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Archive for the “Good News” Category

And we’ve both got farkin’ writer’s cramp now.

Is there any piece of paper/form/whatnot that isn’t involved in the proper transfer of real estate? We’d really like to know, because both the Empress and our humble self are pretty sure that we’ve signed every piece of paper in creation.

But sign them we did and, as a result, it is with no small amount of pride and satisfaction that we can announce the acquisition of one Palace, Imperial, from which we shall commence to spread terror across the land. Granted, the moat hasn’t been dug yet and we’re having trouble locating a reliable anti-personnel mine vendor but we’ll get to that. Once we get the dang utilities turned on. And all of the appliances purchased (and where the Hell is the gold plating on those? Judging by the prices on that stuff, they ought to be bloody well diamond studded as well, but we digress)… And… And… Oh, and the minor matter of moving all of our weapons of mass destruction and assorted torture implements possessions.

Did we mention how much we hate moving? This is the last time, we tell you, the last time. But it’s worth it. The new premises are, well, Imperial to say the very least (the minipool-sized jacuzzi was a particularly nice touch) and the Heirs are thrilled pink at all of the real estate they can run around on and turn to rubble. The neighborhood is great (or at least it was until we snuck in), slightly to the right of Attila the Hun judging by the looks of it and with a great ISD to go with it.

Now we just need the new domicile properly outfitted. Oh, and the utilities that nobody thought to remind us about. Fun times. About 140 degrees in there now, and that’s with the windows and doors open.

And while we’re on that subject, it has been called to our attention that Jackboot the Great Instigator has been twisting people’s arms to come up with tithes for the Empire. Good man. We like the way he thinks.

And we’re both completely floored by the generosity of all of you who have killed the kids’ college funds to help out. Really. We have no words, neither the Empress nor myself, but we do know that y’all are both better and kinder than we deserve, by quite a few orders of magnitude. Thank you so much, you guys, you’re the BEST.

Now, back to surveying the enormous amounts of accumulated knick-knacks that somehow have to be moved from here to there before His Majesty can ever rest again. How the Hell did we ever get that much stuff?

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Looks like the Dem Cong “Terrorist Activities Protection Act of 2007″ went down to defeat.

I guess they won’t be looking forward to major raises after their next CAIR performance review.

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Oh, we cannot hardly contain our Schadenfreude. Sweet, sweet Schadenfreude. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

LC Clinton (first name, not last) sends us these wonderful news:

BOULDER, Colo. — The University of Colorado’s governing board on Tuesday fired a professor whose essay likening some Sept. 11 victims to a Nazi leader provoked national outrage and led to an investigation of research misconduct.

Ward Churchill, who had vowed to sue if the Board of Regents took action against him, said immediately after the 8-1 vote was announced: “New game, new game.”

Three faculty committees had accused Churchill of plagiarism, falsification and other misconduct. The research allegations stem from some of Churchill’s other writings, although the investigation began after the controversy over his Sept. 11 essay.

But of course he’s going to sue. What has this nation come to if tenured tumblefarts can’t falsify, plagiarize and otherwise conduct themselves in ways unbecoming with impunity? Go right ahead, Chief Shitting Bull. We can’t wait to laugh at you when you get slapped down again.

“The decision was really pretty basic,” said university President Hank Brown, adding that the school had little choice but to fire Churchill to protect the integrity of the university’s research.

“The individual did not express regret, did not apologize, did not indicate a willingness to refrain from this type of falsification in the future,” Brown said.

Considering that the sum total of his qualifications seems to be an uncanny ability to use a Xerox machine and a fake “Indian” certificate that he found in a Cracker Jack box, it would seem strange if he were to agree to abstain from doing so in the future.

His braindead attorney, predictably, completely disregards the facts of the case and states instead:

Churchill’s attorney, David Lane, said that the decision was retribution for Churchill’s Sept. 11 remarks and that he would file suit on Wednesday.

“For the public at large, the message is there will be a payback for free speech,” Lane said. “It sends a message out to the academic community generally that if you stick your neck out and make politically inflammatory comments, you will be dragged through the mud for two years and you will ultimately have your tenure terminated.”

Allow us to repeat, for the benefit of Mr. Lane who has elevated boneheadedness and inability to comprehend to an art form, we quote (with emphasis):

But the essay that thrust Churchill into the national spotlight, titled “Some People Push Back: On the Justice of Roosting Chickens,” was not part of the investigation.

