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Archive for the “Lefty America-Haters” Category

At least that’s what this moron from the Huffington Compost considers an adequate description of trying to enforce the laws already on the books regarding illegal immigrants. Nice to know that Yahoo News™ considers barely literate spew like that worthy of inclusion in their lineup. Then again, they also carry the Associated (with terrorists) Press and al-Roto Reuters, so we suppose they’re just being true to form.

GOP Declares Open War on Brown People

Oh knock it off, will you? We Evil Right Wing Death Beasts have been at war with “little brown people” ever since our ancestors first crawled out of the caves and found a herd of The Other just outside, ready for us to Oppress™. Doesn’t anybody read history anymore?

Gingrich said that the “war here at home” against illegal immigrants is “even more deadly than the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Let the pogroms begin good times roll! Maybe this will be part of Newt’s grand strategy to campaign on withdrawal from Iraq: bring the troops home to fight the insurgent immigrant menace at home.

Or maybe he’s just wondering if it makes sense to leave illegal immigrants running around free after they commit crimes rather than deporting them, just as the law says? Incidentally, we’d have you know that not all illegal immigrants are “brown people”, nor are all legal immigrants “white people.” Are you suggesting that only brown people violate our immigration laws, you racist bastard?

The rationalizations will no doubt be entertaining from the wingnut base, MalKKKin’s place and LGF as they attempt justify such Dhimmitude when anihilation at the hands of the Islamofascist horde has been their raison d’etre for six years now.

“MalKKKin”, “wingnuts”… Oh, you libtards are so funny. You crack me up with your fantastically witty names for anybody not prostrated before the altar of Marx. Care to throw a few “Bu$hHitlers” and “McHalliburtons” in there as well? Really, you shouldn’t just leave out your best material, you know, particularly when your best material is at the level of a particularly retarded 1st grader.

Perhaps we’ll see a fracture in that fragile alliance between the hawkish Israel faction and those whose commitment to fighting global jihad is slightly less keen than their desire to keep from soiling their beautiful minds with the sound of espanol at the local Circuit City.

Since you’re busy throwing around italicized foreign words (presumably to let us troglodytes know that you’re hip to international lingo or, as is more likely the case, equipped with a dictionary), would you mind terribly spelling it correctly? It’s Español, doofus. See that squiggly line over the “n?” Pretty, isn’t it? Now throw in a few umlauts as well and everybody will think you’re a Heavy Metal fan as well.

This is the well-focus grouped kickoff to Newt’s presidential bid, it seems. He has an email signup to go along with this, building out his lists no doubt with an eye to launching a fundraising warchest.

But Newt’s not alone. In the wake of the White House’s announcement last Friday that they will cooperate with larger efforts to rally the bigoted GOP base…

Because anybody opposed to criminals going unpunished is, of course, a bigot. Even when the group of criminals in question have no common racial, religious and/or ethnical denominator. Isn’t it funny how those libtard poseurs (see, I can do it too!) love throwing around words that they have not the faintest glimmer of understanding of?

We’re not the ones suggesting that all illegal immigrants are of a particular ethno-social extraction, libtards. You are. Which, as we already mentioned, can only mean that you’re a bunch of bigoted swine lumping everybody with an olive complexion in with border violators, serial rapists, murderers, drunk drivers and muggers. You really ought to attend some classes to get that out of your systems, you know.

…and ramp up the regulatory assault on immigrants,

From the Libtard Dictionary™: “Enforcing the laws” = “regulatory assault.”

Mitt Romney is obviously reading the same tea leaves and trying to hang the brown menace around Giuliani’s neck:

Mitt Romney accuses former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani of making his city a haven for illegal immigrants. Giuliani denies it, insisting he cracked down on lawlessness of every kind.

And Rudy would be right to deny it if “supporting and encouraging New York City’s status as a sanctuary city” meant “cracking down on lawlessness of every kind.” Unfortunately, that’s not quite what it means in the real world, but we’re sure that his spin doctors can come up with some reason as to why those two ought to be synonymous.

