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Archive for the “Shooting” Category

Just in case you’d forgotten (I almost had), today is:


More information right here but, as to myself, I’ll be off to Wally World to replenish supplies…

Remember: It’s better to have and not need than to need and not have, so load up those buggies and buy ’till you bleed. Give the GFWs a heart attack!


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Note the following: 7 minutes fifteen seconds from the time of the call starting to the shots fired.

Also, no sirens can be heard.

The police weren’t in a real hurry, were they?

In light of these events, consider the following:

“A man called the police and told them he had 5 men breaking into his tool shed out back. The dispatcher told the guy they didn’t have anyone available to make it out to his property to stop the crime, and that the man should just remain in his home to be safe.

The cops would be there when they could get there. The man was outraged and said “You really need to get out here! They are in the shed RIGHT NOW, and you can catch them.”

The dispatcher again told him they didn’t have anyone available.

The man hung up, waited one minute, then called the police again. He said “I have 5 dead guys in my shed” the dispatcher said “WHAT”? The man nodded

“Yeah, I just went out and shot those burglars I called you about.”

Within seconds, several police cars drove up and the cops went into the shed … they found 5 guys stealing and promptly arrested them. One of the cops said, “I thought you said you shot all these guys.”

The home owner said “I thought YOU said you didn’t have anyone available for my call”

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Well, since the muse has left our Imperator and the waterboarding of his immediate family members has failed to reveal his whereabouts (muses are tough bastitches), Mark6591 had a brilliant idea. So people, here it is, Gun Pr0n!

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The right to keep and bear arms.Protect it.Cherish it. Never let it be taken away from you.


“Witnesses described a scene of mayhem at the school in this leafy lakeside community, saying the shooter prowled the building looking for victims while shouting slogans for “revolution.”


Dunblane, Finland, Colombine, Hoddle Street, Strathfield, Monash University, Port Arthur, Virginia Tech.



The wind blows softly over the lawns….


..and the dead whisper…“If only I had had a gun…”

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Oh yes, it’s time for some more gun pr0n.

Lyudmila finally got some decent German furniture, so no more plastic for her. Also, we figured that it was time to do something about the cheek weld, since nothing says “I care” better than a smooth, pleasant rest while you peek through your scope.

Damn, but that furniture gave us the warm and fuzzies. Nostalgia all over the place.

Oh… Right, the pr0n part (click for full size):

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One of the many wonderful things about being a member of just about every single gun rights association we’ve been able to find, other than the unholy terror it strikes into the hearts of wannabe tyrants and nanny statists, is the regular updates and newsletters. Thus, the TSRA just sent us a summary of what the Texas Legislature has accomplished in the past legislative session as far as gun rights are concerned, and they’ve been busy!

  • The “Castle Doctrine.” Short version: We’re no longer “required to retreat” from anywhere we have a right to be in the first place, we can assume automatically that an intruder on our property constitutes a threat of death and/or great bodily harm and act accordingly and, very importantly, the goblin (if he survives) or his relatives (if he doesn’t) can’t sue us in civil court if his death/injury was found justifiable by a Grand Jury. No more double jeopardy for defending your life and wellbeing.
  • Emergency Powers Act Amendments — SB 112: Got a disaster area on your hands? Thinking about confiscating weapons from law-abiding citizens, depriving them of the means to defend themselves from looters, rapists, murderers etc., just like Raycist “Chocolate City” Nagin did? Not in Texas you won’t, so keep your tyrant hands to yourself. If you want to keep them attached to a living body.
  • Motorists Protection Act — HB 1815: When the Texas legislature clarified the “Traveling Law” in 2005, making sure that peaceful, law-abiding citizens wouldn’t have to worry about going to the clink for having a handgun in their vehicle if they didn’t have a CHL, some DAs in Texas decided that they didn’t have to listen to the law and publicly declared that they’d do whatever they damn well pleased and arrest anybody they damn well felt like arresting, proud “civil servants” that they are. Instead of just doing what you’re supposed to do when criminals publicly declare that they intend to disregard the law, which is finding a length of rope and a nice tree, the Texas Legislature decided to have mercy and make the language of the law even clearer. Absolutely no room left for creative interpretation now. If you’re in a vehicle and you’re a law-abiding citizen not prohibited from owning a gun, you have a right to have one with you. We’re not putting the rope away just yet, however. Consider it “insurance.”
  • CHL Confidentiality — HB 991: If any newspaper in the State of Texas decides to go all Roanoke Times on us and publish the personal data of CHL holders in order to intimidate and place innocent lives in danger to satisfy their own dislike for the right to defend yourself, they can forget about it, right now. None of your damn business, assholes.
  • Possession of Handgun by a CHL Holder on LCRA Property — SB 535: Yes, LCRA, you’re in Texas now and we don’t give a fucking fig about your idiot ways. Those folks are licensed to carry, and that means just what it says. Deal with it, fuckheads.
  • Protect Second Amendment Rights for Foster Parents — SB 322: The Texas Child Abductive Services, in another effort to keep their kidnapping quotas up and keep those sweet, tasty government bounties rolling in, wanted to make it impossible for foster parents to own guns. Impossible as in “no guns, or we’re revoking your foster parent status and kidnapping the children.” No, they weren’t demanding “safe storage”, they were demanding “no guns whatsoever, under any circumstances.” Child “Protective” Services, as long as “protection” isn’t taken to mean — well — protection. The Child Abductive Services were told to go pound sand, that foster parents are citizens with rights as well and that includes those enumerated in the Second Amendment.

