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More bad news from the Reconquista Front. I’ve been following this case pretty closely and as expected, once again a black-robed tyrant runs roughshod over the 10th Amendment.

US judge rules town’s anti-immigrant laws unconstitutional

A US federal judge on Thursday ruled that a small town’s efforts to crack down on illegal immigrants were unconstitutional, in a blow to similar laws adopted across much of the United States.

Judge James Munley ruled that Hazleton, a town of some 30,000 people in rural Pennsylvania, did not have the right to enact a law punishing businesses for employing illegal immigrants or landlords for renting them property.

How dare the City government lift so much as a finger to save itself from an invasion of de-facto felons.

The Illegal Immigration Relief Act was adopted last year, but has been in limbo ever since due to legal challenges posed by civil rights activists.

“Federal law prohibits Hazleton from enforcing any of the provisions of its ordinances,” Munley wrote in his 206-page decision.

206 pages of legalese justifying that which can’t possibly be justified except by judicial fiat. I’m sure his copying machine took at least an hour to reproduce La Raza’s amicus curiea briefing for the subversion and shredding of the constitution.

“Hazleton, in its zeal to control the presence of a group deemed undesirable, violated the rights of such people, as well as others within the community,” he added.

“Even if federal law did not conflict with Hazleton’s measures, the city could not enact an ordinance that violates rights the constitution guarantees to every person in the United States, whether legal resident or not.”

Obviously Judge AssMunchley also took the Gitmo Seminar™ for conferring constitutional rights on illegal aliens. Those zealous, xenophobic gringos can’t be allowed to control criminals and miscreants, doing the jobs that no American will do.

Since 2000, Hazleton’s population has swelled from 23,000 to an estimated 30-33,000, fed largely by an influx of Latino families, many from the New York and New Jersey areas, seeking affordable housing and better paid jobs.

Hazleton’s Republican mayor Louis Barletta reportedly accused illegal immigrants of “destroying the city,” and said he wanted Hazleton to be “one the most difficult places in America for illegal immigrants.”

For the math-deficient libtards out there, this small city has experienced a roughly 33% increase in population, with an explosion in crime and devastating increases in cost of services. Mayor Barletta spoke before a Senate Judiciary Hearing last year very eloquently on the situation in his city: Hazelton Mayor Barletta speaks at Senate Judiciary hearing on immigration reform. A number of other municipalities throughout the country have been watching this case as it proceeded, considering similar laws. Who was behind the push to overturn the city fathers acting rationally to save their community? Of course, the Pennsylvania Ass Crack Lickers Union. The usual suspects, as always.

But Munley said Barletta had overstepped his authority.

“Whatever frustrations officials of the city of Hazleton may feel about the current state of federal immigration enforcement, the nature of the political system in the United States prohibits the city from enacting ordinances that disrupt a carefully drawn federal statutory scheme.”

Ever since Hazleton passed its law last year, dozens of towns across the United States have sought to introduce similar legislation. It was unclear immediately how Thursday’s ruling would affect other laws.

How dare Hazelton begin disrupting the carefully drawn federal scheme to open our borders and wallets to anyone strolling across a non-existent fence. The real question is: Would Judge Manley let that ‘constitutionally protected’ group of felons live in his basement or garage?

The Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform immediately welcomed the ruling as a victory for the rule of law, fairness and equality.

“This ruling sends a clear message that the Hazleton ordinance, and other similar anti-immigrant laws around the country, are unconstitutional and will not be allowed to stand,” the group’s campaign manager Clarissa Martinez said.

Where’s the fairness for the citizen-taxpayers of Hazelton already murdered by the invading hordes? The ruling makes a mockery of the Rule of Law and the Constitution.

Judge James Martin Manley supporting illegals everywhere, I’m sure he’ll have a place of honor in the Reconquista Hall of Fame. Appointed to his dictatorial position by *drum roll* William *where’s da wimmin* Jefferson Clintoon. Surprised? I didn’t think so. The gift, like herpes, that keeps on giving.

That “RESET” button is looking better all the time, isn’t it?

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It seems the cats inside the beltway are scratching away at the litter trying to bury the “Shamesty 2007″ debacle and fallout, from the plebeian masses.

