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Archive for the “Allah's Assholes” Category

Late to the show on this one, but LC readerjp sends us this one about the latest outbreak of Sudden Jihad Syndrome™ where a completely innocent choir boy suddenly, inexplicably decides to act like one of the clowns that we blow up in the Middle East on a daily basis:

His face painted black, Houssein Zorkot entered a park in east Dearborn Sept. 8, cocked an AK47 he had bought the same day, and then tried to flee police after they confronted him, authorities say.

Were those the actions of a confused young man or those of a potential terrorist with ill intentions?

Gee, you tell me, because I’m utterly confused here. What on EARTH would possess a perfectly normal young Arab male to go do something like that? Is he one of them extremist Presbyterians we always hear about, perhaps?

Dearborn authorities say it’s unclear what Zorkot, a 26-year-old medical student from Dearborn, was up to when he was in Hemlock Park armed with the AK47 he had purchased about 1 p.m. that day.

Arab male between the age of 18 and 40, just bought an AK-47, muslim… I dunno. I got nothin’.

Hunting squirrel, perhaps?

The FBI and police are investigating Zorkot, who appears sympathetic to Hizballah, a terrorist group.

The mystery deepens. Could he be? Nah, that would be too obvious.

But for now, they’ve found no direct links between him and any terrorist organization, Dearborn Mayor John O’Reilly Jr. said.

Well, if he doesn’t have his holographed, magnetic stripe al-Qaeda membership card on him, then we can obviously rule out terrorist intentions. After all, we all know that no real terrorist leaves home without that!

The same day he was arrested, Zorkot appears to have posted photos of soldiers on a Web site. The text reads: “The Start of My Personal Jihad (in the US).”

But what could that possibly mean? It could mean anything! Let’s not jump to conclusions and assume that it means “The Start of My Personal Jihad (in the US).” That would be downright un-nuanced of us. Not to mention dangerous!

According to Dearborn Mayor “Jack” O“Reilly, Jr., the release of information about the case was delayed until after Zarkot’s arraignment and late in the day that marked the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. City officials feared that announcing the arrest of an armed Arabic man so close to anniversary of the attack would stir anti-Muslim sentiments and fan the flames of terrorism.

”We didn’t want this to become more than it is,“ O’Reilly said. ”There are certain things that the media latches onto, and this would have turned into a story about terrorism. That’s not the kind of tone we want to set.“

By all means let’s not start giving people the impression that we’re at war with a bunch of psychotic, murderous swine who are living among us, planning to kill, maim and mutilate any chance they get.

It might hurt somebody’s feelings, and then The Terrorists Would Have Already Won™.

Good GRIEF, we’re being run by a bunch of feckless fuckwits with the IQ of an overboiled leek.

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Here ya go.

Nuke the entire fucking Middle East.

Immerse the motherless shits in canned sunshine, wipe every last motherfucking one of them out. Give them the Carthage treatment, I don’t fucking care.

The Romans had it right. We don’t. We’ve devolved into a bunch of gutless pussies.

UPDATE: seems to be down, so here’s the clip the link goes to:

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LC & IB Big Dick has a nice, feel-good story that should make every Dhimmicrat sleep a little better in their beds at night.

The part that stands out, at least to us slackers & malingerers down in The Imperial Dungeon Game Room™, is this little gem:

“From the moment the cell is established, its members must be divided - into secret members, members who do not [act] openly and are not wanted by the authorities, and members who are wanted (who have been arrested in the past or on whom the intelligence apparatuses have a file)…

Hmmmmm… We seem to have had quite a few of each category strolling around all over the place the last couple of years.

“But who could you possibly mean?” we hear you asking…

How about these “Peaceful Inner Strugglers™ here, here, here and here as just a few examples?

But these are merely “Isolated Incidents™” and don’t have anything, whatsoever, to do with Bush’s Bumper Sticker Slogan™ of a global clash between the 21st century western world and Mad Mo’s 7th Century Savages™. Nope. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.


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Hat Tip to LC Mrs. M ITT™ for the linky love.

Not that it should come as a surprise to any of our loyal readers, Iran has always been and continues to be the real puppet-masters of the middle east Ass-Spelunkers-For-Allah™. Finally, FINALLY the Noodlespine-Roveless administration begins to turn up the heat on the Turbaned Tehran Tumblefucks.

