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Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler » Archive for Democrat Arses
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Archive for the “Democrat Arses” Category

As the gutless, traitorous surrender monkeys of the Dhimmicrat Party stumble all over themselves to try and launch a “unilateral pre-emptive strike” against the credibility of General Petraeus, the very general whom they unanimously voted for to lead the US military’s fight against the terrorists in Iraq, some people, who have actually traveled to the Middle East, have some bad news for them. Here’s one of them.

(Note: All emphasis mine—B.)

The Middle East is a place where Islamists — who are likely to turn out unfriendly to America no matter how moderate they seem — are on the rise, where regimes remain entrenched in their fear of change, and where internal and cross-border conflicts are more likely in the upcoming future than not. Iraq is the only country in which all these dangerous trends are in reverse — the fever had peaked and recovery is underway.

The Sunni insurgency in Iraq has been broken, and Al Qaeda is getting crushed; its remaining strength is being marshaled to visit retribution on those unsavory Sunni “renegades” who once worked with Al Qaeda and now have turned on it. Everyone likes a winner, and Al Qaeda is losing big.Interestingly, Al Qaeda’s front organization, the Islamic State of Iraq, had admitted in its last biweekly report — the 31st such report spanning the period between August 1 and August 15 — that it has had an 80% decrease in its violent output over the course of the last two months.

Yeah, Schmuck Schumer, you ass-licking bag of fuck-drippings, it’s all DESPITEthe inability of American forces to bring stability and security to Iraq“.

Just when the washed-up hippies of the 1960’s thought that they could re-live the (in)glorious days of their youth and, once again, snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, history decides to kick them squarely where their nuts would be, if they had any.

There’s MUCH more Good News™ from Iraq to make UpChuck & Harry Reid cry. Go read it.


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(With my most profound and sincere apologies for the headline to all self-respecting gay men out there. Of all the ones of you I’ve known over the years, the most effeminate of you are still three orders of magnitude more manly than the studliest of the Dhimmicrats. But the word seems to rile the knuckle-dragging socialist troglodytes, so I just have to use it).

This just arrived in the Imperial Inbox from the Silky Pony campaign to emasculate America (now with compulsory, gun-to-your-head healthcare), all emphases theirs:

Dear Friend,

We’ve seen this movie before: Bush asks Congress for more money to keep the war in Iraq going, Congress hems and haws, then Congress caves—and a war the American people want to end rages on and on.

That’s Washington—you tell them what you want, they tell you why they can’t deliver. Well, enough is enough. We don’t need any more excuses from Washington—we need action and responsibility. Congress has the power to stop the war. It’s time for them to use it.

John Edwards has led the field of presidential candidates in calling on Congress to use the most powerful authority the Constitution gives them—funding power—to end the war in Iraq. It’s a no-brainer. Even Bush knows that if Congress ends funding for the war, the war has to end, and the troops come home.

In the next few weeks, Bush has to ask Congress for more money to continue his failed policy in Iraq. All Congress has to do is say no. The only question is, will Congress have the guts to stand up to Bush?

Of course, it’s awfully cheap for Silky Pony to send his? spokes-poodle out yipping and yapping and pissing on the rug about how the House has to do this, seeing as how it isn’t him? who will have to unbutton his lace shirt and commit political seppuku on live TV but, hate is as much as we do, (s)he? does have a point here.

Come on, Dhimmicrats. What happened to People Power? What happened to “when WE get control of Congress, things are going to change?” What happened to your lofty, principled opposition to the “unwinnable quagmire” in Iraq (that you voted in favor of, but let’s not quibble about details here)? Why, if you’re so convinced that it’s nothing but a needless, hopeless, senseless bloodbath and graveyard for our troops, and your statements every time you can find a microphone to hump certainly suggest as much, why do you insist on dragging it out while our troops are dying overseas?

You have the power. You can end the war tomorrow by, for once in your hypocritical, lying, two-faced, opportunist, calculating lives, putting your money where your yaps are and de-funding the whole kaboodle. You can’t continue to fight a war without funding, after all, and you can’t get funding unless Congress, that you control, approves it.