But obviously Reading Comprehension wasn’t part of the curriculum at the Central American diploma mill from which Mr. Lane apparently bought his degree. Unless he can point us to the part of the Constitution that declares falsification and plagiarism “protected free speech.”

Now break out the champagne!

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In the surge that, according to the MSMidiots and their masters, Reid-Pelosi, isn’t working:

Coalition Forces conducted an operation south of Baqubah targeting a weapons dealer linked to the foreign terrorist network in Samarra. When they reached the target location, they called out to the occupants of the building and were immediately engaged with small arms fire that escalated to include heavy machine gun fire.

During the engagement, armed terrorists gathered on the roof of one building and brought several women and children to their fighting positions as human shields.

Oh, that wonderful “Religion of Peace.” You just can’t seem to find any of the “brave” mujs without also finding a bunch of women and children that Allah’s Assholes are hiding behind.

Coalition Forces took extensive precautions to preserve the safety of the women and children. When the terrorists finally released the civilians, Coalition Forces escorted them to a safe area away from the fighting.

And then the real fun began:

Ground forces continued to take heavy fire. Reacting appropriately in self-defense against the enemy force, Coalition Forces called in close air support to eliminate the hostile threat. The air strike is believed to have killed at least six armed men at the target location, but Coalition Forces continued to take enemy fire as they left the area.

That’s another six terrorists that our military has uncreated through superior firepower.

But don’t take our word for it. According to the libtards, shredding the apes for allah to tiny little rotting bits is exactly what they want us to do, so we’re really doing them a favor by killing them.

Good. Let’s be truly kind and kill one heck of a lot more, then.

With any luck, we can kill all of the Dem Cong’s friends before they manage to hand Iraq over to them.

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Our beloved eggheads in the Pentagon, Innovative Ways of Whacking Scum Division, have come up with a new and wondrous way of, well, whacking scum:

The airplane is the size of a jet fighter, powered by a turboprop engine, able to fly at 300 mph and reach 50,000 feet. It’s outfitted with infrared, laser and radar targeting, and with a ton and a half of guided bombs and missiles.

The Reaper is loaded, but there’s no one on board. Its pilot, as it bombs targets in Iraq, will sit at a video console 7,000 miles away in Nevada.

Haji-killing goodness, wrapped in a robotic package and named the “Reaper?”

His Imperial Majesty has to go see a doctor now.

Something we heard along the lines of “if you experience an erection lasting for more than four hours…”

Coming to a filthy, smelly, Haji infested cave near Afghanistan and Iraq real soon.

Damn, this HURTS!

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Flash News via Imperial Sooper-Double-Top-Sekret Sub-Space Communications™:

That some happy, happy, joy, joy, news should be forthcoming from Imperial Headquarters Infrastructure Division.

Hearty Congratulations to His Benevolent Vindictiveness and the Empress are in order from all of us, however, I’ll leave any [or no] details for the Boss to promulgate.

and NO…don’t speculate, you’ll be wrong.

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The 6th Circuit Court has reviewed the ruling by Anna Diggs Taylor from last year, where she found that classified material about our wiretapping programs isn’t really classified if the ACLU wants to snoop into it and share it with their friends overseas.

They found that she was full of shit and threw her decision in the crapper.

The American Caliphate Litigative Unit is, of course, outraged, swearing to take it all the way to the Supremes.

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Since we’ve already made fun of the Cyclopean C*nt, Gordon Brown (who has been ordered to hand in his kilt and claymore to be kept in storage next to the nads he had removed decades ago), we think it’s only fair to mention a couple of fine, Scottish clansmen who definitely still have everything where it counts (thanks to LC Joe D):

BATTLING taxi driver Alex McIlveen faced down the Glasgow Airport terror suspects … and his courage cost him his favourite pair of trainers and a £30 parking fine.

Dad-of-two Alex punched and kicked the two men after they crashed a Jeep Cherokee loaded with gas canisters into the door of Terminal One.

The 45-year-old booted one of the suspects, whose body was covered in flames, as hard as he could between the legs.

[Pause to allow for cheers]

Remember, children: Every time you kick a flaming terrorist in the bollocks, the Baby Jesus smiles.

How hard did Alex kick? This hard:

But the man didn’t appear to feel the blow, and a police doctor told Alex later that he’d damaged a tendon in his foot.

If you’re going to kick somebody in the crown jewels, do it as if you mean it.