U.S. Eyes Terror Tag For Iranian Force

The U.S. government is involved in intense discussions over naming all or part of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist group in a move that would effectively declare “open season” on the organization, a senior official told CNN.

Open Season on terrorists? Where can I get my license and is there a bag limit?

If made, the designation would come in the form of an executive order from President George W. Bush, the State Department official said.

Such a move would allow the Treasury Department to go after the finances of the group and those who do business with it.

Beautiful, a bit of a financial squeeze of Iran could go a long way to reduce the “Have AK, Will Travel” insurgency and arms supply in Iraq and Afghanistan. Definitely a “Good Thing”.

“It would basically declare open season on these guys,” the official said, adding that the move is being taken because of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps’ (IRGC) support for “all the bad actors” — insurgents in Iraq, the Taliban in Afghanistan and other terrorist groups in the Middle East like Hezbollah and Hamas.

Hezbollocks and Hamassholes too? I’m liking this even more. The Palis are only a squeeze or two away from starving anyway.

The move is “three-fourths done but the devil is in the details,” the official said. An internal decision has been made to take some action, but there is still debate on whether to designate the entire IRGC or just the elite Quds Force.

“We need to decide whether to go for the sledgehammer approach of the larger group or the laser method of just going after the Quds Force,” the official said.

C’mon W, just dig down deep, find at least one of those shriveled nads and go for the “10-Pound Sledge” approach.

Asked to comment on the reports that the Guard Corps may be named a terrorist group, National Security Council spokesman Gordon Johndroe would only say:

“It’s not appropriate for us to discuss potential future actions. We continue to urge Iran to play a constructive role in the region, and to stop providing support to terrorist organizations.”

Don’t hold your breath on them playing along with anything, but this move might get their attention, especially if W decides to continue along with the obvious folllow-on plan to the squeeze play.

Although most in the administration wants to go for the whole group, some want to tone it down a bit to soften the anticipated criticism from European allies, the official said.

Foggy-Bottom, pin-striped, pusillanimous pus-bags are sucking their thumbs over losing their best butt buddies in the EUrinal.

For months, U.S. officials have contended that Iranian agents, from the Quds Force, are helping train and equip militants in Iraq and have been supplying armor-piercing explosively formed penetrators to insurgents that have been used against U.S. forces. Iran has denied these assertions.

Tell us something we don’t know, Skippy.

The discussions come amid increased pressure by Congress to take tougher measures against Iran, including a possible divestment campaign. According to the official, the move by the administration could blunt any action in Congress which might tie the administration’s hands.

Maybe, just MAYBE W has another card to play in the WoT.

Let’s hope this is a serious move, that’s pushed hard and fast into real policy.

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Well, at least one black robe occupying a bench actually has some concept of the criminal justice system. Furthermore, this nice little rule establishes Stare Decisis in the case of any future jihadis that happen to survive long enough, and under whatever conditions come before the bar.

Judge rejects ‘defensive jihad’ argument

Jurors who will soon debate the guilt or innocence of Jose Padilla and two other men on terrorism support charges cannot consider whether their actions were justified by Islamic law, a federal judge ruled.

Now that’s a relief on many levels. First and foremost it’s obvious that it shouldn’t be considered, and second, it would only be a matter of time where a defense attorney would muddy the waters of justice just enough to fool another jury into a verdict of “Not Guilty” by reason of religious intent and direction.

U.S. District Judge Marcia Cooke agreed Thursday to a request from prosecutors to instruct the jurors that each of the men can be convicted even if they “may have believed that the conduct was religiously, politically or morally required, or that ultimate good would result.”

That’s really going to put a crimp in the failed defense, by (failed) spoldeyation argument. We finally see a judge that ‘gets it’ and unequivocally establishes that the Rule of Law doesn’t give two-shits about religious or political motivation, just a simple matter of guilt or innocence under the law. Period. Full Stop.

Jurors are expected to begin deliberations after closing statements Monday and Tuesday. Padilla and co-defendants Adham Amin Hassoun and Kifah Wael Jayyousi are charged with being part of a North American support cell that provided finances, supplies and recruits to al-Qaida and other Islamic extremist groups.

Fairly straight-forward charges there, dontcha think?

A cornerstone of the defense during the nearly three-month trial was the idea that Islamic teaching provides for legitimate “defensive jihad,” which differs from terrorism because it is meant to counter aggression against Muslims and does not threaten innocent people.

