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Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler » Archive for April, 2007
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Archive for April, 2007

LC Mope sends us this, asking us for Imperial Sanctuary since somebody has obviously gotten wise to his carbon offset scam. Not to worry, Mope, you’re welcome inside the compound.

Companies and individuals rushing to go green have been spending millions on “carbon credit” projects that yield few if any environmental benefits.

Nahhh… Really? Who’d have thought?

A Financial Times investigation has uncovered widespread failings in the new markets for greenhouse gases, suggesting some organisations are paying for emissions reductions that do not take place.

We’re shocked, SHOCKED we tell you. It’s almost as if somebody thought “hey, we’ve got all of these bozos yearning to buy their way to a warm, fuzzy feeling without actually having to do anything, so why don’t we part some fools from their money?”

Others are meanwhile making big profits from carbon trading for very small expenditure and in some cases for clean-ups that they would have made anyway.

Say it ain’t so! You mean they’re actually, *gasp!*, double-dipping, getting gullible twats to pay for stuff they’re already doing?

The growing political salience of environmental politics has sparked a “green gold rush”, which has seen a dramatic expansion in the number of businesses offering both companies and individuals the chance to go “carbon neutral”, offsetting their own energy use by buying carbon credits that cancel out their contribution to global warming.

Except, of course, that it doesn’t. No matter how many indulgences you buy from “carbon offset” scam artists, the CO2 you pumped out isn’t going anywhere, any more than me buying a Papal indulgence for killing somebody is going to raise them from the dead. Not that I can buy a Papal indulgence these days. People got wise to that scam centuries ago, so it sort of went out of business, only to be replaced by the exact equivalent, The Church of Gore carbon indulgences. There’s always a new generation of idiots waiting to be taken advantage of.

The burgeoning regulated market for carbon credits is expected to more than double in size to about $68.2bn by 2010, with the unregulated voluntary sector rising to $4bn in the same period.

…and we suppose we should be outraged about this but, quite frankly, there’s something about drooling fucktards being robbed blind because of their rampant idiocy that appeals to us.


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Last week, Jack left Little Lord Fauntleroy in the middle of nowhere on his way to rescue St Audrey of the Nose from the clutches of the Evil Emperor Ming. As this week’s episode of “24″ opens, poor Fauntleroy is still stuck there, trying to flag down a car by standing in the middle of a highway in the middle of the night, waving his arms around and yelling like a banshee.

Now, we don’t know about the drivers in L.A., but you try that little stunt on the 75 around here and you’ll soon find yourself turned into the hood ornament of a Ford 250. Unless we see you standing there in your black outfit at an ungodly hour, of course. In that case, we’ll shoot you instead.

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Ann Coulter, long may she snark, is writing about the liberals trying to ban mass murder by taking away nutty people’s 2nd Amendment Rights.

As she points out, that might not be an entirely stupid idea, which would certainly be a first for Democrat lawmakers. After all, the thought of Markotz Melissa Zunigass wielding a firearm does give us at least some pause.

She argues that, while the Democrats are busy eliminating the Constitutional Rights of nutcases, perhaps they should extend their proposal to the 1st Amendment as well?

We’re not sure about that, however. Yes, it would be refreshing to see the final weekly 15-minute broadcast of Air America disappear, along with approximately 95% of the MSM, but really, Ann… What on Earth would His Majesty and yourself have left to write about?

Anyway. The rest of y’all go read her piece. She doesn’t say “faggot” once, so we’ll be spared the usual hysterics from the “throw her under the bus” crowd this week.

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Some lefty Idiotarian that I hadn’t heard of before now is getting all huffy and puffy, protesting the contents of this post about the stupidity of disarming helpless victims to fight crime, and doing so in the time honored liberal tradition of not producing much by way of actual argument. Unless he’s trying to prove my point, of course.

Let’s take, for example, the case of the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler. Named for some variety of “white dog”, this is an animal who revels in its own rabidity; but its most distinctive characteristic, which it shares with so many other right-winged birds, is its flabby, impotent passion for phony tough talk.

“White dog?”

We realize that you severely demented parrots of the loony left are required to weave the subject of race into anything you say, including your personal hygiene (of which you, sadly, seem to have all too little), but is there any way you can be more pathetically desperate in your attempts to earn your Liberal Narrative Adherence Gold Star™?

