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Archive for the “Ecofreaks” Category

More honest scientists are coming forward pointing out the asinine ‘alternatives’ espoused by the Global Wormening crowd, in meeting our energy needs while reducing greenhouse gases. The entire issue and the proposed ’solutions’, primarily massive reductions in the use of carbon based fuels, is a classic placing of the cart before the horse. The Gorebots want, no DEMAND !! world action and legislation, yet viable substitute energy sources are limited. Of course the left has their favorite ‘green’ substitutes, none of which could meet even a fraction of an industrial economy.

Renewable energy could ‘rape’ nature

Ramping up the use of renewable energy would lead to the “rape of nature”, meaning nuclear power should be developed instead. So argues noted conservation biologist and climate change researcher Jesse Ausubel in an opinion piece based on his and others’ research.

Ausubel (who New Scientist interviewed in 2006) says the key renewable energy sources, including sun, wind, and biomass, would all require vast amounts of land if developed up to large scale production – unlike nuclear power. That land would be far better left alone, he says.

And we aren’t talking vast acreage for solar or wind power farms, we’re talking vast square mileage.

Renewables are “boutique fuels” says Ausubel, of Rockefeller University in New York, US. “They look attractive when they are quite small. But if we start producing renewable energy on a large scale, the fallout is going to be horrible.”

Instead, Ausubel argues for renewed development of nuclear. “If we want to minimize the rape of nature, the best energy solution is increased efficiency, natural gas with carbon capture, and nuclear power.”
‘Massive infrastructure’

After spending a considerable portion of my adult life in the Nuclear Energy business, it’s amazing to hear the environmental types even mention the evil “N” word.

Ausubel draws his conclusions by analyzing the amount of energy renewables, natural gas, and nuclear can produce in terms of power per square metre of land used. Moreover, he claims that as renewable energy use increases, this measure of efficiency will decrease as the best land for wind, biomass, and solar power gets used up.

Moreover, once the warmeners start seeing the bulldozers leveling their backyards for miles off into the horizon, the screaming will start. Remember the flap over the Cape Cod off-shore wind farm?

Using biofuels to obtain the same amount of energy as a 1000 megawatt nuclear power plant would require 2500 square kilometres of prime Midwestern farm land, Ausubel says. “We should be sparing land for nature, not using it as pasture for cars and trucks,” he adds.

He’s actually being conservative there. Most nuclear facilities are multi-unit plants typically having two reactor plants on site. The last generation of reactor, nuclear steam supply system and generators produce about 1400-1500 megawatts of electricity. Two of these plants at the same site producing nearly 3000 megawatts would fit nicely onto about 50 acres, much of which would be the open areas required for security between the fences and the actual buildings. So using Mr. Ausubel’s thumbrule in a real world example, your average nuclear generating station produces energy that would take 7500 square kilometers. (call it 2900 square miles). The State of Rhode Island has about 1000 square miles in total land area, and Delaware 1955 square miles of land area, to get a good reference on those numbers. I like his thinking and give him a pass on relinquishing highways for cavorting wabbits.

So put simply, it would take a biofuel energy farm the size of both Rhode Island and Delaware to produce 1000 megawatts of juice.

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(Via LC & IB Dan Riehl):

On a narrow, leafy street in Northwest Washington, where Prius hybrid cars and Volvos are the norm, one man bought a flashy gray Hummer that was too massive to fit in his garage.

So he parked the seven-foot-tall behemoth on the street in front of his house and smiled politely when his eco-friendly neighbors looked on in disapproval at his “dream car.”

It lasted five days on the street before two masked men took a bat to every window, a knife to each 38-inch tire and scratched into the body: “FOR THE ENVIRON.”

Welcome to D.C., buddy. Of course, if you’d caught the terrorists in the act and as much as scratched their fragile little egos, you’d have been charged with assault.

The neighbors, of course, are overflowing with sympathy and outrage:

“The neighborhood in general is very concerned with the environment,” said Liem, whose Prius gets about 48 miles a gallon compared with the Hummer’s 14 miles a gallon. “It’s more liberal leaning. It’s ridiculous to be driving a Hummer.”

Er… OK, maybe not so much. But she does hasten to add:

Liem added quickly that she does not condone violence.

Not even against “ridiculous Hummer owners.” Well, that’s good. On to the list of “persons of interest you go”, you judgmental, holier-than-thou, daft cow.

Now, to the demented envirofucks guilty of this: Why don’t you try one of your stunts down here where the citizenry isn’t disarmed by law, huh? Really. Come on. Come down and make a “statement”, why don’t ya? We’d love to give y’all a good old-fashioned Texas welcome. Don’t be a stranger, y’hear?

