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Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler » Archive for Fwench Fuckheads
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Archive for the “Fwench Fuckheads” Category

Where “youths of mysteriously indeterminable extraction” have fun burning Paris to cinders, so fire up the Car-B-Qs and get ready to roast some marshmallows:

VILLIERS-LE-BEL, France (AP) — Rampaging youths rioted for a second night in Paris’ suburbs, firing at officers and ramming burning cars into buildings. At least 80 officers were injured, a senior police union official said Tuesday.

In fairness to Associated (With Terrorists) Press, they don’t seem to have trouble mentioning the religion that we dare not mention in connection with violence, riots and general ass-hattedness:

Youths, many of them Arab and black children of immigrants, again appeared to be lashing out at police and other targets seen to represent a French establishment they feel has left them behind.

OK, so they don’t mention The Religion That Must Not Be Named Unless Immediately Followed By The Words “Of Peace”™, but unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last fourteen-hundred years (or are a liberal multi-culti type, endlessly tolerant towards any sort of religion except for Christianity), it’s pretty obvious that we aren’t talking about Presbyterians here.

And what a marvelously brilliant behavior by the cluefucked camel-bothering cretins who feel that “the establishment has left them behind.” We’re sure that the establishment will be ever so much more benevolent in their attitude towards you now that you’ve tried to murder 80 of its members. Much like your paleosimian ideological brethren, that whole concept of “Cause and Effect” seems to elude you at every turn, doesn’t it?

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Thanks to LC Terrapod, the Imperial Dungeon Game Room™ now has to call in The Imperial Sanitation Crew™ to clean all of the spewed beverages off the floors, monitors & walls and then have them take our pissed-in pants to The Imperial Dry Cleaners™. Why all of the mess? We clicked on this link.

(Note: You have to watch the video.)

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This has to be the most redundant headline in recorded history:

Tiny brain no obstacle to French civil servant

Considering that he was both fwench and a civil “servant”, we’d expect it to be a major asset.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A man with an unusually tiny brain managed to live an entirely normal life despite his condition, caused by a fluid buildup in his skull, French researchers reported on Thursday.

Scans of the 44-year-old man’s brain showed that a huge fluid-filled chamber called a ventricle took up most of the room in his skull, leaving little more than a thin sheet of actual brain tissue.

“He was a married father of two children, and worked as a civil servant,” Dr. Lionel Feuillet and colleagues at the Universite de la Mediterranee in Marseille wrote in a letter to the Lancet medical journal.

Inasmuch as whatever it is that civil “servants” everywhere do can be classified as “work”, that is.

Intelligence tests showed the man had an IQ of 75, below the average score of 100 but not considered mentally retarded or disabled, either.

At least not by fwench standards.

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After the resounding defeat of the Socialist Succubi™ in the Paristinian Terrortories™, we’ve once again been treated to pictures of fWench “non-descript youths of unknown descent” celebrating only the way that fWench “non-descript youths of unknown descent” know how— by having spontaneous CarBQ’s™ throughout the country.

This got the minions down in The Imperial Dungeon Game Room™ thinking about trends in television viewing over the last few years and we came up with a couple of examples that we think pretty much sum up the differences between the directions that non-fiction TV programming is going, here in the US, and across the pond on The InContinent™.

American TV Phenomenon

fWench TV Phenomenon


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Sarkozy wins, giving fwance one last shot at ending her death spiral down the EUnuch sewer.

And, true to her threat, the socialist sow’s followers are already rioting like crazy.

Mohamed Mechmache, President of AC Le Feu — an association created following the November 2005 riots, has ominously warned that “France did not understand the message sent during the riots in October and November of 2005.”

In Lille, just before 22h00, around 200 anarchists French youths with black flags grouped around the Grand Place and chanted “Fascist Sarko, the people will have your hide”. After pelting riot police, the demonstrators were dispersed. One demonstrator was injured.

Firemen in the south of Lille have answered 20 alarms for torched vehicles.

As always, the response of socialists to not getting their way is to rape, pillage, burn and vandalize. This should come as no surprise to anybody familiar with their particular disease of the mind, a cancer on humanity started by Marx.

And that is why they, like any other cancer, must be cut out and burned.


[Update: A few official figures on the extent of the socialists peaceful protests seething rage is available here. But not to worry, the article has the police assuring the citizens, there’s nothing at all to worry about, just move along folks, nothing to see here.

However, an internal police memo obtained by Reuters said there was no large-scale trouble there.

