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(Crossposted at the Realm™.)

Okay, so two weeks ago or so, I stepped in front of a wedding-qualified official-type person for the (mumble mumble)th time (    ), engaged in a private little ceremony, and am now planning on where to go have dinner with two of my bestest friends in the Blogosphere and some of my Beloved Bride’s Buds™.

At this point, I’m thinking On The Border™.  Festive, there’s margaritas there, relatively inexpensive, there’s margaritas there, cozy, there’s margaritas there…did I mention that there’s margaritas there? 

La Reina Espatula™ is advising caution, however, as she’s not sure if her friends already have a bistro in mind.  “No worries”, I’m thinking, “I’ll just use my powers of persuasion…

(there will be a short pause here as BC finishes up with his sudden coughing fit)

…to talk ‘em into OTB.  Okay?  Okay.”

So our little two-vehicle convoy - myself, the SpatulaBride™ and the SpatulaGoddess™ - pull up at Ana’s former place of employment, a little school called Descubrir, I and my new wife walk inside while the SG waits in her van, so that I can announce Our Plans™ for Ana’s pals for the next four hours.

Before I can utter a word, however, they open the door to their main classroom…and both my jaw and that of the SpatulaBride™ hit the floor at warp speed.

For this is what awaited us…

(Click on the pic to take you to the rest of ‘em.)

Needless to say, a bodaciously fun time was had by all (though probably the most fun was had by the Royal Heirs™, who were bouncing like Super Balls™ all over the place all night long).

And, as soon as we secure our house, we’ll have our own little homewarming shindig in the form of Texas Blogfest ‘07:  Spats Can BBQ, Too!!!

Enjoy the pics!

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We direct you to this most excellent post by LC & IB Dave in Texas, who says it all so very very well.

As to myself, I observe a moment of silence to honor the brave men who stormed those seemingly impregnable beaches that day and, through doing so, bought the freedom without which I’d be speaking either German or Russian today.

I truly am not worthy.

I also remember a press whose primary job wasn’t to undermine the war effort and provide aid and comfort to our enemies in any way they could, who understood that freedom of the press comes with responsibilities attached, who knew that the future of the free world wasn’t just a tool for them to use to get back at politicians that they didn’t like.

And I remember politicians who understood that wars need to be fought with victory in mind rather than “international opinion” or Queensbury Rules, who knew better than to micro-manage every little detail from their comfy desks in D.C., who didn’t run away from the war as soon as they realized that things get broken and men get killed in armed conflict, politicians who knew that the only legacy worth having is the legacy of standing up to evil and destroying it no matter what the cost in the opinion polls.

We had them then, we don’t have them now.

Heaven help us.

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There are few things that I hate with a passion burning so bright that it frightens me to even think about it.

Racists are among them. People calling me racist are too. Right up there with communists, Islamofascists and child molesters.

So kindly cease and desist. You’ll find it exceedingly hard to type what you pass off as “columns” with every bone in all of your fingers crushed with a hammer. In alphabetical order. What’s worse, I don’t much like the fact that I’d enjoy every second of it, so I’d just as soon that I never had to.


Emperor Misha I

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LC & IB Allahpundit found a “memorial” to the embodiment of evil that was Psy-Cho and asks the very good question: “Is it possible to be too forgiving?”

A rhetorical question if ever there was one, but one that deserves an answer nonetheless.

We are commanded by the Lord G-d to forgive those that trespass against us, as He is willing to forgive us for our trespasses against Him so, in that sense, you cannot be too forgiving towards those who wish you ill. But, as we must ask Him to forgive us to gain His forgiveness, as we must repent of our sins to show that our actions were prompted by the original sin that we all carry and not an act of pure evil in our hearts, so must those who sin against us repent and beg.