It’s the first real clash between two leading Republican candidates who are vulnerable on immigration, a volatile issue that infuriates Republican conservatives who hold sway over primary elections.

If only we did hold sway over those primaries, then we wouldn’t have an array of RINO clownshoes currently competing to become the next RINO President.

Romney, inspecting border fencing and checkpoints Monday in San Diego, reiterated his plan to hire more Border Patrol agents, sanction employers who hire illegal immigrants and cut federal dollars for sanctuary cities.

Romney blames “don’t tell” policies, and Giuliani’s support for them, for luring millions of illegal immigrants to the United States.

How on Earth did he get that idea? It’s almost as absurd as suggesting that leaving your front door open and putting a sign up saying “everything must go, we won’t call the police” would “lure in” burglars.

Meanwhile Rudy is fighting his own race war, arguing for a tamperproof ID card that includes fingerprinting for everyone entering the country, in addition to a central database to track their exits.

Because, as we all know, every single soul entering the United States belongs to one single race. Not sure which race that is, but how can it be a “race war” otherwise?

To the surprise of no one with a functional attention span (which of course excludes any of our Very Serious Political Pundits), the decades-old pancake makeup covering the hateful racist core of the GOP has flaked so hard it’s falling right off, and we’re about to witness quite the Klan rally for the soul of the Republican Party heading into 2008.

Jackboots de rigeur.

Again with the incorrect usage of italicized foreign words. Something is “de rigeur”, you can’t just drop it in there without a verb, you illiterate imbecile. So are jackboots “de rigeur”, will they be “de rigeur”, were they “de rigeur” or are you just too damn dumb to look up an idiom before you use it?

The world might never know.


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Via Sir Christopher, the latest in the Boochamp & The New People’s Republic saga:

THE WEEKLY STANDARD has learned from a military source close to the investigation that Pvt. Scott Thomas Beauchamp–author of the much-disputed “Shock Troops” article in the New Republic’s July 23 issue as well as two previous “Baghdad Diarist” columns–signed a sworn statement admitting that all three articles he published in the New Republic were exaggerations and falsehoods–fabrications containing only “a smidgen of truth,” in the words of our source.

That’s a bit far from his previous July 26 statement: “I’m willing to stand by the entirety of my articles for the New Republic using my real name.”

Stand by them unless it’s under oath, it would appear.

The New People’s Socialist Republic, predictably, has no comment.

So which is it, Franklin FUBAR? Either your golden boy whom you stood by unquestioningly because he happened to be the one boning one of your staffers was lying to you, or he’s been lying under oath.

If the former, then you’re exposed (again) as a dumb, gullible oaf with not the merest hint of an understanding of the basics of reporting who shouldn’t be working at a media outlet, much less managing it. If you go with the latter and insist that your story is true no matter what Boochamp says, then you’re looking at sending your staffer Elspeth’s bun stuffer upriver for quite a while for perjury. Oh what a tangled web we weave, Franklin. Isn’t it fun being a full-time propagandist for al-Qaeda?

That whole post-Stephen Glass era of renewed credibility at the New Bullshit Republic, Franklin, how’s that working out for you, stunad?

UPDATE: And it gets better (thanks for LC Crunchie for pointing this one out to us):

According to the military source, Beauchamp’s recantation was volunteered on the first day of the military’s investigation. So as Beauchamp was in Iraq signing an affidavit denying the truth of his stories, the New Republic was publishing a statement from him on its website on July 26, in which Beauchamp said, “I’m willing to stand by the entirety of my articles for the New Republic using my real name.” [Emphasis added — Emp. M.]

Is your arse hurting yet, Franklin? Do you want some of Boudreaux’s Butt Paste™ with that?

Ya schmekel.

