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Archive for the “Socialist Swine” Category

If this was the vaudeville days of yore, this assclown would’ve already gotten the hook. In spite of his nearly continuous demonstration of any leadership acumen, he still manages to swindle dollars to keep his leaky raft campaign afloat.

Obama stops wearing flag pin

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama says he no longer wears an American flag lapel pin because it has become a substitute for “true patriotism” since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

The only true patriotism as defined by MurthaMutt, Reid, Lugosi, Commodore Oldsmobile and the Breck Girl, being surrender, cut, run and hide under your momma’s (or wife’s for John-Boy) skirts.

He commented on the pin in a television interview Wednesday and then again on Thursday at a campaign appearance in Independence, Iowa.

Not being bright enough to realize he shoved his head so far up his ass only his tonsils stopped it, he REPEATS himself.

Noting the TV interview, he told the campaign crowd, “I said, you know what, I probably haven’t worn a flag pin in a very long time. After a while I noticed people wearing a lapel pin and not acting very patriotic.”

Pins don’t make for patriotic, nor can unpatriotic hide behind a pin. But in your case, screaming at every turn that you were against the war, before and currently during the war rules you out of the “patriotic” category permanently. I hold all you gutless, treasonous bastards accountable for putting political gain ahead of the national security in time of war. Blood is on your hands and it grows everyday as you merrily undermine the nation at war.

“My attitude is that I’m less concerned about what you’re wearing on your lapel than what’s in your heart. You show your patriotism by how you treat your fellow Americans, especially those who serve. You show your patriotism by being true to our values and ideals. That’s what we have to lead with is our values and our ideals.”

Pardon me while I heave up my Dunkin’ Donuts Xtra-Large Coffee. Urrrrrpppppp. Patriotism is proudly displaying and serving beneath that flag, citizen and soldier alike. That flag flew over countless foreign lands and here at home, under enemy fire, liberating the oppressed and restoring freedom to others at the cost of American blood and treasure. The flag, you scrotum-licking hack, epitomizes values and ideals that are obviously beyond your comprehension and that of the socialist succubi that are turning your organ-grinder’s wheels.

He had been asked about the pin Wednesday in an interview with KCRG-TV in Cedar Rapids.

“The truth is that right after 9/11 I had a pin,” Obama said. “Shortly after 9/11, particularly because as we’re talking about the Iraq war, that became a substitute for I think true patriotism, which is speaking out on issues that are of importance to our national security.”

Obama was campaigning Thursday on the third day of a four-day trip to the early voting state.

What don’t you understand here Dumbo? 9/11 woke up our nation to the biggest threat to our security since WW2. For awhile we had clarity, resolve and determination to engage an enemy on multiple fronts, using unconventional means necessary for an asymmetric war. A war that by it’s very definition would likely carry onto the next generation. The enemy has been waging it for SEVEN Centuries, only a fool believes that it would end with the capture of a few leaders. America saw during that cusp event, the true face of evil. The utterly inhuman evil of islamo-fascism without the dismissive attitude of the appeasement/peacenik crowd poo-pooing the existence of such evil. Decades of liberal-speak denying evil or apologizing and equivocating it was ripped away in a few hours that morning.

At one stop, he called for new restrictions on deployment of National Guard and Reserve troops along with an expansion of benefits for them and their families.

“I will not be a president who extends tours for our Guard units overseas while Americans are stranded on rooftops right here at home,” Obama said.

He said he would require “a period of rest and standard of readiness” before troops could be redeployed. He called for the head of the National Guard to be elevated to four-star rank and given a seat among the Joint Chiefs of Staff to reflect the heavy reliance on Guard soldiers and reservists during the Iraq war.

Continuing rapidly towards his maximum entropy, B. Hussein trots out Katrina as justification for his stance. Those people were stranded on the rooftops by the incompetent, corrupt local and state government, that the victims kept voting into office. I am fucking fed-up to the top of my cranium with any equation involving the WoT and the post-Katrina fiasco.

