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We’ve just about had it with the internecine squabbling on the right about whether we should support Rudy McGunControl or not.

Allahpundit is all up in arms about how the Hildebeest is a sure bet now, what, with all of her fund-raising skills (some of the funds might even come from non-felons) and how the “social cons” won’t vote for his Wonderboy Rudy. Slublog, over at Ace’s, is singing from the same page of the hymnal, telling all of those silly social cons how they’re destroying the Republic and handing the Hildebeest a victory on a silver platter by threatening with not voting for Rudy, particularly since having the Hildebeest nominating Supreme Court Justices will most certainly not be any better than having Rudy do so.

Not that Slublog’s points aren’t valid, they’re exactly correct as a matter of fact, except for the simple fact that WE’RE NOT IN THE GENERAL ELECTION YET.

We haven’t gotten past the primaries, and they’re both harping on as if they’re already over and Rudy is The Only One™ and anybody opposing him is the Antichrist. Or something.

It’s silly, is what it is. Let’s have this stupid infight AFTER the primaries when we actually know who the GOP candidate IS, shall we? There ARE other candidates on the list, and acting as if that’s irrelevant and Rudy is the Anointed One Who Must Win™ sort of leaves the Rudy supporters wide open to a turnabout:

Hey, by voting for Rudy in the primaries you’re guaranteeing that a lot of conservatives will stay at home in November! Thus YOU are responsible for handing the victory to the Hildebeest! Just vote for some other GOP candidate, or are you willing to hand the Supreme Court to the liberals, cutting off your noses to spite your faces just because you insist on not voting for anybody but Rudy McPro-Abortion?

See how that works?

It’s fucking retarded, people. You’re starting a fight where nobody even knows what it’s going to be about.

Let’s get the primaries done with, and then we can start yelling at each other about whether to stay at home or not. As to ourself, even though Rudy McLiberal certainly isn’t our candidate and we certainly will do all that we can to make sure that he doesn’t get the nomination, if he manages to get it and is facing, say, the Hildevermin in the general election then yes, we will pull for the RINO bitch, even though he’s about as conservative as we’re female.

But this threatening each other over an issue that hasn’t even been decided yet is, we hate to tell you, at the very least a bit immature.

And that’s a British Understatement™.


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Oh, that widdle wascal Tom Harkin (D-Von Munchhausen) is already on the Smelly Harry bandwagon, lambasting that naughty Rush Limbaugh for mocking phony soldiers, saying that “maybe he [Rush - Emp.M.] was just high on his drugs again. I don’t know whether he was or not. If so, he ought to let us know. But that shouldn’t be an excuse.”

So tell us, Tommy, were you “high on your drugs again” when you were bragging about being an F-4/F-8 combat pilot in ‘Nam, er, flying combat sorties over Cuba, er, being a ferry pilot in Japan, flying clunkers from Atsugi to the P.I.?

Not that it would be an excuse, as you already pointed out, but we believe that the public needs to know.

Oh well, at least you weren’t on Sooper Sekrit hat-collecting missions to Cambodia in the Christmas of ‘68.

We TOLD you this was going to be funnier than a pack of rabid, AK-47 armed ferrets in a Berkeley U sorority house.


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Here’s more proof that the 2008 Silly Season is a train-wreck already in progress for the GOP. Congress and Weeniedick W, have approval ratings in the toilet, notably the congressional approvals are the lowest in decades. The conservative base is ready to abandon the GOP ship in droves, and the best the minority party in congress can do is this?

GOP senators offer new timeline for Iraq

A small group of Republicans facing election fights next year have rallied around war legislation they think could unite the GOP: Call for an end to U.S. combat in Iraq, but wait until President Bush is almost out of office.
[Emph Mine]

This sounds eerily like Voinobitch is already preparing a position of surrender to a Hillary Whitehouse.

The Democrats on Friday deemed the legislation a nonstarter, and underscored the difficulty Congress has in striking a bipartisan compromise on the war. What attracts Democrats has repelled Republicans and vice versa, making it impossible so far to find a middle ground.

It’s pretty simple you dim-witted DCites. Call Their Bluff. Propose an immediate cessation of US hostilities and an immediate drawn-down of troops and equipment and let the bastards stand on their votes. But like a dog returning to it’s own vomit, they stay in character with fingers in the wind, believing the Dead Stream Media, BowelMovementOn, etc. that Americans are losing interest in winning the WoT.

“I don’t support it at all,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. “It doesn’t do anything.”

