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Archive for the “Politics” Category

LC Darth Bacon sends us this link about a Louisiana politician who apparently engaged in a bit of racist rhetoric:

HOUMA, La. — A state representative in a runoff election infuriated civil rights leaders after she ended a conversation with the mother of the NAACP’s local president by saying, “Talk to you later, Buckwheat.”

State Rep. Carla Blanchard Dartez, of Morgan City, acknowledged she made the remark during a Thursday night telephone conversation with Hazel Boykin to thank her for driving voters to the polls.

Yes, LCs and G.L.O.R.s, it’s time to play…

“Guess The Party Affiliation™”

Which party could this racist douchenozzle possibly belong to? The article doesn’t say and, in so doing, tells us exactly which party she belongs to. But, being devoted to accuracy in reporting and backing up our claims with facts (which pretty much guarantees that we’ll never work for the media), we checked out that new-fangled, highly advanced online gadget that impeccably credentialed journaljizzmers lorded over by umpty-leven layers of rigorously fact-checking editors can’t quite seem to figure out, bless their pointed little skulls, and found this.

YES! Our spotless prediction record remains spotless. We’re so proud. How many of you got it right?

Now imagine if the smart-mouthed suckweasel had belonged to The Other Party™ (no spoilers here). Do you think that party affiliation would’ve been scrupulously edited out prior to print then? You get three guesses and the first two don’t count.

What media bias?

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Apart from the fact that Joel Surnow’s comments on the Hildebeest were highly enjoyable, one paragraph in particular caught our attention (although possibly for different reasons than those of LC & IB Dan, to whom we give thanks for finding it):

Saying that he was “probably going to get behind Rudy” for the White House, Mr. Surnow named comedian Dennis Miller as another entertainer who has “come out” as a conservative in the overwhelmingly liberal Hollywood environment and said that another popular comedian, Adam Sandler “is going to come out and support Rudy Giuliani.”

One quick question: How does supporting a New York gun-hating, pro-abortion, pro-sanctuary for illegals candidate make you a “conservative”, exactly?

Note for clarification purposes: No, we’re not talking about the Hildebeest, although we understand why some might be confused.

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I’m still getting some disturbances with the site, but thanks to DJ for all the hard work, it’s definitely getting faster.

Hat Tip to Da’ Bac for this little gem !!! Thanks Buddy !!!!

Regardless, I’ll post this up as it’s a good read and I owed M a way overdue post over at Cigar Intelligence Agency:

Demonstrating classic Clintoonian politics, Hillary gets nailed twice in ONE week. First she pulls a classic Kerry Two-Step on a softball question, now she’s planting questions in the crowd and her succubi handlers aren’t above planting them with kids.

Break out the popcorn and a beverage, once the primaries are over, this campaign is gonna’ get right sporty if not outright hilarious.

Clinton Campaign Confirms Planting Town Hall Question, Says It Won’t Happen Again

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Alternate Headline: “Silk Pony Campaign Breaks Leg; Shoots Self”

In a move that will either sink her career faster than Slick Willie Klintoon’s pants dropping to his ankles at the sight of a pair of chunky thighs, or give her a rocket ride to TV stardom, a UNC-Chapel Hill journalism grad student has done an exposé on the sway-backed, broke-legged Democrat Presidential Derby entrant, My Lil’ Silk Pony’s™, grandiose campaign headquarters and, as predictable as a Hurricane Katrina reference whenever so much as a bathtub overflows in sub-Saharan Africa, the Democrat candidate’s hitmen try to strong-arm and silence her with threats and intimidation.

What really shocked the Hell out of The Imperial Dungeon Game Room™ staff was that her program faculty advisor, Dr. C.A. Tuggle, basically told the Deadwards campaign to kindly go blow a dead mule and that they’d run the story if they damn well pleased.

Testicular fortitude against a Neo-Socialist candidate isn’t something that you see from a Skool of Journaljism™ these decades.

Here’s hoping that Ms. Babb and all involved have long and prosperous careers reporting on the hypocrisy of the ruling elite. (Watch out, GoreBot!)


Update: Yes, that WAS what you thought it was…
Yup. You Saw It Correctly The First Time.

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The androgynous half of the Klintoon Krime Kartel, is dominating the news, but it’s largely due to the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy™ running negative segments on conservative talk radio. Riigggghhhhhtttttt.

Clinton Dominates Campaign News

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton has dominated news coverage of the 2008 White House race, partly due to negative segments about her on conservative talk radio, according to a new study released on Monday.

Absolutely, and with all the hit pieces from those evil Rethuglican journalists like this one: Hillary’s Big Bash, I’m not surprised.