UPDATE the 2nd: Allahpundit plays the devil’s advocate, suggesting that Boochamp might have told the Army whatever they wanted to hear because it was his best hope of getting leniency.

Well, that theory might hold water if you were a blithering nutroot thinking that the Army can do whatever they want, the truth be damned, and I’m pretty much 100% certain that Allahpundit doesn’t fall into that category, hence the “devil’s advocate” comment.

The thing is: If Boochamp had been telling the truth, there’s not a damn thing the Army could’ve done to hurt him. The truth is an absolute defense, and any attempt by the Army to bludgeon somebody telling the truth just to “get back at him” would lead to a PR nightmare for the Army, with national headlines 24/7 AND Lil’ Boochamp becoming a national hero and martyr to everybody who ever questioned the Army’s authoritah. Which, coincidentally, is exactly the impression that Boochamp’s writings leave you with regarding his real motives for his bullshit extravaganza.

To put it less delicately: That martyr’s crown, those endless speaking engagements and books about “the price of speaking truth to power™” were EXACTLY what Boochamp had been hoping for. And now you’re telling me that he gave all of that up because they were about to give it to him?

Right. Pull the other one.

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Minutemen show up to film a demonstration by progressive brownshirts and get a dose of that “tolerance of different viewpoints” that Leftards, unlike us Rightwing Death Beasts, are so famous for.

Once again, there’s a reason why His Imperiousness never goes to report on those sewer dwellers’ activities, and it’s not that he’s afraid of them. It’s that something like that constitutes an “immediate and credible threat to life and health” and that would leave us with only one logical response.

And it just ain’t worth the paperwork.

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LC Radical Redneck alerted us to the spittle-flecked ravings of the GlueHuffers™ concerning the tragic collapse of the I-35W bridge in Minneapolis. Let’s take a quick look-see at just a smattering of the Einsteinian “logic” from a few of the Kosmically KlueFucked Kostard Kousins™, shall we?

Diego: Why not blame Bush?

Ipanema: I agree that we should blame the Idiot in Chief! After all, he decided to spend billions on the Iraq fiasco, which could have been spent on fixing the crumbling infrastructure in the US. Chalk another crime by the Decider (his rap sheet is getting rather long)!

eurydice: An obvious Karl Rove maneuver. The administration is finally beginning to fall apart. Gonzales is falling, Cheney about to tumble…
What does the Bush Administration do now?
Blow up a bridge! In a liberal American city. Distract attention from them. Michael Chertoff’s warnings don’t work, so blow up a bridge. It’s all the networks are covering now.
Good move, Karl Rove!

The helmet-wearing, short bus-riding retards grab the first quickly-scribbled article that gives them what they think is Teh Truth™ that they need to nail ShrubCo & His Merry Marauding KKKabal™ and try to run with it:

Grunty1: Not to mention that bridge was marked as “structurally deficient” back in 2005, scoring 50% where less than 80% requires repair work and anything less than 50% marks it for replacement.

lisakaz: Yep. Including, apparently, not informing the state (I presume that inspection was federal, given it’s an interstate). After all, the low score “didn’t mean that the bridge is unsafe,” Transportation Secretary Mary Peters said. Way to go, Mary. Gee, do you think the bridge is unsafe now, perhaps? Maybe this dope oughta be impeached or whomever let that score go by w/o doing a damn thing.

How much do we bet that NOTHING was done about?

The predictability of the ClueDeficient™ fucktards who regularly post there wasn’t Earth-shattering, to say the least. What WAS truly stunning was how quickly their bong-addled delusions of a HalliBusHitlerCheneyBurton Neo-KKKon KKKabal KKKonspiracy™, among other similarly moronic Blame BushCo!™ memes, were destroyed by none other than that Eeeevil ReichWing Media Machine™, The Asphyxiated Press™.

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Minnesota officials were warned as early as 1990 that the bridge that collapsed into the Mississippi River was “structurally deficient,” yet they relied on patchwork repairs and stepped-up inspections that unraveled amid a thunderous plunge of concrete and automobiles.

