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Rare robbery case brings cries of racism. The associated piss sure can write a headline can’t they.

Three young black men break into a white man’s home in rural Northern California. The homeowner shoots two of them to death

So far so good. Two out a three ain’t bad, but next time remember, sight alignment, sight picture and trigger control and you’ll be sure to get that third goblin too.

— but it’s the surviving black man who is charged with murder.

As opposed to the racist homeowner who is the obvious criminal here, right?

In a case that has brought cries of racism from civil rights groups, Renato Hughes Jr., 22, was charged by prosecutors in this overwhelmingly white county under a rarely invoked legal doctrine that could make him responsible for the bloodshed.

Well there’s part of the problem ya simperin’ idjut. If the law was invoked a little more often there might be fewer goblins running loose causing the bloodshed. I am however surprised that they haven’t blamed the gun yet. Must be something even juicer to go after.

“It was pandemonium” inside the house that night, District Attorney Jon Hopkins said. Hughes was responsible for “setting the whole thing in motion by his actions and the actions of his accomplices.”

Common sense from the District Attorney. Can’t let that stand unchallenged can we.

Prosecutors said homeowner Shannon Edmonds opened fire Dec. 7 after three young men rampaged through the Clearlake house demanding marijuana and brutally beat his stepson. Rashad Williams, 21, and Christian Foster, 22, were shot in the back. Hughes fled.

Hughes was charged with first-degree murder under California’s Provocative Act doctrine, versions of which have been on the books in many states for generations but are rarely used.

The Provocative Act doctrine does not require prosecutors to prove the accused intended to kill. Instead, “they have to show that it was reasonably foreseeable that the criminal enterprise could trigger a fatal response from the homeowner,” said Brian Getz, a San Francisco defense attorney unconnected to the case.

Still more common sense. Even a semi-retarded thug ought to know that people generally don’t cotton to having there homes invade and their family members “brutally beaten”. A “fatal response from the homeowner” is not only expected it should be damn well required. And here come the race baiters in three, two, one…

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The right to keep and bear arms.Protect it.Cherish it. Never let it be taken away from you.


“Witnesses described a scene of mayhem at the school in this leafy lakeside community, saying the shooter prowled the building looking for victims while shouting slogans for “revolution.”


Dunblane, Finland, Colombine, Hoddle Street, Strathfield, Monash University, Port Arthur, Virginia Tech.



The wind blows softly over the lawns….


..and the dead whisper…“If only I had had a gun…”

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Once again, Victimhood Inc.™ reacts to someone stripping away the layers of bullshit PC-ism and exposing the ugly truth in typical fashion.

The article comes out of the starting gate, stumbles and falls flat on its face in by-line.

An e-mail implying that illegal immigrants drain tax dollars circulated its way through the Florida Legislature,…

First off, it didn’t “imply” anything. It stated an obvious, well-established fact.

…and discussion quickly turned to the national debate on anti-immigration policy.

That’s “anti-ILLEGAL immigration”, you festering boils on the nutsac of humanity. “Reading comprehension” never has been one of your strong suits, has it?

What part of the following “offensive” e-mail blurb is too difficult for you to understand?

The e-mail, forwarded by Rep. Donald Brown from his state-issued account, had a clip-art cartoon and read: “Reminder: April 15th. Don’t forget to pay your taxes . . . 12 million illegal aliens are depending on you!

Pretty straight up and accurate.
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LC Radical Redneck sent us the link to this article. We’ll be waiting, with bated breath, of course, for Poverty Pimps, Inc.™ to assemble their protesters to demand justice for the victim and offer her a full scholarship to the university of her choice.
(Note: All emphasis ours.—B.)

The Durham Police Department is continuing to investigate allegations that a female Duke student was sexually assaulted at an off-campus party early Sunday.

According to police reports released Monday, the 18-year-old woman reported forcible rape that took place at 3 a.m. at 405 Gattis St., where a party was hosted by some members of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.

The alleged victim “is doing as well as can be expected,” Dean of Students Sue Wasiolek said.

University officials said Monday that they had met with members of the fraternity after the report was filed by the alleged victim, who Wasiolek confirmed is white.

Je$$e? Al? *Crickets playing “Hide The Mambo Snake” with their tax-exempt shakedown money-silenced mistresses*

Where are the calls for Phi Beta Sigma to be shut down?

Some of the students living at the house in which the party took place are in the process of relocating either temporarily or permanently, Wasiolek wrote in an e-mail.

“The University has been assisting the students to identify their housing options,” she said.

As opposed to having a large, Leftist bloc of the faculty write a manifesto condemning every member of the fraternity?

