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Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler » Archive for Gun Fearing Wussies
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Archive for the “Gun Fearing Wussies” Category

Just in case you were wondering if it is merely out of malice that us people in the know usually refer to the BATF as the smelly, ignorant bottom of the law enforcement barrel, the place you’re sent if you have a hardon for wearing a uniform but no useful qualities making you eligible for a real job as, say, an actual cop, here’s a bit from a retired Bumbling Asshole TumbleFucks agent:

Joseph Vince, a retired ATF agent, agrees.

“It’s [hollow-nosed, jacketed ammunition, or JHP — Emp.M.] not something that you would need for home protection, because what you are trying to do is eliminate an immediate threat,” Vince says. “The idea of killing is what this ammunition portrays to me.”

Now, His Majesty is pretty sure that 99.9% (low estimate) of our dear readers already know exactly what is wrong with Joe Dumbfuck’s cranio-rectally inverted bullshit comment is, but let’s go over it anyway, if nothing else then just to demonstrate how fucked up in the head he is and publicly humiliate him and his fellow “officers” on the short bus of law enforcement:

First, let’s recap what the purpose of self-defense in the home (and everywhere else) is. The purpose is to stop the threat. That’s all there is to it. It really is as simple as that, so just keep that simple, short sentence in mind. If you have a BATF moron looking over your shoulder trying to read along with you, please be a kind, helpful citizen and repeat that sentence every once in a while so that his severely impaired, cretinous brain doesn’t forget it. Like, say, ever 15 seconds or so. Make sure that he’s not actually reading and trying to process information while you do so, since having to work on more than one bit of information at a time can cause severe symptoms of mental stress in your average BATF agent, including but not limited to whimpering sounds, involuntary muscle contraction, seizure and even death as a result of his overloaded “brain” forgetting to remind his lungs to function. The easiest way of making sure that a BATF agent isn’t reading is by observing his lips for movement.

Alright, onwards and upwards.

The main difference between jacketed hollow point rounds and full metal jacket (FMJ) rounds lies in penetration. JHP rounds “mushroom” upon entry in order to make them stop in the target (and create a lot more damage due to the suddenly increased diameter of the projectile), rather than passing through the target. FMJ rounds, on the other hand, are specifically designed to penetrate, which is mainly helpful when the first object your bullet meets isn’t the intended final destination, such as with a perp behind cover.

Why can non-penetration be a Good Thing™? Well, it’s like this: Shooting a target, such as a goblin, is basically a way of transferring energy from you to the target with the assistance of a projectile. When you pull the trigger, a lot of energy is transferred from the propellant to the bullet, and you want this energy to end up in the goblin. While the bullet is traveling, its energy is kinetic. When the bullet hits a target, it loses velocity (kinetic energy), which is deposited in the object (in our ideal case where you don’t fuck up and shoot the television or grandma’s picture on the wall, this object is the goblin) slowing the bullet down. If the bullet stops completely, the goblin just received every single Joule of that energy. The bullet isn’t moving anymore, which means that all of its kinetic energy (energy doesn’t “disappear”, remember?) must have gone somewhere else, in this case into the goblin’s worthless carcass. This is a Good Thing™. Unless you happen to be the goblin, of course, but who gives a shit about him?

If the bullet penetrates, on the other hand, it still has energy, which means that it only left a fraction of what it had in the object that slowed it down.

JHP = more energy in target.
FMJ = less energy in target.

Now add to that the fact that energy in target translates almost directly into “stopping power”, keep in mind what we learned about the only objective of self-defense which is to stop the threat, and we think it’s safe to say that everybody (except for any BATF agents around still drooling uncontrollably while slapping themselves on the head, trying to get their rusty brain gears moving) now know why JHP is exactly the kind of ammunition you want when defending yourself against a goblin.

But wait, there’s more. Our imbecilic friend, Joe Vince, specifically singled out the home as somewhere you definitely don’t want JHP rounds.

