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Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler » Archive for Lefty America-Haters
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Archive for the “Lefty America-Haters” Category

A seven year old draws a stick figure of somebody holding a gun in his notebook and gets suspended.

Of course, if the silly little tyke had been a girl with a desire to get statutorily raped, the same school would probably insist that she had a Constitutional right to get birth control pills without the parents’ knowledge.

This country has gone stark, raving, frothingly insane.

UPDATE: Re: the birth control pills for pre-teens issue: The Imperial Educational Advisor has it exactly right (again). What eleven-year-olds being raped (remember that we still have laws about minors being humped?) need isn’t a hush-hush under the table pill, they need law enforcement. Not only is advocating pill distribution to children taking control away from the parents (remember that outmoded concept?), it’s aiding and abetting rape of children.

Yes, people. Having sex with a minor is a crime, and should be treated as such. Preferably by cutting off the genitals of the offender with a very dull, rusty knife.

UPDATE the Second: Not that it should come as a surprise to anybody that Publik Skool “Teachers” are eager to get rid of any incriminating evidence without the parents’ knowledge. They seem to have a personal angle here (link thanks to LC nerbygirl).

A young teacher in Iowa sheepishly admits he fondled a fifth-grader’s breast. But he doesn’t lose his teaching license until one persistent victim and her family go public - 40 years after the first accusation.

A middle-school teacher in Pennsylvania targets a young girl in his class and uses the guise of love to abuse her sexually.

No wonder they’re so much in favor of just shoving it under the rug by either putting their rape victims on the pill or giving them access to “no questions asked” abortions.

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…but the rest of you can read it as well. Perchance you can direct a few liberal morons to it or make a slideshow that even they ought to be able to understand. Just don’t use big words. Words with more than two syllables, I mean.

Afterwards, the correct response to questions will be to throw the offender off a tall building. Keep the gene pool clean and all that.

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Sir Christopher informs us that the Moonbats are, once again, wetting their diapers and clutching on to their tinfoil for dear life.

Vanessa Alarcon saw them while working at an anti-war rally in Lafayette Square last month.

What? Men in Black? Black Helicopters? Orbital Mind Control Lasers?

No, it was much, much more ominous than that:

“I heard someone say, ‘Oh my god, look at those,’ ” the college senior from New York recalled.

An expression that we too were wont to use in the past when viewing the unwashed, cacophonous spectacle that is your usual gathering of Chiroptera Lunaticus. Nowadays, however, we tend to just rely on nose- and earplugs. Seen one, seen them all and all that.

“I look up and I’m like, ‘What the hell is that?’ They looked kind of like dragonflies or little helicopters. But I mean, those are NOT insects.”

Out in the crowd, Bernard Crane saw them, too.

“I’d never seen anything like it in my life,” the Washington lawyer said. “They were large for dragonflies. I thought, ‘Is that mechanical, or is that alive?’ ”

That is just one of the questions hovering over a handful of similar sightings at political events in Washington and New York. Some suspect the insect-like drones are high-tech surveillance tools, perhaps deployed by the Department of Homeland Security.

Because, as we all know, they have nothing better to do than to sit around all day, watching hippies banging drums and taking their clothes off. We mean, it’s not like they could just turn on their TVs or anything.

Nevertheless, we’re not the kind of Emperor to ignore concerns like that, even if they do originate from parts of the citizenry not exactly known for intelligent thought. Something spooked the cattle, and we’re not about to sit around ignoring it, allowing it to become a stampede. So we consulted with some of the high level experts inside the Imperial Circle of People Who Know Stuff that Nobody is Supposed to Know™, more specifically two five-year-olds who just so happen to live in the Imperial Palace, and they knew just exactly what was the source of all the commotion.

And now you know too. For just $49.99 plus tax, you too can scare the everloving snot out of a bunch of drooling hippies.