. The poor, muzzy-mutt fuckers multi-ethnic suburban youths are just trying to keep warm and cheese doesn’t burn. –JB]

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That is the only logical conclusion we can draw from this nonsense, sent to us by LC readerjp:

May 4, 2007 | New Rule: Conservatives have to stop rolling their eyes every time they hear the word France. Like just calling something French is the ultimate argument winner. “Aw, you want a healthcare system that covers everybody and costs half as much? You mean like they have in France? What’s there to say about a country that was too stupid to get on board with our wonderfully conceived and brilliantly executed war in Iraq?”

Earlier this year, the Boston Globe got hold of an internal campaign document from GOP contender Mitt Romney, and a recurring strategy was to tie Democrats to the hated French. It said, in the Machiavellian code of the election huckster, “Hillary equals France,” and it envisioned bumper stickers that read, “First, not France.”

We’re beginning to like this candidate, Romney.

Except for one thing: We’re not first. America isn’t ranked anywhere near first in anything except military might and snotty billionaires.

Works for us. Beats being helpless and poor, if you ask us but, then again, we’re not wise Solons like the barely literate weasel, Maher.

The country that is ranked No. 1 in healthcare, for example, is France. The World Health Organization ranks America at 37 in the world — not two, or five — 37, in between Costa Rica and Slovenia, which are both years away from discovering dentistry.

Intrigued by this, we decided to hunt down the source for this claim, seeing as how Maher couldn’t be arsed to back up his claim himself with a link. And, lo and behold, this WHO U.N. study really does say that. And who are we to argue with anything coming out of that fount of wisdom, that most august of bodies, the Almighty UN?

Of course, if you’re even halfway intelligent (or “not Bill Maher”), you’d be interested in just how they “measured” this, and we quite frankly found it quite intriguing. After all, the “health”care system of Cuba ranked only two places lower than us on WHO’s list, and we’d rather like to know how a “health”care system like this one could possibly end up in the same category as our own.

So we dug into the accompanying article, and we had to dig quite a bit. For some weird reason, they didn’t list their criteria up front, rather they buried them way down in the article and we cannot for the life of us imagine why.

WHO’s assessment system was based on five indicators: overall level of population health;

Or “life expectancy” as it is also known. Since that number isn’t all that different if you compare the U.S. to fwance, that couldn’t be it.

health inequalities (or disparities) within the population;

The “unfairness factor.” Unfairness meaning that if you can buy better healthcare, your society is horrible. The lowest level is irrelevant, what’s important is that everybody’s equally miserable. That explains why Cuba is worse than the U.S. in that Fidel Castro, that communist mass murderer, can fly in a private team of surgeons and equipment while everybody else have to pray that they don’t die. The difference between the U.S. and Cuba being, of course, that Fidel isn’t spending his own money on his superior healthcare, he’s spending the money belonging to the teeming masses kicking the bucket in the roach farms that the Democrats, for some reason, refer to as the superior, free Cuban health care system (Hillary-care in Spanish).

By this the WHO’s yardstick, it doesn’t matter if the worst quality healthcare of your country is lightyears ahead of a hellhole like Cuba. What matters is that everybody get treated the same.

overall level of health system responsiveness (a combination of patient satisfaction and how well the system acts);

Or, as it is known in countries with “nationalized health care”, “waiting lists.” I have a fair amount of experience with that, having grown up with and worked in nationalized healthcare, and it means showing up after nine months or more for a critical diagnostic test, only to be told that you could’ve been saved if you’d only had the test eight months ago. But that doesn’t matter to the WHO, all that matters is that everybody gets to die equally for a lack of diagnostic tests. Socialism may be inhumane, brutal and heartless, but at least it’s fair.

distribution of responsiveness within the population (how well people of varying economic status find that they are served by the health system);

Again: Difference is bad. It doesn’t matter if your overall level of responsiveness is better than others, what matters is whether or not everybody is treated equally poorly.

and the distribution of the health system’s financial burden within the population (who pays the costs).

The real criterion: It’s much better, according to the WHO’s “study” if somebody else is paying your hospital bill. Paying for it yourself either privately or through insurance is BAAAAAD, spending somebody else’s money on it is GOOOOOD.

So, to sum it up, quality of care is measured, according to the WHO, by how much everybody else is equally miserable and to what degree you’re able to make somebody else pay for it.

Look at it that way and we ought to be proud of being number 37.

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True to form, fwench Socialist Sow Ségolène Royal threatened with violence if she’s not the winner of the election (link via Protein Wisdom):

PARIS — France risks violence and brutality if conservative candidate Nicolas Sarkozy wins tomorrow’s presidential election, his Socialist opponent, Ségolène Royal, said yesterday.