After the drama, police confiscated Alex’s trainers for forensic tests.

Probably because the terrorist’s John Thomas, or what remained of it, was still attached.

And when he went back to the airport to pick up his cab, he was stunned to find that he’d been given a parking ticket.

Alex said: “The police took all the clothes I ‘d been wearing so I lost my Nike trainers. They’re a good pair too.

“I didn’t get out of the police station until late on Saturday night and I found the parking ticket on my cab next day. I couldn’t believe it.”

Nor can we. This travesty of justice must not stand. Scrape the terrorist’s trouser maggot off his Nikes and hand ‘em back, tear up the ticket and give the man a fuckin’ medal, already!

Give us more, O Emperor! »

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(Via Hot Air)

A huge shout-out of approval to Arizona’s Democrat governor, Janet Napolitano, for signing this bill into law (and, of course, an equally loud shout-out to the State legislature who actually passed the bill):

The governor of the US state of Arizona, Janet Napolitano, has signed into law legislation designed to deter illegal immigrant workers.

The law requires businesses to verify that all their employees are legally entitled to work in the US, or face the prospect of being closed down.

Under the new legislation, an employer’s first offence would be punished by a temporary licence suspension.

A second offence would be punished by what the governor’s office called the “business death penalty” - the permanent revocation of a licence to do business in Arizona.

Ms Napolitano said she had acted because she believed Congress in Washington was incapable of tackling immigration reform on a nationwide level.

You got that right, governor Napolitano!

This, of course, is why Arbusto and his RINO/Dem Cong alliance were so hell bent on ramming through what will forever be known as “That Piece of Shit Bill of ‘07″, bypassing all normal democratic procedures and basically demanding that Senators vote in favor of a bill that hadn’t even been written yet, much less read by the ones expected to vote on it.

They had to try to push that crap through, democracy be damned, because they knew that We the People have had fucking enough of our laws being used as toilet paper by illegal immigrants, their corporate slave owners, and the Dept of Homeland Insecurity. With local anti-ILLEGAL immigration laws being passed in ever greater numbers, the D.C. weasels and the lobbyists that they’d been taking bribes donations from realized that they were becoming irrelevant, so the only option left to them was to pre-empt the will of the people by turning it into a federal issue.

It didn’t work and, ironically, as a result of their ham-fisted, totalitarian methods, their constant insults and derogatory remarks about the people who voted them into a job in the first place and complete and utter disdain for what was, according to every poll on the issue, a 60-70% majority against their idiotic bill across party lines, they’ve given the local governments even more momentum in passing anti-ILLEGAL immigration laws. We the People, thanks to Arbusto/McGraham/Kennedy et al now know, more than ever before, that if we want anything done, we’re going to have to do it OURSELVES.

And we will.

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Maybe the times really are a-changing.

Washington - Public school districts may not use race as the deciding factor in assigning students to schools.

While the race of a student can be one of many characteristics taken into consideration to achieve diversity in the student body, it may not become the predominant criterion that determines which students are admitted to the most popular schools in a district.

In a major 5-to-4 decision announced Thursday, the US Supreme Court struck down race-based public school enrollment plans in Seattle and Louisville, Ky., that were designed to maintain racially integrated student populations. The majority justices said the plans were unconstitutional because they relied too heavily on race in violation of the mandate that all Americans be treated equally regardless of skin color or ethnicity.

“What do the racial classifications at issue here do, if not accord differential treatment on the basis of race?” asks Chief Justice John Roberts in his majority opinion.

The usual plantation massas in the DemCong and their wholly owned subsidiaries are, of course, outraged.

[Update: outrage, wailing and gnashing of teeth along with an army of straw men: Democrats bash court diversity ruling-Sorry Boss, too good not to cap the post with-JB ]

As to ourself, we find it highly encouraging to note that a majority on the Supreme Court finally realize that racism is racism, regardless of the color of the race being given preferential treatment.

And before you give Jorge too much credit for this, we would remind you that he was the first one to clap his fins together like a circus seal when the University of Michigan ruling endorsing racism as wholly appropriate as long as it’s the right race getting the benefits of it came down three years ago.

We’d also like to remind you that the only reason that we have Samuel Alito on the Supreme Court instead of one of Jorge’s incompetent secretary buddies is that we smacked him upside the head with a Clue-by-Four and forced him to do so. He had to be dragged, kicking and screaming all the way.

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