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Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler » Archive for April, 2007
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Archive for April, 2007

And now for something we don’t do near enough, courtesy of LC Theresa, some stories about our heroic men and women overseas.

In case you’re thinking that our airmen spend all their time playing pool and hanging around in bars, here are a couple of reports that should put you straight:

“Mean Streets”, on patrolling the streets of Baghdad and training the Iraqi cops.

“Carnage”, on just what it is that our troops and the Iraqi cops are up against.

That last article, by the way, is what Harry Reid and the Dem Cong want the Iraqis to face every single day, only they don’t want our troops helping them. It would make the Dem Cong’s friends in al-Qaeda irritated, after all, and maybe they would even go as far as to withdraw their endorsement of the Dem Cong party, which would leave Reid and Lugosi without a friend in the world.

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They despise themselves even more than we despise them.

The survey of six nations, carried out for the International Herald Tribune daily and France 24 TV station, said 44 percent of French people thought badly of themselves against 38 percent of U.S. respondents who had a negative view of the French.

This will not stand. We will not accept second place in anything, and certainly not when it comes to detesting the fwench, the effeminate, cowardly, sheep-burning, cheese-eating surrender faggots.

So let’s ramp up the scorn a bit, shall we? All the way to “11.”

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To anybody suggesting that the “roll over and surrender” policy of Harry “Land Shark” Reid et al is unsuccessful in winning hearts and minds, we have only this to say: Read ‘em and weep.

“By their friends shall you know them.”

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We all knew that it was only a matter of time. Rather than acknowledging the obvious, that the only thing that truly enabled Psy-Cho (other than his own psychosis) was the fact that the University had dutifully made sure that he would meet no resistance whatsoever, libtard “educators” would be running amok, just as they’ve done by expelling students for sharing breath mints or bringing their asthma medicine to school.

And so they did in this case.

A teacher gave her class a creative writing assignment, saying (and we quote): “write whatever comes to your mind. Do not judge or censor what you are writing.”

Allen Lee, a straight A student recently admitted to the Marine Corps delayed entry program (having passed the MEPS examinations that include a psych eval), made the capital mistake of assuming that his teacher meant what she said and wrote this.

For the “crime” of doing his homework as assigned to him, he’s now charged with two counts of misdemeanor disorderly conduct and, since he’s now a “criminal”, he’s had his admission to the Corps revoked.

I don’t suppose that his Idiotarian “teacher” could’ve, I don’t know, talked to him about his writing? You know, like actual teachers used to do before teaching became the Idiotarian Full Employment Program™.

“Write whatever comes to your mind. Do not judge or censor what you are writing.”

But only, of course, if you don’t mind getting a criminal record and having your future destroyed if the knuckledragging imbecile calling itself “teacher” doesn’t approve of what you write.

Besides, any judging of what you write will be done by the criminal courts, so why should you bother?

The only ones needing a psych eval (and some serious therapy) are the neurotic imbeciles in charge of our schools.

***UPDATE:*** LC & IB Brendan posts a link to this article in the comments, wondering how come nobody learned a fucking thing.

Because they don’t want to learn, Brendan. He who won’t read is no better off than he who can’t, and the conformist “good little Germans” in charge of our schools desperately don’t want to. It would not merely shatter their delusional idea that they somehow matter in the grand scheme of things, that they’re “special” in any way, it would also force them to admit that they are nothing but ignorant bullies, jock straps in brown shirts pretending to be worth the skin they inhabit.

They would have to face the harsh reality of their drab, boring lives, the reality that they’ll never contribute anything to society, that the best they can hope for is to be good serfs fitting the mold that somebody else carved out for them. They’ll never be the Einsteins, Mozarts, Paines or Newtons of our time because they don’t have the ability. They don’t have the individualism, the ability to think outside the box, the curiosity and plain “oddness” required, all they have is the ability to torture those that show signs of it, to hate those who are different.

This is not to say that every “odd” kid is going to be the next Beethoven, only a small minority of them are, but none of the good little robots are. Nor is it to say that there is anything justifying the actions of the Klebolds, Harrises and Psy-Chos, because there isn’t. But it is troubling that our society’s only response to “uncool” kids snapping and committing inexcusable atrocities is to make the lives of “odd” kids everywhere even more frustrating, torturous and unbearable.