Granting your forgiveness without a show of true repentance on the part of the sinner is not holy, it is an endorsement of the evil that the sinner wrought. Ask yourselves this: if a sinner is guaranteed forgiveness regardless of what he does after the sin, what is to stop him from sinning again? If forgiveness is automatic, then why care about it at all? If the stain of evil upon your immortal soul is washed away immediately without action required on your part, then what possible reason have you to be worried about the stain in the first place? If no reflection upon your sin and acceptance of your guilt is necessary for you to be forgiven, then what hope is there of you not sinning again?

Did that spawn of Satan ask for forgiveness? Mayhap he did in the hereafter, but we’ll never know, so it is not for us to forgive him.

There are few who have the power to grant forgiveness to that demon in human form, and none alive today have it. 32 innocent souls now in Heaven may, as may the Lord G-d Himself, but we cannot.

It is not ours, so it is not ours to give.

And, in that sense, there is indeed such a thing as too much forgiveness.

The ones who erected that memorial to evil, that apologia for Satan, are like unto thieves. They gave away a precious gift that is not theirs to give, they laid claim to a power they do not hold and they, as a result, are now in dire need of forgiveness themselves. And if they realize what they have done, for I am certain that they did not do so when they gave it, if they ask for it, they shall have it. Of that I’m sure. Not from me, for they have not sinned against me in giving something that is not theirs, but from G-d, for He is merciful and understanding beyond comprehension.

Those who built that altar of evil did, indeed, build nothing but a monument to their own ignorance. They did nothing but bear witness to their own vanity and narcissism, their yearning to prove that they are better than anybody else, their unholy lust for being holier than thou and bask in the cold warmth of their own imaginary goodness. Not because they themselves are evil, in their minds they did it with the best of intentions, but because they have been led astray, because they have forgotten the meaning of forgiveness, they have lost sight of our obligation to face evil, to confront it unwaveringly, with a hardened heart, and replaced it with a fantasy in which they can make evil go away by turning the other cheek, even when the cheek they turn belongs to somebody else.

If someone were to kill my brother, can I forgive the murderer for his evil deed? No, I cannot. It is not for me to do, for I was not the one wronged. That is for the murderer to iron out between him and G-d and the soul of the slain.

By doing so I am, in fact, taking the place of G-d and the soul of my brother, and I have no right to do so. It is a sin in itself.

What I can and what I must do is to harden my heart against evil, to lay down an oath to confront and fight it in whatever way I can, so that I may be instrumental in preventing the evil that took my brother to manifest itself again. I must honor his memory by using the pain, sorrow, anger and frustration from his murder to strengthen my resolve to face evil in all of its forms, to battle it whenever and wherever I can, without pause or mercy, to protect the weak, help the helpless and, to the best of my very limited and mortal abilities, do G-d’s work here on Earth.

Deus Io Vult!

But never, ever must I allow myself to turn somebody else’s cheek, forgive a wrong done not against me unless the victim himself or G-d has granted it, for that is a sin. That is theft, vanity, pride and self-aggrandizement at its worst. It is what Satan wants, it is an implicit endorsement and acceptance of the evil that he does and, for as long as I shall live, I shall never stay my sword from a strike at the neck of evil, however it may manifest itself.

That is what my Lord G-d expects of me, and to let Him down is the road to eternal damnation.

Empty, feel-good gestures are for empty souls, narcissistic fools valuing instant personal gratification above the Will of G-d.

I pray for their souls, for they will surely need it.

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Surfing around the Net, I noticed that a lot of South Koreans have been expressing regret over Psy-Cho’s murderous rampage and that the Ambassador to the U.S., Mr. Lee Tae Shik, even went as far as to apologize for the bastard’s actions, calling for Koreans to “repent” and proposing a 32 day fast to “prove the worth of the Korean community.”

Mr. Ambassador, I appreciate the intent behind your apology very much. Very much indeed, but I’m afraid that I cannot accept it. No sir, I will not accept it.

Because neither you, nor any other Korean on this planet, owe me or anybody else one.