Harry I’m A Good Treatment For Insomnia™ Reid couldn’t support anything even if equipped with a titanium jock strap. You gotta’ have a pair to support.

The proposal, by Sen. George Voinovich, R-Ohio, would require that Bush change the mission of U.S. troops from combat to primarily support roles, such as training Iraqi security forces and protecting U.S. infrastructure in Iraq. His legislation would set a goal of completing such a mission transition within 15 months.

Fucking Brilliant !!! We’ll stay there and take casualties, but we just won’t shoot back. Only a mouth-breathing RINO like BoyBitch could come up with a surrender plan that INCREASES our casualties.

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From The Globe and Mail:

THE PRESIDENT of the United States from 2008 to 2012 will be one of the following three people: Hillary Clinton, Rudy Giuliani or Mitt Romney.

It’s rather early in the election season for such pointed speculation. But a look at the situation reveals that the prediction is not all that chancy.

It is now almost certain that Mrs. Clinton is going to be the Democratic nominee. Fred Thompson is the most likely choice for the Republican nomination, but he could not beat Hillary Clinton in the fall.

Mr. Giuliani and Mr. Romney are the only two Republicans with a shot at the nomination who could defeat Hillary Clinton.

Republican candidate Sam Brownback, a dark horse, said the other day that if the Republicans nominate Mr. Thompson it’s political suicide. He’s right. Most polls show that, going head-to-head against Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Thompson would lose by 2-1. The former Tennessee Senator would be the Barry Goldwater of 2008. He is too right-wing to appeal to enough moderates to win and he is too prone to incredible gaffes.

Does this sound familiar? It should, for more than one reason, because it’s a rerun that we changed the text of a bit to make it current. Here’s the original, courtesy of LC & IB Bill Quick:

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At this rate, they’ll be suing themselves for having ever spoken harshly to a terrorist any day now.

Would somebody please be kind enough to give the fuckwits at Langley a call, explaining to them that we’re at war? A war with savages who are currently laughing their hairy arses off. [Not actually hairy, as LC & IB Dan kindly points out. We stand corrected. Gentlemen, mark your calendars ;) ].

The controversial interrogation technique known as water-boarding, in which a suspect has water poured over his mouth and nose to stimulate a drowning reflex, has been banned by CIA director Gen. Michael Hayden, current and former CIA officials tell

Leaving us only with the tried and true “no sugar for your tea unless you talk, Habib”, “pretty please?”, “pretty please with a cherry on top?” and “if you don’t talk right now, I shall have to ask you to talk AGAIN! Wewy wudely!” methods.

Terrorists all over the world, upon hearing the news, vowed to kill themselves rather than be taken captive. “No sugar with my TEA?”, Ahmed Falafel, a terrorist with al-Qaeda in Iraq, exclaimed when he heard about it. “What ARE you Americans? ANIMALS?” He then went back to sharpening his bread knife for an upcoming beheading of a captured Iraqi kindergarten teacher.

Today, in New Hampshire, Sen. McCain told ABC News, “I have sought that result for years. Water-boarding is a form of torture. And I’m convinced that this will not only help us in our interrogation techniques, but it will also be helpful for our image in the world.”

Ah, that McCain. When he’s not busy coddling illegal immigrants, he’s busy making sure that his friends in al-Qaeda will never as much as hear a bad word while in U.S. captivity. Oh, and McVain? About how the elimination of water boarding will “help us in our interrogation techniques”, how about this?:

Its most effective use, say current and former CIA officials, was in breaking Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, known as KSM, who subsequently confessed to a number of ongoing plots against the United States.

A senior CIA official said KSM later admitted it was only because of the water-boarding that he talked.

But hey, what would Khalid Sheikh Mohammed know about what caused him to break, huh?

Here’s a better proposal McPain and Hayden: How about we just abolish that barbarian torture called “capturing?” We mean, there’s no telling what emotional anguish a poor child-murdering al-Qaeda terrorist might suffer while being taken away from his terrorist friends by the Great Satan. Not to mention that we’ve heard those zip-ties chafe your wrist something fierce if they’re not expertly handled.

Heaven help us. We’re at war for our very existence, and we’re being led by a bunch of sniveling pussies.

UPDATE: Outside the Beltway disagrees:

McCain is right here: The value that torture might occasionally bring is far outweighed by the damage it causes.