Clinton was the main subject of 17 percent of stories during the first five months of this year, almost twice as much coverage as the leading Republican candidate, Rudy Giuliani, who had 9 percent, the study found.

So the question really is, exactly who decides what stories go into the media maelstrom? What with all her appearances and puff-piece articles from the fawning journaljizmers, I would be surprised if she didn’t dominate election coverage.

The tone of coverage for the two during that period was about equal — roughly 37 percent of stories were negative while 27 percent were positive, according to the study by the Project for Excellence in Journalism and Harvard University’s Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy.

Now we’re getting somewhere. Hillary’s negative ratings, in other words, voters clearly committed against her is at about 46% putting her at the top of heap on both sides of the aisle. Here we have only slightly over a third of the articles about her that were characterized as ‘negative’, but from my own informal research the negative material is primarily from her Democratic rivals playing to the Loony Left. The Dead Stream Media studiously ignores talk-radio except when they can pile on and attack the host, not the story itself. See: Rush Phony Soldier Brouhaha.

The study was based on the election coverage of 48 different media outlets, covering online, radio, television, and newspapers. A story was categorized as having a positive or negative tone if two-thirds of its assertions were explicitly in one direction.

You know we can in fact, read out here in the blogospheric community. I’ve read literally hundreds of campaign coverage articles and I can say without reservation that very few stories are balanced anywhere near what you’re alleging here. Using “tone” is rather a subjective measure of an article and entirely based on the perception and ideology of the individual reader or listener.

Conservative radio show hosts such as Rush Limbaugh have criticized Clinton for years, from her days as the first lady in the 1990s to New York senator and now candidate for the November 2008 presidential election. The review found that 86 percent of their segments on her were negative.

No Shit Sherlock? And exactly how much did you spend on that study? Rush, Hannity, Beck and Levin have been hammering on her with solid, fact-based material. The Cankled One herself is responsible for the negative image as the Klan can’t help themselves from associating with criminals, hoodlums, foreign “donors” and generally ne’er do wells. The Clinton’s have never met a scam or Hsu they didn’t like.

Both Clinton and Giuliani consistently top national polls in the race for their party nomination. However, Clinton’s lead is narrower in the early primary voting states of New Hampshire and Iowa and Giuliani trails former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in those two states.

The candidate with the most negative coverage during the first five months of 2007 — almost 48 percent of stories — was Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain. His campaign was in turmoil then because of rapid spending and staff shake-ups.

Traitor McSwine, well and truly deserves each and every one of the negatives. It’s called talking out of your mouth and ass simultaneously, something even the unwashed masses can see.

Democratic hopeful Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois received the most positive coverage, 47 percent, during that period. He raised more campaign dollars than Clinton during the first half of the year but has not been able to close the gap in polls.

Yes, we were beginning to wonder when the media wonder-boy’s fresh-face would wear a bit thin. I suppose Madame LaFarge finally loosed her hounds on the MSM to bring down Dumbo, even though he was managing quite well on his own.

The study found that Democrats received more coverage than Republicans but said that was in part because Republicans with big money war chests announced their bids later than Democrats. It was also due to media attention on the possibility of the United States’ first female president, Clinton, and first black president, Obama.

Oh the poor destitute dems, Hillary raised $26 million in the first quarter of the year, with Romney at $23 million (a significant portion his own) and Rudy’s war chest for the quarter was only at $15 million. Yep it’s the big war-chest of the Republicans ensuring the Dems are getting the lion’s share of coverage.

Overall, the 2008 presidential election was second only in news coverage to the war in Iraq, according to the Project for Excellence in Journalism’s News Coverage Index.

We can think of a special Project for Excellence in Journalism, but it’s illegal in all 50 states.

“What political scientists used to call the ‘Invisible Primary’ of endorsements, fund-raising and organizational work, in other words, is invisible no more,” the study said.

Huh? The only thing that isn’t invisible anymore is the blatant, seething bias of academia and the LameStream Midiots™ We can always count of phony pollsters and ’studies’ to do their prevaricating best in proof of their agenda.

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Most of us here in the Reagan-Conservative wing of the party, just haven’t seen the fire in our early favorite Fred Thompson. Fred has the creds as a true conservative, but the generals are going to require running a positive campaign on principles and value. We can’t afford to run from a defensive posture or make the central theme attacking Hillary in spite of the target rich environment that comes with her ‘resume’. The real danger lies in the values voters segment of the wobbly GOP. The RINO/Limo-Cons in the RNC will be pushing for a more moderate candidate, and as expected Rudy appears at this juncture to be their boy.

