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Archive for the “President Weeniedick” Category

In news that will make the members of the National Democratic Socialist Party of America go even more schizophrenic than they already are, our friendly neighbors to the South are scaring the shit out of environmental scientists who are working to study and preserve the wildlife along our border.

PHOENIX — Biologist Karen Krebbs used to study bats in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument on the Arizona-Mexico border. Then, she got tired of dodging drug smugglers all night.

“I use night-vision goggles, and you could see them very clearly” — caravans of men with guns and huge backpacks full of drugs, trudging through the desert, Krebbs said. After her 10th or 11th time hiding in bushes and behind rocks, she abandoned her research.

“I’m just not willing to risk my neck anymore,” she said.

What’s a Poverty Pimp™ to do when his or her future voting bloc of Shamnesty™-seeking welfare sponges are threatening to kill Mother Gaia’s™ custodians? (And thereby possibly unleashing the wrath of the Eco-Freaks™. Of course, they’ll most likely blame the Eeeeevil BusHitlerCheneyBurton Cabal™ for forcing the Poor, Oppressed Little Brown People™ into the pristine wilderness areas, by not demolishing the border checkpoints and allowing them to simply drive in, unfettered and unmolested.)

Across the southwestern U.S. border and in northern Mexico, scientists such as Krebbs say their work is increasingly threatened by smugglers as tighter border security pushes trafficking into the most remote areas where botanists, zoologists and geologists do their research.

Yeeeeeeeeeah. The continuing rise in the number of illegal aliens “undocumented workers” around the country sure do show how much “tighter” the border is. How many miles of that vaunted, much-ballyhooed border fence have been installed so far?
Give us more, O Emperor! »

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We fully expect the Tehran Tumblefucks to be begging for terms any day now:

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, joined at a State Department news conference by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, said the steps the Bush administration is taking against the Revolutionary Guard Corps and a number of banks are designed, among other things, to punish Tehran for its support of terrorist organizations in Iraq and the Middle East.


The United States has long labeled Iran as a state supporter of terrorism and has been working for years to gain support for tougher sanctions from the international community aimed at keeping the country from developing nuclear weapons.

The sanctions will cut off more than 20 Iranian entities, including individuals and companies owned or controlled by the Revolutionary Guards, from the American financial system and will likely have ripple effects throughout the international banking community.

We’re reminded of a little-known historical fact that many military historians believe was the real Turnaround Point™ in World War II, as opposed to the piffling minor incidents at Stalingrad, El Alamein et al. We’re referring, of course, to the recently de-classified document revealing that the Roosevelt Administration, in November of 1942, put travel restrictions on all members of the 1. SS “Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler” Panzer Division and froze their overseas bank assets.

What effete, incompetent, half-arsed pricks we have in DC.

LC & IB Bill Quick, from whom we got the news item, asks:

Does anybody but me think that “sanctions” against the Iranian military, but not against the Iranian regime are, well, ridiculous?

We’d have chosen more colorfully appropriate words than “ridiculous” for it, Bill, but, other than that…


UPDATE: Just as we think that it can’t possibly get any worse, that there is no way on this Earth that the President Milquetoast administration and his paleosimian-fellating Secretary of State of Servitude can further prove to us that they aren’t worthy of running a lemonade stand, Bill drops by in comments to show me this:

WASHINGTON, Oct 26 (Reuters) - Anxious not to repeat mistakes of past Middle East peace-making, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has turned to former presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter for tips ahead of her own conference this year.

At this point we have to tell ourselves that this is just al-Roto-Reuter spinning in favor of their two favorite traitors of all time, because if we don’t, then there is absolutely no way that anybody can ever convince us again that Kerry or Gore would have been worse. Or Satan, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh or Josef Stalin, for that matter.

But it’s hard to make a convincing case for it, considering that our Fearless Leader has spared no effort to kiss Islamofascist butt ever since he conveniently forgot about what he said right after 9/11 (something that, to his credit, took him several weeks which is unusual for the slime-covered swampcritters infesting Washington DC), that his Secretary of anti-Semitic States has been so busy sleeping with the paleosimians that it’s a wonder that she hasn’t had several litters with them already (her latest hit being to lean on Israel to get them to hand over Jerusalem to the terrorist Saracen hordes. Why not Tel Aviv as well, Gondolapisser Rice? And throw in Haifa as well or, even better, DC) and that he still, six years into the war, refuses to do something about our wide open borders because it would make his boyfriend Vicente mad.

