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Archive for the “The Long War” Category

(Thanks to the Jawa Report and Flickr)

It’s good to know that the TSA morons are taking their job very seriously, here in the sixth year of The Long War (click for full size):

Suspicious-looking, possibly terrorist Catholic nun is frisked by muslim TSA agent.

Your tax dollars at “work.”

Somebody please tell me this is a PhotoShop!

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That removes any and all common sense. Do they impregnate the black-robes with Idiotarian Fairy Dust?

Government Appeals Bail For USF Student

TAMPA - One of two University of South Florida students and Egyptian nationals will be allowed pretrial release on $200,000 fully secured bail and house arrest with an electronic monitor, a U.S. magistrate determined at a hearing today.

Although Magistrate Elizabeth Jenkins agreed with the prosecution that Youssef Megahed is a dangerous man, she said the government did not prove a specific danger. [Emph Mine]

Let’s see the two young Egyptian males are students at the University of South Florida and just happened to be on a little trip around the block to South Carolina and perchance in the vicinity of a U.S. military facility that has been previously used for interrogation of illegal combatants aka Terrorists. What to take for a little outing? Pipe Bombs, fuses and ammo. Later we find various other items of jihadi training materials, yet the gubmint didn’t prove Youssef Mega-DickHed was a specific danger? The rational mind has to wonder exactly what Magistrate Jenkins considers a specific danger, other than actually detonating the explosives in a populated area? Nothing to see here either folks, move right along.

The government immediately filed an appeal, which means Megahed can’t get out of jail until at least next week to give time for a U.S. District Court judge to review the appeal.

At least the Feds see the obvious issue, cut that shit-bag loose and the only thing that will beat him out of the country is the pilots at the front of the jet speeding off the runway. They’ve already decided that he’ll be released from house arrest for religious purposes, I’m sure Wahhabi practices include the Cairo Two-Step.

It was a looong day, very long and I’m fighting off something nasty, that seems to be inhabiting my G-I system as well as my sinuses and ears. Damitall. Just go read the whole thing, because I gurandamntee this story will remain buried by the Dead Tree Media, after all we’re so much more interested in that waste of Oh-Two OJ “I killed two people and all I got was a lousy book-deal” Simpson and his latest gaffe in Vegas.

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At this rate, they’ll be suing themselves for having ever spoken harshly to a terrorist any day now.

Would somebody please be kind enough to give the fuckwits at Langley a call, explaining to them that we’re at war? A war with savages who are currently laughing their hairy arses off. [Not actually hairy, as LC & IB Dan kindly points out. We stand corrected. Gentlemen, mark your calendars ;) ].

The controversial interrogation technique known as water-boarding, in which a suspect has water poured over his mouth and nose to stimulate a drowning reflex, has been banned by CIA director Gen. Michael Hayden, current and former CIA officials tell

Leaving us only with the tried and true “no sugar for your tea unless you talk, Habib”, “pretty please?”, “pretty please with a cherry on top?” and “if you don’t talk right now, I shall have to ask you to talk AGAIN! Wewy wudely!” methods.

Terrorists all over the world, upon hearing the news, vowed to kill themselves rather than be taken captive. “No sugar with my TEA?”, Ahmed Falafel, a terrorist with al-Qaeda in Iraq, exclaimed when he heard about it. “What ARE you Americans? ANIMALS?” He then went back to sharpening his bread knife for an upcoming beheading of a captured Iraqi kindergarten teacher.

Today, in New Hampshire, Sen. McCain told ABC News, “I have sought that result for years. Water-boarding is a form of torture. And I’m convinced that this will not only help us in our interrogation techniques, but it will also be helpful for our image in the world.”

Ah, that McCain. When he’s not busy coddling illegal immigrants, he’s busy making sure that his friends in al-Qaeda will never as much as hear a bad word while in U.S. captivity. Oh, and McVain? About how the elimination of water boarding will “help us in our interrogation techniques”, how about this?:

Its most effective use, say current and former CIA officials, was in breaking Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, known as KSM, who subsequently confessed to a number of ongoing plots against the United States.

A senior CIA official said KSM later admitted it was only because of the water-boarding that he talked.

But hey, what would Khalid Sheikh Mohammed know about what caused him to break, huh?

