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The results would be quite entertaining. And messy. (Link thanks to LC & IB Ace):

BRUSSELS, April 3 (RIA Novosti) - The government of Belgium’s French-speaking region of Wallonia, which has a population of about 4 million, has approved a tax on barbequing, local media reported.

It’s “barbecuing”, you dumbfuck turd worlders or, if you absolutely must stick a “q” in there somewhere, “BBQing.”

AND it is a Holy Food, and the consequences of trying to mess with it will be truly Biblical in proportion. And that’s before G-d gets around to taking part in the festivities.

Experts said that between 50 and 100 grams of CO2, a so-called greenhouse gas, is emitted during barbequing. Beginning June 2007, residents of Wallonia will have to pay 20 euros for a grilling session.

That’s $26 in real money. 26 bucks just to fire up the grill. Actual meat costs extra. Again, I’d love to see the Texas legislator suicidal enough to even think about proposing something as terminally tumblefucked as this. So how do the Belchians propose enforcing this madness?

The local authorities plan to monitor compliance with the new tax legislation from helicopters, whose thermal sensors will detect burning grills.

All of a sudden the enormous BBQ tax makes sense, in a EUrotardian sort of screwed up way. Something is going to have to pay for all of the fuel those choppers will be burning in order to keep the Belchian subjects from “polluting” the air with CO2 when they cook.

Hey… Waitaminnit…


But before you start laughing too loudly, we’re sure you’d like to know that five doddering old senile coots on the Supreme Court just discovered yet another hitherto unknown provision in the Constitution, this one granting the Federal government the powers to regulate — wait for it — breathing.

Rope. Tree. Judge.

You know the drill.

***UPDATE***: Alright, so not even the Belchian gummint are that incandescently imbecilic. ‘Twas but an April Fool’s joke of theirs. Hahaha. No, really, good one! You really got us there, you evil bastitches. I know when I’ve been had, and boy I was HAD! :doh_tb:

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That’s it. WWIV can’t be far away, now that the intrepid leader of the British Lion has escalated all the way to disgust!:

Blair responded that the service personnel will be released, that Iran is facing increasing condemnation from world bodies and that Britain has done nothing wrong.

“I really don’t know why the Iranian regime does this [show captives on TV],” because it just arouses disgust, he told reporters Friday.

“If they continue in this way, they will face increasing isolation,” Blair said, referring to a UN Security Council resolution passed Thursday and an announcement from the European Union expected Friday.

The U.N. Security Council! Mahmoud, all is lost! You’re doomed, we tell you, DOOMED! Just look at the puissant nature of that august body’s statement:

The United Nations Security Council has agreed to a statement voicing what it calls “grave concern” at Iran’s seizure of 15 British sailors.

The statement is not as strong as Britain was hoping for. Britain had wanted the UN statement to say the council “deplored” Iran’s detention of the sailors.

Britain’s ambassador to the UN, Sir Emyr Jones Parry, says he hopes Iran will respond.

See? “Grave concern!” Witness the isolation! Despair, Ahmadinnerjacket, despair and crumble in the face of the terrible resolve of the West!

Meanwhile, the Mad Mullahs continue their abuse of women (but hey, it’s a Muslim country. Who are we to question their equally valid cultural mores?), torturing the sole female hostage into delivering yet another coerced message:

She said she was “sacrificed due to the intervening policies of the [U.S. President George W.] Bush and Blair governments,” and continued a critique of Western intervention in Iraq from her previous letter, released Thursday.

“It is now our time to ask our government to make a change to its oppressive behavior towards other people,” the new letter said.

Yep. Sounds exactly like something a member of the armed forces would say of her own free will, without coercion or threats. Just ask Rosie O’Donut. “Google it! Peace out!”

And, just to be sure that nobody gets the idea that the Religion of Peace (Our Imperial Arse) only condones torture and abuse of female infidels, they applied the thumbscrews to a male member of the crew as well:

Summers said he was aware that the incident in which he was seized was the second time since 2004 that British military personnel had entered Iranian waters.