And, when they weren’t busy passing good laws, they were also busy knocking down bad ones (submitted by one of the most daft cunts to ever enter politics, Yvonne Davis of Dallas:

  • No more gun shows. Ha, Yvonne, where the fuck do you think you are? The Peepul’s Socialist Republik of Kalifornikate? Yippee-ki-yay, fothermucker, now go do something productive, such as popping a full bottle of sleeping pills, drinking a quart of drain cleaner and sticking your head in a gas oven.
  • One gun a month, DPS gun registration, waiting periods and an end to all private transfers. This came later, because Yvonne needed help with translating the original German text from 1938. After being submitted, it was immediately and ceremonially folded up until it was all corners and deposited in her anti-American, statist arse by the Texas Legislature. She still walks funny.

Damn. Don’t y’all wish you lived in Texas?


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OK, people, it’s time to end the war and pull out, for one simple reason:

As long as it keeps up, .308 NATO will remain ridiculously expensive because the war is sucking up all the sweet, cheap mil-surp reserves that we used to enjoy, AND I JUST WON’T STAND FOR IT!

I mean, people, I have a very nice rifle that craves the sweet, mil-spec 7.62×51 NATO ammunition, and I just can’t stand starving her anymore. Find some other damn caliber to waste shiiteheads with or let them kill each other off, because 30-year-old ammo at >50 cents a pop (if you can find it at all, and trust me, I’ve looked high and low) is just downright ridiculous.

And to the hoarders out there making a profit off of the shortage by selling your cheaply acquired existing stores off with a ridiculous markup, be careful that we don’t give your overpriced ammo right back to you.

At 2,800 fps.


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The dearth of free ice cream continues, we’re afraid, but here’s an update on some of the things not work related keeping His Vindictiveness busy.

As you may know, LC, Management™ & IB Lord Spatula (or “Spats”, as he’s known affectionately around the Empire), got hisself well and truly hitched this past weekend, Friday to be exact, and it was His Imperial Majesty’s great honor to be there to witness the joyous occasion since we were invited, for which we’re very grateful. Sharing such moments with your friends is always a great honor.

We shan’t go into great detail about the event itself (or the great surprise that had been arranged for him and his lovely bride at the reception later that day), since he’s promised to do so himself once he gets done being busy with — other things, we suppose. It might take a while.

On Saturday, we (the Lord Spatula, his new daughter, LC & IB Beth and her two quite grown heirs and, of course, yours truly, our Empress and the Heirs) went to exercise our 2nd Amendment Rights at the local gun range, firing copious amounts of ammo from a variety of weapons that would make Sarah Brady wet her Depends in speechless horror. Good times.

Apart from borrowing the Lady Kimber for a few thousand rounds (we suspect, based on the happy hum she was emitting when she was handed back to us), one of LC & IB Beth’s twins expressed an interest in Lyudmila, proving his excellent taste in firearms. So we loaded up a magazine of yummy 7.62×51 NATO and handed her to him, showing him the naughty bits and casually adding “but you’ve fired a rifle before, I’m sure, so you know where it’s at.” Turned out that the fine young lad hadn’t.