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Remulak MoxArgon exposes, and then thoroughly shreds, the *coughbullshitcough* “open-mindedness” *coughbullshitcough* of a Marxist fucknozzle, one “Komrade Michael T. Eckhart”, pRresident of the American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE), towards a fellow Ivy Leaguer who doesn’t subscribe to The Great GlowBull Worming Scam™, one Marlo Lewis.

Marlo –

You are so full of crap.

You have been proven wrong. The entire world has proven you wrong. You are the last guy on Earth to get it. Take this warning from me, Marlo. It is my intention to destroy your career as a liar. If you produce one more editorial against climate change, I will launch a campaign against your professional integrity. I will call you a liar and charlatan to the Harvard community of which you and I are members. I will call you out as a man who has been bought by Corporate America. Go ahead, guy. Take me on.


Michael T. Eckhart
American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE)

Apparently Komrade Eckhart didn’t learn, during his years of cock swallowing behind the ivy-encrusted walls, that us Eeeeevil VRWC Kapitalists™ don’t take too kindly to threats. ESPECIALLY threats from a limp-wristed, mewling Licker of Lenin’s Left Testicle™, who just happened to have the tonsil capacity to fellate his way through an Ivy League school, instead of the once-required mental capacity to grok more than one variable of a multi-faceted, non-static, open energy system.

Go read Remulak’s ruthless bitchslapping of Komrade Eckhart and, by proxy, the entire Stoopid Side of the Idiotarian Parallel Universal Divide™.


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Seems like even the useful idiots of the MSM, had to extract their tongues from Gorebot’s anus long enough to point out the obvious:

Earth Underwhelmed By Environment Pop Extravaganza

Previous Imperial intelligence indicated the much-ballyhood event was being canceled (at some locations) due to lack of ticket sales and shifted to smaller venues, even we expected 1000 point font headlines proclaiming a massive victory for Mother Gaia. But we were wrong, and delightfully so.

They rocked the world, but as the clean-up at nine climate change gigs around the globe begins, many wonder if the galaxy of pop stars did much to change it.

In other words, after the bong hits wore off, most realized their plan to save the world went unnoticed by anyone outside of the Church of Gore.

U.S. and British media were generally underwhelmed on Sunday by Live Earth, the mega-concert organized by former U.S. vice president and green campaigner Al Gore, which, though built on the model of Live Aid and Live 8, created a less positive buzz. Emph Mine

Oh now that is a shame, they couldn’t even get a good buzz at the concerts, other than the snores during the ‘informative’ breaks.

In Germany, however, newspapers were more upbeat about Saturday’s gigs designed to pressure leaders to sign a new treaty by 2009 that would cut global warming pollution by 90 percent in rich nations and more than half worldwide by 2050.

Slow news day in Deutschland obviously or maybe the press-box served the best brats and beer.

Several articles examined the green credentials of artists on the day, including Madonna, whose annual “carbon footprint” was estimated at around 100 times the average Briton’s.

The News of the World tabloid, Britain’s biggest-selling newspaper, detailed estimates of Madonna’s carbon emissions from nine houses, a fleet of cars, a private jet and the Confessions tour, calling her a “climate-change catastrophe.”

The Sunday Telegraph quoted U.S. reports of her alleged financial links to companies accused of being major polluters.

More proof that the left eats it’s own young. Not content with one of the actual supporters of the Cause™, they gleefully turn on them. Where’s a good Offset Salesman when you need one?

Her spokeswoman in Britain was not immediately available for comment, but in a statement appearing in the Independent on Sunday, her New York spokeswoman said:

“Madonna’s agreeing to sing at the Live Earth Event is merely one of the first steps in her commitment towards being environmentally responsible.”

The second step being to classify her douche water as bio-hazard waste.

The negative headlines took some gloss off Madonna’s widely praised appearance at Wembley Stadium in London, where she sang her specially written anthem “Hey You” before a raunchy performance of three of her biggest hits.

Raunchy and Madonna in the same paragraph is rather redundant isn’t it?

The New York Times’ online edition on Sunday featured a small picture of the event and a headline linking to “Artsbeat Blog,” and in Britain only the Independent on Sunday made anything more than a fleeting reference on its front page.

You know you’ve bombed when the Constipated Gray Lady, can’t even give you a glowing review.

But in Germany, where Snoop Dogg was among the acts at the Hamburg gig, Live Earth dominated headlines.

“The bottom line is that if nothing else, the issue of climate protection was a lot of fun for two billion people for one day,” wrote Bild am Sonntag, Germany’s best-selling Sunday newspaper.

Two Billion in Hamburg? We need to purchase the distribution rights to whatever they’re ingesting at the Sonntag.

Organizers say that in addition to the tens of thousands of fans at the gigs, the television, radio and internet audience could be as large as two billion.