You share no responsibility for that Hellspawn’s actions, and the fact that Satan let that instrument of his evil be born in your native country doesn’t change that one little bit.

So please, stop apologizing.

You have nothing to apologize for.


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Trying to prevent violence by outlawing self-defense is like trying to cure diarrhea by drinking a gallon of prune juice.

Meanwhile, let’s commit to truth by replacing the current “Gun Free Zone” signs with signs saying:


Criminals beware: Victims are prohibited by law from defending themselves here.

Fire at will.”

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A day that, too, shall forever live in infamy, at least in my mind.

On this day at 4 am, 67 years ago, the German hordes, without provocation, crossed the Danish border with 40,000 men, supported by the Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine. A few hours later the feckless Danish government surrendered while troops were still fighting and delaying the German advance successfully.

In Jutland, the peninsula jutting out to the north of Germany and the only part of the country attached to the continent, soldiers of the Royal Danish Army set up roadblocks and other defensive positions against impossible odds, stopping the advance cold in some places and dying with their weapons still taking a ghastly toll from the Nazis in others. In one position, the crew of a 20mm cannon continued to fire on the Germans until a tank rolled over them, elsewhere the landscape was littered with the burning hulks of Nazi panzers and the bodies of the crews that had knocked them out.

So when the order to surrender came, there was a lot of resentment from the Danish soldiers who, although retreating before a vastly superior enemy force, had no intentions of giving up as long as they still had breath in them.

To this day, a lot of speculation about the Danish government’s actions persist, and not without reason. The imminent German assault was no secret, far from it. As a matter of fact, on the morning of April 8th, a German soldier was overheard complaining about a battery repair not being finished “because he needed it for when they crossed the border at 4 o’clock.” Yet the Danish government never gave the order to mobilize, something that would most certainly have delayed the German advance for much longer. No, victory wasn’t an option, the German Wehrmacht was far too strong a force for that, but considering that the German plans against Norway required the use of the Danish airfield at Aalborg in the north of Jutland, even a delay of a few days might have changed history as British forces were, at that very moment, steaming towards Norway to counter the German plans. Also, the coastal batteries around the capital Copenhagen, one of the most important German landing points, had their crews stripped away from them and sent on leave right before the German invasion.

Coincidence? A lot of people, myself included, doubt it very much.

But in spite of this stab in the back, Danish soldiers, lacking both in training and completely without heavy equipment, fought and died where they stood.

Five years of Nazi occupation followed that damned day, and, after the war, the resentment among the armed forces born by the spineless behavior of the Danish government gave birth to the Danish Home Guard, a standing force of tens of thousands of trained and equipped citizen soldiers, capable of mobilizing in a matter of hours due to their equipment being in their personal possession off as well as on duty, and instructed to fight no matter what, with or without orders while the regulars mobilized.

“Never again an April 9th” was and is their motto to this day.

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…thanks to the wisdom of his Imperial Omniscience

Sir Christopher alerts us to this unusual finding:

WASHINGTON (AP) - About one-third of the people living in the national’s capital are functionally illiterate, compared with about one-fifth nationally, according to a report on the District of Columbia.

Also, a larger than average percentage of the population of DC is employed by the government.

There. Conundrum solved.

Next time, give us something challenging.

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LC & IB Russ, the Imperial Cluebat™ Manufacturer, has been struggling for a long time with a condition lacking, so far, a final diagnosis. But that’s about to change on Monday, hopefully.

If you’re the praying type, please send up a few for him and, if you’re not, some happy thoughts and support would be most assuredly appreciated.

Hang in there, Russ. Your attitude is admirable, and I have quite a few good words on the way to The Man Upstairs.

Your friend always,


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There’s a story up at Hot Air about a fine young Marine, CPL Matt Sanchez, who has been a go-to guy for fighting back against the anti-war lynch mobs on campus and who recently received the Jeanne Kirkpatrick Academic Freedom Award at CPAC.