So what’s up with that, Dhimmicrats? Did you suddenly forget how you’ve reviled the war effort at every turn, only to let it go on indefinitely now that you have the power to end it?

Could it be that you’re — pussies?

Yep, we’re double dog daring you. It’s time to put up or shut up. It’s time to shit or get off the pot. It’s time for you to, for once in your utterly wasteful and needless lives, declare for one side or the other.

You can’t hide behind “but the meanie Republicans have control of Congress, so our hands are tied” anymore.

For fuck’s sakes, you can’t get anything done even when you have a majority in both houses, and you expect to be given the post of Commander-in-Chief as well?

Even on his most waffling, indecisive days, Dubya’s cuticles are a hundred times more decisive and commanding than you are.


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“The Path to 9/11″, the mini-series that the DemCong threatened to have ABC’s broadcasting license revoked over if they dared air it, was supposed to have been released in DVD format but, so far, is being delayed for unknown reasons.

Or not so unknown, as the case might be.

Apparently the ABC execs aren’t overly eager to have something like that out in the public when the Hildebeest is busy trying to become President.

We guess we can see their point. After all, there’s no telling what the DemCong(ress) will threaten with this time if somebody threatens to commit lese majeste, insulting their ant queen by telling the truth.

So “Path to 9/11″ may not be out until after the election but, then again, sometimes the dog that doesn’t bark is as informative as the one that does. We’re just happy to see that the Most Ethical Congress Evah!™ are doing so much to keep the public safe from sneaky bastards polluting the national debate with propaganda.

After all, we all know how they fought tooth and nail to keep Michael Moore-on, The Lancet and many more from influencing elections in the past.

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Moving into yet another week of the metrosexual version of mine’s bigger than your’s, John Edwards calls for an end to the establishment and injustice at the hands of “the man”.

John and Liz pose for their newest 2008 Retro Tour Poster

Edwards talks tough at Clinton, Obama

Presidential hopeful John Edwards said Thursday the Washington establishment is corrupt and suggested — without mentioning her by name — that rival Hillary Rodham Clinton has been part of that corroded system.

Duuude, the establishment is like, corroded man, yeah corrupt like a bad acid trip, ya’ know? Sen. Clinton’s Gyn Report did include some reference to corrosion.

Edwards’ new stump speech, centered on a a need for change and aimed at his top two rivals, comes just before Labor Day, the traditional start of the primary nominating season in this state where he has seen his polling lead slip in recent months.

His polling lead is slipping, because his slip is showing. Taking the neener, neener approach to winning hearts and minds, he continues:

“Real change starts with being honest, and I want to say something again: The system in Washington is rigged, and I’ll say it again, it’s rigged and it’s rigged by greedy powers,” Edwards said Thursday.

The chief riggers have had the better part of a half-century to create a perpetual political class inside the beltway. The ‘greedy’ man owns the establishment. Better say it again, it’s rigged.

“It’s rigged by the system to favor the establishment,” he said at Dartmouth College.

The establishment just sucks man. Hey don’t bogart that bone, pass it around. They got it rigged to channel babies and other really trippy things.

What Edwards called “the rhetoric of change” is popular among all the Democratic candidates. Sen. Barack Obama uses the notion throughout his campaign. One of Clinton’s slogans is, “Ready for change, ready to lead.”

The ever popular, “Elect Us For Change™” rhetoric, carefully devoid of any substance whatsoever.

Edwards challenged his Democratic rivals’ ownership of the word at the start a four-day swing through New Hampshire. [Emph Mine]

Johnny, can I buy a talking-point word for $200 please? Do mind the swinging cankles though, they’re fatal at 100 yards.

Give us more, O Emperor! »

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On Lifelike Pundits. Read the whole thing, but here’s the money quote:

* U.S. spy agencies, which were overseen by Tenet, lacked a comprehensive strategic plan to counter Osama bin Laden prior to 9/11. The inspector general concluded that Tenet “by virtue of his position, bears ultimate responsibility for the fact that no such strategic plan was ever created.”