Back to penetration we go. Assuming that you’re not a hermit living out in the boondocks with nobody around, you ought to be concerned about this. You see, the bullet doesn’t really care what it hits, it just goes on until it doesn’t go anymore, so if the goblin failed to stop it because you followed Joe Dumbfuck’s advice and used FMJ, it’ll be traveling along merrily until it hits something else, such as your family members or your neighbor. Needless to say, they won’t be thrilled about this, and it’s doubtful that any amount of claiming that you just followed the “expert” advice of a former member of the single most incompetent agency on the planet will serve to make them feel any more kindly disposed towards you. With the expert being a BATF member, you’ll most likely be worse off as a result, since it’s common knowledge that those special ed wannabes are too fucking stupid to pour piss out of a boot with instructions stamped on the heel. With pictures.

So now you know. Not so much the desirability of JHP rounds and why you should use them, you already knew that unless you’re 75% dumber than rice casserole (in which case I hear that the BATF are hiring. With that kind of intellect you’re pretty much guaranteed a supervisory position), but that the MSM and the BATF have no fucking clue what they’re talking about and that the MSM experts will only be quoted if they say what the journaljizzmer’s agenda dictates that they say, facts be damned.

But you already knew that.


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As you may know, ABC’s Brian Ross has, for some time now, been running with the outright lie that somehow high capacity magazines were to blame for the mass murder at VA Tech and, even more so, that it was only because of the lapse of the Weapons that Make Liberals Cry Ban of ‘94 that you can even buy such magazines. You see, according to ABC’s Brian Ross, such magazines because illegal to sell or purchase after the Scary Weapons Ban took effect.

Obviously, that’s nothing but an outright lie trying to further an agenda, and LC & IB Confederate Yankee is kind enough to point out just HOW much of a lie it is.

And, being the kind and helpful person that he is, Confederate Yankee tried to point out the actual facts to ABC and Brian Ross. After all, he’s a journalist, so it IS quite possible that he’s just plain stupid and utterly ignorant of facts. He tried to point it out by posting a comment to the article in question, politely pointing out the factual inaccuracies.

So did ABC thank him for the help and correct their article?

Of course not. It didn’t fit the narrative and the propagandistic agenda of ABC, so they just plain deleted the offending outburst of truth.

At least we now know for a fact that the inaccuracies weren’t due to plain old ClueTardation.

They intended for the lie to stand, and they’re now on the record as doing what they can to prevent the truth from interfering with their agenda.

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Former head of the Mickey Mouse Club, Michael “You’re FIRED” Eisner, weighs in with some serious, thoughtful comments on What Should Be Done For The CHILDREN!!!1!!™:

“So I think the solution is to get the public, in an emotional, story-driven way, behind the goal of an abolition of handguns and automatic weapons. Because politicians are almost co-conspirators in this bloodshed. They are chickens, I was even a little chicken at Disney. Nobody will take on what I consider the imbecilic arguments of arming America.”

Hey, at least give the bumbling, liberal vaporbrain some credit here. At least he’s being honest about it.

“Let’s write some emotional stories to counter those awful facts from the ‘imbecilic’ gun-nuts!”

Molon Labe, you clusterfuck, and if you do come, bring Donald and Daisy with you.

I love roast duck.


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Over the last two days, the level of sickening hypocrisy and arrant stupidity of the media has reached depths of nausea that even I did not believe were possible

Chief of these, is a cry to ban all handguns.

This, if done, will leave all the guns in the hands of those who don’t give a rats ass for the laws being clamored for.

We do not have the right to keep and bear arms in Australia

And a criminal brandishes a shotgun in our faces and robs us in broad daylight.

We do not have the right to keep and bear arms in Australia

And we are carjacked at gunpoint.

We do not have the right to keep and bear arms in Australia.

And as a bank employee, we are threatened with a gun as the bank is robbed.Or shot as we cower on the floor.

We do not have the right to keep and bear arms in Australia.

And a woman is shot to death by a maniac, in a real estate agents office.

We do not have the right to keep and bear arms in Australia.

In the future, a lunatic who got his guns from an illegal dealer on the streets stalks through an office, slaughtering anyone he sees. I may be next, as he stands there laughing, and my last wish is that I had had a gun to shoot him instead.

But yes, all bad guns are “bad” and we have lots of gun laws to keep us safe. The government will pass lots more, and ensure we are never allowed to have a gun.

