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Archive for the “Hypocrites” Category

We’re sure you all read James Taranto’s Best of the Web already (and, if not, why in the name of Scylla and Charybdis’ veterinarian don’t you?), so this is hardly news to any of you, but we still want it up here for the record, lest it gets lost in the memory hole:

President Bush resorted to an old political trick this week, using recess appointments to evade Senate confirmation votes that he was sure to lose. . . .

The most bitterly resented but least important appointment sent Sam Fox, a major Republican donor, to Belgium as ambassador. Mr. Fox contributed $50,000 to Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, a group whose vicious ads during the 2004 campaign lied about Senator John Kerry’s war record and helped win President Bush a second term. It is common for administrations to reward big donors with ambassadorships. But this appointment is a deliberate thumb in the eye of Senator Kerry and fellow Democrats who were poised to reject the nominee. . . .

With nominees of such dubious merit, it is no wonder that Mr. Bush resorted to an end run around the Senate. The American public will almost certainly pay the price.

As Mr Taranto points out, Bush was in no way “sure to lose” the confirmation vote, since two Democrat Senators, Lieberman and McCaskill, had already stated that they’d vote for Mr Fox if only the Democrats in charge of the committee would let it get to the floor which they, of course, wouldn’t have, regardless of Mr Fox’s qualification. He had been mean to John Fuckface Kerry, after all.

It’s also interesting to see how the New York Slimes slander the Swifties by stating, for the record, that they “lied” about Hanoi John when, in fact, no evidence of such has ever been found. Speaking of which, how many years are we up to in our running count of “how long since Fuckface Johnny promised to release his records?”

Oh, and is slandering people by calling them liars legal? The Swifties might want to talk to their lawyers. Sulzbarfer Jr still has some money left, we believe, so it might even be worth it.

But none of this is the point of this post, really. This is: Notice how the DNC’s wholly owned affiliate, the New York Slimes, are all up in arms about “the old political trick” of recess appointments and how “the American public will almost certainly pay the price” for this “end run around the Senate?” The Democrats are already babbling about the legality of it too, and will undoubtedly waste millions trying to prove that it isn’t.

Well, let’s go back in time then, to June 5, 1999, on the same editorial page of the same “newspaper”:

President Clinton took an appropriate stand against bigotry yesterday by giving James Hormel a recess appointment as the nation’s Ambassador to Luxembourg. Mr. Hormel’s nomination had been blocked for 20 months by a handful of Senate Republicans disturbed by his sexual orientation.

The credentials of Mr. Hormel, heir to a meat-packing fortune and a former dean at the University of Chicago Law School who has been active in civic, educational and political causes, were not the sticking point. There were sufficient Senate votes to confirm him had Trent Lott, the Senate majority leader, allowed a vote. . . .

Under the constitutional provision that allows Presidents to bypass the confirmation process when Congress is in recess, Mr. Hormel can remain as Ambassador until late next year. His shameful treatment by Mr. Lott and his G.O.P. colleagues will be remembered long beyond that.

“Appropriate stand”, “the credentials of Mr. Hormel … were not the sticking point”, “sufficient Senate votes to confirm had Trent Lott … allowed a vote”, “shameful treatment.”

Ahhh… Those double standards. When Democrats do it, the New York Slimes have spontaneous, synchronized, multiple orgasms, but when Republicans do the same… Well it’s nothing short of a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY AND THE CONSTITUTION!!!1!

But His Majesty will be sure to remind the world about Mr Hormel’s recess appointment every time the Dhimmicrats scream about Mr Fox’s ditto.

Count on it.

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Via The Imperial Thorn In The Ass Of Pisslam™, Patrick, The Kuddly Kosher Kafir™, we learn of two women who are about to be stoned to death by the Pissful Religionists™ in the LefTardian Utopia of The Sudan, after having a trial in which they had no lawyers present, no interpreters and the entire proceedings were conducted in Arabic, a language that isn’t their native tongue.

We’ll be waiting with bated breath to hear of news of the fat, upside-down, lesbian, vampiric whore’s unconditional condemnation and immediate crusading to free these two women, have them flown to the U.S. and being immediately granted political asylum status.

The Fabulously Fat & Flatulent Kow Kunt™ can rant on for days about the “rights” of the known mastermind behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks that killed 3,000 U.S. citizens, Collard Shake YoMama, being “violated” by being looked at sternly by U.S. interrogators without lawyers present, or about how transgendered, cross-dressing halibuts are being thrown back into the water by homophobic, neo-Con Alaskan fishermen, but where the fuck is she when it comes to bitching about the “rights” of women in Pisslamic-dominated societies?

Oh, their “crime” that Pissful Religionists™ say is deserving of the death penalty? They were accused of…. wait for it…. wait for it….. ADULTERY!!1!1!!!