And those are just a few of his fuckups.

The only legitimate reason for inviting Dhimmi Khadr and Billie Jean Blowjob over would be to serve them both with their charges of treason, then having them dragged outside and shot against the nearest Rose Garden wall, and since they’re both among the living still, we can only conclude that the most lily-livered, spineless administration since Dhimmi Khadr’s own has fucked up…


I’ll be outside getting drunk…

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Hat Tip to LC Mrs. M ITT™ for the linky love.

Not that it should come as a surprise to any of our loyal readers, Iran has always been and continues to be the real puppet-masters of the middle east Ass-Spelunkers-For-Allah™. Finally, FINALLY the Noodlespine-Roveless administration begins to turn up the heat on the Turbaned Tehran Tumblefucks.

U.S. Eyes Terror Tag For Iranian Force

The U.S. government is involved in intense discussions over naming all or part of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist group in a move that would effectively declare “open season” on the organization, a senior official told CNN.

Open Season on terrorists? Where can I get my license and is there a bag limit?

If made, the designation would come in the form of an executive order from President George W. Bush, the State Department official said.

Such a move would allow the Treasury Department to go after the finances of the group and those who do business with it.

Beautiful, a bit of a financial squeeze of Iran could go a long way to reduce the “Have AK, Will Travel” insurgency and arms supply in Iraq and Afghanistan. Definitely a “Good Thing”.

“It would basically declare open season on these guys,” the official said, adding that the move is being taken because of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps’ (IRGC) support for “all the bad actors” — insurgents in Iraq, the Taliban in Afghanistan and other terrorist groups in the Middle East like Hezbollah and Hamas.

Hezbollocks and Hamassholes too? I’m liking this even more. The Palis are only a squeeze or two away from starving anyway.

The move is “three-fourths done but the devil is in the details,” the official said. An internal decision has been made to take some action, but there is still debate on whether to designate the entire IRGC or just the elite Quds Force.

“We need to decide whether to go for the sledgehammer approach of the larger group or the laser method of just going after the Quds Force,” the official said.

C’mon W, just dig down deep, find at least one of those shriveled nads and go for the “10-Pound Sledge” approach.

Asked to comment on the reports that the Guard Corps may be named a terrorist group, National Security Council spokesman Gordon Johndroe would only say:

“It’s not appropriate for us to discuss potential future actions. We continue to urge Iran to play a constructive role in the region, and to stop providing support to terrorist organizations.”

Don’t hold your breath on them playing along with anything, but this move might get their attention, especially if W decides to continue along with the obvious folllow-on plan to the squeeze play.

Although most in the administration wants to go for the whole group, some want to tone it down a bit to soften the anticipated criticism from European allies, the official said.

Foggy-Bottom, pin-striped, pusillanimous pus-bags are sucking their thumbs over losing their best butt buddies in the EUrinal.

For months, U.S. officials have contended that Iranian agents, from the Quds Force, are helping train and equip militants in Iraq and have been supplying armor-piercing explosively formed penetrators to insurgents that have been used against U.S. forces. Iran has denied these assertions.

Tell us something we don’t know, Skippy.

The discussions come amid increased pressure by Congress to take tougher measures against Iran, including a possible divestment campaign. According to the official, the move by the administration could blunt any action in Congress which might tie the administration’s hands.

Maybe, just MAYBE W has another card to play in the WoT.

Let’s hope this is a serious move, that’s pushed hard and fast into real policy.

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WASHINGTON—President Bush spared former White House aide I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby from a 2 1/2-year prison term in the CIA leak case Monday, stepping into a criminal case with heavy political overtones on grounds that the sentence was just too harsh.

Bush’s move came hours after a federal appeals panel ruled Libby could not delay his prison term in the CIA leak case. That meant Libby was likely to have to report to prison soon and put new pressure on the president, who had been sidestepping calls by Libby’s allies to pardon the former chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney.

“I respect the jury’s verdict,” Bush said in a statement. “But I have concluded that the prison sentence given to Mr. Libby is excessive. Therefore, I am commuting the portion of Mr. Libby’s sentence that required him to spend thirty months in prison.”

Bush left intact a $250,000 fine and two years probation for Libby, and Bush said his action still “leaves in place a harsh punishment for Mr. Libby.”

I am, of course, extremely happy for Scooter and his family. At least he won’t have to go to jail for not remembering the correct sequence of conversations from years ago in a case about a non-crime committed by somebody else: Dickhead Armitage, something that was known to the prosecutor at the time.