Of course, that’s not the whole story, as Paul Harvey would say, because it now turns out that CPL Sanchez has a past (imagine that), and that said past involves being a gay pr0n actor and, for lack of a better word, “escort.” None of which, obviously, he is today.

But it sure has the Loony “Tolerant” Left all a-twitter, as is always the case when somebody belonging to a group they profess to adore turns out to be a Republican. All of a sudden his gayness, present or past, is HUGE news and he has to be snickered at and ridiculed non-stop because, well, that’s the extent of the Left’s “tolerance” and “understanding.” You’re a hero to them as long as you don’t dare step off the plantation. Just ask Michael Steele, Condi Rice, Colin Powell, Bill Cosby, the list goes on and on. If you DO step off the liberal plantation, all of their precious talking points about embracing different lifestyles/skin colors/religions and how THEY’RE not homophobes, racists and bigots go straight out the window and they exhibit a behavior, a lynch mob mentality that would make their ideological predecessors in the Hitler Jugend blush with shame.

“Ah, but it’s the HYPOCRISY!”, they exclaim while wiping the froth and spittle off their receding chins, revealing a rather fascinating kind of illiteracy. I mean, unless the object of their hatred and feces-flinging is still secretly embracing the actions that he now claims to reject, I just can’t see the hypocrisy anywhere, but maybe the progressive retards have a special decoder ring for their version of Merriam-Webster’s.

“You keep saying that word, but I don’t think it means what you think that it means.”

But hey, that’s old news. The Left’s fanatical devotion to their hateful ideology knows no bounds, so I’m not going to bother with it further.

What does confound me is why the news about CPL Sanchez has some on the Right on the defensive. Why do they even think they need to be on the defensive? I just don’t understand it.

If you’re not among those of us who believe that homosexuality is a sin or otherwise wrong, then there’s no issue there, is there? So he was a gay pr0n actor/prostitute, so what? If you really believe that there’s nothing wrong with homosexuality, then why on Earth do you have your knickers in a wad because of what you learned of CPL Sanchez’s past or, for that matter, his present?

And if you ARE among those of us who believe in Scripture, I must repeat myself: What’s the big hairy deal? It’s in his past, isn’t it, but perhaps all of those of you out there unwilling to consider that would care to tell us all that you don’t have anything in your pasts that wouldn’t pass Scriptural scrutiny? If so, I have only two options: You’re either lying or you’re the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Guess which one I’ll have to lean towards.

We’re all sinners. If we weren’t, there’d have been precious little point in the Son of G-d coming down here to die for our sins, or did I misunderstand something in church?

We’re all sinners, and we’re all taught that through repentance and change we can make up for that. We have to repent and change, forgiveness isn’t free, but it’s there, for all of us. All is forgiven, go forth and sin no more.

And isn’t that exactly what CPL Sanchez has done? Not only has he repented of his ways, he has worked hard to remove himself from them and make himself a better man, and I dare say with quite a bit of success too. Even if he were still actively gay, it would make no difference. Do we hate the sin, or do we hate the sinner? You all know the answer to that question already.

So I ask again, this time of my fellow Christians, what is there to be on the defensive about? Why should we cast this brother aside for something in the past, something he has repented of just as we have repented of our sins. Why should it even matter to us what he once did and does no more?

It shouldn’t.

We should instead celebrate his victory over sin and I, for one, do.

So no, I will offer no excuses for CPL Sanchez’s past. He needs none.

No, I will not be ashamed of calling him my brother. I should be ashamed if I wouldn’t.

No, I will not attempt to justify my respect and love for my brother, because they need no justification.

As to the hypocritical, and yes they ARE the hypocrites here for espousing values that they clearly do not hold, shit-flingers of the Left, you can bite my proud, Christian ass. I’d rather have ONE CPL Sanchez on my side than a hundred thousand of your worthless, backstabbing ilk.


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