On the last day of official campaigning, opinion polls indicated that Sarkozy was enjoying a commanding lead over Royal, who accused the former interior minister of lying and polarizing France.

“Choosing Nicolas Sarkozy would be a dangerous choice,” Royal told RTL radio.

“It is my responsibility today to alert people to the risk of [his] candidature with regards to the violence and brutality that would be unleashed in the country,” she said.

The darling socialists haven’t changed one little bit since the Germany of the 1930s. “Vote for us or unpleasant things are bound to happen to you.”

Pressed on whether there would actually be violence, Royal said: “I think so. I think so.” She said Sarkozy’s social policies as interior minister had increased tensions in the country, referring specifically to France’s volatile suburbs hit by widespread rioting in 2005.

Of course, Sarkozy was pretty much the only soul in fwance who suggested that something actually needed to be done about the Car-BQs, while everybody else were busy trying to figure out ways of buying off the barbarians.

But now it has nothing to do with the savages that the fwench, stupid that they are, have let inside the portcullis, torching Paris because their primitive mindset can’t allow for the infidels to ever be right about anything, murdering innocents because a couple of their retarded own tried hiding from the law in a power station and got fried in the process.

Oh no, it all happened because the mooselimbs knew, in advance, that Sarkozy would suggest that maybe there’s something fundamentally wrong with dousing handicapped people with gasoline and setting them on fire because two criminals you never knew ended up killing themselves.

And, true to what Socialists are all about, the syphilitic sow are telling fwench voters that the best thing you can do, in fact the ONLY thing you can do in the face of aggression is to surrender immediately or you will deserve the outrages of the barbarian hordes. I’m so very sorry that she and her mindless followers weren’t raped to death by rampaging mooselimb hordes, because not only would it have cleansed the world of useless filth, it would also have made for great entertainment.

Allow us to quote Niccolo Machiavelli, thanks to a reminder from Hot Air:

If you yield to a threat, you do so in order to avoid war, and more often than not, you do not avoid war. For those before whom you have thus openly demeaned yourself by yielding, will not stop there, but will seek to extort further concessions, and the less they esteem you the more incensed will they become against you. On the other hand, you will find your supporters growing cooler towards you, since they will look upon you as weak or pusillanimous.

Or, as His Imperial Majesty likes to put it:

Oderint dum metuant.

“Let them hate you, as long as they fear you.”

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They despise themselves even more than we despise them.

The survey of six nations, carried out for the International Herald Tribune daily and France 24 TV station, said 44 percent of French people thought badly of themselves against 38 percent of U.S. respondents who had a negative view of the French.

This will not stand. We will not accept second place in anything, and certainly not when it comes to detesting the fwench, the effeminate, cowardly, sheep-burning, cheese-eating surrender faggots.

So let’s ramp up the scorn a bit, shall we? All the way to “11.”

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*Fade in… A group of fedora-bedecked crickets are leaning against a filthy, back alley wall, smoking tiny little cricket-sized cigarettes, nonchalantly picking their little cricket nails and occasionally looking around for the cricket cops, while other crickets are throwing dice behind a stack of cardboard boxes…*

Only one question remains… Why isn’t *spit* fWance *spit* a glowing green glass parking lot for EUnuchDisney™?


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…by coming down hard on the police, of course (link via LC & IB Robert Spencer):

PARIS (AP) — A judge in the Paris suburb of Bobigny has charged two police officers in connection with the 2005 electrocutions of two teens whose deaths sparked three weeks of rioting in France, officials said Thursday.

You remember the two, don’t you? The two teenaged goblins who, trying to evade the police, hid in a power substation and took a ride on Old Sparky to that Big Fig Farm in the Sky.

The two officers were charged Wednesday for ”non-assistance to people in danger,” which carries up to five years in prison and a maximum $97,400 fine, judicial officials said on condition of anonymity in line with policy.

The decision came more than 15 months after Zyed Benna, 17, and Bouna Traore, 15, were killed as they hid from police in a power substation in the Paris suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois.

And now the cops are being charged because they didn’t magically detect that the little morons were playing with electrical wires in the substation and save them from their own stupidity.

The Oct. 27, 2005, electrocutions triggered riots that raged through housing projects in troubled neighborhoods with large Arab and black populations. France’s suburbs remain plagued by poverty, discrimination, tensions between youth and police and a sense of alienation from French society.

Any excuse for running amok in the streets and creating havoc is a good excuse for the increasingly misnomered Religion of “Peace.” And, who knows, mayhap the perceived alienation from fwench society might be diminished if they were to start behaving like, say, evolved lifeforms?

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