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Note to House Haji Lugosi: When not even the Washington Compost is willing to carry your water for you, you’re well and truly fucked.

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In case you hadn’t noticed, LC Jaybear is farkin’ brilliant.

How else would you explain his ability to sum up decades of failed, idiotic policies in one little picture? So we, of course, stole it shamelessly. We are the Emperor, after all:

Game. Set. Match.

***UPDATE***: And it’s working! The first terrorist endorsements for House Haji Pelosi’s violation of the Logan Act are already in (link thanks to LC sixfootbrit).

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The Imperial Dungeon Game Room™ is pleased to bring you a Guest Rant™ by our very own Imperial Human Beer Keg & Bar Fixture™, LC Mope.

Let the games begin!
(Note to the visiting Demented Ungulates & KosTard’s KoolAid Kidz: That means Mope’s Guest Rant starts just below here.) :thumbdown_tb:

I’m so pissed I can’t see straight….

Our beloved ‘loyal opposition’, Markos, considers “He who walks on water”, “The boy god”, Barak Hussein Obama incapable of holding the highest office in the land. Why? Because he is like the Fwench: A surrender monkey.

Yes, Markos claims Obama is now unelectable because he has ‘signaled’ our President that in the event of a veto for the funding of troops in Iraq, Senator Obama will fund the battle.

Markos, no doubt, understands the significance of ‘signals’. You see, if there was ever a ‘signal’ that was sent to anyone, it is the signal that our Congress will defund…. Cut and run… surrender… but that won’t stop these treasonous bastards. They know full well that is a signal for the cut-throats and pirates to lay low until we leave. “Put your guns down for a few weeks and then you can have the whole country.“ Democrats want the cut-throats to win.

Fuck the democrats. Fit yourselves for burkas motherfuckers! Succomb to the will of Allah, you pricks!

“The Jews started it… Christians are intolerant!” What about the pedophile prophet? Want to be told who you can marry? Let’s not even get into arranged marriages. Where is The National Organization of Women on this? Where are my crickets when I need some chirping?

How can a party declare themselves to be ‘tolerant’, and have no testicular fortitude to protect their ideals of tolerance? How can they call us intolerant and the enemy “like the founding fathers?” Where the fuck is their tolerance?

I submit there are lines, drawn in the sand, that delineate what constitutes treason:

• 1) Aiding the enemy through signals of defeat, Including de-funding a portion of a war.
• 2) Going to a country that supports the murder of our civilians and speaking to the leader without consent of our president.
• 3) Systemic propaganda that emboldens the enemy
• 4) Any effort that can inflict injury on any of our fellow Americans over there.

As far as I am concerned, if you want to declare yourselves something other than my fellow citizen, have at it. But don’t ever let the notion cross your mind that you will govern me. I will not submit.
The very act of you claiming governance over me will be considered an act of war against this person. And I will make the twin towers look like a pipe bomb, you filthy pricks.

On this I pledge my life, my wealth, and my sacred honor.

(B.C. here again… “What”, you’re probably asking yourself, “set our Lovable, Yet Unbearably Huggable Mopester on a curtain of blood rant against the Helmet-wearing Retard in the Shallow End of the Semen Pool of Life™?”

Read below the fold for the Moronical Musings of the Marxist Masturbator MarKosTard.)


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Since all of the Democrats seem to be hell-bent on going to Damascus to gaze longingly and lovingly on their hero, terrorist supporter Bashar al-Assad, why don’t they group together and get a rebate? Not to mention how it would help with their carbon footprint. Except, as we all know, this whole freezing in the darkness for Mother Gaia only applies to the peasants, not the enlightened, so much better than everybody else Democrats.

So now House Haji Lugosi is going as well (link thanks to Sir Christopher):

WASHINGTON (AP) - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will visit Syria, a country President Bush has shunned as a sponsor of terrorism, despite being asked by the administration not to go.