I propose an addendum to Godwin’s Rule of conversation: Any person or persons equating any aspect of the war on terror, having or contributing to the events surrounding Hurricane Katrina is forever rendered irrelevant, and bestowed the title of Lifetime Idiotarian. We’ll even buy you the pin and brand it on your forehead.

Since 2001, Obama said, more than 580,000 reservists have been activated, a level not seen since World War II.

In making his case, Obama pointed to an Iowa unit in which members learned from family and friends back home that their deployment had been extended. That unit — the 1st Battalion of the 133rd Infantry — recently returned after a 22-month deployment in Iraq.

“When we’ve got service members who have to find out that their tour has been extended in a phone call home, we’re not keeping that trust and we’re not keeping this country safe,” Obama said.

Is is remotely possible, Dumbo, that specific unit movements and deployments are of a classified nature and outside of general public announcements on purpose? Do tell specifically how keeping our troops in the field (because they’re needed you ass-wipe) makes us less safe?

He also called for increased mental health services, including screening and treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. He said nearly half of the National Guard troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan suffer from psychological problems, yet little emphasis is put on treating those disorders.

“We’re not providing adequate treatment, screening and benefits,” said Obama. “We need more mental health professionals and more training to recognize the signs.”

Bullshit on that play too. PTSD was a disease specifically identified symptomatically by military medical professionals. Shell-Shock, Battle Fatigue were all terms used to describe what we now call PTSD. Likewise, much of the treatment regimens were developed by the military medical community. The DoD is aware of this need and providing it. I can personally attest to this, as I have a family member that was required to undergo counseling in-country and stateside immediately when he unit transferred back home. Continuing services are available to anyone requesting them or as medically determined necessary.

What would you propose Obama? The Oprah Show-Miracle PTSD Cure™?

Fucking socialist, America-hating maggots, using poor military medical services as campaign fodder, simultaneously trying to defund the war is hypocrisy of the most egregious sort. Treasonous in it’s intent and effect.

You are now free to do the honorable thing B. Hussein, eat a large-caliber bullet. Let us know we’ll provide the round and a suitable weapon to fire it from.

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Nope. They’re not anti-American or anything…

NEW YORK — Nearly one out of every five Democrats thinks the world will be better off if America loses the war in Iraq, according to the FOX News Opinion Dynamics Poll released Thursday. (Emphasis mine—B.)

And another 20% “Aren’t sure.

Anything to ensure that they’re fatalistic, treasonous worldview isn’t proven wrong and their attempts to gain a stranglehold on power aren’t shattered by an Eeeevil Rethuglican™ president successfully leading a coalition in helping the Iraqis form a free and stable society in the Middle East.

Let’s see how they try and spin their way out of this one… (We should tap into their perpetual spinning to solve the world’s energy “crisis”.)


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So somebody decides to bitch slap for their disgusting “Betrayus” ad by mocking them mercilessly, and guess what?, that bastion of Free Speech, sends a cease & desist letter to CafePress, insisting that they remove the offending items and hand over personal contact info for the merchant.

Gee, that sounds like something Tits on a Chair™ would do.

So tell us again, weren’t huffing and puffing about their “First Amendment Rights” when defending their vile slander ad from the slings and arrows of outrage and disdain, claiming that they were being persecuted and having their rights threatened because people got mad at them and criticized them in public?

Obviously, to liberals, Free Speech Rights only apply when they happen to agree with the speech being expressed.

But we already knew that, didn’t we?

And no,, your precious copyright isn’t being “infringed” by somebody making fun of you. Tell your dumbass shyster lawyers to go back to school, will you? If the vendor were selling stuff as your stuff, now THAT would be copyright infringement.

But you’d have to be as dumb as a liberal to think that this:

…is in any shape, form or fashion “official merchandise.”

For one thing, it happens to make sense, you flaming hypocrites.