If you have the nerve to defend yourself, expect to wind up in jail when the criminal sues you.

We keep telling ourselves how safe we are, thanks to all of those gun laws…until an armed home invasion gang smashes down the front door.

Don’t let them do this to you.


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A mentally defective maggot from the Roanoke Times, the paper most recently known for publishing a database containing the names and addresses of all law-abiding citizens of Virginia with a CHL, abused ex-wives and other people with a legitimate need to lay low included, now suggests that the best way to stop psychopathic criminals from killing people is by taking away law-abiding citizens’ right to defend themselves.

That, as we know, worked out real well at Virginia Tech, where all the law-abiding CHL holders left their guns at home on the day of the shooting.

No matter how much mayhem and tragedy may be caused by gun violence in the United States, such costs are more than an acceptable trade-off for many people who are determined to preserve “the right to keep and bear arms.”

And just how much of that mayhem and tragedy is caused where people are allowed to defend themselves, as opposed to places where they’re not? Heard about anybody trying to shoot up a gun range lately?

You’ve got it exactly the wrong way around, you filthy ghoul. The mayhem, murder and tragedy is exactly why you won’t get my guns unless you’re willing to walk through a hailstorm of lead to pick them up. I’ll be damned if I’ll condemn myself and my loved ones to defenseless death at the hands of the first armed goblin to show up by handing over the one tool that might conceivably save us.

No matter how many emotional appeals to stop the violence — like the somber ringing of a bell 80 times at a vigil in Richmond last January to mark the 80 deaths of Virginia children by gun violence in 2005

How many of the 80 dead rose from their graves at the tolling of the bells during your “emotional appeal?” How many lives were saved by a sound not unlike what you’ll hear if a gun grabbing moron like yourself shakes his head?

The sound of a slide being racked, on the other hand, has saved countless lives as the goblin wet himself and ran away. And, failing that, the sound of a round going off has heralded the saving of many more as a bullet slammed into the useless sack of skin housing the goblin’s body immediately thereafter.

Give us more, O Emperor! »

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The Imperial Educational Advisor unloads both barrels on the Gun Confiscators who, up to their knees in the blood of their victims, are screaming for even more human sacrifices to their false sheep god.

Then she reloads and fires again. Go read it all.

Want more?

Go read this, courtesy of a tip from LC Gearhard.

I am in awe. Total, fucking, breathless awe.

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…responding to the deaths of 33 innocents thanks to gun control laws by demanding — MORE gun control laws.

Obviously, the bloodthirst of the Bradys hasn’t been sated yet. (Link thanks to LC Mrs M-ITT™)

Virginia Tech Killer Used Easy-To-Get Guns

(CBS) A well-placed law enforcement source tells CBS News the weapons used in the massacre were a 9 mm semi-automatic handgun and .22-caliber pistol.

Both are readily available in gun shops across the United States and particularly accessible in the commonwealth of Virginia,

Unlike the coveted and extremely rare .38 revolvers and .45 ACP pistols.

…which recently earned a C-minus rating by the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

You only earned a C-??? Damn! I’d better check what the rating for Texas is. If it’s above an F, I’ll be extremely pissed off.

“It’s much too easy to get guns in the state of Virginia,” said Paul Helmke, president of the Brady Center.

“Much too easy” meaning, of course, “it’s possible to get one at all.

That’s in part because there’s no gun registration, no mandatory waiting period to purchase weapons. The only major restriction: a limit of one gun purchase per month.

And we all remember the bit of the 2nd Amendment that says “…shall not be infringed, except for registration, waiting periods and limits on monthly purchases of course.” What? The Founding Fathers DIDN’T add that? Well, then guess what? That means it’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

It’s funny, because all of you MSM journaljizzmers are forever whining and screeching about “Constitutional violations” when the government tracks the phone calls of known terrorists, something that there is not a comma in the Constitution prohibiting, but when it comes to the 2nd Amendment and what it actually says, you seem to have a blind spot. Wonder why that is?

It remains unclear where the shooter purchased his pistols, CBS News chief investigative correspondent Armen Keteyian reports.

It’s also wholly irrelevant, since it wasn’t the gun that murdered those poor students, it was the subhuman sack of shit holding it that took care of that.

