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Archive for the “Useless Swine” Category

…asks alert reader LC spiffus, and His Imperial Majesty can only agree. The only thing to “consider” in this case is how to best prolong the agony of the swine perpetrators as they’re excruciatingly slowly tortured, maimed and mutilated to death.

Anderson and McEnroe, both 29, were each charged with six counts of aggravated first-degree murder. Authorities say they have confessed. Conviction on aggravated first-degree murder in Washington is punishable only by death or life in prison without possibility of parole, and Satterberg said he would give “serious consideration” to the death penalty.

“Serious consideration”, you say?

Well, why don’t we go through what those two beasts did?

Anderson was upset that her parents were insisting that she pay rent for the trailer she was living in on their property, and teed off as well that they had dared to not take her side in a dispute with her brother over some money that she had allegedly let him borrow. So what to do?

Court documents said McEnroe, a store clerk, and Anderson, who is unemployed, told detectives they armed themselves on Christmas Eve and went to her parents’ home near Carnation, about 25 miles east of Seattle. There, they confronted Anderson’s parents, Wayne Anderson, 60, and Judy Anderson, 61, in their living room.


Satterberg said Michele Anderson fired once at her father’s head but missed. McEnroe stepped in, leveled his gun and fatally shot Wayne Anderson in the head, documents said.

Judy Anderson heard the shots and ran from the back room where she had been wrapping gifts. She was shot by McEnroe, who apologized to her before shooting her again, this time in the head, the court documents said.

Oh, but they weren’t done yet, not at all. Executing her own parents wasn’t enough for the trailer trash bitch and her demented boyfriend:

Give us more, O Emperor! »

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Indeed I will.

But Carol Sue Shields won’t.

Thanks to Mike Huckabee, who pardoned the scumbag who then, fresh after being let out of jail at Huckaclown’s behest, murdered her less than a year later.

Give us more, O Emperor! »

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Considering this lying weasel and King of Race Baiting has gotten way too many passes in previous criminal activities, maybe this time he’ll get nailed.

Sharpton Denounces Reports Of Probe

The Rev. Al Sharpton on Thursday angrily denounced reports of an investigation into his 2004 presidential bid and suggested that federal authorities were retaliating against him for his civil rights advocacy.

Al, somehow I think playing the race card immediately isn’t going to work this time. By the way, does anyone know where his church is, what denomination and where he earned the title of Reverend? The other question I have is why this asshole is even given a microgram of credibility by anyone, considering his history, is beyond me. With the exception of the Cape Cod Orca and Oldsmobile Sub Driver, I can’t think of someone that’s managed to dodge outright illegal activities more than this Shyster. I hear y’all yammering out there, the frothing liberal Dead Stream Media™ simply loves him, but at some point he has to run out of “I’m credible because I’m black and angry”.

“I have probably been under every investigation known to man and I can’t remember a time that I’ve not been under investigation,” Sharpton said at the Harlem headquarters of his civil rights organization.

And with lots of justification, it’s just that you’ve managed to keep up the One-Trick-Pony act long enough to keep dodging the bullets. It doesn’t take rocket science to see through your game, along with your fellow traveler Je$$e “I have a $cheme” Jack$on. Find something, anything, where you can ride in to town, play the race-card, threaten to ignite racial unrest, get paid-off to bugger-off and ride out with da’ loot. Seems like the Feds finally found your soft yellow underbelly. Exactly who, what and where the proceeds from selling out your race, end up.

He continued: “The issues raised are issues that we’ve learned over and over again, particularly when we are approaching an election season.”

Translation: I’ve learned to duck, dodge, and broken-field run through any and all criminal responsibility until now.

Newspapers reported Thursday that federal authorities subpoenaed financial records and employees in an apparent probe of his presidential bid, nonprofit civil rights group and for-profit businesses.

Now you done it. Only the Nazi’s at the IRS can play dirtier pool than you can Al Baby. Maybe you can write a book about how an Infernal Revenue Service Proctoscopy feels. We can only hope they use the XXX-Large diameter probe on you.

Sharpton said he thought the timing of the investigation was suspicious, coming just weeks after he led a march on the Justice Department to demand federal intervention in the Jena Six case in Louisiana and better enforcement of hate crimes.

