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Hat Tip to our one and only Imperial Offset Purveyor - Mope for the linkages.

Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Michael Vick was indicted on federal charges last week alleging direct involvement in an operation to procure, arrange and sponsor dog-fighting. The entire story on that part here:

Falcons’ Vick indicted by grand jury in dogfighting probe

Vicks co-conspirator in the case Tony Taylor has already entered a guilty plea for his indictment on the same charges. The two men allegedly operated the venue Bad Newz Kennels, in Surry County, Virginia.

Vick is already feeling the heat, being told to stay away from the NFL Training camp and has lost high-profile sponsorship contracts with Nike and Reebok.

Here’s where the real fun starts. PETA is calling for their hands as expected, but enter stage left, the NAACP urging restraint in the case until the wheels of justice complete their slow roll of Vick, Taylor and the other two individuals charged.

As painful as it is, I’ll have to agree with them on this case, innocent until proven guilty. There is also no indication that Vick requested the NAACP involvement and we’ll take that on face-value as truthful as well.

Where the fun should start is seeing the clash of the Animal-Rights whackjobs going head-to-head with the Race-Card-R-Us bunch. Look for some entertainment as things heat up over this latest sports-scandal.

I’ve personally seen some of the animals (pit bulls or American Staffordshire Terriers) that were rescued from this despicable, cruel sport and it’s barbarity is unbelievable. The animals are beaten, starved and conditioned to become savage.

Proper justice would be to sentence those convicted into playing the part of Christians in a reenactment of the Roman Coliseum, with a few dozen pissed-off and hungry, large felines playing the role of pit bulls.

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LC & IB GuyS, expands Joe Biden’s recent YouTube video into a fine essay over at the Cigar Intelligence Agency. Grab yer smokes and a cold libation before you start reading.

Tired of Progressives? It’s Our Fault !!!

A great read, Bravo Buddy !!!

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Brother J (aka LC&IB Vulcanrider) having recently terminated his employment with the inept, PC-riddled and bureaucrapinated incompetence haven, known as the TSA, pens a fine take on Skeletor’s Department of Homeland InSecurity.

Posted over at Cigar Intelligence Agency: Knee Jerks From the DC Jerks Again

A most righteous screed from a former (Thank G-d) insider, and no, you won’t find anything useful for circumventing the system, just a look into how incredibly clue-fucked, yet another of W’s pet projects remains.

[Hah !! The Empire is double-teaming Chertoff today, I see. Buwaaahaaaaa-JB]

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My sole female off-spring (LC Serena) sent me one of her recent position papers from medical school. It’s rather sobering for any parent, let alone those with young daughters still at home. I thought it was worth a read and posted it here for our loyal LCs, as there is quite a bit of factual knowledge on the issue. It is quite sobering as you work through it, especially of interest for those of us with young daughters at home.

From Toddler to Teenager- The Loss of Youth

“… sexual maturation is not governed by a biological clock.

It’s really not an adequate metaphor for our reproductive lives.

We have kind of hijacked that system and bombarded

it with signals that speed the whole process up.”

- Steingraber qtd. in Cohen

Our society is in constant flux when it comes to medical discoveries and intervention. Not everyone thinks about precocious sexualization, never mind that it is becoming a huge issue amongst our female youth. Not everyone has a daughter that they need to be concerned over in regards to her reproductive health, but everyone knows a little girl. They could be a family member or someone unrelated, but they all deserve the same thing- a safe, unrushed route to adulthood. If we continue down the same route that we are currently running biologically, our females will be going from toddlerhood straight into teenager with the complete absence of youth. In order to protect our young girls from becoming women before their time, we need to become aware of their environment, both physically and contextually.

When it comes down to who or what is to blame for this downward spike in the initiation of young girls’ sexuality, there is quite a bit of finger pointing. Some researchers say that it is just evolution or a naturally occurring biological incident. Evidence from research indicates that there could be several reasons for the onset of precocious puberty and precocious sexualization: the newly accepted single-mother familial unit, hormones and pesticides in our food and environment, and the media with their constant sensationalism of sex. Despite this research, there are still those that oppose these theories. They state that the media doesn’t have enough influence over children to make a difference on a neuro-hormonal level, that environmental hormones and pesticides are at too miniscule a level to make an impression, and that female children in Africa, who almost always grow up in father-absent family structures, are not showing any signs of precocious puberty or sexualization (Cohen 2). However, longitudinal studies done here in the United States clearly show a different side of the story- quite an eye-opening story, indeed.