Commentators noted the difficulty in marrying pop music with serious themes like the environment.

What’s the matter gansta-rappers and sluts don’t have the gravitas to carry your message to anyone with a few functional neurons ?

“Mixing music and a serious message gives concert a clunky rhythm,” was the Washington Post’s description of the Wembley gig, arguably the biggest lineup on the day that featured Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica and the Foo Fighters.

Performances were interspersed with long gaps, some of them filled by short films on environmental themes.

Such brilliant marketing strategy, load the stage with has-beens and losers, charge your victims exorbitantly and then treat them to the clips of “An Incontinent Truth”. You’re lucky most of the fans remained conscious and the organizers having to pay for the stretcher-bearers to haul them out afterwards.

Many performers were “on message,” calling on crowds from Sydney and Tokyo to New York and Rio de Janeiro to cut down on their personal carbon dioxide emissions and recycle.

Hmm…that’s interesting, last we heard a court injunction had been obtained for the event on Copacabana Beach. Maybe they found a Starbuck’s or abandoned truck-bed somewhere.

Yet U.S. comedian Chris Rock expressed the kind of disbelief shared by many on the day that Live Earth would make a lasting difference, even if he was only joking:

“I pray that this event ends global warming the same way that Live Aid ended world hunger,” he said in London.

It’s not joking, you moron, it’s satire and rather good at that.

So much for the Al Gore, Rock-Star and Eco-Warrior image.

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(Thanks to the indispensable Sir Christopher)

A “journalist”, for lack of a more accurate and descriptive word, dons his kneepads, drops and reaches out for the Great One’s zipper with trembling hands:

Al Gore’s image as a rock-star eco-warrior gets another high-voltage jolt of celebrity endorsement Saturday when the music world gathers to raise awareness for global warming at Live Earth.

And, according to our sources, the music world will be gathering to play for each other mainly, considering the less that enthusiastic response at the ticket booths.

But despite a growing clamour for the beaten 2000 presidential election candidate to enter next year’s race for the White House, the chances of Gore running for office again remain remote, analysts say.

Bugger all! We’d love to watch him get beaten like a red-headed, morbidly obese stepchild again.

Breathlessly described by admirers as “the coolest ex-US vice-president ever”,

They do have a point, you know. Just look at the rather fascinating effect upon local climes whenever the Goreacle approaches. Maybe we could talk him into traveling to global wormening hot spots to alleviate the effect?

Gore has consistently stated he has no interest in launching a 2008 election bid, while stopping short of unequivocally ruling himself out.

He leaves that part to the voters. Nothing new there either.

“I haven’t ruled it out, but I don’t think it’s likely to happen,” Gore said in a recent interview with Time Magazine.

Yet Gore’s prominent involvement in events like Live Earth — which will see over 150 stars perform in eight concerts around the world to urge governments to set climate change targets — will inevitably breathe new life into calls for a 2008 White House bid.

Or seven. Or six. Well, maybe four. OK, dammit, TWO concerts. The penguins in Antarctica will be thrilled.

However, Sherry Bebitch Jeffe, a political scientist at the University of Southern California, said she doubted Gore would enter the running.

“I don’t think at this point he’s thinking about it,” Jeffe said. “He’s having so much fun where he is,” she added, referring to Gore’s new-found status as crusading environmental campaigner,

“Crusading” being the operative word here, although it’s doubtful that he’ll ever reach the Holy Land. Which is good. They wouldn’t much like the blizzards, we’re sure.

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(Via LC & IB Tim Blair)

So the Goreacle goes to Londonistan to attend one of his much-touted “Live Earth” concerts — he pretty much had to or the bands would’ve been playing for themselves — and…

Oh, why bother, you already know the rest, don’t you?

Dear G-d, stop it. The laughter — it HURTS!!!

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Once upon a midnight dreary, as I wondered weak and weary
Why the Goreacle is such a tedious, monumental bore.
Surely in the loads of drivel, tripe to make a man’s brain shrivel,
Interspersed with jibes uncivil, there’d be something to explore?
Could that whole ungodly slideshow be but lies and nothing more?
Would that someone had kept score!

Frantically in search of answers to Al Gore’s extravaganzas,
Mine eyes did light upon a paper lying on my office floor.
‘Fore my eyes two words were forming, words that looked like “global warming”,
Soon I found myself a-storming, straight across my office floor
To snatch up that hopeful beacon like a ship in search of shore.
Wanting badly to learn more.

There, within its brittle pages, words of scientific sages
Summarized the essence of the Gorebot’s claims of yore.
Are the mountains’ snowy summits shrinking as the coolness plummets,
Or, as some say, due to forests fewer than there were before?
Who is right and free of folly with a hand on wisdom’s door?
Quoth the experts: “Not Al Gore.”

