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Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler » Archive for Race Baiting Assholes
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Archive for the “Race Baiting Assholes” Category

Considering this lying weasel and King of Race Baiting has gotten way too many passes in previous criminal activities, maybe this time he’ll get nailed.

Sharpton Denounces Reports Of Probe

The Rev. Al Sharpton on Thursday angrily denounced reports of an investigation into his 2004 presidential bid and suggested that federal authorities were retaliating against him for his civil rights advocacy.

Al, somehow I think playing the race card immediately isn’t going to work this time. By the way, does anyone know where his church is, what denomination and where he earned the title of Reverend? The other question I have is why this asshole is even given a microgram of credibility by anyone, considering his history, is beyond me. With the exception of the Cape Cod Orca and Oldsmobile Sub Driver, I can’t think of someone that’s managed to dodge outright illegal activities more than this Shyster. I hear y’all yammering out there, the frothing liberal Dead Stream Media™ simply loves him, but at some point he has to run out of “I’m credible because I’m black and angry”.

“I have probably been under every investigation known to man and I can’t remember a time that I’ve not been under investigation,” Sharpton said at the Harlem headquarters of his civil rights organization.

And with lots of justification, it’s just that you’ve managed to keep up the One-Trick-Pony act long enough to keep dodging the bullets. It doesn’t take rocket science to see through your game, along with your fellow traveler Je$$e “I have a $cheme” Jack$on. Find something, anything, where you can ride in to town, play the race-card, threaten to ignite racial unrest, get paid-off to bugger-off and ride out with da’ loot. Seems like the Feds finally found your soft yellow underbelly. Exactly who, what and where the proceeds from selling out your race, end up.

He continued: “The issues raised are issues that we’ve learned over and over again, particularly when we are approaching an election season.”

Translation: I’ve learned to duck, dodge, and broken-field run through any and all criminal responsibility until now.

Newspapers reported Thursday that federal authorities subpoenaed financial records and employees in an apparent probe of his presidential bid, nonprofit civil rights group and for-profit businesses.

Now you done it. Only the Nazi’s at the IRS can play dirtier pool than you can Al Baby. Maybe you can write a book about how an Infernal Revenue Service Proctoscopy feels. We can only hope they use the XXX-Large diameter probe on you.

Sharpton said he thought the timing of the investigation was suspicious, coming just weeks after he led a march on the Justice Department to demand federal intervention in the Jena Six case in Louisiana and better enforcement of hate crimes.

Nice try, but your timing is off, those subpoenas have already been served and I wouldn’t expect your toadies are going to turn down immunity offers when the heat is on. You may want to consider dropping the outrage and discontinue flapping your lying lips at this point. I have to have sympathy for your counsel, he’s got his work cut out for him, because we all know that getting you to shut-up for a nanosecond is near impossible, especially if you see a chance to cash in.

As many as 10 Sharpton associates were subpoenaed Wednesday to testify before a federal grand jury in Brooklyn on Dec. 26, his lawyer told the Daily News.

They were told to provide investigators with financial records from the campaign and roughly six Sharpton-related businesses, as well as personal financial documents of Sharpton and his wife, the newspaper said.

Is that flapping noise I hear, some chickens coming home to roost? Looks to me like the Feds are moving quick with a grand jury being convened only a few weeks off.

Memo To Al: Don’t make any spring-break vacation plans for 2008.

The FBI and Internal Revenue Service are seeking the records, which go back to 2001, according to the Daily News.

2001 ?? My, my, my the IRS is using the 1,000,000 gauge proctoscope. Look at the bright side of it Al, you won’t need to worry about constipation for a long time when they get done.

An FBI agent who answered the phone at the agency’s New York headquarters declined to comment, and an agency spokesman did not immediately return a telephone message. An IRS spokesman did not immediately return phone calls.

Jeez, when is J-School ever going to teach their graduates that authorities will NEVER release information about criminal investigations in progress. I know you’re paid by the column-inch, but the statement neither adds nor detracts from the actual article.

The charges against the six black students accused of attacking a white student in Jena, La., led to the September demonstration by Sharpton and other activists who alleged local authorities were prosecuting blacks more harshly than whites.

And that didn’t quite turn out very well for your side either, did it Al?

This could get real entertaining before it’s over.