As mentioned previously, precocious puberty almost always leads down the path to precocious sexuality. Unfortunately, another societal change is influencing the initiation of early pubertal maturation and that would be the newly-excepted family dynamic of single parenting, with emphasis on father absenteeism. Based on studies with animal species, the conclusion has been drawn that humans change their reproductive behavior to maximize success (Steinberg as qtd. in Healy 11). It was also shown that pubertal maturation is based on the distance, whether it is physically or emotionally, in the parent-child bond. The Belsky theory of Paternal Investment postulates that, “… early experiences associated with low quality paternal investment will result in the acceleration of sexual maturation and an onset of sexual activity orienting towards unstable pair-bonds.” (as qtd. in Healy 14). Recent studies have even linked an androgen receptor gene (AR) to those men more likely to abandon a marriage and since this gene occurs on the X-chromosome, it could be passed on to their daughters which gives them a predisposition to earlier menarcheal onset and behavioral problems such as impulsiveness, aggression and increase in sexual partners (Comings et. al as qtd. in Healy 15-16). In addition to a father’s absence, there tends to be the introduction of a stepfather figure which is indicative, on a subconscious level, of low quality paternal investment. Moreover, are the added, non-relative pheromones to a girl’s home environment. In a study done by Minkin and Wright (2003), “pheromones influence the gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH), which is the precursor hormone involved in stimulating and the cycling of menstruation.” (as qtd. in Healy 15). As a result, the societal shift toward single-parent homes with the mother being the head of household and the eventual presence of an unrelated male, could be another possible theory as to why our girls are losing their youth.

Give us more, O Emperor! »

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It is night. It is dark..not a star to be seen.. You are aboard a KC10 Extender fully loaded with fuel.

Iran is on your right.A major, big ass thunderstorm is on your left.

You go right, you get shot at.

You go left,the storm will tear you into confetti…if a lightning strike doesn’t turn you into a fireball first….

And then the windscreen starts glowing.

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Whilst the Emperor is busy with the Imperial lineage(and as he isn’t looking :))… and as we haven’t had one for a while, I’m calling an open thread.

Have at it, gentle LC’s and G.L.O.R.’s, remember please, no major cut and paste jobs, a few paragraphs and the link will do. The Royal Broom of Whacking(tm) is always to hand, should any trolls dare to darken our doorsteps.

As always, should any of your comments be caught or killed, the Empress will disavow any knowledge of your actions.


Floor’s open, and I’m buying :)

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Sydney, my home, is currently being hammered by major rain and storms. Winds up to 80 mph, massive waves, ships broken from their moorings and beached, and tragically, nine dead.

Chopper pilots who will later probably receive commendations for bravery and superb airmanship winched every last crewman off the ship in torrential rain and winds.


All alive, all safe and sound…all in a day’s work.

Yet not one person is sitting on their ass waiting for the government to come help them. As usual, as soon as the storm hit, THE PLAN was activated.

The State Emergency Services received SEVEN THOUSAND calls for help at the rate of 100 an hour.(The SES is our civilian rescue and civil defence authority, all volunteers)

Men and women, in their offices or in their homes, got up, went to their respective headquarters, got their gear, received briefings and went to work.

They knew their jobs backward..because every situation had been planned for, they had trained and trained and worked and that when the time came, they knew what they had to do.

Every situation has a procedure, every unit a plan, every team member knows their task and does it as part of a coordinated effort.

Did I mention that salvage crews are already aboard the ship? That we have a plan for that too?

Where is the Federal Government?

Standing by to lend a hand

Is the Premier of NSW sitting on his ass crying “we need buses”?

Nope, he is in his office being reported to by capable, competent people who know their jobs too.

Oh, did I mention buses? Yeah, we used them yesterday, to grab a couple hundred people stranded when the Central Coast line was cut by a landslide. Took us an hour to organise, but it was an “on the fly” problem, and the major delay was getting to the passengers because the buses had to slow down owing to low visibility.

Even the insurance companies are in on the action, lending a hand

NRMA Insurance Newcastle operations manager Suzanne Jolliffe said the company was able to help customers with emergency accommodation and had sent mobile units to the city to begin assessing property damage.

“We have an excellent track record of helping customers after a natural disaster and we are doing all we can to help those affected by the recent wild weather,” Ms Jolliffe said.

GIO home insurance general manager Lyndell Fraser urged customers whose properties had been damaged to contact the company by telephone as soon as possible, so that claims could be approved swiftly.

“Where damage to property is relatively minor, GIO staff can give immediate approval over the phone for repairs on all valid claims,” Ms Fraser said.

The NRMA, a car association who does a TREMENDOUS job, also have units out on the road for breakdowns and assistance in this weather, and who have probably been a guardian angel to more than one stranded and frightened motorist and their families.

Evacuate a nursing home with only a short notice?

No problem

The State Emergency Service (SES) is moving to safety the residents of the nursing home situated beside the Wyong River. The home has been cut off by rising waters.

“As a precaution those residents are being taken to higher ground,” SES spokesman Philip Campbell said.

Dear Mayor Nagin, the above is cordially offered to you as an object lesson in how to manage a natural disaster.

True, this is not in the same category of Katrina, but you see, Your Honour, that really isn’t relevant.

We have a plan for that.

Do you?

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A HUGE Tip of the Hat to Sister LC Mrs. M-ITT™ for laying this golden egg in a comment !!!!

Fortunately the remnants of Tropical Storm Barry provided for re-animating the MurthaStein (you know the chain, platform and lightning gimmick) getting him front and center with none other than the vaunted ABC Klintoonite in residence, Gargle Spermanopolous for more of the ‘usual’ blame America for terrorists.