That would be the same jihadis that go out of their way to defend innocent men, women and children, not hiding in mosques or schools and never building IEDs, purely defensive terrorists. I suspect their definition of ‘innocent’ is limited to any and all adherents of radical islam. The rest of us are open season, with no bag limit, but it’s purely defensive you understand. *cough*bullshit*cough*

But Hassoun attorney Ken Swartz said his closing argument will not focus on whether violent actions might have been justified. Swartz said he plans to emphasize that any money or supplies provided to overseas groups was meant for humanitarian assistance.”It’s all about relief,” Swartz said. “That is not giving aid for military purposes.”

The jihadi humanitarian fund, “Just think, your $30 a month, goes toward providing little Ahmed here, with clothing, food and a custom dynamite belt. Won’t you reach out and help, today? Just think, we can eradicate all the infidels in a matter of months if only you find it in your heart and checkbook to begin your support today.”

To find the three guilty of the most serious conspiracy charge — the one carrying a possible life sentence — jurors must conclude that each defendant “specifically intended” that people overseas would be murdered, kidnapped or maimed through their actions. The prosecution case never linked any defendant directly to a specific violent act or victim, focusing instead on large groups subjected to attack such as the Russian Army and general conflicts in Chechnya, Bosnia, Lebanon, Somalia and elsewhere.

Of course, the fawning MSM has to get it’s jabs in, we know they can’t wait to get lots of footage of the defendants walking away from the courthouse free. More victims of the Eeevil Neocon Administration to fete.

Padilla, Hassoun and Jayyousi are also charged with providing material support to terrorist groups and conspiracy to provide such support, each of which carries a maximum 15-year sentence. Padilla is charged with providing himself as one of Hassoun’s recruits to al-Qaida by allegedly filling out a form in 2000 to attend a training camp in Afghanistan.

Oh come on, everyone knows Padilla was applying as an aid-worker at the A-Q humanitarian aid camp.

Not included in the Miami trial are the initial 2002 allegations that Padilla, a U.S. citizen and Muslim convert, had returned to the United States to build and detonate a radioactive “dirty bomb.” Padilla was held for 3 1/2 years as an enemy combatant before he was added in late 2005 to the Miami terrorism support case.

See there, that evil ChimpyMcBushCheney already tossed his ass in the brig for all those years, and he deserves a break.

I agree on one break though, involving most of his cervical vertabrae, along with his co-defendants. Let’s see how this one plays out, they might actually have a bit more fun being assigned to a nice federal pen somewhere in the general population.

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Hat Tip: BC via Sig94. Sig has a great take on this as well over at his digs too: The Land Mine Pixies Are At It Again

Ahh, what’s this? Oh just another item from Iraq or Afghanistan with the splodeyating, goat-molesting, assholes-for-allah seeding some more IEDs right?

WRONG– do read on as the story was only carried by a few local news outlets.

Landmines Found In Creek

This mine, likely an anti-vehicle model, experts said, was found by two teens out with their mother and dog for a walk Friday. A bomb-disposal team found another nearby yesterday.

STRATHROY — A country creek where children swim, fish and frolic was instead swarmed by police yesterday as Canadian Forces explosives experts detonated two live landmines.

Strathroy? A quick consultation of a map determined it’s just a bit west of London, Ontario. That’s rather odd, I didn’t think the Boy Scouts have a merit badge for the care, feeding and planting of landmines. Two, Live, Anti-Tank landmines.

The mines, found in a culvert that runs under Inadale Drive between Strathroy and Mt. Brydges, appeared to have timers and were likely the type used to blow up tanks, Strathroy-Caradoc police say.

One mine was discovered by two girls Friday. They called police, and a second mine was found yesterday morning, only one metre away from the first.

Now you have my attention. Anti-Armor mines with timers planted in a stream bed in Ontario. It’s not like somebody just misplaced them and I don’t recall seeing any of those little bad-boys on sale recently at my favorite arms dealer either. Let’s just read on, but the smell-o-meter is rising.

Unsure if more mines are hidden nearby, Strathroy police asked the OPP to conduct a sweep. It was to have been done by dusk yesterday.

The creek is popular with families, so police suspect the mines were put there to maim and kill, or in callous disregard of that possibility.