US Businesses Fear Illegal Foreign Worker Crackdown

US businesses are bracing for a possible major crackdown on illegal foreign workers, as the government seeks to give immigration authorities more power to punish companies hiring undocumented workers.

President George W. Bush’s administration has proposed a federal regulation that unions warn could lead to mass firings nationwide by companies seeking to avoid prosecution and fines.

So we’re to believe that Jorge Arbusto after using every trick in the book, including calling his base racists, that suddenly he’s had a change of heart and wants to play hardball? It’s just a proposal and after it’s sufficiently reported, far and wide, I’m sure it will quietly shuffle off the mortal coil into the dumpster.

“It’s going to put businesses all over the nation in a bind,” said Tamar Jacoby, an immigration expert at the conservative Manhattan Institute.

“If the feds (federal authorities) really follow through with this, and I think they’re going to, you’re going to see lots of industries … leave the US,” Jacoby said.

Uh huh. Let’s see, it’s pretty well established that illegals favor a fairly narrow band of labor. Landscaping and general construction labor is one. I don’t think many of us will send our lawns or roofs outside the U.S. Next we have the meat processing industries, Hormel, Tyson, and Pilgrim’s Pride aren’t likely to outsource because they’re rather dependent on locations within reasonable shipping distance of their suppliers.

The rule under consideration in Washington relates directly to the potentially fraudulent use of Social Security numbers, which employees provide at the time of hiring.

Fake Social Security cards are widely available on the black market, allowing many immigrants to work at major US corporations.

Amazing, our technological society just can’t seem to sort that issue out. I know the SSA only employs a few senior citizens that frequently get lost in the tons of paper records, boxes and lunch leftovers. I mean it’s not like they have a computer database of actual, legally issued SSNs right?

Jacoby said the proposed regulation, left pending since June 2006, was boxed up while Congress debated a sweeping immigration reform plan that recently collapsed.

Since the legislation was buried, businesses have braced for the worksite enforcement regulation to be adopted by the Department of Homeland Security, she said.

Ever notice how PR and journalists types just love the word “Brace”. Eastern Slobovialand is “bracing” for Hurricane Blow-Job Billy, businesses are bracing for actual enforcement of laws. It’s just me, but when I hear or see that word used I think of the movie “Airplane” with passengers assuming their crash positions.

The largest chicken processor in the United States, Pilgrim’s Pride, has fired more than 100 employees who cannot produce valid Social Security numbers, according to news reports and advocates for the workers in rural east Texas.

Experts describe the firings as a pre-emptive move ahead of beefed-up enforcement.

In other parlance, we gotta cover our asses and quick.

The company has acknowledged firing workers although it would not say what motivated the layoffs or how many were let go. It has hired replacement workers.

“There undoubtedly will be additional terminations,” said Gary Rhodes, a spokesman for Pilgrim’s, which has 55,000 employees in the United States and Mexico.

No motivation for the layoffs, eh? But you did hire replacements, perchance were they all gringos?

The government routinely alerts companies when suspicious numbers are entered into the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) electronic database, but experts say current law essentially allows employers to ignore the warning letters.

In a 2006 fact sheet, the White House said the proposed regulation would make it “clear that employers who ignore the discrepancies between SSA databases and the information provided by their employees may be viewed under the law as knowing that the employees are illegal workers, making it easier … to prosecute violators.” [Emph Mine]

Don’t you just love it when we already have laws on the books, but other laws allow someone to just ignore the others. Rule of Law, my ass. The proposed regulation, our careful readers will note says “may be viewed under the law”, nice loophole there Bushito.

Companies that knowingly hire illegal workers can face criminal prosecution and be hit with fines of up to 10,000 dollars per worker for repeat violations.

Not that any company would ever be assessed a fine, because as we all know, ICE is in the habit of giving notice to employers prior to their “surprise” inspections.

According to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the proposed rule remains pending. But business leaders believe authorities may announce its final adoption before the summer is out.

ICE spokeswoman Pat Reilly could not give a timetable for when it might be adopted, but she said it was a “well intentioned regulation and one hopes that it will get full consideration.” [Emph Mine]

Proposed rule, remains pending. Cannot provide a timetable when it might be adopted. Cough *BULLSHIT* Cough.

