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Sitting here enjoying my “boys” enjoying thier new toys I am filled with pride, joy, and more happiness than anyone person ought to be allowed to have. I am SO thankful for my “boys”. Misha with his new cordless tools, Christian with his new guitar ( and totally rocking), Luke with his skateboard and hot wheels set, and Maverick with his raw hide bone (LOL). MY boys! I love each one of them dearly. I wish everyone in the world could feel what I’m feeling now!

Now that we have enjoyed our traditional Christmas morning I want to wish all our beloved LC’s a Very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year!!. We are blessed to know you and have y’all as a part of our lives. Thank you for your support, it means the world to us!

Also I want to thank all the men and women of our armed services for giving me the opportunity to celebrate Christmas the way I always have, and the blessing of being able to enjoy watching my “boys” enjoying their new toys. It means the world to me to be able to have these experiences. Thank you Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines!!!! We love you too and support you 100% for everything you do. This country is soooo blessed to have selfless people that are willing to risk their lives for others!! Never let anyone tell you ANYTHING any different than that. If they do, please remember my words–”little people”, ordinary everyday american citizens love and support you and what you stand for no matter what politicians or journalists try to tell you!

I also want to remember the families of our awesome military! Thank you to all the military families for sacrificing time with your loved ones so that my family is able to enjoy freedom, and do the things we love to do (like going to the gun range to shoot)! We love and support you too. Without y’all this country would be in a fix because I doubt that we would have the best military in the world. So Thank You to all the military families…. I just cant say that enough because y’all dont hear it enough!

I also need to thank Jesus because without Your blessings, love, and forgiveness I would be unable to fully appreciate and enjoy all the things I do. Thank You Jesus for being in my heart and in my life, and for my beautiful family (which i cherish). I ask in Jesus name, Please watch over and bless our extended Rottie family as well as our military and their families. Amen.


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I am sneaking in here while the Emperor is still sleeping because I feel the need urge to write this post. Sitting here watching the MACY’S Thanksgiving Day Parade with the boys, I just thought how THANKFUL I am to have my family and how much I love them. Then I got to thinking about our Troops and all our wonderful “Rotties”.

So I thought…. why not write a post and wish everyone a happy, healthy, and SAFE THANKSGIVING. Soooo… here goes, but first I would like to take this opportunity to list the reasons I am giving thanks this year! (Ok hold on to your hats and please be patient with me!)

First, I am thankful for my family because they are so awesome and love me for who I am. They support me and comfort me when I need it, they brighten my day, and they give me a reason to get up every day. The heirs are so adorable and say the cutest things, they make me smile everyday. I love them with all my heart and can never tell them enough how much I love them.

Second, I am thankful for all our friends both local and far away. These wonderful people have enriched our lives and given us support and comfort in times of need, and just generally made our world a better place to live! We love you all more than words can ever say. (Well more than my words can ever say, Misha on the other hand has a bizzillion words and can adequately express how much y’all mean to us-although he will never admit it!)

Last but not LEAST, I am thankful for our men and women of the armed services. I am thankful for all that they sacrifice so that the people I love can live free in this beautiful country. I am thankful for all the things they do and all that they give. In my opinion they are HEROES!!! They take time away from their families so that I can live happily with mine. They miss Christmas’s and Thanksgivings with their loved ones so that I can celebrate these holidays in the manner that I choose to. They give the ultimate sacrifice for their country. They are selfless to give so much for people like me that they may or may not know. Also, let me not forget their families… the wives and children, mothers and fathers of these HEROES. They sacrifice too. They are also HEROES, only they don’t get the attention or gratitude that the soldiers do. So I would like to take this opportunity to THANK the families of our soldiers for loving and supporting their loved ones and sacrificing time with them so that this wonderful country can be free and safe.