“The senseless loss of life or grievous bodily harm that could have taken place at this creek — it’s reprehensible,” Strathroy-Caradoc police Sgt. Mike Overdulve said.

Live mines with timers, planted in an area frequented by families. Gee, I wonder what malignant, murderous bastard or bastards would do something like that. It couldn’t be terrorists right? The left assures us the only terrorists are the ones being created in Iraq, due to the occupation by the eeevil US and coalition forces. “Everybody” knows the airtight security in North America would never allow them here.

The potential for devastation was evident yesterday as a military team detonated the mines from a safe distance.

The force of the blast ripped bark and limbs from a tree and sprayed water so high it could be seen by observers a kilometre away.

“I could feel the percussive force,” Overdulve said, “It was 100 times louder than any fireworks you ever heard.”

Seven centimetres thick and 25 centimetres in diameter, the mines appear to be the kind used to disable tanks.

One brilliant j-school graduate in another piece on this story, described them as ’suspected’ mines. Let’s have a peek shall we at what a suspected mine looks like:

Land Mine

“We can’t definitively prove that, but that is the direction we are leaning,” Overdulve said.

Well it does look at bit like this M15 U.S. Anti-Tank Mine:

But then I’m not a highly-trained professional explosives expert. Maybe it’s just a coinky-dink.

After the detonation, the explosives experts found debris “consistent with timers,” he said.

Timers? Maybe to splodeyate the splodeyating device during a time when there would likely be innocents about.

The first mine was found Friday afternoon by nearby resident Lynn Denning, who walked to the creek with her two teenage daughters so that their yellow lab, Jesse, could enjoy the cold water.

“It’s upsetting,” she said.

While Inadale is a two-lane country road, many residents cross the culvert to commute to London, Denning said.

“There’s quite a lot of traffic during the week,” said Denning, who commutes to work at London Health Sciences Centre.

So, the placement could also take out the bridge at a convenient time, perhaps during the morning rush-hour with a school bus or two nearby.

The family called Strathroy-Caradoc police, who sought help from the OPP, who called in the explosive ordinance disposal team from CFB Base Borden. The explosives team left its base 100 kilometres north of Toronto at 6:20 a.m. yesterday. “We responded quickly — we take this matter quite seriously,” said Capt. Cheryl Swarbrick, a base spokesperson. Their presence was soon felt and heard on a normally quiet, tree-lined road. “I’ve seen hand grenades and ammunition, but I never encountered anything like this,” Overdulve said. Until a year ago, Overdulve lived near the creek, taking his three kids there to fish so often, they called it “crayfish creek.”

“This area is typically occupied by children, who come here to play,” he said.

Take you pick of scenarios, kids or commuters.


Anyone who has recently been to the creek beneath Inadale Road between Strathroy and Mt. Brydges, or has seen anyone acting suspiciously near the creek, is asked to call Strathroy-Caradoc police at 519-245-1250.

Inquiring minds want to know. For whatever it’s worth, this area is only a 90 minute drive from Mecca West™, otherwise known as Detroit, Michigan, USA. Perhaps the FBI should start shaking the bushes, trees and knocking on a few mosque doors, but we wouldn’t want to offend the Religion of Pieces inhabitants now would we? Why that would be profiling, can’t have that.

I let this one sit overnight, actually expecting a bit of a ripple on the national level MSM. Not a single peep. The few articles I located were all local Canadian news outlets and nadda, zip, nothing dated today.

Nothing to see here….move along folks. We can’t make a bid deal out of this, the unwashed masses might jump to conclusions.

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In case you’re wondering about the South Carolina Bombmakers, LC & IB Dan Riehl has just about everything you’ll ever need to know about it. Highly recommended.

But it wouldn’t be an Imperial Post if we didn’t steal a few sentences and throw some snark at it, would it? So here goes. First, the obligatory “nothing to see here” from the Federal Bureau of Indigestion:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The FBI said on Sunday that there was no evidence of a terrorism link in the case of two college engineering students who possessed explosive materials in South Carolina over the weekend.

Why don’t the Quacks of Quantico just cut out the middle man, fire the entire agency and set up an automated recording saying nothing but “no evidence of links to terrorism, move along?” Nobody would notice as much as a hint of difference anyway, and we’d save a buttload of tax funds. Explosives? Nah, no terrorism here. Two Middle Eastern males between the ages of 18 and 45 driving the vehicle? Nothing to worry about. What are you? Racist???