Police officers have spoken with the alleged victim, DPD Chief Steve Chalmers told The Herald-Sun.

“Once they did the preliminary interview, she was taken to the hospital to be examined,” Chalmers said. “We’re going to be following up with her and seeing if she can identify suspects in the case.”


“Why”, you’re probably asking yourself, “has this story not been splashed all over the airwaves & front pages of the *spit* Lamestream Midiots™ *spit*?” That’s a very good question and you should buy yourself a beer (or whatever poison you prefer) for being so prescient in your inquisitorialness.

The alleged victim told police she was raped in the bathroom by a black man in his late teens or early 20s, 6-foot-1 and wearing a black do-rag, gray sweatshirt and jeans, according to a DPD statement released Sunday.

*Crickets from $hakedown & $harptongue, LLC (Loud-mouthed Liblers Corporation), Inc.*

Wasiolek said the alleged attacker has not been identified, adding that there has been speculation that he does not attend Duke.

“The rumor is that it’s a student at another school,” she said.

How convenient for the Duke admins & faculty that this “speculation” just “happened” to pop up so quickly, eh?

Marijuana, cocaine and Oxycontin were found in the house, according to the DPD police report. Neighbors told The Chronicle Sunday that police officers also found a gun in the house, but police have not reported that a gun was present.

Again we ask: Where are the calls for Phi Beta Sigma to be shut down? Where are the scholarship offers to “the alleged victim”?


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[A short introductory note by your benevolent arse of an Emperor: As you may have noted, there’s a new byline on this post. It belongs to our very own Voice of the Pacific, LC & IB Brendan, who has been kind enough to offer his unique Australian point of view on this site from time to time, and we were more than eager to take him up on it. So, without further ado, please offer a big welcome to the Thunder from Down Under, Brendan:]

In a stunningly revealing interview, the female sailor some have dubbed Ms Headscarf, has detailed how she was brutally tortured by the Iranians.

“THE female British sailor captured and held by Iran has told how her captors stripped her to her panties, lied to her and threatened she might never see her baby again.”

Oh MY GOD, tell me they didn’t do THAT???

What was next, making you watch Iranian TV? That she was LIED to?? How terrible… You’re right,. that’s really cruel and unusual punishment, we must call the UN and tell them that it was all their fault.

Iranians lied, Turney cried….

Dear Lord, not the panties, please, it brings back memories of Abu Ghraib…oh wait, they didn’t put them on your head…yeah, that was MUCH less traumatic.

Silly me.

Compare this simpering,vacuous, sickly little weakling with what REAL warriors have suffered in the past, vets suffering physical trauma, beatings,isolation, sleep deprivation, starvation, truth drugs, brainwashing,freezing, cigarette burns….hundreds died in the hands of the enemy..yet they never bowed, never broke, even the ones confronted by Hanoi Jane Fonda refused to give an inch..yet all it took for this little wallflower to break, was to be told she “might never see her baby again”.

Compare her “stress” and “fear” to the shining courage and valour of Pte Johnson Beharry, newest recipient of the UK’s highest award for bravery, the Victoria Cross.

You can damned well bank on the fact that faced with the same dilemma, Pte Beharry would have spat defiance in their faces.

Awww…did poor widdle Turney have her widdle feewings hurt???? Poow wittle wady….

Gentle LC’and G.L.O.R’s, please disregard that high pitched whine you are hearing….it’s just Winston Churchill reaching 3000 rpm.

Meanwhile, the youngest among the 15 Britons held captive by Iran has told another newspaper that he was “blindfolded, threatened, and left in solitary confinement for days by the Iranians, who dubbed him “Mr Bean”.


Not the “Bean” procedure…anything but that, please, I beg you, have mercy…

I can think of thousands of Korean War and Vietnam veterans who would take one look at this little wuss, and burst into tears at the pathetic state of a once great military force. Where are the jut-jawed, implacable, indomitable Tommies that kicked the Afrika Korps across the African desert?? Is THIS the pride of the British Navy..are these…people the inheritors of the harriers of the Graf Spee, the courageous heroes who defied the U Boat menace on the Murmansk run??

“At one stage … (the interrogator) asked me, ‘How do you feel about dying for your country’,” she told the tabloid.

I can tell you what any soldier or sailor with any GUTS would have said, you mewling little COWARD.

“As long as it’s with my hands around your scrawny little throat”

And at the end…this…this alone says it all

“He told me, ‘If you even survive this, what will you tell your family’.”

