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Boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy it’s going to be a rather splendid time watching the Huckabomb go down in flames.

We don’t know about you, but somehow it strikes us as rather unwise to choose for the leader of our nation somebody who likes to pick fights with people he can’t possibly hope to win against. Pick a fight. With Rush freakin’ LIMBAUGH???

Also, now that he’s done pronouncing that he has G-d’s Own Endorsement and that any criticism of him during the holy season is just downright un-Christian, he’s on to bigger things. He has already done his best to insult anybody happening to be a Mormon so, that particular denomination checked off the list, the next obvious group to piss on would be the Catholics, we suppose.

Apparently taking a dump on somebody’s faith by kissing up to a raving bigot who hates their guts is quite OK with the Almighty, but criticizing The Anointed Hickabee, G-d’s Own Candidate during Christmas is just. Beyond. The. Pale.

But what would we know? We don’t have the L-rd Our Savior’s Own Endorsement like Hickabee does.

Who is this moron’s strategy advisor? Hermann Goering?

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At least that’s what Rod Dreher seems to ineffectually argue in this cosmic crapheap of an opinion piece.

His Imperial Majesty can’t possibly do a better job of incinerating that nonsense than LC & IB Ace does, so go read that one if you don’t mind being left with the mental image of Rod Dreher dangling from a coat rack by the elastic of his Hanes, crying uncontrollably about his lost lunch money.

We know we don’t.

But we do want to add this: Take your “you don’t like Huckabee because he’s a Christian” and shove it, pal.

We’re a Christian, about as Christian as they come, and we bloody well hate his guts. It’s not because he’s a Christian, no matter how much blathering buttskates like Rod Dreher would like to avoid addressing the real issue by donning the thorned crown of martyrdom instead, it’s because he’s a flipping nanny-statist, liberal, illegal alien-loving, murderer/rapist-pardoning, “hasn’t heard about the Cuban crises” imbecilic heap of incoherent, inexperienced, corrupt, flip-flopping sack of particularly nauseating codswallop.

In fact, that he’s a Christian (if, indeed, he is by any reasonable definition of the word) is his only redeeming feature.

But note this, Rod Dreher and Dreher wannabes, and note it well: THIS Evangelical Christian does NOT believe that that, and that alone, makes him qualified to be President. It certainly doesn’t disqualify him, but if that’s the only thing on his resume that doesn’t make us want to pull the lever for the trapdoor and feed him to the hungry tiger, then he can go get bent as far as we’re concerned.

If that makes us a card-carrying member of an “anti-Christian” Right Wing Conspiracy dreamed up by clowns such as Dreher, then so be it. That would make a religious fanatic out of Dreher, then, a fanatic of the sort that would make any Haji feel like a sinner in dire need of repentance.

As to ourself, it’s still Fred and Fred all the way, seeing as how he’s the ONLY candidate with some actual specific policies in place, conservative policies mind you, which we always found somewhat appropriate for a candidate running for an allegedly conservative party.

Also, he’s the only one of the candidates, with the exception of Hunter, that doesn’t make us want to vomit.

UPDATE: And now, via Hot Air:

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Indeed I will.

But Carol Sue Shields won’t.

Thanks to Mike Huckabee, who pardoned the scumbag who then, fresh after being let out of jail at Huckaclown’s behest, murdered her less than a year later.

Give us more, O Emperor! »

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Gee, we’re beginning to see why Huckabee is doing so well in the polls as of late. It’s because the average voter is a flippin’, card-carrying doofus. Or at least the ones responding to polls.

Not only did the Anointed Clown claim that his cozy relationship with noted mass murderer and dictator Castro was due to his not knowing anything about the Cuban Missile Crisis and related issues (and we must quote Hot Air’s Bryan here):

Surely he does remember hearing about Elian Gonzalez, sent back to Castro’s Cuba by Huckabee’s fellow Arkansan, Bill Clinton? The Mareil boatlift? The Cuban Missile Crisis? The Spanish-American War?

They do have schools in Arkansas, right? These schools do teach history? Mike Huckabee attended school and learned history at some point in his life?

…he’s also now admitting that he has changed positions on Cuba (that he claims to know nothing about) because, well, because he’s running for President.

Wow. What’s not to love?