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LC Craig writes us, telling us that he can’t wait to see us administer a bit of our particular brand of loving to this flaming fuckhead, one “retired diplomat” (think “Foggy Bottom” and you’ll know all you need to know about what sort of worthless scum he is) in favor of throwing the Constitution out the window and establish a totalitarian hellhole in the U.S. of A. in the best of proud, Stalinist traditions.

His Majesty had already seen that avalanche of Nazi drivel masquerading as a column and, quite frankly, we were convinced that Dumbass Dan was having us on. That column just stinks to high heavens of “modest proposals” because, surely, nobody can be that disgustingly dimwitted? But, then again, LC & IB Ace assures us that the stormtrooper wannabe is, indeed, serious. So why the Hell not? Let’s have some fun:

LAST week’s tragedy at Virginia Tech in which a mentally disturbed person gunned down 32 of America’s finest - intelligent young people with futures ahead of them -

No. America’s finest are currently deployed in the world’s largest and most useless litterbox, risking their lives to protect the right of simpering sucknozzles like you to advocate the destruction of our nation and the shredding of our Constitution.

once again puts the phenomenon of an armed society into focus for Americans.

Actually, what it put into focus was the consequences of an unarmed society, the consequences this time being 32 dead youngsters, forcibly disarmed and led to the slaughter by administration animals caring more about their own precious feewings than the lives of their students. They’ve got blood on their hands and will spend eternity in Hell alongside their protégé, Psy-Cho, suffering all the torment that Satan can dispense on their very deserving, flabby arses. And yours truly will be laughing his own arse off for just as long, enjoying every second of their pain and suffering.

The likely underestimate of how many guns are wandering around America runs at 240 million in a population of about 300 million. What was clear last week is that at least two of those guns were in the wrong hands.

And, more importantly, none were in the right hands, thanks entirely to Idiotarian GFWs like you. Hope you’re proud of yourself. 32 counts of accessory to murder without lifting a finger. That’s impressive, Danny.

When people talk about doing something about guns in America, it often comes down to this: “How could America disarm even if it wanted to? There are so many guns out there.”

Because I have little or no power to influence the “if” part of the issue, I will stick with the “how.” And before anyone starts to hyperventilate and think I’m a crazed liberal zealot wanting to take his gun from his cold, dead hands, let me share my experience of guns.

We can’t hardly wait. The entertainment value should prove quite amazing.

Give us more, O Emperor! »

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Bitch-slapping Harry “Surrender!” Reid and the Dem Cong with Dr. Seuss?

LC & IB Mary Katharine Hamm shows us all how it’s done.

We’re in awe.

Really. Just go watch it.

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Just when you think depravity has hit absolute bottom, along comes something that just makes you shake your head and walk away muttering to yourself. A Tip of the Hat to LC Country Red for this laugh of the day:

Gay Rodeo Ain’t For Sissies

You must check the site out. It’s loaded with video that I can’t get to save and post up here. Do NOT miss the goats dressed in underwear video. Yes you did read that one right.


My first reaction to the 2006 LA Gay Rodeo was: Are you JOKING, GAY PEOPLE! It’s an election year! Aren’t you already dealing with enough bull*%#? (Or should I say guacamole? Guacamoled is rodeospeak for when a dim-witted cow craps itself all over you [obviously while you are being umm friendly-JB] , as in Anne Coulter just guacamoled me.)

Now I do like a good guacamole, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to even look at it again.

It wasn’t until I’d seen my third or fourth guacamoled cowperson at the rodeo that it finally dawned on me: Guacamole is a big reason gay rodeoers dig gay rodeo—and I’m not talking some weird fetish, here. I’m saying that, like pretty much anyone, gay rodeoers prefer not to be guacamoled. But at least when it happens at gay rodeo, they know it’s not because of their sexual orientation.

So it’s not a weird fetish, when in the process of sodomizing a bovine, one just happens to catch a steaming heap o’ guacamole on an appendage not normal at risk for such deposits? Sorry for the visualization.

Neither is a good stomping or goring or trampling. Livestock just doesn’t discriminate. And neither does gay rodeo. Everyone’s welcome there—gay, straight, undeclared. Anyone can come get his or her ass kicked. Or watch while someone else does.

I don’t really think it’s about ass kicking in reference to getting the guacamole treatment there Skippy.

Gay rodeo is about inclusiveness…and spangled chaps, and tight jeans, and Marlboro man mustaches, and Stetsons, and studded shirts, and studs and fillies—in other words, it’s just like regular rodeo except the studs are more cut and maybe a tad cattier about it. And the cowgirls ride bulls if they want. Oh…and the dancing. Dancing is maybe as big a gay rodeo draw as gay rodeoin’.