But CBS News discovered there was a gun show just 25 miles from Blacksburg last weekend where 405 guns were sold.

Of course. The Evil Non-Existent Gun Show Loophole™. Of course he bought it there. After all, nothing but evil comes of those places, and it’s not like the perp could have bought it anywhere else. Get rid of the gun shows and all of the gun dealers and nobody will ever buy a gun from anyone, ever again. After all, it’s a damn hassle to have to wait 30-45 minutes before some shady character at a local bar offers to sell you one.

Just one minor point, you CBS twits, before you cream your pants completely at your own “cleverness:” If somebody shoots about 60 people with a kill ratio north of 50%, particularly with a 9 mm EUropellet and a .22 can plinker, he’s obviously had more than a week to train in. Trust me on that one. Some of us, as opposed to you dumb hacks, actually know a thing or two about weapons and the comparative lethality of different types.

The magazine containing ammunition for the 9 mm handgun can carry between eight and 24 bullets, rapidly fired, and quickly reloaded.

An added advantage of the 24 rd magazine is that the gun, with the magazine inserted, doubles as a handy cane for your long nature walks. And believe me, the rounds of a 9 mm pistol fire no faster or slower than those of a .45. Not that ROF or magazine capacity really matter when the local authorities have helpfully made sure that your victims will be utterly defenseless.

Today the National Rifle Association “expressed its deepest condolences” to all those “affected by this horrible tragedy.”

Meanwhile, a former campus police chief at Virginia Tech told CBS News that in recent years the school had bucked the state legislature and hunting culture and took steps to safeguard its student population. It required all guns be checked with campus police, collecting hundreds at a time.

Ironically, the school specifically banned the possession of firearms in dormitories or classrooms — the exact locations of today’s unthinkable violence.


More like “an utterly predictable example of cause and effect.”

Try banning door locks in a neighborhood for a year and see what happens to the burglary rate.

Which is why the only condition you’ll find my guns in, should you ever lay your hands on them, will be “empty.”

I’ll have given you all of the bullets first.

Finally, thanks to LC Cheapshot911 who created this suddenly tragically apropos graphic:

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…we just want some “sensible gun control”, don’t you know?

Anybody who has ever fallen for that line (and I very much doubt that any of the most brilliant readers in the Blogosphere, those of this site, ever has), might want to look at what the Dhimmicrats are up to in the People’s Republik of Pennsylvania (via the Anti-Liberal Zone and an alert LC who told me about it in the Bark last night, I think it was Alan K Henderson, but correct me if I’m wrong):

With trout season only six days away, streams full of stocked trout should be the topic of this space this week but, unfortunately, the trout season preview has been preempted to bring you an important message.

If you are a hunter or gun owner, it is imperative that you learn about the latest stroke of Pennsylvania legislative genius — House Bill 760.

And “imperative” is no exaggeration.

House Bill 760 calls for every gun in the state (with the exception of antiques) to be registered with the state police, and that registration must be renewed annually. The cost would be $10 per gun, per year. The bill also requires fingerprinting and a background check of each gun owner. A new photograph must be submitted each year and the registration card for each gun would have to be carried with the firearm at all times.

Damn, that sounds a whole lot like something Hitler might do and, guess what, he did. But, then again, both Democrats and National Socialists are, well, socialists.

An application would include name, age, sex, Social Security number, business and home address, telephone number, date of birth, citizenship, two recent photographs of the applicant and any additional information that ” … the Pennsylvania State Police may deem necessary to process the application.”

In other words: Any information about you, relevant or not, that they decide that they want in order for you to exercise your 2nd Amendment RIGHTS. Provided that they can think of anything that isn’t already covered in the above, that is. Shoe size? Favorite color? Credit history? Favorite books/movies? Favorite websites? Hey, the sky’s the limit with the Democrats’ proposed Weapons Law of 1938, er, 2007.

Of course, they would also need to know the firearm’s manufacturer, caliber or gauge, model, type and serial number. And yes, do not forget the ten dollars.

Per gun, mind you. So if you’re a collector… Oh well. Thanks for the money, dumb citizen cash cow, we’ll now go give it to trash that didn’t earn it.

