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Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler » Archive for Tyrants and Terrorists
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Archive for the “Tyrants and Terrorists” Category

In case you’re wondering about the South Carolina Bombmakers, LC & IB Dan Riehl has just about everything you’ll ever need to know about it. Highly recommended.

But it wouldn’t be an Imperial Post if we didn’t steal a few sentences and throw some snark at it, would it? So here goes. First, the obligatory “nothing to see here” from the Federal Bureau of Indigestion:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The FBI said on Sunday that there was no evidence of a terrorism link in the case of two college engineering students who possessed explosive materials in South Carolina over the weekend.

Why don’t the Quacks of Quantico just cut out the middle man, fire the entire agency and set up an automated recording saying nothing but “no evidence of links to terrorism, move along?” Nobody would notice as much as a hint of difference anyway, and we’d save a buttload of tax funds. Explosives? Nah, no terrorism here. Two Middle Eastern males between the ages of 18 and 45 driving the vehicle? Nothing to worry about. What are you? Racist???

The two men, described in local media reports as non-U.S. citizens of Middle Eastern descent, were taken into custody late on Saturday near Charleston, South Carolina, after local police noticed what looked like explosives in their Toyota sedan during a routine traffic stop.

The FBI said the material proved to be for making homemade fireworks, not dangerous munitions.

Fireworks for a wedding ceremony, we’re sure. Tell us: Where the fuck do we FIND those FBI blockheads, and how did they manage to survive to the age of majority?

“There’s no (terrorism link) that we’ve identified at this point,” FBI spokesman Richard Kolko told Reuters.

“They didn’t have a plastic ID card with the official al-Qaeda seal on it, so how COULD they be terrorists?”, he added while wiping the drool off his chin and adjusting the handles on his helmet.

And what about those “fireworks?”

Goose Creek - Two men are being held in the Berkeley County Detention Center after police find explosive making devices in their car. The men had at least one ready to go bomb and bomb making materials that include chemicals.

A cherry bomb! Nothing to see here! And if you don’t quit worrying, we’ll change the story again!

So who are those two innocent gentlemen driving around with the trunk full of “fireworks?”

WIS News 10 spoke with officials at the Berkeley County Detention Center who said 24-year-old Ahmed Mohamed and 21-year-old Yousef Megahed, the occupants of the car, are still in police custody.

Obviously those damn Presbyterians again. From a broad strata of society as well. To suggest otherwise would be a hate crime, and that will land you in jail on felony charges, don’t you know?

And via the Jawa Report, we get more reassurances that there is absolutely NO terrorism to be found here:

Officials say the men did not show up on any terror suspect list, and authorities don’t think they posed a threat.

After all, we all know that the only ones we need to worry about are the ones who have dutifully checked in with the FBI to get added to the list of terror suspects.

It’s not like they’re trying to hide or anything, after all.

Don’t you feel all better now, knowing that the safety of you and your loved ones are in the competent hands of those Sherlock Holmeses?

Me neither.

What a bunch of drooling, incompetent imbeciles. Couldn’t find a white sheet at a Klan rally.

[Update: 2 Florida students charged in explosives scare face $800,000 bond, guess the innocent students aren’t all that innocent huh? But CAIR insists the pipe-bombs were just leftover fireworks, buuuwaaaaahaaaaaa-JB]

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Picture the scene:

A bunch of Talib sister-molesters are gathering for a jolly old time shooting the breeze, bowing towards Mecca, firing their AK-47s into the air (and subsequently being mightily surprised when gravity, being wholly unmentioned in the only book that Hajis are familiar with, kicks in and rains very fast objects on their pointed, dishtowel-covered heads) and, of course, a spot of stringing up infidels by the neck until dead.

Sounds like a fun time in the goatshit-covered backwaters of Bumfuckistan, doesn’t it?

Well, it would be if it wasn’t for the Air Force dropping in to partake in the festivities as well:

The U.S.-led coalition said Friday it had launched an air strike on a meeting of top Taliban commanders in a militant stronghold in Afghanistan, and local officials said more than a dozen rebels and civilians had been killed.

Taliban militants were hanging two local people accused of spying for the government. Other villagers had come out to watch when the bombs fell, he said.

Here’s a hint for anybody else in the region unable to resist the urge to come out and rubberneck when the Talibs are busy murdering:

Beware the Explosive Precipitation Advisory, m’kay?

Or not. It’s not like we really care, you know.

UPDATE: Courtesy of Sir Christopher, here are some more details:

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LC readerjp sends us this heartwarming story from Egypt. (Egypt, by the way, were among the nations that Condi Rice of the Dept. of Appeasement got together with to decide how to divide Poland Israel up).

Tel Aviv - Egyptian soldiers shot and beat to death four presumed Sudanese refugees who were trying to illegally cross the border into Israel, a local television station reported Thursday.