Here’s a better proposal McPain and Hayden: How about we just abolish that barbarian torture called “capturing?” We mean, there’s no telling what emotional anguish a poor child-murdering al-Qaeda terrorist might suffer while being taken away from his terrorist friends by the Great Satan. Not to mention that we’ve heard those zip-ties chafe your wrist something fierce if they’re not expertly handled.

Heaven help us. We’re at war for our very existence, and we’re being led by a bunch of sniveling pussies.

UPDATE: Outside the Beltway disagrees:

McCain is right here: The value that torture might occasionally bring is far outweighed by the damage it causes.

He’s right of course. What are a few thousand American civilian lives saved compared to the horror, the insufferable stigma of having maybe once made a terrorist captive think that he was going to drown? If only we could aspire to the Olympian levels of superior moral judgment exhibited by James Joyner in the above quoted sentence but, alas, we cannot, stuck as we are with the archaic notion that, when the lives of your friends, family and compatriots are threatened by subhuman savages, the former take precedence over any discomfort the latter might feel as a result of our preventative measures.

Not to mention: The fwench might disapprove, and how on Earth would we, as a nation, survive that????

Also from James Joyner:

Emperor Misha I, The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler, responds with “CIA Wimps Hand Another Weapon to al-Qaeda,” and notes the success the technique had in the KSM case. Of course, I’d have confessed to those things too, under torture.

Who cares about the confession? We already knew that he was involved. What we really got out of it was a boatload of actionable intel that, subsequently, led to the successful foiling of numerous plots against American civilians, not to mention a lot of leads on other al-Qaeda murderers still at large.

But, of course, that’s nothing compared to the eternal shame of having been mean to a barely human piece of shite who’d slit your throat and those of your children without a nanosecond’s worth of hesitation. Right, James?

Heaven help us. We’re surrounded by twits and idiots.

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Here ya go.

Nuke the entire fucking Middle East.

Immerse the motherless shits in canned sunshine, wipe every last motherfucking one of them out. Give them the Carthage treatment, I don’t fucking care.

The Romans had it right. We don’t. We’ve devolved into a bunch of gutless pussies.

UPDATE: seems to be down, so here’s the clip the link goes to:

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NEVER forgive, NEVER forget!

NEVER forgive!

NEVER forget!

…and that’s really all I have to say for now, since a lot of people seem to be having trouble remembering those two simple lines.

And don’t give me any “but they haven’t attacked us in 6 years, so this war you talk about is all bogus” either. On September 10th, 2001, they hadn’t attacked us in 8 years.

Complacency kills.

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As the gutless, traitorous surrender monkeys of the Dhimmicrat Party stumble all over themselves to try and launch a “unilateral pre-emptive strike” against the credibility of General Petraeus, the very general whom they unanimously voted for to lead the US military’s fight against the terrorists in Iraq, some people, who have actually traveled to the Middle East, have some bad news for them. Here’s one of them.

(Note: All emphasis mine—B.)

The Middle East is a place where Islamists — who are likely to turn out unfriendly to America no matter how moderate they seem — are on the rise, where regimes remain entrenched in their fear of change, and where internal and cross-border conflicts are more likely in the upcoming future than not. Iraq is the only country in which all these dangerous trends are in reverse — the fever had peaked and recovery is underway.

The Sunni insurgency in Iraq has been broken, and Al Qaeda is getting crushed; its remaining strength is being marshaled to visit retribution on those unsavory Sunni “renegades” who once worked with Al Qaeda and now have turned on it. Everyone likes a winner, and Al Qaeda is losing big.Interestingly, Al Qaeda’s front organization, the Islamic State of Iraq, had admitted in its last biweekly report — the 31st such report spanning the period between August 1 and August 15 — that it has had an 80% decrease in its violent output over the course of the last two months.

Yeah, Schmuck Schumer, you ass-licking bag of fuck-drippings, it’s all DESPITEthe inability of American forces to bring stability and security to Iraq“.

Just when the washed-up hippies of the 1960’s thought that they could re-live the (in)glorious days of their youth and, once again, snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, history decides to kick them squarely where their nuts would be, if they had any.

There’s MUCH more Good News™ from Iraq to make UpChuck & Harry Reid cry. Go read it.