Move, change telephone numbers or have a gun stolen? You had better notify the state police within 48 hours or you will be considered a criminal. In fact, as the law is written, you could even be required to notify the state police when your age changes. Want to sell a gun? The law would require you to notify the state police 48 hours in advance.

Frankly, I’m surprised that they don’t demand that you notify them within 48 hours of taking a crap. It might alter your recorded bodyweight slightly, after all. Oh, and don’t you dare forget it, or you’ll go to the slammer for forgetting to tell your slave masters in government about everything that you do.

Read the whole thing.

Meanwhile, I’ll go mutter angrily to myself while looking up one of my favorite quotes by Thomas Jefferson.

Something about the tree of liberty and the proper watering thereof.

***UPDATE***: Pennsylvanians, sign here (then write, call and harass your Congress critters. Politely, of course).

***UPDATE the Second***: LC & IB Sig94 alerts us to the fact that Rep. Daryl Metcalfe of Pennsylvania’s 12th District isn’t about to take this sitting down. Go read. Also, be sure to set aside the 24th of April for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms Pro-Gun Press Conference in Harrisburg, where Rep. Metcalfe and Sen. Pippy will make an appearance to counter the National Democrat Socialists’ unlawful infringement of the rights of Pennsylvania citizens.

Stand up and be heard while you still have the chance.

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Thanks to LC Rainy, we learn of a bunch of bedwetters who are all up in arms about, well, arms. Not real arms, mind you, but a sculpted facsimile attached to a statue of one of our fallen heroes, Petty Officer Danny Dietz of the U.S. Navy SEALs, who fell on the field of honor for G-d and country, awarded the Navy Cross posthumously for heroism in battle, one of the many soldiers who died so that liberal twats can piss on their memory without fear of repercussions:

The site for Danny Dietz’s memorial occupies a corner near the Littleton middle school where he first dreamed of becoming a Navy SEAL.

It’s the right place, his family says, to honor a hero who lived and died for his dream. It’s the wrong place, other parents say, for a statue of a man with a gun.

“No one wants to hurt the family; that’s the last thing we wanted to do,” says Emily Cassidy Fuchs, who objects to the statue’s location in Berry Park, near three schools, two park playgrounds and two day-care facilities.

“It really seems to me the city dropped the ball on this. They’ve lost sight of their responsibility to the community as a whole, including a large group of children.”

Fuchs and other parents say they knew the memorial was in the works but only recently became aware of the nature of the statue and its location near Goddard Middle School, Centennial Elementary and Community School for the Gifted. Fuchs, a member of the city’s Fine Arts Committee, said the monument never went through the usual approval process for public art.

Linda Cuesta, whose child was at Columbine High School during the murders on April 20, 1999, told the City Council last month that it would be a mistake to put the statue where hundreds of children would pass it every day.

“After our experience with Columbine and the clear message of nonviolence that we teach within the Littleton schools - honestly, what are we thinking?” she said.

I don’t know, you insufferable twat, maybe that honoring somebody who sacrificed his own life so that hyperventilating, handwringing harridans like yourself can go on irritating the heck out of the rest of us with your hysterics in peace and safety would be the proper thing to do? Maybe because, in a nation rapidly approaching a sewer of pussitude, a real, bona fide hero such as Petty Officer Dietz might be a good role model for the kids?

And don’t give me any of your utterly predictable liberal twaddle about it being “improper” in the vicinity of Columbine either. If anything, it’s more than proper. Remind those kids that somebody, somewhere are standing up on that wall, prepared to do violence to protect them from the same. It would be even better, if you ask me, if we had a platoon of real soldiers patrolling school grounds with real guns to keep the likes of Klebold the heck away from our kids.

But Dietz’s widow, Patsy, said Thursday that comparing the guns at Columbine with the weapon in her husband’s hands is like comparing a criminal’s knife with a surgeon’s scalpel.

“One is used to take lives,” she said. “And the other is used to save them.”