“In our view, it is not the right time to have these sort of high- profile visitors to Syria,” State Department spokesman Sean McCormack told reporters Friday.

How about slapping her in her ghastly, grotesquely deformed face with the Logan Act instead? Preferably after she comes back, then march her off to prison.

But that’s not going to happen, because we all know that that would require balls on the part of the C-in-C, not to mention a more than fleeting interest in upholding the laws that he is sworn to protect, none of which is in evidence or has been in evidence for as long as we can remember.

Pelosi arrived in Israel on Friday in what is her second fact-finding trip to the Middle East since taking over leadership in the House in January.

Her repeat trip, an indication she plans to play a role in foreign policy, is also a direct affront to the administration, which says such diplomatic overtures by lawmakers can do more harm than good.

It’s also illegal. It’s called treason, a word that used to mean something in this country. But that was before the baby-boomers and their bong-broken brains screwed up our nation from top to bottom. Can’t wait ’till the last of them croaks. Worst waste of protoplasm ever.

“This is a county that is a state sponsor of terror, one that is trying to disrupt the Senora government in Lebanon and one that is allowing foreign fighters to flow into Iraq from its borders,” Perino said.

Why do you think she’s going? She has to coordinate with the allies of her party, after all, and since Abu Musab al-Zarqawi croaked before she could grab the gavel…

Others traveling with Pelosi were Democratic Reps. Keith Ellison of Minnesota, Henry Waxman and Tom Lantos of California, Louise Slaughter of New York and Nick Rahall of West Virginia, and Ohio Republican David Hobson. Ellison is the first Muslim member of Congress.

What a surprise. Why didn’t she bring Ibrahim Hooper as well?

And I repeat:

“Against all enemies, foreign AND domestic.”

Think about it.

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holding U.S. troops hostage, demanding a full surrender (link thanks to LC & IB Dan Riehl).

Spring break checklist for Congress: A plane ticket back home, chocolate (or matzo) for the family and a war spending bill for the president.

The last item might need to wait.

Senate Democrats beat back Republican efforts Tuesday to strip a key provision of the $122 billion wartime spending package that sets goals for withdrawing troops from Iraq — a significant turnaround from just two weeks ago, when the GOP defeated a similar withdrawal measure. The Republican amendment was defeated, 50 to 48.

The Senate will take a final vote before the Easter recess Thursday but is not expected to reconcile its version with the House bill until both chambers are in session April 16 — one day after the Pentagon says it must get the emergency funding for troop operations in Iraq and Afghanistan in order to avoid cutbacks.

Clever, aren’t they?

They dump a demand for surrender to al-Qaeda on the President’s desk, then run off to enjoy yet another Congressional, overlong break with their families.

If he signs it, they’ll have won the victory that their allies in al-Qaeda have been demanding of them.

If he vetoes it, as well he should, they’ll claim that it was “his fault” that the troops won’t get any funding.

We’re sure our troops are appreciating the “support” of the Demoshits as their funding dries up.

Oh, and a special thanks to Chuck Schmekel, you worthless, parasitical growth on the nutsack of humanity. I hope and pray that you choke to death on your Easter dinner, clawing at your throat while you gasp in vain for air, turn blue in the face and let your last bowel movement on this Earth go in your pants.

The only regret I’ll be expressing afterwards, you treasonous shit, will be that I wasn’t there to point fingers and laugh.

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The Senate was voting on an Amendment that would strike language demanding a surrender to al-Qaeda from the troop funding bill.

Chuck Schmekel (we’re sure he does) voted against, of course.

Isn’t there a bus he badly needs to be thrown under, or is that kind of treatment still reserved for real conservatives that dare to say “faggot” in public?

Oh, and thanks a lot, Nebraska. Thanks a whole fucking pantsload of a lot. Fuckheads.

(OK, so I’m in a particularly foul mood today. RINOs fucking everywhere. Sue me. Besides, it’s not like I’m innocent myself. We gave you Jorge Arbusto and his famous burro-fellating act, didn’t we?)