On the other hand, you simply have to admire the talent for fucking up on the part of the President. Let’s see: He can either ignore Libby and piss off everybody with the slightest notion of actual justice while making the Dem Cong cheer for him until they get right back to hating him, or he can pardon Libby, creating cheers from the base that he’s been busy alienating, insulting and pissing on for 6 long years while ticking off the Dem Cong who hate his guts anyway.

So what does the dimbulb choose? To do something that is neither, pissing off everybody in the process. Say what you like about him, but he surely IS an equal opportunity offender. He never misses a chance to make as many people as possible spit on him. I’m in awe.

The Dem Cong, predictably, are outraged, OUTRAGED about this sudden outbreak of minimal justice:

“As Independence Day nears, we are reminded that one of the principles our forefathers fought for was equal justice under the law. This commutation completely tramples on that principle,” Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., said through a spokesman.

Sandy Pantsbergler couldn’t be reached for comment. Just shut up, upChuck, shut the fuck up and go suck on the tailpipe of a Chevy ‘57, will you? There is no possible way that you could serve your country any better than by doing that.

Oh, and Harry Screed was bloviating something about the Bush Administration “not facing justice for silencing critics.” Because heaven knows, once Dickhead Armitage had mentioned non-covert agent Valerie Plame’s name, we never heard a single word from her or her lying sack of shit husband ever again! Gone. Poof! As if they never existed! Not a single appearance on the cover of magazines, not a second of airtime on the major news networks, no book deals, no public appearances, nothing!


Anyway, anybody dying to praise President “Throw My Friends Under the Bus at the Drop of a Sombrero” Bush may go ahead and do so, but I’ll wait until Scooter isn’t out $250,000 and hasn’t had his career and good name destroyed.

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(Click for full size)

Now go make your own.

UPDATE: Is gloating unseemly?

The heck it is! We’re sure that somehow, some day, they’re going to try to resurrect the zombie, but for now all of y’all calling, writing, faxing and emailing incessantly have earned yourselves a big, fat, obnoxiously loud gloating party.

Give yourselves a huge pat on the back and, from the Empire itself, here’s a huge


Go have a beer on me, all of you!

UPDATE the Second: Want to know just HOW much you all deserve a pat on the back and a couple of gallons of your beverage of choice? Go read LC & IB Bill Quick’s analysis of what all of this means.

Some may say that he’s overstating his case a bit, but I don’t think so.

Keep in mind: El President Weeniedente Jorge Arbusto [C’mon, Sire.  You coined it, y’might as well get some mileage out of it. (grin)  -S.]  had his bully pulpit, the RINO leadership, the slimiest, most determined members of the Dem Cong, all of the MSM as WELL as the usual gaggle of activist behemoth organizations on his side lined up against us to push this piece of shit Bill through. EVERY SINGLE ONE of the force multipliers usually considered vital in politics were on his side and he and his goons didn’t back down an inch throughout.

Against all of that, we lined up ourselves and the new media. Conventional wisdom would suggest that it would be like that Chinese student in Tianmen Square trying to stop a tank with his body.

But not only did we defeat Bush’s Shamnesty, we knocked it dead in its tracks. Not even a watered-down compromise was left of it.

If that’s not a victory, then I don’t know what is. I agree with Bill: We’re at a turning point here.

And we have a watershed victory well worth celebrating.

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As we’re sure you know, the cloture vote was defeated 53-46!

THIS, my friends and LCs, is when the Empire DANCES!

And, we might add, so does the humping robot.

We’ll be putting up the Roll of Shame™ naming the 46 that need to be out of a job at the earliest opportunity later.

For now, however, we’ve got some Happy Dancing™ to do. Nekkid, in the rain…


And now, the Roll of Shame™: Make sure those scumbags defying the will of We The People will be hanging around Home Depots soon, begging for “the jobs that no Americans will do”.

UPDATE: Why not send the RINOs one of these, courtesy of our friend Lastango at the Daily Pundit? Better still, send them a whole pile of them, wrapped around tea bags and cinder blocks.

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We bet you’re wondering what made all of those RINO cocknozzles vote in favor of cloture for a Bill that a majority of the American people (that would be the people without whom the empty Beltway suits wouldn’t have a job, a.k.a. their constituents) don’t want, a Bill that isn’t even written yet (but Dirty Harry Reid assures the Senators that it’ll be fine, once he’s done putting whatever in there that he and McKennedyGraham have agreed upon), a Bill that is a transparent, un-democratic sham with more lies than the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and you’re not the only one.