The two men, described in local media reports as non-U.S. citizens of Middle Eastern descent, were taken into custody late on Saturday near Charleston, South Carolina, after local police noticed what looked like explosives in their Toyota sedan during a routine traffic stop.

The FBI said the material proved to be for making homemade fireworks, not dangerous munitions.

Fireworks for a wedding ceremony, we’re sure. Tell us: Where the fuck do we FIND those FBI blockheads, and how did they manage to survive to the age of majority?

“There’s no (terrorism link) that we’ve identified at this point,” FBI spokesman Richard Kolko told Reuters.

“They didn’t have a plastic ID card with the official al-Qaeda seal on it, so how COULD they be terrorists?”, he added while wiping the drool off his chin and adjusting the handles on his helmet.

And what about those “fireworks?”

Goose Creek - Two men are being held in the Berkeley County Detention Center after police find explosive making devices in their car. The men had at least one ready to go bomb and bomb making materials that include chemicals.

A cherry bomb! Nothing to see here! And if you don’t quit worrying, we’ll change the story again!

So who are those two innocent gentlemen driving around with the trunk full of “fireworks?”

WIS News 10 spoke with officials at the Berkeley County Detention Center who said 24-year-old Ahmed Mohamed and 21-year-old Yousef Megahed, the occupants of the car, are still in police custody.

Obviously those damn Presbyterians again. From a broad strata of society as well. To suggest otherwise would be a hate crime, and that will land you in jail on felony charges, don’t you know?

And via the Jawa Report, we get more reassurances that there is absolutely NO terrorism to be found here:

Officials say the men did not show up on any terror suspect list, and authorities don’t think they posed a threat.

After all, we all know that the only ones we need to worry about are the ones who have dutifully checked in with the FBI to get added to the list of terror suspects.

It’s not like they’re trying to hide or anything, after all.

Don’t you feel all better now, knowing that the safety of you and your loved ones are in the competent hands of those Sherlock Holmeses?

Me neither.

What a bunch of drooling, incompetent imbeciles. Couldn’t find a white sheet at a Klan rally.

[Update: 2 Florida students charged in explosives scare face $800,000 bond, guess the innocent students aren’t all that innocent huh? But CAIR insists the pipe-bombs were just leftover fireworks, buuuwaaaaahaaaaaa-JB]

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Picture the scene:

A bunch of Talib sister-molesters are gathering for a jolly old time shooting the breeze, bowing towards Mecca, firing their AK-47s into the air (and subsequently being mightily surprised when gravity, being wholly unmentioned in the only book that Hajis are familiar with, kicks in and rains very fast objects on their pointed, dishtowel-covered heads) and, of course, a spot of stringing up infidels by the neck until dead.

Sounds like a fun time in the goatshit-covered backwaters of Bumfuckistan, doesn’t it?

Well, it would be if it wasn’t for the Air Force dropping in to partake in the festivities as well:

The U.S.-led coalition said Friday it had launched an air strike on a meeting of top Taliban commanders in a militant stronghold in Afghanistan, and local officials said more than a dozen rebels and civilians had been killed.

Taliban militants were hanging two local people accused of spying for the government. Other villagers had come out to watch when the bombs fell, he said.

Here’s a hint for anybody else in the region unable to resist the urge to come out and rubberneck when the Talibs are busy murdering:

Beware the Explosive Precipitation Advisory, m’kay?

Or not. It’s not like we really care, you know.

UPDATE: Courtesy of Sir Christopher, here are some more details:

Give us more, O Emperor! »

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Today’s required reading comes from the desk of Fjordman, one of the few remaining Keepers of the Gate™ caught in the downward spiraling vortex of The Swirling EUrinal™.

Go read it. That is all.


(Note: A big ol’ tip o’ the hat goes out to Hillbilly White Trash for the heads-up on Fjordman’s most excellent ClueClubbing™.)

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No, we’re not kidding you, and the violent asswipe is none other than Captain Hook himself, the one-armed wonder of Finsbury Park, who was, at long last, imprisoned for openly inciting violence and murder. You could add felony chutzpah to the charges now, were it a crime.

The wife of Abu Hamza, the jailed Muslim cleric, has complained about her husband’s treatment in a high-security London prison.

Hamza, 49, dubbed the “preacher of hate”, is serving seven years for inciting the murder of non-Muslims.