* The CIA’s analysis of al-Qaida before Sept. 2001 was lacking. No comprehensive report focusing on bin Laden was written after 1993, and no comprehensive report laying out the threats of 2001 was assembled. “A number of important issues were covered insufficiently or not at all,” the report found.

OK Kostards (and various and sundry other bleating bumblefarts), tell us again how Bu$hHitlerMcHalliCheney “dropped the ball.”

Aren’t you supposed to be actually handed a ball before you can “drop” it?

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Obama defends foreign policy statements

Democratic Barack Obama on Thursday defended controversial foreign policy statements he’s made recently, saying presidential candidates must challenge conventional Washington thinking.

“My call for a new foreign policy is based on the same thing that informed my opposition to the war in Iraq: common sense, not conventional Washington thinking,” Obama said. “I’m running on my judgment and I’ll tell the American people where I stand.”

That would be the same common sense displayed in your statement about invading a foreign country? Back to the new Cut and Run over the horizon foreign policy now? Your judgment stance is suspiciously like that of J. “still waiting for his service record” Fuckin’ Kerry’s. I’ll invade Pakistan, but run away from Iraq and make sure we stop bombing all those RPG equipped civilians in Afghanistan.

Speaking before about 250 people at a Council Bluffs school, Obama said critics have ignored his vow to work cooperatively with Pakistan and that his call for negotiations with hostile foreign leaders was only common sense.

Perhaps because “negotiations” with foreign (hostile) leaders isn’t such a good idea as well as lacking common sense. Poor B. Hussein, being ignored, perhaps if you hold your breath, we’ll start paying attention.

Obama has come under fire from Democratic rivals, including New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Republicans, who accuse him of being naive about foreign policy. They point to recent statements in which Obama has said he would be willing to send U.S. military forces into Pakistan to rout terrorists even without the permission of the Pakistani government and that he was willing to meet with the leaders of rogue nations without preconditions.

Note to B. Dumbo: The internet is forever. You can’t run away from statements now matter how hard you try. You didn’t really think the Hildebeast Cankled one was going to give you a free ride did you?

“I am not afraid of losing a propaganda battle to a bunch of dictators,” Obama said Thursday.

It’s not a matter of losing the propaganda battle you clue-bereft hack. Merely agreeing to meet with them is a big score for the enemy, getting the weak U.S. to the table with no preconditions as well. You really need to write that on the board 50 times, OK?

He also said he would always work with Pakistan and simply was stating his commitment to ensure that terrorists not have a safe haven.

Nice try, pull the other finger. See above. This is the big leagues Barack, not T-Ball. No do-overs, sorry.

Obama argued that extensive foreign policy experience doesn’t always lead to good decisions, and he used Vice President Dick Cheney’s tenure as an example.

Cheney has more foreign policy experience in his left big-toe nail than you’ll ever have snot-weasel. Perhaps you should study his resume before spewing the Kos-Kiddie Eeevil Cheney talking point.

“I think it’s time to turn the page on conventional foreign policy thinking,” the Illinois senator said. “What they lacked was good judgment.”

Obama also blamed the Iraq war on conventional Washington thinking and challenged rivals to a full and open debate over their differences on foreign policy.

OK everybody let’s say it one more time, out loud. The Bush foreign policy is based on fighting terrorism and asymmetric warfare by unconventional means and on multiple fronts, militarily, economically and to some extent diplomatically. We’ll give you the Sesame Street version, it’s better to kill bad guys where they live than where you live, especially since they’ve already done it here.

He devoted much of his remarks to underscoring his differences with Clinton, including her 2002 vote to authorize the use of force in Iraq.

“After all, the war in Iraq wasn’t cooked up by folks in Council Bluffs,” said Obama. “It was authorized by politicians in Washington who said they knew better. And if that’s what conventional thinking on foreign policy amounts to, conventional thinking has to change.”

Did they know “better” before, when they voted or afterwards? I do recall they voted in favor of the war, therefore “knowing better” after the fact is the answer. Can you say perceived political expediency?`

In his first term in the Senate, Obama has sought to use his inexperience as an advantage, arguing that Clinton and other candidates are creatures of Washington and not capable of pushing for real change. On Thursday, he again pointed to his new approach to foreign policy.

