as a liberal to think that this:

…is in any shape, form or fashion “official merchandise.”

For one thing, it happens to make sense, you flaming hypocrites.

But hey, if that’s the game you want to play, let’s have some more:

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Via LC & IB Tim Blair, Gondolpisser Rice speaks out on the war:

The terrorists have made their choice. They have shown that choice. They have shown it in bombing and murdering innocent people for their own ideological purposes. We have made a choice, the United States and Australia, which is to fight back. These are not people with whom one can compromise.

Unless they’re murdering schoolchildren in Sderot or blowing up malls in Haifa, in which case we should do everything to make sure that they get a state.

These are not people with whom one can negotiate.

Unless they’re only massacring those pesky Jooos, in which case we should not only insist that Israel negotiate, we should negotiate with their enemies about just how much Israeli land they want in return for a temporary hudna.

They take advantage of the innocent. They prey on the weak. When you have an enemy that preys on the weak, takes the lives of innocents, you have but one choice and that is to fight.

Unless they’re Joooish innocents, in which case violence never solved anything.

Give them a state. And loads of taxpayer funds in foreign aid.

Damn, it’s not only Haji terrorists who are good at this speaking out of both sides of their mouthes thing.

Now do it again, Condi. In the original Arabic.

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(With my most profound and sincere apologies for the headline to all self-respecting gay men out there. Of all the ones of you I’ve known over the years, the most effeminate of you are still three orders of magnitude more manly than the studliest of the Dhimmicrats. But the word seems to rile the knuckle-dragging socialist troglodytes, so I just have to use it).

This just arrived in the Imperial Inbox from the Silky Pony campaign to emasculate America (now with compulsory, gun-to-your-head healthcare), all emphases theirs:

Dear Friend,

We’ve seen this movie before: Bush asks Congress for more money to keep the war in Iraq going, Congress hems and haws, then Congress caves—and a war the American people want to end rages on and on.

That’s Washington—you tell them what you want, they tell you why they can’t deliver. Well, enough is enough. We don’t need any more excuses from Washington—we need action and responsibility. Congress has the power to stop the war. It’s time for them to use it.

John Edwards has led the field of presidential candidates in calling on Congress to use the most powerful authority the Constitution gives them—funding power—to end the war in Iraq. It’s a no-brainer. Even Bush knows that if Congress ends funding for the war, the war has to end, and the troops come home.

In the next few weeks, Bush has to ask Congress for more money to continue his failed policy in Iraq. All Congress has to do is say no. The only question is, will Congress have the guts to stand up to Bush?

Of course, it’s awfully cheap for Silky Pony to send his? spokes-poodle out yipping and yapping and pissing on the rug about how the House has to do this, seeing as how it isn’t him? who will have to unbutton his lace shirt and commit political seppuku on live TV but, hate is as much as we do, (s)he? does have a point here.

Come on, Dhimmicrats. What happened to People Power? What happened to “when WE get control of Congress, things are going to change?” What happened to your lofty, principled opposition to the “unwinnable quagmire” in Iraq (that you voted in favor of, but let’s not quibble about details here)? Why, if you’re so convinced that it’s nothing but a needless, hopeless, senseless bloodbath and graveyard for our troops, and your statements every time you can find a microphone to hump certainly suggest as much, why do you insist on dragging it out while our troops are dying overseas?

You have the power. You can end the war tomorrow by, for once in your hypocritical, lying, two-faced, opportunist, calculating lives, putting your money where your yaps are and de-funding the whole kaboodle. You can’t continue to fight a war without funding, after all, and you can’t get funding unless Congress, that you control, approves it.

So what’s up with that, Dhimmicrats? Did you suddenly forget how you’ve reviled the war effort at every turn, only to let it go on indefinitely now that you have the power to end it?

Could it be that you’re — pussies?

Yep, we’re double dog daring you. It’s time to put up or shut up. It’s time to shit or get off the pot. It’s time for you to, for once in your utterly wasteful and needless lives, declare for one side or the other.

You can’t hide behind “but the meanie Republicans have control of Congress, so our hands are tied” anymore.

For fuck’s sakes, you can’t get anything done even when you have a majority in both houses, and you expect to be given the post of Commander-in-Chief as well?

Even on his most waffling, indecisive days, Dubya’s cuticles are a hundred times more decisive and commanding than you are.


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“The Path to 9/11″, the mini-series that the DemCong threatened to have ABC’s broadcasting license revoked over if they dared air it, was supposed to have been released in DVD format but, so far, is being delayed for unknown reasons.

Or not so unknown, as the case might be.

Apparently the ABC execs aren’t overly eager to have something like that out in the public when the Hildebeest is busy trying to become President.

We guess we can see their point. After all, there’s no telling what the DemCong(ress) will threaten with this time if somebody threatens to commit lese majeste, insulting their ant queen by telling the truth.

So “Path to 9/11″ may not be out until after the election but, then again, sometimes the dog that doesn’t bark is as informative as the one that does. We’re just happy to see that the Most Ethical Congress Evah!™ are doing so much to keep the public safe from sneaky bastards polluting the national debate with propaganda.

