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LC Darth Bacon sends:

A cancer patient yesterday condemned health chiefs as immoral for threatening to stop her free NHS care if she buys a drug to help her treatment.

Former nurse Colette Mills was told her health authority would not provide the “wonder drug” Avastin.

It also rejected her offer to pay the £4,000 a month bill for it herself.

Now, we know that you HillaryCare supporters will be screeching about how insurance companies over here won’t automatically pay any sort of medication/treatment that we can come up with either, but that’s not the point. Here’s the REAL kicker:

But the 58-year-old, who is having chemotherapy after breast cancer spread through her body, was shocked to discover if she bought the drug privately then she would be liable to pay the entire bill for all of her care - likely to reach £15,000 a month.

Mrs Mills and her husband Eric were forced to back down because they could not afford this.

Sweet, isn’t it? “Not only will we not pay for your treatment of choice because we, your socialist slavemasters, don’t consider it worthy of our support, we also won’t pay a penny of the REST of your treatment if you dare go out and buy it YOURSELF!”

Their “justification?”

Ministers justify the policy by arguing that a two-tier NHS would be created, with those who could afford additional treatment paying for it while others in equal need having to cope without.

“It’s not fair for you to be able to afford something that others cannot, so if you go ahead and buy it, we’ll just have you executed for anti-social behavior.”

Interesting for a country that takes great pride in abolishing the death penalty, isn’t it? “We won’t execute murderers, child molesters and the like, but we most certainly will issue a death sentence if “anti-social” behavior is the issue. In a heartbeat.”

Just remember that the next time some socialist fuckwit here at home starts growing all misty-eyed about “one payer systems” or whatever the fuck they’re going to come up with next to camouflage the fact that they want to control every little bit of your life, including your health.

Every. Little. Bit.

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Dutch legislators have set down a commission to answer an utterly baffling (to them) question:

Netherlands authorities are commissioning a study to determine why Moroccan men target gays in Amsterdam, considered one of Europe’s most gay friendly cities.

Wow. That’s really confounding. We wonder why that could be? Let’s see… Moroccan men, religion of piss, targeting gays… Nope, we’ve got nuthin’.

Of course, they’re already busy trying to come up with an answer that has nothing to do with the actual cause:

Half the hate crimes were committed by men of Moroccan origin. Some researchers believe they lashed out at local gays after feeling stigmatized by Dutch society, the newspaper said.

Of COURSE! The mooselimbs of the famously tolerant towards gays religion of piss are targeting gays because… *drumroll*… THEY ASKED FOR IT. Being the evil, white, imperialist, oppressing bastards that they are.

If there’s a species of flagellates more terminally mindfucked than the average, self-loathing EUroweenie, we sure haven’t heard of it.


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Where “youths of mysteriously indeterminable extraction” have fun burning Paris to cinders, so fire up the Car-B-Qs and get ready to roast some marshmallows:

VILLIERS-LE-BEL, France (AP) — Rampaging youths rioted for a second night in Paris’ suburbs, firing at officers and ramming burning cars into buildings. At least 80 officers were injured, a senior police union official said Tuesday.

In fairness to Associated (With Terrorists) Press, they don’t seem to have trouble mentioning the religion that we dare not mention in connection with violence, riots and general ass-hattedness:

Youths, many of them Arab and black children of immigrants, again appeared to be lashing out at police and other targets seen to represent a French establishment they feel has left them behind.

OK, so they don’t mention The Religion That Must Not Be Named Unless Immediately Followed By The Words “Of Peace”™, but unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last fourteen-hundred years (or are a liberal multi-culti type, endlessly tolerant towards any sort of religion except for Christianity), it’s pretty obvious that we aren’t talking about Presbyterians here.

And what a marvelously brilliant behavior by the cluefucked camel-bothering cretins who feel that “the establishment has left them behind.” We’re sure that the establishment will be ever so much more benevolent in their attitude towards you now that you’ve tried to murder 80 of its members. Much like your paleosimian ideological brethren, that whole concept of “Cause and Effect” seems to elude you at every turn, doesn’t it?

Give us more, O Emperor! »

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The title is a reference to a line from the 1964 movie “Zulu” about the defense of Rorkes Drift. After hearing that no 3 Column had been wiped out at Islandwana Leftenant Chard says “The army doesn’t like more than one disaster in a day”, to which Leftenant Bromhead adds “Looks bad in the newspapers and upsets civilians at their breakfasts”.

Apparently the attitude Lt. Bromhead referred is alive and well in Jolly Ol’ England. (h/t Mrs. M-ITT for the link).

Injured soldiers who lost their limbs fighting for their country have been driven from a swimming pool training session by jeering members of the public.

Isn’t gratitude a beautiful thing.

The men, injured during tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, were taking part in a rehabilitation session at a leisure centre, when two women demanded they be removed from the pool. They claimed that the soldiers “hadn’t paid” and might scare the children.