Robert Bluey went a-hunting for explanations and, lo and behold, he found out that at least three of them had been convinced in that time-honored tradition of politicians everywhere: They’d been bought off like the cheap, syphilitic hookers that they are.

Sen. Bennett (RINO-Utah) was a bit expensive. In return for his vote he got a satellite U.S. Attorney office supposed to deal with criminal activities associated with illegal immigrants (in the notorious border state of Utah, no less) AND a, wait for it, a brand spanking new ICE office tasked with “reducing the flow of illegal immigrants.” In Utah. All of those damned aliens beaming down from the motherships, we bet.

The two Alaskan RINOs, on the other hand, Lisa Murkowski and Ted “Intertubes” Stevens, weren’t quite as demanding when it came to what they wanted left on the night table in return for their votes. All they took was a CIS office. In Fairbanks. That’s Fairbanks, Alaska, in case you’re wondering. Now all we need to figure out is how to ferry all of the illegals from the Southwest to the middle of the fucking tundra.

All of that in return for voting in favor of a Bill that hasn’t been written yet and that nobody has even read, for that very same reason.

That’s it.

I’m not merely NOT donating another cent to the GOP anymore. Tomorrow, I’m sending off a hundred to the DNC. I figure that’s twice the pain. It’s a hundred the self-appointed RINO royalty that don’t give a shit about us stupid peasants voting for them won’t get, plus a hundred to their enemies.

UPDATE: Want more?

That scary requirement that all of the applicants for the “24 hours or approval is guaranteed” Z-visa have to prove that they’ve been in the country for four years? Well, there are ways of dealing with that.

The $4.4 billion supposedly earmarked, cross our hearts, for “enforcement?” It all depends on what the meaning of “is” is or, in this case, “enforcement.” You see, under Arbusto/McKennedyGraham, “enforcement” can also mean “paying for the paper and printing presses that create all of those wonderful new Z-visas.”

Still happy with the RINOs?

Fuck ‘em. Fuck ‘em all to Hell. And, G-d willing, they’ll be going there soon.

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Thanks to Hot Air.

Give us more, O Emperor! »

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The “overwhelming majority” of Americans that whole-heartedly support Arbusto/McCain/Kennedy’s “comprehensive ass-reaming of American taxpayers” is now up to a whopping 3%!!! (Not a typo).

Shove that up your arses and spin on it, Wall Street Journal editorial board.

97% of Americans are unpatriotic, neo-Nazi, racist, xenophobic, Mexican-hating troglodytes? Who knew?

***UPDATE:*** And just in case you’re interested in what our Congressional Overlords really think about We The People, alert reader bledbetter forwards us this link, containing some of their internal email correspondence. You should probably put away all firearms and other potentially dangerous objects before clicking on the link, however. Unless you’re planning on using them on the elitist swine who wrote the emails, in which case all I can say is: “Go ahead, but you’re going to have to wait your turn.”

Oh, and Congressional staffers? If you ever manage to waddle your fat butts outside of the Beltway, please do come visit Texas. We’re renowned for our hospitality, and I’d dearly love to show you just how much we like your kind. Personally. Over a period of several days.

It’s a pity the Brits didn’t finish the job in 1812. Preferably by burning it all down, tearing down every last brick and plowing the swamp with salt.

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…once again, a Border Patrol agent is facing murder charges for doing his job, enforcing the law that no RINOs will enforce.

This time, the Border Patrol made the mistake of shooting down a Mexican criminal getting ready to throw a big rock in his face. Of course, it didn’t help his case any that local authorities made sure that Mexican consulate officials were given ample time to carefully coach the stories of the only witnesses, all of whom were criminals as well, before the Border Patrol could interrogate them.

Elsewhere, in news that happen too regularly to be properly called “news”, another drunken illegal alien murders three innocents that no Americans will murder.

As in almost every single other case like this one, the illegal alien and multiple murderer had numerous previous arrests but, thanks to the “see no evil, hear no evil, let evil back on the street as quickly as possible” policies in effect, he hadn’t been deported.

If our immigration laws already on the books had been enforced, three people would be alive instead of dead today. Yet today we’re supposed to believe that the liars in DC will enforce the laws this time (as long as they get their amnesty first, of course)?

You know, just like they did in 1965 and 1986 WHEN THEY PROMISED THE EXACT SAME THING.

Better give him a Z-visa, Jorge Arbusto!

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