Nice try, but your timing is off, those subpoenas have already been served and I wouldn’t expect your toadies are going to turn down immunity offers when the heat is on. You may want to consider dropping the outrage and discontinue flapping your lying lips at this point. I have to have sympathy for your counsel, he’s got his work cut out for him, because we all know that getting you to shut-up for a nanosecond is near impossible, especially if you see a chance to cash in.

As many as 10 Sharpton associates were subpoenaed Wednesday to testify before a federal grand jury in Brooklyn on Dec. 26, his lawyer told the Daily News.

They were told to provide investigators with financial records from the campaign and roughly six Sharpton-related businesses, as well as personal financial documents of Sharpton and his wife, the newspaper said.

Is that flapping noise I hear, some chickens coming home to roost? Looks to me like the Feds are moving quick with a grand jury being convened only a few weeks off.

Memo To Al: Don’t make any spring-break vacation plans for 2008.

The FBI and Internal Revenue Service are seeking the records, which go back to 2001, according to the Daily News.

2001 ?? My, my, my the IRS is using the 1,000,000 gauge proctoscope. Look at the bright side of it Al, you won’t need to worry about constipation for a long time when they get done.

An FBI agent who answered the phone at the agency’s New York headquarters declined to comment, and an agency spokesman did not immediately return a telephone message. An IRS spokesman did not immediately return phone calls.

Jeez, when is J-School ever going to teach their graduates that authorities will NEVER release information about criminal investigations in progress. I know you’re paid by the column-inch, but the statement neither adds nor detracts from the actual article.

The charges against the six black students accused of attacking a white student in Jena, La., led to the September demonstration by Sharpton and other activists who alleged local authorities were prosecuting blacks more harshly than whites.

And that didn’t quite turn out very well for your side either, did it Al?

This could get real entertaining before it’s over.

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I don’t usually get involved in blogwars, but this time I’m going to make an exception. A very loud, profane one, so hide the children because this is about to get ugly.

Some of you may remember the name of “Chuck Adkins.” I say “some of you” because he really is the very epitome of “insignificant”, a whiny little unemployable turd living with his momma while blaming everybody else, particularly George Bush, for his own shortcomings, shortcomings too numerous to even begin listing here. In other words, he’s a Nutroot.

All of this doesn’t really matter, however. After all, who really, truly gives a flying fuck at a rolling donut about yet another fat fuck with zero talents and even less value to humanity, maintaining a web site being read mainly by himself and his mother? Sure, he managed to get some attention when he started posting Michelle Malkin’s personal info on his shitty little site because he disagreed with her, and he got a bit more when he started throwing out threats about “taking out a hit” on other bloggers who dared question him, but he was still an insignificant little prick. What? Think I’m exaggerating? This is what the fat bag of pus had to say in email:

if you get your god damned head out your fucking ass or out of George W. Bush’s ASS you’d see that.
damned idiot, now go run your lame ass blog and leave me fuck alone, before I call a damn hit out on your ass. I know people in Georgia, ya know.

When informed that this was, as a matter of fact, an actual death threat and that the police would be informed, Chuck’s mother, G-d bless her for having to deal with a sorry ass excuse for a son like that, intervened and somehow managed to get it through the moron’s skull that he’d better lay off that kind of crap if he wanted to stay outside of jail. So he “decided” to “take a break from politics” and lay low. Which he should’ve stuck with, considering what comes next.

But of course the loudmouthed, morbidly obese little prick couldn’t stick with it, which led to one of LC & IB (and long time friend of mine) Mike Hendrix’s co-bloggers taking a humorous shot at his lack of willpower. Quite a mild one, if you ask me, and to make sure that everybody’s on the same page here, I’ll repost Randy’s exact words:

I’m also not even a tiny bit startled to find someone who not so very long ago was claiming to be cutting back on political commentary back at it full bore.

Ye gads. If principles were gasoline, some folks wouldn’t have enough to run an ant’s motorcycle halfway around a BB.

Nothing much here but a mild chuckle at Chuckle’s expense.

But Chuckleberry didn’t quite take it that way. Oh no he didn’t. He flew into a spittle-drenched rage, at which point he crossed every line known to mankind by posting this (since taken down without apology):

This might explain why this Christina Hendrix bitch is dead, If I had to hang around idiots like that, I’d fucking die too.