“We thought we had done all we could,” state bridge engineer Dan Dorgan told reporters not far from the mangled remains of the span. “Obviously something went terribly wrong.”


In 1990, the federal government gave the I-35W bridge a rating of “structurally deficient,” citing significant corrosion in its bearings. The bridge is one of about 77,000 bridges in that category nationwide, 1,160 in Minnesota alone.

The designation means some portions of the bridge needed to be scheduled for repair or replacement, and it was on a schedule for inspection every two years.


During the 1990s, later inspections found fatigue cracks and corrosion in the steel around the bridge’s joints. Those problems were repaired. (By bolting on steel plates, NOT replacing the metal.—B.) Starting in 1993, the state said, the bridge was inspected annually instead of every other year.

The state of Minnesota had at least 17 years to either properly repair or replace the bridge after it received its first “structurally deficient” rating. The federal government isn’t in the business of building Interstate highways & bridges. They allocate money to the states and the states take care of the building and repairing of said federal highways.

But, would you EXPECT the morons who believe the fetid fecal material that spews forth from HuffingGluePost™ to understand what actually happens in the real world and place the blame where it firmly belongs?

Nah, it’s easier to just Blame Bush!™ than to admit that their local and state pols were too busy lining their pockets and doling out money to welfare sows, in return for their votes, to actually take care of the infrastructure that our federal tax dollars had gone to build and maintain. Katrina anyone?


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Submitted by LC Joe Dromedary A&IG/GWN:

House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.) said Monday that a strongly positive report on progress on Iraq by Army Gen. David Petraeus likely would split Democrats in the House and impede his party’s efforts to press for a timetable to end the war.

We suppose we should stay his execution for long enough to give him credit for being honest, something that is rarer than hens’ teeth where Dhimmicrats are concerned.

Damn that General Petraeus, possibly putting a stick in the wheel of the DemCong Surrender Train by daring to go actually win a war for his nation! Doesn’t he know that there is one thing and one thing only that matters in this Universe, and that is to secure DemCong rule over the nation, even if it means that there isn’t a nation left to lord it over.

Try them, convict them and execute them for treason.

Or, if that’s too rough for you, let’s just cram them into container ships and send them off to whichever totalitarian dystopia they’re worshiping at the moment, because a free country has absolutely no use for them. Whatsoever. They’d probably fuck up the harvest if we used them as fertilizer.

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Thanks to LC Nerbygirl, we learn that there’s a doozy of a movie out that all self-respecting Anti-Idiotarians ought to own a copy of, at least judging by the trailer.

After all, somebody making a movie about the massively moronic mountain of mendacity that is also known as Michael Moore…

What’s not to like

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The moral giants and impeccably credentialed journaljizzmers at The New People’s Stalinist Republic are now trolling threads, using the ID of the whistleblower they fired for telling the truth to get back at the meanies that exposed them for the pitiful, pathetic, douchebag liars that they are.

No wonder their circulation is down 40% since 2000.

It is, however, quite puzzling how they managed to find retards sufficiently daft to subscribe to the remaining 60%.

No, wait, it isn’t. People still voted for John Fuckface Kerry, after all.

Nicely played, shitheads.

So is Franklin Foerball going to comment on that, or is he too busy elevating the douchebag boning his editor to sainthood?

That was a rhetorical question, by the way.

UPDATE: Looks like Boochump’s entry fuck, Elspeth Reeve, may have to wait for a while before she has her bun stuffed again. From a previous entry on his old blog:

We finally got official dates on Iraq deployment: May 15 - Our Bradleys get shipped to Kuwaite June 11- Advanced Units move in June 28 - Bravo Team, second squad, first platoon, Alpha Company, first battalion, 18th brigade, first infantry division (the breakdown of who I belong to) deploys. Were probably going to sit in Kuwaite for some unknown amount of time, and then move into Baghdad…

Now, I don’t know how the kinder, gentler U.S. Army handles OPSEC violations like that, but I do know that if I had been publishing detailed deployment and roster information like that overseas, I’d still be rattling bars in a military prison today.