Israel’s Channel 10 reported that the four were spotted late Wednesday night by an Israeli military unit near the border. A soldier from the unit, who spoke anonymously to the TV channel, said the Egyptian border police fired many rounds of bullets at the refugees, killing two and injuring one.

See? They’re just trying to help out their Israeli neighbors, killing off refugees whether Israel wants them to or not.

The fourth refugee tried to climb the border fence. The Israeli soldiers, in what they described as a ‘tug-of-war,’ said they tried to pull him over to their side, but the Egyptians overpowered them and captured him.

This is one of those situations where I’d temporarily and puzzlingly forget the ROE completely. Sure, I’d go to the brig for quite a while, but it would be well worth it to shoot those Egyptian fucknozzles in the gut and watch them bleed and scream themselves to death while I laughed myself silly.

Give us more, O Emperor! »

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Not that we find it in the least bit surprising:

On the first day of her Middle East tour, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Tuesday signed a joint statement with Egypt, Jordan and six Persian Gulf states, endorsing the 2002 Arab peace initiative as one of the foundations for Middle East peace. Visiting the region with Rice is Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

The initiative offers Israel normalized relations with all Arab countries in return for full withdrawal from the territory Israel captured in 1967.

“You’re either with us or — we’ll offer you somebody else’s land in exchange for ‘peace’.”

Anybody thought about asking, I don’t know, the Israelis about this sudden eruption of generousness with other people’s property?

17 months left of that backstabbing, terrorist-appeasing fuckwit Administration, yet it feels more like 17 years.

Hey, Shrubya, ya chatichat hara, leh tezayen kivsa!

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Finally, more dumb threats from the single most incompetent clown circus on the planet, the Taliboobs:

Washington, D.C. (AHN)-A Taliban commander has issued a new threat saying that an attack is coming that would dwarf the failed bombings in London and Glasgow.

Setting the bar a bit low aren’t we, my sweet retarded Haji fig farmers? Used to be that every new threat from you would promise us attacks that would dwarf Nagasaki and Hiroshima, but apparently you’ve finally realized your shortcomings, and we’re not referring to your inability to adequately pleasure your goats with your amusingly microscopic genitalia. “Looks like a penis, only smaller!”

So the next attack, the one that will surely come this time, asshollah willing, will dwarf two attacks that failed utterly thanks to an inability of your martyr wannabes to successfully set gasoline on fire combined with a couple of pissed off Scots with good kicking legs?

His Majesty is telling you, he’s literally shaking in his boots here! No, wait, I was standing on the late Zarqawi’s battery-operated butt-plug… Moving on…

So we suppose that this truly horrid, earth-shattering upcoming attack of yours, in order to live up to your promise of “dwarfing” the fizzles in London and Glasgow, will have all the spectacular fury of throwing a flaming bag of Haji turds on the doorstep of 10 Downing Street? Or is that too much of a challenge to you 7th century mongoloids? You don’t have much of an encouraging track record with fire, after all, even after somebody else had been kind enough to invent it for you. Damn the infidels for not including a user’s manual.

Are you going to let the air out of the tires of Gordon Brown’s motorcade? Throw a rock through the window of the local Tesco? Stomp your feet and hold your breaths?

Mansour Dadullah, in an interview broadcast on ABC News said the London attacks were “not enough” and that bigger attacks were coming.

“You will, God willing, be witness to more attacks,” he said in the interview.

Are the lucky Assholes for Allah going to light themselves on fire this time too? Because, really, that just made us laugh and laugh and laugh.

Dadullah, who last month presided over what was termed a terror training camp graduation ceremony in Pakistan, supposedly dispatched teams to the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Germany.

Be on the lookout for bearded cavemen trying to light a fire using sticks and dried goat turds.

Then shoot them. In the face. Repeatedly.

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And we can forgive you for having missed it, because none of the Usual Suspects seem to have taken notice of a terrorist state invading another nation’s sovereign territory unprovokedly:

Syrian troops on Thursday reportedly have penetrated three kilometers into Lebanese territories, taking up positions in the mountains near Yanta in east Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley.

The daily Al Mustaqbal, citing sources who confirmed the cross-border penetration, did not say when the procedure in the Fahs Hill overlooking Deir al-Ashaer in the Rashaya province took place.

The sources said Syrian troops, backed by bulldozers, were fortifying positions “in more than one area” along the Lebanese border, erecting earth mounds and digging “hundreds” of trenches and individual bunkers.

So what was that about “the road to peace going through Damascus”, House Hijab Pelosi?

Where are the vaunted U.N. and their wonderful Smurfs? Oh, they’re right on it, we assure you:

So I asked Michael Young, opinion page editor at Beirut’s Daily Star, if the story was bogus.

“It is true,” he said, “but the problem is that the 3 kilometers are in isolated areas, so that it isn’t making headlines. However, the UN will be discussing border issues this week, I think, and that will be brought up. The Syrians are ratcheting up the pressure, but with the attack against UN troops in the south, they are, as one UN official put it, playing with fire.”