He’s not merely a functional illiterate with less knowledge of U.S. history than your average EUroweenie fucking 2nd grader, he’s also a self-admitted opportunistic liar! Combine that with his hatred of his fellow citizens, calling them “racist and nativist” when they don’t agree with him that every single illegal immigrant in the country should receive for free, on the spot, what millions are waiting in line for decades and paying through the nose for, his tender heart when it comes to pardoning rapists and murderers, his love of raising taxes and his philosophy that we should deal with mentally unstable psychopaths like Ahmadinnerjacket according to the Golden Rule and it’s a wonder that he’s not ahead in the polls by 60 percent.

If he were running as a Democrat, that is.

At this point, all I can say is that the polls showing him way ahead as the potential GOP nominee in ‘08 had better be doctored by the MSM.

Because if that is really, truly what the GOP voters want next year, then I will not merely be staying at home in November, I’ll be feeling fucking GOOD about it. Heck, I would hold my nose and vote for McCain before I’d vote for this imbecilic, to-the-left-of-the-Hildebeest freak of nature, and you all know how I feel about McVain, so that oughta tell you something.

Somebody needs to get the Fred Machine kicked into high gear, because if Huckleberry here is our candidate next year, then the Dhimmicrats can run Josef Stalin’s fucking ghost against him and win.

In a landslide.

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We seriously don’t understand what all the excitement is about.

He loves taxes, ANY sort of taxes, and will happily sign on to any kind that the legislature might send to him. We don’t know, but conservatism must have taken a strange turn since we converted to it if that’s considered a viable position for a GOP candidate.

He’s all in favor of sending AIDS victims to the camps, or at least he used to be until somebody noticed. Now he’s claiming that nobody knew back in ‘92 that AIDS wasn’t transmitted by, we don’t know, handshakes or dirty looks. We’re willing to entertain the notion that Huckabee didn’t know, he doesn’t strike us as somebody weighed down by an overabundance of book learning, but everybody else above the age of four knew. Next, he’ll advocate gassing cancer patients, we’re sure. And the mentally retarded. No, he won’t do that. That would put himself in danger.

He has a rather impressive (if you’re a rapist or murderer or both) record of pardoning violent criminals, at least one of which went on to murder a mother of three. A strategy that worked really well for Dukakis, if we remember correctly.

He’s also on the record for calling opponents to amnesty for illegals “racist and nativist”, in the finest tradition of Michael Jerkoff, President Bush and Teddy Kennedy, and you all know how well that thing plays with people simply concerned about upholding the nation’s laws. But we guess that the law of the land means nothing to Huckabee which, again, is a rather curious position for a so-called “conservative” to take.

He’s a Gorebecile of the worst sort, fully devoted to worshiping at the altar of Global Wormening, even though he likes to pretend that he’s not all that sure that mankind has anything to do with it but, as he says:

“We have done more to abuse than use the planet.” He added that it’s better for Americans “to act as if global warming” is a scientific fact because there is “no downside in conserving our resources.”

Nope. No downside at all to mandatory caps on glowbull wormening “pollution.” It’s not like it’s going to create price increases as more expensive substitutes become needed to run the economy. Nor is heavily subsidizing worthless and expensive corn growing for ethanol going to cost a penny, much less shift food production away from, well, food production and cause scarcity and increased prices at the grocery store.

We throw away nail clippings more knowledgeable about economic basics than the sum total of whatever it is that keeps Huckabee’s ears from collapsing on the vacuum between them.

And he’s a GOP “front runner?’

Gee, they may have finally gone and done it: Create a “Republican” candidate that makes the Hildebeest look only mildly insane by comparison.

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Listen, I know that some of you Northern “conservatives”, particularly those on the Rudy McRomney bandwagon, are scared shitless of any GOP candidate to the right of Chuck Schumer because you think that only a liberal with an “R” next to his name can win in ‘08, but if you think that this is what is going to win an election:

…then I have to ask you why you don’t just cross over to the Hildebeest while you’re at it, because I’m having a damn hard time seeing the difference these days.

(Bonus question: Who’s the half bald, smirking chimpanzee behind Rudy McBradyBunch?)

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Here’s more proof that the 2008 Silly Season is a train-wreck already in progress for the GOP. Congress and Weeniedick W, have approval ratings in the toilet, notably the congressional approvals are the lowest in decades. The conservative base is ready to abandon the GOP ship in droves, and the best the minority party in congress can do is this?

GOP senators offer new timeline for Iraq

A small group of Republicans facing election fights next year have rallied around war legislation they think could unite the GOP: Call for an end to U.S. combat in Iraq, but wait until President Bush is almost out of office.
[Emph Mine]

This sounds eerily like Voinobitch is already preparing a position of surrender to a Hillary Whitehouse.