“Again I deeply apologize for entering your waters,” he said. “We trespassed without permission.”

“See? There’s the evidence”, the fat lesbian vampire from “The View” shrieked while hanging from the ceiling, munching on four pounds of prime lard.

Meanwhile, apologists for the West’s complete and utter lack of resolve in the face of Iranian piracy continue to claim that actually doing something would be “simply playing into the Iranians’ hand.” An unnamed government official, who spoke to the Imperial News Network on condition of anonymity, said “if we were to destroy the Iranians’ only gasoline-producing refinery, blockade their ports and wipe out their infrastructure, thus sending their economy back to the pre-industrial era, we’d be doing exactly what they want us to do. Just as FDR committed his one fatal mistake by destroying Nazi Germany after they declared war on us. That was exactly what Hitler wanted us to do, as he told his personal advisers right before he ate a bullet. It was the happiest moment of his life.”

In Heaven, Winston Churchill has been reassigned for duty as a ceiling fan in G-d’s office.

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Tony Blair is surely striking fear into the hearts of the Mad Mullahs with this threatening rhetoric:

Iran, which denies any intention of making atomic weapons, has said it may charge the two boatloads of British sailors and marines with illegally entering its waters in the northern Gulf. Britain insists they were operating in Iraqi waters.

“What we are trying to do … is to pursue this through the diplomatic channels and make the Iranian government understand these people have to be released and that there is absolutely no justification whatever for holding them,” Blair said.

And if it works… Well, it will definitely be the first time in the recorded history of mankind that diplomacy without the credible threat of force behind it has worked. Somehow, however, we don’t much think that Tony Blair is about to make history this time either. Something about long odds and the track record of diplomacy as a means of dealing with theofascist dictators.

“They have to release them. If not, then this will move into a different phase,” he told Britain’s GMTV television.

Oh dearie me! Could it be… The dreaded Secret Double Probation Sternly Worded Note of Diplomatic Concern™? Say it isn’t SO, Tony!

Blair’s spokesman said the next step London could take would be to publish proof, in the form of global satellite positioning (GPS) records, that the sailors had not entered Iranian waters.

Alright, Mahmoud, the jig is up. You might as well hand the sailors over right now, or the Fierce Lion of Britannia is going to embarrass you by proving that the sailors weren’t in Iranian waters, and how would you every survive THAT?

Damn, why didn’t anybody think of that back in 1939? All they’d have had to do was to publish proof that the Poles weren’t actually randomly massacring innocent German civilians in the “occupied territories” (which wouldn’t be too hard since they weren’t), and Adolf Hitler would immediately have given up his claims on Poland, dissolved the NSDAP, stopped the rearmament program and retired to the Austrian Alps to practice his yodeling!

Brilliant, we tell you, BRILLIANT!!!

“We so far haven’t made explicit why we know that because we don’t want to escalate this,” he said.

British officials had shown Iran data on the sailors’ exact position when seized, a British government source told Reuters.

Are you sure that was wise? All that escalation! Who will stop this mad, MAD RUSH TO WAR???

“I am utterly confident that our personnel were in Iraqi waters and not just marginally in Iraqi waters,” Blair’s spokesman said.

And His Majesty is utterly confident that the Brits have lost their balls. Not to mention their marbles.

Britain has been assured the sailors are well but has not been given access to them or told where they are being held.

“Of course they are in a completely safe place and they are being treated in a humane and Islamic way,” Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini told state television.

Well that’s alright then. After all, would the Iranian Mullahs lie? As long as they’re alright and have their tea and crumpets, we’ll just pretend that the Iranian act of piracy never happened.

British embassy staff will be allowed to see the sailors only once the preliminary investigation has been completed, an Iranian government spokesman told the IRNA state news agency.

British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett telephoned her Iranian counterpart on Tuesday to demand the sailors’ release and spoke “in very robust terms” to “again demand their safe and speedy return and immediate consular access.”