Bill Hammond, head of the Texas Association of Business and part of a national business alliance that pushed for immigration reform in Washington, said the migrant job losses at Pilgrim’s could be the tip of the iceberg.

There are an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States, with as many as a 10th of them in Texas.

“There are a lot of employees in Texas … who are undocumented workers,” Hammond said. “A lot of them could be out of the workforce over the next six to 12 months.”

Well golllee, gee-wizziwockers. That’s a lot folks doing the jobs that no Americans will do. I don’t mind paying an extra quarter a pound for chicken or hamburger meat, if it means that taxes being vacuumed out of my pockets by said ‘undocumented’ workers using government services, are reduced by a couple hundred dollars.

Immigrant advocacy groups, labor unions and a coalition of national business groups have criticized the proposal.

The AFL-CIO, an umbrella group representing 53 unions and nearly nine million workers, warned the government last year that the proposed rule would “trigger mass firings across the nation” and lead to discrimination against legal workers.

Typically, the clue-bereft AFL-CIO fails recognize the difference between legal and illegal. Color me stupid, but don’t most labor unions attempt to increase the wages for their employees. With that in mind, if the illegal workers (obviously working on a lower pay-scale) disappear wouldn’t that allow your legal employees better wages? Or is a reduction in union dues a factor?

“It’s going to put employers in a position pretty quickly of, I think, having to terminate workers,” said John Gay, vice-president for government relations at the National Restaurant Association. “We are concerned about it.”

My heart bleeds for you, it really does. That would mean hiring and actually paying employees fair wages and profits declining, maybe some layoffs of VP gubmint-relations types are in order as well.

I just can’t find a microgram of pity for any of these companies right now. Not a solitary one.

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(Via LC & IB Bill Quick)

WASHINGTON (AP) - The homeland security chief on Sunday scolded the Senate for failing to pass an immigration bill and said it will be difficult for the government to crack down on illegal workers.

“We’re going to continue to enforce the law. It’s going to be tough,” Michael Chertoff said. “We don’t really have the ability to enforce the law with respect to illegal work in this country in a way that’s truly effective.”

Seems to most reasonable people that now would be a good time for you to call for more effective laws dealing with enforcement then, wouldn’t it? I would be, if you’d ever had the slightest intention of enforcing the laws to begin with which, as proven by your refusal to enforce the laws already on the books, you obviously don’t.

Jerkoff Translation: “I refuse to do my job unless you pass a comprehensive amnesty making it unnecessary for me to do my job.”

Good luck in the private sector with that attitude, you chrome domed clusterfuck of a useless bureaucrappic fraud. You’ll have ever so much fun there once your bony arse is unceremoniously kicked out the door on January 21st, 2009.

Coincidentally, LC & IB Rurik lit upon a detail about Jerkoff’s last name that we’re now kicking ourself for not picking up on before. That’s what we get for not paying attention unless something is actually written in Cyrillic to tip us off.

How very, very appropriate. He even looks the part.

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It’s hardly a surprise that quite a few of the “Nay” votes were thrown by pro-amnesty shitheels after it became obvious that the bill would fail. “Hey, why go down with a sinking ship, and we all know that the stupid voters won’t be able to see through a transparent ploy like that, right?”

Senators, you don’t have to do anything more to prove what you think of We The People, so why do you keep trying?

But one of the more egregious examples of fair weather friendliness or, more accurately, scrambling for the lifeboats on the Titanic, was Senator Brownnose. You know, the one who wants to be your President.

He didn’t just sit back and wait to see how the “loudmouthed bigots, racists and Nazis who don’t want to do what’s right for America” would vote, oh no. He votes “Aye” and then, when it became clear that Bush/McKennedy/Graham was going to sink like a lead balloon, decided that he really wanted to vote “Nay.”

Senator Brownbutt, “I voted for it before I voted AGAINST it!”

And he wants to be your President.

Just thought that you’d like to know just how stupid he thinks that you are.