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We mean, how else are we to interpret a hed like “Minorities Hit Hardest By U.S. Housing Crisis” for a story about a black guy who made a boneheaded decision? They must be suggesting that minorities are more boneheaded than other people, then. Oh well, one more reason to detest al-Roto-Reuters.

Listen, Mr. Horribly Discriminated Against Minority, it’s quite fucking simple. So simple, in fact, that His Majesty managed to grasp the concept in his first year of Economics, but let’s make it even more simple by dividing every mortgage in the world into Fixed Rate (FRM) or Adjustable Rate (ARM) ones only: Fixed rate means that, no matter what the interest rate does over the next 30 years, you’ll pay the same every month. Clearly, this makes it a really, really fucking dumb idea to get one of those if interest rates are at an all-time high, because ten years from now, when everybody else is getting nice, low-interest loans, you’re still stuck paying an arm and a leg. (We’ll cover refinancing and other issues in an Advanced Class. Suffice it to say that setting yourself up with a loan that you ought to know that you need to refi soon is about as dumb as anything I’ve ever heard of).

Conversely, which applies to your case of mental retardation, Adjustable Rate means that you’ll pay whatever the interest rate will be at any given point in the future. If it goes up, you pay more, if it goes down, you pay less. Simple, huh? Alright, then. This obviously means that it’ll be fucking daft to get one of those if interest rates are really bloody low, since you’ll likely be paying an arm and a leg while all of those who got FRMs are still paying peanuts (compared to you).

Now look at current interest rates, dumbass. Do they look like they’re going to drop substantially in the future? Not unless the Fed digs out the shovels and starts paying people to lend money from them, they bloody well won’t.

So why the FUCK did you sign an ARM when you already acknowledge that you were looking for an FRM? “Because you felt pressured into it by your broker?” What? He was holding a fucking .50 cal S&W to your head? Giving you the Evil Eye? Threatening to rape your family unless you signed?

Dumbfucked dumbass doodlebrain.

UPDATE: Our alert readers (more alert than we are, obviously) point out another interesting detail from the article: The dumbass in question is an executive assistant at… *drumroll* a BANK. That’s right. An executive assistant at a BANK who doesn’t understand what an ARM is.

Holy jumping Jehosaphat on a hydrogen-powered pogo stick, Batman! We too want to know which bank pity-fucked him with a job so that we can run, not walk away from it if, Heaven forbid, it turns out we have money in it.

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Rare robbery case brings cries of racism. The associated piss sure can write a headline can’t they.

Three young black men break into a white man’s home in rural Northern California. The homeowner shoots two of them to death

So far so good. Two out a three ain’t bad, but next time remember, sight alignment, sight picture and trigger control and you’ll be sure to get that third goblin too.

— but it’s the surviving black man who is charged with murder.

As opposed to the racist homeowner who is the obvious criminal here, right?

In a case that has brought cries of racism from civil rights groups, Renato Hughes Jr., 22, was charged by prosecutors in this overwhelmingly white county under a rarely invoked legal doctrine that could make him responsible for the bloodshed.

Well there’s part of the problem ya simperin’ idjut. If the law was invoked a little more often there might be fewer goblins running loose causing the bloodshed. I am however surprised that they haven’t blamed the gun yet. Must be something even juicer to go after.

“It was pandemonium” inside the house that night, District Attorney Jon Hopkins said. Hughes was responsible for “setting the whole thing in motion by his actions and the actions of his accomplices.”

Common sense from the District Attorney. Can’t let that stand unchallenged can we.

Prosecutors said homeowner Shannon Edmonds opened fire Dec. 7 after three young men rampaged through the Clearlake house demanding marijuana and brutally beat his stepson. Rashad Williams, 21, and Christian Foster, 22, were shot in the back. Hughes fled.

Hughes was charged with first-degree murder under California’s Provocative Act doctrine, versions of which have been on the books in many states for generations but are rarely used.

The Provocative Act doctrine does not require prosecutors to prove the accused intended to kill. Instead, “they have to show that it was reasonably foreseeable that the criminal enterprise could trigger a fatal response from the homeowner,” said Brian Getz, a San Francisco defense attorney unconnected to the case.

Still more common sense. Even a semi-retarded thug ought to know that people generally don’t cotton to having there homes invade and their family members “brutally beaten”. A “fatal response from the homeowner” is not only expected it should be damn well required. And here come the race baiters in three, two, one…

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Today’s required reading comes from the desk of Fjordman, one of the few remaining Keepers of the Gate™ caught in the downward spiraling vortex of The Swirling EUrinal™.