Yep. It’s a Religion of Peace™ (My Ass), alright.


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The answer is NO, His Majesty doesn’t give a damn, and he won’t be writing about it.

In case nobody’s noticed, it is the executive branch’s prerogative to fire anybody they damn well please for any damn reason they like, or no reason at all.

That’s what “serving at the pleasure of the President” means. Look it up, libtards. It also mean that it doesn’t matter one wet pair of Janet Reno’s panties whether it was Alberto Gonzales’ own idea, or if the President/Karl Rove/the Illuminati/the Tooth Fairy told him do so. As a matter of fact, if the firings were a result of him making a wager with his drinking buddies, it STILL wouldn’t matter.

And speaking of Janet Reno, I CERTAINLY don’t want to hear any hypocritical feigned outrage from supporters of a twitching old lesbian hag that was notable for firing every single one of the federal attorneys, all 93 of them, in one fell swoop because HillBilly’s retarded cousins needed jobs.


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You would think that a story about how a cute little guy like him was rescued from certain death by kind humans taking care of him and feeding him by hand would have all of the animal rights activists in the world swoon with the fuzzy-wuzzies, wouldn’t you?

You’d be wrong:

Animal rights activists argue that he should be given a lethal injection rather than brought up suffering the humiliation of being treated as a domestic pet.

“The zoo must kill the bear,” said spokesman Frank Albrecht. “Feeding by hand is not species-appropriate but a gross violation of animal protection laws.”

And it is His Majesty’s considered, humanitarian opinion that disgusting human detritus like Frank Albrecht should be administered a lethal injection of .45 ACP through the left eye socket, rather than risking the very real humiliation of being publicly flogged, pissed, puked and shat upon by yours truly, should he ever make the colossal mistake of finding himself in my immediate vicinity.

Then I’d run his still sobbing and whimpering carcass through a meat grinder and feed the result to the polar bear cub.

If he’d eat it, that is, which is very much doubtful.

Not even polar bears are that devoid of good sense.

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(Hat tip to LC & IB Guy K)

Apparently mass amnesia is running rampant throughout the country, especially among the *spit* LameStream Midiots™ *spit*. Well, the WSJ’s Opinion Journal pulls out the smelling salts and rubs them under the noses of the Drooling Ungulates™. Of course, with their heads so far up the Goreacle’s ass, it’s an exercise in futility. (Although, one has to keep exercising one’s futility every once in a while. As they say, “Use it or lose it.”)

(Note: All emphasis mine—B.)

Congressional Democrats are in full cry over the news this week that the Administration’s decision to fire eight U.S. Attorneys originated from–gasp–the White House. Senator Hillary Clinton joined the fun yesterday, blaming President Bush for “the politicization of our prosecutorial system.” Oh, my.

As it happens, Mrs. Clinton is just the Senator to walk point on this issue of dismissing U.S. attorneys because she has direct personal experience. In any Congressional probe of the matter, we’d suggest she call herself as the first witness–and bring along Webster Hubbell as her chief counsel.

As everyone once knew but has tried to forget, Mr. Hubbell was a former partner of Mrs. Clinton at the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock who later went to jail for mail fraud and tax evasion. He was also Bill and Hillary Clinton’s choice as Associate Attorney General in the Justice Department when Janet Reno, his nominal superior, simultaneously fired all 93 U.S. Attorneys in March 1993. Ms. Reno–or Mr. Hubbell–gave them 10 days to move out of their offices.

Go read the rest. Better yet, when you’re done reading the article, print it out, wrap it around a Louisville Slugger® and liberally (Heh!) apply it to the soft, mushy cranium of the BDS-suffering morons who have the temerity to even mention the dismissal of eight AG’s under W’s watch.


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Or rather, He IS appalled.

Rarely in the history of mankind has unsuspecting readers of news been exposed to such monumental, preening, dimwitted hypocrisy as this, coming from John “Faggot” Edwards (link thanks to Sir Christopher):

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (AP) — Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards says Jesus would be appalled at how the United States has ignored the plight of the suffering…

… Edwards, in an interview with the Web site, said Jesus would be most upset with the selfishness of Americans

Oh yes, that’s what we all need right now. A sermon about “appalling selfishness” coming from the Preening Pony who lives in a 28,000 square feet, 6 million dollar mansion paid for, at least in part, by exorbitant contingency fees that he earned by hoodwinking barely sentient apes in a jury box with testimony from beyond the grave, channeled by John “I Hear Dead People” Edwards himself.

We can’t help but wonder how many of the “suffering” this prancing nancy boy has helped. Our guess is… None.

We’re not particularly fond of pretending to know what our Lord and Savior would do or say about any given thing, at least not as fond as the G-dless heathens on the socialist swine’s side of the aisle are, but we’re fairly certain that if the narcissistic, self-aggrandizing, greedy Breck Girl of North Carolina had been around at the time when He was still alive, the Silky Pony would be busy crawling around on the floor of the temple, scratching up his belongings after they’d been thrown off the table.