UPDATE: And let’s not forget George “Weepy” Voinobitch who, while he was being slapped around like a redheaded and exceptionally retarded stepchild on Sean Hannity’s talk radio show the other day, uttered the following:

I’ve had people at my back calling because of programs like yours saying, “If you vote for this bill, then it’s the end of your political career.” And I just want you to know, and I want everyone else to know: You. Do. Not. Intimidate. George Voinovich. This is my 40th year in this business.

Today George “Kleenex” Weepybitch, after having carefully waited to cast his vote until it was clear that Zhamnesty ‘07 would fail to achieve cloture, voted a purely CYA “Nay.”

We’d say that George “Spineless” Slivowitz is well beyond his sell-by date. Let’s make sure that he’ll be out of a job as soon as possible, so the poor, crying old codger won’t have to be intimidated any more, because obviously his alligator pie hole is firmly attached to a humming bird arse.

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(Click for full size)

Now go make your own.

UPDATE: Is gloating unseemly?

The heck it is! We’re sure that somehow, some day, they’re going to try to resurrect the zombie, but for now all of y’all calling, writing, faxing and emailing incessantly have earned yourselves a big, fat, obnoxiously loud gloating party.

Give yourselves a huge pat on the back and, from the Empire itself, here’s a huge


Go have a beer on me, all of you!

UPDATE the Second: Want to know just HOW much you all deserve a pat on the back and a couple of gallons of your beverage of choice? Go read LC & IB Bill Quick’s analysis of what all of this means.

Some may say that he’s overstating his case a bit, but I don’t think so.

Keep in mind: El President Weeniedente Jorge Arbusto [C’mon, Sire.  You coined it, y’might as well get some mileage out of it. (grin)  -S.]  had his bully pulpit, the RINO leadership, the slimiest, most determined members of the Dem Cong, all of the MSM as WELL as the usual gaggle of activist behemoth organizations on his side lined up against us to push this piece of shit Bill through. EVERY SINGLE ONE of the force multipliers usually considered vital in politics were on his side and he and his goons didn’t back down an inch throughout.

Against all of that, we lined up ourselves and the new media. Conventional wisdom would suggest that it would be like that Chinese student in Tianmen Square trying to stop a tank with his body.

But not only did we defeat Bush’s Shamnesty, we knocked it dead in its tracks. Not even a watered-down compromise was left of it.

If that’s not a victory, then I don’t know what is. I agree with Bill: We’re at a turning point here.

And we have a watershed victory well worth celebrating.

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As we’re sure you know, the cloture vote was defeated 53-46!

THIS, my friends and LCs, is when the Empire DANCES!

And, we might add, so does the humping robot.

We’ll be putting up the Roll of Shame™ naming the 46 that need to be out of a job at the earliest opportunity later.

For now, however, we’ve got some Happy Dancing™ to do. Nekkid, in the rain…


And now, the Roll of Shame™: Make sure those scumbags defying the will of We The People will be hanging around Home Depots soon, begging for “the jobs that no Americans will do”.

UPDATE: Why not send the RINOs one of these, courtesy of our friend Lastango at the Daily Pundit? Better still, send them a whole pile of them, wrapped around tea bags and cinder blocks.

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We bet you’re wondering what made all of those RINO cocknozzles vote in favor of cloture for a Bill that a majority of the American people (that would be the people without whom the empty Beltway suits wouldn’t have a job, a.k.a. their constituents) don’t want, a Bill that isn’t even written yet (but Dirty Harry Reid assures the Senators that it’ll be fine, once he’s done putting whatever in there that he and McKennedyGraham have agreed upon), a Bill that is a transparent, un-democratic sham with more lies than the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and you’re not the only one.

Robert Bluey went a-hunting for explanations and, lo and behold, he found out that at least three of them had been convinced in that time-honored tradition of politicians everywhere: They’d been bought off like the cheap, syphilitic hookers that they are.

Sen. Bennett (RINO-Utah) was a bit expensive. In return for his vote he got a satellite U.S. Attorney office supposed to deal with criminal activities associated with illegal immigrants (in the notorious border state of Utah, no less) AND a, wait for it, a brand spanking new ICE office tasked with “reducing the flow of illegal immigrants.” In Utah. All of those damned aliens beaming down from the motherships, we bet.