Go read it. That is all.


(Note: A big ol’ tip o’ the hat goes out to Hillbilly White Trash for the heads-up on Fjordman’s most excellent ClueClubbing™.)

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One of the senior heads of the Race-baitin’ & Poverty Pimpin’ Hydra™, Al “Tawana Brawley” Sharptongue, pulls a page out of fellow senior head, Je$$e “Hymietown” Jack$on’$, playbook and disrespects presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s freely-chosen religion and the millions of other Mormons living peacefully among us. (As opposed to the Un-Rev’rund Asshole™ daring to speak out against the Muslim hordes seeking to annihilate the billions of humans who don’t believe in their MoHamHeadian MoonGod™.)

“As for the one Mormon running for office, those who really believe in God will defeat him anyways, so don’t worry about that; that’s a temporary situation,” Sharpton said Monday during a debate with Hitchens at the New York Public Library’s Beaux-Arts headquarters. (Emphasis mine—B.)

Of course, once he realized that his sheep costume had slipped down and exposed his furry ass & fangs, he immediately started backpedaling like a retarded, crack-addled chimp in a high-wire unicycle act.

“What I said was that we would defeat him, meaning as a Republican,” Sharpton said. “A Mormon, by definition, believes in God. They don’t believe in God the way I do, but by definition, they believe in God.”

Uh-huh. Pull the other one, Al.

If you re-read that “clarifying statementcarefully, and take it in conjunction with his earlier idiocy, you’ll realize that the Hydrocephalic Huckster™ disrespected even MORE people’s belief systems by saying “If you’re a Republican, you don’t REALLY believe in God.”

As they say, you festering pile of vulture vomit, when you’ve dug your ass so deep into a hole that you can’t climb out, QUIT DIGGING. (Or in your case, KEEP DIGGING. It just shows your true colors.)


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In case anybody has forgotten Al Sharkton’s long and well-documented history of racism, anti-Semitism and incitement to murder and arson, not to mention slander and defamation of character, here’s a splendid recap.

One count of defamation of character (which Al Sharpton has never apologized for, much less recanted, in spite of having lost the case and having had to pay $345,000 in damages), one count of murder, four counts of attempted murder and one count of arson. All because of that dumbass fuckhead’s big, filthy, racist yap.

Or, as Geraldo Rivera likes to refer to him: “A great man. Maybe the greatest civil rights leader of all time.

Then again, Whorealdo Rivera has never been known for an abundance of activity between the ears.

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Once again, Victimhood Inc.™ reacts to someone stripping away the layers of bullshit PC-ism and exposing the ugly truth in typical fashion.

The article comes out of the starting gate, stumbles and falls flat on its face in by-line.

An e-mail implying that illegal immigrants drain tax dollars circulated its way through the Florida Legislature,…

First off, it didn’t “imply” anything. It stated an obvious, well-established fact.

…and discussion quickly turned to the national debate on anti-immigration policy.

That’s “anti-ILLEGAL immigration”, you festering boils on the nutsac of humanity. “Reading comprehension” never has been one of your strong suits, has it?

What part of the following “offensive” e-mail blurb is too difficult for you to understand?

The e-mail, forwarded by Rep. Donald Brown from his state-issued account, had a clip-art cartoon and read: “Reminder: April 15th. Don’t forget to pay your taxes . . . 12 million illegal aliens are depending on you!

Pretty straight up and accurate.
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LC Radical Redneck sent us the link to this article. We’ll be waiting, with bated breath, of course, for Poverty Pimps, Inc.™ to assemble their protesters to demand justice for the victim and offer her a full scholarship to the university of her choice.
(Note: All emphasis ours.—B.)

The Durham Police Department is continuing to investigate allegations that a female Duke student was sexually assaulted at an off-campus party early Sunday.

According to police reports released Monday, the 18-year-old woman reported forcible rape that took place at 3 a.m. at 405 Gattis St., where a party was hosted by some members of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.

The alleged victim “is doing as well as can be expected,” Dean of Students Sue Wasiolek said.

University officials said Monday that they had met with members of the fraternity after the report was filed by the alleged victim, who Wasiolek confirmed is white.

Je$$e? Al? *Crickets playing “Hide The Mambo Snake” with their tax-exempt shakedown money-silenced mistresses*

Where are the calls for Phi Beta Sigma to be shut down?