Now you’ve done it, Ahmadinnerjacket. “Robust terms.” You’re done for, your goose is cooked, you’re toast, you might as well pack it in and call it a day. Because if you don’t… Well, if you don’t they’ll speak in very robust terms INDEED! Not to mention that they haven’t tried “begging”, “whingeing”, “groveling” or “pretty please with sugar on top” yet.

Stick a fork in the West. We’re done.

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LC & IB Dan Riehl takes the disgusting cowards in London and DC to task, and does so exceedingly well.

Ahmadinnerjacket and his ragheaded hordes kidnapped British soldiers three years ago, and to this day the Brits are still crawling around on their knees, begging to have their equipment back, pretty please with sugar on top. Now they’ve done it again, only this time it was 15 Royal Marines, and all the Brits could find in themselves to do was to order the HMS Cornwall to sit by and let the turbaned tits get away with it, followed by begging other EUnuch nations to call the Iranians big blue meanies. Oh, and all we could do for our allies was to help push yet another meaningless Useless Nitwits resolution through.

And before we get too cocky and make too much fun of the British government’s dicklessness, we should keep in mind that the Iranians have been crossing the Iraq/Iran border at will for years, supplying the terrorists in Iraq with weapons that have killed an untold number of our own soldiers. Consequences of that? None. None whatsoever.

Dan is right. There’s a reason that the Pisslamofascists are getting ever more aggressive, getting away with murder on a regular basis. And the reason is our “leadership.”

Why the Hell shouldn’t the Mad Mullahs and their friends be doing what they’re doing? There are NO CONSEQUENCES, unless you call sternly worded letters of condemnation (and not all that sternly worded at that) and the endless, meaningless, pathetic Kabuki theatre at Turtle Bay “consequences.”

And every single bloody time that the twats, cunts and tossers in London and DC let them get away with another act of war, they’re encouraged to go on doing it, escalating as they go along. Not to mention that every single bloody time is a major propaganda victory for them AND their terrorist allies elsewhere.

Somewhere in Hell, Adolf Hitler is cursing the fact that he was born 70 years too soon. Had he been facing the wimps of today, the Wehrmacht would’ve been marching around in Warsaw without having to fire a shot while the Western “powers” were busy writing diplomatic notes of concern.

The “leaders” of the West today make Neville Chamberlain look like George S. Patton.


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LC Panzermann403 sends us this deeply disturbing story from Germany:

A German judge, stating the Koran as the reason, has rejected the request for an urgent divorce, made by a woman from Morocco who stated: “my husband will kill me. We need to get divorced immediately.”

The German female judge stated: “You were raised in the Moroccan culture. Such situations could be considered normal in your culture. According to the sura Nisa in the Koran, man has dominance over woman. So, there is no need for you to get divorced urgently.”

More background here, but only if you speak German (which his Imperial Omniscience, among other things, does of course. Neener).

UPDATE: Or you could click on this link to an English translation (thanks, Kamchatka Bear). How the heck did I miss that?

In lieu of a full translation (we’re entirely too busy for that), the article explains that the young woman in question had received numerous beatings and death threats and sought a divorce to get herself and her two children away from the animal Religion of Pisser. The problem was that Germany has a one-year “cooling down” period before a divorce becomes effective which, given the death threats and continued physical abuse (some in full view of law enforcement, meaning that there was no doubt about the veracity of her claims re: abuse), wasn’t quite good enough, as I’m sure that most sane people will agree.

So she and her attorney sought an exception, claiming, understandably so, that the continued beatings and death threats constituted a hardship.

“Not so”, said the German “justice”, quoting the Koran as justification for her insane ruling.

Hopefully somebody with an ounce of sense will overturn the psychotic judge’s ruling and commit her to a mental institution before we’re treated to yet another story of an “honor killing” committed in the increasingly dhimmified sewer of the Grand EUrinal.

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Thanks to Sir Christopher, who sent us the link as well as an archive photo:

Germany preparing for moon mission

By the looks of it, they’re about ready to launch too:

The German space agency is reportedly preparing for a mission to the moon.

The head of the German Space Programme (DLR), Walter Doellinger, told the Financial Times Deutschland that it would be ready by 2013 to send an unmanned space shuttle to orbit the earth’s only natural satellite.