“Think of what we can achieve together if we change the conventional thinking that’s squandering America’s reputation in the world,” said Obama. “We can have a foreign policy that the American people are proud of and set an example of leadership that inspires not hate, but hope, in forgotten corners of the world.”

Yes of course, America is much more about reputation than national security. As long as the Iranians, North Koreans, Cuba and every other socialist or Euroweenie country loves us, we can all fly kites and prance with unicorns, in between group hugs. Meanwhile, back here at home, the murderous, mohammedan mutt-fuckers are free to maim and kill wherever they please. Spare us the vision of “hope” Obama. Our enemies fully intend to kill or subjugate us all.

Conventional thinking tells (most of) us, that if an enemy has repeatedly demonstrated his desire and ability to murder innocents, it’s best to kill them firstest and fastest and in their own shitholes, not on our streets.

Cue the two-step music.

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LC Radical Redneck alerted us to the spittle-flecked ravings of the GlueHuffers™ concerning the tragic collapse of the I-35W bridge in Minneapolis. Let’s take a quick look-see at just a smattering of the Einsteinian “logic” from a few of the Kosmically KlueFucked Kostard Kousins™, shall we?

Diego: Why not blame Bush?

Ipanema: I agree that we should blame the Idiot in Chief! After all, he decided to spend billions on the Iraq fiasco, which could have been spent on fixing the crumbling infrastructure in the US. Chalk another crime by the Decider (his rap sheet is getting rather long)!

eurydice: An obvious Karl Rove maneuver. The administration is finally beginning to fall apart. Gonzales is falling, Cheney about to tumble…
What does the Bush Administration do now?
Blow up a bridge! In a liberal American city. Distract attention from them. Michael Chertoff’s warnings don’t work, so blow up a bridge. It’s all the networks are covering now.
Good move, Karl Rove!

The helmet-wearing, short bus-riding retards grab the first quickly-scribbled article that gives them what they think is Teh Truth™ that they need to nail ShrubCo & His Merry Marauding KKKabal™ and try to run with it:

Grunty1: Not to mention that bridge was marked as “structurally deficient” back in 2005, scoring 50% where less than 80% requires repair work and anything less than 50% marks it for replacement.

lisakaz: Yep. Including, apparently, not informing the state (I presume that inspection was federal, given it’s an interstate). After all, the low score “didn’t mean that the bridge is unsafe,” Transportation Secretary Mary Peters said. Way to go, Mary. Gee, do you think the bridge is unsafe now, perhaps? Maybe this dope oughta be impeached or whomever let that score go by w/o doing a damn thing.

How much do we bet that NOTHING was done about?

The predictability of the ClueDeficient™ fucktards who regularly post there wasn’t Earth-shattering, to say the least. What WAS truly stunning was how quickly their bong-addled delusions of a HalliBusHitlerCheneyBurton Neo-KKKon KKKabal KKKonspiracy™, among other similarly moronic Blame BushCo!™ memes, were destroyed by none other than that Eeeevil ReichWing Media Machine™, The Asphyxiated Press™.

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Minnesota officials were warned as early as 1990 that the bridge that collapsed into the Mississippi River was “structurally deficient,” yet they relied on patchwork repairs and stepped-up inspections that unraveled amid a thunderous plunge of concrete and automobiles.

“We thought we had done all we could,” state bridge engineer Dan Dorgan told reporters not far from the mangled remains of the span. “Obviously something went terribly wrong.”


In 1990, the federal government gave the I-35W bridge a rating of “structurally deficient,” citing significant corrosion in its bearings. The bridge is one of about 77,000 bridges in that category nationwide, 1,160 in Minnesota alone.

The designation means some portions of the bridge needed to be scheduled for repair or replacement, and it was on a schedule for inspection every two years.


During the 1990s, later inspections found fatigue cracks and corrosion in the steel around the bridge’s joints. Those problems were repaired. (By bolting on steel plates, NOT replacing the metal.—B.) Starting in 1993, the state said, the bridge was inspected annually instead of every other year.

