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Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler » Archive for March, 2007
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Archive for March, 2007

Somebody (I think we can all guess who) managed somehow to hack the site and put up a fake “suspension notice.”

Hosting Matters had NOTHING to do with it!

So please refrain from giving them Hell about it, because it’s not their fault. As a matter of fact, they’ve been nothing but exemplary throughout the years, having stood up for me several times. They’re the best, and they always have been, this time as well. Within minutes, they had the fake page down, they’d informed me and they’d initiated investigations to find the culprit.

I repeat:

Hosting Matters had NOTHING to do with it!

They’re good people, excellent people, and have been for as long as it has been my pleasure to do business with them.

As a matter of fact, having seen a sample of the undeserved vitriol flung in their direction, I do believe that an apology would be in order.

Oh, and they’re not “liberals”, nor have they ever cared about what political beliefs their customers have.

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The former top advisor on foreign affairs to the worst President in history, Dhimmi Carter, is busy doing what Democrats do best: Lie through their teeth and rewrite history to fit their narrative:

Brzezinski said there’s no reason to think a bloodbath would necessarily follow a U.S. withdrawal.

“We expected that the U.S. leaving Vietnam would result in massive killings and genocide and so forth, and collapse of the dominoes in Southeast Asia,” he said. “It didn’t happen. How certain are we of the horror scenarios that have been mentioned in what will take place in Iraq?”

It’s a great pity that millions of murdered Cambodians can’t rise from their graves and strangle that lying piece of shit, but perhaps some Vietnamese refugees (the few that survived escaping the bloodbath that Zbigniew is busy denying ever took place) would like to take it up with the foul fuckhead?

Listen, we can surely appreciate why you Democrats might want to wish away the genocide that your deliberate, wilful betrayal of South Viet Nam brought about. Heck, if His Majesty were personally responsible for that kind of slaughter he’d have long since killed himself to wipe the memory out, but it’s not going to work.

The blood of all of those innocents are on your filthy, lying, socialist paws, and we’ll make sure to remind you.

Again and again and again and again.

Of course, you could take the honorable way out and off yourselves out of shame, but that would require that you were in possession of either honor or shame.

Which you’re not.

No socialist ever was.

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For a brother.

Thank you.

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Here’s today’s required read, by Rabbi Aryeh Spero. (Link thanks to Cold Fury).

It’s painful to read, because it’s absolutely true, every single word of it.

By failing to finish the job of exterminating socialism after WWII, we have allowed ourselves to become timid, self-loathing, rudderless and utterly without defenses against a ruthless enemy, a ruthless, barbarian enemy now breaking down the gates, licking their lips in anticipation of the rape, murder and looting soon to follow.

And unless we turn the tide of cultural corruption and suicidal weakness, by any and all means necessary, we’ll have deserved every bit of it.

What’s more, our extinction will be a boon for mankind as a whole. A culture unwilling, notice I did not say unable, to defend itself does not deserve to exist. Worse than that, its continued existence is a waste of resources that could be put to better use. “Better use” meaning “any use at all.”

I believe that we have values well worth preserving, I believe that we have values well worth dying for, but unless and until we scrape the barnacles off the sides of the ship of the West, with ruthless efficiency and showing no mercy or empathy, we have no hope of conducting an efficient defense. We have to remove the metastasizing leftist tumor infesting our culture before we can hope to be able to fight as we MUST fight: fight to win.

I have lamented in the past that we don’t seem to be willing to attack anymore. The recent events in Iran show that we don’t even have the will to defend ourselves.

If that doesn’t change, and change FAST, then it’s all over.

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Since all of the Democrats seem to be hell-bent on going to Damascus to gaze longingly and lovingly on their hero, terrorist supporter Bashar al-Assad, why don’t they group together and get a rebate? Not to mention how it would help with their carbon footprint. Except, as we all know, this whole freezing in the darkness for Mother Gaia only applies to the peasants, not the enlightened, so much better than everybody else Democrats.

So now House Haji Lugosi is going as well (link thanks to Sir Christopher):

WASHINGTON (AP) - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will visit Syria, a country President Bush has shunned as a sponsor of terrorism, despite being asked by the administration not to go.