He’s right of course. What are a few thousand American civilian lives saved compared to the horror, the insufferable stigma of having maybe once made a terrorist captive think that he was going to drown? If only we could aspire to the Olympian levels of superior moral judgment exhibited by James Joyner in the above quoted sentence but, alas, we cannot, stuck as we are with the archaic notion that, when the lives of your friends, family and compatriots are threatened by subhuman savages, the former take precedence over any discomfort the latter might feel as a result of our preventative measures.

Not to mention: The fwench might disapprove, and how on Earth would we, as a nation, survive that????

Also from James Joyner:

Emperor Misha I, The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler, responds with “CIA Wimps Hand Another Weapon to al-Qaeda,” and notes the success the technique had in the KSM case. Of course, I’d have confessed to those things too, under torture.

Who cares about the confession? We already knew that he was involved. What we really got out of it was a boatload of actionable intel that, subsequently, led to the successful foiling of numerous plots against American civilians, not to mention a lot of leads on other al-Qaeda murderers still at large.

But, of course, that’s nothing compared to the eternal shame of having been mean to a barely human piece of shite who’d slit your throat and those of your children without a nanosecond’s worth of hesitation. Right, James?

Heaven help us. We’re surrounded by twits and idiots.

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John Edwards showing the size estimate of his “My Little Dream Pony Testicles.”

Edwards’ Cabinet list includes GOP names

The inhumanity of it all…say it isn’t so, the Democraps’ first metro-sexual candidate couldn’t possibly have even a RINO in his cabinet. Don’t worry citizens of the Empire, I’m sure he’ll clarify this shortly, it was a day-dream he had whilst having his latest coiffure. He dreamt that big, bad Fred was hiding in his closet [not cabinet], right next to the year’s supply of hair-spray, waiting to shout boo !!!!

Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards carries a running list of people he might put in his Cabinet, and it includes “more than one” Republican.

Ron Paul and Olympia Snowe?

“I want to be ready for when I get sworn in,” the former North Carolina senator said between campaigns stops as he dug into a travel bag for the list.

Looking for his little dog, Toto.

“I might have it with me,” Edwards told The Associated Press. “I wouldn’t show it to you, but I could have it with me.”

Show me yours and I’ll show you mine, but I have to run home and get Elizabeth first, her’s is bigger and I still haven’t found mine anyway.

He didn’t hand over the list, nor did he commit to putting Republicans in his Cabinet.

So why in the name of Fidel’s Lice Infested Beard™, does the headline make an affirmative declaration that it does?

“No, because the test for me is not whether they’re Democratic or Republican. The test is how competent they are and whether they’re the best person for the job, and to make a decision about who’s best to choose you have to spend time talking to them,” said the 2004 Democratic vice presidential candidate.

Absolutely, you positively must be sure a potential cabinet member agrees with you on haircare and personal hygiene products. After all, the cabinet meeting restroom can only stock one variety of tampons.

Would he name a Republican vice presidential nominee?

“I don’t think so because my view about Cabinet positions is different than the vice presidency,” Edwards said. “I think the vice president needs to be someone who shares my vision for the country and that’s much more likely, obviously, to be a Democrat.”

Of course not, a republican, any republican would highlight my utter lack of testosterone.

Edwards didn’t go as far as rival Bill Richardson, who has said that as the Democratic nominee he would give voters a preview of his Cabinet before Election Day.

Only because the Village People weren’t available for a photo opportunity.

“It would have independents, Republicans and Democrats. Don’t worry, I won’t overdo the Republicans,” Richardson told a Democratic audience in July.

Richardson? Presidential Cabinet? Bill, you do know that will give you warts and make you go blind, right?

Also on Saturday, Edwards dismissed critics who question his sincerity and point to stories about his pricey hair cut, big home and hedge fund job.

They are such bruuuuthes aren’t they Johnny?

“They’re look for something to criticize about. It’s what comes with running for president. If you’re not ready to be criticized, you shouldn’t run for president,” Edwards said. “I mean, I know who I am. I know I haven’t changed at all. I’m the same person I’ve always been.”

No disagreement there at all. None. You’re still a two-bit malpractice shyster that channels dead babies and panders juries into millions of dollar punitive damages, at the cost of good doctor’s careers. A left-wing socialist, frothing moon-bat that plays every class divisive card in the book without shame, while hiding behind the skirts of your wife’s unfortunate illness for insulation.

Do us all a favor, drop out now, get yourself a nice manicure, pedicure and even some new frilly thongs from the Victoria’s Secret catalog. You’ll feel much better.