The state of Minnesota had at least 17 years to either properly repair or replace the bridge after it received its first “structurally deficient” rating. The federal government isn’t in the business of building Interstate highways & bridges. They allocate money to the states and the states take care of the building and repairing of said federal highways.

But, would you EXPECT the morons who believe the fetid fecal material that spews forth from HuffingGluePost™ to understand what actually happens in the real world and place the blame where it firmly belongs?

Nah, it’s easier to just Blame Bush!™ than to admit that their local and state pols were too busy lining their pockets and doling out money to welfare sows, in return for their votes, to actually take care of the infrastructure that our federal tax dollars had gone to build and maintain. Katrina anyone?


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Poor Osama Obama, it doesn’t matter what he says, he’ll still get a thorough beating from everybody:

The Illinois senator warned Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf that he must do more to shut down terrorist operations in his country and evict foreign fighters under an Obama presidency, or Pakistan will risk a U.S. troop invasion and losing hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. military aid.

Well, that’s how the Associated (with terrorists) Press interpreted his words, but we all know that literacy and reading comprehension aren’t either of them one of their fortes. Thankfully, they commit the grave error of actually quoting him in the next paragraph:

“Let me make this clear,” Obama said in a speech prepared for delivery at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. “There are terrorists holed up in those mountains who murdered 3,000 Americans. They are plotting to strike again. It was a terrible mistake to fail to act when we had a chance to take out an al-Qaida leadership meeting in 2005. If we have actionable intelligence about high-value terrorist targets and President Musharraf won’t act, we will.”

Do you see anything about “troop invasions” in there, because His Majesty can’t seem to find it anywhere. Unless the military strategy geniuses at the Associated (with dementia) Press believe that the only way to “act” is to launch a full-scale military invasion, boots and tracks on the ground and all.

What he’s actually saying makes perfect sense and, had it come from somebody even remotely believable on the issue, we’d even applaud it. But this is the same B. Hussein Obama who, a week or so ago, declared proudly on national TV that Yes, Virginia, he would immediately sit down with the worst tyrants, murderers and terrorist leaders in the world without preconditions the very moment he attained the White House.

So obviously, there’s some sort of logical disconnect here, unless his foreign policy is based on dealing humbly and without preconditions with our declared enemies while bombing the snot out of those who are, at the very least, our nominal allies (and, truth be told, there’s some doubt as to whether Musharraf even deserves even that much recognition). Which would, admittedly, be a novel approach, but not exactly one that we have much faith in. “Divide et impera” is His Majesty’s motto, it’s not “piss off as many people simultaneously as possible, just because we can.” Well, it is, but not when it comes to military strategy.

But hey, he got a huge bitch slap in the polls after last week’s “can’t we all just get along with Hugo, Mahmoud, Bandar, Kim Jong-Il and Zawahiri” declaration, so obviously he, being a politician, has to say something that at least sounds fierce, even though everybody knows that he’s less likely to follow through than pigs are to grow wings.

But pretend for a moment that this wasn’t B. Hussein Obama saying it. What’s so unreasonable about saying “if you assholes insist on offering safe harbor for ragheaded terrorist scum murdering our citizens, then you can wave goodbye to the freebies paid for by those American citizens AND we might just decide to send in a strike or two ourselves to take out the trash IF we have actionable intelligence?”

Sorry, all you Dances with Unicorns fans, but I don’t see anything unreasonable in that. Then again, I’m the kind of Emperor who would, given actionable and verifiable intelligence about an al-Qaeda cell operating freely, with local government knowledge and silent or open consent, in Quebec, would gleefully send in a flight of Hornets to melt their Camemberts past the point where they could possibly enjoy them.

It used to be that was the first responsibility of governments: Protect your citizens and, if you see a clear and present threat to them, eliminate it. By any means necessary.

Yeah, I’m old fashioned that way. Don’t expect any apologies for that.

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Submitted by LC Joe Dromedary A&IG/GWN:

House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.) said Monday that a strongly positive report on progress on Iraq by Army Gen. David Petraeus likely would split Democrats in the House and impede his party’s efforts to press for a timetable to end the war.

We suppose we should stay his execution for long enough to give him credit for being honest, something that is rarer than hens’ teeth where Dhimmicrats are concerned.