I have every confidence in Rudy Giulani’s ability to serve competently in the Oval Office, but I fear he’s carefully masked his own RINO side, I like to call it “Bloomberg-Lite”. This is how I see it. Rudy takes the nomination, the RNC plays up his moderate side, the solid conservative base walks and Hillary wins by default.

The Bottom Line: The only hope of electing a true Conservative into the White House is to run a solid, value-based campaign with a candidate beyond reproach on the touchstones of Reagan Conservatism. Smaller government, lower taxes, strong national defense (including border issues), openly pro-Second Amendment, and commitment to appointing strict constructionists to the federal bench.

Said candidate, needs to be ready to stand-up and throw enough punches to resist the surefire, full-throttle attacks that the Hillary crowd is guaranteed to use and more importantly, stay on-message.

So far, we just haven’t seen that from Fred, we expected his late entry to be immediately followed by an all-out sprint and it just hasn’t happened.

Enter the previous long-shot, Mike Huckabee. I’ve been following him, catching bits and pieces of interviews, sound-bites and the odd info-bit. The more I hear the more I like, he has an in-your-face style, 100% Reagan Conservative principles and no fear of expressing them sans nuance. He’s the Real Deal. Period.

Huckabee is showing all the signs of making a strong showing in Iowa, likely a strong second place and more importantly I came across this piece:

Huckabee, Romney Chalk Up Wins

His general characterization as a long-shot was based on his previous fund-raising ability, but the value voters are key to correcting that. In spite of a relatively small poll, it shows great potential for him. Other sources are beginning to chatter about Huckabee as an undercard for Rudy, but that won’t satisfy the wing of the party that’s had it with RINOs. We’re smart enough to see that as a “tossing us a bone” from the RNC, and it won’t work in the general elections.

I think we all need to give Mike Huckabee another look, a real HARD look.

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Meanwhile, Congress is busy extending the FISA nonsense that led to the search for Alex Jimenez being pointlessly delayed for 10 hours while the hajis were sharpening the scimitars.

The only surprise here is that the Dem Cong didn’t try to attach an amendment requiring our intel people to also inform the terrorists ahead of operations that we were on to them by using the words “we’re going to close our eyes and count to a hundred, and then it’s ‘ready or not, here we come’.”

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(Via LC & IB Dan)

BOISE, Idaho (AP) - Organizers had planned a pleasant dinner for Saturday, during which the tiny Idaho Hall of Fame would add a dozen inductees and renew its aim of honoring “real life heroes,” as its Web site states.

And who is one of those “real life heroes?”

Then Sen. Larry Craig, one of this year’s honorees, got arrested in an airport men’s room, and the private, nonprofit hall’s quiet evening out turned into a media spectacle.

Michael Ritz, an Idaho Hall of Fame board member, said he has been bombarded with calls from national outlets wanting to know whether they can set up cameras at the $50-a-head function. Not inside, he tells them.

Awww… Come on! Maybe he can demonstrate his patented “wide stance” to the rest of us?

A smiling Craig, who served a decade in the House before his 1990 election to the Senate, arrived at the event with his family.

“He … is excited that at least some Idahoans have not forgotten his three decades of public service to Idaho,” his spokesman Dan Whiting said in an e-mail.

He does seem to get terribly excited where his, er, “public services” are concerned, doesn’t he?

On second thoughts, perhaps it was a good idea to keep cameras out. We’re not sure that we’d have been all that interested in seeing a demonstration of that. But we’re sure that a splendid time was had by all. If you’re into that sort of thing, of course. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


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In a move that shocked, SHOCKED, we tell you, the Imperial Dungeon Game Room™ staff, the brain-dead, dictator-loving idiots omniscient & omnipotent Nobel committee members gave this year’s LefTardian Socialist Succubi Sycophant “Peace Prize” to none other than the Master of Mastication™ & Academy Award® winner , Michael Moore-on. No, wait. That’s not right. They gave it to Rosie O’Donnell.

“That’s wrong, too, you morons!”, you say?

Well, didn’t they give it to someone whose only contribution to “Peace” has been eating enough food to feed several starving African nations and putting out unwatchable Celluloidal Sphincter Spew™? Ooooooh, they did? But it’s not one of the two aforementioned America-hating assholes? Who was it, then? WHO?!?! Yer shittin’ us, right?!?!

Actually, we’re not in the least bit shocked by the results of this “unbiased & factually-based” decision by the Nobel committee. After all, past winners have included such “peace luminaries” as Yasser “Kill Them Jooo Babies” Arafuck & Jimmuh “It’s OK To Kill Them Jooo Babies, Yasser” CarTard. Never mind that the Gorebot was up against a Catholic social worker who just happened to save around 2,500 Jewish children from being sent to the Nazi gas chambers in WWII. After all, who gives a shit about a bunch of Jewish kids when there’s trillions of capitalist dollars to be redistributed to the proletariat through The Great Glow Bull Worming Scam™ Carbon Taxes & Offsets™. (With just a few trillion skimmed off by the “More Equal of the Equals™” of the proletariat.)