The Democrats on Friday deemed the legislation a nonstarter, and underscored the difficulty Congress has in striking a bipartisan compromise on the war. What attracts Democrats has repelled Republicans and vice versa, making it impossible so far to find a middle ground.

It’s pretty simple you dim-witted DCites. Call Their Bluff. Propose an immediate cessation of US hostilities and an immediate drawn-down of troops and equipment and let the bastards stand on their votes. But like a dog returning to it’s own vomit, they stay in character with fingers in the wind, believing the Dead Stream Media, BowelMovementOn, etc. that Americans are losing interest in winning the WoT.

“I don’t support it at all,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. “It doesn’t do anything.”

Harry I’m A Good Treatment For Insomnia™ Reid couldn’t support anything even if equipped with a titanium jock strap. You gotta’ have a pair to support.

The proposal, by Sen. George Voinovich, R-Ohio, would require that Bush change the mission of U.S. troops from combat to primarily support roles, such as training Iraqi security forces and protecting U.S. infrastructure in Iraq. His legislation would set a goal of completing such a mission transition within 15 months.

Fucking Brilliant !!! We’ll stay there and take casualties, but we just won’t shoot back. Only a mouth-breathing RINO like BoyBitch could come up with a surrender plan that INCREASES our casualties.

Give us more, O Emperor! »

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This just in, thanks to Sir Christopher:

WASHINGTON - Chuck Hagel will announce Monday that he is retiring from the U.S. Senate and will not run for president next year, people close to the Nebraska Republican said Friday.

Dammit. Dammit, dammit, DAMMIT!

Why, in the name of Alexander the Great’s abused sphincter, do I have to learn about this at this time of day, with several hours left before I can, in good conscience, pop open a bottle of sparkly?

Goodbye, Chuck Hagel Schmekel, and good riddance to bad rubbish.

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Not that we find it in the least bit surprising:

On the first day of her Middle East tour, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Tuesday signed a joint statement with Egypt, Jordan and six Persian Gulf states, endorsing the 2002 Arab peace initiative as one of the foundations for Middle East peace. Visiting the region with Rice is Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

The initiative offers Israel normalized relations with all Arab countries in return for full withdrawal from the territory Israel captured in 1967.

“You’re either with us or — we’ll offer you somebody else’s land in exchange for ‘peace’.”

Anybody thought about asking, I don’t know, the Israelis about this sudden eruption of generousness with other people’s property?

17 months left of that backstabbing, terrorist-appeasing fuckwit Administration, yet it feels more like 17 years.

Hey, Shrubya, ya chatichat hara, leh tezayen kivsa!

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It’s hardly a surprise that quite a few of the “Nay” votes were thrown by pro-amnesty shitheels after it became obvious that the bill would fail. “Hey, why go down with a sinking ship, and we all know that the stupid voters won’t be able to see through a transparent ploy like that, right?”

Senators, you don’t have to do anything more to prove what you think of We The People, so why do you keep trying?

But one of the more egregious examples of fair weather friendliness or, more accurately, scrambling for the lifeboats on the Titanic, was Senator Brownnose. You know, the one who wants to be your President.

He didn’t just sit back and wait to see how the “loudmouthed bigots, racists and Nazis who don’t want to do what’s right for America” would vote, oh no. He votes “Aye” and then, when it became clear that Bush/McKennedy/Graham was going to sink like a lead balloon, decided that he really wanted to vote “Nay.”

Senator Brownbutt, “I voted for it before I voted AGAINST it!”

And he wants to be your President.

Just thought that you’d like to know just how stupid he thinks that you are.

UPDATE: And let’s not forget George “Weepy” Voinobitch who, while he was being slapped around like a redheaded and exceptionally retarded stepchild on Sean Hannity’s talk radio show the other day, uttered the following:

I’ve had people at my back calling because of programs like yours saying, “If you vote for this bill, then it’s the end of your political career.” And I just want you to know, and I want everyone else to know: You. Do. Not. Intimidate. George Voinovich. This is my 40th year in this business.

Today George “Kleenex” Weepybitch, after having carefully waited to cast his vote until it was clear that Zhamnesty ‘07 would fail to achieve cloture, voted a purely CYA “Nay.”

We’d say that George “Spineless” Slivowitz is well beyond his sell-by date. Let’s make sure that he’ll be out of a job as soon as possible, so the poor, crying old codger won’t have to be intimidated any more, because obviously his alligator pie hole is firmly attached to a humming bird arse.

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