Can’t have the precious chiiiilreeen scared now can we. God forbid they may actually be taught that there are men in the world who have to face far worse horrors than seeing an amputee going through rehabilitation. Perhaps the imbecilic sows who complained would prefer that their children see dear ol’ mum stoned to death for being in public without a male family member.

As far as paying to use the pool, I think their payment was left on an operating cutting room floor sometime ago you fucking self centered, ungrateful cunts!

“These people are beneath contempt and everything should be done to get their names and publish them in the press,” he said. “It is contemptible that people who have given up their limbs for their country should be so abused when they are trying to get fit again.”

Admiral Loyd Boyce seems to have forgotten his Kipling;

I went into a public-’ouse to get a pint o’ beer,
The publican ‘e up an’ sez, ‘We serve no erd-coats ‘ere.’
The girls be’ind the bar they laughed and giggled fit to die,
I outs into the street again, an’ to myself sez I:
Oh, it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ ‘Tommy, go away’:
But it’s ‘Thank you, Mister Atkins,’ when the band begins to play -
The band begins to play, my boys, the band begins to play,

Just go and bleed someplace else Tommy, be a good lad and don’t dirty the carpet, it might upset the children after all.

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The right to keep and bear arms.Protect it.Cherish it. Never let it be taken away from you.


“Witnesses described a scene of mayhem at the school in this leafy lakeside community, saying the shooter prowled the building looking for victims while shouting slogans for “revolution.”


Dunblane, Finland, Colombine, Hoddle Street, Strathfield, Monash University, Port Arthur, Virginia Tech.



The wind blows softly over the lawns….


..and the dead whisper…“If only I had had a gun…”

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Much to absolutely nobody’s surprise, the EUroweenie “Leftist Nutjob of the Year” Award went to the Gorebecile for his outstanding work in creating a work of fiction based on nothing resembling facts, advancing global transnational socialist government and promoting a new religion.

If any of you are left wondering what on Earth creating a PowerPoint slideshow based on made-up assertions and untruths, as asserted by a court of law and a number of scientists too large to mention, has to do with peace, you haven’t been paying attention. The Nobel Peace Prize may be a lot of things, but a recognition of an individual or organization’s efforts to promote actual peace hasn’t been one of them since time immemorial.

El Baradei got it for running interference for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who wants nothing more than to “create peace” by wiping out a large portion of the world’s population with nukes that El Baradei has done everything in his power to allow him to create.

Dhimmi Khadr got it for kindly looking the other way, defending genocidal dictators and whitewashing mass murder (oh, and to “provide a kick in the leg to those Evil Bush Loving Neocons and their Global Allies”).

Yasser Arafat got it for his tireless efforts to finish the job that Adolf Hitler had begun, and now the Goreacle™ got it for promoting a false religion whose demands, if met, will lead to global poverty and starvation.

Beginning to see a pattern here?

Obviously, the “peace” that the Nobel Peace Prize promotes is the peace of the grave.

Nobody deserves it more than the Goreacle™. After all, neither Hitler nor Stalin were available for consideration.

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Today’s required reading comes from the desk of Fjordman, one of the few remaining Keepers of the Gate™ caught in the downward spiraling vortex of The Swirling EUrinal™.

Go read it. That is all.


(Note: A big ol’ tip o’ the hat goes out to Hillbilly White Trash for the heads-up on Fjordman’s most excellent ClueClubbing™.)

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This has to be the most redundant headline in recorded history:

Tiny brain no obstacle to French civil servant

Considering that he was both fwench and a civil “servant”, we’d expect it to be a major asset.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A man with an unusually tiny brain managed to live an entirely normal life despite his condition, caused by a fluid buildup in his skull, French researchers reported on Thursday.

Scans of the 44-year-old man’s brain showed that a huge fluid-filled chamber called a ventricle took up most of the room in his skull, leaving little more than a thin sheet of actual brain tissue.

“He was a married father of two children, and worked as a civil servant,” Dr. Lionel Feuillet and colleagues at the Universite de la Mediterranee in Marseille wrote in a letter to the Lancet medical journal.

Inasmuch as whatever it is that civil “servants” everywhere do can be classified as “work”, that is.

Intelligence tests showed the man had an IQ of 75, below the average score of 100 but not considered mentally retarded or disabled, either.

At least not by fwench standards.

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From alert reader dragineez, we learn that the Borders stores in the UK are busy waging war on “racist” comic books:

LONDON - Borders is removing “Tintin in the Congo” from the children’s section of its British stores, after a customer complained the comic work was racist, the company said Thursday.

David Enright, a London-based human-rights lawyer, was shopping at Borders with his family when he came upon the book, first published in 1931, and opened it to find what he characterized as racist abuse.

“The material suggests to (children) that Africans are subhuman, that they are imbeciles, that they’re half savage,” Enright said in a telephone interview.