Well put, Mrs Dietz. Of course, there’s not a snowball’s chance in Hell that any of the hysterical hoplophobes will ever understand what you’re saying. Their brains, or whatever it is that’s occupying the vacant lot between their ears, simply aren’t equipped to process logic. They don’t see a hero holding his rifle, prepared to defend and give his life for his country, they see an Evil Oppressor Wielding His Wicked Tool of Death™, utterly oblivious to the fact that, if it weren’t for him and others like him, they’d soon get a real, up-close look at the tools of death belonging to the other side.

Guns, even facsimiles of guns, make them piss their pants, and they firmly believe that if they just pretend they aren’t there, then it’ll all go away like a bad dream. They belong in fucking mental institutions, not walking around in public.

City officials said the City Council unanimously approved the contract for the sculpture in January and again in February, and a clay model was displayed at one of the meetings. Spokesman Chris Harguth said the city is moving forward with the project as planned.

“We respect that there are differing opinions out there, and we respect the right of our citizens to voice their opinions,” he said. “The feedback we’ve received in the city manager’s office has been overwhelmingly in favor of this project.”

Well thank you for that, spokesman Harguth. I’m very much relieved to hear that and, just as much, to see that some City Councils aren’t given to cowardly running away in the face of the moronic mewlings of a few Moonbats. Good for you, you are to be commended.

Plans for the memorial, scheduled to be unveiled July 4, began last summer after U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., asked the city to work with the Dietz family. Sculptor Robert Henderson created the statue from one of the last photos taken of Dietz before he was killed in Afghanistan on June 28, 2005. It shows a kneeling Dietz holding an M4A1 assault rifle with a grenade launcher.

“If I’ve got my 4-year-old at the playground, I feel it would be a threatening image that would frighten her,” Fuchs said.

Oh sod off, you bloody tosspot!

1) I don’t really care what you feel that your 4-year-old would think. I’d be much more interested in what she actually does think. Of course, with her being only 4 years old, it’ll probably be a while before we can get an answer, but still, would it be too bloody much to ask for you to graciously put a sock in it until such time?

2) If the sight of guns, any guns, even statues of guns frightens her so much, then it’s because you’ve been brainwashing her to feel that way. That’s child abuse. Hold on while I get the number for the local CPS, you daft mushhead and, until they arrive, please refrain from programming her brain with any more Idiotarian shibboleths that will end up costing her years in therapy one day. Are you careful to cover her eyes when you’re making dinner as well? I mean, the sight of all of those sharp, very sharp kitchen knives could probably put her into a catatonic state.

3) Moron. Whimpering, bedwetting moron.

She said the ideal solution would be to place the statue at another location, but Dietz’s family disagrees.

“What do they want us to do, stick it in a corner somewhere?” said Dietz’s mother, Cindy. “It’s about a hero. It’s not about war, and it’s definitely not about a gun.”

Of course they do, Ma’am. Were it up to them, there wouldn’t even be a statue and, if they couldn’t stop that, they’d insist that it were holding a bouquet of organically grown flowers.

If there is one thing that those worthless waste products of the Worst Generation can’t stand, it’s any sort of reminder that there is real evil in this world and that we owe those giving their lives to protect us from it any respect at all.

Fuck ‘em, say I. Fuck ‘em sideways with a claymore.


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An astute reader (who forgot to provide me with a nickname and will therefore remain anonymous. You know who you are) sent me this link to an article in Time about how NOLA is circling the drain, turning into one of the most dangerous places in the nation thanks to goblins running rampant.

On a more positive note, it also describes how the many law-abiding and upstanding citizens of NOLA, understandably pissed off and not willing to just sit back and take it, are arming themselves at an unprecedented rate.

Anyway, as is so often the case, Time managed to dig up the obligatory Dumb as a Sack of Hair Officer Friendly™ with an axe to grind when it comes to private gun ownership. I cannot imagine how much work it must be for rags like Time to dig up one of those for every article touching upon the subject of armed citizens because, honestly, I don’t know a single cop who has any problem at all with responsible gun owners and their use of their firearms in self-defense. Quite to the contrary, every cop I’ve ever known and asked was very much in favor of private gun ownership, since it makes their jobs much easier and, more importantly, cuts back on the number of grisly crime scenes that they have to process. Scooping up a dead goblin, pouring him in a sack and sending him off to the big fridge doesn’t bother them much. Doing the same for a family of four killed because they couldn’t defend themselves, on the other hand, does. A lot.