What about the winds a-blowing, are their forces ever growing
Caused by global heating’s menace, doomed to rise forevermore?
Or is the real truth quite another? Is there no rise in windy bother?
Is it true our Earthly mother has less storms than e’er before?
Who is using facts to silence his opponent’s witless roar?
Quoth the experts: “Not Al Gore.”

Are the deserts getting bigger with unheard of vim and vigor
Leaving naught but arid wastelands as we watch the tempr’ture soar?
Or perhaps the sand’s retreating while poor farmers now are meeting
Ends on green land that was nothing but a sea of sand before?
One of the two sides is telling nothing but the truth; no more.
Quoth the experts: “Not Al Gore.”

Are the tundras really melting, caused by warming’s heavy welting
While the ursine ice floe dwellers float on ice cubes far from shore?
Or, perhaps, they’re getting colder, leaving nary an ice-free boulder
While the ice sheets cover more land than they did the year before?
Who had nailed this vital question with real science true and sure?
Quoth the experts: “Not Al Gore.”

I put the paper down and wondered where humanity had blundered
Putting faith in mindless cretins that sane people should ignore.
“There is one born every minute, with the brains G-d gave a linnet.”
I thought and saw the gospel in it, “thus it will be evermore.”
To whom should one turn for advice for what the future has in store?
Quoth the experts: “NOT AL GORE!”

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The Goreacle™ arrives in Seattle and temperatures promptly drop 24 degrees, set to drop even further.

G-d, we’re told, is laughing His arse off.

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Who KNEW? (h/t Hot Air).

A Guardian investigation has found evidence of serious irregularities at the heart of the process the world is relying on to control global warming.

Not “the world”. Just the retarded, easily-fooled, ridiculously gullible part of its inhabitants. Those of us with functioning brains couldn’t care less about your Indulgence Scam.

The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), which is supposed to offset greenhouse gases emitted in the developed world by selling carbon credits from elsewhere, has been contaminated by gross incompetence, rule-breaking and possible fraud by companies in the developing world, according to UN paperwork, an unpublished expert report and alarming feedback from projects on the ground.

Gross incompetence, rule-breaking and possible fraud and the U.N., all in the same paragraph? I’m shocked, SHOCKED I tell you!

One senior figure suggested there may be faults with up to 20% of the carbon credits - known as certified emissions reductions - already sold.

Whereas there are faults with 100% of the heads belonging to the suckers buying the things.

Since these are used by European governments and corporations to justify increases in emissions, the effect is that in some cases malpractice at the CDM has added to the net amount of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.

Not to mention near-catastrophic increases in hot air from all the mindless bloviating perpetrated by the Church of the Gorebecile and its followers.

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And just when we thought the eco-loonies couldn’t get more insane, Imperial Tech Wiz DJ points us in the direction of this nutcase, who isn’t content with implementing the Chinese Child Quota System. Oh no, he’s more ambitious that that. He wants to exterminate 85% of the global population (you first, Paul Watson):

Does humanity have a future?

We are presently living in what conservation biologists refer to as the Holocene extinction event. This is the sixth global mass extinction event in last 439 million years.

The previous five extinction events wiped out between 50 to 95 percent of species each time…

Followed by a lot of blah about previous extinctions for those who slept through school.

In a way, the Holocenic extinction event could also be called the “Holocenic hominid collective suicide event.”

After all, we Homo sapiens are the last survivors of the hominid line, a group that has been on its way out for some time. The beetle family, for example, has some 700,000 species by comparison. Odds are many of the beetle species will survive the event, whereas we will not.

Hey, Paul: Beat the rush. Eat a bullet today.

But the reality is that what is happening now is the result of the collective actions of us hominids. We are the ruthlessly territorial primates whose numbers have soared far beyond the level of global carrying capacity for the deadly behavioural characteristics that we display.

“Ruthlessly territorial primates”, “deadly behavioral characteristics…”

We don’t know about the rest of y’all, but we’re beginning to feel funny in the pants.

This did not happen yesterday because we suddenly became aware of the dangers of global warming. It began 50,000 years ago when a relatively hairless primate stumbled out of equatorial Africa and began wiping out the megafauna of the time.

Poor megafauna. Are they like giant mechs?

Wherever this creature (our ancestor) went, their arrival was followed by large die-outs of megafauna. Primitive hominids were well-organized, efficient, slaughter crews. As they advanced, the mammoth, sabre-toothed cats, cave bears, giant sloths, camels, horses, and wholly [sic. As opposed to the “partially rhino”, presumably] rhinos fell to their stone weapons and deliberately set fires.

Those dastardly hominids and their deliberately set fires.

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