But hey, if that’s the game you want to play, let’s have some more:

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Yeah, it’s an old article, but truth is never “outdated“.

Underlying all “gun control” ideology is this one belief.” “Private citizens don’t need firearms because the police will protect them from crime.” That belief is both false and dangerous for two reasons.

First, the police cannot and do not protect everyone from crime. Second, the government and the police in most localities owe no legal duty to protect individuals from criminal attack. When it comes to deterring crime and defending against criminals, individuals are ultimately responsible for themselves and their loved ones. Depending solely on police emergency response means relying on the telephone as the only defensive tool. Too often, citizens in trouble dial 911 . . . and die.

Read the entire article and bookmark it for future ClueClubbings™ during Drooling Ungulate™ hunting season.


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As if we didn’t know already, here’s the real reason behind the biggest push of junk science in the history of mankind (thanks to LC Rob):

WASHINGTON — Dealing with global warming will be painful, says one of the most powerful Democrats in Congress. To back up his claim he is proposing a recipe many people won’t like _ a 50-cent gasoline tax, a carbon tax and scaling back tax breaks for some home owners.

Yep. Holy Mother Gaia is sick, and the only way to cure her is to rob you even blinder. But hey, don’t worry about it. While you’re sitting in the cheap government project apartments that will be all that you can afford with what’s left over from your paycheck, you can find consolation in the fact that you’re saving the planet. Rest assured that the rich and powerful (those would be the worthless 535 swine inhabiting the swamps of the District of Columbia) will be stressing that point as they’re jet-setting all over the globe, having lobster dinners, living in five star hotels and driving 15 limo motorcades on your dime. It’ll make the gruel and porridge go down much easier, we promise!

“I’m trying to have everybody understand that this is going to cost and that it’s going to have a measure of pain that you’re not going to like,” Rep. John Dingell, who is marking his 52nd year in Congress, said Wednesday in an interview with The Associated Press.

At least Rep. Dingleberry has the virtue of honesty to some extent, in that he doesn’t try to sugarcoat the imminent rape of you, the American taxpayer, all in the name of the worst scam in the history of mankind.

Dingell says he hasn’t rule out such a so-called “cap-and-trade” system, either, but that at least for now he wants to float what he believes is a better idea. He will propose for discussion:

_A 50-cent-a-gallon tax on gasoline and jet fuel, phased in over five years, on top of existing taxes.

Don’t worry and agonize over your next car purchase, because you won’t be able to afford driving it. And aren’t those the same Democrats who want to impose Stalinist price controls on the oil companies and their “obscene profits” in order to keep prices down? We may not be the sharpest tack in the box, but somehow we don’t think that adding an additional half a dollar to the price at the pump is going to help much in that department.

_A tax on carbon, at $50 a ton, released from burning coal, petroleum or natural gas.

You think your energy bills are outrageous and highway robbery now? Thanks to the DemCong majority in Congress you ain’t seen nothing yet. And all in the name of imposing a tax on the generation of the most vanishingly insignificant contribution to the grand total of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

_Phaseout of the interest tax deduction on home mortgages for homes over 3,000 square feet. Owners would keep most of the deduction for homes at the lower end of the scale, but it would be eliminated entirely for homes of 4,200 feet or more.

Of course, what they don’t really want to say out loud is that removing a deduction is exactly the same as a tax increase. Chew on that if you happen to own the humble domicile that you live in. The New And Improved Socialist Government of America™ doesn’t want you peasants to own anything, much less the roof you live under. How are they supposed to keep you under control and in line if that’s the case?

Try to think about your last tax return. Now pull out interest deductions. Wonderful, isn’t it?

He estimates that would affect 10 percent of homeowners. He says “it’s only fair” to tax those who buy large suburban houses and create urban sprawl.

“Divide and conquer.” It’s “only” 10 percent of homeowners, after all and, as Niemuller said: “First they came for the people who owned a home larger than 3,000 square feet, but mine was only 2,900, so I didn’t care.”