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In a move that shocked, SHOCKED, we tell you, the Imperial Dungeon Game Room™ staff, the brain-dead, dictator-loving idiots omniscient & omnipotent Nobel committee members gave this year’s LefTardian Socialist Succubi Sycophant “Peace Prize” to none other than the Master of Mastication™ & Academy Award® winner , Michael Moore-on. No, wait. That’s not right. They gave it to Rosie O’Donnell.

“That’s wrong, too, you morons!”, you say?

Well, didn’t they give it to someone whose only contribution to “Peace” has been eating enough food to feed several starving African nations and putting out unwatchable Celluloidal Sphincter Spew™? Ooooooh, they did? But it’s not one of the two aforementioned America-hating assholes? Who was it, then? WHO?!?! Yer shittin’ us, right?!?!

Actually, we’re not in the least bit shocked by the results of this “unbiased & factually-based” decision by the Nobel committee. After all, past winners have included such “peace luminaries” as Yasser “Kill Them Jooo Babies” Arafuck & Jimmuh “It’s OK To Kill Them Jooo Babies, Yasser” CarTard. Never mind that the Gorebot was up against a Catholic social worker who just happened to save around 2,500 Jewish children from being sent to the Nazi gas chambers in WWII. After all, who gives a shit about a bunch of Jewish kids when there’s trillions of capitalist dollars to be redistributed to the proletariat through The Great Glow Bull Worming Scam™ Carbon Taxes & Offsets™. (With just a few trillion skimmed off by the “More Equal of the Equals™” of the proletariat.)

Gorebot & Tipper React To Nobel Announcement


PS: We apologize to His Imperial Viciousness & Vindictiveness™ for dog-piling on the Gorebecile and burying His post so quickly.

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[My B.A.D. Hat-Tip to Kender and LC Mrs. M-ITT™ for the linky love]

In an interview that would should have been conducted in the original german, Vincente Fox apparently missing his cabana-boy, takes a swipe at the American Master Race™ and their oppression of brown people. Nonetheless that doesn’t stop him from pitching for moving towards a North American Union.

The usual, removal all breakable and unload any nearby firearms apply. The Imperial Budget doesn’t have an allowance for replacing household items.

Give us more, O Emperor! »

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…is a used condom, ruffled and stained sheets and an uncomfortably painful sphincter.

It looks like at least some of the Nutroots are beginning to realize that they’ve been had. Again.

“Why would Senate Democrats risk alienating the netroots? Why risk alienating 1.3 million passionate, activist, money contributing, members?

Because you dumbfucks already handed over your bong money to them and helped them gain a majority? Because, now that you’ve done your part, they’re washing their hands of your psychotic, Marxist antics because it simply doesn’t sell very well with the American public and, after all, they have Queen Hildebeest to elect, for which they’re going to need something more than a bunch of frothing, Stalinist nutcakes?

You’re no longer of any use to them. Actually, you’re a liability. Just like your former hero, St. Sheehan of the Ditch, the one you threw under the bus when she reached her sell-by date.

Enjoy, schmucks. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving bunch of twats.

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While we’re on the subject of radio, we’re devastated to have to tell you that the Conservative Hegemony over the Airwaves has suffered a blow from which it will take us very long indeed to recover, a blow delivered by the Hildebeest and George Soros’ wholly owned subsidiary, Media Matters.

Yes, friends, after a smear campaign lasting well over a week and costing G-d knows how many of George “Hiwi” Soros’ dollars, the “nonpartisan, progressive nonprofit that is unaffiliated with any political party or candidate” (sorry, we just have to say that every once in a while. It makes us laugh so hard the windows around The Palace crack), Media Matters, have driven a sword deep inside the belly of the Right Wing Limbaugh Death Beast.

They got him pulled for one whole day in the throbbing, hustling and bustling metropolis of Astoria, Oregon.

Cherish the mockery, Media Matters, because we have plenty more where that came from.