Only if the U.N. are planning on setting their worthless resolutions and “notes of concern” alight before throwing them at a hysterically laughing Assad.

Anyway, where are the headlines? Surely, if Israel were to advance two miles into Syria and fortify their positions, there’d be no end to the coverage by now, right? Where are the expressions of outrage from our Administration at this unprovoked act of war, or would such a thing endanger the vital appeasement work of the Baker Chamberlain Iraq Sudetenland Study Group?



Would somebody tell those crickets to shut up, please?

Oh, and this certainly bears mentioning too, sorry for having left it out of the original post:

Meanwhile, the Syrian government is evacuating its citizens from Lebanon in advance of…something they expect to happen after July 15, 2007.

It’s going to be an interesting summer.

Would that be the same July 15th, 2007 that I’ve got on my calendar? The one that is five frackin’ days away from now?

Oh, but no need to be alarmed or act rashly, no need at all. After all, Jim Baker and House Screecher Lugosi both assure us that Pencilneck Assad is a valuable partner for peace, so let’s not rock the boat, shall we?

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An encouraging update on the battle for Baqubah from Michael Yon who is, unlike the Associated (with terrorists) Press, actually on the ground, well away from the bar of the al-Rashid.

Also, a reminder about the beasts, the subhuman swine with dish rags on their heads that we’re fighting, and why it’s imperative that we keep fighting them.

Actually, it would be preferable if we’d just cut out the “kinder, gentler war” concept and start executing them en masse whenever we lay our hands on them:

The official reported that on a couple of occasions in Baqubah, al Qaeda invited to lunch families they wanted to convert to their way of thinking. In each instance, the family had a boy, he said, who was about 11 years old. As LT David Wallach interpreted the man’s words, I saw Wallach go blank and silent. He stopped interpreting for a moment. I asked Wallach, “What did he say?” Wallach said that at these luncheons, the families were sat down to eat. And then their boy was brought in with his mouth stuffed. The boy had been baked. Al Qaeda served the boy to his family. [Emphasis mine — Emp.M.]

Don’t expect any of this to appear in the MSM either.

After all, it doesn’t serve their agenda very well to remind their readers of the kind of animals that their friends, the Dem Cong, are quite happy to leave the Iraqi people at the mercy of.

They murdered the kid and baked him, then served him to his family.

Keep that in mind the next time the Dem Cong are talking about “redeploying over the horizon.” Keep that in mind the next time St. Andrew of the Gob-smacking Heartache and Incoherent Hysteria whines about “torture” of terrorists. Keep that in mind the next time leftards insist on full rights for terrorist prisoners.

Keep it in mind, then remember that those pisslamic vermin want to do the same to your kids.

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Something to keep in mind the next time the Dem Cong drag out their “Iraq is just a distraction” and “the war is just a bumper sticker” memes, now that we know that 7 of the 8 suspects arrested in connection with the terror attempts in Britain were doctors or medical students and one was a lab technician:

An al-Qaeda leader in Iraq boasted before last week’s failed bombings in London and Glasgow that his group was planning to attack British targets and that “those who cure you will kill you”, The Times has learnt. [Emphases ours - Emp. M.]

But remember: al-Qaeda has nothing to do with Iraq and they’re definitely nowhere near that country. Also, not a single terror attempt against the West is anything but a bunch of random amateurs acting spontaneously.

Oh, and a bonus Dem Cong point: There wouldn’t be any terrorism if it weren’t for hideously poor, illiterate, oppressed brown-skinned people of scrupulously ignored religious extraction being forced to act out of ignorance and desperation. That’s why they all tend to be highly educated and well off.

Dem Congs aren’t born. They’re bred in petri dishes.

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Michael Yon has an update to the post I recently linked to about the media darlings in al-Qaeda decapitating children, a story that miraculously failed to appear in most of the major media outlets while wholly fabricated stories making the war effort look bad DID appear everywhere.

But for those publications who actually had people embedded in Baqubah when the story first broke and still failed to cover it, their malaise is inexplicable. I do not know why all failed to report the murders and booby-trapped village: apparently no reporters bothered to go out there, even though it’s only about 3.5 miles from this base. Any one of the reporters currently in Baqubah could still go to these coordinates and follow his or her nose and find the gravesites.

Two reasons, Mike:

1) It’s a bloody long way away from the hotel bar where the “journalists” of the Associated (with terrorists) Press hang out while uncritically printing stories forwarded to them by their al-Qaeda stringers.

2) It might make their allies in al-Qaeda look bad, which would make their stringers not like them anymore which, horror of horrors, would make the lily-livered cowards of the “press” have to leave their drinks and floozies behind and actually go do some reporting.

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Michael Yon accompanies a joint U.S.-Iraqi unit to explore the handiwork of Michael Moore’s beloved al-Qaeda “Minutemen and Freedom Fighters.”


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