The two Alaskan RINOs, on the other hand, Lisa Murkowski and Ted “Intertubes” Stevens, weren’t quite as demanding when it came to what they wanted left on the night table in return for their votes. All they took was a CIS office. In Fairbanks. That’s Fairbanks, Alaska, in case you’re wondering. Now all we need to figure out is how to ferry all of the illegals from the Southwest to the middle of the fucking tundra.

All of that in return for voting in favor of a Bill that hasn’t been written yet and that nobody has even read, for that very same reason.

That’s it.

I’m not merely NOT donating another cent to the GOP anymore. Tomorrow, I’m sending off a hundred to the DNC. I figure that’s twice the pain. It’s a hundred the self-appointed RINO royalty that don’t give a shit about us stupid peasants voting for them won’t get, plus a hundred to their enemies.

UPDATE: Want more?

That scary requirement that all of the applicants for the “24 hours or approval is guaranteed” Z-visa have to prove that they’ve been in the country for four years? Well, there are ways of dealing with that.

The $4.4 billion supposedly earmarked, cross our hearts, for “enforcement?” It all depends on what the meaning of “is” is or, in this case, “enforcement.” You see, under Arbusto/McKennedyGraham, “enforcement” can also mean “paying for the paper and printing presses that create all of those wonderful new Z-visas.”

Still happy with the RINOs?

Fuck ‘em. Fuck ‘em all to Hell. And, G-d willing, they’ll be going there soon.

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Thanks to Hot Air.

Give us more, O Emperor! »

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And here are the names of the swine voting in favor of a piece of crap Bill that a vast majority of Americans don’t want:

Give the dictatorial, anti-democratic bastards a piece of your mind and…


UPDATE: Expect more like this one. MUCH more:

Give us more, O Emperor! »

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I wrote this for my radio talk-show Tuesday Truth this week and thought it worthwhile to publish here: The illegal immigration issue has taken on a life of it’s own. In spite of massive public opinion against Zhamnesty 2008, that even congress is admitting they are getting swamped with constituency feed back, overwhelmingly AGAINST all proposals and iterations of what they started with.

There can be no fifty-fifty Americanism in this country. There is room here for only 100% Americanism, only for those who are Americans and nothing else.

-Theodore Roosevelt


We’ve been watching the Bush administration and congress the last few months going all out to enact legislation addressing the issue of illegal immigration. The last few years have brought out an increasingly shrill and ‘in your face’ push from various groups purportedly trying to address the issue with lies, distortions and bullying. The president has even alluded that opponents of the legislative efforts are racists and bigots. Endless opinion polls, patently biased, are widely published as representative of the average citizen’s views. Rarely do they coincide with the good commons sense of most people outside the beltway and the special interest groups. Let there be no mistake about it, this bill, regardless of flowery words, fully intends to give amnesty, citizenship, voting rights and full access to government (that would be from your wallet of course) benefits to individuals that are de-facto felons. The existing immigration laws make it a felony for illegally entering the country. The very presence of the illegal alien in the US, make them criminals. Regardless, we see protest marches, civil disobedience and even schools encouraging students to cut classes to attend these events. Do we see protest marches by other criminals proudly proclaiming their crimes? Have we seen burglars and robbers marching in the streets, demanding the ‘right’ to continue committing crimes and pardons for crimes already committed?

What gives?, why does the president and congress seem hell-bent on getting amnesty for what may nearly be 20 million criminals? This is an issue that both political parties have a stake in. The democrats see a large group of new potential voters that fit their agenda of ever-growing social welfare programs and expanding government. The illegal immigrant issue is a gold-mine for pandering with socialists programs and demagogue stances by race being played by DC at every turn and that’s coming from both sides of the Taco Aisle (or should I say Isle?) . They foresee generations of guaranteed votes, unlike former European and Asian immigrants, those of Hispanic ancestry seem determined to resist assimilation. This is the group that ‘demands’ a bilingual society and culture and ‘rights’ of access to every nickel of the federal largess.

Teddy Roosevelt said it bluntly:

Every immigrant who comes here should be required within five years to learn English or leave the country.

Give us more, O Emperor! »

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