I have gotten a bit emotional sitting here thinking about all of these wonderful people and how much I am thankful for them. Good thing this isn’t on camera, y’all would all see the tears in my eyes! Just a lil embarassing. I never used to be this emotional until I became a MOM and then it all changed. Seems that now I have alot more appreciation of things these days.

In closing,.. I would like to wish EVERYONE a Happy, Healthy, and SAFE Thanksgiving!! I love all of you from the bottom of my heart!!!


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Apart from the fact that Joel Surnow’s comments on the Hildebeest were highly enjoyable, one paragraph in particular caught our attention (although possibly for different reasons than those of LC & IB Dan, to whom we give thanks for finding it):

Saying that he was “probably going to get behind Rudy” for the White House, Mr. Surnow named comedian Dennis Miller as another entertainer who has “come out” as a conservative in the overwhelmingly liberal Hollywood environment and said that another popular comedian, Adam Sandler “is going to come out and support Rudy Giuliani.”

One quick question: How does supporting a New York gun-hating, pro-abortion, pro-sanctuary for illegals candidate make you a “conservative”, exactly?

Note for clarification purposes: No, we’re not talking about the Hildebeest, although we understand why some might be confused.

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This is from the Opinion Journal..and from me, no comment, other than to say that he has, as usual, nailed it. This is what I have been talking about to Misha and a few of you..this is why they have failed so dismally.

I can’t help, other than to encourage, and support you as the election gets nearer.

LC’s, G.L.O.R’ This is how you beat them.

This week is the one-year anniversary of Democrats winning Congress. But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid probably aren’t in a celebrating mood. The goodwill they enjoyed after their victory is gone. Their bright campaign promises are unfulfilled. Democratic leadership is in disarray. And Congress’s approval rating has fallen to its lowest point in history.

The problems the Democrats are now experiencing begin with the federal budget. Or rather, the lack of one. In 2006, Democrats criticized Congress for dragging its feet on the budget and pledged that they would do better. Instead, they did worse. The new fiscal year started Oct. 1–five weeks ago–but Democrats have yet to send the president a single annual appropriations bill. It’s been at least 20 years since Congress has gone this late in passing any appropriation bills, an indication of the mess the Pelosi-Reid Congress is now in.

Even worse, the Democrats have made clear all their talk about “fiscal discipline” is just that–talk. They’re proposing to spend $205 billion more than the president has proposed over the next five years. And the opening wedge of this binge is $22 billion more in spending proposed for the coming year. Only in Washington could someone in public life be so clueless to say, as Sen. Reid and Rep. Pelosi have, that $22 billion is a “relatively small” difference.

Let’s also be clear about what it means to roll back the president’s 2001 and 2003 tax cuts, as the Democrats want to do. Every income-tax payer will pay more as all tax rates rise. Families will pay $500 more per child as they lose the child tax credit. Taxes on small businesses would go up by an average of about $4,000. Retirees will pay higher taxes on investment retirement income. And now we have the $1 trillion tax increase proposed as “tax reform” by the Democrats’ chief tax writer last month.

(Italics mine - LCB)

Failing to pass a budget, proposing a huge spike in federal spending and offering the biggest tax increase in history are not the only hallmarks of this Democratic Congress. Beholden to and other left-wing groups, Democratic leaders have ignored the progress made in Iraq by the surge, diminished the efforts of our military, and wasted precious time with failed attempts to force an immediate withdrawal from Iraq.

They continue to try to implement this course, which would lead to chaos in the region, the creation of a possible terror state with the third largest oil reserves in the world, and a major propaganda victory for Osama bin Laden as well as for Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah.

After promising on the campaign trail to “support our troops,” Democrats tried to cut off funding for our military while our soldiers and Marines are under fire from the enemy. For 19 Senate Democrats, this was simply a bridge too far, so they voted against their own leadership’s proposal. Democrats also tried to stuff an emergency war-spending bill with billions of dollars of pork for individual members. Now the party’s leaders are stalling an emergency supplemental bill with funding for body armor, bullets and mine-resistant vehicles.