In the interview, the former North Carolina senator discussed how he lost touch with his day-to-day faith during college, but that it “came roaring back” after the death of his 16-year-old son, Wade, in 1996.

Lucky kid. We don’t know how you feel about those things, but we can’t hardly think of a worse fate than to grow up having to call that effeminate ambulance chaser “dad.” But we guess we’d have to ask poor Wade about that, G-d rest his soul. Perhaps his psychic daddy can help us channel his spirit, or do we have to throw in a multi-million dollar contingency fee to retain his spiritual services?

Edwards has often cited religion as a part of his politics, frequently linking his efforts to fight poverty as a matter of morality.

Well, we think it’s safe to say that he’s fought and won the war against his PERSONAL poverty.

Listen, we have no problem with the PowderPuff Girl’s personal fortune. He earned it, though we suppose we’re really stretching the definition of the word “earn” here, and he can do with it as he pleases, even IF he earned it by lying, pretending to be in possession of supernatural powers and ripping off the general public (what? You didn’t think that somebody would actually have to pay for those damages in the end? Remind us again why universal suffrage is such a good idea), but we DO mind a great deal having to listen to a self-righteous, hypocritical asshat with a tendency to spend more time on his hair than a Hollywood starlet, living in his own Versailles preaching to us about “selfishness”.

We’d tell you to shove it up your toned derriere, girly boy, but we’re afraid you’d like it too much.

The Big Dog isn’t impressed either.

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Just in case you needed another reason to hate John “Asshat” McCain.

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We mean, of course he does. He pretty much always does, and boy does he ever do it again in re: Amanda Marcotte and Fabulous My Little Pony Sellout of ‘07:

But lost on these Marcotte supporters—who are cheering on the power of the “netroots” to cow a politician into keeping on an ugly and hateful liability—is that Edwards just showed up Marcotte and McEwan as frauds and posturing blowhards, writers who have been pulling the wool over their audiences’ eyes by posting vicious “arguments” they never truly believed. To use the loaded language of establishment feminism—he publicly castrated them—and in so doing, he made fools out of their audiences, to boot.

Further, in doing so, he has shown himself to be nothing more than a calculating political opportunist of the worst sort—one who believes the voting public so daft they might actually buy a statement like the one he just released.

Indeed, as the Puppy Blender would say.

They basically, with their lame-arsed “apology”, got up and admitted to being a pair of con artists who’ve been jerking their mouthbreathing audiences around by the points on their heads for years. “We didn’t really mean it, tee hee” which, surely, must be wonderful news to the hordes of knuckledragging leftist apes who have been slurping up every deranged, hyperventilating word they’ve typed on their pathetic blogs in the mistaken belief that the two howling harridans actually meant a single word they wrote.

Or are they saying “we really DID mean it, but we’re perfectly willing to throw everything we’ve said under the bus in return for a handful of that crazy Breck Girl campaign moulah.” If that’s what they’re saying, which is at least as likely, then the Nutroots now have the pleasure of supporting a candidate who is among the most gullible, daft, easily jerked around, subretarded fools to ever suck air. Aided by two staffers who are, basically, prostitutes.

Either way, we fail to see what the Nutroots have to celebrate tonight.

WE, on the other hand…

Crack open the champagne, people.

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Thanks to LC Juandos.

We’re certainly glad that we have sensitive, caring, morally upright people like the Democrats to clean up the “Culture of Corruption” in DC for us.

So is it too much to ask that they demand a bit of payment under the table for their selfless services?:

On Wednesday, the House voted to raise the minimum wage from $5.15 to $7.25 per hour.

The bill also extends for the first time the federal minimum wage to the U.S. territory of the Northern Mariana Islands. However, it exempts American Samoa, another Pacific island territory that would become the only U.S. territory not subject to federal minimum-wage laws.

What? So Samoans will be the only ones in the nation that won’t have to pay minimum wage to their employees? That’s strange, but surely there’s an explanation.

One of the biggest opponents of the federal minimum wage in Samoa is StarKist Tuna, which owns one of the two packing plants that together employ more than 5,000 Samoans, or nearly 75 percent of the island’s work force. StarKist’s parent company, Del Monte Corp., has headquarters in San Francisco, which is represented by Mrs. Pelosi. [Emphasis ours — Emp. M.]


The Demofrauds have hardly stuck their piggy snouts into the trough before everything is back to business as usual.

We were afraid for a moment that maybe, for the first time in history, the corrupt, thoroughly bought and paid for hypocrites of the Donkey Party were to start acting as if they had the slightest notion of what ethics and morals are all about.

Granted, a very slim risk of that happening, but the implications would have been truly horrendous: We’d have almost nothing left to write about.

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