After all, we all know how they fought tooth and nail to keep Michael Moore-on, The Lancet and many more from influencing elections in the past.

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Today’s required reading comes from the desk of Fjordman, one of the few remaining Keepers of the Gate™ caught in the downward spiraling vortex of The Swirling EUrinal™.

Go read it. That is all.


(Note: A big ol’ tip o’ the hat goes out to Hillbilly White Trash for the heads-up on Fjordman’s most excellent ClueClubbing™.)

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Just a stray thought on the whole The New People’s Socialist Republic kerfuffle:

Now that the lying liars at that thoroughly discredited rag have proven that they’re quite willing to fire an employee for the “crime” of telling the truth that they don’t want published, can we assume that The New Stalinist Republic won’t be using “unnamed government sources” anymore? Furthermore, if they insist on doing so in the future, can we expect them to not protect their sources’ identities, claiming that they’re doing so to protect the sources from repercussions?



Because you’re a soggy paper bag full of rancid, hypocritical, two-faced shits?

Boochamp’s wife who got her paramour hired — still an editor.

Boochamp himself who, shall we say, seems to have certain trouble with refraining from “embellishing” the truth — still employed.

Franklin Foer, the chief cover-up artist failing to do any factchecking at all, violating each and every standard that journalists claim to follow, then backtracking, side-stepping, and speaking through both sides of his mouth to cover his own arse — still the boss at The New People’s Republic.

“Gracie”, the source that blew the lid on this whole affair and, alone among all of the individuals involved, told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth — promptly shitcanned at 7.30 in the morning with a telephone call saying “your services are no longer required.”

Must be wonderful to live in a fantasy world where standards only apply to everybody else, n’est pas?

UPDATE: Douchebag Franklin Foer, still defending the indefensible (and still employed, unlike the only member of the organization capable of telling the truth):

The magazine’s editor, Franklin Foer, disclosed in an interview that Beauchamp is married to a New Republic staffer, and that is “part of the reason why we found him to be a credible writer.”

Finally, it is revealed how you get a job with the MSMidiots. Just be sure to stick your sausage in the right bun and you’ve got it made. Credentials? We don’t need no steenkin’ credentials!

Foer also said Beauchamp “has put himself in significant jeopardy” and “lost his lifeline to the rest of the world” because military officials have taken away his laptop, cellphone and e-mail privileges.

My heart fucking bleeds for the poor maligning, malingering, lying, buddy-fucking bastard caught all alone in Baghdad with NO INTERNET ACCESS! How the everloving fuck is he supposed to exist that way, stuck in the horrific conditions at his FOB without access to Malaysian Midget Pr0n while all of the guys that he stabbed in the back are outside the wire, having all the fun dodging IEDs and bullets?

Oh the fucking HUMANITY!!!1!!!11!

Foer, you’re a worthless, filthy, lying asshole, a terrorist aiding and abetting waste of skin and a backstabbing cockholster of the very first water.

And those are your good qualities. Go to the garage, get in your car, crank the engine and wait for a few hours. Do something worthwhile for once in your miserable, oxygen-thieving life.

As both the military and the magazine investigate Beauchamp’s allegations, a personal blog surfaced in which Beauchamp said last year that each morning he feels “retarded for joining the army,” “a little more liberal than the day before” and “a tool for global corporations.”

Gee. Wonder why Franklin Fuckhead couldn’t be bothered to check a single word sent to him by that douchebag? It’s a mystery, we tell you.

In a statement posted on the New Republic’s Web site, Beauchamp said his columns for the magazine, written under the name Scott Thomas, were “one soldier’s view of events in Iraq” and “never intended as a reflection of the entire U.S. military.”

Funny that you deliberately chose to only describe violations of the UCMJ committed by other soldiers then, don’t you think? No, you don’t think. That’s your problem, right there. That and the fact that your momma threw out the baby and raised the afterbirth instead.

“It’s been maddening, to say the least,” he added, “to see the plausibility of events that I witnessed questioned by people who have never served in Iraq.

All of those damn milbloggers at Blackfive et al who’ve never seen a second’s worth of service anywhere in the world, and certainly not in your elite, ninja MOS in the motor pool of FOB Falcon.

I was initially reluctant to take the time out of my already insane schedule fighting an actual war

Fighting a war with what? Monkey wrenches? Listen, maggot, we respect devotion and commitment, but don’t you think you’re taking it a bit too far?

in order to play some role in an ideological battle that I never wanted to join.

Er, right. That’s why you, on your personal blog, are endlessly yammering about your immense, progressive intellect and how you really only joined to gain the necessary street creds and “absolute moral majority” to yammer even more about the war. Nope, no ideological battle to be joined there, none at all.

That being said, my character, my experiences, and those of my comrades in arms have been called into question,

By yourself, asswipe.

and I believe that it is important to stand by my writing under my real name.”