Yeah, I said that, I meant ever fucking word of it.

As you may recall, Christiana, Mike’s wife, was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident about half a year ago. Christiana who, by the way, had absolutely fucking NOTHING to do with whatever it is that got fat fart Chucky’s adult diaper all tied up in knots. Unless you call being married to somebody who runs a blog on which somebody else posts a snarky comment about the Detroit Dickhead known as Chuck Adkins “having something to do with it.”

Which is the point where I saw the RCOB descend before my eyes, and it’s never very fucking funny, nor an omen of good things to come when that happens. I really, truly hate it when The Machine pops up in my mind as if to say “you rang, master?” For the rest of the story, including Mike’s take on it and his correspondence with momma’s boy, go here.

All I have to say at this point is that Chucky, you really, truly done gone and did it now, you oozing, fat tub of rotten lard. You should’ve taken your momma’s advice and kept your fat pie hole shut, really you should, because at this point I wouldn’t sign you up for life insurance if you were the last fucking potential customer on Earth. I don’t know if you believe in Karma, as a matter of fact I highly doubt that your puny, double-digit mind has even heard of it since it doesn’t feature in your average Kindergarten readers, but she’s a bitch and she’s about to park a fucking semi on your doorstep and start unloading, you disgusting, pathetic excuse for a bipedal life form.

And yes, you can fucking take that any way you want too. I am a firm believer in “what goes around, comes around”, and if you have ever even heard of the concept, you cocksucking shitbird maggot pile of pus, you’d do yourself a huge favor by hiding deep inside a cave located in some turd world banana republic, because when yours does come around, in whatever shape that might take, it’s going to be so massively ugly that it’ll be used by toothless grandparents to scare their children into eating their veggies for generations to come.

You’re an accident waiting to happen, asshole, and I have a feeling that it won’t have to wait for much longer.

Sleep tight, fuckhead, sleep tight with one eye opened.


UPDATE: Jabba the Chuck has “accidentally” deleted his entire website, apparently, but not before some helpful souls mirrored the whole thing. Too bad, dumbass, but The Internet Is Forever™. Enjoy the rest of your miserable, pathetic waste of a life, especially if you somehow manage to get off your lardy, lazy, obscenely oversized arse and go in search of a job. It’d be fookin’ hilarious to see you get kicked out the door approximately 23 nanoseconds after you prospective employer Googles “Chuck Adkins.” If you don’t croak from a massive cardiac arrest before that, you grotesquely misshapen land whale.

But before the shitbird decided that trying to hide was the best option, he put up post after self-excusing post about how it wasn’t his fault and how Mike “started it.” The best part, however, was the bit about how everybody were being mean. To him. Call the Waaaaaah-mbulance Chucklehead, why don’t you. This bit was particularly rich in irony (thanks to LC Moriarty for providing us with it):

The point is folks, you can be angry with me, I’d expect this, I said something offensive. But leave my family out of it.

Yeah, he really said that. Embrace the irony, slapped on in multiple layers so thick that even Chuckles the Chimp wouldn’t be able to gnaw his way through it in less than a week. The slime that thought it appropriate to insult and denigrate the dead wife of somebody who had nothing to do with any of whatever the fuck it was that got twinkle-toes all tied up in knots actually whined about somebody dragging his family into it. Not to mention that, to the best of our knowledge, nobody ever DID drag his family into anything. G-d knows that his poor mother already have enough shit to deal with, being the unlucky soul having to provide the Creature that Ate Sheboygan with a shelter, not to mention *shudder* FOOD. Poor lady. Her grocery bill must read like the GDP of an industrialized nation.

It’d be a major financial windfall to her, were her offspring (if her offspring it is, seeing as how we doubt that anything human could give birth to that. Maybe aliens snatched her real son and replaced him with a giant amorphous glob of barely sentient snot) to have a tragic accident which, given its behavioral pattern, it’s bound to have sooner rather than later.

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Well, well, well, that didn’t take long.