Oh, and for fuck’s sake, Boochamp: If you’re such an enormous intellect and probably the greatest poet alive today (as you like to think), could you at the very fucking least learn how to spell Kuwait correctly? It’s only got fucking two syllables, Mr. “Pity Fuck TNR Writer.”

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Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.
And when we’ve practiced for a while, how vastly we fuck up our style.

So it looks like The New People’s Socialist Republic hired on Scott Beauchamp because he happened to be humping one of their editors and, helpfully enough, happened to be a card-carrying leftard who could be counted on to use his vast fantasy skills to produce just the kind of half-arsed, anti-war tripe on which TNR has built their house of cards.

You’d think that a moron publication like TNR, previously caught in the Stephen Glass scandal, would somehow realize that they weren’t exactly doing themselves any favors by becoming less credible than the Weekly World News, but you’d be wrong. Their response to being revealed, again, for the nepotistical, inbred liars that they are?

Let the whistleblower know, of course, that “your services are no longer needed.”

At least said whistleblower won’t be going down with that creaky garbage scow when it sinks.

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Oh, we cannot hardly contain our Schadenfreude. Sweet, sweet Schadenfreude. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

LC Clinton (first name, not last) sends us these wonderful news:

BOULDER, Colo. — The University of Colorado’s governing board on Tuesday fired a professor whose essay likening some Sept. 11 victims to a Nazi leader provoked national outrage and led to an investigation of research misconduct.

Ward Churchill, who had vowed to sue if the Board of Regents took action against him, said immediately after the 8-1 vote was announced: “New game, new game.”

Three faculty committees had accused Churchill of plagiarism, falsification and other misconduct. The research allegations stem from some of Churchill’s other writings, although the investigation began after the controversy over his Sept. 11 essay.

But of course he’s going to sue. What has this nation come to if tenured tumblefarts can’t falsify, plagiarize and otherwise conduct themselves in ways unbecoming with impunity? Go right ahead, Chief Shitting Bull. We can’t wait to laugh at you when you get slapped down again.

“The decision was really pretty basic,” said university President Hank Brown, adding that the school had little choice but to fire Churchill to protect the integrity of the university’s research.

“The individual did not express regret, did not apologize, did not indicate a willingness to refrain from this type of falsification in the future,” Brown said.

Considering that the sum total of his qualifications seems to be an uncanny ability to use a Xerox machine and a fake “Indian” certificate that he found in a Cracker Jack box, it would seem strange if he were to agree to abstain from doing so in the future.

His braindead attorney, predictably, completely disregards the facts of the case and states instead:

Churchill’s attorney, David Lane, said that the decision was retribution for Churchill’s Sept. 11 remarks and that he would file suit on Wednesday.

“For the public at large, the message is there will be a payback for free speech,” Lane said. “It sends a message out to the academic community generally that if you stick your neck out and make politically inflammatory comments, you will be dragged through the mud for two years and you will ultimately have your tenure terminated.”

Allow us to repeat, for the benefit of Mr. Lane who has elevated boneheadedness and inability to comprehend to an art form, we quote (with emphasis):

But the essay that thrust Churchill into the national spotlight, titled “Some People Push Back: On the Justice of Roosting Chickens,” was not part of the investigation.

But obviously Reading Comprehension wasn’t part of the curriculum at the Central American diploma mill from which Mr. Lane apparently bought his degree. Unless he can point us to the part of the Constitution that declares falsification and plagiarism “protected free speech.”

Now break out the champagne!

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Just in case you’re still wondering how Joe Biden (D-Nuremberg) really feels about your Second Amendment Rights, here he is uncut and uncensored (via The Jawa Report):

Give us more, O Emperor! »

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