After pledging a “Congress that strongly honors our responsibility to protect our people from terrorism,” Democrats have refused to make permanent reforms of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act that the Director of National Intelligence said were needed to close “critical gaps in our intelligence capability.”

Their presidential candidates fell all over each other in a recent debate to pledge an end to the Terrorist Surveillance Program. Then Senate Democratic leaders, thinking there was an opening for political advantage, slow-walked the confirmation of Judge Michael Mukasey to be the next attorney general. It’s obvious that this is a man who knows the important role the Justice Department plays in the war on terror. Delaying his confirmation is only making it harder to prosecute the war.

Democrats promised “civility and bipartisanship.” Instead, they stiff-armed their Republican colleagues, refused to include them in budget negotiations between the two houses, and have launched more than 400 investigations and made more than 675 requests for documents, interviews or testimony.

They refused a bipartisan compromise on an expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, instead wasting precious time sending the president a bill they knew he would veto. And they did this knowing that they wouldn’t be able to override that veto. Why? Because their pollsters told them putting the children’s health-care program at risk would score political points. Instead, it left them looking cynical.

The list of Congress’s failures grows each month. No energy bill. No action on health care. No action on the mortgage crisis. No immigration reform. No progress on renewing No Child Left Behind. Precious little action on judges and not enough on reducing trade barriers. Congress has not done its work. And these failures will have consequences.

Democrats had a moment after the 2006 election, but now that moment has passed. They’ve squandered it. They have demonstrated both the inability and unwillingness to govern. Instead, after more than a decade in the congressional minority, they reflexively look for short-term partisan advantage and attempt to appease the party’s most strident fringe. Now that Democrats have the reins of congressional power, their true colors are coming out and the public doesn’t like what it sees.

The Democratic victory in 2006 was narrow. They won the House by 85,961 votes out of over 80 million cast and the Senate by a mere 3,562 out of over 62 million cast. A party that wins control by that narrow margin can quickly see its fortunes reversed when it fails to act responsibly, fails to fulfill its promises, and fails to lead.

Mr. Rove is a former adviser to President George W. Bush

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LCs, lemme borrow you guys fer a second.  Got a quextion (a little…well, it’s somebody’s  lingo, there) fer ye.

As you may or may not know, every fall the Realm™ (that’s my little corner of the Blogosphere™ for you newbies) has a weekly feature called the Perfect Football Weekend™ (if you want to learn more about it, go here; if you want to see the first installment for 2007, click on this link), where I track my four or five favorite football teams.

Here’s the interrogative:  If I were to cross-post the thing over here, say, every Friday or thereabouts, would you want to participate therein?  (Yeah, I know - I should just be begging you fine LCs to just come over there and read it, but I do that enough as it is.)

(NOTE:  By “participate”, I mean you talk your best smack about your favorite football teams.  For example, LC John Wardle will want to talk about the Washington Redskins; Humble Devildog will extol the virtues of the Wisconsin Badgers (affectionately known far & wide as “Bucky”), and we can all laugh at take pity on BC’s Tampa Bay Yuckaneers.  (They do  have Chris Simms for a quarterback, after all. (grin)))

UPDATE:  Oops.  Maybe not.  I forgot - did Simms ever recover from that perforated kidney?

Update the 2nd:  Okay, make that a ruptured spleen.


Update the 3rd:  LC Robert Huntingdon makes a bodacious point when he notes that:

so long as we all understand in advance that insulting language towards other teams is a given

Therefore, let it become an Imperial Edict™ (and since I’m the Imperial Sgt-at-Arms, I can do that):  Carryeth not any venom from a PFW thread into any other thread.

Consider it the Las Vegas rule:  What happens here, stays  here.