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Howlin’ Howard Dean is now on a tour of the world, telling them to just hang in there until his party can take over in 2008:

Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean has been meeting with world leaders to repair “the extraordinary damage” that the Bush administration has done to America’s image and to prepare the way for a new Democratic president.

“I am trying to build relationships with other governments in preparation for a Democratic takeover,” Dean told me. “I want to make clear that there is an opposition in America and that we are ready to take power and that when we do, we are going to have much better relationships with them.”

Hmmm… Currying favor with foreign governments, thus usurping the Constitutional powers of the executive branch?

Alberto Gonzales, call your office. There’s an actual crime here that needs investigating, in case it’s not too much of an inconvenience to ask you to do your job. A felony, even.

“During the Cold War, we certainly had people who didn’t like us, but they respected us,” Dean said.


As somebody who actually visited the Soviet Union back then, I can testify to the overwhelming waves of respect for the U.S. blaring from the airwaves, the newspapers and the propaganda posters everywhere.


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Thanks to LC Nixcell for pointing us to this humongous heap of pro-terrorist fecal matter, courtesy of the New York Slimes. It’s obvious that their efforts to leak every national secret they can lay their hands on to terrorists, not to mention functioning as a propaganda organ for al-Qaeda, isn’t working well enough.

Perhaps their last check from an undisclosed cave in Pakistan had a note attached, telling them to work harder?

Today we’re offering a list — which, sadly, is hardly exhaustive — of things that need to be done to reverse the unwise and lawless policies of President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

Strange how something can be “lawless” when the courts, including the Supreme Court, have unfailingly upheld those policies. Obviously, “lawless” doesn’t mean what it used to mean according to the hacks of the New York Slimes. Where it used to mean “against the law”, it now means “against our agenda.”

One of the new act’s most indecent provisions denies anyone Mr. Bush labels an “illegal enemy combatant” the ancient right to challenge his imprisonment in court.

The only “ancient” thing here is the rotting residue of brains between your ears. No enemy combatants, illegal or otherwise, have ever had a “right” to challenge their detainment in court. We can see it now. Hordes of German, Italian and Japanese prisoners petitioning to be let out of detention camps during WWII.

The arguments for doing this were specious. Habeas corpus is nothing remotely like a get-out-of-jail-free card for terrorists, as supporters would have you believe.

For one thing, they’re not in “jail”, you morons.

It is a way to sort out those justly detained from those unjustly detained.

And the military already has a way of doing just that. As a matter of fact, they’ve investigated and released hundreds of detainees since the war started. Some of them, lamentably, went straight back to doing what they denied having ever done in the first place, which was committing acts of terrorism, suggesting that we are, if anything, too LENIENT in our investigations, but to even suggest that the “poor widdle tewwowists” are being held in complete limbo with no recourse to anything is, at best, so completely bereft of Clue that you have to wonder if the New York Slimes staff oughtn’t be placed in protective custody for their own good. At worst, and most likely, considering their track record, they’re lying through their teeth. Again.

It will not “clog the courts,” as Senator Graham claims.

Our courts are ALREADY clogged, numbnuts. How anybody can claim, with a straight face, that adding to the case burden won’t have any effect at all is beyond us. But, then again, we’re familiar with basic logic.

Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont, the Democratic chairman of the Judiciary Committee, has a worthy bill that would restore habeas corpus. It is essential to bringing integrity to the detention system and reviving the United States’ credibility.

“Credibility?” Among whom? The terrorists? We guarantee you that they’ll be ecstatic to learn that the moron infidels are now giving terrorists their day in court as if they were common burglars or caught speeding on the Interstate, but it won’t do much for our credibility in their eyes. At least not our credibility as far as wanting to win the war is concerned.