“In our view, it is not the right time to have these sort of high- profile visitors to Syria,” State Department spokesman Sean McCormack told reporters Friday.

How about slapping her in her ghastly, grotesquely deformed face with the Logan Act instead? Preferably after she comes back, then march her off to prison.

But that’s not going to happen, because we all know that that would require balls on the part of the C-in-C, not to mention a more than fleeting interest in upholding the laws that he is sworn to protect, none of which is in evidence or has been in evidence for as long as we can remember.

Pelosi arrived in Israel on Friday in what is her second fact-finding trip to the Middle East since taking over leadership in the House in January.

Her repeat trip, an indication she plans to play a role in foreign policy, is also a direct affront to the administration, which says such diplomatic overtures by lawmakers can do more harm than good.

It’s also illegal. It’s called treason, a word that used to mean something in this country. But that was before the baby-boomers and their bong-broken brains screwed up our nation from top to bottom. Can’t wait ’till the last of them croaks. Worst waste of protoplasm ever.

“This is a county that is a state sponsor of terror, one that is trying to disrupt the Senora government in Lebanon and one that is allowing foreign fighters to flow into Iraq from its borders,” Perino said.

Why do you think she’s going? She has to coordinate with the allies of her party, after all, and since Abu Musab al-Zarqawi croaked before she could grab the gavel…

Others traveling with Pelosi were Democratic Reps. Keith Ellison of Minnesota, Henry Waxman and Tom Lantos of California, Louise Slaughter of New York and Nick Rahall of West Virginia, and Ohio Republican David Hobson. Ellison is the first Muslim member of Congress.

What a surprise. Why didn’t she bring Ibrahim Hooper as well?

And I repeat:

“Against all enemies, foreign AND domestic.”

Think about it.

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(Tip thanks to LC & IB Beth ISW)

We weren’t sure if this was a joke, but according to IMDB, it checks out.

The Gipper as a murdering, axe-wielding madman out to murder hippies?

Hey, if only it were a documentary instead of fiction.

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Apparently the “Dog Catcher”, the whiny little pissant, has been trying to harass my hosting service. They, of course, informed him that unless he could come up with something a little bit more convincing that a whiny email, they were under no obligation, nor did they have the slightest inclination to get involved in his petty online feuds. Well, words to that effect anyway. They’re more diplomatic than I am.

I could, of course, have told him that but hey, better to let him drink deep from the bottomless cup of humiliation.

Nice try, “Ian”, now go masturbate to pictures of Helen Thomas until you come up with something that carries a bit more weight than your hurt feelings.

Or, you can keep annoying me until I track you down and rearrange your anatomy with a hacksaw.

And I’ll charge your next of kin for the cost of the hacksaw.

***UPDATE:*** Oooooh… Scaaaary:

I see that the wingnut is already busy gloating over his “victory” when his host rudely dismissed my very reasonable email to them. Really, “emporer”, do you honestly believe that I am going to leave it at that? I merely wanted to provide them with a chance to do the right thing voluntarily but, realizing the possibility that they might refuse, I already had a plan B in place.

So laugh while you can, puppy.

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That’s it. WWIV can’t be far away, now that the intrepid leader of the British Lion has escalated all the way to disgust!:

Blair responded that the service personnel will be released, that Iran is facing increasing condemnation from world bodies and that Britain has done nothing wrong.

“I really don’t know why the Iranian regime does this [show captives on TV],” because it just arouses disgust, he told reporters Friday.

“If they continue in this way, they will face increasing isolation,” Blair said, referring to a UN Security Council resolution passed Thursday and an announcement from the European Union expected Friday.

The U.N. Security Council! Mahmoud, all is lost! You’re doomed, we tell you, DOOMED! Just look at the puissant nature of that august body’s statement:

The United Nations Security Council has agreed to a statement voicing what it calls “grave concern” at Iran’s seizure of 15 British sailors.

The statement is not as strong as Britain was hoping for. Britain had wanted the UN statement to say the council “deplored” Iran’s detention of the sailors.

Britain’s ambassador to the UN, Sir Emyr Jones Parry, says he hopes Iran will respond.

See? “Grave concern!” Witness the isolation! Despair, Ahmadinnerjacket, despair and crumble in the face of the terrible resolve of the West!