Murtha: U.S. in Iraq Inspired JFK Plot

Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., says homegrown terrorist plots like the alleged plan to bomb fuel pipelines at John F. Kennedy International Airport are provoked by the U.S. presence in Iraq.

Homegrown? As in the jihadi’s independently of their fellow splodeyating-sphincter mooselimb buddies, just happened to be playing sloppy-seconds with their pet goat and ‘tah-dahh’ a let’s blow up something really spectacular thought was ejaculated? And I also notice the plot was to destroy the Algonquin pipeline that among many, many other things with fuel besides JFK. Getting back to homegrown, I’m thinking I could grow at least a hectare of corn if we plant it in MurthaFucktheTroop’s facial folds.

“Absolutely,” Murtha told George Stephanopoulos in an exclusive interview on ABC News’ “This Week.” “Our presence in Iraq, our occupation of Iraq gives these people the inspiration.”

Actually, knowing that they can come up with a plan, fuck-up, get caught and still have traitorous bastards like you blame it all on the USA, gives them inspiration. Call it a Comm Check and you just responded “Loud and Clear”.

The congressman said the “Korean model” mentioned by White House officials this week for a long-term American presence in Iraq is “absolutely not realistic.”

You mean realistic like your “Korean Model Blow-Up Pleasure” doll there John? It’s pretty much a given, that as long as the middle-east is a hotbed of murderous wahhabists and splinter-group wannabes, some US military presence will be needed. Given a choice, I’ll take Iraq over one square inch under the House of Saud control, for a base of operations.

Instead, Murtha is “absolutely convinced the first step to stability in Iraq is redeployment.”

Ahh, like the broken record he is, Murtha returns to the surrender and run like hell redeployment over the horizon strategy. I know your masters are in charge, but that gambit didn’t turn out well enough back then to even bring to the floor now. Besides, what part of separation of powers don’t you understand? He’s still a poster-boy for Viagra, but W seems to be holding his own on the general strategy for the WoT.

Murtha, chairman of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, also called plans by the Army’s top officials in Iraq for 2008 troop reductions, as reported by ABC News this week, “not satisfactory.”

Army Gen. David Petraeus reportedly proposes a drop in troop levels from 150,000 to 130,000 by December 2008, with additional reductions in 2009. Lt Gen. Raymond Odierno proposes having an estimated 100,000 troops remaining in Iraq by the end of 2008.

Sounds pretty damn reasonable to me, considering the progress we’ve made. Sig 94 had a fine rundown over at his place last Friday (6-1) Entitled: Do You Know. Sorry I couldn’t get you the direct link to the article header, but scroll down. (Gotcha covered—B.) It has an excellent run-down on the positive progress to date in Iraq. I was honestly amazed.

“I’ve lost a lot of confidence in many of the military leaders, because they say what the White House wants them to say,” Murtha said.

When asked if Petraeus was included in his lack of confidence, Murtha added, “I’m waiting to see what he has to say. But I am absolutely convinced there has been this overly optimistic picture of what’s going on in Iraq, while the figures show the opposite.”

“We’ve got to do is what’s best for the American foreign policy, not what’s best for Iraq,” said Murtha, who said he is absolutely convinced that the U.S. troop surge in Iraq is not working.

We absolutely must have confidence in Code Pink to set foreign policy by implication, huh Jack? I’m not convinced you don’t routinely soil your Depends, deciding if you have to hit the loo or just fart. Why would anyone having a functioning neural synapse, look to you for an assessment of foreign policy or an assessment of the troop surge?

“We’re inspiring these al Qaeda to go after our troops, who are so vulnerable because they’re caught in this civil war between al Qaeda, between the Sunni and the Shia,” Murtha said.

Our troops are vulnerable because the sentient smegma in the MSM and their bastard children inside the beltway, have assured their operating ROEs are so restrictive that they can’t defend themselves unless they take casualties and get umpteen levels of “Mother, May I?” before returning fire.

Our best foreign policy would be to embed the entire congress with AQ-Iraq for a few months.

Rope.Tree.Congress. you know the drill.


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LC and IB “M” Imperial Tobacconist, came across the text of a speech by former Colorado Governor Dick Lamm given at a DC conference on immigration issues a few years back. Our LC students of history will immediately observe the ’steps’ to committing suicide are frighteningly similar to the events that lead up to the fall of the Roman Empire. I couldn’t find a direct link to the speech so you’ll need to read it over at the Cigar Intelligence Agency, it’s too long to post in it’s entirety, sorry folks.

It’s not just worth a read, it’s a MUST READ: American Suicide

SCARY indeed !!!!

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LC&IB VulcanRider (Brother J) over at the Cigar Intelligence Agency, takes out the trash on this little gem from the “Shitty By The Bay”:

San Francisco Proposes New Gun Control Measures

I’m sure Hizzoner Reinhard Heydrich Newsom will be recruiting shortly for the Bay Area Division-Geheime Staatspolizei . Sieg !!!

Just go read the whole thing.

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