“Filed under: Verbal Bitch Slaps”, says the liberal-chewing Chihuahua, congratulating himself because he knows no one else will do it.

Help me! I’m cut to the quick! Not the dreaded “nobody likes him because I say so” attack! How will I ever survive?

The internet is not usually thought of as a verbal medium, but why pick nits off a dog’s fur when it’s only going to bite you for your troubles?

If I’d meant to say “oral”, my sweet demented child, I’d have used that word. Trust me on that one. Yes, I’m well aware that “verbal” is generally thought of as synonymous with “oral”, but that doesn’t mean that it has no other meaning. Of course, in order to not make a fool of you and your lack of understanding of a language that is, I assume, your first one (whereas it’s my second), I could have said “written”, but that would somehow limit the use of the category where video or audio clips are concerned, wouldn’t it?

But, by all means, if that’s the best you can come up with by way of rebuttal, then I suppose you have to stick with what pathetically little you have, even if it isn’t quite correct.

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My sole XX chromosomal off-spring and perpetual lurker LC Serena, nails an argumentative essay on the illegal immigration issue over at Cigar Intelligence Agency-”Greetings, From The Arizonian Abyss”.


Considering I haven’t heard from her in a few weeks, I suppose it’s a possible indication that she’s still moving OhTwo about.

Definitely worth a read, but pee and grab something cold first.

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She’s simply too scary popular to commit to a three-year contract, so she decided that she had to leave.


Pull the other one, you bloated sack of pus.

We guess we’ll have one less worthless waste of DNA to slap around and mock mercilessly. Oh well, no shortage of those, so we think we’ll manage.

In other SHOCKING news, we just heard that John McVain has announced that he’s running for President. Who knew? We’re completely taken aback by this sudden and completely unexpected development, and we think that we just may have to sit down and compose ourselves for a while before we’ll be able to let it all sink in.


Didn’t we just mention having lost one sack of porcine waste materials and needing to find another one?

Guess what? Reinforcements just arrived.

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For as long as that farce of a show trial has been ongoing, we’ve had our doubts about the prosecution’s claims and, which is worse, the motivations behind pushing the case in the first place. The prosecution’s refusal to give the defense team adequate access to the evidence, the numerous mysterious “deals” with various of the accused, the constantly changing storyline, etc. etc. etc.

None have covered this whole mess better than LCs and IBs Kit and Heidi at Euphoric Reality, so their site would be a good place to go for the details (the category links on their site seem to have died, however, but the search function still works).

And now, thanks to LC & IB Dan Riehl, we hear about this (a few snippets, but do go read the whole thing):

Although the prosecutors said they needed more time to prepare their cases, there is much more to the story than that has learned, and it paints a shocking picture of a prosecution that should never have been pursued.

In a nutshell, the case exploded when an intelligence officer dropped a bombshell on prosecutors during a pre-hearing interview when he revealed the existence of exculpatory evidence that appears to have been obtained by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) and withheld from the prosecutors.

This officer, described by senior Marine Corps superiors as one of the best and most dedicated intelligence officers in the entire Marine Corps, was in possession of evidence which provided a minute-by-minute narrative of the entire day’s action — material which he had amassed while monitoring the day’s action in his capacity as the battalion’s intelligence officer. That material, he says, was also in the hands of the NCIS.

Much of that evidence remains classified, but it includes videos of the entire day’s action, including airstrikes against insurgent safe houses. Also included was all of the radio traffic describing the ongoing action between the men on the ground and battalion headquarters, and proof that the Marines were aware that the insurgents conducting the ambush of the Kilo Company troops were videotaping the action — the same video that after editing ended up in the hands of a gullible anti-war correspondent for Time magazine.

When asked by the prosecution team to give his copies of the evidence to the prosecution, he told that he was reluctant to do so, fearing it would again be suppressed or misused, but later relented when ordered by his commanding general to do so.

Confronted by the massive mounds of evidence that Marine Corps sources tell NewsMax proves conclusively that the cases against the Haditha Marines are baseless, the prosecutors were forced to postpone the Article 31 against Lt. Col. Chessani and two of the enlisted men in an attempt to regroup.