In a letter to a London-based Islamic organisation, Nagat Mostafa, 46, said her husband claimed to be the victim of racist bullying and Islamophobia in Belmarsh jail.

We believe it’s time to bring out our Imperial Nanotech Violinist again:

Play us a song, Mr. Nanotech Violinist, and make it a really, really sad one.

Her letter to al-Maqreze Centre for Historical Studies was sent shortly after Hamza - who is fitted with hooks on both hands - underwent surgery in May to remove an inch of bone from his left arm stump, which had become infected.

That’s what happens when you use your stump to pound yourself up the arse while you long for your sweet goat Fatima that you had to leave behind.

She wrote: “I would like to bring to your attention the current plight of my husband…

Please do. Especially if his plight is a particularly nasty and gruesome one. We could surely use the laugh.

“The reason that his arm needed further amputation was because of the removal of his prostheses, resulting in him constantly putting pressure on the remainder of his fore limbs.

Awww… They took away his hook! By the way, we note with approval that you didn’t refer to the animal’s upper appendages as his “forearms“, suggesting that you must have done very well indeed in Biology.

As there is no soft furnishing in his cell,

Hold it a minute. We’re going to have to go ask Mr. Nanotech Violinist to tone it down a bit. He’s getting quite carried away right now.

he has been suffering considerable pain…

Mmmmm… Sweet, sweet pain… Pardon us, love, while we try to rearrange the woody we suddenly seem to be sporting.

After surgery, before he had even recovered from the anaesthetic,

They used anaesthetics? Thanks for letting us know. That’s going out of their pay.

he was returned to Belmarsh, only to be told he had to move from his cell to another one. He was so weak and unable to stand that he refused, resulting in him being put in solitary confinement…

Guess he did move to another cell after all then, didn’t he? Seeing as how he allegedly “couldn’t stand”, we hope that the warden had him kicked and rolled all the way. Down several flights of stairs.

“My husband says the racist bullying and Islamophobia against him have intensified.”

Oh the poor dear. You do realize that your poor darling put-upon master was thrown in the slammer for openly inciting his 7th century followers to murder unbelievers, don’t you? We’re just saying this to point out the true magnitude of our supreme indifference to his plight. Is there a pisslamic version of the saying “what goes around, comes around?”

The contents of the letter were disclosed by the Maqreze Centre, which called the cleric’s treatment “unjust” and said it feared he could die behind bars.

One man’s fear is another man’s fondest, most cherished hope.

An estimated one in six of Belmarsh’s 920 prisoners is Muslim. Prison officers gave warning last week of the threat of extremists “radicalising” inmates.

Steve Gough, the vice-chairman of the Prison Officers’ Association, said: “If you go to Belmarsh you’d see 20 going to Friday prayers a few years ago. Now you’ll see 150.

“Put it this way, we’re a power station and you don’t want us to explode. The radical Muslims make the IRA look like kittens.”

We hope that you’re just saying this because you want to fix the problem by shooting them in the back of the head.

Because if you’re saying it to suggest that it would be better if those raging psychotics were let loose to roam free among defenseless women and children in order to not inconvenience your precious barge-arse with their presence in your jails, then we have some plans for you too.

We haven’t fleshed the details of those plans out as of yet, but when we read aloud a very preliminary draft to a serial murderer, rapist and cannibal locked in the Imperial Dungeon, he projectile vomited for three hours straight, dug his fingers into his ears and ripped out his eardrums with his fingernails, and he hasn’t been doing much other than drooling and shivering ever since.

Everyone’s a critic these days, and we hadn’t even added the truly nasty bits yet.

UPDATE: As a service to mankind and compassion, LC & IB Howie at The Jawa Report offers a previous statement of Abu Hookhand’s to see if we can’t evoke at least some sympathy for the horribly persecuted Haji:

According to Abu Hamza, Jewish people were subhuman and no further up the evolutionary scale than monkeys. It was Allah’s will that they should be exterminated. He even seemed to suggest that Adolf Hitler had been sent to earth by Allah to carry out the task. ‘Not only did they become monkeys, but Allah put a law on Earth that wherever always Allah will send in people to humiliate them, to kill them, and to punish them. And Hitler is not far from us,’ said Hamza….

Nope. Not a twitch on the SympathyMeter™ here either, Howie. We both seem to have them calibrated just fine.

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