“Und then, ve vill fulfill our national destiny by annexing zat rock in ze name of ze glorious Vaterland!”

“We want to show that Germany has the know-how,” he said, after the DLR presented its plans for the mission to the German parliament.

Completing a moon mission would catapult the country into the league of nations which can send spacecraft into orbit.

Doellinger said the federal government was mulling the project.

So far, they haven’t come up with a legitimate, historical claim to the Moon, but most analysts agree that it will only be a matter of time.

A high-ranking official in the economy ministry, Helge Engelhard, said Berlin was “not negatively disposed” towards a moon mission.

He added that the mission should have clear scientific or technical goals.

And addition of Lebensraum. Mustn’t forget that.

Germany became the first nation to launch a man-made object into space in the 1940s when it tested the V-2 ballistic missile which it used towards the end of World War II.

Er, yes… Still, that might not have been the most fortunate choice of words, no matter how historically correct it is. Remember: whatever you do, DON’T MENTION ZE WAR!

Sorry, couldn’t help it. This story was positively BEGGING for a spot of silliness.

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Do you think that the Child Abductive Services in this country are a “bit” too eager to snatch kids in order to fill their quotas and secure their funding at times? Well, you’re right, but thank Heavens they’re not YET as criminally insane as the Germans are:

German authorities who sent 15 uniformed police officers to take custody of a 15-year-old girl who committed the crime of being homeschooled now have suggested a solution that, in their minds, would “resolve” the situation: the parents should give up custody of their other five children.

The situation involving Melissa Busekros has been in the headlines ever since the beginning of this month, when the officers arrived at her parents’ home with a court order allowing them to take her into custody, “if necessary by force.”

She had fallen behind in math and Latin, and was being tutored at home. When school officials in Germany, where homeschooling has been illegal since Adolph Hitler decided he wanted to control the educating of all children,

Looks like we didn’t quite finish the de-Nazification after WWII.

…discovered that fact, she was expelled. School officials then took her to court, obtaining a court order requiring she be committed to a psychiatric ward because of her “school phobia.”

How charming is that? School officials discover that you’re filling your child’s head with subversive facts, so they get a court order to have your child taken away from you and committed to the loony bin.

Reminds me of… Hmm… Oh yes, the Soviet Union. They too had a habit of committing citizens who didn’t quite subscribe to the most evil and mass-murdering ideology in the history of mankind to insane asylums. That the Germans, using Nazi legislation, should be using those same methods is hardly a surprise. Both the Soviets and the Nazis were socialists, after all.

She later was moved to a different hospital without her parents’ knowledge, and then put in foster care. She was permitted to make a telephone call to her parents, although she was not allowed to let them know where she was.

Then the court decided while none of those restrictions would be lifted, she would be allowed to meet for one hour a week with her parents, as long as the meeting took place in a government building.

Anybody who still don’t quite get my hatred of any and everything socialist, please raise your hands. Hold your hand there for a second, please. I’m not quite done dialing in my scope.

Now the Home School Legal Defense Association, the nation’s largest homeschool organization with more than 80,000 member families, has confirmed in a news alert to members the German government’s offer to the family.

“Melissa’s father, Hubert Busekros, said he and his lawyer were offered a compromise this week that they could not accept,” the HSLDA said. “The authorities wanted the Busekros’s to give up custody of their other five children in order to resolve this situation. Hubert said the authorities are considering doing psychiatric exams on the other five children in order to implicate Hubert and his wife as unfit parents and thereby break up the family.”

Here in the Empire, we have another term for meddling socialist swine: “Target practice.”

Keep that in mind.

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It wouldn’t be the Rott if we, Eurocentric and worldly that we are, didn’t showcase a bit of EUrinal idiocy every once and again.