After a moment’s pause reflecting on the pure Evil™ in letting his first rifle be an angry mule (a couple of Aussie tourists standing behind us earlier when we’d sent a few rounds downrange immediately went “Blimey!” and “what is that thing? A Bazooka?”) and another moment to wipe the wicked grin off of our face (we are evil, after all), the better half of our personality took over and we gave some more detailed instructions about what to expect, with added emphasis on “whatever else you do, pull that bugger into your shoulder hard before pulling the trigger.” We also let him know that the scope wasn’t zeroed in, or indeed meant for short distances, so it would go a couple of inches lower than the reticle.

Undeterred, he took his first shot, corrected his aim point and sent the next round right into the middle of the “X”. His Majesty was quite impressed. Even more impressed when the next 6 or so joined their comrade in a nice, tight group. Not bad for a first time military battle rifle shooter, not bad at all, particularly considering that the Lady Lyudmila, being anything but a poodle shooter, kicked the snot out of his body with every shot. She’s not gentle, let me tell you that.

So he put the rifle down, we chatted a bit and I commended him on his technique (some people just “get” it, and he sure did) and then he rubbed his undoubtedly sore shoulder a bit and said “can I shoot it some more?”

“Why, of course!“, I replied after just enough time to pick my jaw up off the ground. This young lad was tough. “But why don’t we run the target all the way out to the 25 yard mark this time just to demonstrate the effect of a scope?” So I did, and he sat down and proceeded to nail the center of the target again like he’d been doing it all his life, all the way until it went “click.” 20 solid, merciless kicks to the shoulder and not as much as a whimper, nor a single miss or flinch. The young man is a natural, let me tell you. Of course, I already knew that, having seen him pulverize targets with the Kimber before, but man… I’ve seen grown, bulky recruits moan and gripe like babies after half of their first magazine, flinching like crazy and sending rounds everywhere except for in the target, but this young man went through a full 20 without as much as an “ouch.” And I know it must have hurt him, but that’s focus and discipline for you. If he joins the Armed Forces later on in life, he’s going to have a good laugh when firing the .223 poodle round, wondering if it fired at all. Anyway, Beth: Get that young man a rifle. With some intensive training on the finer aspects of riflemanship, he’s going to be downright scary!

But wait, it gets better!:

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As you ought to know by now (at least if you read the comments, in which Sir George mentioned the excellent news), the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit told the gun grabbers to go stuff it by upholding the lower court’s ruling that the 2nd Amendment enumerates an individual right just like, you know, every single other right in the Bill of Rights, and that the D.C. gun ban, therefore, is un-Constitutional and must fall.

Gee, it’s almost as if the Founding Fathers spent a great deal of time putting that document together and actually knew what they were doing. Imagine that!

This, of course, means that the last chance of survival for the blatantly un-Constitutional D.C. gun ban lies with the Supreme Court, so expect a firestorm of fact-free, emotional, hysterical bloviating, screeching and banging of sippy cups from the gun-grabbing leftards and their wholly owned subsidiary, the MSM.

We’d say a whole lot more on the subject but, for now, we’re too busy celebrating, so we’ll just let Fred! do the honors, and do them magnificently well too.

Run, Fred, RUN!

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LC & IB Alphecca reports on Tennessee moving to allow CCW holders to carry in public parks. The measure was introduced prior to Gun Control claiming 32 victims in Virginia, but the atrocity certainly seems to have encouraged lawmakers to speed up the Bill’s progress.

One bit that stood out (but do read the whole thing) was this little tidbit:

Incidentally, it’s interesting that while the Tennessee police union seems to support the measure (that would be actual rank-and-file cops on the street), the state Association of Police Chiefs (desk jockeys) does not.

To a lot of us, this comes as no surprise at all, but it bears repeating nonetheless, because of the News-midiots’ preference for the aforementioned desk jockeys when it comes to interviews.

Remember, when you read another one of those “Police Objects to Relaxation of Gun Control Laws” articles that the MSM love to run every time another psycho murders some defenseless victim, that it’s not, as a rule, the rank and file, friendly, underpaid, neighborhood-patrolling cop worrying about law-abiding citizens defending themselves, it’s the pencil-pushing suits that do.

I’m sure there are exceptions out there, but no actual cop I’ve ever known had a problem with Mr and Mrs Law-Abiding Citizen defending themselves. Not only because it helps them keep society free of vermin, but also because no real cop, the kind who actually works for his or her money, likes entering a crime scene full of brutally murdered, maimed and raped innocents after the goblin got away.

They much prefer it the other way around.

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