Some of the students living at the house in which the party took place are in the process of relocating either temporarily or permanently, Wasiolek wrote in an e-mail.

“The University has been assisting the students to identify their housing options,” she said.

As opposed to having a large, Leftist bloc of the faculty write a manifesto condemning every member of the fraternity?

Police officers have spoken with the alleged victim, DPD Chief Steve Chalmers told The Herald-Sun.

“Once they did the preliminary interview, she was taken to the hospital to be examined,” Chalmers said. “We’re going to be following up with her and seeing if she can identify suspects in the case.”


“Why”, you’re probably asking yourself, “has this story not been splashed all over the airwaves & front pages of the *spit* Lamestream Midiots™ *spit*?” That’s a very good question and you should buy yourself a beer (or whatever poison you prefer) for being so prescient in your inquisitorialness.

The alleged victim told police she was raped in the bathroom by a black man in his late teens or early 20s, 6-foot-1 and wearing a black do-rag, gray sweatshirt and jeans, according to a DPD statement released Sunday.

*Crickets from $hakedown & $harptongue, LLC (Loud-mouthed Liblers Corporation), Inc.*

Wasiolek said the alleged attacker has not been identified, adding that there has been speculation that he does not attend Duke.

“The rumor is that it’s a student at another school,” she said.

How convenient for the Duke admins & faculty that this “speculation” just “happened” to pop up so quickly, eh?

Marijuana, cocaine and Oxycontin were found in the house, according to the DPD police report. Neighbors told The Chronicle Sunday that police officers also found a gun in the house, but police have not reported that a gun was present.

Again we ask: Where are the calls for Phi Beta Sigma to be shut down? Where are the scholarship offers to “the alleged victim”?


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PMSNBC cancels Imus for being an offensive, insulting jerk. (Which, last we checked, pretty much sums up his job description. But we guess that he offended the wrong people this time).

Meanwhile, Rosie O’Donut who has repeatedly accused the government and thousands of Americans involved in the “plot” of willfully, with malice aforethought committing mass murder on 9/11, continues to appear on ABC’s The View.

Priorities, people. Priorities.

(And, not entirely unrelated, the Imperial Minister of Truth, Bill Whittle, has put up a new essay dealing with the psychoses of Rosie and conspiracy theorist nutjobs in general. So pull up your best chair and a drink and click on this link).

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(Link thanks to LC & IB Big Dick)

This just in, from the Great White North (OK, so it’s a week old, but we sure as Hades hadn’t heard of it before):

It’s not often that an item intended to induce relaxation causes this much stress. But when Doris Moore’s seven-year-old daughter discovered an inappropriate label on a couch she just bought, kicking back and relaxing on the piece of furniture was the farthest thing from her mind.

The little girl approached her mom after discovering a label on the dark brown couch that listed the colour as “nigger brown”.

Moore was understandably shocked.

“For me to buy couches and then the colour coming under that, nigger brown, I was floored,” she said.

Heaven help you if you should ever run into something actually, you know, shocking, then. We’re frightfully sorry to hear that you were “floored”, though. Seems like such an awful waste when you’d just bought a new couch to fall on and all.

The couch was purchased as a store called Vaniak Furniture, but the manager, Romesh Kumar, claims he knew nothing about the label, saying it’s a problem with the supplier.

Considering how labels are, traditionally, attached to goods by the suppliers of same, we’ll graciously agree to taking Mr. Kumar’s word for it in this case.

For Moore, and her family, who are from Ghana it’s difficult to fathom how such an offensive word could find its way on to a piece of furniture.

We’re not terribly familiar with Ghana (other than their eternal shame for having produced Kofi Anus, which in itself ought to suffice for a declaration of war and a few tactical nuclear strikes), but we have to admit to being a bit skeptical here. An offensive word on a piece of furniture is worse than anything that might happen in Ghana?

“With slavery and what happened to us and the words they called us, it hits home,” she said.

Mrs Moore ought to contact the Guiness Book of World Records, seeing as how she has to be the only living soul to have personally had slavery (at least in the American sense, which is, after all, where the word “nigger” comes from) “happen to her.”

Moore is filing a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission and she wants the word taken off the furniture.

Got scissors? A pocket knife ought to do the trick rather nicely as well.

And she filed a complaint with the “Ontario Human Rights Commission” over a bloody label on a couch???

Heaven help us.

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