So either the lamestream mediots are making those Officer Dumbasses™ up out of whole cloth, or I’m forced to accept that there are a few of our boys in blue who aren’t quite right on the top floor. What I do know is that they are few and far between.

Predictably, such chatter has law enforcement officials concerned. “Not just for our safety or theirs,” says New Orleans Police Department sergeant Donovan Livaccari. “But people should know where their rights begin and where they end.

Your concern for the citizens and the legal trouble they might find themselves in after a shooting in self-defense is touching. However, in the situation, I do believe that they’re more concerned with their right to live another day. Yes, I know I’m going out on a limb here, but that’s my guess and I’m sticking to it. And judging by the murder rate in NOLA these days, I’d say that they have every reason to be concerned, to put it mildly.

I think a lot of people are unaware that, in Louisiana, you can have a weapon in your car, but once you leave your car, you’re subject to a whole different set of circumstances.

That might very well be so, it certainly is in Texas (at least until September, mheh), but I have to point out that it, while undoubtedly very important after the fact, isn’t quite as important as maintaining vital signs. Charge me with whatever moronic, criminal-coddling laws you want when the goblin has assumed room temperature, I don’t really care. It still beats being dead.

Also, where you’re allowed to use deadly force; by law, you’re not allowed to use deadly force to protect property.”

Is that so? No, it’s an honest question, since I don’t know what the laws regarding defense of property are in Louisiana, and such laws vary immensely from state to state. In Texas, for instance, it is quite legal to use deadly force if you cannot reasonably hope to get the property being stolen back in any other way. Not that I’d shoot somebody running down the street with my car stereo (note that the threat is gone and the perpetrator is retreating in this scenario. If that’s not the case, he’s going down with two to center mass and one to the head), but I most certainly could. Killing somebody, even when it is perfectly justifiable, is still a killing and it will stay with you forevermore, no matter how quickly the Grand Jury hands you a no-bill. Just make sure that the price is worth paying, is all I’m saying.

But that’s neither here nor there. I once again find myself digressing.

What is the point is that there is no way of knowing that the goblin “just” wants your car stereo or your iPod. If anybody reading this still believes in the Brady Bunch claptrap that you just have to hand over your valuables and then the goblin will leave in peace, then I strongly urge you to knock that idiotic idea out of your head, right now. Because it will get you badly hurt if you ever, heaven forbid, find yourself staring down one of the troglodytes.

Goblins are sick, deranged individuals, as proven by them having not the slightest moral qualms about relieving you of your property at gunpoint. What on Earth would make any rational, sentient being think that they’re going to act all calm and sensible when they have a quivering, submissive victim cowering before them, telling them to do as they please? That’s a serious temptation for a sociopath, especially if you’re a pretty lady. And even if you’re not, chances are that the goblin has quite a few outstanding warrants with his name on it and, guess what?, you’re an eyewitness to an armed robbery with him as the perpetrator.

You do the math.

Yes, he might just grab your wallet and run, but are you willing to take that chance? You shouldn’t. Google “crime scene photographs” if you want to see why you shouldn’t.

So, in summary, I don’t give a fuck what Louisiana law says about use of lethal force in defense of property. If I’m being mugged or burgled by an armed goblin, only one of us will leave the scene under his own power, and I intend to do anything I can to make sure that it is me.

Livaccari points out that, in a holdup, a gun-waving victim is more likely to end up shot than one who simply hands over money — though his message isn’t helped by incidents like one last October in which a would-be victim shot and killed a man he told police was trying to rob him and a female companion at gunpoint near the French Quarter.

Kudos to Time for including that last bit. All too often, the MSM conveniently leave out details that might disturb the approved narrative.

And a healthy, hearty “fuck you up the Khyber Pass with a rusty I-frame” to Officer Knucklehead. I am not in the least bit interested in playing the odds if an armed sack of useless skin is about to help himself to anything he wants. Make it 60%, 30% or 5% chance of me surviving if I draw my sidearm, I know that when the bastard is done stopping a handful of .45 JHPs, I’ll be in the winning category. If I don’t defend myself, on the other hand, I’m putting my life and everything I ever will be in the hands of Lady Luck. I don’t play Russian Roulette either, Officer Birdbrain, is that stupid of me too?