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Norman Hsu, the criminal sugar daddy for a whole slew of DemCong wannabes including Her Royal Cankles herself, disappeared before a scheduled hearing a couple of days ago. That he’d spend a decade and a half on the lam, finally decide that being a fugitive from the law wasn’t all it was cracked up to be and turn himself in and then, shortly thereafter, run off again was weird enough.

OK, maybe not so weird when you consider that “his” decision to disappear again was made shortly after his connections to the Hildebeest hit the press. Not that we’re suggesting anything. Much.

Anyway, we’d pretty much dropped the story, expecting to hear any day now that poor ol’ Norman had, inexplicably, suddenly lost all interest in life and decided to commit suicide by shooting himself several times in the back and dragging his own corpse off to a park somewhere, when suddenly he surfaces again:

FBI agents in cooperation with Grand Junction Police and the Mesa County Sheriffs office took Norman Hsu into custody around 7:00 Thursday night. A California judge issued an arrest warrant for the man after he failed to show up for a court appearance Wednesday related to a felony theft conviction.

An FBI release says he was arrested at St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Junction.

A 911 call went over the scanner around 11 am MST Thursday, reporting a man who could not feel his legs, and the need for extraction from the train.

When our reporter arrived on scene the conductor said that it appeared to simply be an elderly man with dementia. That man turned out to be Hsu, who did walk off the train under his own power.

Dementia? Couldn’t feel his legs? Damn, it’s almost as if he ate — something.

Probably nothing at all. He was most likely just off on an unscheduled trip to Fort Marcy Park or something when suddenly he developed signs of poisoning. Happens all the time. At least if you’re somebody with possible dirt on the Klintoons.

Time will tell, we suppose, unless of course he happens to have an accident in his cell somewhere in the near future.

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And since everybody has to have one, we’ve designed a button ourself. Maybe not the best button ever made, but we’re rather fond of the catchy tagline (and you will be too. Or else…):

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No, we’re not blissfully unaware that tomorrow is The Day™, we’ve just been a little busy.

Not to mention that we’ve been burned a few times in the past by the King of Tease™ and his numerous “any day now” hints.

But don’t take that as an indication that he’s not Our Candidate™ anymore, because he very much is. Try as we might, we can’t see a better candidate on the field right now, so Go Fred!!!

Speaking of which, we’d like to direct your attention to the sidebar, where we have a new sponsor selling Fred Gear™. Not only will you support a sponsor of the Rott by patronizing them, you’ll also be able to proudly display your support for the only candidate worth mentioning.

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Moving into yet another week of the metrosexual version of mine’s bigger than your’s, John Edwards calls for an end to the establishment and injustice at the hands of “the man”.

John and Liz pose for their newest 2008 Retro Tour Poster

Edwards talks tough at Clinton, Obama

Presidential hopeful John Edwards said Thursday the Washington establishment is corrupt and suggested — without mentioning her by name — that rival Hillary Rodham Clinton has been part of that corroded system.

Duuude, the establishment is like, corroded man, yeah corrupt like a bad acid trip, ya’ know? Sen. Clinton’s Gyn Report did include some reference to corrosion.

Edwards’ new stump speech, centered on a a need for change and aimed at his top two rivals, comes just before Labor Day, the traditional start of the primary nominating season in this state where he has seen his polling lead slip in recent months.

His polling lead is slipping, because his slip is showing. Taking the neener, neener approach to winning hearts and minds, he continues:

“Real change starts with being honest, and I want to say something again: The system in Washington is rigged, and I’ll say it again, it’s rigged and it’s rigged by greedy powers,” Edwards said Thursday.

The chief riggers have had the better part of a half-century to create a perpetual political class inside the beltway. The ‘greedy’ man owns the establishment. Better say it again, it’s rigged.

“It’s rigged by the system to favor the establishment,” he said at Dartmouth College.

The establishment just sucks man. Hey don’t bogart that bone, pass it around. They got it rigged to channel babies and other really trippy things.

What Edwards called “the rhetoric of change” is popular among all the Democratic candidates. Sen. Barack Obama uses the notion throughout his campaign. One of Clinton’s slogans is, “Ready for change, ready to lead.”

The ever popular, “Elect Us For Change™” rhetoric, carefully devoid of any substance whatsoever.

Edwards challenged his Democratic rivals’ ownership of the word at the start a four-day swing through New Hampshire. [Emph Mine]

Johnny, can I buy a talking-point word for $200 please? Do mind the swinging cankles though, they’re fatal at 100 yards.

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