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With all of Teh Outrage!™ and hyperventilating exhibited by the Drooling Ungulates™ over the alleged misconduct of Blackwater security personnel, as well as the outright slander & libel directed at any and all US contractors working to help stabilize Turd World Shitholes™ around the world, the Imperial Dungeon Game Room™ staff finally had enough and decided to throw together a little side-by-side comparison post. This post is specifically geared towards our Dimwitted Dhimmis™ who, without fail, automatically & reflexively condemn any and all US contractors and/or service members of any and all “crimes“, often based upon the flimsiest of “evidence” (Fatima, anyone?), as revealed in their blanket condemnations over Abu Grabass, Gitmo and, most recently, the Blackwater security personnel’s “massacre” of “innocents” while engaged in a firefight with ambushing Jihadis. (Naaaah, we know that the Michael Moore-on’s Minutemen™ NEVER hide behind women & children while firing at their enemy.)

One asshole Blackwater employee gets drunk and takes out an Iraqi security guard and that means the entire organization is nothing but a bunch of “blood-thirsty, child-killing mercenaries” under the employ of the Eeeeevil Chimpy McBusHitlerCheneyBurtoNeoKKKonZionist Cabal™. (Never mind that the employee was fined, fired and sent packing.)

Now, given that we have ONE documented case of a Blackwater employee going off the deep end and offing someone while drunk, what organization do the Demented Underachievers™ and their Whores on the Potomac™ always wish to call upon as The End All & Be All For Conflict Resolution™ and the magic carpet to take us all to that mystical Marxist EUtopia? Why, the UN, that’s who!

This is the organization that has been proven to have been involved in MULTIPLE episodes in the child sex slavery trade, child prostitution, child rape, adult female sex slavery/prostitution and, let’s not forget, the multi-billion dollar Dead Iraqi Children For Oil Scandal™. There’s more that we could pile onto the UN’s record, but we don’t want kick that steaming pile of shit too hard. (The Imperial Jackboots are a BITCH to keep spit-shined and the little brown oppressed people we keep chained up down in the Imperial Dungeon Game Room™ get really whiny when they have to lick ‘em clean. And you KNOW how much we hate whining.)

No! That CAN’T be! The UN is the savior of the oppressed!“, we hear you say. Well, just Google it yourself, then.

For those too lazy to click the link and browse through the THOUSANDS of hits, we’ll give you the Readers’ Indigestion™ abbreviated version of the remarkable record of rape & debauchery perpetrated by those Servants of Humanity™ from the Useless Nincompoops™

Congo, Sudan, Haiti, Sierra Leone, Bosnia, Cambodia , East Timor, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Liberia, West Africa, Cambodia, Somalia, Kosovo, Rwanda, Guinea… (We could go on, but you get the idea by now.)

We’ll play our hand with one canned Blackwater asshole and raise you thousands of UN Blue Helmets™. Your bluff has been called, assholes.


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LC Serena, the perpetual lurker manages to find the time to post a righteous screed on her latest experiences in the moldy halls of academia.

I must say, she seems determined to torment the pointy-headed denizens thereabouts endlessly, while performing at 100%+ academically.

It’s rather lengthy, so I’ll save the Emperor’s bandwidth and send you over to the Cigar Intelligence Agency, to read the whole thing:

Great Moments In Coledge Edukayshun

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Nope. They’re not anti-American or anything…

NEW YORK — Nearly one out of every five Democrats thinks the world will be better off if America loses the war in Iraq, according to the FOX News Opinion Dynamics Poll released Thursday. (Emphasis mine—B.)

And another 20% “Aren’t sure.

Anything to ensure that they’re fatalistic, treasonous worldview isn’t proven wrong and their attempts to gain a stranglehold on power aren’t shattered by an Eeeevil Rethuglican™ president successfully leading a coalition in helping the Iraqis form a free and stable society in the Middle East.

Let’s see how they try and spin their way out of this one… (We should tap into their perpetual spinning to solve the world’s energy “crisis”.)


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