Meanwhile, the Mad Mullahs continue their abuse of women (but hey, it’s a Muslim country. Who are we to question their equally valid cultural mores?), torturing the sole female hostage into delivering yet another coerced message:

She said she was “sacrificed due to the intervening policies of the [U.S. President George W.] Bush and Blair governments,” and continued a critique of Western intervention in Iraq from her previous letter, released Thursday.

“It is now our time to ask our government to make a change to its oppressive behavior towards other people,” the new letter said.

Yep. Sounds exactly like something a member of the armed forces would say of her own free will, without coercion or threats. Just ask Rosie O’Donut. “Google it! Peace out!”

And, just to be sure that nobody gets the idea that the Religion of Peace (Our Imperial Arse) only condones torture and abuse of female infidels, they applied the thumbscrews to a male member of the crew as well:

Summers said he was aware that the incident in which he was seized was the second time since 2004 that British military personnel had entered Iranian waters.

“Again I deeply apologize for entering your waters,” he said. “We trespassed without permission.”

“See? There’s the evidence”, the fat lesbian vampire from “The View” shrieked while hanging from the ceiling, munching on four pounds of prime lard.

Meanwhile, apologists for the West’s complete and utter lack of resolve in the face of Iranian piracy continue to claim that actually doing something would be “simply playing into the Iranians’ hand.” An unnamed government official, who spoke to the Imperial News Network on condition of anonymity, said “if we were to destroy the Iranians’ only gasoline-producing refinery, blockade their ports and wipe out their infrastructure, thus sending their economy back to the pre-industrial era, we’d be doing exactly what they want us to do. Just as FDR committed his one fatal mistake by destroying Nazi Germany after they declared war on us. That was exactly what Hitler wanted us to do, as he told his personal advisers right before he ate a bullet. It was the happiest moment of his life.”

In Heaven, Winston Churchill has been reassigned for duty as a ceiling fan in G-d’s office.

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Just out of the corner of our eye while working, we noticed FOX News putting up a blurb for an upcoming story about students ripping off material from the Internets™ rather than doing their own work. Sort of like the way that all the news agencies out there get their stories from Iraq. All they need is the hyperlink to CENTCOM’s press release section, a vivid imagination coupled with a metric ton of creative license, and all of a sudden they’re “serious reporters.” But we digress…

The thing is, the headline for the spot, as proudly advertised at the bottom of our TV screen, was, and we swear we’re not making this up:


Er, excuse us, but we’d strongly suggest that you tell your ticker monkeys to plagiarize a copy of Merriam-Webster’s at their earliest opportunity.

OR you can hire us. At least we can spell.

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While perusing our Imperial War Minister Frank J’s site, we came across a post with the headline: “Please Patronize Our Sponsors”.

A somewhat baffling request, we thought to ourself, but if our dear friend Frank so desires… Besides, he still hasn’t told us where he put the launch codes, so best not to antagonize him by ignoring a simple request.

So we promptly shot off the following email to his sponsor, “BookingBuddy”:

Dear inferior beings,

We know that you must be thrilled to receive an email from somebody as remotely above your station as we are, but we’ll graciously overlook it if you fail to avert your eyes. As we’re sure you know, it is somewhat hard to read if you do that. We assume that you do know how to read. If not, do not despair. You will learn one day and, until then, you can always get somebody to read it to you.

We just wanted to drop a note to tell you how thrilled we are for you, seeing how somebody as obviously lacking in qualifications as your no doubt struggling selves are, have somehow managed to succeed in setting up a business, something that must surely have been a daunting task, considering your tender years and not yet fully developed intellects.

But don’t worry. If you hang in there, even somebody like you have the ability to succeed, no matter how impossible it may seem to you right now. Not everybody can be as wise and accomplished as we, and it is a long and hard road before you get there. No, no need to thank us for this sage advice. With a little hard work and a lot of luck, you really can overcome your shortcomings.

We wish you all the best in your continued fight to succeed against all odds, even though Heaven knows that you probably need an elementary school education and a glass of nice, warm milk a lot more right now.

Never say die and who dares wins (ask your mothers to look up and explain the meaning of that to you).

Very sincerely,

Your infinite superior, Misha I.

Hopefully, that was patronizing enough.

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