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Just as one member of the VRWC returns to blogging, we lose one of the best anti-Jihadist bloggers to ever grace the face of the InterWebTubeNets™.

We are extremely saddened to report that Patrick, The Koptic, Kryptic & Kantankerous Kafir™, is hanging up his blog shoes and heading off to greener pastures.

We down in here in The Imperial Dungeon™ Game Room™ will sorely miss you. You’ve fought the good fight against the MoHamHeadian Murthafuckers™ and we greatly appreciate all of your efforts over these last few years.

Fair winds & clear skies, friend. :(

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Our very own LC Brian the Sailor ponders the concept of “acceptable losses”, and we won’t spoil it by letting you know his answer.

We will let you know that it’s our answer too, however.

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It is with considerable pride and joy that we announce the return of the Imperial Blog Sister, the Duchess Rachel Lucas.

Those of you who remember her will be jumping up and down with joy by now, and those of you who don’t will be jumping with the rest of us shortly, of that I’m certain.

She was the one who helped me make the transition from BlogSpot to my own domain, indeed she designed the first template for this site, AND it was in the comments of HER site that we first saw the writings of somebody who would later, thanks to Rachel’s incessant nagging, become a blogger himself. You may have heard of him, actually, his name is Bill Whittle, another dear friend of mine.

Welcome back, blogsis! You’ve been sorely missed, and I think it’s time to break out the champagne.

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Meanwhile, the Hildebeest is looking for a theme song for her campaign, and LC & IB Cranky is trying to help her out by compiling suggestions. We’re sure you LCs might have a few ideas you’d like to share.

No, don’t leave ‘em here. Leave ‘em over there.

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This rant needs to be chiseled into a giant slab of marble and put in the spot where the U.N. used to be, before we blew it up with the corrupt swine locked inside of it, screaming for mercy.

We’ll use the estates of executed domestic fifth columnists to pay for the project.

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As you may have noticed, other than the MSM scare campaign about high-cap magazines that has now been thoroughly debunked — as well it should be since it, in the finest tradition of “professional journalism”, was founded on nothing even resembling facts — they’ve also been working themselves up quite a bit over the truly frightening characteristics of the humble 9mm Parabellum round, or “Euro Pellet” as we like to call it around here.

“Loseweek”, forever covetous of going where no hysteric has ever dared to thread, manage to conjure up visions of that most lethal of all rounds lurking inside demonically possessed pistols, haunting our lands independent of human assistance in search of victims.

It would make for a great, if somewhat silly, horror flick, but “Loseweek” is, of course, presenting it as journalism.

We’d work it over viciously if it wasn’t because the Imperial Chief of Naval Ops had already done such a fine job, so go ahead and enjoy. We’ll be here when you return.

Besides, having read “Loseweek’s” infantile efforts at fiction, we need a break to go secure our own 9mm. If we’d only known about the snake we’ve been nursing at our bosom… We shudder to think what it might have done in the middle of the night, loaded up and ready to go with no-one in sight to stop its murderous intentions.

There. We gave it a very stern talking to, letting it know in no uncertain terms that, should it ever decide to jump up and go on a murderous rampage, we should be very cross indeed. It, of course, being the obstinate, recalcitrant, murderous little bastard that it is, refused to acknowledge our admonishments with as much as a “yes sir”, but we think that we got our point across when we cut its weekly ammunition allowance.

That and insinuatingly waving around a can of pink paint in front of it.

Of course, now that we know how truly frighteningly lethal the 9mm is, a murder machine among firearms, we’re almost embarrassed to still have those harmless .45s around. Well, as long as we don’t tell anybody…

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Bitch-slapping Harry “Surrender!” Reid and the Dem Cong with Dr. Seuss?

LC & IB Mary Katharine Hamm shows us all how it’s done.

We’re in awe.

Really. Just go watch it.

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Be one.

(Link thanks to LC Scott)

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The Imperial Educational Advisor unloads both barrels on the Gun Confiscators who, up to their knees in the blood of their victims, are screaming for even more human sacrifices to their false sheep god.

Then she reloads and fires again. Go read it all.

Want more?

Go read this, courtesy of a tip from LC Gearhard.

I am in awe. Total, fucking, breathless awe.

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In case anybody has forgotten Al Sharkton’s long and well-documented history of racism, anti-Semitism and incitement to murder and arson, not to mention slander and defamation of character, here’s a splendid recap.

One count of defamation of character (which Al Sharpton has never apologized for, much less recanted, in spite of having lost the case and having had to pay $345,000 in damages), one count of murder, four counts of attempted murder and one count of arson. All because of that dumbass fuckhead’s big, filthy, racist yap.

Or, as Geraldo Rivera likes to refer to him: “A great man. Maybe the greatest civil rights leader of all time.

Then again, Whorealdo Rivera has never been known for an abundance of activity between the ears.

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