I’ll tell you what you can tell your family…what you will be telling everyone, for the rest of your miserable life.. that when called upon to stand straight and tall for your country, when duty demanded that you never give the enemy an inch….you buckled like a wet noodle and handed Iran a propaganda victory of catastrophic proportions, disgracing yourself and your uniform beyond any hope of redemption.

If you had an ounce of integrity in that yellow bellied, Fwench spirited body of yours, if you had one tiny shred of dignity left, you’d resign, hand in your uniform and spend the rest of your life atoning for your disgusting cowardice in the face of the enemy.

In the old days there was one, and only one, punishment for your craven deeds.

What will you tell your family? You can tell them this.

That when duty and country called, you did not hesitate.

You turned and ran like hell.

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Florida Official Fired Over Sex-Change Plan

You know, we keep banging our heads in this shop over this gay rights, transgender, gender-identity issue. Once more, let’s make this perfectly clear, I couldn’t give two hoots in hell what one does in the privacy of his bedroom. Period, end of discussion. I just don’t care. My religious beliefs teach me it’s a sin, yet that is an issue between the individual and his Creator to deal with, and none of my concern. I’ll accept whatever it is that you use to get you jollies in the bedroom as long as it a) doesn’t involve children and b) it’s between consenting adults. Be my guest, but don’t and I repeat DON’T try any ploy however clever, to get me to “embrace” your lifestyle, especially one forcing me through legislation or an activist bench to do it. The gang out there that insists my grandchildren be exposed and taught this is ‘normal’ and acceptable behavior, escalates my objection to a bit more than my vocal opposition-that’s something I’ll fight for. That’s my progeny you freaks, leave them alone, get it?

Our representative, constitutional form of governance allows each citizen exercising the franchise in the ballot box to elect their leaders and other officials based on whatever-the-hell they feel deserves Candidate “A” to be qualified and hopefully, capable of performing the job they are running for. You can’t and won’t prohibit citizens from disallowing a particular candidate by decree, no matter how much you whine and litigate it. It is rammed down the throats of private business and government agencies in any number of ways, but try that crap as we step behind the curtain and you’ll pay the price. We Americans are a pretty stalwart bunch, no matter our ideological differences.

Steve Stanton professed his love for the city and asked the people of Largo to support his decision to undergo a sex change and allow him to keep his $140,000-a-year job as city manager. To his sorrow, the answer came back no.[emph mine]

Boo freakin’ hoo. You were elected as a family man as we shall see later, and as such, the citizens (or at least a purported majority of them) factored that into their decision to elect you.

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National Pancake Day


(PS: Anyone in possession of Mad ‘Shoppin’ Skilz is free to take the idea and run with it.—B.C.)

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LC & IB Guy K, The Cackleberry Curmudgeon™, points us over to Mostly Cajun where we find that the race-baitin’ assholes of Victimhood Incorporated™ are taking to the streets to protest against the cops & courts, saying that they aren’t doing enough to protect the Dumb, Dependent & Donk™ welfare sows, crack whores & pimps upstanding citizens of The Cesspool of the South™ The Big Easy.

These are the same illiterate morons who just re-elected Ray “Captain Yellow Submarine” Nagin & William “Cold Cash” Jefferson and who will start a riot if a cop even so much as looks askance at a black man Afro-American African-American person-of-color holding a smoking gun and standing over a freshly-corpsified body.

“There is a lot of justified anger right now…

You’re angry at the worthless sacks of shit who raised a third or fourth generation of uneducated, unproductive, cold-blooded, murderous thugs, right? You’re angry at the thugs themselves, too, right?

…but the purpose of this march is to call for collaboration, not resignations,” said Alan Gutierrez in a press release.

We didn’t think so, either.

You’re angry that the incompetent, race-baiting assholes, WHOM YOU JUST RE-ELECTED, haven’t done enough to make it safe to raise another generation of uneducated, worthless & dependent upstanding products of LBJ’s Great Society™. But, you’re not quite angry enough to call for their resignations, since they’re not white, and/or conservative Republicans.

“We are asking our public officials to answer to three fundamental needs: presence, protection, and accountability.

Well, if you’re asking for “presence & protection“, as we reported a few days ago, Mayor Wonka & The Chocolate Factory™ have you covered.

How much “protection from violence” you’re going to get from checkpoints looking for drunk and uninsured drivers is matter of debate.

And “accountability” is a concept that is as foreign to the Librul establishment as “honor, integrity & intelligence“. Unless they’re trying to run a white, and/or conservative Republican out of office, that is.

Go read Mostly Cajun’s post and check out the first comment by “Wilson”. His comment on the matter is exactly what the phrase that we in The Imperial Dungeon Game Room™ use to close each post was created to address…


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