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His Imperial Majesty is well aware of the ongoing raging debate about whether or not the Republican candidates should appear for a re-run of CNN’s newly patented “let’s ask the candidates a bunch of questions made mainly by loony nutroots with an IQ slightly below rutabaga” format. It looks like the GOP hopefuls are bowing out, and the resulting debate among political junkies (of which His Majesty is one when he’s not busy oppressing brown-skinned people and planning punitive expeditions to the far reaches of space) has been — interesting.

Depending on how you define interesting, of course.

Obviously, His Rottieness has the perfect and ultimate answer to the question, as is always the case. We wouldn’t be Emperor if it were otherwise, and it seems so obvious that we’ve refrained from providing the masses with it, hoping against hope that they’d eventually come around to the only way of seeing things on an issue that is an absolute no-brainer.

But seeing as how the debate is still ongoing, we’ve finally decided that enough’s enough, so here’s the answer. You may now stop debating amongst yourselves, because the truth hath been spoken and the debate is over:

Of COURSE they should participate. Why not? Because the questions are all going to be industrial grade nutrooty insanity? As opposed to what, people? This is CNN we’re talking about, after all, and it’s not like any of those clowns have had a thought in the last decade or two that wasn’t helpfully printed out for them in 36pt, boldface, scarlet red Arial on a fax straight from the DNC. With illustrations.

The only difference is that, for once, the retarded questions will be coming straight from the fever swamps of Marxist delusions as opposed to being read aloud by a numbskulled drone with perfect hair and a pay grade three orders of magnitude above any actual qualifications that he might, at some point in his life, have aspired to. Hey, anything that shuts those airheads up, even if it is only for a few precious minutes, is one of G-d’s many gifts to man.

On the other hand, if they DON’T participate they’ll be forever branded as a bunch of sniveling nitwits afraid to make fun of mentally disabled people in public, something that should be a mandatory civic duty if you ask us, but we digress sadistically… Afraid of the nutroots? Are you sure that’s a label you’d like to carry around until November ‘08, GOP candidates? Because if it is, then we can only say that our expectations about you bland, equivocating, droning panel of nobodies have been fully justified. You can’t find it in yourselves to offer a chuckle and roll your eyes as a response to some of the most pathologically daft individuals in the Empire airing their insane conspiracy theories, yet you want us to believe that you can stare down, say, Mahmoud Ahmadinnerjacket?

Right. Release the tigers and bring on the next candidate, if you please.

So here’s the quick and dirty analysis from the Smartest Individual in the Universe, The Defender of the Clue and Wielder of the ClueHammer of Doom, His Majesty Misha I:

If you do participate, you’ll be faced with retarded questions bearing no resemblance to reality. In other words, no difference whatsoever from a standard CNN sponsored “debate.”

If you don’t participate, you’ll not only come off as nadless cowards, you’ll be sending an open invite to every tough guy and gal in the universe to come give you a wedgie and watch you cry.

Simple enough for you, or do we have to drag out the A/V aids?

Should the format be changed to make it at least slightly less idiotic? Why, what a splendid idea, and there have been a few suggestions, the only one of which worth considering comes from LC & IB Patterico:

I have an idea of my own. Do the debate, and then set up a new round for each party under these rules:

Each set of candidates answers questions picked by the candidates for the other party.

Democrats pick questions for Republicans, and vice versa.

The potential for interesting questions is limitless.

Brilliantly simple, eminently workable and, on top of everything else, the entertainment potential is positively enormous! Which, when you think about it, might actually make those clown shows worth tuning in to in the first place.

Serious? Worthy of our political system?

Frankly, our political system isn’t worthy of appearing in a whorehouse vaudeville act, so spare us that bit and, as far as “serious” goes, we repeat:

As opposed to what, exactly?

At least we’d get to laugh at the moronic convergence that we refer to as “election politics” in this country which, at least to some extent, would alleviate the pain when one of the worthless empty suits ends up in the White House and proceeds to forget every single promise he ever made while screwing us over royally.

Works for us.

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…and that has been known to lead to unpleasantness, as the former inhabitants of Alderaan would attest to, were they anything more than cosmic dust now.