Nothing new there actually, at least as far as ‘cowgirls’ riding bulls. Ever been to Tijuana?

In fact, participation in gay rodeo seems pretty evenly split between real rodeoin’ and serious dancin’. I’m told many come specifically for the dancing, which goes on all day, into the night, and does sort of differentiate it from traditional rodeo where you won’t likely see a lot of same-sex couples two-stepping to Christina Aguilera.

I’m sure it is a bit differentiated from real rodeo. Try that at a real rodeo and you’ll get a first-class demonstration of ass-kicking, especially if one would even request a Christina Aguilera track.

As far as pure gay rodeoin’ goes, the participants seem fairly well divided between city slickers and country boys and girls—many of whom grew up rodeoin’ but left when they no longer felt welcome in historically macho rodeo culture.

Which isn’t to say gay rodeo is for sissies. It’s anything but. A cowboy named Doug Graff broke his pelvis while steer riding. I watched the whole thing and never saw him cry. I’d have been balling like a baby.

Not that we ever implied that persons of varied sexual orientation were sissies, but exactly what is your point? You (and they) seem ever more obsessed with disproving a stereotype that the majority of informed citizens don’t possess. You can stage all the ‘manly’ demonstrations you want, not that I personally see placing a pair of boxer shorts on a goat as a distinctly masculine endeavor. I’m certainly unsure of exactly why being guacamoled is conclusive proof that somehow they are just like everyone else. I spent many years of my youth working on dairy-farms and I distinctly remember catching a steaming load of dung down your back in the milking-parlor (yes that’s what they call it) as anything other than funny. In your context it’s just plain disgusting, considering the particular area that gets the treatment. The bottom-line is no amount of silly demonstrations will hide your true agenda to ‘normalize’ behavior that roughly 70% of the US population disapproves. Any progress you might make in obtaining a bit more acceptance, goes right out the window with a professed enjoyment of dressing goats in lingerie. On the other hand it could increase Victoria’s Secret catalog sales to the muj community, I’m sure many of them truly appreciate a flimsy-thong on a hot-looking billy-goat.

That’s the nice thing about gay rodeo: You’re still welcome even if you are a sissy. I mean, they let me in and no way in hell are you catching me trying to ride a bull or bucking bronc or even trying to put a pair of tighty-whities on a goat. And if you do, it won’t be because I’m suddenly less of a sissy. It will simply mean that I’ve gone completely crazy. That, or gay rodeo curious…

Isn’t that special, they are inclusive and welcome all. As to your posit, I do believe completely crazy is the more applicable. Don’t forget to bring your taco chips, you wouldn’t want to miss sharing the dip.

[You can find plenty of actual information on gay rodeoin’ and events (which have been for charity since gay rodeo’s inception) by going to the International Gay Rodeo Association website and surf from there.]


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Be one.

(Link thanks to LC Scott)

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LC & IB Confederate Yankee informs us that authorities now confirm:

Psy-Cho’s magazines were all standard issue.

But… That simply can’t be true! For more than a week we’ve been told daily by the Impeccably Professional Journaljizmers and their Legendary, Rigorously Fact Checking Editors of Truth™ that he was running around with “high-capacity magazines” that somehow, in the minds of journaljizmers, increase rate of fire, not to mention that said magazines were totally and completely illegal to even OWN before that evil, wicked RepugliKKKan Congress let Klintoon of the Stained Dress’ saintly Scary Weapons Ban lapse.

First we learn that the capacity of a magazine doesn’t increase rate of fire. Then we learn that, lo and behold, high-capacity magazines weren’t illegal to own, sell or purchase under the ludicrous Guns that Scare Dianne Feinschwein Ban™, and now we’re informed that Psy-Cho wasn’t running around with scary 786 round magazines at all?

Why, it’s almost as if those Impeccably Professional Journaljizmers are a bunch of retarded chimps with a political agenda that is more important to them than reporting the actual facts.

Say it isn’t SO!

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Ever forgotten to turn off your damn, infernally annoying cellphone in a movie theatre, or anywhere else where people are assembled for a purpose OTHER than listening to your latest John Mayer ringtone and subsequent mindless exchange of utter inanities with the moron on the other line?

If so, you need to watch this:

You have been warned.

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