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Which should come as a surprise to no one, but do take the time and read the excellent post at Stop the ACLU.

Leave aside the quibbling over whether all of the allegations are bogus or not (some of them certainly are), the real question is this one: Since when did it become the business of an organization calling itself (fraudulently) the American Civil Liberties Union to protect the rights of terrorists to commit endless violations against the Geneva Conventions and murdering our troops as well as countless innocent men, women and children?

It is almost as if the real goal of the ACLU is to undermine the United States in any way they can and replace it with something else.

We know. What a horribly paranoid suggestion.

Next we’ll be accusing its founder of being a communist or something equally horrible.

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A soldier knows a comrade in arms.


A soldier knows who he can trust.


A soldier knows his commanders will never let him down.


A soldier knows that when he returns home, it will be to a grateful nation.


They are your brothers, your sisters, the guy or girl next door. They are the ones who stand between you and harm, in all the empty places where they must walk.


And when their commander in chief stands before them, the rafters shake with their cheers and applause.

Let the politicians bluster and bloviate, the Democrats orate from their bully pulpits…they have forgotten one simple lesson, one that President Bush learned from an early age, one his enemies both at home and abroad will never understand.

A soldier always knows.

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(Via LC & IB Bill Quick)

CAMP PENDLETON, Calif., Aug. 29 — Last December, when the Marine Corps charged four infantrymen with killing Iraqi civilians in Haditha, Iraq, in 2005, the allegation was as dark as it was devastating: after a roadside bomb had killed their buddy, a group of marines rampaged through nearby homes, massacring 24 innocent people.

In Iraq and in the United States, the killings were viewed as cold-blooded vengeance.

Correction: Among terrorists in Iraq and their sympathizers in the Fifth Column Media and the Dem Cong (yes, Jack Murthafucker, I’m talking about you, among others), the killings were viewed as cold-blooded vengeance.

The rest of us were crazy enough to await the results of the investigation prior to getting the rope, gallows and blindfolds ready.

After a perfunctory military investigation, Haditha was brushed aside, but once the details were disclosed, the killings became an ugly symbol of a difficult, demoralizing war.

Actually, as the details become disclosed, the Stalinesque Show Trial became an ugly symbol of a baying pack of hyenas eager to paint our troops as bloodthirsty, savage beasts and the child-murdering terrorists they fight as poor, oppressed, misunderstood little babies “fighting” to liberate “their” country. How Syrians, Iranians, Somalis and Saudis are supposed to liberate their home countries by blowing up bazaars in Baghdad is anybody’s guess, not to mention that we’d like to know who it is that they’re allegedly liberating Syria, Iran, Somalia and Saudi Arabia from.

After a fuller investigation, the Marines promised to punish the guilty.

Come on, you whining, backstabbing Quisling, name one investigation, just ONE, in which the Marines haven’t promised to punish the guilty if they found any. That’s sort of the whole idea behind investigations, military and otherwise, you know. Find out if somebody did something wrong and is hence guilty of something, then give them a fair trial and punish them if found guilty.

But that’s not good enough for the al-Jazeera on the Hudson, is it? Oh no, you’ll determine who’s guilty ahead of the investigation (with a little help from the likes of Jack “Arnold” Murthafucker), then sentence them and demand that the sentence be carried out yesterday in order for “justice” to be served.

Give us more, O Emperor! »

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LC & IB Big Dick has a nice, feel-good story that should make every Dhimmicrat sleep a little better in their beds at night.

The part that stands out, at least to us slackers & malingerers down in The Imperial Dungeon Game Room™, is this little gem:

“From the moment the cell is established, its members must be divided - into secret members, members who do not [act] openly and are not wanted by the authorities, and members who are wanted (who have been arrested in the past or on whom the intelligence apparatuses have a file)…

Hmmmmm… We seem to have had quite a few of each category strolling around all over the place the last couple of years.

“But who could you possibly mean?” we hear you asking…

How about these “Peaceful Inner Strugglers™ here, here, here and here as just a few examples?

But these are merely “Isolated Incidents™” and don’t have anything, whatsoever, to do with Bush’s Bumper Sticker Slogan™ of a global clash between the 21st century western world and Mad Mo’s 7th Century Savages™. Nope. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.


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