The news had hardly broken that lives were saved in Colorado thanks to a brave, private citizen armed with a legal weapon before the impeccably credentialed and unbiased “journalists” of the MSM threw away their planned 14-installment eulogy for the poor misunderstood goblin and started devoting time to sliming the heroine instead:

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) - The security guard being credited with shooting the gunman responsible for the killings at a church and missionary training center in Colorado had been fired as a police officer in Minneapolis.

Minneapolis police say Jeanne Assam worked for that city’s department from 1993 to 1997, but was fired for lying during an internal investigation.

At least we know that the MSMidiots are capable of doing research. When it comes to digging out information in order to vilify and question a bona fide hero, that is. When that is what is at stake, they can dig 10 years back in order to find out that the Evil Private Citizen had lied. About what? Oh, but that’s the kicker:

The president of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis says police were investigating a complaint that Assam swore at a bus driver while she was handling an incident on a city bus. He says Assam denied that she swore at the driver, but her actions were caught on tape.

Oh. My. G-D!!!!!1!!!one!!!11!

She cussed! At a BUS DRIVER! What a psycho! What a mentally unstable MANIAC! What a, a, MONSTER! BURN HER!

Yep. The Associated (with terrorists) Press can dedicate all manner of resources to finding out that an upstanding citizen credited with saving an untold number of lies fibbed about cussing at a bus driver 10 fucking years ago, but when it comes to doing even the most basic of fact checking on their latest terrorist stringer provided fable out of the Middle East… Not so much.

Rope. Tree. Journalist.
Some assembly required.

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Nothing particularly unusual about this story (link thanks to LC Azygos), but that’s exactly why stories like these need to be told again and again.

It’s quite helpful to remind the Oprahfied Instant Gratification Generation™ just what kind of beasts we are at war with, because it seems to us that they keep forgetting that Michael Moore’s Minutemen are subhuman scum that need to be put down whenever and wherever they’re encountered, by ANY MEANS AVAILABLE TO US.

Unless, of course, the ADHD’est Generation would prefer to start thinking about issuing Uzis to school crossing guards here in the U.S. one day:

BAGHDAD - Three suspected al Qaeda militants, including two sisters, beheaded their uncle and his wife, forcing the couple’s children to watch, Iraqi police said on Friday.

The militants considered that school guard Youssef al-Hayali was an infidel because he did not pray and wore western-style trousers, they told police interrogators after being arrested in Diyala province northwest of Baghdad.

The three cousins executed Hayali and his wife Zeinab Kamel at the all-boys school in Jalawlah in Diyala province, village police chief Captain Ahmed Khalifa said.

So they chop the heads off of a man and his wife while the children are watching because he wore western-style trousers?

And those are the animals that some of the more moronic specimens among us want to “dialogue” with???

The only way we should “dialogue” with those cave-dwelling pisslamic animals is through high-velocity munitions delivered in large and generous quantities whenever we hear as much as a whisper of a ululation.

If the dumbasses in DC want to talk with those creatures, then they’d damn well better devote some time to locating Dr Doolittle first.

Kill them all.

No mercy, no forgiveness, no peace, no negotiations.

Kill. Them. All.

Religion of “Peace” our Imperial Arse.

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We’ve known all along the enviro-loons true belief, that man is parasitic and Mother Gaia herself is the only thing worth saving. We see it rattling around in their pointed heads, carefully parsed statements and policy proposals, but NOW they’ve dropped trou’ showing they truly are stark-raving mad. Clinically so, as their ideas amounts to de-facto genocide.

Meet the women who won’t have babies - because they’re not eco friendly

Had Toni Vernelli gone ahead with her pregnancy ten years ago, she would know at first hand what it is like to cradle her own baby, to have a pair of innocent eyes gazing up at her with unconditional love, to feel a little hand slipping into hers - and a voice calling her Mummy.

The beauty of motherhood and all that goes along with it. But wait there’s more…..

But the very thought makes her shudder with horror. Because when Toni terminated her pregnancy, she did so in the firm belief she was helping to save the planet.

Perhaps, she should have thought of saving the planet before spreading her legs. All that grunting, huffing and puffing exerted to make that murdered child increased your carbon footprint didn’t it?