Besides, it’s quite helpful to remind everybody just what it is that liberals want to turn the U.S. into (link thanks to LC & IB Dan):

Scotland the Brave has decided to strike a mighty blow against discrimination. Of course, being kilted moron log tossers, the daft Jocks decide to do it this way:

EDINBURGH, Scotland, February 16, 2007 ( - Nurses and other health care professionals should avoid using the terms ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ to refer to family relationships since the terms could be offensive to homosexual couples with children, a new directive published by Scotland’s National Health Service recommends.

Lest one of Heather’s mommies, er, parental units get offended by the word “dad”, of course, and go on a week-long trans fat-loaded chocolate binge as a result. We’re sure the Scottish subjects are mightily pleased with the wise ways in which their betters in government spend their tax quids.

The booklet calls for a “zero-tolerance policy to discriminatory language” among Scotland’s health care system. Included in discriminatory language is the use of terms that assume a traditional family structure of mother, father and children, according to the NHS directive.

Because the fragile personalities of the gay community are in obvious danger of being shattered by ruffians roaming the countryside, saying “dad” or “mom” at innocent passers-by.

“Individual circumstances lead to varied family structures and parenting arrangements. It is important to be aware of this. When talking to children, consider using ‘parents‘, ‘carers’ or ‘guardians’ rather than ‘mother’ or ‘father‘.

Not to mention the “advantages” of the serfs letting go of the antiquated notion that they’re anything but randomly appointed guardians of their children, the children that actually belong to the state, of course.

We suppose that the next step will be for the Scottish slave masters in government to outlaw Mother’s and Father’s Day, and that children who fail to address their parents as “biological parental unit” will be sent off to re-education camp to cure their divisive, anti-social, hateful, homophobic ways.


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Like LC & IB Allahpundit (from whom we shamelessly, er, “organized” the link), we’re not quite sure whether this “scoop” from the eagle-eyed journaljizzmers at the BBC is the 6th or the 787th rerun, but they sure seem quite pleased with themselves:

US contingency plans for air strikes on Iran extend beyond nuclear sites and include most of the country’s military infrastructure, the BBC has learned.

It is understood that any such attack - if ordered - would target Iranian air bases, naval bases, missile facilities and command-and-control centres.

Somebody give those guys a friggin’ Pulitzer!

The U.S. has contingency plans for attacking a hostile country! Who the Hell leaked THAT? No, no, no, no, NOOOOOOO! All is lost! We’re done for! Our innermost sanctum of secrecy has been penetrated by those all-seeing, all-knowing Einsteins of the EUrinal Press!

Would it be too mean to let those bedwetting wankers know of the contingency plans we have for just about every single other nation and locale on the planet? Because if it doesn’t cause at least one sleepless night over there, it frankly isn’t worth it.

Tomorrow on the front page of BBC Online:

“Sources reveal to the BBC that the sun will rise in the east”

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…by coming down hard on the police, of course (link via LC & IB Robert Spencer):

PARIS (AP) — A judge in the Paris suburb of Bobigny has charged two police officers in connection with the 2005 electrocutions of two teens whose deaths sparked three weeks of rioting in France, officials said Thursday.

You remember the two, don’t you? The two teenaged goblins who, trying to evade the police, hid in a power substation and took a ride on Old Sparky to that Big Fig Farm in the Sky.

The two officers were charged Wednesday for ”non-assistance to people in danger,” which carries up to five years in prison and a maximum $97,400 fine, judicial officials said on condition of anonymity in line with policy.

The decision came more than 15 months after Zyed Benna, 17, and Bouna Traore, 15, were killed as they hid from police in a power substation in the Paris suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois.

And now the cops are being charged because they didn’t magically detect that the little morons were playing with electrical wires in the substation and save them from their own stupidity.

The Oct. 27, 2005, electrocutions triggered riots that raged through housing projects in troubled neighborhoods with large Arab and black populations. France’s suburbs remain plagued by poverty, discrimination, tensions between youth and police and a sense of alienation from French society.

Any excuse for running amok in the streets and creating havoc is a good excuse for the increasingly misnomered Religion of “Peace.” And, who knows, mayhap the perceived alienation from fwench society might be diminished if they were to start behaving like, say, evolved lifeforms?

Give us more, O Emperor! »

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