Now, we don’t know how much our dear readers are familiar with the adventures of Tintin, but he was (is) quite the phenomenon on the other side of the Pond, so let’s give you a very brief synopsis: Tintin and his trusty canine sidekick, Snowy, go to the Congo where a decidedly Caucasian villain in cahoots with Al Capone tries to whack him in numerous ways, among others trying to convince the local primitive villagers (remember, this is pre-WWII colonial times before all of Africa got enlightened and transformed their nations into wonderful, dystopian turd world Marxist shitholes) to off him by using their superstition against them. In the end, Tintin turns the tables on the Caucasian villain and he ends up being eaten by a bloody great croc.

In other words, the savage, primitive natives are what those of us with a brain refer to as a “plot device”, not to mention that the portrayal of them as superstitious and primitive is, by and large, quite historically accurate for the time period in which the story takes place.

But we wouldn’t expect a “human-rights lawyer” to be familiar with a subject like history, much less basic literary skills. As a matter of fact, we’re surprised that the cluefucked cretin even knows how to use a phone.

“My black wife, who actually comes from Africa originally, is sitting there with my boys and I’m about to hand this book to them…. What message am I sending to them? That my wife is a monkey, that they are monkeys?”

We weren’t aware that you found your wife in a village of the Congo back in 1930, but even if it’s so, we assume that the intervening 77 years have done much to change her tribal ways. Much as is the case with everybody else not living in a mud hut in the jungle, regardless of skin color.

But we’re all about being helpful, so here’s a suggestion: Teach your children history. Tell them about how the world used to look as opposed to how it looks now, teach them about the wonders of civilization, how intelligence isn’t dependent on skin color, that indeed there are numerous white people alive today that would make the cannibals of yore look like paragons of humanity. In other words: BE A FUCKING PARENT, YOU IMBECILIC NUMBSKULLED FUCKHEAD.

Like it or not, be it accurate or not, people living 77 years ago didn’t see the world the way we do today, mostly because the world that we know today didn’t exist 77 years ago. Imagine that. Such a concept, no? Now, obviously, we can pretend that the bits of the past that we don’t find politically correct never happened, but that won’t make them go away. More importantly, it will leave us wide open to making the same mistakes again since we will have been made to forget that we made them all before and what the consequences were.

History is, in the same way that the cerebral activity of leftard, politically correct cocknozzles isn’t.

The other, broader point here is, of course, that censorship is a Bad Thing™ no matter what your intentions are.

Here’s a radical and innovative idea for you and morons like you: If you don’t like a book, don’t fucking buy it. Amazing how us Right Wing Death Beasts always seem to come up with the most marvelously simple solutions to seemingly impossible problems, isn’t it? It’s almost as if we know something that you don’t, such as, I don’t know, maybe history, for example? Wonder why that is?

I get everlovingly sick and benightedly tired of blowhards screaming “censor this” and “censor that” because they don’t happen to agree with something that they yet, for some inexplicable reason, found it in themselves to plop down the money for and read. It’s like those tee-totaling prudes howling about Pay Per View pr0n on late night TV. If you find it so gottdamm offensive (and, for the record, I do too), then why in the name of Shaitan’s Scrotal Hair are you fucking subscribing to it, you fuckwitted, festering pustules on the butt of mankind?

There are a lot of things that I’d just as soon never have to hear of again but, unlike you meddling, mewling muttfuckers, I do realize that it doesn’t give me the right to deny it to anybody else, nor do I even want to.

So butt the fuck out, you censoring snotwits, I’m tired of you sticking your noses where they don’t belong. I’m tired of listening to your self-righteous pontifications about what everybody else ought and, much more, ought not to read/watch/listen to, and that makes me irritable. Very irritable. Homicidally irritable, if you get my drift.

If you don’t, I suggest that you devote some time to it because, trust me, it is in your own best interest to do so.

You wouldn’t like me if you were to manage to push me over the line. You wouldn’t like me at all.


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Barely has the cyclopean cockholster, Gordon Brown, taken over from Blair before he starts demonstrating his particular style of — er — “leadership.”

His response to the recent terror attempts in London and Glasgow by muslim terrorists? Well, since you asked:

Gordon Brown has banned ministers from using the word “Muslim” in ­connection with the ­terrorism crisis.

The Prime Minister has also instructed his team – including new Home Secretary Jacqui Smith – that the phrase “war on ­terror” is to be dropped.

The shake-up is part of a fresh attempt to improve community relations and avoid offending Muslims, adopting a more “consensual” tone than existed under Tony Blair.

Just to show what a wonderfully strong and decisive leader he is, he has now banned his ministers from accurately describing the suspects. No more wanton, idle talk about “muslim terrorists”, particularly if the suspects are terrorists and, well, muslim.

Those horribly misunderstood, oppressed, poor and barely literate losers in the lottery of life, forced to commit acts of violence out of desperation. Five of them doctors, by the way. Medical doctors. Those shifts in the NHS must be pure Hell!

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