Oh, and of course it is only “fair” that people who have worked their asses off their entire lives in order to afford a bigger house should be punished for their “greed.” How DARE they when they, as good little slaves of the Government, ought to have sat on their arses and scraped through in a 1,000 square feet apartment while living off the dole?

But, at least all of those additional blood monies extracted from the already overtaxed population will be used to save us all from the impending doom caused by something that used to be called “weather”, right?

Wrong again:

Some of the revenue would be used to reduce payroll taxes, but most would go elsewhere including for highway construction, mass transit, paying for Social Security and health programs and to help the poor pay energy bills.

Nope. Not a dime. All of the money stolen from you will be used for building highways (for cars that won’t exist anymore) and welfare payments to those who aren’t contributing to the economy. More specifically, to those who then, because their continued living depends on the government’s largess, can be relied upon to always vote for their sugar daddies.

It’s quite simple: Just make sure that the majority of voters are dependent on your welfare handouts and you’ll be guaranteed a majority forever.

But hey, it’s all in the name of Mother Gaia!

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You may be able to come up with a more convincing endorsement of the Hummer (no, the CAR, you naughty plebes!), but this whiny socialist fuckwad’s lament makes His Imperial Highness want to rush out and buy FOUR of them, even if he had to donate his kids’ kidneys to pay for it, which he most assuredly would (link thanks to LC Darth Bacon):

One struggles to think of a worse vehicle at a worse time. Introduced shortly after 9/11 — an event whose causes were tangled in America’s unquenchable thirst for oil

And he hits the Moonbat High “C” right off the bat, blaming 9/11, not on the terrorist swine murdering 3,000 Americans by using civilian airliners as cruise missiles, but on Us Evil Americans and our insistence on driving cars larger than the average snuff box.

Just in case you didn’t get it, the clownshoes of Time Magazine believe that you are to blame for 9/11 if you drive anything bigger than a VW Beetle. Keep that in mind when the time comes for renewing your subscription.

— the Hummer H2 sent all the wrong signals. It was/is arrogantly huge,

Not quite as “arrogantly huge” as one of the Gorebecile’s Gulfstreams, though, but let’s not talk about that.

overtly militaristic,

Major selling point right there, if you ask us. But we wouldn’t spring for an H2. Too crammed with civilian claptrap for our tastes. We’d go with an original purchased from an Army auction instead.

openly scornful of the common good.

You just can’t hope to get employed by the Marxist MSM if you don’t wail about the “common good” at least once a paragraph. The “common good” meaning, of course, whatever the self-anointed socialist elite have decided that is good for you, while meticulously avoiding placing any such restrictions on their hypocritical selves.

As a vehicle choice, the H2 was a spiteful reactionary riposte to notions that, you know, maybe we all shouldn’t be driving tanks that get 10 miles per gallon.

Beautiful way of shoving it in the face of patchouli-reeking, holier-than-thou snotweasels such as yourself too. And, as an added bonus, the inside of the H2’s cabin hardly trembles enough for your coffee to spill when you drive it over a Pious. What’s not to love?

Not surprisingly, the green-niks struck back. A Hummer dealership was torched in Southern California.

Right after blaming the deaths of 3,000 innocent Americans on people driving cars bigger than a roller skate, the Time hack proceeds to give a nod of approval to domestic terrorism.

Charming outfit, aren’t they? We suppose they won’t mind much if us “war-niks” “strike back” by locking the entire staff of Time inside corporate HQ and torch the building, then? We can bring marshmallows to offset the wasteful CO2 emissions made by the conflagration, if it will make your screaming deaths easier to endure.

The H2 was also a PR catastrophe for GM, who happened to be repossessing and crushing the few EV1 electric cars at the time. It all contributed to GM’s emerging image as the Dick Cheney of car companies.

And what a horror of PR nightmares it was too! The entire tofu-munching, unemployable, bicycle-riding hippie demographic GONE. OverNIGHT! Sales fucking plummeted!