NewsMax, however, can reveal that the facts of what happened early that November morning clearly show that the incident was part of a planned ambush by insurgent forces, that the civilians tragically killed in the were used as human shields by the insurgents, and that despite claims by Rep. John Murtha, there was indeed an ongoing firefight between the Marines and the enemy.

Oops, Murthafucker, you disgusting, backstabbing buddy-fucker.

Richard Thompson, the president and chief counsel of the Thomas More Law Center said, “The government’s politicized quest to find wrongdoing in this case will ultimately harm the war effort, and it has already resulted in an incredible expenditure of time, money, and scarce resources, which could be better used fighting the terrorists.

Indeed. But somebody higher up was hell bent and determined to hang a few of our boys out to dry, a human sacrifice to prove how “fair” we are, actual evidence of wrongdoings be damned. Or at least that’s how it has looked to us all along, and this latest development doesn’t serve to dissuade us from that opinion, quite to the contrary.

What this all ends with remains to be seen, but even if the Marines are acquitted, there is no way they can get what they’ve lost back, nor can the damage resulting from this Stalinesque show trial be undone.

This three ring circus has served no purpose other than to embolden our enemies, weaken the war effort and demoralize our troops in the field.

We hope the scum responsible are proud of themselves.

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Far-left propagandist, PBS hired gun and George “Danced With Nazis” Soros board member, Bill Moyers, gets caught with his pants down lying his heart out.

You know, Billy Goat, your denial of things you said would be so much more convincing if you weren’t caught on tape saying them.

And your willingness to blatantly lie about those things can’t help but make reasonable people wonder about the veracity of everything else you say.

Not that it’s all that hard to find out. If your lips are moving, you’re probably lying.

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Long Tan, El Alamein, Tobruk, Gallipoli, Europe, East Timor, Afghanistan, Iraq,Kokoda,Borneo, and even on the River Plate, in searing desert sands and stinking jungles,far from home and from all they knew and loved, they fought and fell in all corners of the globe, small in number, yet fierce of heart.

Today we remember their sacrifice,we honour their courage, and we give thanks for the freedom we take so much for granted.


God of our Fathers known of old, Lord of the far flung battle line
Beneath whose awful hand we hold,Dominion over palm and pine.

Lord God of Hosts be with us yet
Lest we forget
Lest we forget.

The tumult and the shouting dies,The Captains and the Kings depart,
Still stands thine ancient sacrifice,a humble and a contrite heart.

Lord God of Hosts be with us yet
Lest we forget
Lest we forget

Far called, our navies melt away;On dune and headland sinks the fire:
Lo, all our pomp of yesterday,Is one with Nineveh and Tyre!

Judge of the Nations, spare us yet,
Lest we forget
Lest we forget!

If, drunk with sight of power, we loose,Wild tongues that have not Thee in awe,
Such boastings as the Gentiles use,Or lesser breeds without the Law—

Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet,
Lest we forget
Lest we forget

For heathen heart that puts her trust,In reeking tube and iron shard,
All valiant dust that builds on dust,And guarding, calls not Thee to guard,
For frantic boast and foolish word—Thy mercy on Thy people, Lord!

Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet,
Lest we forget
Lest we forget

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LC Zucca Fett sends us this from the mouth of Jackie Mason:

You gun grabbers: You think banning guns is going to stop bad guys from killing you?

Here’s something I’d like to tell you, even though it’ll probably make you wet your rubber sheets: If I were insane enough to want to kill you, I wouldn’t need a gun (even though I know for a fact, from personal experience, that I could get one no matter how many idiotic “gun control laws” you choose to enact), I’m perfectly capable of murdering you with anything down to and including my own hands. It’s not all that hard, really, I can assure you of that.

The thing is, without gun control I don’t know if you have a gun to stop me from doing so. What that means is that everything I’ve ever learned about killing people can be canceled out by an 83-year-old grandma with a pistol. All she has to do is to point and pull the trigger, and everything I know about killing her, which is quite a lot, will be useless because I’ll be blessedly, deservedly and gratifyingly dead, and it doesn’t take much training and even less physical strength for her to do that.

Take her gun away, on the other hand…

Open season.

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