Desperate measures: Toni Vernelli was sterilized at age 27 to reduce her carbon footprint

Why even bother with the intermediate step? Just down a few hundred miligrams of alprazolam and a quart of everclear. Cheaper and you’ll reduce your carbon footprint even more, allowing for ’some’ minor carbon dioxide releases during decomposition of your useless, brain-dead, indoctrinated self.

Incredibly, so determined was she that the terrible “mistake” of pregnancy should never happen again, that she begged the doctor who performed the abortion to sterilize her at the same time.

Wholly disregarding for even a moment, that the terrible mistake might have been avoided by remaining celibate.

He refused, but Toni - who works for an environmental charity - “relentlessly hunted down a doctor who would perform the irreversible surgery. [Emph Mine]

I have this mental image of this waste of skin, chasing doctors down the street screaming, “I MUST, I MUST save the world !!!”. The doctor should have agreed and promptly had her committed for a psychiatric evaluation before picking up a knife. Why am I not surprised she works for an environmental charity?

Finally, eight years ago, Toni got her way. At the age of 27 this young woman at the height of her reproductive years was sterilized to “protect the planet”. Incredibly, instead of mourning the loss of a family that never was, her boyfriend (now husband) presented her with a congratulations card.

It’s too bad hubby didn’t enclose some semtex and an appropriate fusing device in the card, to be opened together in the ultimate gesture of saving the planet. Perhaps next year on the anniversary you can arrange to have Ted Kaczynski send one of his trademarked cards.

While some might think it strange to celebrate the reversal of nature and denial of motherhood, Toni relishes her decision with an almost religious zeal. “Having children is selfish. It’s all about maintaining your genetic line at the expense of the planet,” says Toni, 35.

Tahhh-Dahhhh, there we have it in black and white folks, they DO believe humans are merely parasitic life-forms.

On the other hand, they might be onto something here. If we could get the rest of the Church of Gaia™ to participate in this wonderful program, we would be loon-free in a single generation.

“Every person who is born uses more food, more water, more land, more fossil fuels, more trees and produces more rubbish, more pollution, more greenhouse gases, and adds to the problem of over-population.” While most parents view their children as the ultimate miracle of nature, Toni seems to see them as a sinister threat to the future. [Emph Mine again]

Geez, I guess we humans are even worse than parasites, as they rarely kill their hosts. Jonestown Redux anyone? This time you’ll have your choice of Kool-Aid flavors, all certified organic.

It gets better and if I read it again, I’ll have to perform the second cleaning of my keyboard, so just do it on your own, M’Kay?


Thatisall, you have been warned.

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Or, rather, the absence thereof.

For years, a black robed intestinal worm made a habit of trespassing on somebody else’s property until, one day, he claimed that his illegal behavior had led to an “emotional attachment” to said property.

The result? His thoroughly corrupt buddies and cronies in the “legal” system promptly awarded him with 34% of the property. I wonder how much he paid them to come down with that verdict.

Oh, and the property owners spent $100,000 in legal fees trying to defend their own property from “legal” theft, money that they most likely won’t ever see again either.

Yet another good reason to shoot trespassers on sight. Or, if you want to save the ammo, a good rope and a tree will do the job just fine. Leave his rotting carcass dangling on the property pour encourager les autres.

Rope. Tree. Judge.

You know the drill.

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Sorry we didn’t cover this when it first appeared, but we were a bit under the weather and caught up in Other Things™.

RIYADH (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia defended on Tuesday a court’s decision to sentence a woman who was gang-raped to 200 lashes of the whip, after the United States described the verdict as “astonishing”.

The 19-year-old Shi’ite woman from the town of Qatif in the Eastern Province and an unrelated male companion were abducted and raped by seven men in 2006.

Just a recap: Our “Eternal Friends” in Shoddy Retardia had a case where a young woman was gang-raped by 7 Assholes for Allah, and their famed pisslamic “justice system” promptly responded by sentencing the victim to 200 lashes. Maybe the poor girl didn’t perform as well as the subhuman fig farmers’ favorite goats?

Ruling according to Saudi Arabia’s strict reading of Islamic law, a court had originally sentenced the woman to 90 lashes and the rapists to jail terms of between 10 months and five years. It blamed the woman for being alone with an unrelated man.