Damn that General Petraeus, possibly putting a stick in the wheel of the DemCong Surrender Train by daring to go actually win a war for his nation! Doesn’t he know that there is one thing and one thing only that matters in this Universe, and that is to secure DemCong rule over the nation, even if it means that there isn’t a nation left to lord it over.

Try them, convict them and execute them for treason.

Or, if that’s too rough for you, let’s just cram them into container ships and send them off to whichever totalitarian dystopia they’re worshiping at the moment, because a free country has absolutely no use for them. Whatsoever. They’d probably fuck up the harvest if we used them as fertilizer.

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LC & IB Naviguesser sends us this article about Silky Pony McBreck Girl going, er, “bicycle riding.”

Dumont, Ia. — Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards squeezed into a pair of Spandex bike shorts today…

Be still, my projectile vomiting mind’s eye…

and pedaled on the RAGBRAI route with champion cyclist Lance Armstrong.

One nut between the two of them. Well, in the physiological sense. Actually two, but the difference is that Lance has one, whereas Silky Pony… You get the drift.

After riding from just north of Dumont to Kesley, Edwards wrapped his arms around a several riders from Team Killer Bees for a photo,

What can one possibly hope to accomplish in life after having already embraced a sweaty, Spandex-clad Silky Pony?

(CALIGULA: Soaking for several hours in a bleach-filled jacuzzi, my Liege?)

Quit ruining my jokes, Little Boot, or I’ll take all of your goats away from you again. By the way, who let you out of your quarters this time?

but declined be held aloft in their traditional sideways pose. “You’d drop me, then I couldn’t be president,” he joked.

Not to mention that you might mess up his immaculately coiffed hair.

Then he sat down in Kesley for a diet soda and a pork chop. “My second,” he said.

The candidate was sweaty after about a dozen miles, but there was no evidence of helmet hair.

No surprise. The Imperial Center For Nuclear Physics Research and Weapons Development recently classified his hairdo as a “Class A Direct Impact Shelter”, meaning that anything hiding beneath it would be capable of surviving a direct hit with a 50 kt device.

Edwards rode at an easy pace, about 10 to 12 mph, and chatted with riders about whatever issues they brought up — Darfur, taxes, Iowa farming.

None of them had the least interest in, I don’t know, bike riding, perhaps? Then again, we can’t say as we blame them since we don’t either.

Several riders inquired about Elizabeth Edwards’ health — she was diagnosed this year with a recurrence of breast cancer — and wished her well.

Their fundraising begging letters will be in their inboxes shortly, as several people meaning to wish her well on the campaign site found out not too long ago.

As the pack crammed together to let a car pass, Edwards wobbled a little and veered around a rider.

“This is an accident waiting to happen,” he said, and laughed.

Don’t wait too long. Besides, think of the fundraising potential if you were to get a boo-boo. Your wife will be on every news network within the hour, telling everybody how they need to send as much as they can to the Silky Pony campaign to put an end to bikeriding accidents forever.

Graduate student Allison Vos of Chapel Hill, N.C., told Edwards that people probably didn’t realize he was in the group of cyclists hanging back from those encircling the cycling champion.

“That’s just fine with me,” said Edwards, who had a chain grease “tattoo” on his right calf.

“We are only $20 away from ending chain grease tattoos for good” — Elizabeth “Organ Grinder Monkey” Edwards, writing for the Breck Girl Campaign.

“This is actually not hard, this is fun,” Edwards said as he climbed a hill on County Road T16 on a black Trek road bike he borrowed for the day. “The biggest problem is my butt hurts. Is that normal?”

No, Pink Sapphire, it isn’t. Then again, you probably shouldn’t have removed the saddle before you joined the ride. Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That™.

Justin Lyle, 10, from Morgan Hill, Calif. rode next to Armstrong for about a mile. “I asked him, ‘How you go pee on the Tour de France?’” Lyle said later. “He said it’s pretty hard, sometimes you have to hold it.”

Not to mention that those riders go so damn fast. You have to time it just right, or they’ll all be past you before the first drop hits.

Next time, Silky Pony, use some petroleum jelly.

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