Then there’s the possibility that a gun will be stolen and used in other crimes.

If my gun is stolen, then it’s because I’m dead. Consequently, it’s unlikely that I’ll give a damn. He does, however inadvertently, have a point though: As I always say to anybody who cares to listen and, I’m sure, quite a few who don’t (but I, being me, don’t give a flip), “if you intend to get a firearm, you’d damn well better be at peace with the concept of using it, and you’d damn well better make sure that you reach that point before you buy it.” Because if you don’t, if you haven’t decided in your mind beyond any doubt that you will if you have to, then you’re nothing but a walking gun vending machine. Except the gun in question, yours, will be free of charge. Don’t get a gun unless you’re ready to use it. You wouldn’t buy a Porsche if you had no intentions of driving it either, would you?

But whether it’s stolen from you or from your dead body, it doesn’t really matter. Unless Officer Fuckhead here is suggesting that the only source goblins have for guns are the arsenals of law-abiding citizens. If so, he’s dumber than I thought, and that’s saying quite a bit. It’s the same nonsense we have to listen to over and over again when some wet blanket Gun Fearing Wussy justifies gun bans in schools by saying “if anybody were armed, it would just be another place for the goblin to get a gun.”

Here’s a hint: Goblins bring their own. Imagine that! Who knew?

Not to mention that the whole concept of claiming that having your gun stolen is an inevitability is about as cluefucked as they come. By that logic, we shouldn’t own cars either. After all, they’re nothing but a car pool for drunken car thieves, right? A grand theft auto and a DUI just waiting to happen, right?

Bottom line is: You can be one of two things.

  1. An armed citizen capable of defending yourself.
  2. A potential helpless victim.

Pick one. There is no door number three.



Sgt. Livaccari responds in the comments:

I appreciate your vigorous defense of the right to own guns. However, I think that my comments in the Time article were misinterpreted.

First, I have a law degree from the Loyola University School of Law and am admitted to the Louisiana Bar. I am by no means a liberal or anti-gun.

My message is simple. If you are going to own a gun, know the laws that effect you and, more importantly, know that if you are going to display a gun, you better be ready to pull the trigger.

If you believe that you have the fortitude to take a life, you know how to use weapon, and you know the laws regarding its use, then by all means, buy a gun if it makes you feel more secure. I am certainly not giving mine back.

Finally, in Louisiana, you can not use deadly force to protect property. You can use deadly force in the event that someone invades your home, but that really isn’t a case of protecting property but protecting yourself.

Sgt. Donovan Livaccari

First, sir, I want you to know that I appreciate you taking the time to respond. Also, in order to ensure that your response doesn’t get “buried in comments”, I’ve put it up here so it won’t get lost.

Second, and most certainly no less importantly, I am glad to hear that my understanding of your comments was wrong, not to mention that I can’t find a single thing in your response here regarding the proper use of firearms and lethal force that I disagree with. There are times when it’s a joy to be off the mark, and this is one such time. Of course, that also leaves me with an obligation to apologize since, whether the misunderstanding was due to selective quoting from Time or not, my words are still mine and I do not wish to be even partially responsible for giving a false impression of your true opinions. That’s what we have the press for and they do a depressingly good job of it.

So, Sgt Livaccari, I do apologize. I apologize for having contributed to the misinterpretation of your words and I am relieved to hear that you, as one of “our boys in blue”, are not what the Time article made you out to be. I am also, again, grateful for this opportunity to set the record straight, not to mention that it serves to teach me and anybody else happening upon this post a lesson about the need to take everything the MSM say with a large amount of grains of salt, no matter what our doctor might say it’ll do to our cardio-vascular system.

Also, no less importantly, it is now clear to me that Sgt Livaccari is in no way a “birdbrain” or any of the other, er, colorful appellations that I assigned to him. I apologize for those as well.

Again, thanks for your reply.


Misha I

P.S.: Thanks for your clarification of LA laws regarding defense of property. As I mentioned in the post, I didn’t know. Now I do.

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