Oh, and thanks for including the obligatory Dick Cheney reference, Time. If you hadn’t, we’d have had to give you a handful of demerits for messing up your catechism.


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Just picked up this quote from LC & IB Dan Riehl:

Clinton said new tactics have brought some success against insurgents, particularly in Iraq’s Anbar province.

“It’s working. We’re just years too late in changing our tactics,” she said. “We can’t ever let that happen again. We can’t be fighting the last war. We have to keep preparing to fight the new war.”

Jumpin’ Jehosaphat on a Factory Tuned Pogo Stick, woman, how fucking dim can any single humanoid be?

You always “fight the last war” until you learn better. Put down your cattle futures and crack open a history book, you over-educated simpleton. The “last war” is all you have to go on when a new one starts, you rampaging rectal protuberance. What? You’re expecting divine inspiration, perhaps? The question isn’t about “fighting the last war” or not, it’s how long you keep “fighting the last war” after events begin to unfold and I will, reluctantly, grant you that the current administration hasn’t been overly impressive when it comes to thinking outside of the box. If those clowns had been in charge during WWII, we’d still be pondering whether invading Normandy would be a good idea in 1958.

But spare me the soundbites, please. I’ve forgotten more about military history than you’ll ever learn, so you’re not impressing anybody except for the morbidly ignorant.

Another blast of idiocy from the Hildebeest that I just can’t let pass:

Clinton said she wanted to restore America’s image abroad.

“People have to root for America,” she said. “They have to want to be on our side.”

Why, Hillary von Clausewitz? Granted, it would be awfully nice if everybody in the world stood up and cheered us on. It would also be nice if we had flying cars and the laws of physics could be repealed and altered as we see fit. Not to mention that I’d really like for money to grow on trees. But now that we’re done with the infantile wishful thinking that runs completely counter to every single record of history, could we please leave the perfect world and get back to Walgreen’s?

Whether the rest of the world like it or not is utterly immaterial. What matters is if it’s best for us, because we’re the only ones to whom we and, more specifically, the government of our nation has an obligation. I don’t really care whether the fwench would love to serially felch us all if doing so requires us to give up everything that makes us America. All I have to say to them and anybody feeling like they do is “you can either get on the train, step aside or get the fuck run over. I don’t give a flying flip.”

Dumb cow.

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Friend of the Empire, Admiral Kender comes up with a delightful perspective on socialism and why it’s vile.

An Open Letter To Socialists

Any post that starts in this manner:

I will keep this short and sweet.

I despise you.

Just has to be worth a read, and it truly is.

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(Via LC & IB Tim Blair)

A Canadian woman has given birth to extremely rare identical quadruplets.

The four girls were born at a US hospital because there was no space available at Canadian neonatal intensive care units.

I’m sure it’s the fault of the irresponsible parents, who forgot to make allowances for the 11-month waiting list for child deliveries or something.

It has to be. After all, aren’t we constantly told that the only problem with U.S. healthcare is that it isn’t run by the DMV USPS wonderfully efficient, cheap and fair state?

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(Via The Jawa Report):

The Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez has anointed himself president for life by proposing sweeping changes to the country’s constitution.

Setting out his plans for completing his socialist revolution in the oil-rich Latin American nation, he proposing radical constitutional reform which has at its centre indefinite re-election for himself.

I suppose that means that we won’t have to endure the Libtard Moonbats yammering about how the Eeeevil KKKonservatives in this country are “just out to destroy the fledgling, struggling ‘democracy’ of Venezuela?”

Who am I kidding? They’ll just move the goalposts again. Besides, they’re too busy gibbering about the Evil Bu$hHitler plotting to suspend elections and declare martial law in 2008 to bother paying attention to a socialist fuckwit actually abolishing democracy.

Socialists. Patton was right. Why did we leave the job unfinished in ‘45, succeeding only in wiping out the national socialists? The rest of them need to be exterminated as well. With extreme prejudice.

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