Gorebot & Tipper React To Nobel Announcement


PS: We apologize to His Imperial Viciousness & Vindictiveness™ for dog-piling on the Gorebecile and burying His post so quickly.

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Bomber Wesley, the utter failure of a candidate you might remember from a few elections ago, wearing home-knit sweaters, flipping pancakes and daring anybody to question his patriotism, has joined the Anti-Rush Crusade, and we’re just about to die from laughing here.

In a blog to the Huffington Post, former NATO Supreme Commander Wesley Clark…

We’ll just leave that bit up there for a while for you to cherish. Former NATO Supreme Commander, now unknown Puffington Host blogger… Damn, with a CV like that, the sky’s truly the limit. Maybe for his next career move, he’ll be handing out cheap cologne in the mens’ room at the nearest gay bar.

Not that we claim to have ever been Supreme Commander of NATO or even a presidential candidate, nor do we ever expect to achieve either, but at least we can modestly brag that all of our career moves have been in the upwards direction. One thing we know for sure is that we’ll be dead and buried before we end up blogging for the Blatherton Toast and, even if the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune should force us to sink that low, we sure as Hell wouldn’t be bragging about it. We wouldn’t even mention it to anybody.

…called for Congress to immediately take steps to remove conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh from Armed Forces Radio.

Somebody calling for Congress to forcibly remove somebody they don’t agree with from the radio? And this tinpot dictator wannabe wanted to be President?

Last week, Rush Limbaugh labeled any American soldier who supports an end to the war in Iraq as “phony,” noted Clark.

The rest of us note that Wessie is about as impressive in the reading comprehension department (transcripts are widely available) as he ever was as a Supreme Commander, although we’re sure that the title “Supreme Commander” suits him a lot better than the title of “President.” The voters, by the way, seemed to agree.

“We challenged Limbaugh through an email campaign to invite’s Jon Soltz to his show and repeat these same insults to an Iraq war veteran’s face. Over 10,000 people responded and emailed Rush — but to our disappointment, he has refused to respond to our request.

We’re still waiting for your honey-boy Harry Reid to respond to Rush’s invite to come on the show and call him “unpatriotic” to his face. We can play this game all year long, but the fact remains that Rush issued the challenge first. And why the Heck would Rush even want to call Whazzisface (who, by the way, thinks that the only soldiers allowed to speak out in uniform are the ones that agree with himself) a “phony soldier” to his face? Rush wasn’t talking about Whazzisface. The mere fact that we have mentioned that clown now means that we’ll have to go dip our fingers in Lysol and gargle Listerine for an hour.

“It’s time to put real pressure on Rush Limbaugh. His show is broadcast on Armed Forces Radio, and this time we are going to go straight to the lifeblood of Rush’s show — Congress.

Not to burst your bubble here, high-altitude random bombing boy, but somehow we don’t think that Armed Forces Radio is Rush’s “lifeblood.” We could be wrong, but we’re reasonably sure that Rush would be more than capable of scraping by with his “minor” gig on Clear Channel alone. But we find it quite enlightening that a “patriotic American” such as yourself is so hungry for the lifeblood of people you don’t like. Not to mention your strangely un-American call for Congress to prohibit free speech that you don’t agree with. Do the words “Congress shall make no law…” even mean anything to you, Mr. former candidate for the Presidency, now obscure blogger on the Billabong Boast?

Congress has the power to remove Rush Limbaugh from Armed Forces Radio, and it won’t be as easy for elected officials to ignore our call.”

Unless they happen to have read the Constitution, that is.

Clark further decried the fact that Republicans in Congress have drafted a resolution supporting Rush Limbaugh, “commending [his] relentless efforts to build and maintain troop morale through worldwide radio broadcasts and personal visits to conflict regions.”

Absolutely! How the fuck dare they commend a man for encouraging our troops in a time of war, entertaining them and lifting their spirits and traveling all over the world to do so in person while the DemCong have done so much for our country visiting with every shitcan terrorist dictator on the planet? It is OUTRAGEOUS!

“That’s outrageous,” concluded Clark. “Rush Limbaugh’s ‘phony soldiers’ comment should not be commended — it should be condemned. And it’s time to tell Congress to act swiftly to hold Rush Limbaugh accountable.”

One question, Wessie: How on Earth did you end up fighting against Milosevic? Was your Serbian not good enough?

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