Really. We mean, we’re sure that FOX News’ correspondent Douglas Kennedy is a fine man and a credit to his profession, but if His Imperial Pettiness’ discerning ear drums have to suffer one more time from his constant, forced, whiny nasal drone…

Tell us we’re not right, we dare you.

We mean, what the fuck is wrong with that man’s airways? Is he just chronically constipated? Is it some obscure dialect with which His Omnisciency is, impossible though it be, not familiar?

We demand to know, dammit!

OK, thatisall…

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OK, His Majesty has decided that it’s time to piss off a lot of people, so why not go with it?

What set us off is this post by LC & IB Dan about the Jessie Davis murder that is now going to bore us all to death for weeks as real news are replaced with round-the-clock blather from the likes of Greta van Facelift. You see, Dan is right. He’s absolutely, positively, dead on right.

There is nothing about this crime that ought to surprise us. Crimes like these are the natural consequences of a society where anything goes as long as it feels good, “whatever gets you through the night” and “don’t you dare judge me.”

In all of the gushing talk about St. Jessie, nobody has yet asked the question: “How the fuck did you expect the life of somebody who had, knowingly, let herself get knocked up not once, but twice by a married man to turn out?”

Does her adulterous ways and piss-poor decision making in any way excuse what happened to her? Of course it doesn’t, and I hope and pray that Cutts, if he’s proven guilty, is kicked out of this world and straight to Hell, courtesy of the State. I’d like it even more if we could dispense with the niceties of “humane executions” and perform them in a fashion more befitting of the crime, but as long as he stops stealing oxygen, I’ll be content.

But I also will not shut up about the society and culture that led to that situation, a society where screwing around is not only accepted, it’s actively encouraged (turn on TV and watch any major “show” if you doubt me), where nobody is held to account for anything and where breaking up a family is more acceptable than daring to wag a finger at the home-wrecking slut in the first place.

And that’s just one symptom.

Nothing is sacred anymore, no actions are scorned and looked down upon, everything is a “valid life choice and nobody’s business” and our pre-teen children are being taught in school how to put on condoms, have anal sex and how to fist each other to orgasm.

Don’t give me any shit about how a crime like this horrid murder is a surprise to you. It was as predictable as a sunset, and it’s only going to get worse and worse until what used to be a moral nation has become a horror making the last days of the Roman Empire look like Sunday School.

It’s not your fault if you’re raped going down a back alley downtown in the middle of the night dressed only in a bikini, but let’s be honest here; you shouldn’t be fucking surprised either.


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Whilst the Emperor is busy with the Imperial lineage(and as he isn’t looking :))… and as we haven’t had one for a while, I’m calling an open thread.

Have at it, gentle LC’s and G.L.O.R.’s, remember please, no major cut and paste jobs, a few paragraphs and the link will do. The Royal Broom of Whacking(tm) is always to hand, should any trolls dare to darken our doorsteps.

As always, should any of your comments be caught or killed, the Empress will disavow any knowledge of your actions.


Floor’s open, and I’m buying :)

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OK, people, it’s time to end the war and pull out, for one simple reason:

As long as it keeps up, .308 NATO will remain ridiculously expensive because the war is sucking up all the sweet, cheap mil-surp reserves that we used to enjoy, AND I JUST WON’T STAND FOR IT!

I mean, people, I have a very nice rifle that craves the sweet, mil-spec 7.62×51 NATO ammunition, and I just can’t stand starving her anymore. Find some other damn caliber to waste shiiteheads with or let them kill each other off, because 30-year-old ammo at >50 cents a pop (if you can find it at all, and trust me, I’ve looked high and low) is just downright ridiculous.

And to the hoarders out there making a profit off of the shortage by selling your cheaply acquired existing stores off with a ridiculous markup, be careful that we don’t give your overpriced ammo right back to you.

At 2,800 fps.


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