We stand corrected. According to pisslamic “law”, she was clearly guilty of having failed to invite a few friends along for her rape session.

We apologize for our lack of familiarity with “justice” under the religion of “peace.”

A State Department spokesman told reporters on Monday that “most (people) would find this relatively astonishing that something like this happens”.

If by “most people” you mean “anybody who ISN’T beholden to a ‘justice’ code that should have been wiped from the Earth 14 centuries ago”, you’re absolutely right.

The court also took the unusual step of initiating disciplinary procedures against her lawyer, Abdul-Rahman al-Lahem, forcibly removing him from the case for having talked about it to the media.

Our “eternal friends” are real big on freedom of speech too, it would seem.

“The Ministry of Justice welcomes constructive criticism … The system allows appeals without resort to the media,” said Tuesday’s statement issued on the official news agency SPA.

How you’re supposed to “constructively criticize” anything when the individuals in the know are prohibited from speaking about it is anybody’s guess, but we’re sure that our “eternal friends” have a perfectly good explanation for that too.

It berated media for not specifying that three judges, not one, issued the recent ruling and reiterated that the “charges were proven” against the woman.

How dare she be alone when she’s being brutally raped by seven cavemen?

It also repeated the judges’ attack against Lahem last week, saying he had “spoken insolently about the judicial system and challenged laws and regulations”.

How dare he be impolite when talking about a “justice” system that sentences the victim of gang-rape to jail and 200 lashes? Off with his head!

How’s this for impolite, you knuckle-dragging, primitive throwbacks to an era that should be mentioned only as a footnote in history books: Your so-called “laws” are the worst perversion of “justice” that we’ve ever heard of and, in our learned opinion, you all deserve to be brutally and painfully tortured to death along with anybody who as much as failed to spit on you when given the opportunity in the past. Your mere existence is a blight upon mankind, the fact that we continue to suffer your presence on the planet is a stain of eternal shame that we shall never live down and we pray humbly and desperately for Almighty G-d’s forgiveness for having failed to eradicate you and any memory of you from Earth?

Lahem was not available for comment.

Probably awaiting his beheading.

“Religion of Peace” my Imperial Arse.


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…and Reason #4,628 why Some Specimens Should NOT Be Allowed to Breed

Thanks to LC & IB Bluto for making sure that His Imperial Majesty will remain in a nail-spitting, RCOB mood for the foreseeable future.

As we’re sure that you’re aware, one of the Moonbats’ favorite ways of showing how much they “support the troops” is to block their supply shipments by sitting in the road when convoys are trying to get through. (Here lately they’ve expanded their “support the troops and bring them home” program by blocking convoys of troops actually coming home, proving once again that the level of cognitive dissonance and pretzel illogic on the Loony Left has reached levels that defy explanation).

Of course, in a sane country, blocking military supply convoys during a time of war would be called “sabotage” and would quickly become something that nobody would want to get involved in (or the firing squads would run out of ammo), but we’re far from sane anymore. Nowadays, providing aid and comfort to an enemy during a time of war and sabotaging own supply routes is considered “protected speech”, which ofttimes makes His Imperiousness wonder if we don’t deserve getting our arses whupped. Surely, a culture as decadent, feckless and cowardly as ours, a country not even willing to stand up for itself has very little to offer humanity? But we digress…

Naturally, law enforcement has tried to get the convoys through anyway by removing the human detritus from the roadways (hopefully wearing full NBC suits to avoid contamination with Industrial Grade Stoopid™), so the Moonbats decided to ramp it up a bit by using babies as human shields, knowing full well that the forces they protest are a lot less barbaric than the terrorists that the Moonbats support.

This alone would be enough for His Majesty to pick out his favorite Louisville Slugger™, bang a few nails into it and go Moonbat hunting but wait, there’s more.

Recently, while celebrating another “victory” over The Man in their endless support for child-murdering terrorists overseas, one Moonbat “mama” apparently forgot to pay attention to the baby human shield she’d brought along for the occasion and dropped him face first on the concrete pavement.

Hey, if The Man™ won’t hurt your toddlers, we suppose you can do it yourselves, huh?

Line the Moonbat swine up on the edge of a ditch they’ve been made to dig themselves, then open fire and keep firing until the barrels of your MGs melt.


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