Funny how you didn’t believe that until your name and unit had already been determined by others, isn’t it?

Foer said the magazine is attempting to confirm every detail. “We are trying to be as deliberate and meticulous as we possibly can,” he said. “We’re not going to be rushed into making any sort of snap judgment.”

Unless it’s a snap judgment about calling whistleblowers at 7.30 in the morning to inform them that they’re fired for telling the truth, that is.

You sickeningly hypocritical, self-serving jackass.

In his blog, called Sir Real Scott Thomas, Beauchamp quoted Vice President Cheney as explaining in 1991, when he was defense secretary, why the United States ended the Persian Gulf War without taking Baghdad. Beauchamp added that “we laugh harder at CSPAN than comedy central. Silly republicans.”

Nope, he definitely didn’t want to join any ideological battles. At least not the ones that he was certain to lose. But we already knew that he is a coward.

Beauchamp, who was based in Germany when the blog entries were posted in 2006, described his career this way: “I shoot, move, communicate, and kill . . . the deaths that I inflict secure the riches of the empire.”

Germany sure is one heck of a lot more interesting to serve in today than it was back during the Cold War. It’s almost as if he’s — I don’t know — making shit up out of whole cloth here, isn’t it? But hey, what would I know, a damn “chickenhawk” with a mere 14 years of service total.

As conservative bloggers yesterday continued to challenge the veracity of Beauchamp’s accounts, Foer said: “It is really unfortunate that someone like Scott, who was really only trying to tell his particular story, has become a pawn in the debate over the war and the Weekly Standard’s efforts to press an ideological agenda.”

Mr. Foer? I’ve got a Mr. Kettle on line 2 asking for you. Is your middle name really Pot?


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Remulak MoxArgon exposes, and then thoroughly shreds, the *coughbullshitcough* “open-mindedness” *coughbullshitcough* of a Marxist fucknozzle, one “Komrade Michael T. Eckhart”, pRresident of the American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE), towards a fellow Ivy Leaguer who doesn’t subscribe to The Great GlowBull Worming Scam™, one Marlo Lewis.

Marlo –

You are so full of crap.

You have been proven wrong. The entire world has proven you wrong. You are the last guy on Earth to get it. Take this warning from me, Marlo. It is my intention to destroy your career as a liar. If you produce one more editorial against climate change, I will launch a campaign against your professional integrity. I will call you a liar and charlatan to the Harvard community of which you and I are members. I will call you out as a man who has been bought by Corporate America. Go ahead, guy. Take me on.


Michael T. Eckhart
American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE)

Apparently Komrade Eckhart didn’t learn, during his years of cock swallowing behind the ivy-encrusted walls, that us Eeeeevil VRWC Kapitalists™ don’t take too kindly to threats. ESPECIALLY threats from a limp-wristed, mewling Licker of Lenin’s Left Testicle™, who just happened to have the tonsil capacity to fellate his way through an Ivy League school, instead of the once-required mental capacity to grok more than one variable of a multi-faceted, non-static, open energy system.

Go read Remulak’s ruthless bitchslapping of Komrade Eckhart and, by proxy, the entire Stoopid Side of the Idiotarian Parallel Universal Divide™.


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(Found at the Imperial Firearms Advisor’s)

Rep. Borris Miles told police he was fixing a leak on the second floor of the Houston house he’s building Sunday night when he heard a noise downstairs and saw two men trying to steal the copper. After Miles confronted the pair, one of the men threw a pocketknife at him, Houston Police spokesman Victor Senties.

Miles, a former law enforcement officer, shot the man in the left leg, police said. The wounded suspect was being treated at a Houston hospital. Police were trying to identify the other suspect.

Charges of aggravated robbery are pending against the wounded suspect, Senties said.

Police said Miles, who is in his freshman term, is licensed to carry a concealed weapon. No charges have been filed against Miles, Senties said.

“Well done!”, I hear you say, and my thoughts would be exactly the same. Another armed citizen successfully defends himself from predatory goblin scum. But then, as Paul Harvey would say, there’s the rest of the story:

Miles, a Democrat, voted against a bill that gives Texans stronger legal right to defend themselves with deadly force in their homes, vehicles, and workplaces. The so-called “castle doctrine,” passed by the Legislature this year, states that a person has no duty to retreat from an intruder before using deadly force. The law goes into effect Sept. 1. [Emphasis mine — Emp.M.]

Since we all know and respect how Democrats value principle above politics and personal gain (See: Most Ethical Congress Evah!, The), and since the Castle Doctrine that Rep. Miles is so thoroughly opposed to doesn’t go into effect until Sep. 1st, the only proper cause of action here would seem to be throwing the book at him for excessive use of force. After all, not only was he on a construction site as opposed to an actual home, he wasn’t being directly threatened, nor was he without opportunity to retreat without further incident.

Surely the Representative wouldn’t want to receive preferential treatment above and beyond that which he insists ought to be enough for other Texas residents?

That would be so — hypocritical, and we would never dream of accusing a fine, outstanding politician of that.

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