Give us more, O Emperor! »

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While the Leftards are spending night and day hyping the Scooter Libby non-outing of a non-covert non-agent as if it was the worst and most despicable act of treason since Benedict Arnold, the L.A. Slimebucket is nonchalantly outing three real covert agents.

Will it have any consequences?

Maybe for the agents in question, but we all know that the treasonous journaljizzmers of the L.A. Slimes won’t be facing any.

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Having always been the optimistic, glass-half-full sort of fellow that we are, we find it an immense relief to learn that it is no longer open to discussion whether Democrats are deliberately undermining the war, backstabbing our troops and working overtime to create another Viet Nam.

How is that, you say? Well, for one thing because they’re openly bragging about it (link thanks to LC Juandos):

WASHINGTON - After Republicans blocked a Senate debate for a second time, Democrats said Saturday they’ll drop efforts to pass a non-binding resolution opposing President Bush’s troop buildup in Iraq and instead will offer a flurry of anti-war legislation “just like in the days of Vietnam.”

The tough talk came a day after the House of Representatives passed its own anti-Iraq resolution and as the GOP used a procedural vote to stop the Senate from taking a position on the 21,500 troop increase.

Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., said Democrats would be “relentless.”

“There will be resolution after resolution, amendment after amendment . . . just like in the days of Vietnam,” Schumer said. “The pressure will mount, the president will find he has no strategy, he will have to change his strategy and the vast majority of our troops will be taken out of harm’s way and come home.” [Emphases ours — Emp.M.]

Dirty Harry Reid, silently cursing the fact that nobody had given Upchuck Schumer his Thorazine that morning, was a bit more circumspect:

Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said: “We’re going to move on to other things.”

Thanks to the rantings and ravings of Upchuck, we now know exactly what those “other things” are.

What we find amazing about this is that, not only are the Democrats openly admitting to treason by saying that their goal is to bring about a defeat “just like the days of Viet Nam”, they also seem to be quite proud of the fact. Apparently they are so locked into their “reality-based” fantasy land that they actually believe nobody would care, that their open admission to backstabbing and cowardice would make them more popular.

Democrats had hoped that if enough Senate Republicans felt pressured by the House vote and with national polling showing support for the resolution, they might let a debate go ahead this time. If not, Democrats would have more ammunition to criticize Republicans for backing an unpopular war.

We don’t know what polls they are referring to, but we suspect that they’ve been looking in the historical archives rather than using the ones actually out right now. Let’s face it, they’re so stuck in the late 60s/early 70s that they haven’t even noticed the 30+ years that have passed since then.

Republicans Sens. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, John Warner of Virginia, Olympia Snowe of Maine, Gordon Smith of Oregon and Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania sided with Democrats in calling for debate to begin, as did the two Republicans already on board, Sens. Norm Coleman, R-Minn., and Susan Collins, R-Maine.

Looks like a few more candidates for “Cold Fury’s” shit list. It is also worth noting that the only ones named above NOT up for re-election termination in 2008 are Snowe and Specter. And if you’re still unsure whether the 7 RINOs are, indeed, RINOs worthy of termination, then this sentence should straighten you out:

Independent Democrat Joe Lieberman of Connecticut joined the 33 Republicans to block the vote.

They’re all seven of them to the left of Lieberman (and G-d Bless Joe, with whom we barely ever agree on anything else, for having the testicular fortitude, alone among Democrats, to stand by his word without an eye to political expediency).

The rest of them and their RINO collaborators are worthless, backstabbing swine who, unable to muster the courage to call for a simple up or down vote on the war, choose to sneak around in the shadows, deliberately undermining the war, placing our troops in mortal danger in order to maintain “plausible deniability.”

They would rather be directly responsible for the deaths of thousands of our sons, daughter, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters than stand up and openly admit to their goal since that might put their incumbent, fat arses in danger of being booted out of their comfortable seats and the bribes that go with them.

Just like in the days of Viet Nam, by their own admission.

Try them and, if found guilty, hang them.

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